I’m nostalgic and sentimental for Innocence and the times where ignorance was bliss.

The old days where we were taught virtues and principles from adults, that kids were important and saving the world for our children’s children was a priority.

Now that I’m an adult I see the way we use kids, society is designed to facilitate heaps of babies and those babies get given a phone at a young age to pacify them and turn them into consumers, they get given Mac Donald’s and a toy with their meal, everything is designed to make sure kids get their way because other kids are getting their way. Soon those babies grow and learn “history”, maths, English, science and then become voting adults with cars, loans, mortgages and will serve in the army to die or die in the work force if they’re not smart enough. Some will sleep their way to the top some will abuse their power at the top, few will think for themselves because those who do are outcasts, all will be conditioned into an adult through the machine.

I am an adult Aquarian and I’m sentimental for a time in the 90s when I watched anime and sci-fi movies from the 80s and I thought that’s what the future was going to be like, ignorance is bliss
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1.How are you feeling now? 2.What do you feel you may not have in this life?

3.What are you grateful for having in this life now?

4.What brings you joy? 5.What do you love?

6.What time of day is your favorite?

7.What animal represent you best?

1. Gloom
2. Stability
3. Friend
4. Animals
5. Creation
6. 11:11
7. Cephalopod

I bought myself an R.M Williams leather belt it’s the most expensive belt I’ve ever bought, cost me 100 I figured I can wear black/grey shirts with jeans and boots and the belt will bring it all together and dress it up nicely
There is this awesome app called Memrise and you can get it for free and you can learn any language but the way it teaches you is through constant memory affirmation and it also teaches you the alphabet of that language which is extremely important.
So I downloaded the app and decided to learn Japanese because Japanese has a good alphabet and an easy language to learn and I was surprised with how much I was learning especially the alphabet part I was beginning to spell words and put them together. The only downside is that you can only learn so much until you upgrade to the full version and that costs 80 Australian. But I would love to continue

I also love doing these YouTube videos

Stretch routines, so relaxing and you feel heaps better

A lot of Aquas are psychonauts myself included and need to understand and push our minds to the limit, it’s a very personal journey and the insight it brings is sacred to us.

Sometimes we go down the wrong path, I know opioids is a very dark path for anyone to go down but drugs like LSD, DMT, psilocybin and other’s are enlightening and expand awareness and that’s the right path to be on.

DMT and ayahuasca have been proven to treat heroin well after you detox it from your system first. These drugs open your mind up to a higher purpose and shows you that drugs weren’t meant to be abused but used to assist you
Good video, can totally relate and I like how you said “observational astrology” because that’s where my views stem from in astrology, I’m a Pisces watcher because I find their emotions unrelatable but fascinating thanks for sharing
Well I moved into my new pad and I’ve been having good dreams so far I even had a flying dream!

But I also had a tsunami dream that had me a little concerned about perhaps there’s an internal struggle with my subconscious..

So In my dream I was at the gay and lesbian mardigras afterpart with my little brother which takes place at fox studios in Sydney Australia and We we’re having a fun time and then I realised I could teleport, one minuite I’m with my brother, the next I teleport to another dance party talking to other queens then I teleport to another section and another and another and another and another and then I’m teleported to the beach and there’s a huge wave headed for me and in my head I’m saying “go go go go go” and each time it’s like firing a gun with an empty barrel “click click click click” and I was so sure that I would make it before the wave got me but It did and I woke up. But I wasn’t scared or upset when I woke up (maybe I’m used to them by now) I did start crying because I thought what if a terrorist attack happened and my little brother dies at the afterparty or parade and I’m not there to protect him.
I’m both introverted and extroverted, depending on how you look at it the extroverts have the upper hand in society because society seems to be calibrated for the extrovert, advertising is bold and bright, clubbing is vibrant, loud and just most things in everyday society is in your face and designed to suck the energy/money out of you so I guess extroverts thrive in that kind of scene, even I appreciate it all but at the same time I’m fully aware of why environments are designed that way and I don’t get sucked into scams.

My roommate is a very loud alpha German, his outside voice is his inside voice and his outside voice is his clubbing voice. He’s had a lot of introverted housemates in the past and it hasn’t worked out well for him because of his nature to be loud and obnoxious he’s not clued on to what introverts are thinking and there have been times when he’s completely blind sighted when said friends turn on him.

Me and him are best friends and make really good housemates because he’s constantly pushing me to better and we really enjoy each other’s company and like to talk butter he’s also Gemini and I’m aqua so it’s natural
I’m a bit of both I go to bed at 1 and wake up at 8
treetrunk the kid and treetrunk the aqua man.

He’s using you because he feels like butter that his wife dumped his ass so he’s using you to show his wife that he can get a woman whenever he wants and you just proved that he can get himself a woman to get into a committed relationship with him in a couple of months which will make his wife jealous and see that he has value so in order to restore her losses she will need to steal him off you again.

This is what straight people do, it’s a primitive monkey reward system, don’t buy into it, he’s even using his kid to manipulate you to make you feel important, if he even gave a treetrunk about his kid he wouldn’t have introduced him to a strange woman so soon, he’s either very manipulative or very scared of being alone and will do anything to fix his situation.
Ok well this is on my take on hate....

It’s OK to hate!......like when I was growing up and I said I hated something my mum would say “don’t say hate it’s a strong word”

A) she is disregarding my feelings and censoring me

B) she is giving power to a word by putting it on the top shelf

Hate isn’t even a swear word but we aren’t even allowed to use it....

So if we disregard that we have hate inside ourselves and don’t acknowledge it isn’t that unhealthy?! Won’t it manifest and erupt in other ways?!

Also doesn’t it give more power to the word so when a child hears someone say “I hate you” all of that power in the word that a whole society disassociated from its conscious is weighted on that kids shoulders, how do expect a kid to deal with that?

I think there is psychology in words and personally I think there is a bit of brainwashing afoot here. And perhaps a conspiracy. Because since we have banned the word it’s been manifesting itself in other ways.

Like now we have “HATERS” like wtf?

If someone dislikes something you do or has an opinion of you suddenly they are a hater...

I think it’s unhealthy to disassociate the word hate from society....

I aspire to be like Rupaul, he’s the the top of the drag industry and not only is he a successful drag queen but spiritually he embodies and understands “the goddess energy” better than all drag queens. She has a Scorpio sun and moon so she has emmense emotional intelligence, emotional outbusrts don’t scare her in the slightest and she also encourages people to be vulnerable around her, she is never intimidated by anyone and will let you have it if you act up. Yeh I just aspire to be her because of all these things but mainly her wisdom, in her TV show Rupaul a drag race she sits down and has lunch with the last 3 queens standing and she will impart her pearls of wisdom that drip from her mouth like honey, not just her pearls of wisdom but her jokes land every time, she’s so witty and punny....she is like the most sought after and most successful geisha but in the drag world
I’ve got this fetish for black gothic/pirate shirts atm
Ok my advice is to somehow dye the kilt so the white turns grey or a dark blue so you can still see the tartan still but it’s just a darker shade because the white really breaks up the look...

Secondly wear some skinny leg jeans with boots and wear your kilt but tuck it in so it’s covering one leg or just the back of your ass so it’s like a leg protector, the thing with cosplay is you want to create lots of layers.

Also find a scarf the same colour as your kilt and wear it around your neck and Then go to one of those thrift second hand stores and you should be able to find soccer shin guards or if you’re lucky you’ll find roller blading protective gear, put that on your arms and wear gloves and you’ll have yourself some basic gauntlets
Aqua sun, aqua rising, aqua Venus.
Scorpio moon.

When I was in high school I was very repressed and rebellious. In the beginning I hung out with my friends from primary school but as time went on I felt they were too immature, they were always having fruit fights and doing stupid butter so I started hanging with the smokers and the smokers were a diverse group, each of the groups at school had at least one smoker in that group so all would congregate and chill to get away from the drama of our groups. I also liked hanging with older students and odd balls plus we were hiding from the teachers which made it more fun even though we were smoking in plain sight the teachers didn’t do much to stop us.

I was extremely self conscious in high school, I was fat, huge Afro, pimples and I didn’t think much of myself I wanted to blend in so much I had a clear view of what style I wanted to have but mum wouldn’t let me do me because she knew I was trying to fit in. She bought be big goth boots because she thought they were cool and they were so big and I sounded like a Clydesdale everywhere I went drawing more unwanted attention to myself. I wanted sneakers like the rest of the kids because they were comfy and quiet....she also bought me this ugly polo shirt that looked butter and it looked fluoro compared to the others making me stand out more. I never felt I got a chance to be the person who I wanted to be in high school, I went to 4 different ones and I got to be the new kid but it always fell flat. I used to draw picture of how I wanted to look and design my own clothes and stuff haha
I love being alone for long periods of time, people are always asking prying questions, judging and just always expect something from you and it rattles my brain wondering why the treetrunk can’t people just let others be?

Like when you see a video on YouTube of a wild animal minding its business and people have to go in and pick it up and disturb it, treetrunk that just really pisses me off.

Or when a person faints and eeeeveryone rushes in face to face to see if they’re ok instead of giving them air and space, again that just gets my heart beating fast.

Having said that however I just moved into a new house with my best friend and he’s this 6ft5 German guy and he’s really loud and alpha male and he’s always saying “11 you need to get your bike license so we drive and go to see beach” or he sees that I’m not making enough money and he will say “11 you get your white card and I’ll get you a job on the work site drilling holes and you make so much money man” literally he’s a Gemini and can not shut the treetrunk up anything that comes to his mind he will tell me and he will tell me to do a lot of things and it confuses me. I love him though We are really good friends and are going to get into business together.....The beauty of our friendship atm is that he’s always at work and all day and at night so when he comes home I’m usually in the mood for company and we talk about ideas and when I’m by myself for long periods of time I come up with lots of ideas. And yeh we have a good exchange just not when he becomes demanding of me
When I was in my teens and early 20s I would get bored really easily, I hated the feeling that I was missing out on fun. I’d always be out at a friends house, club, parties and just constantly doing stuff.

So then I met my first boyfriend who was a cancer and a homebody and he would always try and make me stay home with him and it drove me crazy and it made me want to leave even more so I would and then we would have fights over it all the time.

So now I’m older at 32 im over clubbing and I’m over partying and all that butter and I’m more about being creative and making art and performing and butter and in order for me to do that I need to have a stable living condition so I have a hub to work from and now that’s my priority