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yea true but i come on here posting stuff that shouldnt even matter. lol
ok im just going to stfu about my relationship from now on. sorry everyone lol
long story short, a man i have worked with for the past 2 years has slowly been attempting to become friends, but his snide remarks at times made me question his motives. these were more evident towards the beginning yet have slowly been reduced to even nonexistent.
i began to give him the benefit of the doubt due to knowing we all grow differently, the past year we have began to chat in a friendly manner, as he has confided in me, and i too have giving him some trust as a friend.

scorpio males, how do i know this guy's intentions are good?
what's the story behind "no handshake"?
thank you i hope so too
i love you, you know that? and how you think, and how nice you are, kind, and i think you deserve the world for this, but knowing you simply from these interactions i know you have the world in your hands. You are truly a blessing. thank you
how are you?

good and bad.

good work is going well

bad me and my gf arent doing well and i know i am drifting away.
thinking that someone else gets to see her more than me is upsetting i guess, that the initiative to not spend more time togethe   Read more
well im back, sour as treetrunk lol
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Best lovers? I thought Taurus was, and Libra.

Anywho, I am going on 4 months of dating my Pisces, I want to double the time, then multiply it by tenfold. Lol, as you can see, I am in love.

Taurus sun here.

When did you feel that you were in love?
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Within the first month, first weeks even. Right now we are hitting some turbulence, I hope we fix things but my stubbornness is causing me to walk away. Gosh, we will see.
i was nice from the start
haha even if i made a thread, it sucks tending to it.
I know what you mean, but i meant my mind is not able to take on both points of views at the moment
i heard all good=all bad
it's my downfall, but i give so much love and i expect the same back, but no, it hasn't been the case. idk maybe i'm the one that is delusional.
"they say its lonely at the top"
My mind isn't there today... I don't know how to understand both phrases
im such an marker
she knows i dont like that foo leaving me to go work out with him, enjoy it then keep your routine going, im out
its cool that's life i knew what i was getting myself into thank you though for being genuine in your inquisitiveness
until i get my head straight to break it off.
im fed up
you know she invited me to sleepover her house? but is still going to the gym at 5am?
space until i get enough courage to say i need to be alone