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  • Does anyone have a spirit that follows them and several recurring dreams. It started with my grandpa, before he died I started having dreams of his death. Also, I started hearing whispers that he was going to die. It happened to my grandma and now it
  • What are some differences that you'll be able to compromise when you consider a LTR/marriage?
  • Post your asc, sun, moo, mer, ven, mar with degrees included
  • Does every scenario depend on context or is there a universal, moral principle?
  • Rant #1 - I've been very quiet these past few months just because I can't be bothered. I dislike people who are so controlling and patronizing, just shut up already with your pseudo self-awareness. Ugh, to think that reading a few self-help book works wit
  • The simplest, yet best food you've ever tasted. Tell me what it reminded you of, describe the aroma and texture. ----- I prefer my banana bread to be slightly a few days old that's moist and soft vs. fresh out the oven. I can cry just putting my lips
  • 1. How do you forgive? 2. How does forgiveness look like if you were the person who have done wrong? 3. How has the concept of forgiveness influenced different cultures? 4. Do you think forgiveness is a form of suppression?
  • What are "5 wants and expectations" that are the basic foundation for a long and healthy relationship? Sun in Pisces with dominant fire and I will be signing a relationship contract. It's a 60 day trial to determine if we're a potentially great union.
  • I'm not interested about their sexual nature. I want to know if they're dependable, adventurous or homebody. Venus in Aries Mars in Sagittarius Venus in Taurus Mars in Capricorn
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