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  • Did they have a panic attack?
  • Oh shut it. No one cares.
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    Most women don't have any business raising a boy.

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    Lol. Well damn.
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    Anyone know to read personality traits based on someone's handwriting?

    I think I can do it.

    Autocorrect is annoying.

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    T-bars on the left means the person is generally introspective and introverted; the fact that they are centered also means that the person has a certain sense of confidence about themselves. The open o's suggest that, while they are introverted, they can also be open and sociable at the same time with other people...but to a degree.

    Handwriting is small which further suggests the person is introverted and reserved to themselves.

    The letters are not all connected either. Gaps between some of the letters (ie. hand writing, auto correcting, an noying) could indicate the person has an occasional tendancy of distancing themself from other people who may get too close.

    Fancy capital letters means the person is female......

    Jk... they are most likely artistic and creative.

    Big loops in the y's and g's suggests that the person desires to have more friends in their life.
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    Is it really bad to be one? Are we emotionally inept? Or is it just me?

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    tried it once. hurt like HELL

    You have to look good for your man, no?
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    may i hide out in here? ♥ smile

    Why not?
  • I'm not revealing my answer because I've had it up for more than a minute.
  • Why are you googling whale penises on your free time?
  • Where is the TL;DR version?
  • I think you owe him a response.
  • Hmm....lemme think.

    Definitely Hollyhock.

    I'd buy him/her an umbrella because there always seems to be a dark cloud hanging over them.
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    📢 Men are trash

    Or, alternatively, your taste in men is trash...
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    Ohhhhh snap.
  • California is overrated. Don't go there.
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    Cloudy am I visible?

    Not yet
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    Thank God.

  • lol yes
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    I don't know how to forgive people. I wish I knew how

    Do you harbor anger and resentment?