Understanding Uranus in Virgo using Astrology

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  • Nothing in the 7th, only NN in Cancer in the 6th. I have always been a relationship type person but I can’t quite find the one that holds me there forever. The Aries did for a really long time but that freedom thing when you try to control me or clip my wings is not something one should do.. even after 20 years ugh. 20 years is a good run though. Something in my aspects but i’ll have to look at my spreadsheet later this evening. I have Uranus & Pluto in Virgo in the 8th.. Saturn in Aquarius in the 1st & sag sun in the 12th... but hell that cap Venus/cap Mars likes the security of a relationship.
  • tiziani
    Vorrei guardati ancora ballare se lo stereo e' spento
    Oh yeah, well Venus in Scorpio is a failed venus. Much like Venus in Virgo or Aries so don't think I am dissing your Venus by saying that, as I lump mine in there.

    Reason being Venus struggles to give or receive light in the sign of Scorpio. Any energy it carries in Scorpio mostly just gets stuck there even in aspect with other planets.

    example: A moon square venus in Scorpio person may be upset when they finally get what they've been asking for. Only they fail to recognise their upset mood (Moon) is linked to not getting what they TRULY want (Venus) which can make a moment of dissatisfaction stretch into something chronic. All because of failure Venus.

    Mostly you can disregard Venus when it's in a sign that isn't comfortable for it to be in. Especially if conjuct Uranus or Pluto in Scorpio because those two planets will completely dominate Venus in scorpio.

    TLDR: Venus In Scorpio people have to put in more work than most to see what they want long term.
  • Posted by Ellygant
    Half the sky is retrograde right now practically. Mercury retro started recently, in leo. So being a cap that would lightly make you feel more open and watery as it’s retrograding through your solar 8th house.

    Mars is also one of the many retrogrades currently, and it’s doubling back into Capricorn for a few degrees while it does so. Idk if it has or not yet, haven’t been keeping as close an eye on transits like normal.

    What’s your Rising?

    Thanks... that was really helpful actually. I hope this lasts..i want to make this a permanent part of me.

    It's Aries...this is my chart fyi

    Sun Capricorn 21°17'30 in house 10
    Moon Libra 21°22'50 in house 6
    Mercury Aquarius 3°25'22 in house 10
    Venus Aquarius 25°53'06 in house 11
    Mars Sagittarius 2°26'10 in house 8
    Jupiter Aries 21°04'27 in house 12
    Saturn Sagittarius 26°45'04 in house 9
    Uranus Sagittarius 28°19'24 in house 9
    Neptune Capricorn 8°12'39 in house 9
    Pluto Scorpio 12°15'13 in house 7
    True Node Pisces 25°19'37 in house 12

    HOUSE POSITIONS (Placidus)
    Ascendant Aries 28°40'58
    2nd House Gemini 0°57'41
    3rd House Gemini 25°09'26
    Imum Coeli Cancer 17°29'58
    5th House Leo 12°26'10
    6th House Virgo 15°04'26
    Descendant Libra 28°40'58
    8th House Sagittarius 0°57'41
    9th House Sagittarius 25°09'26
    Medium Coeli Capricorn 17°29'58
    11th House Aquarius 12°26'10
    12th House Pisces 15°04'26

  • The way that I came by my element and animal associations is by using the site http://www.turtleluck.com/main-elements/ . I read all the element descriptions: yang wood, yin fire etc. and I read some descriptions of the western sun signs and matched them up according to things they had in common. The air signs were left over, and when I looked at the description of Capricorn it mentioned a 'rarefied air' that is a signature to the sign. That rarefied air means high prestige. The sign is also the mid-heaven, and the heavens is associated with air. Finally, the rooster sign fit Capricorn through the animal's description on turtlelluck.com and through the method that I will describe further down in this post. It makes sense that the bird sign is an air sign. Similarly, it makes sense that the monkey sign is a tree sign in Aquarius! If you look at all the elements when on the circle, you will see that yang signs always oppose yang signs, and yin signs always oppose yin signs.

    The animals were tricky. I was lucky enough to have 4 of them in the right position already so that I could discover a pattern that I used to place the rest of the animals and it lined up perfectly. Monkey lined up with a tree, the dragon lined up with the mountain which emphasizes hugeness as a major trait. Pig lined up with yang water and is famous in the saying "sweat like a pig." Sweat is yang water! All these intuitive associations were present after applying the method that I'll describe.

    The four animals that I had correctly placed were: rat in cancer, ox in leo, tiger in libra, and hare in taurus. All the rest were incorrect. For the longest time, I had dog associated with Aquarius. At this point, I decided to look for inspiration in the Chinese Zodiac story of the Great animal race. This was the first time that I consulted the story. Luckily enough for me, the animals that I had correct were the first four finishers in the story of the race, and this revealed a pattern for the rankings of the animals in the story.

    In the story the animals finished the race in this order from first place to last place: rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

    The first part of the pattern is that when you take the planet exalted in the chosen sign, it represents the zodiac animal. For example, moon in taurus represents the rat! The reason being that rat is associated with cancer and the moon is the ruler of cancer. So in other words, the moon is the rat and it is exalted in taurus.

    The second part of the pattern is that you start with the moon in taurus and, going clockwise, touch upon all the exalted planets in the signs. You will discover that the order of the planets are the same as the order of the rankings of the zodiac animals in the race. The planet that is associated with the animal determines the sign that is associated with the animal, sometimes in a definite manner and sometimes it narrows it down to a 50/50 about where the animal should be associated.

    Like I said before, I was lucky to have the first four finishers of the race in the correct signs. So I just happend to notice that:
    rat ruled cancer, with the moon exalted in taurus.
    Going clockwise, the next exalted planet is the sun in aries. The ox was associated with leo, so the sun in aries represented the ox who placed second in the great zodiac race.
    The next exalted planet is venus in pisces. Venus rules two signs: taurus and libra. So, the next two animals to finish in the race would be associated with these two signs. The two animals were the tiger and the hare. I already had the tiger associated with libra and the hare associated with taurus.

    This pattern made it clear to me that all I had to do was continue going clockwise and evaluate the exalted planet to see which animal belonged in the associated sign. All the rest of my animal placements were wrong up to this point. With the next exalted planet being mercury in aquarius, now gemini and virgo were on the table. The next animals in the rankings were dragon and snake. I had it narrowed down to 50/50 . Dragon would be either gemini, or virgo and snake would take the other sign. I looked at the element that I had associated with gemini and it was yang earth. This was symbolized by the mountain and was noted by hugeness. The hugest animal in the zodiac is the dragon. With this kind of reasoning and a good reading through of the sign, the element and animal description, I settled with dragon in gemini and this left snake to virgo. Snake in virgo fit well as the snake was described as a healer, and fast calculater. Both of these traits were of virgo.

    The next planet was mars in capricorn. Mars also ruled two signs. The next animals were horse and ram. I settled on horse for aries and ram for scorpio.

    Mars is exalted again in sagittarius, but I just skipped over that because it was already complete.

    The next exalted planet is uranus in scorpio. The next animal is the monkey. This placed monkey to aquarius.

    The next exalted planet is saturn in libra. Aquarius was already done, so only capricorn was left. The next animal was the rooster and this placed rooster in capricorn. The bird went to the heavens.

    Mercury in virgo was already done with.

    Neptune in leo was very specific to pisces, and the next animal was the dog, thus dog was associated with pisces.

    Lastly was jupiter in cancer, the last animal was the boar and the only sign left was sagittarius.

    Thank you.
  • Queenofthepheasantfairies
    Rising Scorpio, Libra sun, Gemini moon, Virgo Merc & Venus, Cancer Mars &am
    female from London
    I just use men for sex lol. (kidding)

    But on a serious note I have caused some ex's a lot of pain in the past (apparently). Either that or they just really mentally unstable Sad

    A gemini ex, when we broke up went into a rehab type of thing due to a "broken heart" to get himself better
    A Scorpio ex named his daughter after me! This one really bugs me though, Its just weird.
    I had another Gemini ex who stalked my every move, I remember one day I was sick and stayed home. Something was niggling the butter out of me, such an uneasy feeling. Eventually I went into our spare bedroom and found him hiding in the closet to check what I was up to that day. I mean seriously! WTF
    My last Aries ex went onto anti depressants after we broke up.

    I am not sure if its me, I hope its them and I doubt my virgo venus is responsible.

    But if you want Venus placements and aspects etc....

    Virgo Venus in 11th
    Venus sextile Mars (cancer 9th)
    Venus sextile Uranus (Scorp 1st)
    Venus square Neptuen (Sag 2nd)
    Venus Semisextile Pluto (Libra 12th)
    Venus Trine Chirion (Taurus 6th)
    Venus Semi-square MC (cancer 10th)

    I don't know much about Lilith (dark moon) perhaps this is the problem? because:

    Venus square Lilith (Gem 8th)

    "Lilith in Astrology
    To truly understand Lilith, no matter our gender, we have to become aware of our feminine sexual nature that cannot be contained or controlled. While Pluto will shove sexual needs aside, giving in to taboos and creating the field of energy that has to burst at some point, Lilith won’t stand for this dismissal and repression, and has the need to fight for her rights. The subject of female sexuality has been evolving with ages, but it still hasn’t reached the point in which it is equal to that of man. Modern Christianity hasn’t really moved very far from the point where Eve is the best manifestation of women, and it is hard to say when the role of Lilith will be accepted and if it ever will.

    The strong inner need to express the energies and the anger of Lilith is in fact very good for the overall energy of our society. Venting in this field takes some of the pressure off the sign of Scorpio and Pluto, making us less turned to destruction, blind hate, and circumstantial tragedies. However seemingly incoherent with the vision of chastity, Lilith is in fact the purest form of feminine sexuality, and her lack of tact, subtlety and control is what makes it an outcast. All interpretations of this magnificent angry lady have to be taken with absolute caution, for touching the point where it causes pain, triggers all sorts of negative emotions in a person whose chart we try to unveil. Lilith is always an ugly breakup, a misunderstanding and disrespect in its core, and it won’t be easy to interpret it as anything less than what it is."