rose golden

Really? It's annoying. ~-~
me and my gf never fight, instead we show passive-aggressiveness towards each other. we are such girls.
radiohead added "true love waits" to the album, i used to listen to that song when i was 15, over 10 years ago, man. like the song "videotape"
detachment in my personal life
as for chatting, unrestrained chatting. as long as its PG
also, iam late to the party, but i am barely listening to "a moon shaped pool' by radiohead, so far so good.
whats up dxp i am practicing detachment. anyone care to chat?
yea, i didnt end up liking it too much :/
its honestly not good so far
anyone listening to the xx new album?
What's my age again?
i love its color
pressure mounting up ~
I am curious to see what people will say about this. I am here to listen.
lol! sex rules everything i see
4 years is enough for me. i like to comfortably stay in the 1-3 year range, for both over and under.

I thought I could hook a Pisces, turns out she hooked me
Fighting father time, capitalizing on our love, crystallizing our moments into memories. Outside looking in, I will love you with this much intensity for the rest of my life
I feel like I have lived so many past lives waiting for her love, and now that we have found each other, once again it feels, everything in the universe feels right. Nothing feels bad, or wrong anymore.

Everything hurts a little less, with her love, I am able to tolerate everything a bit more.
She told me she loves me last week. I told her I think she's my soulmate on new years.

Too fast? Life is short.
ive been using this joke for a while, let me enjoy it ;p
look deep into her eyes