Leo- Can't sleep, clowns will eat me...

This is indescribably happy place love it
Eh am not wise enough for this

Have Virgo Venus here with Sag mars so probably would yeh.
Actually I think my SO does have Sag Venus actually lol so it might be a definite yes
I think Mercury and Moon are more significant indicators personally tho...
Reckon it'd be alright actually yeh..
Why not
I haz sag mars and I only get nervous after several dates. As in- once I'm starting to see a future and invested. Other than that no sweat
Well even if you just need directions tips advice or you really get stuck somewhere in Sydney don't hesitate to buzz me in here I can absolutely help
Woohooo I'm probs working but if you need anything at all Nath feel free to hit me up

4 days
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Eh love you guyths...but... ain't never gon spend money on DeeExpuh ima be honest

Waaaaaaat how could they
If I was the sag I'd never let you go 😘 Rest assured he'll be teeing up another visit sooner rather than later
time will fly and before you know it you'll be together again!
Sheesh. Peeps on DeeExpuh would never survive knowing me RealWurld...
eh can go months or years at a time without responding or replying to texts and butter.
HA! oh dear
If you worry more about the relationship you have with yourself, and less about the 'other' this question will answer itself
How may times have you actually physically assaulted anyone so far
That's the boyfriends job puttin him outta business gurl
Posted by LadyNeptune
Nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around the kitchen. *shivers

It IS fabulous when they can - agreed.
Was jus gon say the Virgboy doesn't cook at all tho. He washes the dishes and helps plan the meals BUT he really seems to expect me to cook ...
which personally I don't mind cos Eh love and enjoy but it might be frustrating for other women if we break up lol
Would Ands hide his DeeExpuh life from the new Bae, I wonder...?
I have personally only experienced warmth and support from Scorp moons- have you considered the Mars and Merc planets? Even rising?