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I hope they get tortured in prison
just stop and/or make yourself focus, write lists to check off your accomplishments

I think you can work through this - at least to the point that it's not happening all the time
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The "didn't have a job" is just an excuse or the straw that broke the camel's back. After 13 years or so she probably saw some of his qualities or lack there of.

Streaming career. Afaik all cap moons i know would laugh at the prospects of this career bringing in a steady income on a longer timeline (3-5+ years)

what he doesn't know is that she cheated on him she told me but I didn't tell him he did have doubts and thought she did but it was never confirmed

Imho you'd do best to ween him off of her. She had lost all respect for him (cheating), most likely because a cap moon wants a dude that works 12 hours in the salt mines for the family and still comes home with enough energy to smash that kitty with his hands full of blisters.

I'm exaggerating here ofc, but i honestly think this "new economy" thing he tried (streaming) was taken very badly by the aqua. He basically disrespected her in her view by not taking his family duties seriously and then the sag mars impulsiveness comes in....

I'd tell him, idk maybe i'd ask her if she has any plans to rescind the relationship, but idk....she'd probably cheat again at some point.

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lol yes on the Cap Moon part and yes, she is most likely done - however @OP, he needs to do what he needs to do for his children most of all - get a real job and forget about her

hey, that's me and I moved the chairs so we could lie in the sun and get a suntan
Leo Sun, Venus, Rising and Mercury in Leo, with Aqua Moon - he is quite the laid back character and is very smart and has a great personality !
lol he's zooming you in lol
lol you need it so go get some
that might be throwing you off but as well, that has happened to me and then all of a sudden, I started butterting it all out and felt like I just lost 5lbs lol

normally my body is hype on this diet immediately - I go into ketosis within a day or so but   Read more
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I've known him for a good spell.

We dated, had 3somes, went to swinger parties, we happily ran the hedonistic spectrum.

But, he didn't what your gurl.

He wanted to marry this other girl. Cool, Go be with God.

But he reaches out wanting me to be his mistress or tells me that hes not satisfied. Yadda yadda yadda

He's stormed out my house, I think 2 years ago.

Well, I've been attracting Taurus placement folk in my life lately and Taurus people support/sweat me 100000 fold. He is No exception.

So i told him :
"Are you divorced yet?"
"Well, I don't know what to tell you.except the same thing I've been saying."
"C'mon Becky (my name's not Becky irl but he be trying to play me like it is)"
"Negro, what can I do with you? You 2 kids deep. You're damaged goods. What can I, a single, childless woman do with a divorcee with 2 kids and a probably a bitter exwife/baby mama. All your money/time gonna go to those damn kids and she gonna make ur life a living hell. But not me. Why would I sign up for that. I'm not dumb"

Was I too Mean?
I always thought these things but only recently do I have the guts to tell ppl exactly where they fall short.

Thanks Saturn in sag I guess.

nailed it - you were direct and to the point - can't argue with that - it was crystal clear lol
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So easy

Rush them

yes !

Libra asked me soon after we met if I ever get angry. I said, yes when I'm pushed. He said, well I won't do that then. I said, good move LOL
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No dont annoy me. Haha. But no really I get annoyed by being bothered when I dont want to be and stuff. I have my life pretty orderly right now and I just wanna be calm and stick to the script. You would know I dont want to be bothered the way I "stay out of it". Its like Taurus instincts saying mind your own and let them do what they do "out there". I guess there's lttle on the annoyance meter because I just avoid it. Thats pretty much where Im at now.

So if someone inserted themselves into your life and disrupted it, that would be annoying af right?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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hahhahahaha - yes it would annoy us - I'd have to clock them out big-time LOL
Pisces mars - not sure who I'm attracted to - they all get a chance but I am guarded with the ones I know I've had trouble with in the past which is Pisces and Leo Sun, and a bad Sag and a sad sort of a Virgo - I'm with a Libra now and hope that works forever but ?
yes it is - enjoy !
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Leo’s are kings and so are aqua men
I hear Aries men suck
But who knows

Nah, it depends. As someone who has been with a couple of them. They been on all sides of the spectrum. My ex of 7 years. The most amazing sex ever. No one comes close to him. Then I been with an Aries where I was lying there thinking omg can we just get it over with with because there is only so much I can do lol

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lol me either normally but I saw him in the Lone Ranger and think he seems wholesome and somehow sort of sexy - he's a Virgo - those eyes get me - I'd be curious to see what he's all about anyway lol
but they have a hole in the front and I don't like a draft lololol
he don't do anything for me, I like this one though