i gave her a basketball lol im broke though
messed up!
i received my v-day gift today, framed pictures of me and her, from when we went to the snow
well that and i realized i love her too much lol basically. hm idk her skin on my skin as we fall asleep together melts away any misunderstanding
i was 16, or 15, i made ID cards for a soccer league. i was bad at it. and i quit after two months since i couldnt play soccer anymore
what the hell
i think i got too lazy to fight tonight we reached an understanding, i guess lol
this thread is pretty funny
yes lol
sort of stuck
just saw "nuclear bomb" music video by cherry glazerr, its ridiculous. dont watch it
its good to face it all, find out why youre thinking what you are. in my opinion
this one too

song is stuck in my head

Be prepared to face times of isolation from your bull while they take care of business.
hahahah i hoped someone would continue the pattern
thank you, you too
Happy 3:37pm from Cali