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  • MiZLeo
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    With out sex?
    I'm going on not having sex for months now. I remember the last time I had sex, where I was, who I was with, but I honestly dont remember when it was. I think it was this year but honestly, I'm not even sure if it was.
    This is not normal behavior for me. I usually don't go more than a month with out it and that's during a dry spell or if I'm sick.
    I know why. I don't want to be touched. Like by anyone. Not even the Virgo. I've been avoiding him... or doing that thing we do when we are so busy we forget time and space.
    Why? Because my Pisces ex really treetrunked with my head. I'm over him for the most part but what he did still lingers and it's almost like PTSD. For a while the Virgo was the only one who I trusted to touch me but I dont even trust that anymore.
    Has any of my fellow leos gone through this after a heartbreak? I've had heartbreak before and it's never been this level of a mind treetrunk. If you have, did you get over it? If so, how? I really do feel dead inside.
  • And one time....

    The virgo (12)...called the pisces (10).....a ciggot.

    I bought a school notebook - college ruled - and made him fill up that notebook with the proper definition of the word ciggot on each line -

    "ciggot - a bundle of sticks or twigs bound together as fuel"

    I swear I never heard him say that word again.
  • When they were 8 and 10.....I walked into their bedroom and the youngest (pisces) was calling the oldest (virgo)....a kitty.


    His back was to me so he didnt know I was standing there. The virgo seen me and got wide eyed.

    I just stood in silence while he kept repeating it over and over and the virgo was frozen.....then he realised I was there....

    Finally, he turned around and in the most calm voice I said...."Do you realise that you are calling your brother a vagina? Do you even know what that means? It's a girl's private part. That doesnt make any sense. Please do better next time." .....and walked out.
  • WildatHeart
    Libra Rising, Cancer Sun/Mercury, Cap Moon, Virgo Venus, Taurus Mars
    I have been dating a Virgo/Leo cusp (not sure of birth time and the sun moved on the day he was born) ~ Pisces Moon ~ Virgo Venus ~ Gem Mars ~ Virgo Mercury for a couple of weeks now.

    We are both in our early 40’s and both have children.

    He texts me every morning and multiple times throughout the day. He wants to spend every day that we don’t have our kids together. On days that we do have kids he will call me after their bedtime and stay on the phone for hours.

    Anyone out there dated someone with these placements? Or have these placements?

    #1 – I’m curious what placements would make someone jump in like that?
    #2 – Based on placements alone is this something that you would take seriously?

    I have just been going with it up to this point, but he is starting to include me in plans that are months away, telling me how much he likes me multiple times a day and hinting that he’d like to call me his girlfriend….
    I really haven’t dated much in the last few years so I find this behavior strange. I do really like him but I don’t want to get swept away by this…

    What do you guys think?

    I mean, I kind of get it, at our age a lot of people are just ready to settle down and find some happiness. I’m just curious if there are any placements here that could leave me blindsided…like maybe that Gemini Mars?
  • peachy06
    ♏️ sun ♐️ moon
    Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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