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CapRising with a sprinkle of LibraMercury

Posted by DarkLyon
I am the moon, he is the Sagittarius sun. Our luminaries are exact.

It's kind of like I have to hold his hand with everything, and it's annoying

does he act like a child?:o
Posted by 8434E
Yes but get annoyed at the constant emotionality, it's like do you come up for air any time?

LOL, right? I couldn't imagine having the same moon sign as my sun sign :o
What is your moon sign and how does it affect your Virgo-ness?

Are you more outgoing than the basic virgo?
Do you like to stay inside or do you love to go out?
Are you a healthy eater or junk food fanatic?

Have you guys ever met someone with the moon sign of your sun sign. Is it weird or is it just me?
Whenever I meet a virgo moon, we tend to get along but even I get annoyed at their constant nervousness, need to plan all the time, cleaning up everywhere they sit, and introversion. Don't get me wrong, they're wonderful people and I can see some of the same traits but I feel like its way more active.

Tell me your experiences, lol.
Posted by lilyofthevalley987
how to know when a man with taurus moon likes you.because the one i know is idle but surprises me sometimes with his jealousy.hes gentle with me but nowadays he isnt as patient with me since the retrograde got him bad

what confuses me is that sometimes hes is so attentive and other hes all quiet

so what are the sure signs of a taurus moon liking you?

Married to one.
I understand about the on/off attentive-ness.
On our first date, he was so aloof that I thought he didn't like me, lol but he showed me he paid attention to everything I said and liked with gifts, lots of gifts.
Another sign is them always being available for you. Whether its texting or calling or even meeting up. Kinda like a puppy following you everywhere you go.
Posted by SwaggyNacho
Libra Sun/Leo Moon here.
Thoughts on how to impress you beautiful women?
Have you dated a Libra male before?
I enjoy making others laugh, would humor be at least one of keys to your heart?
What do you look for mainly in the your future partner?

Thank you

Virgo sun here. I don't know if my opinion counts but I'll say it anyway ;D

1. Be intelligent, intellectual even. Tell virgos something they don't know.
2. I'm married to a libra man (taurus moon)
3. Humor is a good way to score brownie points.
4. Honesty and Loyalty.
Posted by GraceV15
Haha I'd love someone to clean my house.

I despise people touching my belongings if they haven't asked me first.

lmao, SAME. Touching virgo's stuff is a definite no-no.
If you know the moon sign of your SO or your crush, tell me one thing that bothers you about their moon sign?

My husband has a Taurus moon ... and let me tell you.. I can't explain how frustrating it is when this man will complain, and complain, and complain if he hasn't eaten in 20 mins. Also, if his blankets aren't soft enough, he will have a fit, lmao. >:/
I agree, I think its the stability.
I'm a virgo/leo moon & my husband is a libra/taurus moon.
We love the stability that the other one provides. Not straying when the relationship becomes too intense or when butter hits the fan. It's all about staying power and working things out, lol.
Which is worst ....

Having someone clean your house for you


Letting small children touch all of your personal belongings?
Be dependable. All little virgo children need dependable parents to not become crazy, lol.
Posted by Taurus_mystique
Is it true? I dunno I barely saw something like that. This guy's Sun is Scorpio and moon is Leo. Have you ever meet such a guy?
Whats your opinion?

I've met someone with similar placements. I'd be careful not to get too attached to that person too fast. I've noticed that people with a lot of fire placements tend to wander around and not fully commit to anything. (Myself included when I was younger).
Thanks guys! This was really helpful.
Posted by LuckyLibra979
What is your mercury sign? What aspects does it make? What is in your 3rd house and what sign rules it?

I have a mercury in scorpio. Whatever sparks my interest I do intense research on. Im not even satisfied with bottom lines. I keep going and going. Its conjunct pluto so the focus is extra hard. Also conjunct venus so it makes me someone who loves to read which I do.

My 3rd house has Saturn and uranus in it. Saturn just gives me extra focus that mercury already had from being in scorpio and touching pluto. Uranus shows that I like to research things that make ppl uneasy and make them shocked af when they interact with me which is true.

So what's your mercury and 3rd house look like and how does it relate to you

Libra Mercury. Mercury sextiles my leo venus & mars.
In my 3rd house I have Aries.
Basically I talk a lot to make connections with people and especially network. I like to observe people and their motives... along with learning communication skills which I love. Being able to talk and communicate or even becoming friends with people from all walks of life is my dream lol.
With my 3rd house being opposite my mercury.. I find it hard to write or openly say my feelings a lot of times because I second guess myself.
Leo moon -

Honestly just go after what I want. If I like what I see, I will approach it. Simple as that.
Posted by Whorpio
Gemini sun, Pisces moon.
I was very fond of her up until I was 9-10. Then I started to resent her as I noticed my dad treating her like garbage. When I was 11-12ish I started getting in trouble at school so she started to lay the hammer down on my freedom, which sowed even more resentment. Fr I wasn't allowed to spend the night at anyone's house; all my friends had to sleep at our house unless she was very familiar with the parents. Once I hit puberty she got even more strict; I think she thought I was having sex at age 13 because I'd disappear to my neighbor boys house. She finally loosend the chain when I lashed out by using cocaine when I was 16. I was able to make it seem like I was using drugs to numb out of being sheltered. After that my curfew went out the window as long as I was alone or with a friend she knew. I still wasn't allowed to go out with friends she didn't know, even after I turned 18!! She'd be like, "You can't take my car if you're going to see someone I don't know". I could be out until 5AM alone, but somehow it was completely off limits to hang out with someone she didn't know. For a while I thought she was jealous of me...
Obviously now that I live alone and 700 miles away she ain't got no control over me. But I still have problems with her overstepping her boundaries. Like once a year she wants to help me move, and that includes her fricking sleeping on my couch... in MY space. I don't feel comfortable with it at all. Other than that she's pretty cool as long as I don't have to live in close quarters with her alone for too long.

Wow, thats crazy. The strictness can really bring out the rebel in kids I've noticed in others and in myself.
Posted by Teena
She has always been a very loving n giving woman. Lovely mom.. lovely everything. There's nothing to not love about her. She wasn't strict or maybe she was when I was younger but I didn't mind it. She has always been a curious person but not annoyingly so lol.

I dunno if Gemini n Taurus moons get along well in general. But I get along very well with Gemini moon people. I don't hate anything particularly about this moon sign.

Both my parents were and are super protective. I like it. I'm a good rebel n always been the one to bring any kinda revolution or familiarize my family with new things n stuff. My mom was always the first to welcome the change.They all eventually get accommodated ?

My mom n me have been more like friends growing up. I'm the one she'd share everything with n we always talked about everything. I won't say she "taught" me something..but I sure learned things from her. I consider her really strong but she says I'm one of the strongest people she ever came across n that she'd never be able to be like me if she were me lol.

She's a Taurus sun n Gemini moon btw

Girl, sameee. Thats so cute! Its nice when your mom can also be your best friend.
Posted by WolfInRamsClothing
Mine is timid herself, but to me, she was overprotective and obsessed with me. She was sheltering me, and still does. I gained a lot of insecurities because of it. My childhood was awesome, but trying to cover me from outside world only damaged me.
My mom is Leo with Aries moon.

I can relate with the whole insecurity from being sheltered life. Definitely a struggle being a teenager with that.