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I don't think I'll make it. It was very difficult! :( At least I didn't quit mid-way through. I purposely didn't answer the last four questions of the last subject, which only has 5% of the total scores. I am brain-dead today. Literally! :(
by libraqueen
It's crazy. I recommend all Libras to date Sag men, but stay away from Scorpios lol. Every Scorpio that chased after me came off rude and arrogant. They're also somewhat abusive with words. My dad is a Scorpio and has an EXTREMELY sharp tongue and it's ne
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This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
by Astrobyn Welcome to the 2015 DXP Awards. We start with this off with our Nomination thread, where we need you to nominate one users for each category. This thread will be open for two days and close on Mo
by jeane
is there a mountain too high? a valley too low? a river too wide? is there a point where two people who truly love each other should face reality and accept they are beaten? or is no obstacle too big to overcome where love is concerned?
by KittenLaRouge
He made love to me for hours never taking his lips off of mine. Let me sit on his face for a good 45 min until i squirted. He's been my lover for a good 9 months now and it just keeps getting better and more emotional and passionate every time. This man i
by Globus
I have been dating this Virgo man for about 9 months now , he hasnt had a gf in like 6, 7 years only one night stands.. so he met me and we started something he has been coming back and leaving 10000 times , he is cold warm , he opend up to me a few time

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I only respond to real people not troll dolls.
I feel bad 4 ppl like you..... Honestly
Dumb muhtreetrunkas these days I swear ...
@Ands2016 You're an embarrassment to this site & yourself. Constantly talking butter about me on here. Internet bully much ? I'm so relevant to ur time on dxp yet u don't know how to use a block button.
I can't w/ people
Stupid ass cookiemonster posting on the front page !!!!
Just saw The Night Before... Man Lizzy Caplan sure is beautiful. Not that I didn't already know that before. She puts the expression "there must be something in the water" externally because her beauty just radiates from her Cancer Asc. and Sun. Scorp Moo
Tired from packing.....
treetrunk You