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“Mastering others is strength. Mastering oneself makes you fearless.” - Lao Tzu

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  • So in short, i want that co worker that i wrote about...i looked at her fb profile, and there isn't anymore that one photo with the dude, and her status is still was back then too, but now it's just without that pic. On those short 5 mins bre
  • Ok, here is about another Sagi. We've been shortly together, and it was fine and easy going, as it is between two Sagi. But, I opted to be with friends and drink for NY eve instead of being with her in my room as she suggested. It was tough to me to decid
  • So, why do you always want your bf to text first, and if he doesn't do that, you will not text either for days, even months...but then when you see him, you will be like, where do you stand, what is up between you two, and all that. I mean, that girl was
  • Ok, I know this girl from work, but i see her sometimes on short breaks, and then we have chit-chat...she seems reserved and shy. I mean, she appears arrogant, but I know what it is. I felt attracted quickly, but as I heard she is taken, I didn't thought
  • I met her 4 years ago, it was instant attraction, and she chased me after that. Like, she wasn't so sure if I liked her after a date, even though it was obvious that I was into her. But she was somehow insecure, structured, like, no kiss on a first dat
  • Ok, I know that Scorpio girls are very sensitive, but until now, I wasn't in a relationship with one... We were texting for one month, constantly, everything was great...we finally met, even she was afraid to be hurt from last experiences... On the fi
  • So, shortly, I matched online with some Scorpio girl, she was attracted phisically, and we texted each other back and forth a lot. I was pretty sincere with her, she was delighted with my thoughts, and said how I am smart, pretty, how different I am, how
  • Ofc, for many Scorpio girls, someones looks is no. 1. I mean, this particular Scorpio girl, which is popular, and asked first for my phone number...she dumped the guy that she was with for 4 years, because he started to be more care free, and she was mess
  • Is it a rare combination? I don't see any recent topic about those two. :D Can they make it work? I recently met some Sag girl, conversation was nice, and she's a typical Sag...I think that her Ascendant is also in a Sag. I asked her on a date, and she ag
  • I find it very funny when I interact with female Libra's online...on dating sites. We text each other just fine, back and forth, and when I suggest meeting for a drink, they are at first always like "MAYBE we could"...and when I ask for a phone number, th
  • I met some Leo girl that said to me that for her, kiss is much more intimate than sex, and she had treetrunk buddies who were just that for months, without kissing. Like, it's easier for her to give her body, than her lips. Any thoughts? Also, after convers
  • Ok, you lazy Scorpio girls, here is the shortened version. :) If you ask guy a lot of intimate and personal questions for the first time you see him, are you trying to look into his soul, and see are you a good match, or what? If that person says th
  • So, I already wrote about my Gem friend, we always talk for hours, and we are always together. She met some Cancer guy in the first year of college, and is still with him, and she met me in the second year, but first offered me help, and started contactin
  • some Gem celebrities like Kat Dennings are always dating water signs. She dated three Pisces, and three Scorpio men. Coincidence - not. Probably she has some water placements, but, would there be a connection with recommended signs in those situations, or
  • Do you always cheat? I know that libra girls love parties, love to smoke, and drink, and you prefer relationships...but
  • I was in a short term relationship with one libra girl last year, we hit it off instantly, and the chemistry was there f