I used to be a very very sensitive kid growing up and I still am able to feel emotions very strongly but I'm more aware of what drama I choose to come into my life. If people think they can bring their butter to my door step I'm not having it. I got an aqua stellium and I put it to good use.

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I always grew up with my mum and dad favouring my little brother, I think I'm mentally damaged because of it lol

There was always a double standard growing up I gave up so much of my youth looking after my little brother and he became my best friend because I taught him to talk, swim and be just like me but my mum always got jealous so she would treat us differently so we would resent each other, it treetrunked our relationship up especially when I was going through puberty and my own butter...

I know parents are human but I've got such a complex lol I don't know my own worth because I was tossed aside the way I was, I've been through the drug phase, prostitiution phase and abusive boyfriend stages hopefully I get something out of this.
I tried 4 different high schools and still didn't graduate yr 10. All the high schools I went to were really bad and weren't what you would call learning environment, just broken teachers, system and treetrunked up school kids.
I was fat but still managed to lose my virginity to a hot guy that I was in love with but he cut things off because I wanted more and it broke my heart.
So I left school and went and worked at Burger King where I endured more abuse and harassment and became suicidal and quit my job so I could spend every day in my room laying in bed crying.....ahh those were the days....
I was the best artist in my year in all four schools I attended not one person in my family cared about my talents or helped me nurture them. My brothers got everything though....For some stupid reason my mum always kept pushing me to get careers that she's only interested in me doing like being a hairdresser or massage therapist, what treetrunking mother wants their kid to end up a hair dresser or massage therapist? Maybe if she bought me the right uniform in school and let me fit in at school instead of making me stand out like dogs balls I could have finished....
I know I shouldn't blame my mother I just wish I could forget high school ever existed.
I don't know what the treetrunk is wrong with me, its day 3 and I feel like I've been hit by a bus, I can barely walk or move and I feel like butter! I want to die but I still managed to drag myself to my dresser to do my makeup to make myself feel better.
Is this what happens when you reach your 30s? I want to DIE! Water doesn't seem to help or work fast enough!!
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We have a veracious appetite for knowledge, ESPECIALLY topics that interest us.

I once used to hang out with an Aquarius, and he did nothing but listen to me talk and ask me questions about the topics we were discussing. It was a bit annoying, actually, but he was certainly into my intelligence.

I'm sorry we are annoying lol

We like to seek, see and experience the intelligence in everyone, is what drives us into them.

Doesn't mean sheet. Who are aquas do you paint, invent, what the treetruk does an aqua do
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Maybe do your own treetrukn research and find out for yourself why we are so great???

If King Arthur was a Leo then merlin was the Aquarian whispering in his ear showing him how to rule a kingdom and not get his head cut off by its people, Aquarian minds are constantly running schematics...

In the meantime I'll give you a couple of Aquarian names for you to consider.

Galileo - aka the father of physics alongside newton and Einstein, without him Einstein wouldn't know relativity

Because of the age of Aquarius I'm going to name new Aquarians that no one has heard of but these three are a super trine stellium of Aquarian essence....

Alejandro jodorowski -

H.R giger

Grant Morrison

These three wizards I am proud to share a star sign with
You should just do whatever you feel, if he gives you the butters you will naturally dispel him from your life, if he values your friendship then he will adjust his attitude.
I think it's always good to keep these kind of friends at a distance on superficial level, you don't need to be emotionally invested in depressed people do you?

I swear I have the exact same friend as you, Leo and depressed is the worst combination, my friend was so emotional I couldn't pull him up on his butterty behaviour without him breaking down so I just whittled him out of my life, now I only meet up with him once a month and let me tell you he is such a nicer person to me now!
He has really low self esteem either he's a cuck or an aqua haha

But he's definiately an aqua, he is manipulating you..

He's luring you into a false sense of security by creating an environment where you feel empowered and free and then he wants to see what you do with that power.

If I were you I would have left with the singer...

ive been listening to the sound track and they're missing the French horn in the transformation music!!! But they also added little extra bits that I liked...

I can't wait to watch it though I'm keeping my expectations low, I was in a local production of B&B and I played lumiere, we are actually having a reunion and are gonna watch it together....Ewan McGregor's accent is cringe but I'm sure I'll like "be our guest"
Well in relationships I think love is the umbrella that all positive attributes fall under. Respect, stability, chemistry, communication etc are all facets of love but they constantly grow as your relationship is nurtured.

For me stability is a huge factor for me, I have 2% earth in my chart and I really need someone grounded to hold my hand so I don't fly off the face of the earth......I'm not sure what an earth sign would get out of me though lol
Turning the hot plate off....I don't know why I do it, I serve my food and forget to turn it off, sometimes I give myself anxiety thinking my house is burning down when I'm at work...but then I tell myself there would be fire trucks blaring past so that's how I know lol.

Putting things back in the right place, when I'm at work I pride myself on being the one who always puts things away and is telling others to do it but when I'm at home especially where I do my makeup I'm atrocious, I've got unclean brushes and makeup everywhere, I could never be a pro MUA because I'm undisciplined in the exquisite art of organisation.
Whenever I'm stressed out or not coping I hold my breath, I've become fully aware of it in the last 2 years and it's become my first step when trying to overcome my anxiety, just putting my mind to the task of steady breathing switches off anxiety and makes me consciously focussed on rejuvenating and oxygenating my blood so it replenishes all the cells in my body.

It's the first thing I notice when I'm around people also I can hear when they're not breathing and their posture changes and they're shoulders are tensed or hunched, you might need to remind someone to breathe just as an initial first step.

So if they are a breath holder like me it means they brood and overthink things, sometimes we are trying to find solutions but in worse cases we are just going in circles and getting nowhere so get them to break the circle by breathing and then make light of the situation by turning it into a joke, when you're faced by a huge obstacle you can diminish its severity and size by turning it into something funny, this ties in with my fav mantra "nothing is good or bad thinking makes it so" also laughter is good for the immune system.

And for my final step when all else fails bring food!!!!! Or make them something amazing to eat.....wrap them up in a blanket in front of the television, make them a milo (hot chocolate) and cook them eggs or something healthy to eat.
Japan's quite affordable to live in these days
Virgos are very analytical when processing information but don't grasp abstract concepts as well as we do.

Having said that I have a Virgo friend who is a DJ and loves to break it all down because he is all OCD and likes to get super technical with me about the mixers and programs etc and it just goes straight over my head because that butter bores me, not the music and the tech but just him explaining it all, it's like having a robot voice explain it to you
About 3 times a day on average
You can polarise zodiac signs if you want but we will never truly see the full realisation of our potential as seperate signs.....

A wheel is the greatest invention on earth and all the signs together make that great invention if you took Pisces out of that wheel it would probably buckle and break without it and all by itself Pisces would be stuck in the dark ages unable to travel into the future
Pisces have the imagination and Aquarius has the knowledge.

Aquarius is a man that lugs around a big ol vessel of metaphorical water, this water represents knowledge and we deliver it to the driest people so that they replenish themselves.....we didn't create the knowledge but we love to share and expand neurons......

Imagination is the source that we fill our vessel from, it is limitless and also shapes our ways of thinking, Albert Einstein (Pisces) gave us relativity back in the day and since then a butter load of shaping to our reality has happened, lots of good things but there are also lots of people using it for really treetrunked up things like nuclear bombs etc Fast forward to today we have theoretical physicist Michio Kaku who takes Albert einsteins equation of relativity and shares it with us all by explaining the mind blowing things that the future holds, he's trying to get us excited for the future, for a utopia so we can leave behind our nuclear bombs and questionable energy sources....

Yes Pisces is probably the best when it comes to abstract thinking and great ideas

And Aquarius is good at refining that idea and distributing it.
Aquarians ARE emotional, we are only human BUT we don't value emotions as much as the other signs and we try to be level headed and take a logical, Methodical approach to problems.
Sometimes when we feel we are becoming overwhelemed with emotion in a situation we realise it more quickly than the other signs because we are very self aware and we won't let ourselves get swept up in it and descend into madness like everyone else..

even though we are self aware we are also aware of things on a broader scale, people are usually only aware of themselves as a single bird in a flock but Aquarians are more aware of the flock as a whole as an entity, that flock is humanity and we only want to guide it to safety.....Aquarians don't have time for that one bird in the flock that can't get its butter together for the sake of the whole.
The amount of butter we are willing to tolerate is relative to whether or not the person dishing it out is worth the energy.......Once we make our mind up we withdraw emotional investment and will cut you off, this is something that comes all too naturally for Aquarians. The occurring indifferent state of mind of an Aquarius is responsible for a lot of heartbreak.

I loved Hair, I watched it ages ago and cried at the end such a good twist but I prefer the revival version better

She's gorgeous