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  • haunt
    🌙 moonchild
    I attract Aries, sag, aquas and Taurus. I love Aries venus people too.

    I’m a cancer sun, leo moon, merc, mars, jup, Virgo venus.

    I’d never date another cancer though.
  • WildatHeart
    Libra Rising, Cancer Sun/Mercury, Cap Moon, Virgo Venus, Taurus Mars
    I have been dating a Virgo/Leo cusp (not sure of birth time and the sun moved on the day he was born) ~ Pisces Moon ~ Virgo Venus ~ Gem Mars ~ Virgo Mercury for a couple of weeks now.

    We are both in our early 40’s and both have children.

    He texts me every morning and multiple times throughout the day. He wants to spend every day that we don’t have our kids together. On days that we do have kids he will call me after their bedtime and stay on the phone for hours.

    Anyone out there dated someone with these placements? Or have these placements?

    #1 – I’m curious what placements would make someone jump in like that?
    #2 – Based on placements alone is this something that you would take seriously?

    I have just been going with it up to this point, but he is starting to include me in plans that are months away, telling me how much he likes me multiple times a day and hinting that he’d like to call me his girlfriend….
    I really haven’t dated much in the last few years so I find this behavior strange. I do really like him but I don’t want to get swept away by this…

    What do you guys think?

    I mean, I kind of get it, at our age a lot of people are just ready to settle down and find some happiness. I’m just curious if there are any placements here that could leave me blindsided…like maybe that Gemini Mars?
  • Dolluxxe
    Just a ditzy Libra with zero boundaries hailing from a gullible nation of maids
    Libra sun, Taurus moon, Cap rising, Virgo venus and Mars

    Always attracting either water signs (Scorpio and Cancer) or Earth (Taurus and Caps)
  • heliumfiasco
    Sun Lib12- Moon Gem 8- Merc Lib12-Venus/Mars Virgo11- Asc Lib-Pluto Scorp1st.
    Sun Virgo
    Moon Scorpio
    Merc Virgo
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Capricorn.

    Damn this makes so much sense.
  • Endless
    Sun: Leo - Moon: Capricorn
    my virgo venus isn't supposed to be aspected with my cappy uranus, but the description of the trine do fit me :S here it goes

    "The ability to get along with–and accept–people from all walks of life as friends is strong with this position"
    tolerance, cordiality and discipline 🙏

    "These people can readily see through insincerity in others"
    well I thought it was cuz experience but whatever

    "In relationships, tolerance is the most important “ingredient” to these people"

    "Their sexual preferences are somewhat unconventional, and they won’t be happy with a partner who tries to limit their sexual expression"
    I was bi until high school, I still fantasize with women but in love I rather guys, so that makes me gay?
    in sex imma lick every spot in the others body, nothing is forbidden, and no take backs!

    "They are usually quite capable of maintaining relationships that require a great deal of freedom and tolerance, such as long-distance romances or set-ups in which partners are unable to see each other consistently"
    true, ldr are so simple Big Grin Idk what's the deal with people that can't make them work

    "Their style in love is somewhat free and breezy, and noncommittal."
    I like commitment, it just, not supposed to be a total limitation

    "They quite naturally accept the idea that their partner might need some personal space and freedom"
    never happenedLaughing but the fact that my virgo venus usually aspect my generations pluto in scorpio or the next, pluto in sagittarius is probably the reason. 😅