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    I'm gonna say Mia Khalifa cuz that's the only name I know in porn 😁

    I've ruined a couple of towels to that woman.
  • An idealistic romance is for children.

    "What have u done for me lately?"
    -Eddie Murphy
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    It's OK to call me a slut if it makes you feel better.

    You dont deserve the title. You don't have the flare. click to expand
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    Oh wow. 😨
  • I think Trump has laundered money for Russian Oligarchs. Be it his real estate properties or golf courses what have you.

    Not sure if this may be included or related to collusion. This has yet to be proven.

    I don't think the witch hunt theory holds much water. Most of the people involved in the investigation are Republicans. People who think this most likely watch Faux news...and we all KNOW how reliable they are.
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    that you didnt see (be able to physically touch them) for 6 months to a year every other year? Would you cheat? Leave? Have an open relationship? Like it?

  • We haven't had a racist thread in like...4 minutes. We're due for one. ☝
  • If men put in some effort without any responses, they will move on to the next one. Eventually, one will be like "fannypacks are so alpha, especially yours"

  • "I peeled her from her man...with my fanny pack"
  • I ordered online yesterday. Delayed purchase. Imma post a pic once it arrives.
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    Or nah?......

    You down with advanced ancient civilizations my dudes? Discuss.


    U high or nah?
  • "Bae, are u going thru a rough patch? Guess wut I have in here..."
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    Thank you for the folks who stepped up to their flaw and accepted it. Hey, we all have them,ok!

    But shame on you others who just tried to weave words to make it sound about something else "we value our stuff..." Yes exactly STUFF hence materialistic. Stop putting a spin on it to make yourself sound treetrunking honorable.

    It is what it is.

    Just own up to it and I promise you'll feel much better AND a nice bonus that you'll be one step closer to understanding yourself that much more.

    Stillwater trolling the Scorpios.
  • "Bae, I wear a fanny pack. Are u cool with that or nah?"

    New line. Hooks em right in.
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    What is the female equivalent of a nice guy.. ?

    You know, the guys that complain that a woman only goes for the bad boys that treat her like crap.. Nice guy.

    I think it's the women that consistently complain about treetrunk boys and can never find a "good guy".

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    1. When you like someone, decide they are The One.

    2. Act as though they are The One until you 100 percent are convinced in absolutely no other possible outcome. Just this step alone guarantees at least 10-20 good evenings together minimum, extends your health and your life.

    3. Once you've reached this step, ignore all relationship advice.

    4. Enjoy.

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    There's no downside.

    m'kay click to expand
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    ONE downside is when u don't have weed.

    Is that better?
  • Happy Birthday!! 🎁🎉✨
  • There's no downside.
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    @xkraft -This video got some new bedding ideas for you.

    Capricorn. That ghetto ingenuity from being tightfisted can only be a goat. But still be snobbish enough to have the audacity to call himself a "foodie" while eating out of a treetrunking pan.

    Your new username is killing me.