maybe go after girls who are also a 4 or 5?
When my landlord was getting her divore, her lawyer told her that a man would never leave his marriage unless he already has someone else. My landlord didn't believe it, but only to find out that her ex husband did have someone else.
If you feel you have to pin down someone, the person probably is just not that into you, be it Gem or not.
Interesting. The Leo man who I was invovled with who gave me so much pain and led me to dxp 5 years ago just emailed me last week. He just never lets go....
After watching Ex Machina, my gem ex has been dreaming about falling in love with a robot. I laughted at him when he told me that and he got super upset. He believes one day technology will enable robots to have feelings just like humans.
basically op is ignoring all the advices people already gave her about this guy
Can't get along with most signs. Only exception is Virgo and some Scorpio.
awww... confession of love
I am attracted to him but not especially attracted to him but I cannot forget about him completely, either. and now I am stuck =.=
The gesture itself was sweet, but I think what is more important is whether this person has a good head on his shoulders? It is not about whether he makes good money or not, but I know some people they think they are too good for any jobs so they just find a girl friend to pay for stuff...
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