Understand The Virgo Man Using Astrology

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    earthy gem 🌱💎
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    Why are you so intent on answering internet strangers questions?

    Why are so interested in what I'm doing??? Do you playa...

    This thread is about us asking questions and you answering, no? So answer.

    The more I answer people the more answers people want. Supply and demand.. Natural order. It's not my fault that people need a reliable logical resource for answers. I'm just trying to hook people up...

    Idk the queef answer disappointed me on a large scale. I was searching for more substance.

    Chewing with her mouth open, being rauchy with friends and family, walking outside like she just got out of bed, and an angry face... Better??
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    Yea, it actually is. I guess this explains why I've never attracted but 1 virgo man my whole life. LMAO
  • Thank you sooooooo much for showing me how the Virgo man loves.......and how to love in this way....I realize how deep love gets with these guys it’s because of you I’m able to express myself in that language......I’m a Gemini woman and I can say it can be hard to find the correct words of what I feel....now I see I needed to stop “feeling” and get real! Love Love
  • -sierra-
    virgo sun-pisces moon-virgo rising-virgo mercury-cancer venus-libra mars
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    I knew a male gay couple who were forever nagging each other lol

    Drama, drama, drama ... hilarious but annoying


    Exactly! 😂 Do you know what their signs are?

    They were both nitpicking Virgos lol

    I was at a dinner party once at their home and they treated me like a Queen... at the end of the eve after they'd been nagging each other they were saying I was Stevie Nicks and they wanted to kiss my feet and one of them shouted in a very theatrical way "you are the light bulb and we are the moths"Laughing

    They were competing to see who could worship me the most......so camp and so much drama

    ......and I hate drama

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    i always felt like virgos together will just enable each other's ocd
    there's a virgo woman married to a virgo man in my workplace
    and she dotes so much on how he does laundry and butter
    i'm not even kidding lol.. admits that it's one of the reasons she adores him LMFAO
    no woman ever talked about laundry so romantically
    or if not enabling each other's ocd, i've heard they just get really obsessed with each other
    virgo/virgo seems like a nutty pair
  • nanobot
    earthy gem 🌱💎
    Posted by halalbae
    Nah not Virgo and Cancer because I could never have been with them if it was like that. If a guy doesnt want me bad its just never going to work because Im halfway out the door at all times anyway
    The Virgo puts me on a pedestal and holds me hostage. He truly will not let me end things with him. He wants me in his life BAD and for that alone, he might be the guy I actually want to try to make it long-term with because the behavior he shows is how I know he would always be there for me

    But yeah if youre going to be close to him, you just cant be weak. Thats all. If youre as strong as or stronger than him mentally, youll be fine. Otherwise he'll break you and disregard. You have to even be mean and rude to Virgos from time to time for any good result, why do you think they are into Aries and Taurus energy? markers belong with markers. It is what it is. Everybody just date their personality type tbh

    This ridiculously resonates with me. I agree with the rest too.

    Are you in a relationship with the virgo man? Also: why do you find yourself wanting to break it off? I do too, but also really don't, and can't verbalize why. His responses to that push.. make me feel secure. If I read that right, you feel the same way about it.
  • Hi there! I'm a Taurus woman and have met a Virgo man in the last couple weeks at work. We hit it off instantly and I even told a friend we were going to go on at least one date. We have gone on a couple now and things picked up quickly in terms of kissing and getting closer. We are planning an overnight tomorrow and I'm wondering how likely it is that he is just in it for the sex? When I told him that we should slow it down a little bit after our first date he was super respectful of that on the second date so I'm just a little concerned about giving it up to him to easily… But we have this magnetic attraction!