Understanding Mars in Virgo using Astrology

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  • Posted by Lalalo
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    Aries is best matched with Virgo.

    aries is best matched with taurus. we want venus and that's that

    And you speak for everyone when you say this?
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    well, they did speak for everyone when they said aries was best matched with virgo

    but you are truly in denial if you think mars Γ— venus can be topped. nothing comes close
  • Sagicorn
    Posted by GemCurio
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    Posted by GemCurio
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    You young lady.. Have been well seasoned in the Virgguy...

    Must be why you have that happy wag on your tail...

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    Yeah...loooong time gets you a lot of knowledge about someone if you'want to know them more. If I wasn't so interested in learning to understand him it would be over long time ago

    Tell me if you don't mind answering how long have you been in a relationship with him??

    Sure no problem,9 years

    Awesome!!! Congrats... And you still haven't fully figured him out??? Sounds about right..lol
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    I have now but I had some doubts until like last year...I find Scorp Moon to be very hard to deal with in person. I have always had Virgos as best friends as well so pretty much have been around one at least my whole life...but it's all different with different people and after reading more on astrology I understood some things I couldn't understand about him as it didn't sound quite exactly like Virgo but it did fit Scorp Moon and Mars perfectly
  • Posted by DMV
    Definitely the pride.

    Shes got leo placements 2 I believe.

    Well, her father paired them together because at the time he was the bigger artist and she used that as a diving platform when she went solo. No problems with that.

    I guess she blocks out all the second guessing and it's now apart of her artistry evolution.

    It's the opportunist that thrive this world.

    Art and keeping busy are therapeutic.

    Moon in scorpio will keep that passion burning and let the leo mars show for it while virgo sun keeps everything in line.

    Moon in 2nd house and mars in 10th πŸ‘

  • Nothing in the 7th, only NN in Cancer in the 6th. I have always been a relationship type person but I can’t quite find the one that holds me there forever. The Aries did for a really long time but that freedom thing when you try to control me or clip my wings is not something one should do.. even after 20 years ugh. 20 years is a good run though. Something in my aspects but i’ll have to look at my spreadsheet later this evening. I have Uranus & Pluto in Virgo in the 8th.. Saturn in Aquarius in the 1st & sag sun in the 12th... but hell that cap Venus/cap Mars likes the security of a relationship.
  • Oak
    I also have Mars in Leo/Chiron in Virgo in the 8th house.

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