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  • ACsquarepluto
    ☀︎♊️ 🌔♐️ 🌅♌️
    My immediate supervisor is a Taurus with Pisces moon-Gemini Mercury-Scorpio Saturn and I've seen her gossip but she's never done me wrong to the point where I was affected in any way and she doesn't mind that I don't talk. She's efficient.
    (I'm not 100% about her.)

    Aries sun-Cap moon-Aries Merc-Pisces Venus gave me two raises and I'm pretty sure he's the reason why I don't get laid off. He also doesn't get offended if I'm not sociable. Is glad I show up daily.
    (99% sure he's chill.)

    Taurus sun-Cap moon-Sag Saturn business owner gives me rides sometimes (home; has given me one to the gym; most recently saw me walking back from the grocery store and helped me out on a Saturday).
    (not fully trusting of him.)

    Taurus sun-Libra moon-Aries merc-Gem stellium (Venus, Mars, Saturn) coworker upstairs minds her own business, is always positive and let me drink her coffee last week. I have never at any point witnessed her gossip. She's a Christian and nice all the time. Does not acknowledge drama ever.
    (she was my AA sponsor at one point, am 110% sure she's chill.)

    #1 troublemaker toward me: Pisces sun (29 degree); Sag moon; Aries merc; Aquarius Venus; Pisces Mars; Virgo Saturn male. Gossipy, creepy, immature, explosive temper. I blame his natal moon-Mars square (that Virgo Saturn squares my sun-Venus too). Bright side: attendance is good, won't mind if he quits though.
    (I work most closely with this one and am confident in my statements.)

    sorry about random placements listed, its because I thought they might be relevant.
  • saggurl88
    SunSagittarius MoonCancer MercurySagittarius VenusScorpio MarsLeo Jup
    female from anytown, Anywhere, United States
    I'm C smile Does Virgo Saturn count? Tongue
  • MiZLeo
    ♌☀️/❤/Merc/Jup♓🌜♋Mars♐Rising ♍Sat
    Is your fridge organized or is everything just thrown in there?
    Yes and no. I keep certain things in certain places but in no particular order. Virgo Saturn opposite Pisces moon.
    Do you wash laundry every time you can make a load or do you let it accumulate then do it all at once?
    Do use a laundry hamper for dirty clothes or do you just throw them in the washer to save time?
    Depends how dirty it is... but I usually throw things in the hamper then wash when I have a load or time. If I get a stain or really dirty up my clothes I put it straight in the wash.

    Do you rinse your dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher? Or wash them by hand?
    I rinse any extra food off then put them in dishwasher. Rarely ever wash by hand unless it's a pot or not dishwasher safe.

    Do you have a cleaning schedule for certain things or just do it all at once? I don't really have a schedule but try to clean up as I go and then when I have time do the major stuff.
    Do use paper towels or rags?
    Paper towels... I find rags disgusting bacteria havens.

    Do you wash your fruits or veggies off before eating them? If so do you use a veggie cleaner, baking soda, or just water?
    Yes. Just water.
    Do you iron your clothes or just throw them in the dryer? Or you just don’t care if your shirt is wrinkled? Dryer.... hang clothes right away so they don't wrinkle but depends on the item of clothing.

    Do you prefer to do your “chores” first thing in the morning, afternoon, or before bed?
    I'm not a 5 year old. I dont have chores. It's called not being a slob.

    Do you shower every day, every other day, or you just enjoy being stanky? Everyday
    Do you use a cleaning service, or do you prefer to do everything yourself? If I could afford a cleaning service I would use that instead of doing it myself..
  • ACsquarepluto
    ☀︎♊️ 🌔♐️ 🌅♌️
    Posted by NelsonSacramento
    Since no one seems to have it, @ACSquarepluto what do you have to say about this position?
    somehow today i think i finally made step 1

    I think highly of the people with Saturn in Scorpio I know irl. They are true to your description in that they focus on a task or goal and complete it efficiently. Practical people, not negative or interested in gossip/ridiculing others when they have objectives to meet. I have noticed this specifically about this Saturn at my workplace: I work with them well, they hold high expectations of themselves to get the job done right and they aren't unfair toward me. Most likely to show up daily; most staying power. Never pry into my personal life. There's an intelligence to Scorpio placements I appreciate. I trust my Scorpio Saturn coworkers the most (Virgo Saturn second, I won't say which Saturn I've pinpointed as the craziest coworkers. 😂) Fair to say Scorpio could be the GOAT Saturn.

    Saturn seems to have a predominantly harmonious influence in your life, so you are respected by others and are easily allowed authority and responsibility. With Saturn in 5th, this harmonious influence could carry over into hobbies, dating, creative self-expression, and parenting.

    Looking back at your aspects your tightest orbs to Saturn are moon trine Saturn and Venus semisextile Saturn. Your Venus in 6th allows your fair, thorough, and respectable Saturn to influence work, service, and daily responsibilities. Your moon in 9th trining Saturn lends you a voice which is listened to as a teacher or advisor. You are a trusted confidant. Balanced expression of emotions.

    If you believe in Arabic parts, I would guess your Nemesis falls around 7 degrees Taurus (my Saturn is also 18 degrees and the Nemesis opposes it at 7 degrees). Some people get along with others with placements around Nemesis, I tend to question how truly eager the person with personal planets conjunct my Nemesis is for friendship, have been burnt enough.
  • ufo
    Posted by Mutabull
    Posted by ufo
    could just be a man thing, cuz my gem always sends kissy emojis after a dilemma i'm more confrontational could be all my leo placements as oppose to my virgo sun

    Hmm what’s the rest of his placements? I think you’re right in general, men don’t like the drama, but I’m curious about your gems chart. Mine has a whole lotta earth in it and a Scorp mars so...yeah I’m a bit stubborn and confrontational haha. My bf is Libra everything.. Sun, moon, Venus, mars, Pluto click to expand
    click to expand

    sun/mercury/venus in gemini
    moon/jupiter in sagittarius
    mars in virgo
    saturn in pisces
    uranus/neptune capricorn
    pluto in scorpio