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  • AneemA04
    Posted by BillieJean
    Posted by AneemA04
    Hm.. So how do you think the moon persona and moon natal chart blend into your overall moon character?
    Having pisces moon which signifies deep emotion and selfess tendencies but tagged with being aquarius moon meaning that even if you have deep emotion yet its hard to grasp or to be felt by other people because your aqua moon nature is detached?

    I have virgo moon in persona which is the same with my natal mc but natal moon is in cancer. I sometimes rationalize my emotions but then again, I have aquarius jupiter in 3rd house and libra venus mars.

    Im wondering the same thing.. how it works with your moon. That seems to make sense because that's kinda how I feel with my moon.

    That can make sense for you because I dont think that just the Aquarius jupiter or Libra mars/venus would cause you to rationalize your emotions because my sister is also a Cancer moon with some air placements and she doesnt rationalize her emotions lol her moon in persona moon is Aries. Do you think Virgo moon qualities fit you?
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    Ah, yeah definitely aries will not hold off their emotions for anything. Hm interesting tho so that means that persona moon can actually modify the moon significantly.

    If you know how i interact with other people, you will know that i can relate to virgo moon. I also criticise myself a lot, thats what i forgot to mention. And i can hv control issues, but i thought its my sun expressions but now think of it. My progressed chart is virgo moon btw. And i find it very interesting to find out that my ex is virgo moon and now my bf is virgo jupiter mc. Hm. I generally get along well with virgos.

    Btw, your aqua moon.. How do you relate to it?
  • Boots1313
    Taurus Sun,Virgo Moon, Gem Venus, Libra Rising
    I recently went back and ran the chart of 3 of my ex boyfriends
    if funny to look at this is retrospect and how accurate astrology can be.

    So for those who are into astrology and relationship comparison maybe this is fun to figure out which of my former flames was my BEST relationship was... (also its fun to get insight, even if its after the fact)


    EX BF #1
    Sun: Aries
    Moon: Scorp
    Merc: Taurus
    Venus: Pisces
    Mars: Aqua
    Jupiter: Cancer

    EX BF#2
    Sun: Scorp
    Moon: Pisces
    Merc: Scorp
    Venus: Capricorn
    Mars: Scorp
    Jupiter: Cancer

    EX BF#3
    Sun: Virgo
    Moon: Taurus
    Merc: :Libra
    Venus: Scorpio
    Mars: Virgo
    Jupiter: Cancer

    So which one do you think was I most compatible with?
  • Queenofthepheasantfairies
    Rising Scorpio, Libra sun, Gemini moon, Virgo Merc & Venus, Cancer Mars & Jupit
    female from London
    His chart is as follows if it makes a difference.

    22 Nov Scorp... but

    Asc Aqu
    Sun Scorp - 9th house
    Moon Pis
    Merc Scorp
    Venus Sag
    Mars Virgo
    Jupiter Leo
  • Okaaaaaaay..... You asked for it...... 🤣

    Scorpio F
    Venus Libra
    Mars Capricorn
    Moon Gemini
    Jupiter Libra

    Scorpio M
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Virgo
    Jupiter Leo
    Moon Aquarius

    Yes, no......

    Thought's..... 🤔😍
  • Sirius
    the brightest star in the Earth's night sky

    Person 1 Person 2

    sun Libra sag
    moon Cap Aries
    merc Libra sag
    Venus Virgo Cap
    mars Sag virgo
    Jupiter Scorp Scorp
    Saturn Libra Libra
    Neptune Sag Sag
    Pluto LIbra Libra

    Please compare charts and compatibility, thoughts, similarities, differences. Thank you for your Knowledge.