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If she's been there more than six months the court will have to be involved at this point
I've been in a series of terrible relationships for the past several years. My tolerance level has reached an all time low and I really don't think I have the capacity to love like I used to. In the past I've given so much and now see the sacrificial errors of my ways. I was ready to find a steady relationship since I was very young. I was always very work oriented and loved to make my own money. I've suffered a lot from ppl taking advantage of my kindness and creativity. I am becoming very nonchalant towards men and skeptical towRds all else.

Currently I have two exes of mine trying to reenter my life one whom I love but cannot be with and one who I don't love but who's a good listener. I have decided to give the minimum to both. I have a hard time trusting ppl and prefer to be by myself. My lack of social life doesn't exist outside my work which I'm very good at but still don't make enough in my opinion. I cannot turn to my family for they are the foundation for my mistrust. While I deeply long to find a loving partner maybe I just don't have what it takes to sustain a healthy relationship with anyone anymore and that worries me.

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dang those are dope id rock those
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Well worth the struggle
My pictures not working
I wish I attracted more aqua or air moons in general. Although the can be cold at times tinny scorpio rising filter they r the balance I need.

Sound minds reserved dry humor n logic often slim and tall. Perfect combo! I always end up with an emotional Pisces moon or showy fire moon
I honestly prefer logical people who make sense.
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Nothing new about Taurus people.

If he wants full control then it's because you must be looking "incompetent" in the eyes of this man. Have a balance between your submission and dominance and do not confuse independence with careless or promiscuity.

Taurus women are confused.
Do not fall for this "special person" thing, because even after winning the long journey, they will still criticize and do it their way.

What's the balance between submission and dominance. How are Taurus women confused
Still waiting for the list my profile pic says it all.
Why are we creepy. List the ways :
I really do not listen to anyone but myself. I've taken advice from a lot of people growing up only to have the results turn out bad or I felt completely unsatisfied with the results. As time has gone on I've found myself experiencing all types of verbal, mental and emotional abuse in my relationships because men have an issue with me not listening. I've never grown accustomed to listening to anyone but my family and even a lot of them have been deleted. I do not listen to people who do not have my best interest at heart period.

This is a huge issue to a lot of men and I hear often I don't listen. I listen indeed but in a situation where a person has proven not to respect or be understanding towards my emotions as a woman. I totally block them out.

I'm tired of people finding fault in me instead of taking the time to realize what matters. I can hear you and respectfully engage in a conversation to understand where your coming from but I am no robot and I feel that's what I've been dealing with. I respect you and try to adjust but I'm not gonna do I'm listening to an extent but what I feel these men want is total control which I'm not willing to give at any leg of the journey.
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Multi-faceted creativity! What really helps me harness all that energy is mental multitasking/doing several things with my mind at once while doing something kinesthetic. For ex., spending time on the potter's wheel while I listen to music while I plan out an itinerary for weekend fun while I dissect some phenomenon.What also helps when I'm not having free time is a set schedule and a small notebook to jot down ideas. I'll often sum up an idea or plan, jot it down with a quick web chart, then come back to it later. Focus on tasks at hand up until completion then revisit your other ideas. But also set apart a time and a place to let your scattered unfocus fly free! A botanical garden is a great place or even just a cozy set up at home.

whats your moon and mars? you sound highly technical, like an android
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I've actually done all these things...doing them consistently...for a span of more than 2 weeks everyday is a struggle lmao

My Gemini mars is in the 8th house. I tend to fleet from place to place love to love interest to interest like a little fairy. I have so pretty weird placements now I'm wondering how all my energy is truly being read.
I've been traveling but ignoring my Gemini mars attracts people like flies
What's the easiest way to tame the Gemini mars energy? I've been so scattered and unfocused in life the last view years. I'm thinking about celibacy....but I love sex lmao
I loved my aqua relationship but probably because of my aqua Moon I loved the dry coldness from both sign brutal honesty was always the tea. Aqua gives the perfect amount of space but Taurus will start to feel aqua has forgotten home at times. This is a right on time relationship but the routine n security that aqua grants Taurus over time begins to weigh down n squeeze the Aqua n they will wiggle free over time again n again. Taurus will eventually get tired of the question marks in their eyes
Aqua Moon Taurus Sun... super emotional but looking for some one non judge mental and open minded who can really take the time to hear all mental quirks and depths. He probably finds u exciting don't give in to quick we friend zone those we really like at times