@UnicornSag Thank you. If only you knew lol. I hope I bump into you one day in real life. I will speak a language by then.
I won't be on here. Dec 22- Jan 20

Any ideas & stuff would be appreciated.
This following month and a half. Something always bad happen to me every year of my life but now I'm waiting.

Bring it on Capricorn Season
Even if they don't treetrunk witchu they still watch.

You got to develop backbone in order to be a master at breaking backs.
Just know that God says yes when the devil says no. devil says yes when God says no. Everyone is a maybe. I say yes to the potential to rise.

Hopes this helps anyone

If your ex acts trashy. Throw them in the dumpster with your pinky finger up just to let them know you're classy.
Girls trying to chase a man they messed up with when he Phantom ghost then. Ms. Pac-Man asses lol
Religion is bullbutter me. That's why I here this:

"Can't be eyes closed when you side scroll
You not the first person
The first person from your first cursin'
To your first cursive
And your curse words is in the curve version
It occurs virgin is the word version
That refers perfect to the first person
In the third verse, who's really me
In the third person but prefers the first one, that's me
When a rabbit steal yo girl lol
I be talking real butter where they want me to stop it,
Hit them with the gospel,
Then give them that hot butter,
My words will live infinite even when they gossip,
Some say I'm on that devil butter,
Others on that God butter
Had to take care of Christmas Business. Some ppl gonna be happy.
The jokes got to be stupid(my fav), funny, or creative(pics,gifs,etc). If you scared deactivate your DXP account.

I want to encourage the Girls to do the same for their Powder Room. (Go Hard; put these mfs in tears lol)

You can always hide your post for the safe side. (You shouldn't cuz it's not supposed to be serious)

Get wild. butter on the floor.

!!!!!MEN ONLY!!!!

I'm going to blame my Libra Squaring my Sun for this one. LEGGGO
For the Shade

Time to cut up a bit for DXP

Ladies of DXP anyone of ya. Make a thread: Signs he's a hoe/treetrunkboy funny jokes. (For the Powder Room)

You already know what I'm going to make(for the Man Cave) cuz idgaf lol.

Focus on the jokes. I n   Read more
Sounds fun
Bored AF...

I wonder who will go with what I'm about to do. Who is really daring on here?
This World lol

Lil kid: I'm tired of being with this cookiemonster

Me: Stfu