What zodiac signs don't you get along with?

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8/4/2009 7:57:23 PM | More

56 years old female from Planet Neptune  


Cancer & Gemini
8/4/2009 9:06:57 PM | More

29 years old male from Desert Hell

I love pie.

The 11 Zodiac signs.
8/4/2009 11:15:25 PM | More
LeGendary ViRGo

male from Brooklyn

Destined For Greatness Someday Lol

other Virgos, sags, Scorpios, Taurus,
8/5/2009 9:24:13 AM | More

34 years old

Sun Aries 18.31 Moon Gemini

Leos...even though as Aries I'm suppose to. They drive me treetrunking nuts...
8/5/2009 10:50:54 AM | More


Posted by jade_dragon
What signs don't I get along with? Well, I'll tell you- I'm not a big fan of Stop signs.

They totally piss me off.

Just Say No.

Hahaha! That was brilliant! LOL!
8/5/2009 10:54:12 AM | More

female from Florida  

December 9 1987.

Cancers...it's a love hate. Alot of eye rolling when they're around but I miss them when they're gone. They're freaks.

No luck getting along with geminis at all, so far.
Virgo girls hate me. The feeling is pretty mutual I must say.

8/5/2009 11:12:43 AM | More


Overall, it seems I've had the hardest time with Geminis.
8/5/2009 11:16:20 AM | More

female from a spot in the shade  

was i ever crazy? maybe... or maybe lif

what's yo sign, baby?
8/6/2009 12:59:05 PM | More

32 years old female

Ascendant: Aquarius Sun: Leo Moon

what abot those damned 'one-way only' signs?!

i can pretty much get along with every sign but aries can push it. we get along very well but they exhaust me is all. can only take so much.
8/9/2009 10:15:38 PM | More

Posted by jade_dragon
And don't even get me started on those Yield signs.

Stupid f**kers

HaHaHa That was funny as butter!
8/9/2009 10:23:13 PM | More

I hate to say this, but i have a hard time with CANCERS! I can't stand it when people flip-out on you for NO REASON! I think it's RUDE! One of my good friends is a cancer, and sometimes she'll get all pissy and snappy for no reason sometimes, and im like "look hoe, i could just take this outside if it's like that!"

And she NEVER takes advice when she asks for it ***especially when it comes to men****. She just continues to do what she originally started to do!

But i have to admit, i love her loyalty and ability to make everyone feel like family when we are all together!

8/10/2009 5:26:49 AM | More

。*☆∴★ ∵★。☆∵。

8/10/2009 5:44:10 AM | More

。*☆∴★ ∵★。☆∵。

8/10/2009 5:48:21 AM | More

。*☆∴★ ∵★。☆∵。

thanks deemsout

signs I dont get along with are

aries (super battalion)

and awerv.

also ophiuchus.
8/10/2009 6:08:49 AM | More

。*☆∴★ ∵★。☆∵。

Posted by DepressedAngel

This pilot sure had a sarcastic way of expressing his opinion.

I woulda thought it crashed during flight school
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