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I think it all depends, are you able to still prove stability and security even though you are broke? Then yes, we can. However does you being broke mean that we will have to take care of you? Then no, a Taurus lady won't even blink an eyelash at you.
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I've been with a Pisces for close to 4 months now, so far so good. It's weird that we understand each other.I have never had this balance. I am a Taurus sun.

I am in the same boat! Things are so harmonious and calm and I guess I'm just sitting here waiting for it to go sour
How long does the honeymoon stage lasts for Pisces?
why does an Aries Venus like the chase?
He asked me to be his girlfriend lol.

He said he was going at my pace because he picked up on cues and hints from prior conversations. He didn't even realize I friendzoned him and he said it kinda hurt his feelings knowing I did that because he would of "tried harder". Whatever that means
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To answer your, this is not usual for a Pisces. Is his venus in Leo? That could explain it we do that.

It's an Aries Venus
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He's staking his claim so his bro's don't think your fair game and make a move.

This kinda makes sense but his friend was twice my age
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9 times out of 10 if you are "friends" with a guy he wants to bang you lol

He spent the night at my home a few times and nothing has happened. We slept in the same bed too. He didn't come on to me.
But we didn't discuss it. Is this usual for a Pisces? He told a friend this but not me. I was keeping it platonic because I enjoy his company.
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I can't open some threads in the pisces forum tho

That's the issue I'm having, I posted a topic and it won't keeps bringing me back to the Pisces I thought maybe it was an issue with the post feature
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Because we have it together. I get so many compliments alllllll the time from people about how much I inspire them and how they wish they could be more like me. Sometimes I'm like....why?...."because you have everything I want in life". I'm like how??? Just work hard for it.
Be careful.....Ive dated several Taurus men who weren't over their exes and they all ended the relationship with me because they weren't over their ex.
For me it's finding flaws in the friendship and feeling like they aren't actually my friends.....feeling like the friendship isn't real at all. The moment I notice they are fake or users I distant myself immediately. I don't like confrontation because I get really ugly when I mad so I never confront them about whatever turned me off, I just cut them off.

once a Taurus makes up in their mind, there is no changing it. The thing about a Taurus is we don't like when a routine breaks. You made it routine to txt him every night. By not doing it for one night; you broke routine so we think that something MUST of happened. Once you break our trust it's broken and we might hold on to you until we find somebody better so I would say just move on

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