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Thanks! Seriously jumping for joy lol
Finally some light after all the stress of uncertainty. I could drop all my stuff right here and do sun salutations to display my gratefulness to the effing universe lol.

He gets into Boeing, I get to go down in hours to focus on school to get into a n   Read more
What's going on in astrology? Why am I treetrunking WINNING today!!!!?!?

-daughter got into environmental science option school with 89 kids on waitlist

-Leo got 2nd interview with Boeing.

-After many hard days of keeping up with this team, the NICU nurses   Read more

5 hours
Life is 1,000x easier being loved by him!
Late as balls for the 2nd time in 2 years. No too shabby! Really enjoyed that extra hour of sleep! What a great mood I'm in!!! Everything exclamation point!!
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Quit complaining. You like it

What a Leo thing to say haha

Let's be real though. She does
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If I had a dollar for every time my Leo said that, I'd be a millionaire haha.

I either do and it makes me shy smile or I tell him to stfu but smirk and still like it even if I don't let it happen
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Quit complaining. You like it

What a Leo thing to say haha
Lmao noooo now I can't do Rosie. Totally forgot about Roseanne

Fook, I love rose, though
What do you think of the name Rose? Rosie...
What are some bad things women say?

I'd like to know if the things I am picking up from my husband and his mates on the Xbox are things only dudes say.

Fokkin bellends
lol thanks

In 2 months, Leo will be picking up one of these in puppy form to surprise my daughter for our new place!

Teddy bear goldendoodle!!! Ahh!!
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Im not black or white or both. How do you feel about natives call you nigga?

Natives historically have no voice. If you are native, you are even more of an embarrassment.
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It's all planned out and organized in my head first. Then, once things are sweet, the heart is fiercely in.