I don't know I think it's treetrunked up.......didn't America go to war against nazis?? Wasn't the nazis evil and killed lots of Jews? Why do they prosper in the states? They should be seen as terrorists or their stance and acts as treason.....we assimilated ages ago and these markers what to divide us which is counter productive to the America we needed yesterday
I love it when people say they love me...

It's just when they say it and they
Look at me intensely in the eyes and I can see into their soul and I see desperation that I get on my high horse and kick them away, filthy peasants!
I had a spiritual awakening when me and my brother made a friend who liked witch craft, he was apparently in a coven before us, he would call us up in the middle of the night and we would meet him in the cemetery, forest or at his house and we would just practice witch craft.....

At the time I was really open to anything really and it was exciting and fun at first and then my third eye opened and I was exposed to things I wasn't used to and it frightened me, synchronicites were very common I felt like I had no control over it. We were conjuring spirits and eventually got into the dark side of things like the Goetia (lesser key of Solomon) and butter, we studied Alistair Crowley and the order of the golden dawn....

We were very much like the girls from the craft lol (watching horror movies was something we always did in between) we would do rituals, psychic tests, spells and butter....our friend was so power hungry by the end of it and we eventually stopped because our house got haunted ....

There were some awesome experiences we had though, when we mediated in the forest on a bride going over a stream at night, we were in a circle of candles and insence sticks and while we chanted our eyes were closed and when we opened our eyes we were surrounded by silk worms on their threads dangling at eye level.

I also kind of predicted my brothers death....I did a divination spell and asked if I should move to Perth with my brother or move to Melbourne and the smoke told me to move to Melbourne because I'd be more stable there '.

I've always been on the lookout for spiritual hidden knowledge, text thaumaturgical and have been occult inclined in the past but around this time when I was practicing witch craft that I realised this butter was real .

Now days I very rarely practice it, I realise I don't want to know how things unfold through divination. I also got sick of experiencing psychic attack when we evoke spirits and the hauntings. Now days Im into sigil magick, very interesting stuff, a lot of people these days know it as "the gift" the gimmick best selling book that helped a lot of people.....Sigil magick is the best way to get what you want because you don't need to bargain with a demon
I always loved video games and staying indoors during the day, then when I got older and hit puberty I started sneaking out at night and playing at school (I lived across the road) I would run on the field or use the playground like gym....there's no one around to judge you, it's quieter, cooler, more intriguing....

If you're worried about your son take an interest in what he's playing or looking at on his devices and find a way to apply it to him in the outside world.

Technology is very very addictive because it's getting faster and faster which means we learn and absorb more effectively, Aries people can be very impatient and want everything yesterday so maybe it's becoming his comfort zone.
I guess you'll find out one way or another
Did you ask him if he wants a cake for his birthday?

I think it's rude to ask people if they want cake on their birthday, you should make it no questions asked.

Same with gifts.....you shouldn't ask someone what they want for their birthday if you know them long enough you should know what they like.
My mum is Scottish and my dad is Fijian

I've been with a lot of different cultures,

My ex was aboriginal and my most recent ex was Maori
Wow this topic was 5 years ago when I was living in Melbourne! 😮

Since then I'd have to def say Capricorn....maybe
Cool story^^

My ex was a libran and first person I lost my virginity to was libran, I don't know if if libran is bad for aqua in general I just know they weren't good for me.

Don't get me wrong there are some really smart Librans out there and I would love to rack their brains but there's something about cardinal signs that really test my patience.

Another thing I hate about librans is their ability to find the chink in my armour and exploit it
Your attitude sucks, you need to constantly work on and maintain yourself, if you can't eat healthy then start drinking butter loads of water, it will clear your skin up....wake up in the morning and shower, wash your coochie, give it a trim or take a bath in the evening and lotion up your legs and walk around feeling fresh.....

Stop relying on him to take the wheel in the relationship, no one likes to drag around a dead weight, it's ok to fall sometimes in life, we all do GET UP! Look sickening and make him eat it.

Otherwise if your imagination is running wild maybe you have experienced some sort of trauma or have PTSD.....sounds like your fight or flight response is playing up and your instincts are looking for any signs that the rug will be pulled out from under you..:

If he's cheated on you before and you're insecure about it then you have every right to be but you need to make the choice if you're going to be with him to move past it, otherwise I tell you now he will treetrunk others behind your back
You need to listen to what he's saying and stop imprinting your fear of him leaving you onto your relationship...

Why can't you understand that he doesn't want to treetrunk things up with his son? Don't you realise he could potentially lose you and his son if things don't go exactly the way he wants? If things don't go they way he plans them and everything is ruined then he will be very hard on himself and then the next person that comes into his life will have an even harder time trying to get him to open up....

Just chill out and let things happen naturally, you've only been together for 14 months, a year is nothing to us......a real relationship with an Aquarius spans over many years of building trust and learning how be in each other's space but the end result is a very strong bond.

At this stage of your relationship you have to believe him and put your heart into it. Otherwise what's the point?
From what I notice earth signs see things in black and white, their morals are fixed....

Alcoholics are the worst because the butter is legal and is apart of our culture......I watched Louis Theroux's doco on alcoholics and it was pretty upsetting, makes me want to quit working at a bar.

I think it's important when he comes back that you give him space and be very firm with him and make sure he knows things have changed and boundaries have been put in place, you need to be firm in his resolve because he will be looking for excuses or chinks in your armour..

You've enabled him for quite a while and in no way am I blaming you nor do you need to blame yourself I'm pretty sure you know he's responsible to get better, but you also need to reprogram yourself into not enabling him, it's hard but if you put in a little effort you both will get there
I've always been taught how to read body language, my father was abusive and drunk and it was always like walking on eggshells around him so you always had to be on the lookout for any signs of when his mood would be turning because he would never explain or talk about his feelings.

I think people's body language affects me more than the words they speak, some people are really good at giving you a look when they're pissed off at you, there have been some people that I annoyed and pissed off in the past and the look on their faces I see in my head clear as a picture.

Body language is extremely important, from posture, breathing, facial expressions etc..

This guy at my work doesn't know how well I am able to read him, he will walk around all stroppy and butterty so I go over to him and ask the obvious to show him I care. I know his problem isn't severe because he's openly showing a display of "look at me, something's wrong I need someone to get me out of this headspace"

It's the ones who are always happy and talk a lot of butter with a dead look in their eyes that I worry about

Yes it does take a lot of mental energy articulating concepts especially to the wrong audience, doesn't stop me from trying, I'm actually really bad at explaining things except for when I'm on mdma....whoa boy I could read all of Ulysses and break it down to kindergarteners. I think I'm going to start microdosing that butter
Do I find it hard to be sexy? Being sexy isn't something I try to be otherwise it's forced. I know I have sex appeal, I know I'm sexual and I know the art of seduction therefore I am a sexy person lol

For me being sexy is just naturally being myself naked and luxuriating around the house like I'm a rich widow
I love scorpios, the more outspoken and arrogant the better, I find it charming.

My dick is dead, can I bury him in your ass"?