Dealing with Leo's is so easy if you're an Aquarius, because we are air signs we fuel fire signs (if we choose to)

You get so easily triggered and give him what he wants which is attention, they want attention whether it's good or bad.

Take it from an aqua when I say you need to detach from him, once you do you can easily sit in a room with him and not give a treetrunk.

So how I would handle your situation is to make myself unnavailable for a while which means getting out of the house and constantly being on the go and being busy and when you do go home stick to your room and out of his way, this will start to reset your attitudes towards each other back to neutral.

When he asks you questions do not engage just politely say "I don't know"? "Maybe"? "Huh"? Be very vague and distant like you have Alzheimer's and are losing your memory ......you'll have him questioning his existence in no time.....

But in all honesty in the long run it's better to work on yourself and your own feelings by reflection questions back on to yourself, why are you angry that he gets support from the family, why do you feel he hates you? Why do you care how he spends his money? I think you're too invested in him so you need to let go.
Now days I enjoy psychological horror/thriller types

-Rosemary's baby
-We need to talk about Kevin (treetrunking love this movie)
-The cell (a bit cheesy but the concept scares the treetrunk out of me and the movie scared me as a kid.
-The babadook
- seven
-Gerald's game

Super natural horror movies I like

-Insidious (watched this by myself and I ran out of my bedroom screaming)
-Stigmata (scared me as a kid)
-The exorcist (scared me as a kid)
-Occulus (very good movie)
-Dusk till dawn (brilliant shock factor)
-Freddy Kruger (scared the treetrunk out of me as a kid)

Sci fi horror I like

-Dark skies (this movie has one of those scenes that had me run out of the room screaming lol)
- Event horizon (watched this as a kid and scarred me for life in a good way)
- Aliens (classic, Ripley is still one of my fav characters today)
- The thing (I'm glad I watched this as an adult and not a kid haha and the sequel is quite good as well)
It's very rare we chase, and we take pride in our trophy when we do
Depends on what your illness is and the severity

I don't understand though if you were prescribed medicine how on earth does it take you 4 months to get it?
I honestly don't think I've met someone like that?

I do have this friend who says something but changes the context of what he said to suit the situation he's in.

Bit of a pain in the ass really
I think you're making the situation a little more dramatic than it needs to be.

She likes you as a friend and Aquarians get excited when they make new friends because we love nothing better than to sit with good company in good scenery / situations, it's what keeps us grounded.

Your ego may be bruised and that's ok, you'll eventually get over her and everything will be back to normal.

I think she would be offended more if you didn't want to be friends with her after you confessed your interest in her, I know I would because it happens a lot with me.
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I've been sexually harassed ever since I posted my dick pic. Iz liek, just cuz I post a pic of what nature equipped me with does not mean I'm seeking that kind of attention. #metoo

Yeh I remember your profile pic was you holding your junk, those nasty femmes slut shamed you didn't they
He's only gonna be here for a week...

But it must suck that your sister has a man to support and love her, and when she leaves you'll be back to looking after your mum alone.

Put him to work while he's at your home by all means the both of them should be helping to lighten your load so you'll be in a better position to look after your mum, try and relax and take care of yourself while your sister is home.

PDA? Yeh they're awkward, get a spray bottle with vinegar and spray them with it when they do it
So I've been in the middle of all this bullbutter long enough to recognise that both sides of the political spectrum are treetrunking insane and they both suffer from snowflake syndrome......I'm at a point where I think anyone who has a political stance is treetrunking nuts.

It's all fake and all politicians are butter!......

I swear this whole rape bullbutter is so way out of hand, it's like people treat politics like it's a soccer match or something, the second someone bumps into you, you drop down to the ground pretending your ankle is broken and you cry out rape thinking you won a point for your team.....

It's interesting to see that when one side stoops low the other drops down just as far, if not even further so that the other side can top it off......

At first I thought it was all cute and entertaining but my time is way too important to me and I've got important butter to do like buy makeup
Ok here's the thing, yes it's cringe BUT it needs to treetrunking happen because women have taken a passive stance for far too long. The #metoo movement not only gets all women (and men) to speak out against sexual assault and harassment it also gives would be sexual assaulters and harassers a looming watchful eye of impending doom over them so they will think twice next time they decide to disrespect someone by cat calling or invading someone's space/privacy etc.

So if you're a chick and you got raped, try not to make it all about you. I'm not derailing or diminishing your experience just don't do it other women who are coming forward if you can't take it.
I sexually harass everyone at my work and everyone is the same there, we are all very comfortable with each other, lots of ass grabbing/ slapping and dirty talk....
In the beginning I was a bit standoffish because I was the only gay man there and when I saw all the guys try and act alpha and stand over and harass the girls that's when I stepped in an reminded there's bigger fish in the ocean preying on the smaller fish. Pretty much I started to emmasulate them by saying I was going to pound their boy kitties if they didn't pull their heads in, now we all have a happy dynamic where no one oversteps their boundaries, we all keep it cute and light.....we know when someone's joking because everyone has a laugh,
My thoughts exactly about the situation, it could be handled better but if your business is your baby why should you subject it to bullbutter?

I recently discovered the gay couple that sued the baker who didn't make their wedding cake and honestly I was disgusted at both sides of the argument.

Yes the couple were discriminated against and the law does state that a company can't refuse service based on discrimination. It upsets me that hard working people can have everything taken away from them like that so I sympathise with the business owner, but what a dixhead for being so proud that he can't bake a treetrunking cake for a gay couple that he would rather make himself and his family suffer the consequences?!?
And I'm angry at the gay couple for not recognising that that baker is a hard worker and pays taxes and they were too proud to make him pay consequences....

At the end of the day the law states that you can't refuse service based on discrimination and the bible isn't above the law!

What the cafe owner did could result in a bad outcome, I think it's always better to take the high road and see the bigger picture in situations and let go of your pride.

I kiss my mum on the lips sometimes, it's no different than kissing her on the cheek or forehead.

I kiss my brother on the cheek when I see him but not on the lips because I didn't grow up kissing him on the lips lol

It's not weird to kiss your parents and show affection for treetrunks sake it just shows that you're close, half you bleeps have never even seen your parents naked, I see my mum naked all the time
I watch a variety of porn, currently have been watch trans male porn, it's a trip out seeing hot muscly guys with vaginas. Showed my workmates and they nearly spat.

I have a redneck trailer park fetish, watched a lot of jerry springer growing up and always used to wonder about what went on in trailer parks.

Obviously I watch gay porn too but I watch just as much straight porn, usually I'll take a break from gay porn and watch straight for a little while, Because I like watching girls get their kitty eaten haha

In a relationship I'm happy to give up porn and I'm happy to watch it together, I don't think it's as fun watching it separately
It comes with experience but it always starts with seeing the bigger picture and your worth

Your heart always brings you into the moment, here and now my emotions are effecting me

If you are always aware of the bigger picture it's always a lot more easier to disengage from your heart and use logic but you need to have a clear view of the bigger picture first.

I'll give you an example.....

Jimmy was being teased at school and it hurt his feelings so much he got depressed and hung himself, what jimmy failed to see was that the people who teased him were low lives that would end up in jail and he would go on to live a full life.....jimmy failed to see the bigger picture, he allowed himself to get caught up in his emotions.

Another example

Julia has a boyfriend who she loves very much but he cheats on her and abuses her when he's drunk.....what she failed to realise was the bigger picture that there are more men out there that are hotter, richer and more loving and she failed to see her worth...
It's good that you're sticking up for yourself and know your worth, I always give potential lovers a good solid year of my life to let them figure out that I'm the one for them.

Yes it's very important that you recognise that you're on the lease and that you start inventory on all the stuff you've accumulated, it's not materialistic it's intelligent because it makes the breakup run a lot more smoother (I've watched a lot of judge Judy)

I would start by surrounding yourself by your friends more and having them over because it makes it easier to break the news to him better, because it comes from a place of happiness if you're with your friends and enjoying life more, than if it's both of you just in the room and in the moment it can get a bit suffocating.

Honestly you will do him and the next girl he dates a huge favour on teaching him how to treat people with respect and dignity.

What the treetrunk was he thinking?! Bringing up his perfect ex girlfriend, making you feel like butter. And then says you're stupid for feeling that way?

Like I get that people get insecure and we all should move on from our insecurities but if he is still making you feel insecure a year later I wouldn't invest anymore of my time on a guy like that.
Who here would treetrunk Chris Meloni? Did you know he has the best ass on prime time television!!?
Depends if my body decides to age gracefully or not
My friends and I used to do seances and my house and at the graveyard, lots of weird butter happened, my house ended up getting haunted I would hear a man walking around in boots up in my roof but I don't have an attic it's too small to walk around up there but at night I would hear him walk from one side of the house and would stop right above me, one time I just laid there and was too scared to open my eyes and then I did and I heard a big crack as soon as i looked at the roof
My ex was a cancer and I asked him "what's intuition" and he replied "Jamie, what is about to happen"? he went to slap me across the face and I caught him by the hand and then he said "that's intuition" lol