libra thats fun and love to be loved and give it

I deleted all my facebook accounts cuz im lonely with no wife or kids ...smh god help me get threw this b day
And now she calling me private..Idk what to do with her...moving on back to the drawing board
So ...she let me smash her didnt tell me she was on her monthly...said ok put it in butt im like..ok...after all that she called me nasty she cant talk to me more ..fastfoward let me smash again..and now she mad at me sucks
I need love thats the only thing that makes me happy....companionship
Off sat sun mon tues dates lined up no prospects what the hell am i gone do .
She work at a gas station we havent went out yet just text from time to time so far i hope she is the one ..i will keep u all posted..
Went to her church with her took her kids to eat organized her closet and she didnt even give me a fugin hug fug virgos
I miss all the women who never gave me a chance