RollerCoaster ;]
CapRising with a sprinkle of LibraMercury

Mostly attracted to people who have

aries moons, venus, or mars
aquarius moons, venus, or mars
taurus, libra, and scorpio suns
Have any of you libras guys been in a relationship with a virgo? Did you like it? How were your experiences?
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my mars trine venus to the exact degree

i agree.

leo mars & venus count?
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To be fair, the virgo mercs started the whole "we're better than you leeb talkers" thing. 0__0 lmao

Also, why fighting words? .. what you guys gonna do? have an argument battle???

I wouldn't say either libra or virgo mercury is better or worst than the other BUT yes we do complement each other

Point in case, Leeb Merc shade LOL.

We know better than to argue with Libra mercs because as aggressive as we argue they'll try to remain as diplomatic as possible and where's the fun in that? I'd rather argue with an Aries merc haha.
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I would actually pay to see virg merc argue with aries merc lollllllll
I mean virgo-pisces relationships can definitely work but with patience and effort. It also helps if the moons are compatible... I say just go with the flow. Either you guys hate each other in the end or make a wonderful friendship. Give it a try. Let go, you never know.
To be fair, the virgo mercs started the whole "we're better than you leeb talkers" thing. 0__0 lmao

Also, why fighting words? .. what you guys gonna do? have an argument battle???

I wouldn't say either libra or virgo mercury is better or worst than the other BUT yes we do complement each other
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Mercury in Libra is a great placement. It allows for great objective views on any topic. Mercury in Libra people have very refined articulation and elocution skills. Great vocabulary strength.

I'll give them that they are natural conversationalists who emit free flowing comfortable vibes, and are some of the friendliest kind. But Libra mercs love playing the neutral stance, which is how they get you to like them in the first place. They won't agree/disagree or they will agree and disagree with what you are saying. They have this infatuation with wanting to be liked by the public view, but get them to speak to you in private and the amount of shade throwing is unreal lmao. I have called my Libra sun and Libra mercs friends multiple times on their bull. I have Virgo Merc and I speak bluntly. (This is me speaking bluntly now) I purposely play devil's advocate a lot to see how unwavering or firm someone sticks to their viewpoints and if it can be easily swayed. Libra merc/Virgo Merc complement each other in that good cop/bad cop routine.
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LOL yes.
He just wants to have fun... Not be tied down.. He doesn't want to be in a relationship or else he would have treated you better. Don't let him have a a dog leash on you.
From dating quite a few aqua moons, I can say they aren't aloof with their emotions as much as people think. They have feelings but most of those feelings tend to come out towards humanitarian things like helpless animals, friends, and community. Unless they really care for you and love you, it will always seem like they're aloof.
What other mercuries do you tend to get along with? For me, personally, people with Aquarius, leo, and pisces mercury do it for me. We have so many things going in our heads >.<

Do you guys also like to study people and how they communicate to learn social skills and relate to everybody.. or is it just me?
Honestly, virgo men either play games, are actually loyal, or just want to have fun. I think he just wanted to feel something for a while and then go onto the next thing. You can do better :o
Any other virgos with a frustrating libra mercury? lmao

Also, virgos with leo and virgo mercury... how do you communicate?
Mercury in Libra D;

Honestly, I just talk out of my ass. I also like studying people and how they communicate with others .. oddly, to learn how to talk to other people. It sounds weird but I really do like learning new social skills to be able to interact and be liked by people I meet or am interested in. I get in arguments just to see how people react while I have no emotion or real standpoint. When the heart gets involved in a conversation.. I tend to leave and go onto the next thing. Also, people say I say a lot of flighty things and always tell people I'll call them back and I always forget lmao. Indecisive and social basically.
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I am fed up with moon in Aquarius need for space. What is the purpose of this? WTF! Why don't other moons need as much treetrunking space!! It hurts people's feelings...what can be done?

lol whats ur moon?
Yeah, my libra hubby has scorpio mercury AND mars. They don't like sharing their significant others .. AT ALL even though they won't admit it. They do like to be in control but at least when they say they want you.. they really do want you for life.
Do you not like him for who he is or... ? Also, since he's a fwb... just drop it if you're not into him. I don't think you really have a say in if he should or shouldn't lose weight because you aren't his girlfriend...

If you're really that concerned, suggest weekly hikes or active dates ... either that or you can either be really blunt and say "you're getting chubby, lose a few lbs."
How do you think your moon sign helps your virgo sun? Mentally and spiritually wise!

I was pondering and I feel like my leo moon really helps my virgo to stay optimistic. When I feel down or unmotivated.. leo comes out to reassure myself that everything is fine and to keep going.. maybe take a break and snack

Do you like your moon? Why or why not?
Very virgo. I'm was a serial dater before I met my Taurus moon hubby :''D lol and in those past relationships I had, I always had a cleanse after. Either I changed something about myself like my hair or did my make up differently.. it was always something had to change. One time I had to change my curtains just because I needed something new. I think its just a way of making ourselves feel better by cleaning ourselves up from being a crying mess on the floor.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm also a fire moon and I create a solution instead of spending time thinking and thinking about it. When something goes wrong or if there is a challenge, I find it best to go head-on the situation asap.
My partner is an earth sign and he does somewhat of the opposite of me like your partner. He likes to think things over and come to a practical and simple solution while I want to just go for it. Its an interesting dynamic.