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Posted by btboy1111
Hi, so I am having some trouble with a virgo woman. We met around 5 months ago and then I sort of asked her out but she was going through a bad break up and thus declined. However we kept talking and became good friends. After a while when she got over her breakup she asked me out herself and I naturally complied. After this we became pretty close to each other, we hug each other when we say goodbye and she is touchy towards me, feeds me things with her hands and stuff. Also when we are together she always uses one spoon or plate or whatever and there have been a couple of times we discussed some naughty things which were just between us.

Recently we were talking about ascendants and descendants and she has a pisces descendant(my sun sign) and I have a gemini descendant(her moon sign). She went on to a calculator and read about me and kind of gave me all the hints necessary to find out hers. The descriptions fit us perfectly I am what she wants and she is what I want(from the descendant descriptions) and she was kind of embarrased and shy about it.
Later in the evening when we said goodbye I felt awkward and didnt hug her while saying bye and she had a really weird expression on her face. After which she kind of gives me attention but I know that something is bothering her and we're kind of not directly asking each other to meet or whatever.

This now has me totally confused. Should I power through and ask her out or should I keep playing this stupid mind game that i going on. As a pisces I can play mind games, I dont particularly like them though.

lol you're my complete opposite, i just realized that
Posted by DannyMC
Sunsetvirgo & virgoean: I've noticed what you both said in regards to the money. We don't mind if you whip out your wallet too lol because it saves us money, it doesn't mean we wouldn't spend all of ours on you though, which for some reason Virgos don't always like. You always want to show us how independent you are, with money

Virgoxxleo: If I meet a girl and I feel those protective instincts come out, and also some kind of like magnetic feeling, she's a Virgo or virgo/libra cusp 95% of the time. Very bizarre, in a good way lol

Really? lol! I think half of that attraction is coming from your Pisces moon
Posted by DannyMC
Virgoxxleo: the overbearing dominant overprotective thing, that's interesting, you virgos bring that out in us lol there's an innate vulnerability in you ladies.

Sunsetvirgo: "makes me feel safe" I've heard this from virgo girls I've dated before, like I said to xxleo, you bring that out in us lol

Haha, I see x) ! Most capricorns I met felt a sense to hover over me.. interesting to know
For the longest time, I NEVER liked PDA but growing up, I realize its not so bad. Has any other virgo felt like that? Like PDA is childish and kinda annoying?

Now, I do some PDA because of libra hubby but how do you guys feel or felt about it?
Theres a magnetic bond between virgos & capricorns ... I dated one (he had an aquarius moon) but mostly capricorn placements. To say the least, I liked him a lot but he was just too overbearing and dominant, I had to break it off. He would always text and call to see where I was and got mad when I didn't answer. I couldn't walk anywhere without him needing to be by my side. :o
It was a nice relationship other than that. Peaceful, harmony emotional wise. Physically and mentally, maybe not so much.
Also, had a capricorn best friend (libra moon), he was really cool and we enjoyed each other's company. Harmony.
cap rising
sun trine asc

either people think i'm welcoming, down-to-earth, and nice or theres something stuck up my ass and uptight.
*stays inside all day*

virgo: catch up on work, do some chores, todays a good day to get stuff done also, we can hit the library to get some books!
leo: so boring omfg. *mass texts all friends to see what they're doing* "lets go on an adventure"
Only one, lol. Sagittarius - 8 years.
Love: Knowing how to make others have fun and feel good about themselves, outgoing, funny.
Hate: attention, attention, freedom, attention, too much play not enough work.
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"Can you peel my petals one by one?"

Strangely, I really like your song. The lyrics too. Poet.
What is a song that embodies your love style . Does that song speak to you and can you relate to it? Pick a song and write the lyric that made you think of yourself.

Marie Digby - Kings & Queens

"I'll taste the poison for you
so you adore me, so you adore me
I'll build a castle with you
give you my loyalty, treat you like royalty
and when I kiss your lips
I'll fill the emptiness, just keeping holding"
Yeah, I'm a virgo & with 3 leo placements (moon, venus, & mars) and i know how you feel lol. I have virgo traits definitely but emotionally, i relate with leos more. Communication and social wise, I relate more with libras (libra mercury). You're not alone x)
Do Taurus naturally have a connection with Virgos? All my life, I never really had taurus friends or even dated one and I've always wondered why because I'm attracted to them.. Never really seen virgo/taurus relationships either.
Do you have the best emotional connection with?
Libra Moons, Aquarius Moons, Sagittarius Suns
The best romantic connection with?
Aquarius Moon, Libra Venus, Virgo Mars
The best sexual connection with?
Aquarius Mars, Scorpio Mars
The best mental connection?
Aquarius Mercury, Sagittarius Mercury, Pisces Mercury
What are your placements?

Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Mercury, Leo Venus & Mars
true for me (leo moon) & my little taurus moon ^_^
They're generally nice.. I really like them even when other people find them stuck-up or intimidating. We understand each other
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Sagittarius ascendant
I've attracted a few Gemini ascendants before. You're completely right about having different approaches to things. Like in the 8th house. I get all emotional and confused when it comes to doing the things that matter, whereas for them, they just cut to the chase and casually mentions how "higher up" that other person is.

its so weird, isn't it? :O yet after the waves of tension and disagreement pass, you actually like the person!