Scorpio:Sun:Mercury:Venus:Mars:Uranus; Virgo:Moon; Aquarius:AS; Sagittarius:MC
I'm a geek, that looks like a killer, with the heart of a lion and the kindness of a saint.

I wouldn't waste another thought on him. He asked you to serve his friends in lingerie. Even if it was just a joke, it was terrible. That line deserves NO REPLY EVER!
Depends what your wearing with them. I don't think they are ugly, they're different. I wouldn't pay more then $ 5 though.
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@superScorpio There are many people on this site that are really much more knowledgeable than I am about astrology. I did notice you have a 9th house stellium (4+ planets) as do I. Gives you a thirst for knowledge and studying different religions and cultures. Travel and meeting people from foreign lands is also prevelant, must be why I enjoy living on Long Island (diverse cultures).

If you're sun and Venus are conjunct in the 8th house, that will make your "Scorpioness" even more powerful...although I just noticed you have a Scorpio stellium as well. You should be able to research your stelliums, it explains a lot. Hope this helps!

Thank you @JustJules ! Everything always helps! I'm sure it will lead me to some much needed knowledge!

11 months
This talk is just amazing! AMAZING!!!

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Take a picture of the door know and I'll try to help. Take a few. Take a pic of hole and a close of the Crack of the door by the handle. Also how much play it has. Like if you push the door closed is the a bit of play?
Wow how long does that take to blaze? That is a cannon.
What does sun and Pluto do in the 8th house? I also have my sun in the 8th house. mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus all in Scorpio and all in the 9th house. I don't know what it all means ...
Only phone. Maybe email lol. The days when everyone was more social. No other social networking sites had real names before Facebook.
How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body with David Hamilton. Amazing!
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If anyone wants to see some of my ya go! I have an Insta for my art - I don't upload often there, too busy and not creating enough art lately but hopefully I get back into the swing of things here and inspiration hits!


You amazing!!! I just signed up to insta but have nothing up yet. I was wondering if it's OK if I add you on there or whatever the insta terminology is. Follow you on there Awesome work honestly!!!
I asked my uncle how he stays so young. He said eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and don't have hate in your heart! He looks in his mid 20's but he is in his 50's.
Why kindness is good for you: Dr. David Hamilton
Thank you so much. Who knows maybe it will be my doorway in to art!
Well that's very nice of you. I don't know nothing about art. Maybe one day nice well feel free to post a couple pics maybe. I wouldnt mind seeing. Take care and good luck with your art!
Nice, what kind of art?
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I wish your mom the best and will put her in my prayers.

You are very sweet, thank you. I hope your loved ones and you have a wonderful year. xx
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You as well thank you.