virgo and capricorn

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  • Primrose
    Sun ♍️ Moon ♈️ Asc ♍️
    Virgo female - Aquarius male
    Virgo female - Gemini male
    Virgo female - Capricorn male

    These three pairing is a mothertrtrking hell no to me.
  • SpaceBird
    Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
    Sun Aquarius 16°56' Ascendant Libra 6°53'
    Moon Leo 4°54' II Scorpio 3°25'
    Mercury Pisces 4°35' III Sagittarius 4°11'
    Venus Capricorn 26°53' R IV Capricorn 8°00'
    Mars Taurus 18°39' V Aquarius 11°31'
    Jupiter Aquarius 22°46' VI Pisces 11°31'
    Saturn Gemini 28°13' R VII Aries 6°53'
    Uranus Libra 27°45' R VIII Taurus 3°25'
    Neptune Sagittarius 9°18' IX Gemini 4°11'
    Pluto Libra 6°37' R Midheaven Cancer 8°00'
    Lilith Capricorn 19°26' XI Leo 11°31'
    Asc node Sagittarius 27°30' XII Virgo 11°31'
  • dewiklaessen26
    26 years old female
    Posted by Ariqua
    Can you post your aspects from astrotheme?

    sure i'm the inner he's the outer one

    Mars Conjunction Jupiter Orb 0°33'
    MC Conjunction Neptune Orb 2°23'
    Chiron Conjunction Sun Orb 3°44'
    Node Conjunction Pluto Orb 4°02'
    Venus Conjunction Pluto Orb 5°29'
    Uranus Conjunction Saturn Orb 5°47'
    Mars Conjunction Mercury Orb 5°57'
    MC Conjunction Uranus Orb 6°34'
    Neptune Conjunction Neptune Orb 8°03'
    Jupiter Conjunction AS Orb 8°24'
    Neptune Conjunction Saturn Orb 8°25'
    Sun Conjunction Moon Orb 8°29'
    Mercury Conjunction Moon Orb 10°57
    Saturn Opposite Mercury Orb 0°12'
    Saturn Opposite Jupiter Orb 6°17'
    Moon Opposite Uranus Orb 8°24'
    Lilith Square Jupiter Orb 0°28'
    Jupiter Square Jupiter Orb 1°15'
    Pluto Square Jupiter Orb 1°38'
    Saturn Square AS Orb 3°21'
    Sun Square Sun Orb 4°12'
    Jupiter Square Mercury Orb 5°15'
    AS Square Saturn Orb 5°36'
    Mercury Square Sun Orb 6°41'
    Neptune Trine Sun Orb 0°06'
    Lilith Trine Saturn Orb 0°39'
    AS Trine Mercury Orb 1°05'
    Mercury Trine Jupiter Orb 1°49'
    Uranus Trine Sun Orb 2°32'
    AS Trine Uranus Orb 3°43'
    Sun Trine Jupiter Orb 4°18'
    Sun Trine Venus Orb 5°17'
    AS Trine Jupiter Orb 5°25'
    MC Trine Sun Orb 5°45'
    Node Sextile Neptune Orb 0°09'
    Moon Sextile Jupiter Orb 0°44'
    Venus Sextile Neptune Orb 1°17'
    Jupiter Sextile Saturn Orb 1°26'
    Pluto Sextile Saturn Orb 1°26'
    MC Sextile Pluto Orb 1°47'
    Saturn Sextile Uranus Orb 2°50'
    Venus Sextile Uranus Orb 2°53'
    Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 3°51'
    Node Sextile Uranus Orb 4°20'
    Mars Inconjunction Saturn Orb 0°44'
    Moon Inconjunction Saturn Orb 0°55'
    Neptune Inconjunction Venus Orb 0°59'
    Pluto SemiSquare Neptune Orb 0°02'
    Uranus SemiSquare AS Orb 0°38'
    Neptune SesquiQuadrate Mercury Orb 0°07'
    MC SesquiQuadrate Jupiter Orb 0°43'
    AS SesquiQuadrate Sun Orb 1°04'
    Moon SesquiQuadrate Pluto Orb 1°47'
    Venus Quintile Jupiter Orb 0°02'
    Uranus BiQuintile Jupiter Orb 0°01'
    MC SemiSextile Moon Orb 1°29'

    Inner Theme

    Positions of Planets
    Sun 22°11' Virgo
    Moon 17°54' Sagittarius
    Mercury 7°12' Virgo
    Venus 21°06' Leo
    Mars 9°14' Libra
    Jupiter 0°42' Virgo
    Saturn 0°30' Aquarius
    Uranus 9°51' Capricorn
    Neptune 14°01' Capricorn
    Pluto 18°13' Scorpio
    Chiron 6°06' Leo
    Ceres 14°16' Scorpio
    Pallas 19°48' Libra
    Juno 15°58' Capricorn
    Vesta 16°44' Leo
    Node 16°35' Capricorn
    Lilith 14°54' Capricorn
    Fortune 6°05' Pisces
    AS 10°21' Sagittarius
    MC 10°00' Libra

    Positions of Houses
    House 1 10°21' Sagittarius
    House 2 17°04' Capricorn
    House 3 2°46' Pisces
    House 4 10°00' Aries
    House 5 5°42' Taurus
    House 6 24°35' Taurus
    House 7 10°21' Gemini
    House 8 17°04' Cancer
    House 9 2°46' Virgo
    House 10 10°00' Libra
    House 11 5°42' Scorpio
    House 12 24°35' Scorpio

    Outer Theme

    Positions of Planets
    Sun 26°23' Sagittarius
    Moon 1°26' Cancer
    Mercury 28°52' Sagittarius
    Venus 12°44' Scorpio
    Mars 1°15' Virgo
    Jupiter 1°57' Sagittarius
    Saturn 7°00' Pisces
    Uranus 24°43' Capricorn
    Neptune 22°05' Capricorn
    Pluto 29°03' Scorpio
    Chiron 25°56' Virgo
    Ceres 20°18' Leo
    Pallas 6°05' Taurus
    Juno 6°15' Sagittarius
    Vesta 4°45' Cancer
    Node 14°11' Scorpio
    Lilith 1°10' Gemini
    Fortune 11°09' Scorpio
    AS 6°07' Taurus
    MC 16°25' Capricorn

    Positions of Houses
    House 1 6°07' Taurus
    House 2 7°29' Gemini
    House 3 27°53' Gemini
    House 4 16°25' Cancer
    House 5 8°00' Leo
    House 6 10°24' Virgo
    House 7 6°07' Scorpio
    House 8 7°29' Sagittarius
    House 9 27°53' Sagittarius
    House 10 16°25' Capricorn
    House 11 8°00' Aquarius
    House 12 10°24' Pisces

  • nanobot
    earthy gem 🌱💎
    Posted by Lalalo
    Posted by nanobot
    Posted by Lalalo
    Posted by nanobot
    For me, there are really zero problems up until about a year or two. First to second year is heaven and the happiness is superficial, and it is fleeting. Reality takes a year+ to set in. That's when I start overthinking and picking things apart.

    I always wonder how wrong people are for each other to not make it to that year mark, because that should be the most effortless and enjoyable time together. Same for the second year, in many cases.

    The 3rd year and beyond is when you really have to start working on your butter together. His snores ain't cute anymore. His farts make you want to literally stab him. Is the distance worth it? Does he still want this? Do I still want this? Can I do this for the rest of my life? Etc etc

    Not a gemini, but as an aries who’s only ever dated other cardinals (cap and cancer): if we’re not a very good match, then the relationship will fall apart faster than that. I guess we (cardinals) won’t stick around for long if we’re not crazy in love with our partner and think it has a real future. We just end up fighting all the time, and it’s just not worth it to me. We’d rather break up and find someone else, even if we’ve only been together for a few months.

    So this other perspective/experience was interesting for me to read. I’m currently chasing a gemini man that I’ve known for years and years, and it’s just a whole other ball game. You geminis build up a good and stable friendship before you enter into a relationship with the person, is my experience, so it doesn’t burn out as quickly and the relationship probably has a better chance at surviving because of this imo.

    If we aren't a good match, then I don't even consider taking the leap and getting into a relationship with someone! I am 29 years old, and I've had 3 long term relationships only (5 years, 3 years, and 3 years counting), and I'm still in the third one. You are right when you say geminis need to make sure the relationship is stable - well for me anyway. We are pretty hard to pin down, and when we do, it's not with just anyone.

    There are always exceptions like the women who jump from one relationship to the next, those that find themselves in them as much as they get into their jeans.

    For me though, once I do decide to officially be in a relationship with someone, you're gonna be stuck with me for awhile. Because that commitment means something to me.

    Meanwhile, if I am just dating? All bets are off. I feel as if I can do whatever I want and not take things seriously at all. Or take them as serious as I want. I am bound by no rules or expectations and if I date someone who has expectations of me, he will likely find himself very disappointed.

    I fall in love too easily, and if the attraction is there, I’m usually willing to give it a chance... But it can burn out just as quick. I’ve only been in two relationships, though, but they were both short lived. I’m 26. I probably prefer being single at the end of the day, unless it’s something really worth fighting for.

    I think it’s nice that you take your commitments so serious. I find it easier to trust geminis because of that. I notice it with my gemini friends, actually - it took a while before they really let me in, but now they’re pretty much attached to the hip. What’s your moon and venus?

    Haha, yeah, I’ve noticed gems doesn’t take the whole dating thing very seriously in the beginning. You kinda have to convince them first and be consistent - and of course bring a lot of mental stimulation to the table
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    I talk myself out of settling into a relationship from pretty much every possible angle, even if I really like the guy. All of my relationships became "official" for quite a while after we had been talking constantly every day and experiencing the chemistry. I just over rationalize it and try to avoid it all costs. It's not until waaaay later that I acknowledge my feelings and think "okay okay, I really like him and he wants to be with me, so I'm willing to give this a shot". But the push thing doesn't end there, because as stated in the OP, I'm still trying to convince myself that I will rather be single and a relationship isn't in my best interests at the time.

    My venus is in gemini and my moon is in capricorn. I also have 11th house and 6th house 4-planet stelliums (gem and cap), so I have a lot of aquarius and virgo energy too.

    And yea! Most of our treetrunkboy gemini stories here on the gem board are about gemini men or women in the dating phases. It's hard to explain our behaviors to people who aren't us, and won't understand that we are not that serious about 1 or 2 dates. Esp without looking like an marker LOL.
  • Capricorn man - Virgo woman

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