Who used to love Scrubs.

Interesting answers guys.
I guess I'm naturally skeptical.
Does it ever worry you that you never really know someone?

This includes parents, families, friends, potential lovers.

No matter how many details they share with you, they can always omit that one night where you know say they.... murdered someone by accident.

Very interesting how we really can perceive people with great omittance of facts.

Very true, yeah there have been a lot of helpful people to come here
It seems people come here to learn. This is a community of educators; one way to look at it.
Why do you use Dxp?

What does using it do for you?
For those that have seen the classic Disney movie,

When friendships no longer work, you may be quick to assume the other person is "wrong" but simply just two paths that no longer work together.

Is it ever possible to reconverge? Even if no longer the same people on the same paths, just to show love?

Or is it best to just leave some friendships in the past forever?

Sometimes looking back on what you "had" can really make you sad.
In a corporation?

Both are competent, just different approaches

Abstract focusing on the people and caring for them and the grander scheme

Details is focused on the numbers and how they affect the people

Both are great, both are needed, but who's instinct is to be trusted most?
Nonetheless, when we watch movies we watch for the overall emotion. And him being a Scorpio we're sure to get that every time which is what we do.

I'm only commenting on the acting skills.
His movies are great. Like I said I love the guy. What I am relaying is the fact that if you watch closely, he will let the character slip throughout the movie. For example wolf of Wall Street, he let his "heavy New York accent" change up in certain scenes. It just is what it is, I'm not saying he's alone in this as other prominent actors probably fall short too.

This isn't a bash because, I mean who can really not like Leo all around.
...is an actor we all love. As we should.

But we can agree that he did not deserve the oscar for WOWS, which is why he did not get it. Or for his movies prior to that as well.

His appeal to us is that we fall in LOVE with his charm that he can add to all his characters, which is great. But as far as strictly acting skills, he's just not that on point.

Just wanted to set the record straight.

Great answers, thanks all
Time, is more important than money
But without it, it can ruin lives. The absence of it causes more pain then the abundance of it causes joy in our society
What keeps you going? What could you use more of that you would consider to be "opportunity"
How important is money?

What is it really worth to you?