virgo and capricorn

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  • Baru
    cap sun - scorpio moon - cap venus, mercury, mars - cancer rising
    24 years old female
    Posted by AnotherTaurusGuyReturns
    Posted by Baru
    Posted by AnotherTaurusGuyReturns
    Yep, liars.
    Are you mocking me? Or is this just your experience?

    No, no. I do joke around a bit these days on DXP but I’m serious. If they think they will get away with it or they don’t respect you they will lie.

    Had a Virgo lie to my face about something I knew was true.
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    Oh : D I guess that depends on the whole chart : ) I think you need to consider other placements like moon and ascendant to be able to determine whether that person is capable of lying or not. I think Virgo as the sign alone is not a liar. I think any Earth sign has problems with lying as long as they don't have moon or ascendant that would make them prone to lying. I certainly as Capricorn am not able to lie to anybody not even in the stupidiest things : D
  • Arielle83
    Good c.u.n.t.
    Easy going, sarcastic, quiet and cheeky. Tells me a lot about his family, his kids. How him and his wife met. What they have for dinner etc. He teases me a lot, not sexist, more open minded and empathetic than most. From the country. Hard ass

    Weirdo conspiracy theory, trump loving, neckbeard. Doesn’t talk much, but expects you to talk to him first. Lazy, jaded and arrogant. Goes on speed dates and tells the chicks he’s a supervisor.

    Shy and quiet at first, but I soon had him cracking up. Fires up when pushed, but overall very quiet. Kinda goofy and let’s the truth out when he drinks. Takes the piss out of ppl. Hard worker.

    Very quiet and shy until I had to partner up with him and he started singing in the car. Young and confident. Thinks older women want him, but his fuvk boy haircut makes me think he’s a butter lay. Mommy’s boy and worships his jealous gf. Hard worker.

    Old and set in his ways. Sexist, racist and homophobic. Hates our lesbian boss, thinks women don’t belong at our work. Doesn’t stop talking about his opinions or his life. Shows off his money but lives in a granny flat out the back of his investment property. Works hard and then sits on his phone after lunch or talking and gossiping to everyone. Thinks ppl need to bend for him. Goes to Bali to treetrunk hookers, but claims they aren’t hookers, that they actually want him. Never got over his wife leaving him 20 yrs ago. Controlling.

    Big teddy bear kinda guy. But if a redneck/bogan. Loves his wife but pervs on insta skanks on fb. Very homophobic. Has depression issues. Very protective of his daughter. Loves to drink. Easy going. Will call u a piece of butter to ur face

    Cancer/Leo cusp
    Dramatic gossiping Muay Thai coach. Likes to get away with doing as little work as possible. Doesn’t give a treetrunk attitude. Smokes a lot of pot. Big butter stirrer. Pervs a lot. Crushes easy on younger women. Been with same chick since he was 20

    Condescending and a know it all. Pretends to be hard at work to the right ppl. Suck up. Fake. Talks to me like I’m a little girl even tho I’m only 5 yrs younger than him. Not a hard worker. Competitive in sport.

    Conniving creepy weirdo. Clearly lives through learned helplessness. Has had 5 work claims in last 4 yrs. takes sick days all the time. Sucks up to boss. Has been married 3 times. Thinks he’s a ladies man but he’s clearly a user. Claims he has vertigo, anxiety, depression, insomnia, back problems, hernia, etc. Laziest person ever. Fakes his claims to get sick days. Broke

    I like the Pisces, Aries and Scorpio.
  • Scruffles
    idk about dating but if you want a clean break-up with a man from each sign....

    Aries - Let him see you with another man. The neanderthal won't understand spoken language.
    Taurus - Stop cooking for him and tell him you're getting rid of your couch.
    Gemini - Tell him you want to get married and have kids.
    Cancer - Tell him you don't like his mom.
    Leo - Hide all your mirrors.
    Virgo - Rip up his to-do lists and make your floor your new hamper.
    Libra - Be honest. He'll just quietly go back to his wife.
    Scorpio - Withhold sex.
    Sagittarius - Buy him a one-way ticket anywhere he wants to go. He won't come back.
    Capricorn - Don't break up with him. Marry him and get half his earnings when you file for divorce.
    Aquarius - Be honest. You were just his FWB at best anyway.
    Pisces - Flush his drugs down the toilet.
  • pisceswoman123
    🌞Aquafish 🌕Taurus ❤️ Aries ASC Virgo
    Posted by ValleysofNeptune
    Posted by AerialView
    Posted by ValleysofNeptune
    Question for y'all who who know more about soccer/football than me. Who is the best Pisces player? 🤔 In this tournament, overall, of all of time, whatever. I see @Palerio posted the Pisces squad which is cool

    With the trash US team not in this tournament (thanks Trinidad and Tobago 😂😂) I don't really have a strong rooting interest in this World Cup, so maybe I'll just root for my Pisces bros lol

    Looking at the names given by palerio, I say Pisces team is sucks lol

    Griezmann and Pogba (Both France) are the only players I like.

    Yea, Pisces seem to be pretty mediocre in most sports tbh :/ Like there's obviously good players just not as much as other signs. Fire signs seem to dominate sports. But occasionally you see some great Pisces who dominate. Floyd Mayweather, Steph Curry, so on and so forth
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    the most predominant zodiac sign of athletes on this year’s Olympic team is Pisces, the fish, with 13 out of the 49 athletes falling into that category. That’s poetic.
    By Zodiac Sign:
    Capricorn 2
    Aquarius 3
    Pisces 13
    Aries 3
    taurus 4
    Gemini 2
    Cancer 5
    Leo 4
    Virgo 1
    Libra 4
    Scorpio 6
    Sagittarius 2
  • Emhendo
    The Killificent Nigga Buu. Macknanimous Slayer of Haters. Krypnotize da Mind.
    21 years old from Chicago soufsidee
    Earth wants to bring Air down..

    Trust me.

    Air signs are flighty, bright, outgoing, come off flirty and they are friendly.

    Earth doesn't want them to have these traits outside of their relationship..

    Earth spends the entire relationship changing and controlling Air.

    My mom is a Gemini married to a Virgo.

    My father is a Capricorn.

    My father controlled and abused her, tried to bring her down ..

    Her current husband just doesn't let her do anything and never likes her friends.. They are best friends, but I can see where they have their differences and why they don't always get along.

    I'm starting to like Earth signs less every year..
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