virgo woman

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  • Scrumptious
    This isn't HouseCleaning you're looking for.
    Virgo women are trash.
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    A- The submissive slave B- The controlling, Dominant Virgo woman C- a mix of A and B D- "other, let me explain"
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  • ChuggingA
    Lava Lamp
    All the taurus mans. I heard youre getting a cover up tat of a virgo woman strangling you. Appropriate.
  • Sunsetvirgo
    Virgo sun/sag moon
    Hol up
    Back to the thread, is the op saying that he wants to have a Scorpio woman as well even the though he’s in a relationship with a Virgo woman ?
    Or am I lost

    Is this the Taurus harem y’all talk about?
  • FishyDude
    Pisces sun, Scorpio moon, Cap rising
    38 years old male
    I'm a Pisces dude who is married to a Capricorn woman. I can't say it's the best relationship in the world, we have our ups and downs. Sometimes I wish I could have met a Virgo or Cancer girl, but, my wife and I have a harmonious relationship quite a bit of the time.

    OP, I would say try a Virgo woman before you pursue anything with this Cap lady and just see how it goes, plus, she's already in a relationship even though it's long distance. I know that I wouldn't want to be the reason why a woman broke up with her man.
  • 2Moon
    Balancing coffee
    Posted by LostinmyMind11
    Posted by 2Moon
    Posted by LostinmyMind11

    Make a decision! click to expand

    Did you forget where you are? can't force a Virgo to do anything..

    Guess and I will tell you if you are correct or not 😋 click to expand
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    This comment = B, The controlling, Dominant Virgo woman

    Definitely B with your placements.


  • Posted by Fallen2Pisces
    Posted by _sierra_
    Posted by Fallen2Pisces
    Posted by _sierra_
    Posted by Fallen2Pisces
    Posted by _sierra_

    to be fair to tauruses.. they are in fact the greatest thinkers and philosophers in history
    people just don't notice that
    when i'm not in my usual hater mood, i might write about that

    they are also very selfish and materialistic and like aquarius care about their own happiness..but still make me laugh and feel at ease..met a new taurus friend who reminded me of my old best friend, goofy laugh, says things to help you out...but when it comes to their benefit...they look after themselves... click to expand

    yes and that's why i don't like them much
    they may have a great sense of humor and can be reflective..
    but it's not the kind of reflection that's... charitable
    you can trust them to look out for their self-interests above all else

    they're the most earth-bound of the earth signs..
    the most earthling..most rooted.. the everyman
    the epitome of the mortal man..

    if aliens needed human samples to study the human condition..
    tauruses would be great samples.. click to expand

    man thats why i wanna get to know virgals soo much, they are grounded but not selfish like man i really need to shoot my shot, but i think its too late click to expand

    you have aries mars so i don't know the problem click to expand

    theres alot to it, living in an oppressed country where if you aint educated, come from money, or even the right race. its a problem ...but i dont know how she thinks i just see this ridiculous painted picture. I see ignorantly that shes on another lvl where she should be with some wall street guy, a leo who would treat her like butter, hopely not! because he got his butter together and charimas. I overthink butter like a freaking virgo or like im crazy but the truth is i get too damn shy and timid around her that i cant be still tryna figure out WTF IS THAT?! click to expand
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    First, you need to value yourself. You should see yourself as a “1 of 1” piece of artwork. If there’s one thing a Virgo woman doesn’t want, it’s a man who is mentally deficient. Have confidence in your character