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it does fade - but you said "years" ... wow, that seems way too long - build new memories rather than let the bad stuff fester too long - I know it's hard, god knows I know it's hard ... but we have to keep trying at least ...

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you will have to fill in for me lololol - see ya on the flip side !
too funny!
awww thanks - well that was the last one - I got to bail and take my drive into the hills where it's quiet and I don't have to deal with this stupid world anymore - I enjoy my wildlife more cause they always have good attitudes lol

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And, no I do not carry protection aside from crystals and stones I wear. I have a black belt even but that doesn't help my fear.

wow interesting that having a black belt doesn't help you feel more comfortable - what is it in ? may I ask ?

Uechi-Ryu is the style I did. I think I have more of a fear of my skin being penetrated.. I also have a fear of needles as well.. The thought of any sharp object puncturing my skin sends me over the edge.. I can't even watch it in movies when people are being stabbed or given needles. It turns my insides as I always imagine what it feels like.

I used to struggle a lot when showering. I always thought my boyfriend was going to stab me in the shower.. I felt this way with both of my exes.. so it wasn't just one person. People that I know loved me and that I trusted, I would still have this fear of.

omgoodness - wow - in a past life you could have been violated by a loved one - or tattooed to death lol not funny sorry ... and I'm sure that dark side comes through in your creativity ...

Yeah, it's kinda odd. Would be nice to have some insight on the matter for sure, could help tame it down.
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yes I'm sure any kind of help would be helpful - I would say emdr therapy for sure but you "have to know where those thoughts are based" and you don't know that yet ...

shake it off and get on with life - it's way tooooo short !
oh come on - share !
it's not pinin it's passed on lololol
I think that was their version of "hardcore" lol - the pink room lololol !
eres tan estupido como un perro
I hear if you eat too much it rots your brain ...
I love the Dude!