Leo- Can't sleep, clowns will eat me...

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Will message him and see wats wat asap

Yeah!! Let us know... we want him back here, pronto!!

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Yep he's just taking some space for a little while
Will message him and see wats wat asap
Out of all of the many key sociological, psychological and genetic factors that go into creating or classifying a psychopath - yawning or not yawning maaaaaaybeh possibly the last thing ticked on the list...
You're good to go
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The what does it mean when a guy does so and so group


Give me tell me more likes group

90% of women on dxp

So harsh
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The vag squad

Queen licia
butter who else

Did they get you @starwars

Shidt I miss leooowww
Grounded, and a tad closed off...
Can't beleeb I forgot about dis thread- here's an update
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The goods ones are all either taken or dead.

Le sigh.

you do realize this is the 1890's right? meaning..... it's acceptable to for a man to slap his wife once in a while and none of that "I'M MY OWN WOMAN" type of BS yet.

is that still ok?
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Oh no I had no idea.
I only read the OP twice while chuckling up my sleeve the entire time and wondering if Mark Twain was part of the bridal party.
Yes I knew that/
Just having a laugh DJ 😂
Sounds like he wants to support you quite a bit through this etc
What do you actually have to lose if you endure things for say, another six months and see how you feel then?
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That one guy.

...from that one thing, from that one time...?


Depending on his age and general condition etc, the shock from injuries/ bleeding will probs get the better of him before tomoro- to be honest Flo :/
NAH you can do better
lol she's an idiot obv