Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge
By Shul
Any fans?»

Please advise before I lose my freaking mind!
By confusedbiotch
I am a Capricorn female who fell in love with a Virgo man. Can't tell ya anything other than that because I haven't aske»

What happens when you ignore a leo moon?
By That1Girl
Male with cancer sun»

cheekyfaerieNo Scottish Independence?
By cheekyfaerie

onlinestore0818Woolrich Uomo design
By onlinestore0818
For some others Woolrich Bambino are used to add more comfort when they go out on expedition or trekking to high altitud»

By Montgomery

AquaFoxCancer Boss
By AquaFox
The worst thing I could wish on anyone, is a moody, immature, jealous and just plain ignorant Cancerian Boss ( Female) U»

inkblot test
By exoskeleton share your results! :)»

So who are the 'Alpha Female's' of dxp?
So do alpha females like a partner that's their equal? And blah blah blah blah I nominate kitty angel. And Jynja..»

Turn a Blind Eye
By CreepyPants
Ever think of how often you do it? Why you do it? Or question your own reasoning? Is it a reasonless non-action»

Are Scorpio female more alpha?
By Impulsv
Ok I feel I'm beta but Scorpio energy can make me appear alpha. Not only that, I work were being alpha is mandatory. Wh»

Woolrich Uomo designWoolrich Uomo design
For some others Woolrich Bambino are used to add more comfort when they go out on expedition or trekking to high altitud


My Leo cat loves me so much hes so adorable! Falls asleep in my arms everytime :)
Put you're your admiration on hold until you know how she/he got it.
Reach out your hands I'm just a step away How in the world can I wish for this? Never to be torn apart Close to you till the last beat of my heart
And you thought i was played haha priceless know thy enemy, not what they wished you to see
Sometimes i get scared that my emotions are going to kill me. Suffocate me to death. I hate feeling.
People are full of butter.
I need the 49ers to beat Cardinals this weekend. It's a must!
If this keeps going on, I'll take myself out of the game.
lol!! c;
wynter, caliber - this one is for you lovely ladies :D greetings from morpheus
Ya wee sultry thing you! :)
how bout i slip into something a little more comfortable, like a coma?
i can't decide what to cook for tonight's dinner. I've got some options in the freezer.
Real Life Quote of the Day - "I don't eat oatmeal raisin cookies. They are trying to trick the senses." - Taurus Sun