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    Do we have more water signs because our planet is more water than earth?? Water signs: Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio, Cancer Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagitarius Earth signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo Air Signs: Gemini and Libra so 4 water+ 3 fire+ 3 eart
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    I would looooove to have more insight from other people with this combination or similar 😁 From what I know, Virgo sun keeps me grounded, sag moon keeps me fun and adventure seeking and libra rising very charming and flirtatious.
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  • Dianna
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    Posted by Dianna
    My luck has been insane lately. I've been hitting large sums of money at the casino on a weekly basis. I never bring more than $ 50 to gamble with and last night I hit $ 1677
    Last Sunday I won $ 900
    The week before that was $ 1300
    Last month waa $ 3800

    Is this Jupiter in scorpio? I'm scorp dominant but my Jupiter is in Aries 11th house. Are there any other placements that signify luck? I want to take full advantage of this influence.

    Is your transit to natal and progressed to natal made available in this thread?
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    No. I'm on my phone and can't seem to edit out personal info. click to expand

    Will you tell me the exact sign degree Jupiter and Venus is in your chart? And your 5Ruler click to expand
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     Venus  Libra 6°40'
     5th house  Virgo 28°58'
     Jupiter  Aries 15°46'
  • Virgo, taurus, libra, Scorpio (only if hurt)
  • Lioness18881
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    Posted by SpaceBird
    I have fortune in the 6th house. Also venus and vesta in the 8th...and neptune in the twelfth. House 6 is in gemini house 8 is in leo House 12 in saggitarius.

    I am an actual witch ...alexandrian ...WELCOME TO THE CLUB

    Use your powers wisely

    My houses cusp. So 6th is virgo and libra, 8th is scorp and sag and 12th is pisces and Aries.
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    😭 👉🤯👈😈

    Lmao what is this supposed to meaaan?! click to expand

    Exactly how he makes you feel 🤷🏻‍♀️🤯🤦🏻‍♀️😭❤️🤷🏻‍♀️ click to expand

    Smfh. 😒😒😒 click to expand

    Am I right though? 😝 click to expand

    Lmaooo partially! I'm more like: 💖😍😔😭😚 click to expand

    Awe girl, I feel ya pain been through it too click to expand

    I feel like it'll be super difficult to pin him down. 😭😭😭 But he's so sweet... And kind... click to expand

    What are your placements? click to expand
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    I can post my chart if you want. But I'll list as much as I can remember.

    Asc Cancer

    House I:
    Sun Leo
    Moon Cancer conjunct ASC

    House III:
    Mercury Virgo conjunct Venus
    Venus Virgo

    House IV:
    Mars Libra conjunct Chiron
    Chiron Libra

    House V:
    Pluto Sagittarius trine Sun and Moon

    House VII:
    Uranus Aquarius
    Neptune Capricorn opposite Moon Cancer (tightest natal aspect)

    House VIII:
    Jupiter Aquarius

    House X:
    Saturn Aries

    This is a really randomly organized list of my natal stuff. Let me know if it's confusing.
  • CopperDove
    Venusian Scorp
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    Perfect relationship for aqua venus

    Haha! Aqua venus and leo venus are supposed to be hot too from what I've heard I cant find the wind emoji click to expand

    They do say that! I'm sure it would be quite the time after 6 months away

    You need to go find yourself a pisces with an aqua venus and get back to me about it. After your spitting/slapping thread I think ya'll might burn and/or blow the house down yo! click to expand

    I wish I had someone to burn my house down with! I've never met a pisces with aqua venus irl. Where are they? click to expand

    Theyre probably at work in a marijuana Dispensary somewhere
    Or at their house thinking they are calculating a way for a wormhole to open up in their basement

    But Im sure they venture out sometimes! lol click to expand

    I was in a relationship with a Pisces sun, Aqua Venus man. Aries moon, Virgo rising.

    Good guy with both very practical and very creative talents.

    I got to know him as a friend first, for a few months. It was long distance, so we were e-mail pals and we talked on the phone. He was very good with written and verbal communication. Finally we met in person and the attraction was strong enough to make dating worth a try.

    His work schedule gave him 4 days off every 2 weeks. He'd visit me during his time off. I'd block that time off completely so it was just devoted to the relationship, without anything else I needed to do during his visits. He had to drive for about 4 hrs to visit me, but he enjoyed driving so he didn't mind.

    We talked a lot on the phone in between. 2 hours at a time usually, sometimes more. The plan was that if things were working really well between us, one of us would move closer to the other. The relationship didn't last long enough to get to that point (only about 3 months for the romance), but it was something that we discussed and were aware of. We both didn't want a long distance relationship long term.

    I'm not keen on long distance relationships at all, and likely I'll never be in one again, unless I can see the person more often than what I described. I actually wasn't going to give the one I'm describing a try thanks to the limitations, but a friend of mine, also a Scorpio with Gem moon like me, encouraged me to give it a chance. I'm glad that I tried, so I had an idea of what it could be like. I don't need to see a partner as much as some people do, but I'd rather see a person a few times a week than every 2 weeks for a really concentrated duration.
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    Well butter I have 3 of those placements lol
    Ive only done two ldrs and one was also short lived. I do think they can only work for so long tho. Mine were also off and on which is a whole other issue lol but I think Ross and Rachel had it wrong

    If I had to I probably would do another one tho. They really do work for me to an extent. I love sex and physical closeness as much as the next guy, but I also dont need it allll the time because I do also love being on my own and in my own world of pisces nonsense. But as the sappy as pisces that I am *dramaqueen* If Im into someone enough Im going to want to stay in touch with them. So whatever butter might be in the way of it I dont like to miss out on it no matter what kind of relationship it will be. Even with friendships when I genuinely like someone I may not be the best in staying in touch as the flake I am, but I will still keep in touch nonetheless. I just like connections whether theyre just physical connections, or friendships, or Im a libra moon I like talking butter to people or just flirting with people, Or theres people I just like listening to. Idk if Im even friends with those people or not lol, but they crack me up so I listen to them. I think long distance has its own pros and cons just like everything else.

    I think people get too caught up in their ideals. Their ideal guy so they make lists :/. Their ideal relationships. butter just let things play out I say!
    Because really you could just be smothering yourself from an experience/connection.

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    That's interesting that you have 3 placements in common with him, and the opposite moon! His Mercury is Aqua and his Mars Aries -- do either or both of those match you too?

    What you described sounds a bit like him. He was in contact with people all over the world, because he enjoyed communicating and hearing people's life stories etc. He could get along with most people because he could find common ground somehow, somewhere. Sometimes he could be a bit flaky with communication, when we were just friends. I remember twice he decided last minute to go camping by himself (he needed time away to himself, even though he was very extroverted by nature) and he forgot to inform a few people including me that he would be out of contact for a
    few days. No big deal -- no harm done in any way -- it was just a bit frustrating because I had an important question to ask him during one of the times. haha :-) click to expand

    Yeah I also have an aqua merc
    Taurus Mars tho

    I do also think I can get along with most people. If they get along with me is another question tho lol. Im really not extroverted tho. I really do like connecting with people, but theres gotta be some breaks also. Like if I go to a party with a lot of people im gonna be drained the next few days.

    But yes I can see how he forgot to contact people that he would be away. I also forget things like that xD. And I think people dont believe me that I just for got. But I have so many thoughts going through my head at all times that I really do just be spacing things out. Even important things like that where people wont know they cannot or how to get ahold of me. Idk Im a mess so I like to blame my placements click to expand
    click to expand

    Yes, I knew that he was honest about forgetting -- it was just part of the way he was. He had lots of thoughts running in his head, he told me.

    He loved to skydive, and he told me that one time, as he was falling through the air, he was enjoying it so much that he spaced out and missed the cue to open his chute. He came back to reality just in time to avoid death or serious injury, thankfully, but it was a close call. lol

    I have a very good friend who I talk to almost every day on the phone who is Pisces sun, Libra moon, Taurus Mars like you, but she has Pisces Mercury and Venus. I don't know rising but Virgo could fit well (she is very Virgo like in some ways, so my guess is rising or something significant in her 6th house). She can get along with most people too, but she definitely needs time on her own, like you described. She isn't forgetful, but she can sometimes zone out a bit when we talk (or maybe I'm just boring, lol).

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    There is this Virgo guy and I am really attracted to him as a Libra woman. IDK if they are attracted to Libras or not. I get along with the majority of star signs really well and I have read that most people find Libras attractive.