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  • -sierra-
    virgo sun-pisces moon-virgo rising-virgo mercury-cancer venus-libra mars
    virgo moon + pisces moon
  • Weeds
    27% of the world has homicidal tendencies... the rest are just victims
    Already married a virgo... dated a libra, virgo, taurus..... of course he'd get to pisces eventually.
  • Posted by Ariqua
    Posted by Koni
    What is good about it? I don’t know much about either of them.

    Nothing good that I know of...he’s just a cancer and she’s a Pisces
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    I see they have opposite moons, in Pisces and Virgo
  • Posted by pisceswoman123

    You are Preaching to the choir. I have always a book nearby. I love reading

    You should try comprehending, too Tongue
    Here's some authors whose work is rich in wordplay and innuendos and language subtlety: James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, Anthony Burgess or Bill Old Bull Burroughs. Go explore the hidden meanings and discreet semiotics of right wording. Then you will be able to get me.

    However, since you re here and won't go away, let me ask you smth (its more trivial matters):
    1 - pisces woman approaches my table, sits next to me without being invited and starts chatting me up; she's tipsy and, 5 minutes in, she starts tapping me on my thigh. I'm like: what does she want. She talks about life in general and her boyfriend in particular. Upon leaving, she insists that we hug and she kisses me on both cheeks. Q: is she a fan or just being friendly?
    2 another pisces woman dances on the table; a Leo friend introduces her to me; she goes: 'You re not paying attention to what s going on here, are you. Your mind is elsewhere.'
    Several vodkas later she starts dancing in my lap. Im mildly bothered by it but I let her be. She asks me to buy her drinks. I buy her drinks but I want to go home as I'm tired. Lots of men around her, she flirts with them all but she keps coming to my table to ask for a drink or a cig. Asks me to take my t shirt off. We re on the beach. I go home as I am tired and bored.
    The next day Im at a bar by the pool. She shows up in an extremely tiny bikini. I ignore her but she comes straight to me and buys me a beer. She sits so close to me that I have to tell her to move away a bit as it's too hot already.
    3 Her pisces friend joins in the fun; a competition between who s the bigger slut ensues. I tell this second Pisces that I like the first Pisces more. First Pisces goes to take a nap on the beach, whereas Pisces 2 wants me to buy her drinks. Asks me about my sign - I tell her it's Aqua and she tells me her old rich boyfriend is an Aqua too. Pisces 1 wakes up. Tells me she s hungry. She acts all of a sudden like a wife like I'm supposed to take her to lunch. But I oblige, nonetheless. She s hungry and won t say a word, we don t find any empty seats, all the tables are taken, she s about to get hysterical but somehow I manage to find a table. She s quiet and happy. Her phone rings. She gets up to talk on the phone. She tells me: there s this guy and I gave him another chance. Good for you, I say and ask her that we split the check. (My intention was to buy her lunch but since she brought up that guy, I changed my mind). We leave, she wants to kiss me on the cheek, asks for my social media details and stuff. Ever since, she keeps stalking me on social media. Some of her jokes are good, some of her jokes are tasteless and I think she tries too much. But she also tells me stories about her mom, her job, and how much she pays for rent.
    4 yet another Pisces; a Virgo introduces us; this blonde Pisces keeps quiet the whole evening until she moves her chair closer to me and tells me she s impressed with how blunt I am, how transparent, how passionate. She s asking me all kinds of crap, but in a warm and friendly manner, not like a Scorp or Cancer would do. She seems a bit sad when I tell her I am tired and want to go home. She doesn t ask for my contacts or anything.

    Now, the question is: what is it that these Pisces women want from me? I will start off by saying I m not interested in any of them and except the first Pisces who s mediocre looking, the other 3 are well bangable.
  • chris19
    As mentioned earlier, I think they are scared to tell you off that they are not interested. For some reason, they think they can change you into that perfect partner that they are looking for. But if things don't work their way, thats if they realize that they can't change you, they bail out. I have had a couple of Virgos appear, disappear, re-appaear and so on in my life.I have been trying to get the answer to this question. Lucky enough, one Virgo mentioned this to me and it somehow makes sense.

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