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by MsPisces.
I don't recognize a single person here lol Where are all the OGs?? :)
by ladylibra21
Ok tabo topic I know. I've had a Cancer man, Scorp Mars and Libra man with Virgo Mars both pull the oh well we can put a towel down business LOL and this was after not knowing them for very long. Do you think they were just desperate for sex or do you thi
by Imarollin
Movies, TV series, you name it!
by GemmyGirl
I've just read in this forum that if a Virgo guy likes you, he becomes cold/distant. What about a Virgo guy being distant after the first date? How this behaviour can be interpreted?
by Lene
Ok so here is the story. A guy approached me on a dating site in September, we started talking, he is intelligent, deep, well read, very mysterious and as you may have guessed a Scorpio. Since I live in Europe and he works in Afghanistan he kept making pl
by aquapiscescusp
Cosby is innocent!

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Obituaries: @DonnaElvira77 , @ManilaVice, @RumiLove, @littlemegabyte, @ramengirl and many others we've never heard of
@VanillaExt Awesome!You,me @moondust , Pizza, apple n spinach salad, redvelvet cakes or blueberry tart, sex n the city n lots of gossip!! Yayy!!
Norman Reedus (Capricorn, Daryl in the Walking Dead) Would Like 'Seven Rihannas Waiting for [Me] in a Hot Tub' When He Goes to Heaven. 28. January 2016
@teena that's fine! i can make a good apple and spinach salad!
@VanillaExt N maybe I'll bake for you?? Cool with that??
@VanillaExt Sure hon!!! Ohh I love pizza!!!
.... So I was looking at this link from my Facebook feed about what celebrities are related and found out that Ryan Gosling is distant cousins with Justin Bieber. I just screamed at the internet.
I just think a lot of people are growing tired of the treetrunkery on DXP.
@vixen if only i had the power to chocolatefy them #crickets