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I am fire, I am death.

Posted by Vulcansfire
Impulse shopping?

Could be. I think my mom passed it down genetically
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Yea that's a problem. It isn't just an Aries sun/moon problem. It's a fire sign problem. I got virgo moon that says put that treetrunking butter down and get what you came here to get.
Do you like your monthly dose of Mercury? Try Shark, Marlin, Ahi Tuna. Knock yourself out.
Impulse shopping?
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Aquas - Especially my Gf, She loves my horses and likes to sit on the back of my motorcycle. If I marry her, I gonna get her a bike.

Do you want two girlfriends?

I'm hoping to get a bike as well.

lol "two girfriends"

Gemini rising /Gemini mars wanting a Dual loving.

I've always wanted a bike, I promised myself once my daughter is old enough I'm going to buy one but.. now I don't have too if I become vulcansfire girlfriend/wife.

like any sultan with multiple wives...they have to be bloody RICH!!

so Vulcan better be bringing the $ $ $ $ $ and be an oil tycoon.

$ $ $ $ ?


I know how to cook clean raise children adventurous In bed ?
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I can do that too. Im a one woman sagi. I don't hop from woman to woman. Srry.
Aquas - Especially my Gf, She loves my horses and likes to sit on the back of my motorcycle. If I marry her, I gonna get her a bike.
Posted by bumboklatt
Sag, I feel like somethings going down when I'm near them. They have a wild horse vibe for real

Leo's too they have such a warm vibe, you can literally feel the sunshine from them

Im a Sagi and I been told I am a good cook and I believe so too.
Posted by Seraphlight
Now I feel butter.

You can still try doing what I did. Going to a nursing home and sit with a few of them and have a conversation.
Do you think some people these days take the elderly for granted? After they get too old to care for themselves or can't be trusted alone are placed in nursing care. Nothing wrong with that. But after they are placed there with the promise of their relatives coming to visit become broken. They are often are left to themselves or others of their age and the nursing faculty. I visited a nursing home today to deliver something there. While waiting for it to be received. Some elderly dude came up to me and said I am almost like his son. His son fought in the Vietnam war and died. Although felt somewhat weird because I don't know this guy and he did not know me. But I ended up talking to the dude anyways. He told me some of things he witnessed and experienced when he was my age. Stuff about the Korean War era and what not. While I had fun listening to his past. I also learned more about that point of time then any textbook I ever learned in school just by listening to the dude. It made me want to come back to the facility just to visit with the dude and other elderly people there. Did you ever have an interesting discussion like this with an elderly man or woman?
It's just radical feminism at it's finest.
I don't feel sorry for them. If they don't have the balls to stand up for themselves, they should consider their man card revoked for being a bunch of kitties.
My 13 year old Libra son came up with that logic. I thought it was brilliant and shared it with you.
How does Santa Claus deliver presents to all the kids in the world on one night?
He's a Vampire.
Kindle fire. Now these days anyways.
Not worth sullying your hands with the blood of the wicked. You're tempted to and if you act on your temptation. You will sink just as low as them. It's best to let justice take care of them.
Neat and clean. Everything is perfect. Right next to the Capricorn Moon Lounge. Because we're homies.
That's why I like Aquas and Aquas like Sagis. We keep no secrets and can take the truth.