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    Did you meet in person?
    I haven’t... we were supposed to meet today
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    Caps can be flaky sometimes, and some of us will test you and play games to see how you react. I think it is best that you call him out on it. However, don't be clingy as I know some caps who immediately runs away when they sense clinginess. I don't know why some of us play games like this, I personally don't partake in these games as I try to be more straightforward.

    How exactly should I call him out on it? I should send another text despite that he didn’t respond to the last text.

    Oh if you already sent a text, best to just leave it. To show him that you're busy and that you won't wait for him.
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    Yeah, I sent a text last night around 11:50 asking what time he wanted to meet for brunch today. And he never responded. When he’s the one who wanted to take my to best brunch spot in the city. I mean why not be honestly. If you’re not interested, why act like you are and communicate with me everyday and then when the time comes to follow through with plans you basically ditch them. That to me is what doesn’t make sense, but maybe it’s just not for me to make sense if it.
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    Caps can be flaky sometimes, and some of us will test you and play games to see how you react. I think it is best that you call him out on it. However, don't be clingy as I know some caps who immediately runs away when they sense clinginess. I don't know why some of us play games like this, I personally don't partake in these games as I try to be more straightforward.

    How exactly should I call him out on it? I should send another text despite that he didn’t respond to the last text.
  • Started talking to cap male a week ago. Talked everyday since then. He would always compliment me and even sent me a video of how great of an uncle he is to his niece and mentioned that if we got to that point my daughter would love him! I really thought he was interested in me, like there wasn’t a doubt that he wasn’t. Last night we were texting and because it took me 3 minutes to respond he texted me AGAIN rewording the question he had asked. He told me he wanted to take me to one to one of the brunch spots in the city. We made these plans Tuesday. Sooo anyway after texting him that last night around 11 pm asking what Time he would like to do brunch I’ve received no response. He has been online and I know he’s read my text. I don’t get why he did this. I guess made me think he was so interested and then ditch me last minute. I’m a cancer by the way. Im debating whether or not to just delete this guy because I’m probably wasting my time. But I don’t know how cap guys are. I just figure any guy regardless of the sign if they are interested hey wouldn’t ditch the plans without even communicating. Then again I do understand that no response is also a response. I don’t know him well enough, but feeling as if maybe I should delete him from social media. Can’t imagine this being another test.
  • could you check your PM

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    Leave this man be.

    Go date someone youre more compatible with.

  • I guess all in all the problem lies within myself. 😔
  • Met a sag last year. However due to his insecurities and something that happened he wouldn’t make me his girlfriend. I blocked his number, he blocked mine, we unblocked each others number and talked on and off since February of this year. He’s made so many efforts to see me, but I’ve always made it seem that I’m so busy because he hurt me so bad, but apart of me will always care for him so much. I finally gave in and let him take my to lunch, he then took me to brunch the next weekend. This guy knows i care as I’ve expressed it several times to him him, but he’s never expressed it back to me. Not once has he told me he liked me even if he’s showed it. Sorry not sorry that’s not reassuring to me. He is moving in a few weeks and while i get that it would be very hard to be in a 6 Hour relationship, every time he came to visit from the last time he moved he would always text me stating he wanted to see. I might as well add the real reason he couldn’t date me. Before I met him I dated his brother and he knew this, but he still had interest in me and he pursued me. He recently told me that the reason he came back to me was because the last girl he dated also dated his brother and slept with his brother before he got with her and that’s what opened his eyes to dating me. Last night I sent a text stating how it’s astonishing how much he “sleeps on me” and how he’ll never feel what I feel. All he responded with “how do I sleep on you though.” So I sent him a message that he just isn’t interested in me. No worries. But I can’t do this anymore. It’s not fair he continues to come in and out of my life knowing how much I care about him and make it known I care about him. And he never texted back, so i guess i got my answer. I guess I really didn’t have a question. But sometimes I just hate how I am as a person. He’s not worthy of anything yet I let him get the better of me. I’ve always made it so clear about my feelings for him through actions and verbal communication. I’ve always treated him so good. He sleeps on an air mattress, has no furniture, and his car that wasn’t even in his name just got repossessed, can’t keep a stable job except for being in the military which is why he’s moving. But I always saw something better in him that materialistic things. I’m a prenursing student with my own apartment, own car, GPA is a 3.37 which is equivalent to a B+ and I have a full time job. It’s crazy that I let someone who does absolutely so little for me have so much power over my emotions. I’m sorry for the rant. I really need to vent. I’m in between blocking his number and maybe thinking that’s a little Petty. Idk. But whoever reads this, I appreciate it. Thanks you
  • Yeah, I definitely feel dumb. So I work with this gemini guy, and I think he’s cute (most of them are) lol. Anyway, he’s kind of flirty with me, and I have seen him like that with any other girl..... but i do realize just have a flirty nature. So he sends me a private message on our work app asking for hours of operation and it kind of confused me as to why he asked me, when his good friend works with us or he could’ve just simply asked the group. He adds me on FB the same day which was weird to me, because I hadn’t even known him but a few days. So it thought that was really friendly but whatever. Well last week we add each other on snapchat and after our shift I asked if he wanted to get a drink with me. His response was that he was already headed back home or he’d totally be up for it, but he would like to rain check. So my libra friend comes by the my job to see me the other day and she asked what was up with me and that guy and I asked what she meant. She stated he was flirting with me and asked if I was into him and I played it off but she could tell I was. She tells me to go for it and I’m a little hesitant but she stated to atleast try. I get that dating people you work with can be messy, so idk why I sent him what I did. But I send him this funny meme that says “guess who thinks you’re cute” and the stick figure is pointing to itself. He read it and didn’t respond. Lol so basically now he knows I think he’s cute, which I think he’s known that but I just confirmed it🤦🏾‍♀️. I feel dumb, and obviously I was curved. I’m so awkward that I’m not sure how to act when I see him again at work. Obviously I’m not going to bring it up... but I’m really bad at pretending things never happened lol. What’s the best way to avoid any awkwardness!? I’m more so venting, so I thank anyone who took the time to read this. Lol
  • I'm a cancer sun with an aries moon. I wouldn't say I'm backstabbing at all, but I can tell you that if you do me wrong It's hard for me to just let it go and make peace with it. I definitely fire back, hoping that I soon change my ways. I've been working on that. I once dated a capricorn man. It didn't last long because I moved back to Texas, but what we had I felt was real. He was so genuine and honest with me. Treated me like a queen, and in return I was really nurturing, patient and loving with him.... it was magical.

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    I mean all the Cancer women I know are backstabbing cookiemonsteres so...

    You tell me.

    Pisces moon so there's no squares or anything towards Cancer people, I just like the guys more than the girls.

  • Aww I understand... :/ I don't think my ego is big. But I can see what you mean. I sense that with a lot of cancer men..

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    Well compared to Pisces woman, Cancer woman have ego a BIG ego. The problem is it's very visible... And I'm annoyed by it.

  • What do you cappies think about cancerians? Do you think we are a good match for one another? All thoughts and comments are welcomed smile
  • I don't know if I'm the only one who gets this way when I feel down, but I just tune the whole world out. I could stay inside my home and watch tv or sleep until the pain goes away, or until I'm ready to be social again. I hate that I give people the power to control my emotions but I'm 25 and not too sure how to fix this problem. Met a libra who clearly isn't into me, but my hopeful self still sees that maybe he'll just come around, I've told him how I felt and cared after an altercation we had and never received a response, but instead of responding he's just been viewing my snaps and that's been bothering me, but I'm just not good at all the mind games and it makes me feel stupid I told him how I felt in the first place. It had been two weeks since I last told him I cared for him for the first time and so last night I thought I would message a picture of myself (nothing sexual, just a cute pic) and he messaged back a picture that we once took together two weeks ago, so I messaged him a video we took of us kissing, which is all the relationship which was short lived ever led to. He didn't respond so then I asked if he could FaceTime and he said he just got out of work, so I responded with so is that a yes... and he said no I'm out right now. So I proceeded to ask him if he would just come over so we could talk because I want to see him, and we don't need to go to my apartment or anything. He asked if I was drunk and I responded with no, why? That's when I got no response. The only conversation we've had in 2 weeks and I feel stupid. I'm and out of sight out of mind person, so when I feel that someone is continually hurting me I block them or delete them from everything. I feel if he cared things would be different but I don't understand why I'm living off hope that maybe he'll come around and things will be be different or maybe he's just not ready to express how he feels. So if it were y'all, would you delete him from everything? And How to do I get to the root of why I feel down? I know it's a lot deeper than just this but I'm tired of feeling this way. I just want to find my happiness within... sorry for the rant but I feel I don't have anyone to talk to about this or get advice. Can someone please help or is anyone able to relate to a situation like this?
  • I've had more passionate relationships with libras than any other sign, and I'm a cancer too. ❤️ I swear I would marry a libra!
  • By hook up, do you mean you two have slept together?
  • I think I've already posted a thread asking for advice about libra men. Anyway libra guy I've known for a little over a month. We've been on 3 dates and this last one we got into an argument because I gave him my phone and he told me he didn't have it only to find out that he did have it, and I was so mad that I had just gone off on my friend and this guy she just met. I thought they stole it. Anyway libra guy and I both said some hurtful things. I sent him a snapchat apologizing about what happened and somewhat poured my heart out by discussing my interest. The reason I said this on snapchat was that I can see when he reads the message and he did read it but chose not to respond. I felt that he was interested in me. The last time we hung out we kissed and I think he wanted to sleep with me, but I said no and he told me I passed the test. Then he sends me a text message stating how different I am and I should know that I'm different. I don't love him but I do care for him enough to have apologized and tell him how I feel. I guess my question is has this ever happened to someone. Will I ever hear from this libra male again? I deleted my snap chat and Facebook, because I really need time to think, which we talked a lot on snap, but I figured if he wanted to talk to me he could text me.
  • Thanks for the responses
  • First and foremost, do libra males have a tendency of cheating on their girlfriends? If so, why don't they leave their girlfriends? I have a really deep conversation with a libra male the other night about him and his girlfriend. He lied to me at first about having one and then another girl at the restaurant we worked at blasted him in from of everyone and asked where his girlfriend was. I cared because he lied about not having one, but I have heard in the past about him being with other girls and I pressumed this was all while he has a girlfriend. We went out for a drink after work, and I asked him if his girlfriend had any idea what he does after work, or has a clue cheating and he said Idk. I'm torn at a crossroad between doing what's right and just ending things with her. He stated it's hard leaving her when she tells him she loves him and he just doesn't feel the same, but still says it back. So I guess my question is do libras men like this change? Do they usually settle in a relationship with someone who they are unhappy with? I know he's a great guy and means well, but I can truly see he isn't happy. He told me that what he likes best about me, is all the rumors ive heard about him, and I'm still giving him a chance to prove he's not actually a bad person. I guess it's the cancer in me. I want to make my own judgment, but also keeping my distance and not getting feelings because of his girlfriend and I don't want to be hurt. I'd rather be a friend than a mistress. Is there anyway for me to get him to see that happiness isn't found with a woman or a man, it's found within himself and it's okay to be single?
  • And that's not a double standard at all.... -___-

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    I am sorry to use you as an example but looks like I'm going to have to.

    NEVER as a man out. That is his job. Ok?!

    U put the cancer man in an awkward position by asking him out in the first place.

    So I gather he has read your message but not responded?

    Why on earth would you say to someone "I may have saw you last week"?!!

    If you are going to take the man's role and ask him out, please use better chat up lines .

    Better yet, do not ask me out.

    Get to know them as people pay an interest in them and what they are about . If you feel they are worth your time and they ask you go then go out with them. But do not ask them on a date.

  • I hate rejection. Especially when I put myself out there and the other person isn't even direct with how they feel. Maybe they don't want to feel as if they hurt my feelings so they agree to go out to avoid "hurting them" when they know dang well they don't want to go out. I've never talked to a cancer man before, and I love cancers but I wish this cancer guy would've been a little more direct. My feelings aren't hurt, but I kind of feel embarrassed.... it's been a month of Facebook messaging and I asked him out. He agreed, and we discussed some places. I don't go out much, so all the places I suggested he had been to. But he stated he didn't mind repeating. I've also never met this guy, but I was at Starbucks a week ago and saw a guy that looked like him and while we were still messaging I sent him a message stating that I may have saw him. I guess maybe that's weird? But it wasn't him Lol... so that's awkward. He just read the message. So my friend told me I should suggest that we text since he rarely is only Facebook. Which he is on a lot because in messenger it tells you the last time someone was active. So clearly he just wasn't checking the messages. But that's okay. I just feel embarrassed, because I chased this one I feel.... ?
  • Well, I'm not a cancer guy, but I am a cancerian. I have dealt with cancer guys in the past. I can tell you when I fall off it's because either A. I really am scared of commitment because of something in the past. or B. I am trying to figure out if what you're saying is true. Cancers are more about actions. We don't care for words, but we want you to show us that what you are saying is actually genuine. We don't like rejection. So it could be him testing you to see how much you really cared to text him again. I don't think he is keeping you as an option though... But cancers also show how they feel, we don't just express it with words. So if he is now communicating more with you or wanting to spend time with you after you opened up to him then that's a sign the feelings are definitely mutual. Don't rush anything with him though. Take your time from here on out.