"Leo Sun/Merc/Venus Scorp Moon/Asc/Neptune Cancer Mars ASCENSION

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Happy Birthday to my Leo sister with the same placements. Have a wonderful day.

Thanks Sister Nala! Glad to see you!
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Happy birthday SwimmingLioness

Wow, Seraph.. You are posting such tasty desserts. I'm hungry now! ?

Thank you!
Posted by seraph
To a lovely, intelligent and warm-hearted lioness - a beautiful soul through and through... Happy Birthday, SL!

Tiramisu with layers of chocolate ganache

Thank You Seraph!
Happy Birthday Sissy!

I hope you're enjoying your day!

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Posted by SwimmingLioness
Taurus and Scorpio

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http://media.photobucket.com/image/bear gif/RadioActiveToYx/tumblr_lw4859IuTQ1qfjjglo1_400.gif?o=613" target="_blank">
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omg can we just do this already!

Hi sl

Hi Robyn
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I love hows some leos only come around here for their birthday thread

*eyes the fishy swimming in it's bowl*

Your GIF seems to be laughing...nervously
Posted by tamara
May you have the most wonderful birthday ever, sweet Sissy! ???

Thank you!

Posted by Shul
I'm a little bit drunk, but happy birthday!

Oh dear stay safe and thank you!