Understand The Virgo Woman Using Astrology

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  • -sierra-
    virgo sun-pisces moon-virgo rising-virgo mercury-cancer venus-libra mars
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    I knew a male gay couple who were forever nagging each other lol

    Drama, drama, drama ... hilarious but annoying


    Exactly! 😂 Do you know what their signs are?

    They were both nitpicking Virgos lol

    I was at a dinner party once at their home and they treated me like a Queen... at the end of the eve after they'd been nagging each other they were saying I was Stevie Nicks and they wanted to kiss my feet and one of them shouted in a very theatrical way "you are the light bulb and we are the moths"Laughing

    They were competing to see who could worship me the most......so camp and so much drama

    ......and I hate drama

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    i always felt like virgos together will just enable each other's ocd
    there's a virgo woman married to a virgo man in my workplace
    and she dotes so much on how he does laundry and butter
    i'm not even kidding lol.. admits that it's one of the reasons she adores him LMFAO
    no woman ever talked about laundry so romantically
    or if not enabling each other's ocd, i've heard they just get really obsessed with each other
    virgo/virgo seems like a nutty pair
  • Capricorn man - Virgo woman
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    Aries and Virgo friends dated for 10 years. Married for 5 now and has one kid. Solid rs.

    What pairing are your friends? :

    Aries man/Virgo woman or Aries woman/Virgo man?
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    Aries man, virgo woman. The pairing was awesome because Aries needs a loyal partner and Virgo woman is loyal. Aries needs attention, to be adored and Virgo does that by making sure Aries is well taken care of. Its an amazing match that is overlooked by many.
  • -sierra-
    virgo sun-pisces moon-virgo rising-virgo mercury-cancer venus-libra mars
    sag rising
    sag moon
    virgo mercury
    libra venus
    virgo mars

    i adore this virgo woman
    she's queen virgo to me 😍
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    I think gemini and aquarius is one of the best combos in the zodiac. Well.... gemini woman/aquarius man.

    But what do I know, I'm a gemini with 4 personal planets in the 11th house and coexist with aquas, male and female, on a personal and professional level every single day lol

    I agree that we make excellent friends. And, work very well together also. But, relationships are a no-go with an Aquarius dude from now on. In fact, I haven't met one yet who can only be with one woman. Even the 50yr old ones I know are still tryna run game smh lol

    Hmm my dad is like that, as an aqua, but I never considered that he was that way because aquarius sun. All or most of the other aquas I know personally are faithful, including an ex aqua of a few years. I do think that aquarius women tend to be more faithful than aquarius men.

    I have yet to meet a faithful Aquarius. Man or woman. It may be time to go within and see what I'm missing lol But, I will be sure not to take an Aquarius serious again. I just can't do it.

    I got cheated on by an Aquarius too. Repeatedly. But Geminis have the cheater rep. *rolls eyes*

    They are so greedy for women, its apparent all over these boards too. Im sure they will follow their own erection off a cliff and still have the inability to grasp their role and responsibility

    😂😂😂 hilarious! I wasn't tryna go that hard on them.

    Lol its not all that bad, I attract them a lot in real life and the ones Ive observed seem to be really happy with Gemini women. I can tell you about why Aquarius/fixed sign men usually are a serial cheater in marriage but youre right I went in on Aquas way too hard 😂 so here are 2 success stories

    One of the most loyal men I personally had the pleasure of knowing was an Aquarius and married to a Gemini. They did a lot of humanitarian work together and both were in politics. He had.... LEO moon, Cap venus and mars. He passed away and when I see her, she always talks about their memories together and stories about how they were instantly in love with each other. All I remember about her chart is that she has Virgo Mars

    And this Aquarius guy with early degrees of LEO moon and early Cap venus, he's a Dutch politician dating a Gemini/Virgo moon. In an interview he said he waited a looong time to be with her and left his at that time gf for her
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    And this Aqua/Leo Moon/Cap Venus seems loyal to his Virgo/Gemini Mars wife too

    Theres a pattern there. Leo Moon is where its at 😁 get you one and their confidence is freaking hot too


    lol ;p

    where's his mars?

    Leo moon is hot. lol

    His capricorn loves her virgo bits. lol

    gemini really loves that aqua bits ;p

    she must have some fire somewhere or is a dominant fire house ...

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    Dont remember the other peoples placements because it was a long time ago I looked them up, the Virgo woman doesnt have fire in her personal placements. Dont know the houses. I just remember being surprised by how well the Gemini/Leo and Capricorn/Virgo pattern works in synastry