Who is the REAL party animal of the zodiac

I'm also asking between sexes as well - so only one winner

I think I have to go with Leo female

It's seems non stop with most of them.
Who needs to be the leader more Leo or Aries?
I like that - nice points
If you're the black sheep of your family...living a life completely out the norm of your family

How does it make you feel?

Do you feel guilty to be you, and leave them behind?

Just know that you are perfect in all of your ways by yourself. A whole being, who when the time is right...will add to the life of another and that other will add to your life and bring together a relationship of true happiness together.

Age is irrelevant you will find exactly who you need to be with and vice versa. You're exactly where you need to be
Do thoughts of mortality of everything and everyone come to your mind often and how do you think/feel about this

Is my proposed question
Mortality...what are your thoughts?

Do you think about this often?

How does this affect the way you live your life?

They say 82 years is only 30,000 days. Does that make you feel inferior, or does it make you want to live it up even more.
...non water sign. They are always the cop out answer and I don't find myself wanting to be with another water sign.

So who else...
I'll try to contact her, maybe it'll work
Nah I'm way out of her league.

She's 6 years older and traveling the world.

I have $ 4 and am trying to get my life together! Haha

What can I say I'm in love lol
I was too afraid to speak with you more than a few words. So if we never meet again I am the author of my own fate.

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are, your strength and willingness to put others before yourself was apparent even in the hour of being near you.

You are vulnerable on the inside, I could sense it. But know that you have nothing to fear, you are more than worthy and deserving.

I wish you the best and more. Reach for the stars Gemini, although you're already there.


The shy Pisces who will always leave opportunities on the table due to lack of confidence
I'm a Scorpio rising but a Pisces sun, don't know too much about astrology but I figured I would get a Gemini perspective.

She's seems really fun and great, after one convo I already felt her bluntness and how she wouldn't care about my emotions. I can take that, but only if I knew she "could" be down for the long run.

Part two of my questions is are gem women attracted to Scorpio men?