I used to give you guys updates of my past relationship with my ex scorpio which ended in july, it has been 5 months since the break up now that we are in december. I was recently asked about the status of that relationship. So here is the update. I actually stopped communicating with her 3 months ago in october. She still attempts to reach out to me via text but I dont pick up, return calls, nor text back just because im indifferent of the overall situation. Ive dealt with fake numbers, and random calls/texts. I have no intention on getting back with her or being friends so there is no relationship unfortunately. I wish there was more to tell you guys but Im just at a place where I am focusing on priorities, life and goals. She isnt any of those so there is no purpose of interaction. Hope that answered your question.

The old post are on my profile if you are new and interested in what im even talking if you are new to this discussion.

im no scorpio, but a libra. after a breakup i did a lot of reading, venting, and meeting new people. i think the best thing to do is talk through your issues, find a friend that is able to listen that your trust and let it out. holding in the pain keeps it in, and you are stuck reflecting ok it alone making it harder.
@pinkburd03 we broke up begining of july. didnt speak again until begining of september, tried to be friends and determine if we would try to rebuild another relatiobship/friendship. but theres no real communication and me being treated like im not important, which is fine. but all it does is push me away and seems to have made me lose the little emotinal feelings i had left.
@libralotus i dont think i am in live anymore, i “was” holding on. however theres nothing to fight for, especially with me realizing that live is lost. I attempted to regain and be more emotionally understanding to find i was just wasting more of my time. she still continues to try to write me but i dont care anymore. thank you though lol
I usually give you guys updates on the status on me and my scorpio ex. This is the final update because I have decided I no longer want to be involved with her anymore.

Thank you al for your advice through out these updates.

The reason:
We were remaining friends and hanging out together for a few weeks, I mentioned to you guys in the last post about her going off on me after my birthday which I forgave. But lastly, I invited her to come over the end of last week she said she could not because she needed to handle some things, which was fine, no worries. I then made plans to hang with my friends instead (phone is dead btw by this time). After the night I returned home to find excessive messages going off on me and me being blocked again.

I just don't have the energy or even want to keep a cordial relationship with her anymore. Maybe I'm just not in love anymore to care.

My chart:
Sun- Libra
Moon- Aries
Mercury- Libra
Venus- Virgo
Mars- Scorpio
Jupiter- Libra
Saturn- Aquarius
Uranus- Capricorn
Neptune- Capricorn
Pluto- Scorpio
Lilth- Aries
I have a placement of mars in scorpio. I agree I can be very passionate, however my venus is in virgo and its hard for me to love. I only been in love twice in my whole life (One was a long term crush so technically one lol). I tend to be a sapiosexual and not many tend to collect with me on that level to keep me intrigued.
@Toti Thank you makes sense.
@pinkbird03 thank you as well I can see this being what she is doing. Think I will continue to stay focused elsewhere since I am not as attached.
I usually update you guys with what is going on with my ex scorpio (10 months).

Me and my scorpio ex have been hanging out lately and we went on a few dates. I know she is dating other people, however I am not because I need time to balance my career and not focus on love. In previous post she told me she can "see us being together again when we are both ready", however I don't have time to wait on her while she finds herself and dates around town, therefore, I focus on myself. We have made a friendship, even though I still have love for her thats all I ever allow it be.

Our friendship is cordial and we speak however, I had a birthday get together/party with all my good friends, she called me on my birthday early in the morning and said she would "call me back on my birthday tomorrow" when she knew my birthday was the day she called, I was like "call me tomorrow for what?", and then she was like ohhhh I'm sorry. Making it seem like the call wasn't to say happy birthday.

The day after my birthday she text me saying looks like you had a good time, you looked nice", however I have no idea how she could have seen what I did since I still have her blocked on social media. I just said "yes i did, thank you". When i spoke to her a couple days after that she went off on me saying i was being weird and fake.

I know that scorpios can be a roller coaster of emotions, however we are not together and she clearly has no interest of getting back together so why is she concerned with how I'm going about living my life. Its like when Im around she is cool but uninterested, and when I drift away Im being fake or weird.

Any insight or scorpios perspectives on this?

Libras invest in giving the person a perspective of both sides of a situation/story, and makes it seems like both parties are neutral which isn't intentional. This can leave some confused because some don't want a neutral view of things they want to know who is at fault and why. Lol. We make peace and aren't as direct. Sometimes with advice its about perspective before making an decision on a situation, we help give all sides and allow that person to see where others are coming from. If they makes since for those who don't understand the libra mindstate.
@PhoenixRising How would I know which one she is doing?
@PhoenixRising I see what you are saying now. That was a choice I place for her, and I guess it is very grey in nature. I guess I need to be more black & white. I want platonic because its safe and makes me secure. I fear repeating the past is why gray. But thank you, i understand where you are coming from now.
Oh, If you reread the message I stated she had sent me a seductive video. I asked her to keep things platonic in reply to the message. We made plans to hang out that weekend. So after we hung out later that night she stated she wants to be platonic because it would be hard to avoid feelings she had since she still loves me. When I said I thought that was the plan, I am referring back to when she sent me the video and said things should be platonic first. I feel that if she is confused with communication she should ask for clarification. I speak in present and past tense when I talk that may be where the misunderstanding is my apologies.

I don't hold grudges and can forgive with time, I am not bothered as much about the breakup as I was when I initially broke up with her. I mentioned before I am okay with a platonic friendship, but it becomes very misleading when she is sending me random seductive videos. Love will always be love that doesn't mean I want her heart it means I want the best for her and to be happy.
@TaurusInShania I do have love for her, but I okay with the idea of being friends and going on with my life. I'm a libra and I like things to be slow and not rush into things. I would go back to her after a friendship was build first, I would want my partner to be my bestfriend and if a platonic situation isn't worthy I'm okay with nothing. That's the only reason I told her to keep things platonic.
I recently started talking to my ex scorpio after a breakup two months ago. The breakup was pretty bad and dealt with alot of my not emotionally understanding her and her infidelity. When we started texting again she sent me sexuctive videos, but I asked for her to keep things platonic. However, last night we both went to the drive inn movies together. She wore some reveiling clothing that showed a little cleavage. We hung for a while and conversed about good things. She asked about my mother and friends, and how they felt about our breakup. I told her I dont remember it was so long ago just to keep her from reliving a past issue. I asked if she wanted to lay in the back of the vehicle since it was normal thing we used to do when the car got unconfortable she stated no thank you and we continued watching the movie. After I dropped her back off she told me she still loved me but wanted things to stay friendly. I thought that was the plan already to be platonic. She stated she feels that it would be hard to hang out, go on dates, or do anything sexual if it happened. I told her I respect her wishes even though I was the one who wanted to keep things platonic. I still love her as well but I dont want to go through the u expected. Should I continue to hang with her platonically, or continue to keep my distance with limited communication. Any insight on how she is thinking or how she may be feeling.

3 months

3 months