Understanding Mercury in Virgo using Astrology

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  • I'm a September Libra with a Virgo moon. I think that combination leads to a few extreme negatives and positive, depending on how they manifest (and your other placements).

    - Neither is assertive, things can seem daunting
    - Virgo's pessimism + Libra's indecisiveness = yikes when it comes to going after goals. Also can lead to depression
    - Both are sensitive to their environment/criticism. Need some "harder" placements to offset that.

    - Both are analytical/intelligent.
    - Libra's macro thinking + Virgo's attention to detail can lead to some great things
    - Both are conscientious and Libra's ability to connect with others + Virgo's sharp Mercury influence = potentially great communicators
    - Both understand aesthetics well, in terms of style /expression etc
  • 81gems
    "Oh, my name, it ain't nothing. My age, it means less..."
    Posted by Primrose
    August Virgos and September Virgos?

    And for those who will answer, who do you get along the most between the two?

    August Virgos are slightly better. Slightly. But only if they’re women. September Virgos are dumb asses and are always making mistakes and, weirdos! My brother was born Sept. 18. Laid back, yes. As long as you don’t disagree with him. Then he becomes a child. He has sun, moon, mercury, and Pluto in Virgo. He’s still a dumb ass.

    Something I never understood about Virgo; y’all says you’re honest and straight forward and, yeah. Until it matters. Then you won’t confront. You won’t come out and say what the problem is. You just disappear. Cowards.

    Saying you don’t like confrontation is a bull butter excuse. Who does? You’re not special. We’re adults. Lame excuses don’t work anymore. You’re all smarter than that aren’t you???

    Anyway, I would say, I got along best with August Virgos. And I have a virgo Moon so, yeah, I understand most of those treetrunks.

  • Ellygant
    Ascendant in Clumsy, Sun/Mercury/Venus in Scary, Moon in Comfort, Mars in Giddy
    So a mutable mish-mash of an Aquarius has wandered into my life. We have a date for next week. I’m 90% sure neither he nor I will cancel because our conversation is pretty dope and he seems pretty excited.

    Capricorn Rising
    Aquarius Sun
    Virgo Moon
    Aquarius Mercury
    Pisces Venus
    Sagittarius Mars

    Sagittarius Rising
    Scorpio Sun
    Cancer Moon
    Scorpio Mercury
    Scorpio Venus
    Gemini Mars

    It’ll be my first actual date in over two years. I’ve been resistant to traditional dating in the past and have only warmed to the idea recently. To be honest I don’t have any specific hopes or expectations at the moment. Just curious about any opinions or experiences, see if any DXP aquas with similar placements wanted to chime in.
  • rejuvenatedheart
    Posted by aquarius09
    Posted by rejuvenatedheart
    1st Decan Virgos are super introverted but have very warm personalities... and are stereotypical Virgos (self-explanatory).

    2nd Decans are annoyingly know-it-all types and cold as treetrunk.

    3rd Decans I have no experience with.

    I get along best with 1st Decan Virgos.

    Funny you broke it down in decans. I find them all obnoxiously know-it-all types and calculating. Virgo anything is calculating. They don’t love or develop feelings like normal people (which is what gets them the cold label) so they get into relationships for benefits. Funny I say this as an Aquarius because I don’t love like normal people either, but I’m no opportunist or calculating.
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    The second decan ones are the coldest because they're ruled by Capricorn/Saturn. First decan ones are actually really nice to be around because they're pretty introverted and usually softies. But I might also be saying that because my Venus is in Virgo. And by the way, even though I have Mercury and Venus in Virgo, I actually do develop feelings... Lol. 😛
  • I was born with my:
    Sun: Leo
    Moon: Sagittarius
    Mercury: Leo
    Venus: Virgo
    Mars: Gemini

    But then this "progressed" chart now says that I have:
    My sun in Virgo
    Moon in Scorpio
    Mercury in Leo
    Venus in Libra
    Mars in Gemini

    My mercury and mars stayed the same but what's the significance of the change in my other planets?