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by Harukaa
A lot of people think they are good people..and we know that even Hitlar think the same about himself. So tell the truth : do you think that you are a good person or not .. and why ?
by SensitiveBlues
Seem the type to either talk sheet about you behind your back or take your man! I think I'm chilling on mutables
by cuteboy
and state your mercury sign. mines, i'm not gonna lie.... high school. mercury in cancer in the 10th house i think.
by SA3182
My aqua guy took a 10 day break to sort his head out (had posted this a few weeks ago). He came back, however things have not been the same between us. Something is amiss and we are drifting. We don't talk abt 'US' anymore, no physical contact, no calls o
by SensitiveBlues
I love 🇨🇦! Nicest ppl ever! So sweet! I want to move up there so bad, but it's so expensive! I love my mini trips up north! Had such a great time this weekend. Thanks for being so different from us jerks down here
by lolmeng
I'm a Virgo on Libra cusp. He said he wanted to be friends and I'm fine with that but I still want to make him like me back. He is different from other guys who are mean and insensitive because he is genle and compassionate. Hes shy but I'm patient and un
by TrueFantasy
I like how there are a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures. It spices up this site. I'll start by saying I'm Palestinian from the UK. :-)
by cancerman0707
Im a cancerian guy and i've been talking to a girl online for well over 2 years now. We have got on so so well until now about everything. I finally got her to agree to meet me, but then the time i would get to see her was getting shorter and shorter. I a

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Spread the love - Sagittarius to Sagittarius ;)

Spread the love - Sagittarius to Sagittarius ;)

You know, there's a lot of trolling hate base type topics flying and the occasional people posting how this or that sign is loved. But the one thing I love about being a Sagittarius? We love to flatter, flirt, and pamper each other with good feels! I l

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It feels amazing when you unplug from the Internet.
@moondust no,no.Since Sag and Gem are always on good terms, Gem will persuade Sag to get the killer to kill Aqua first. Lololol
@FyzaGems lol, the aqua would be the guy who says "yeah whatever" and stays away from the ones who the killer is looking for haha
@moondust Nah, that was a mistake. LMAO!
Aquas win at life even in horror movies