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I can never forget, so how can I truly forgive. As a bull even remembering the "evil" someone has done is like physically reliving it all over again. Meditation is the only key to a light heart and thus forgiveness inwardly and then out for me is the only way
I need a lot more stability in my relationship and I just don't know if my partner has what it takes this time around
I think humans solidify manifestations of such things like demons monsters etc to this realm througg collective thought or conscious that's why religious ppl scare the sxit out of me.
If you get enough ppl to believe in a lie it can become truth
It's a test they wanna see if you a hoe...don't fall for it
Tell him to do it! I'm not falling for your emotional rants. I'll care but don't suck me in! Ur gonna kills yourself n front of me treetrunk up my life!!! Dxck that guy he's an axxhole
He needs to give u time to work thru your trust issues and jealousy
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That's disgusting.

Is he a scorp?

LMAO! He's a leo..

WHy he gotta be a scorp tho?
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He's Scorpio rising tho

Keep him blocked until u feel like removing him
Absolutely. My synchronistic occurrences are unbelievable
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You should get banned for creating this thread

Nasty heffer

Who liked this. Why so uptight ?
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Woah. He does this on the regular?

Not on a regular we've dated like two years I've seen him do it maybe 3 times
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hmm, after 69 you never kiss? he'll have to taste his own anyway, i guess.

wait a minute...he eats it? like....squirt and nom nom nom? legit asking.

". I kno this is not normal n he calls himself saying it's healthy n he shouldn't waste it."


i dont want this creamed coffee no more. i'm good.

There was a girl that use to post on here that stated she loved the taste of hee partner's jizz so much she's put in her morning coffee.

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That's crazy!

The worst...Maybe something gay happened along time ago Scorpio has so many sparkle motion secrets
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O-M-G...I can't believe what I'm reading here. I would feel like such a total freak, embarrassed, if I did something like this. This is a total and complete weirdo, and I'd just LOVE to tell this freak in person.

The butter women put up with in life for a little loving is amazing to me.

He's the freakiest I've found just another level for me. Lmao!
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I do not consume my own ejaculation

but I see where he is coming from...

Ching/sexual (creative chi) is kept
within the body to replenish

and heal the body through this teaching.

Continuous loss of it through the sacral
center drains and excessive release
of ones seed through recreational merging

can result in undesirable aging as you
lose a bit of life force each time.

Maybe suggest to him that he create more
of this chi through out his body through

self sexual pleasure so that loss of
seed when the two of you come as

one isnt necessary to

worry about or absorb
in this way?

Pardon my English but Hell, I wanna live forever