Here are several of my favorites.

This book really helped to look forward to my alarm going off. It made me change the way I look at and spend my time in the mornings. This book will help you start every day on the best foot possible.

The One Thing helped me focus on what I was trying to accomplish. Actionable steps to help you focus more and achieve your goals.

If you want to become a better networker and learn how to foster great relationships then I'm positive this book will help you out. Being a Realtor your business relies on networking.

This is a fairly new book of mine as it was just released not to long ago. Even though I'm not the target demographic for this book I couldn't stop reading it. The target demographic for this book are the young median income earners who are single without any children. Don't let that stop you from buying it though as it has many valuable ideas for everyone trying to build wealth and get ahead.

I read this book when I was working in a manufacturing plant making $ 12/hr. It changed how I looked at money, it changed how I used money, and it changed my mindset on trading my time for dollars. This book changed my life as it has done for many others before me.

This book is about having common sense with personal finances.

Do you want to get your mindset right for taking massive action? Then read this book. Multiply your efforts 10x and achieve your goals. This book helped me to stop thinking so small.

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men today are submissive to women

You just described the average liberal male and their cuckish ways.
Liberalism and its war on masculinity.
Does anyone know where I can pick up one of those remotes from the movie Click? I'd like to fast forward to football season.
Posted by Shadowcat
1. @GetMisted
2. @starwars
6. @No
7. @Mzmee
8. @Virgogent
9. @Capz

Repost your votes. I haven't been able to follow because I'm still heading back home. Kaythankssorry

I vote Rekt
Posted by WitchmitchAries
i think i will have to go with @rekt i know her. she a friend. its all ihave to go with. unless someone has info for me.

So your vote is to lynch rekt?
Is he doing an impersonation of William Hung?

Lynch Rekt today so she can take out Wheel. Then tonight the just like me will visit dazed and role block him. He will be shot and killed tomorrow.

I believe I know who the arsonist is. She's been messaging me this whole time. lol
I finally decided to do it as I had been wanting to for a while now.

Both and offer DNA testing at a very affordable cost. Less than $ 100 usd.
I got a good laugh from him too. lol