Dealing With: Slump Of Might
By S3V3N
Sun in Scorpio... Moon in Leo Mercury in Scorpio.. Venus in Libra Mars In Scorp The part that trips me... Jup»

Cancer man troubles !
By Cena354
*please no negativity * Well about 4 months ago I became involved with a cancer man at my job I myself am a VERY strong»

Dominance, aggression, passion
By IllaLupus
What placements would you say evoke such things in your own personal opinion and what is your experience with that? I've»

ladycappi41Well now....
By ladycappi41
Ok. So, I posted asking about how much longer. Now, this weekend I decided to hang out with some friends at my house.»

virgokingHey virgo guys is this you
By virgoking
I do act like this when people insult me I must admit try not to but can't help it I always thought it was the Scorpio r»

a Site i was looking at
By angiedbc457»

aquasnozBeauty in Tradition
By aquasnoz
Like most Aquas I indulge in the whacky and the weird. There's a charm about something just so out of place that it plea»

a Site i was looking at
By angiedbc457»

Saggi facepalm
By M
Started seeing this Saggi. Now she's gone spotty/ cold...leaving me wtf. Our signs don't speak the same language to begi»

Taurus man interested or not interested?
By londonlibralady
So i went on a first date with this great Taurus guy last week, we really hit it off, talked loads, laughed loads over d»

How do you know if a scorp doesn't love you?How do you know if a scorp doesn't love you?
I don't want to spill my life into the Internet like some dramatic story. I want to know how a Scorpio sun would behave


sitting in my room nude, enjoying this Leo moon :)
snozzy, the knight :D lmao.
Being teased at work for physically picking up my gf to kiss her. Like... lads... I ain't getting no RSI from looking down all the time. haha!
So this morning I pulled a muscle putting on my jeans, lost my car keys, tripped over the bog roll and landed with my hand in the toilet. Well done auri, you fvckin roaster.
Dunno but would never rule out a podiatrist gf. She's almost guaranteed not to have a foot fetish. Who wants to bring your work home with you? win win
Is it wrong to be turned off by someone else's occupation? I know someone who feels this way and she's still single and grasping for straws. I don't want to follow in her footsteps.
midnite, where as she been lately? kind of MIA...:/
I was thinking about my last job, had i known it would've affected me the way it did I would've left immediately instead of "being strong." "Being strong" caused me to dull mentally and damaged my self esteem and enthusiam for work.
Terribly bored Sag Moon.
Libra men are the most beautiful creatures in the world of human existence. Such politeness, is it?
Karaokeinggggg eeeeeee :D
Down the hell hole with the chat.
Get on chat you slags
"Great things are, by their very nature, unique and unconventional. "