virgo and aquarius

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  • In my very short time here (26 years), I've met various people who I would consider secure in themselves. It really had nothing to do with money or looks.

    They are very content people who were happy with life and you can just feel that from being around them.

    I'm going to start with my Aquarius cousins, because they are the most giving people and always stiving to make the world a better place. They sort of give me hope in humanity again.

    My Libra co-worker; she's very passionate about teaching and she has this the energy about her that makes me want to try again and never give up.

    My Pisces friend, to the outside world, people say she might have a ordinary job and life and that sounds kinda boring; but she's perfectly fine with her ordinary day in and day out. She has never pretended to be anyone or anything but herself.

    To the Cancers, they were always do things they love and care about despite any negativity thrown their way.

    Lastly; Virgo fam has kinda always bordered between secure and insecure, I think..keyword "think" lol it has do with us overthinking our weaknesses and underestimating our strengths.

    For me, personally I don't believe I'm a secure person. I honestly have no idea what I want to do in this life and it all feels like a blur most days. I have struggled with depression and suicidal idealation and I'm very suprised at myself for not heavily using drugs and alcohol.

    My one constant hope is to be better for my daughter.

    (Virgo Sun-Pisces Moon-Capricorn Rising)
  • User_Name
    DXP life coach
    A Virgo once told me that I inspired them... and an Aquarius told me that I molded them... but I never got any music for the effort... just the heady feeling... and the ease of knowing that I, at least in part, helped someone along in this world.

  • SpaceBird
    25 years old female

  • Timon
    I also work with:

    Super chill and easygoing. Funny sometimes. Not the career type. Does her job but doesn't really care that much about it. Loves cats. 👍

    Not a fan. Talks too much about nonsense. Sometimes I wished she would just shut up. Would ask ten thousand questions instead of think first and ask later. She had a huge disagreement with the other gemini guy once which ended up in her crying because he confronted her trash talking another colleague.

    Another aqua. More mellow and reserved. A bit shy. I don't talk to her that much.

    Love her. Wonderful person. Everyone appreciates her. Always positive and helpful. Much older than many of us but her personality is appreciated by all colleagues I think.

    Super cheerful and cheeky. Laughs a lot. Some colleagues are annoyed by her but I like her.

    New employees
    3 employees are new and I don't know their sign yet. The cancer doesn't like two of them and neither does one of the aqua. I especially don't like one of them. So damn cookiemonstery. Complains about everyone. Like throw little remarks. Nothing is good only bad. Very shady. Need to find out what her sign is. Don't like her. Her friend is one of the other new ones that I don't know the sign yet. Those two would whisper and talk butter about other colleagues. And they are both older than the majority of us. Bitter cookiemonster maybe lol.
    They both dislike the third one that's also new.

    Libra boss
    I get along with her except that I think she is such a control freak and takes eternity to make a decision. My other colleagues would complain about it too. She comes off extremely cold and not caring about her staff only work. A lot of my colleagues dislike her and thinks she is crap with staff. She is very knowledgeable but not a people person. Thinks everyone should prioritize work.

    I forgot the cap
    She is batbutter crazy sometimes lol. Likes to do things her way. It's impossible to try to get her to do things in another way even if it's more effective. I tried once to suggest a more effective way. Didn't work lol. She got in a huge fight with my boss when my boss wanted to change things. She keeps to her self for the most part. Very outspoken. I actually enjoy her. I've done mini work trips with her and it's fun talking to her. She is wild.
  • Posted by lisabethur8
    Posted by bluebird
    I got his ok to post his facebook page

    he's an aquarius and he's very helpful and his explanations are crystal clear.

    I think someone posted one of his youtube videos here months back - might have been Lisa. He's really nice. Aqua sun/Virgo moon.

    wow u actually went to his page and added him? ;p

    look at u go, bluebird.

    hope he joins. maybe he can help give some insights too.
    click to expand

    We seem to click.. He has virgo moon. I am virgo-libra sun. He added me to two of his accounts and I follow his aquarius site. I get along with Aquarius anyway. It's the january Aquas tI don't have much chemistry with
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