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tried it once. hurt like HELL

You have to look good for your man, no?
I'm not revealing my answer because I've had it up for more than a minute.
Why are you googling whale penises on your free time?
I think you owe him a response.
Hmm....lemme think.

Definitely Hollyhock.

I'd buy him/her an umbrella because there always seems to be a dark cloud hanging over them.
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📢 Men are trash

Or, alternatively, your taste in men is trash...
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Ohhhhh snap.
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Cloudy am I visible?

Not yet
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Thank God.

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I don't know how to forgive people. I wish I knew how

Do you harbor anger and resentment?

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Karma is real



What'd you do?
LOL, was legit about to tag a few users.

But I'll play nice.
So? My mom does that.
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Twin flame ... We still on this twin flame stuff .... Word of advice .... Lifepartners and soul mates are both intense .... And both relationships can also have psychic experiences ... Both... Doesn't mean it's a twin flame... In fact why folks keep coining this term to stay dependent on the next will have trouble knocking at your door.... Hear me.... Divine love... True divine love is never dependent... But these so called twin flame... Categorized relationships are... It will set you up.... Spending a bunch of money with gurus feeding you mess... To have a cult like mindset .... Scorpios will be intense .... At this time because of the mere fact that Jupiter is now in Scorpio and so is Mars right now.... Please don't get caught up in that twin flame mess.... Especially with Saturn in Capricorn right now.... If you do.... Expect a hard lesson to learn this year... A very hard one.... Could last spill over to the next year... With Saturn in Capricorn ... This will bust that twin flame cult like mess into oblivion ... Because many will experience a block... So be warned...

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I was iced out of a cult twice.
True story


I got baptized @ 19 into a "radical" non denominational church and left at 21 went back and left again 3 years ago.

We were only allowed to date and be close friends with other people in the church.
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Ok. I believe you.
Doctors are humans too. Depending on where they get their education, how long they do their training, how their patients are prioritized on certain days, and believe it or not, how much sleep they get on certain days, they can't properly diagnose everything, simply because they just don't know everything (especially when they're ambiguously asked about a random spot on your face.) So be grateful that what you had wasn't anything serious, and that you can actually afford a healthcare that so many other people can't.