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  • Understood, I should in fact get clarity from her. For clarification on the question you asked, we are not currently dating, we are friends. Enjoy hanging out, chilling. I am not emotionally connected to her at the moment and respect her stating that she can't take a relationship serious due to personal events she confided in telling me. With this said I am not placing myself in a situation where I will get emotionally attached. I just was not sure if she was confused on her side, but the examples make it easier for me to understand what she may be thinking. @PhoenixRising

    I always feel direct communication is easier, but I know we all don't communicate the same. The reasons I initially felt she was confused or misleading was due to behavior vs. statements. All coming together now, best thing to do is to establish that we are friends and not continue with any sexual relationships letting her find herself and not intervene.