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  • Posted by RooSagicorn
    That’s a complicated question lol

    I’m a Sag of course.

    It’s between these two:

    Virgo - 5 years although one could argue 25 years..

    Aries - one could argue I’m still not over it, but I had to walk away. It’s been six years. I’m not sure, but very little feelings now.

    Moving on & getting over it are two different things.

    wow, Virgo man + Sagittarius woman its a thing! ❤
  • Posted by Vigirl21
    Posted by Toti
    I'm probably biased since I can't stand placements like leo moon,scorpio venus, libra sun, moon,venus, and mars and Pisces sun. I sound like a broken record around here😂always repeating the same things.
    In general, libra mooners are very indecisive, inconsistent, people pleasers. Hates confrontations of all kinds. People who will probably ghost you first because they can't tell you no in your face. They want to be loved by everyone. Easily manipulated, whereas libra sun mars, and venus are the master manipulators.

    Yes- that's how I feel too! I love him to death and he has the most kind heart! He's amazing 💛💛! It's just kind of hard (as a Virgo moon and rising) to plan my life around his indecisiveness. Him not knowing what he wants makes it difficult for my placements (cancer sun, Virgo moon, gemini mars, gemini venus)! As a cancer, I value marriage and family and want them young. I'm already financially prepared and have my life kind of planned out the way HE told me he wanted us to have it. But now he's changing his mind once again! I feel for him because they just want to do what's best and right for Everyone... but they mut drive themselves mad trying to please everyone all the time
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    I have a friend who is a Virgo and has libra venus. She married a love of her life. Six months later she divorced. She hasn't been faithful to him. I know more men with this placement. All have troubled love lives. I don't know if additional aspects add to that or its just a tricky placement to have.
    Last year I experienced it myself with a Virgo man who planned future with me, then he disappeared, then he married someone else😂 Just relax and be patient. Don't expect logic and sense from him. Hope he comes around. All the best!
  • lisabethur8
    Married, middleaged parttime housewife, Aqua-sun/Cap/Pisces/Taurus,married to,S
    Posted by Toti
    Posted by Jambalaya
    Posted by Toti
    I wish to know an answer to that question. Virgo men always come back, sometimes decades later. I don't know even they know why😂

    I wish I knew the answer also. What on earth would make one come back years later? click to expand

    All the virgo men I know (and i know quite a number of them) have a data base of their ex girlfriends, ex crushes, ex wives, ex flings, on their phone, social media, etc. As if every woman they once put an eye on belongs to them as long as they live😂
    I see them marrying wrong people all the time and longing for the ones they didn't choose. I see them cheating their girlfriends or their wives because they are "picky and hard to satisfy".
    Virgo men are an enigma for me. Maybe that's why I'm attracted to them. But, I think they are better as friends or just lovers. I don't think they are serious relationship material. Even they always claim how they want meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Once they are in them all they want us to go out.
    Disclaimer- I'm sure not all virgos are like this in case someone opposed😂
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    lol u really want a virgo man Big Grin

    is it ur taurus that's wanting it?
  • I met a Virgo man who confused me so much that I started to find answers digging through astrology😂
  • Posted by solidsnake
    Posted by Toti
    Posted by solidsnake
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    Posted by solidsnake
    Posted by Toti
    I don't think there is a sign more moody than a Virgo.

    Ok smarty pants who’s the least moody? click to expand

    I love Virgos that's what I know them well.
    Least moody... Maybe Sagittarius. I've never met a sag who was moody. click to expand
    Here’s the list least to most:


    The rest are way 2 unstable to include click to expand

    Let's agree to disagree😂 click to expand

    No click to expand
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    Typical virgo man wants control. Oh well, my unstable Scorpio mood is too good today to continue the mood talk😁Enjoy the list making!