By Nala13
Guess What... It's your born day. Enjoy.»

Life Is Beautiful
By xvll27
I have finally decided to delete my account soon and please I don't wish any body to use my personal info and other stu»

Help me w my natal chart report please
By Libralovescrystal
Crystal nicole colclough Sex F Los Angeles, CA 6 United States 10/18/1985 10:14 - Julian day 2446357.22 Adjust 7.00 ST»

suncheeI need this job
By sunchee
Ive ben trying to get this job for a month.. I'm not asking for much just send me some luck I guess dxpnet!!»

SirHornsIf you were given these...
By SirHorns
Situation: You're at a social gathering. Mix of friends, co-workers, etc. Not too casual or anything business related. A»

Cancer Ventura Batters Aries Kyle
By DonJohnson
So Kyle LIED about knocking out Ventura in a bar fight. And lied about Ventura wishing death on the Seals. Ventura cle»

SirHornsCaps and Fatalism
By SirHorns
Fatalism may consist of two components: 1) the belief that events are beyond our control, and 2) the belief that we cann»

He told his best friend he likes me but NOT me
By CLASSifiedPisces
I've been friends with a cancer for some years now / we are childhood friends . Other time we developed feelings for eac»

Which sign(s) are...
By SirHorns
The most relatable as a story protagonist? Which would be the most interesting as a protagonist? Any seem over done?»

Mars in scorpio are the sexiest.
By SuperMissMan
How many others here have this placing? I love it, it seems perfect to me. Blends horribly with my aries venus, but I'm»

RAIDEN   MKX nuff said!RAIDEN MKX nuff said!


Happy birthday me! The only gift I could possibly want I already have. That is the gift of life.
Cancer girl suddenly making an effort again..hmm.
The opposite of love isn't hate - it's indifference. It also takes less energy...
I can't control everything but I can go with the flow and give my best :)
I'm a participant in the doctrine of constructive ambiguity.
I went to sleep & woke up with this mountaneous zit on my lip. I squeezed it & now it feels like 1 of the wonders of the world. It's like everyone is staring @ my swollen lip. Plus it's oozing liquid. Ugh
the BullCraddle is sprinkle I'm tired of it
Look candle or what ever your name is I got no desire to speak with you again and don't unblack me ever to speak because your block /Unblock game is so stupid I never run after you ...Its done between you and me ...Live your life and I live my own
And I'm only a million miles from home.
counting down the days until summer is over. Winter revenge?
stop destroying the planet stop destroying the animals go vegan
conquest competition and consensus...pyramid vision.
you light up my life.
Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?