Wow treetrunk me daddy!
I don't even know you, I need to know something about a person or at least have a picture of them
I can not feel gratitude for people fighting wars, I know that we are free because people died for us, but I don't think our governments do enough to keep us safe and I feel our governments think our men are expebdable so they create one treetrunking day to remember them by and we the people all come together on that day and glorify the deaths of the fallen who fought for us....The reason I don't mourn is because I don't see sides, I don't see us and them, maybe it's because I'm a humanitarian because I just us as humans all over and I understand that the people who died are responsible for their fair share of killing too, would things be different if they didn't kill for this country? Yes but it's irrelevant.....

Can someone talk sense into me? I'm missing the point
6 years and only now you guys are pulling this butter?

You need to find out how much your pride means to you because it is holding you back from being happy. You're so salty..
I wanted to be a girl when I was a kid, I thought being a boy means going to wars and getting punched in the face (not the face!) and playing football, I just wanted to sit inside and play with dolls, lego and watch my little pony all day oh and I wanted boys to fall in love with me....in preschool I desperately wanted to play with dolls and the doll house but none of those bleepy girls would let me play....Life is tough when your vessel can't contain "goddess energy" and it overflows and people around you start to see you as a nail that sticks out because they all want to hammer you in....I am at peace with it all because I love goddess energy and I love my vessel and being a man because I could probably kill a whole room of people with my bare hands bahahaha I have found when I do drag that I get "special" treatment meaning I get treated like a delicate flower lol when I go out people are protective of me which is nice because I always wanted that when I was a male child, no one cared about my feelings because I was to become a man and harden up, I think that is disgusting that boys are brought up like that....boys are not indispensable toy soldiers to be tossed aside, women should cherish and protect men just as much as men protect women.

I have nothing against anyone who is on their journey of self exploration but I am curious.....

Are you seriously fine with being medicated for the rest of your life just so you can live as a woman?

Do you ever think about the boy you once were? And from time to time thank him or honour his existence or are you happy to be done with him?

Is being treated like a woman what you hoped it would be?

Also have you had FFS? And if you haven't what procedures would you like to get?

Have you had many dysphoric episodes since your transition?

I've got more questions coming
Like not on a malicious or vindictive way, you just want to drift away into nothingness because you've had enough?
We are actually normal decent people, the other signs are treetrunk heads

Also I'd like to be on a deserted island with a guy who isn't into me and doesn't think I speak English and then I'm gonna sexually treetrunk with his mind over a long period of time and make him so horny until he starts to verbally tell me what he's gonna do to me and one night I'll let him have it
Gangbanged by a group of hot random guys in skeleton morph suits
I lived on the coast all my life. I don't mind the city but I find city people to be weird
I would never intentionally sabotage my relationship

I think the worst thing I do in relationships is I gloss over problems, if my boyfriend does something I don't like I don't really acknowledge it
Im very a high functioning person considering I have a butter load of things going on with me in my little world.

Get in loser we're going shopping.

It's not my fault I have a wide set vagina and a heavy flow.

I think if you're a beginner it's fun to play around with changing the shapes of your eyes like obviously we want to achieve bigger eyes but you can make your eyes look lifted like you had a facelift or make them look farther apart, or maybe your eyes are too far apart so you could make them look close set etc there's so many things you can do....

From what you are describing it seems that you like playing with colour. The best advice I can give with eye shadow is

- never buy shimmery eyeshadow, unless you're a makeup artist it looks cheap and turns muddy so it's best to stick with matte eyeshadow, but by all means if you're going to use shimmery to highlight "parts" of your eyes then def do that.

- prime your eyes, a good eye primer is a bit lighter than your skin tone and it goes over your eyes and makes your eyes feel a bit tacky so that when your shadows go on the colours are more true and vibrant and the shadow sticks to it better...

- always start with the lightest shade and blend it all over the lid for example a light brown then use a darker brown to deepen it and then use the darkest brown to intensify followed by black, using plenty of shades of the same colour and blending it out really sets the look apart from the others....

- practice and watch YouTube

Truth be told, the first stages of turning into a desperate housewife
Count backwards from 100 it's a form of hypnotism the more you do it the easier it gets.

Listen to rain on tin roof on YouTube

Listen to music
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I haven't seen it yet, I've seen the original countless times because it's timeless and very immersive, most beautiful dystopian future alongside Akira.

I like that Aeon flux and ultra violet comparison because I hated those movies, I really wish they would do a real aeon flux movie the animation series was treetrunking incredible, I live for that aesthetic makes me feel fabulous when I watch it eating Pringles and pizza hahahah but yeh they totally lost it in live action, there was no filth and grit.

I think I'll like it at least, I like it when people try and make things mainstream it gives way for more avenues to be explored, I don't really like westernisation I wish they would take concepts instead of just completely try and copy source material. I don't know if they copied the whole plot and story line but it seems like they did.

Im still in shock after coming back from
seeing it about an hour ago...

The intelligence of the source material
just isnt in this movie...

The philosophy...

The Questions...

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That's what I loved about anime, you would be watching a cartoon when you're 12 years old and its showing you topics and tech you don't really understand but you watch and absorb it anyway and what you do take away from it is its essence. That's the beauty of Japanese story telling and I'm so grateful to the Japanese for being a nostalgic component in my life. Makes me shed a tear hahahah
I really don't give a treetrunk what colour their hair is as long as their hair isn't grey
I still like going out but I got over consecutive clubbing by the age of 23 now days I need my sleep in between

Probably the worst thing that happened o me was my brother dying 7 years ago, it showed me how crippling losing a loved one can be for me, my mum had breast cancer last year and it brought up lots of anxiety and fear in me