Leo- Can't sleep, clowns will eat me...

there were so many squuuaaaaares
so... if I enter a synastry chart and my computer starts smoking and melts into a desk puddle, is that a good sign or a bad sign
nice, welcome
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I hope it's a rumour that makes me seem more interesting. And nothing sex-related. That's all I ask.

Eh heard you were smuggling dry brekky bits across the border for 250 a pop,
but I withheld judgment...
This thread is awesome keep posting
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Let's cook something you like!

are you fool

I can act like that!
Do you want eggs in your coffee?
Cream and sugar? Or salt?

coffee is the work of the devil damnata


Did my repeated grammar/spelling errors tip you off or was it the eastern europe part?

gemitati = damnata

just fyi
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Holy treetrunkING butter
Based purely on what I read here (not familiar with past OP history)
Today is the day you can change everything. This pattern or cycle of self doubt or emotional insecurity - could be transient for you!
If it's on your mind bring it up!
Try something new, be brave. Change direction. If you're doing head miles over this then why not try the direct approach and see what happens.
Could be surprising could be scary could create a whole new notsosure
Could backfire of course, but there's always a next time trust meh

Eh love poggies so much
Aaaahhmazing looks so good can't wait for the Dxp weddin album tho x
saw you say that the other day babette...
@_@ eh'm not convinced tho- he has to pm me sidemoob or a croc selfie first
was JUST thinkin bout her too @_@
miss that woman already
But my Cap ex had Scorp moon.
I'm cancer rise and cancer moon, so caps are into water peeps for sure - it makes sense to me anyway...
Happy Burthday SofiaV
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Terrible flashbacks- eh shaved my head when I was thirteen, looked like a punk transgender Peter Pan
good times

I literally laughed out loud

Well in '85 I was 4yrs old and I think I either had a chilli bowl haircut or possibly a mullet. I love my parents but their cheap asses let my grandma cut hair. Lol
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well mullet is totally acceptable, business in the front- party at the back