Judges you at Subway

"Poop of a Thousand Wipes" sounds like a kick ass kung fu movie
What's a "quad roll"? I that the same thing as a "One butters Worth" roll?
For a truly accurate reading, we'll need your Social Security Number as well.
I just unzipped previously.
Weight training. It burns more calories over a longer period than cardio does. Plus your body will eventually adapt to cardio and you'll stop losing weight when your body goes into survival mode. Build up your strength and increase your range of m   Read more
LOL @ this being on the paranormal board.

Well done.
I can turn my hand sideways (not flat) and put it inside the waist of the jeans that comfortably fit just 2 months ago.

And I don't have baby Trump hands, either.
I think this is the universe punishing white people for Die Antwoord.
Try something colorful...

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You cant even joke around with someone who has scorpio sun or moon. They get so annoying. You can tease the pisces all day, and it never gets old.

I bought him two sets of valentines flowers because he always gets me cute little presents.

One set was a discount bundle that looks like it’s nearly dead lol. I put it in a vase on the kitchen island with a card that said “Flowers that remind me of our love....expired”

And he actually got upset about it. I had the actual flowers I got him in my office. It was meant to be funny 😆 and he actually said it hurt his feels. I felt so horrible and still do.

When I tried to le sex him he told me his heart hurt. Lol the treetruk am I supposed to do about that?

Scorpio moons < Pisces moons for big baby award. They try to act all hard but if they accidentally get stuck on one of those abandoned animal commercials while watching tv- you can expect to not get laid for a week while they repair their hearts.

You sound sociopathic.

Really lol $ 2 bargain flowers got you triggered?

We play jokes on one another all the time. I just don’t mention them because they’re trivial. In this instance I brought it up because he get sensitive about the weirdest butter....

I highly doubt you’re a functional personal tbh. People like you rarely do.

Hes a scorpio moon. Its cancer moons that love the awkward morbid humor.

haha true, cancer moons know themselves too well not to laugh at how absurd they can be and not to eventually feel comfortable with themselves. pisces moon too

scorpio moon, on the other hand, remains secretive... watch this thread keep growing cause they'll never admit they have legit water moon feels

idk why do they have to get so defensive that somebody knows them beyond their exterior and tells their own experience? is it so hard for them to be vulnerable even on a forum with a bunch of strangers?

the scorpio moon I am with was the dxp scorpio moon version at first
then a couple of months later he happily demonstrated that he wasn't less needy, emotional or sentimental than me. perhaps less sensitive, but imo quite possibly more dramatic with that fixed energy...

I think they can't help it though, it's a plutonian moon - it cautiously reflects on what to reveal to the world
and btw, scorpio moons, this doesn't make you less great? if anything it makes you more interesting

We are neither interesting nor great.

Interesting point on the plutonian effect btw - because that would include all Hades moons and not just scorpio moons.

I wanted to encourage since some scorp moons are so guarded

that makes sense, my cancer moon is in the 8th house and I have secretive tendencies too + pluto dominant but I don't mind dxp knowing I'm mushy. I attribute this to the crab moon

I have two female friends with scorpio moon too and they're also sentimental, love to snuggle, can be needy... that was my whole point
not denying any scorpio moon traits, just adding some

Scorpio Moons are quieter and less expressive I think? They don’t show their cards even after you show yours. Even until then they don’t even show them all.

Cos sometimes there's nothing to show? But I guess it is human nature to assume the worst. Or is it?
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From Tumblr out of all places:

The Scorpio Moon person is Pandora’s Box - a calm exterior, unassuming and unemotional on the outside, but looming with a wealth of emotions, intense, joyful, angry and vengeful all at the same time, whirling together in a fantastic and dramatic storm. This is the emotional nature of the Scorpio moon person. It is almost as if they feel pain and love more deeply than any other, and they have no way of showing it. And this is the side you experience if you get to know them well enough. A rare feat, because a Scorpio Moon does not let in confidantes lightly.

The Scorpio Moon person wishes to experience life at its rawest - the highest ups and the lowest downs, the experiences that twist your perception, the most turbulent of struggles and the most ecstatic of happiness. They want to know the core of humanity, of those around them. Calm doesn’t suit them well, because Scorpio Moons aren’t comfortable in the conventional way. They experience “comfort” differently than most do - they do not feel comfortable in a daily life that revolves around the same events every day. What makes them feel comfortable is to feel intensely alive. Not being ordinary or living a boring life. They may not consciously be aware of it, but Scorpio Moons secretly yearn for both the most powerful sensations and emotions, positive and negative - they subconsciously wish to understand euphoric happiness and intense sadness, paralyzing fear, rabid jealousy, enamoring love. They want to know what it truly means to have this human experience. This means Scorpio moons often have an elevated curiosity about death, the occult, sex, drugs, and the darkness that so many refuse to acknowledge or understand. But that’s the thing about Scorpio moon, they love the taboo… because they believe that the darkness is as equally important as the light, because it makes them whole.

Scorpio moons want something special from people around them - they want to be your obsession. And they also want you to be theirs entirely. Obsession is a very powerful emotion, when you like something so much that you can’t make it leave your mind. This is what Scorpio moons want from people. They want to feel love, the most mystifying and powerful of human emotions, so deeply that they get lost in it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Scorpio moon is a romantic person. Quite often, that’s not the case. They often get love confused with obsession, jealousy, manipulation, and possession. This is why immature Scorpio moons are particularly dangerous at times - they have a tendency to brew up emotional storms, play mind games, and to experience this troubling fantasy of romance and obsession. Scorpio Moons who are more aware of themselves have a huge potential to love in a healthy way and heal the wounds of others, for in their intense emotional experiences they also have an unparalleled understanding of the world. This is why getting to know and getting a Scorpio Moon to love you can be such a rewarding challenge if you’re up to it. If you gain their trust, they will keep your secrets forever, they will love you deeply, and you will love them deeply in return.

Scorpio Moons are powerfully gifted in focus, memory, and ambition. They are the great investigators, searching to penetrate at the heart of any situation. It is with their single-tracked mindset that leads them to so many successes, but it also reveals what they fear most - betrayal. Betrayal is a taboo for all people, true, but Scorpio Moon people are the least likely to forgive and forget. Grudges are a problem with Scorpios - it’s fair to say that many of them never forget when they’ve been wronged, when they’ve been slighted, betrayed or had their trust broken. This is why the key to understanding and seeing the Scorpio moon for themselves is loyalty and dedication. Sure, loyalty and dedication are great for everyone - but betrayal and loss of faith hurts Scorpio more than any of them will ever vocalize. Their trust is the one thing you must always work to protect, because it earns you something so precious - a lifetime confidante and friend/lover, if you play your cards right. Don’t assume all Scorpio moons can handle this challenge if they’re mentally young at heart, but Scorpio moons never forget those kindnesses, nor the indecencies. No matter what age. They can let go, but they won’t forget. And so with that I say - work cautiously with Scorpio, act with the intention of love, and they will know. And they’ll ultimately understand, and if they don’t, they will someday.

Understand that Scorpio Moons have a heavy, intricate, and beautiful heart that is kept very secure. Underneath their intense and serious aura, it lies deep and pure. Understanding and seeing that side of them is not easy, but once you work your way into your heart, you will stay there forever if you stay true. They are not the kind to forget.

This is the only relevant part.
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LOL I was hoping it was going to be DJ.

Isn't he too old to be modeling now? I thought he modeled for northface or something


And some Canadian bank or something. He was sitting on a chair, leaning back and smiling. Probably thinking about trolling DXP.

He modeled stock photos for TD bank 😆
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Photographer: "Okay, Mr Johnson, for this shot, lean back and think of your happy place"

DJ: *thinks about venusian threads on Misc board* (under breath) "ayyylmao"
The U.S. food industry has been developing cheaper and more efficient ways to trigger those dopamine reactions in people's brains and getting them hooked on their industrial garbage.

treetrunking BW3 wings, man...fat, salt, sugar...meth would probably be healthier. Cocaine for sure (it's at least natural).
There's psychological research out there that suggests there are differences in how people's brains process the "reward" reaction in their brains from food. Some people have an increased response and some people have a decreased response while most people simply fall into a normal range. It's the same reason some people can smoke 1 cigarette and get hooked for life while others not. It's not simply a matter of willpower.

I was just out driving and dodging pot holes on the street thinking "this road is bumpier and more uneven than Kim K's ass".
Their Scottish ale with angelica is treetrunking fantastic.