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  • Honestly, I would try your best to keep your distance. Stop allowing people to update you on their conversations with her. Seriously, I don’t know if she’s coming back, because she sounds so much like me and if it were me the actions would indicate I am completely done with a person. I don’t remove pictures or block someone out until I’ve made the decision to cut ties completely. I l know it’s probably hard for you to accept this considering five years is quite sometime. But just start doing things that bring peace to your life. Your relationship with her sounds toxic and even if she were to come back it wouldn’t be the same. She would realize that it’s just not the same as thoughts would go through her mind about how it was before the reconnection and she would then leave again. So it’s up to you.... if you want to try and make it work then definitely do. But considering her actions I would move on.
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    Cancers do get attached quickly it is interesting though why she could left if you pampered her with attention, bought a car you guys started living together.. hmm. What's her ascendant and moon sign?
    Pisces and cancer seem to get along well. Maybe you hurt her unintentionally? They do get hurt, hide emotions even small things, if not..maybe she is not sure if the relationship, but at 37 and us 5 years of dating that is a long time..
    Good luck

    Sounds like me..... cancer sun, Aries moon
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    My (maybe former) cap friend is acting very weird towards me.

    We hooked up once, he immediatly pulled back, made me chase him and I felt like I had a crush on him. Told him so and ofcours he pulled back more and he was just acting in a way, that made me look st him differently and not be attracted to him in the same way aymore.
    But I still really like him as a friend and would like for things to just go back to normal where we could talk and laugh and hangout.

    But he is super weird with me. I tried talking to him about it, first it was he had to pull back to not get feelings for me. Then it was him being scared when I told him I had a crush on him. Now that I get. But I told him now, that I don't have those feelings anymore.
    He was initially super nice with me. Then we hooked up and he changed. He still has made little moves to hook up with me again, but I told him it's different now. He wouldn't want to be anything more than FWB and I am not interested in that for the moment.
    But he can be texting with me one night, and next day when out with mutual friends and coworkers he doesn't say one word to me and almost avoids me.
    He is super nice with our mutual female friends, but not me. Still he contacts me on his own initiative. The other day I was talking to a coworker about going out that night, as this coworker had asked me the day before. Cap gets involved in the conversation and then ask the guy I was talking to, to come join him at a concert. He specifically said this to the guy I was talking to, and not the both of us. And I was standing right there, and I was the one to suggest to go out in the first place.

    I don't know wtf his problem is?!!!!! He's making sure I know, that he doesn't like me like that, I get that much
    But I get the feeling he thinks I'm in love with him or something, which is not the case. I just miss the friendship clean of all this butter. I feel very excluded by him, and I have been nothing but nice to him. Probably too nice, as he seems to seek the attention and acceptance of those girls, that sometimes don't give him the time of day. Me and him are obviously similar with that. But his behaviour towards me, I don't understand it. Like answering on a message several days later to something that didn't even require an answer, just to let me know, he forgot to answer earlier and that I am not important.

    He wanted to be FWB but at the same time would try to make me work hard for it. He told me, he usually did that. But it's so weird: making me work so hard for a FWB, that I don't want, while jumping to other girls, whenever they want, and these girls would never hook up with him. One of them said, that she thinks he feels safe with them and just comfortable. So what he does not feel "safe" with me? I'm not doing anything at all but being nice.

    Why is he like this? Why can't he just go back to normal and laugh with me and talk about guys and girls and be friendly?😡

    lol do you live in Texas? Cause this sounds kind of similar to the cap I used to talk to. I’ve realized you can’t ever show them or tell them you like them, or feelings per say. Just go with the flow. They like their freedom, especially if they are newly single. I agree with one other person who answered... he doesn’t believe that you are done. You gotta completely ignore him. Mirror his actions. Treat him no different than he treats you. Right now you’re making it known that he’s alpha. Pull it all the way back!!!!!! “The one who cares the least is the one with the most power” at least in relationships. Anyway, don’t text him back if he texts you, don’t engage with him at all. You told him how you felt and he pulled back, now it’s time for you to do the same.
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    I remember being 'interviewed' by a guy that was pursuing me. The first question he asked was if I had any male friends. He didn't want me to have any but he had several lady friends. lol

    That’s because he was or has had sex with the women he considers “friends”.
  • Purposely try to make people jealous? If so, why would you do this?
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    That is why we are most compatible with the more understanding and forgiving signs like Pisces and Scorpios. They don’t take our perplexing behavior too seriously and have big enough hearts to see the larger picture and forgive us.

    Scorpio is forgiving sign?
    Since when? Lmao! Omg! 🤣🤣🤣
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    LOL I was just about to ask the same thing.
  • Ha.. could be that time of the month. But yes moody AF. It’s normal.
  • When someone pulls a YOU on you? For example... you (capricorn) distance yourself because you actually start to catch feelings for a certain someone, and you aren’t really wanting anything serious ATM. So you start to create a bit of a distance between the two of you. The certain someone then starts to reciprocate those same actions and when you reach out to them they just kind of brush you off and don’t pay attention to you like they once did. How does it make ya feel?
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    So I have been casually seeing a cancer guy for a couple of months now. We are not serious or dating we just basically hang out ever now and then or I’ll give him a ride to his friends or to work stuff like that. We didn’t really have sexual intercourse many times either so we’re more on the friends side than benefits side. Anyway a couple weeks ago I was under the influence and i was with him, he went to get a drink from the store and initially I said I didn’t want anything but when he went inside I messaged him and realized his phone was in my car and that he hadn’t saved my name in his contacts which I thought by now he would have. So I started scrolling through his notifications and I looked up and saw him. He said “you’re going through my phone” and I told him I was just looking cause I messaged him and he went back to get his stuff from the store and then when I drove him home he told me he didn’t like it so I apologied and tried to explain to him but he just walked away and told me to have a good night. When I got home I tried to message him and it appeared he blocked me from his iPhones cause my messages and calls didn’t go through. When I woke up I messaged him and all the old messages I sent were still not delivered but the new messages were going through. Throughout the day I kept messaging him telling him that I was sorry and I wanted to be good friends with him and then I stopped after I got no responses. 24 hours later he said were cool and then he proceeds to ask me to drop him to work... I know what you’re all thinking and I agree too, he is using me for rides and the convenience of my car. But that’s another topic to discuss anyway. We’ve seen each other non sexually a couple times since it happens and last night we were hanging out and we were talking about trust with family and friends and I said people generally trust me and he kind of blurted out that I wasn’t trust worthy and I felt bad that he said that because I feel like it has to do with the incident with his phone. Are cancers typically the type of people to hold a grudge forever and never trust a person or is it possible that over time he will trust me and we could actually be friends?

    I don't mean to come off rude in anyway but you guys won't be more than what it is now. He is using you for your car and the convenience of it. I mean you said it yourself, your messages weren't going through and when you called it probably went straight to voicemail or rang once and went to voicemail. That's a sure tell sign he blocked your number... but then unblocked your number as soon as he realized he needed you for a ride and knew you would at his beck and call. He didn't even save your number and you guys are "friends". He never saved your number and you guys have had sexual intercourse. He didn't save your number and you gave him rides. Ditch him. He sounds like a loser anyway. You can do so much better and deserve to be treater better. Don't worry about if he's going to come back or not because truthfully I don't think it would ever be genuine. Guys that I am friends with or actually interested in get their numbers saved in my phone. All others I just don't see the point really because it's probably going to fall off anyway! I am a cancer and it takes me a while to get over things but I do. I don't hold grudges because that negative energy is draining.
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    Well good news! He has asked me if I'd like to meet up for a coffee. Well yes, you bet!

    Hey! Go get that coffee with him girly. Be mysterious though. Let him do the talking and you just listen!!!!! Hope it works out for ya
  • My sun is cancer, moon = Aries, mercury=cancer, Venus=cancer rising= scorpio, I have some sir and earth in my chart as well; but the thing is I would do the same as her.

    She is Interested and is pulling away.... you don’t owe her an explanation because you two aren’t dating, but that’s exactly why she’s not going to show you that she’s mad or hurt. Instead she just pulled away. As to her asking about your friend, it could be to see how you would react to it. No I don’t think she’s interested in him.

    Cancers need reassurance... well I do. Like if you’re into me TELL me. I don’t like making the first move but I will if I really want someone.
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    are we thinking that sally is a scorpio? probably pisces now that i think about it.

    Not a Scorpio. Most that do "stalk" do it quietly and make it not so obvious.

    It would be a sign that ignores most personal boundaries and doesn't see anything wrong with it.

    I think if I was told to stay out of his life - I would find another coffee place or make my coffee at home!
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    Yeah, I would feel embarrassed. Would never step foot near the location again.
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    I would say it is extremely creepy! But my cousin got her husband by stalking him at his work like ‘I don’t care that you don’t like me. I LIKE YOU!!!’ He was telling me that he hates her!
    And of course she is a Scorpio.
    And he is a Gemini...lmao

    So...sometimes it just meant to be!

    haha this is funny af.... I would NEVERRRR!
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    are we thinking that sally is a scorpio? probably pisces now that i think about it.

    Not a Scorpio. Most that do "stalk" do it quietly and make it not so obvious.

    It would be a sign that ignores most personal boundaries and doesn't see anything wrong with it.
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    ha I am guessing a virgo or a leo.... both are the stalking type!!! but it does go deeper than just sun sign
  • what exactly were you apologizing for? Your post seems confusing
  • it was probably delivered, but say nothing.
  • say nothing
  • uld be that he has no service. I just texted someone and this happened to me, and while I thought I was blocked... they had no service. If you don't really care then I would leave it alone, but if you really wanna know if he blocked your number for a FACT is to call his number... if it rings once and goes to voicemail, then you are blocked. Given the fact that you have already texted him 2x and on your iphone theres no delivered but on your macbook it says delivered. The only other way to find out if he blocked your number would be to send the text off your macbook and if it says NOTHING but on your iphone says delivered, then you're blocked. But you have nothing to lose, so I would go with the calling him and even if you're not blocked and he answers then you can talk with him about the issues "he" is having.

    Don't worry though... You're a beautiful girl and I'm sure he felt intimidated and embarrassed. Like someone already said, he'll be back.

    Lol I met a cap guy when I lived in NYC and we slept together I cut off communication after. We didn't speak until he reached out to me several months later and it was very short conversation, and then hit me up again a year later and because I took a day or two to respond he blocked my number. Lol but back then it was easy to tell when someone with an iphone blocked your number... it would turn green (sent as text message) lol.

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    So much cringe reading that. I agree that he probably was embarrassed of the neediness he was giving and on top of that, that bad performance. He sounds a tad crazy...

    Lol your short version was at the bottom after everyone read the long version first 😂😂 whyyyyy

    I wish I could type out everything that happened because I randomly have flashbacks and asks myself "what the treetrunk". I had a few people come up to me while he and I were out at the bar to compliment me or ask me questions (this isn't me being vain, my ethnicity is pretty ambiguous so people tend to ask me what I am all the time) and he got weird and was like "does this always happen?" and "do you even know these people?" and his questions kind of weirded me out because of the way he asked them. But whatever I'm gonna chalk it up to insecurity.

    also lmao didn't even stop to put the short version at the top, I'm sorry!

    Oh extremely confrontational and maybe the super jealous type. Now I’m curious; what is your ethnic background?

    No worries, it happens. I have a tendency to write a big essay when I’m in the mood and sometimes explain the short part at the end as well 😂

    Any updates? Did he reply?

    I think so! Someone came up and hugged me and he was like "Do you even KNOW HER? oh, well aren't you magnetic" which btw I did know her. Then throughout the night told me that normal people don't get that treatment to which I rolled my eyes and said whatever. My dad's side is from Iran and mom's side from Pakistan. People can't tell if I'm Latina, arab, or whatever the hell combo they come up with

    Nope no update, pretty sure I'm still blocked hahahaha. I didn't try messaging him again, because treetrunk him, so I'm not sure.

    Text him again.

    I occasionally am told via text that I am blocked when I text my Cap because it's some weird thing that happens when his phone dies. He is horrible with keeping it charged. We can be in the middle of a live phone call and the treetrunker will die mid

    Btw, if it is his phone....he never got your text and could think you ghosted him.

    He could have blocked you...but maybe not. You dont know.

    I texted him Friday and my friend told me to text him again on Saturday just in case of what you said! Neither delivered. But when I opened my MacBook up on Sunday to text my friend, they said delivered (but still didn’t say delivered on my phone), which was kind of embarrassing. Either he did block me, or he ghosted me. He’s wrong either way. His loss
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  • Hey guys,

    So I just wanted to share with you all that I am not the least interested in cancer men. Here is one reason why...... I matched with a guy and we exchanged numbers THAT day. He is blowing my phone up and that night asks to call me. I told him I was going to sleep and it wasn't a good time. The next day he calls me (mind you, I haven't even met this guy before) lol. I answer and he is telling me all about myself. Like things that he knows that I didn't put on the dating app. Like he looked me up or something -___-. Then after telling me all of that he told me he was a cancer and he loves to talk on the phone and that's how we would be communicating because he hates texting. I told him ummmmm NO. I am a cancer too and while I like talking on the phone, I prefer to get to know someone through texting first then maybe have a casual conversation on the phone. He was so quick to be like ok well I got to go back to work now but I am going to facetime you in a bit. Well, he called me later and I didn't answer and he texted me and I was super short with him. He texted me today and I haven't even responded... maybe he will get the picture without me actually having to express that I am not interested at all. ha. He was intense. I am a cancer and don't even act like that. I am very aware that it has to do with your full natal chart and not just your sun sign but I just thought I would share that.
  • What’s your mans horoscope if u don’t mind sharing?

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    I deleted Facebook years ago and transitioned to Instagram but I'm only really active on it because of my and man. I got on Twitter because a lot of things that happen in the world ends up on twitter trending but I only tweet when my man tweets which is not very often. The same with snap chat, I only downloaded the app because my man but he rarely ever uses snapchat but his friends does so I can look at their snaps when they're hanging together.

    I'm personally not invested in social media like that because it can really start having unfounded power over you if you're not discerning with your usage of it.