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Lash extensions or go home

Ands fake lashes are made from big toe hair
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I prefer Chinese Male chest hair

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Lol Ands relationship is like a Korean Drama mini-series.
She’s a model, first date ended and she moved in, they get a Pom dog to play house with, fake pregnancy, she smells like patchouli and curry because she gets a herbal spa treatment and he accuses her of slagging an Indian man. (Edit: he can’t cum anymore because they’re on bae terms now and it’s not as thrilling). She probably took up too much closet room and he tried to kick her out but she refuses to leave.

I’m waiting for the real drama to happen....

All good story lines need something huge to happen. I’m putting my dxp coins down that she uncovers Ands cleaning lady is pregnant with his baby and she leaves for his car.

Stay tuned! 📺

She says she is a brand ambassador not model

She smells like jeanne from lanvin

But her bra kinda stinks

And her clothes smell of a stinky closet sometimes

She accuses me more of stinking

I have to brush like 5x a night

Why can’t I be feral

She has her own shi tsu 3 of them

She has a toothbrush and sanitary napkins

No closet space

I am working on her wardrobe here

Coz she never plans to stay over but does so anyway

Size XXS

Heavy has aids
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Wasn't your dog a boy? Lol

So was my fish teena
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Lol why are you so into unhealthy fixations?

Jed is VERY healthy. It's only unhealthy to obsess over him when he belongs to me.

Here, put this on my tab.

Lol I’m gonna put some dxp coins down and say that Jed lives across the hall from you and has NO idea you two have been dating for years.

Lol 😆...I cant wait for the breakup story of you and The Jed.

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Ands dog thread > jed thread any day
Talking about my Aquarius dog btw
12 hrs later she is still here #fixedsignlove
John cena is a Taurus and plays animated Ferdinand the bull
Patient zero: Heavyentertainmentshow
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LOL you can't afford the hireling anymore, eh?

Get a real girlfriend next time. Then you might not be such a stale cookiemonster anymore since you'll have someone of your own to obsess over as opposed to other people's.

I almost pity, you. Almost.

Lol you got that from my post

You gonna cry to Duncan again that I make jokes about you

Weak af
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what is this? you're pregnant and contracted a virus as soon as the new year came?

I have mars in scorpio

We are known for 2 things



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Dude, what's happening? Tell me, are you okay?

I have the jeds
It causes the host to incessantly talk about the person who infected you

Womp womp

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Probably from jed
How do you guys lose socks?

My pug used to steal underwear

Once a guest from China was drying her panties at a fan he could reach

He had to be chased around the house to bring them back
I never go there but I think they make a better machiatto

November to December I think

They make xmas drinks

So you buy enough of them you get a free planner

Status symbol for poor people in the third world where $ 5 lattes are more than what   Read more