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  • Posted by Cancan26
    Posted by Piscoi
    Lmao! This does seem more appealing than a fixed mars sign, like Taurus. Never quit, always going, won’t leave a fight, won’t let people leave them hahha.

    doesn't that get exhausting ? how do you fixed mars live like this lol but taurus is such a sweet mars least in my experience
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    LOL. It is exhausting. I don’t feel accomplished or complete unless I’m focusing on 10 different things and making sure they’re done. But it makes me happy to be focused and doing things lmao. My Taurus daughter has a Virgo mars, and my Cap daughter has a Pisces mars lol... does this mean my Cap baby is going to drive us all crazy with this “treetrunk it” attitude? Hahha.

  • C69
    Virgo Mars 11th house
    also the most aspected planet in my chart

    I procrastinate all the time
    need butterload of research before actually getting things done
    collecting different opinions n butter
    also I calculate a lot, dislike putting effort into things that are not profitable

    very self critical of my work, but others usually suck just as much, I just sugar coat it. there’s only like 10 people who’s opinions truly matter to me if we’re speaking about creativity and arts. that’s my future career field. hopefully

    will try to make/do/provide stuff by myself first and buy something ready made only if I fail, except groceries. this is more about inedible things

    I’m not the one to initiate unless it takes too long and I just need to know what they’re up to. the only thing I’m good at is teasing and giving some intense eye contact, that’s how I hint them to approach me

    sex is adventure time for me. can only do two types of sex - ONS or with feelings AND commitment involved. can’t do casual, I either fall deeply in love after like 5 times or get very bored and lose any type of attraction whatsoever

    something like that
  • nikkistar
    My moral compass acts like its in the Bermuda Triangle
    Posted by MadHatter
    Posted by nikkistar
    Posted by MadHatter
    Okay, confession:

    I'm really a virgo..

    And y'alls spelling is terrible.. sheewww.. that was killing me.. glad that's off my chest.

    I have a confession too.

    I'm not really a Libra. =X click to expand

    That's not a confession. You've been trying to convince us of that for a while now..

    A libra wouldn't be able to decide on that hair color... you aren't tricking this Virgo. click to expand
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    A Libra with a Virgo Mars can decide! lol

    I'll throw in a Virgo Rising to boot.
  • Posted by LadyNeptune
    Posted by Earthcapgirl
    Posted by LadyNeptune
    Posted by Earthcapgirl
    Posted by LadyNeptune
    Too clingy. He told you where and what he was doing. Whining about not getting text play by play comes off as controlling.

    My dude is a air sun and moon and it really pays off to give him his space. They come back to you twice as strong. If he tells me he’s going to the brewery with friends my response is ‘have fun, get home safe!’ I’m not expecting him to text me throughout the night or check in once he’s home.

    Telling him he was mia, why didn’t you text me when you got reads as insecure nagging.

    You gotta approach this differently.

    I give him almost too much space though. He’s the insuecure one always if I don’t text in 10 min I get missed calls like crazy. But I see your point. I urged him to go out and yes he did say he slept. But what is his point in ignoring? Is he trying to end things over something so small? How do I move forward? I already sent the text.. no reply yet but I know he’s up. He wakes up at 6am always click to expand

    Ignoring doesn’t equal wanting to end things with you. Don’t be dramatic.

    He’s dodging you cause you were texting him and calling him out. He doesn’t want the confrontation and drama over, in his mind, something so minimal.

    And it is minimal...

    He told you what he was doing, where he was going, and he checked in with you in the am. You gotta let this go.

    He will contact you when he’s ready.

    Try not to jump down his throat about this when he does. Really let it go and keep the convo light and fun. click to expand

    Makes sense! Thank you. I already sent him a text about hanging out today so hopefully he gets back and when I see him, I’ll just be normal and nice and let it go! I texted him this morning “so are we still hanging out today or you need space and time?” Hopefully that wasn’t stirring the pot again ): click to expand

    You’ll be fine!!

    It’s only been a year. You guys are both still finding the balance in how to communicate with each other.

    Ime I’ve had more success saving ‘serious’ convos for face to face cause then he can’t ghost the conversation. Plus he sees I’m coming from a place of wanting to make us stronger, not insecurity or lack of trust in him.

    What is your dudes Moon sign? And yours as well..?
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    Yeah usually we do talk gace to face! Texting is always tough so I talk to him usually and he sees my point because I show him the logic!
    He is: aqua sun, sag moon, Aries Venus and Virgo mars

    I am : cap sum, Libra moon, scorpio Venus and Virgo mars
  • DMV
    anybody else wanna be a hero? Sag Sun Scorpio Moon Scorpio Merc
    36 years old
    With my sag, we have it mutually respected both ways. As the woman moon, yes the mars can at time sexually, but hes not like that. Very caring.

    With theGemini, also mutually respected. He has a virgo moon and mars. He can be critical at times but I get it. I have a scorpio moon and virgo mars.

    I do feel like we.both are tender with each other.