Leo- Can't sleep, clowns will eat me...

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Aside from the usual reasons why anyone is attracted to older women, your chart goes from a place of being interested in a few things to being more and more about making tough decisions later in life (I mean much later than right now) where you have to give up interests in order to go down one path.

So I suppose it's good to hang around older women right now since they know how to fend off a lot of crap from people who've tried to bring them down for making their own decisions. They can show you how to just own it. Not bad at all.

My 2 cents.

Nail. Meet hammer
Definitely found this dating younger now.
It's an empowering situation for me as a woman to demonstrate the odd case where having butter together is seen as a positive example for him.
Really enjoying that aspect and seeing his confidence grow with decision making.
It's all a balance tho
IF the soul is eternal - then astrological aspects and impacts affect the physical body only and thus it's conception is the determining factor. It merely defines a part of our experience while incarnated on the planet - since the whole system is Earth-centric.
IF not then refer to ages such as the Kali Yuga or other more long term definitions to define group soul experiences.
Who knows though.
oops sorreh for OP: I am in landscapingness/ design, bulk material supply bit of horticulture etc
pretteh sure that's my SaggyMars doing the talking but maybeh Cancer moon as well.
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I'm not sure about my chart.

I put slut paint on women.

But I want to get into psychology or council addicts or something like that.

Wish you were here to sluhtpaint meh, I have a wedding in two months and Eh need major makeup guidance
If it feels it- it says it @_@
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Why would anybody pick 2?

Maybe narcissistic doosh makes youeh look gooderer
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Thanks to everyone who responded.

Who knows when I'll have to stop posting all together, so here's the only thing I want you all to know, and it applies to everything .....

There is no end to things. Leaving the physical body isn't death. A boy leaving you in a relationship isn't death, losing your job isn't either.

You pick up your shattered pieces, shoulder them the best you can ..... and keep moving forward. But, it's not an ending. this is the main suffering for people, it seems. They try to live for the final, as if this is as far as it rabbit hole goes ... and it's not, not even close.

So long as you think it is all there is, then you'll never be looking to the horizon and you'll likely miss tomorrow.

Life doesn't stop with death of the flesh, and I notices a lot of people in here talking in these terms.

Texting instructions to a noobFWB is probably too direct...
Get him in bed first THEN start making helpful suggestions.
Gotta be give and take and all dat jazz
Happiness Burthday Sultry xo
"When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression"- unknown
To the right
Fire and mulled wine

To the left
Fur baby and sunshine
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Daryl Dixon


Praise Jeebus
Pretteh sure they are #IlluminatiPotatoes
How much is too much tho
wont even pretend to have the right words.
This is just shidtty news and treetrunking sux in general so... yeh, you're a character P and I will miss you
Yes - it felt a bit surreal...
particularly since I had not volunteered for that level of communication,
yet lo and behold here was a DeeExPuh voice coming through my device lol
all good in the end tho
Lol Dat cheaters laugh tho
we alwaysh need moah Leos