Leo- Can't sleep, clowns will eat me...

I wish we
Lived in the same city/country we could totes hang and do nothin

Eh'll frikken sort this ish OUT
is...is this a euphemism mona...
be honest
I dunno why I like men but I doeh...
Sometimes they smell good.
I particularly enjoy their company when they aren't attracted to me on any level and they don't give a crap what I'm getting up to.

Been lucky to be surrounded by good men, husbands fathers brothers hard workers creatives musicians comedians protectors providers they are good eggs.
I'm gonna go with Not difficult...
might depend on the context tho, good times can be had alone.
Struggles are often preferably weathered alone...
sometimes alone is better than with some people.
Sometimes there is a person you can truly be alone with and it's still the best feeling ever...
...Seems harsh... but fair...
know wat you mean...
.....Hmmmmmm *strokes chinbeard*
really, it just played on my list and swear thought it was a new Linkin track- like wut
on a scale of one to a million how much of a ripoff of Linkin Park is this song tho
wut brah
So long suckas
Posted by Sunsetvirgo
Hello eggs

adore err'thing bout this greeting- possible favorite