I’m empathic and sometimes it affects me badly, usually I take on peoples depression which is why I have to try and help people sort their butter out because it affects me otherwise I just drop into depression and we both feel butter and then that’s when I know I need to move on and sort myself out so I can get back to them.

I have a fear of being cornered by people like in cars, trains, planes or kitchens or anywhere where there isn’t an exit for me. If I’m in the kitchen and my mum walks in there I’ll be straight out and wait for her to Leave lol She’s what you call an emotional vampire, same as my friends mum, I avoid those types like the plague.

Just because you’re an empathy doesn’t mean you have to be a push over
Parents who spank are unstable and don’t know how to rear children properly.

Spanking should only be for adults in the bedroom
Aquarians are nostalgic so maybe get a gift like a game that the whole family can play together or something funny that will get a lot of laughs
Jesus Christ what the treetrunk was she thinking!?!?

Ok so I have this Leo work mate and she’s going through a hard time with her partner who is abusing her, he hit her in the drive through, he needs help because he has anger issues because his mum died last year etc. and Leo friend needs help because she doesn’t love herself and she has this fixation for bad boys who treat her like butter etc...

Anyways I told my Aquarian friend this in what I thought was secrecy, because we tell each other everything!! Wait till you treetrunking hear this!

So my Aquarian friend got given a new tarot deck and the cookiemonster asks me what I’m doing after work and I tell her I’m going to Leo girls house to get stoned and my Aquarian friend wants to come and do tarot and I’m thinking that’s a nice cruisy thing to do when you’re stoned.

So she lays out the spread and all the cards are, devil, hanging man, tower etc all the bad ones, and she just reads the interpretation off the top of her head, she’s such a treetrunking air head that she brings up everything that I told her in secrecy about her abusive boyfriend and while we are stoned just listening to her spit dark butter how someone in her life is abusing her and she needs to get out of it etc

I’m hearing her say all this butter and I just close my eyes and go away inside myself lol, the funny part is that the Leo girl was like “Wow that is so spot on” and I nearly spat,

It was such a mood kill lol seriously though the situations I find myself in because of my Aquarius friend.

I think she actually thinks she’s a good tarot reader
I watched AHS coven and their depiction of hell scared the treetrunk out of me.

Pretty much going to your job and it just goes in a loop forever
My little brother teases me and it really gets to me as well, he’s 5 years younger than me and gives me lots of butter because he’s the successful one of the family.

He always used to say I’m going nowhere in life it’s all because I came home from living away and my ex boyfriend beat me up and I was a wreck, I just got off the train and the house was locked so I had to go to his work which was Kmart at the time and he was working on the register and I broke down and cried and made a scene lol he said I looked like a homeless junkie because my ex punched my mouth and my tooth went through my lip and my mouth was full of blood and my teeth were grey. It really had a deep impact on him to see me helpless and it’s hard to change an Aquarians perception of what you are.

Now days we are good because I’ve bettered myself but he still teases me lol but it doesn’t phase me because I don’t take myself as serious as I used to.
I can’t stand living with my dad because he is like your family, always nagging what I want to do with my life, always wanting me to be a footballer and make lots of money etc, get treetrunked old bleep make your own money
I’ve never been good at setting boundaries, when people don’t stay in their lane I cut them off.
I’m left handed, Aquarian, gay, mixed race and dark skinned making me probably one of the rarest people on earth, it wouldn’t surprise me if you have never heard of my blood type.

My body is incredible, I’ve got the best legs ever, I’m naturally muscular, I’m ageing really well.

I decided I wanted to do musical theatre one day and instantly got cast as a lead role and have done many others and learnt to sing, now I’m a belting tenor and can sing lower than most baritones.

I’m an artist and can draw peoples portraits while talking to them without them knowing which is what I like to do when I’m stoned.

I taught myself how to do backflips and acrobatics and pretty much everything I’ve been able to get my hands on.
People who smoke DMT have experienced ego death and it pretty much feels like what it means to lose your sense of self, you cant perceive, think or feel and it is very terrifying for the people who smoke it, also the people who give into it have a better trip than the ones who fight it. We spend so much time working on our identity and we wear our identity the same way we layer on clothes, when we die it all gets stripped away till we are just a raw naked little spirit, that kind of vulnerability is so alien to us because we don’t know what it’s like not to be alive.....the people who have smoked DMT know that there’s something really big on the other side.

Did you know Einstein’s equation of relativity proves that anything in this universe can and will happen, there has been and will be endless earths orbiting the sun inhabiting the same space on exactly the same trajectory, space and time is so infinite that the exact earth down to every atom will Inhabit the same space and time.....see this kind of butter hurts your head more than worrying about death.

But if you’re still worried this short movie explaines why I’m not afraid of dying

Don’t be afraid of the pain and remember that she lives in you.

My brother died 5 years ago and sometimes he visits me in my dreams and they are the best dreams it literally feels like he’s there with me and I wake up and cry when I realise it’s a dream and he’s gone but then for the rest of the day I feel really happy.

Your sister fulfilled her cycle and it’s a beautiful thing, it reminds us to love and love will heal all wounds,

Be with your mum around Christmas and give her the biggest hugs get out the photos light the candles and honour her.

Oh and of course CRY!

Love you xoxo
I’m very flirtatious but I never flirt to get into peoples pants, at work I flirt with all my work mates, I call my boss daddy, I call one girl Shiny Bum, I call another girl Bongos, the security guard showed me a photo of his huge chicken so I go around making it everyone’s business that he has a huge chicken and when I greet him I say “hey what’s up big balls” when I’m in the kitchen I’m even worse with the cooks in there I call one of the chefs my sexy butter chicken and they’re always grabbing me on the ass or pinching my nipple and it’s the same everywhere, I’ve seen so many of my work mates naked, this girl got a boob job 10 months ago and I was the first to notice because I never realised she had huge tits till one day she wore a small shirt and I made such a big deal about it and she was so excited that someone noticed, next minute she’s showing me all her nudes and she looks like a super star cam just like me, I literally told her she needs to be a porn star. Another girl wanted to show me her nipple piercings, another girl wanted to show me her boyfriends chicken. Yeh my work place is highly sexualised and I’m pretty sure it’s because of my “flirting”

But yeh I’m super flirtatious and dirty minded but it’s all for giggles, I say whatever is on my mind, we were all having a good conversation about red socks the other day this chick at work who is 35 has never seen one in her life and I had to show her pics of it.

However when it comes to seduction that is a totally different ball game and that’s when it gets serious with me and serious is a work that people never associate with me so it’s like meeting a completely different person when I’m tring to seduce. When I’m seducing someone I’ll look at their lips a lot when they’re talking
Oh my god this is my first ever post on DXPNET and its all just a regurgitation of thoughts lol nothing’s changed.
Interesting, I’m a writer and I don’t know much about chakras but I know I have a blockage in my throat chakra for some reason, I have so much tension in my throat and I speak very softly and quiet, it’s stopping me from saying what I need to say and to get it out. I could do with some sodalite
Racial ambiguity is a gift, it makes you unique and people are just curious to know where you come from. If someone assumes what you are then I think they just like to play the guessing game or are trying to break the ice with you. What’s your ethnicity?

I’m half Fijian/Scottish I’ve been mistaken for Mediterranean, Arab, Samoan, Hawaiian, Tongan, African, Maori, Indian, Mongolian.

Materialism is what happens when rich people decide to create pipelines through hallow native grounds to make money resulting in oil spills and spoiling the land.

That’s what happens on a large scale but on a small scale it corrupts you spiritually and crushes your soul turning you into a consumer which is pretty much a vampire
Italy is a no brainer, Versace, Prada, LV, Gucci, D&G

Switzerland is known for its watches

At the moment I think Korea is leading in Tech but also with its manufacturing, they’re pioneering and leading the way we make ships. They’re also getting quite big in the beauty industry and people are booking plastic surgery vacations over there
It has much as I hate to admit it, the best sex I had is with my ex who was piscean.

I’m always the dominant one because im always bigger than most so they just assume position for me
Seeing the good in people and letting them treetrunk you over are two completely different things
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Wow why is it so cheap??!

3 bedroom apartment is 3k+ here. Does her family own the house and the rent goes to cover property mortgage? Seriously we’re do you live...I need to move ASAP.

I live in Australia, rent is expensive in the city but I live in a coastal town.

My brother is a dragqueen in Sydney and his rent is 1000 a week and he splits that with 4 other drag queens so they spend around 300 a week each
Ok just so you guys know she is biologically a female she just likes to use my wigs and makeup and go out clubbing with me.

Her mum doesn’t own the house she is renting it from old people and the neighbours are old and are always spying on us.

I just seriously have a bad gut feeling from this and I always get a bad gut feeling whenever she plans something it always falls through and I’m just sick of being dragged around with peoples stupid ideas and then having myself to blame when everything goes shyte