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by libraprobs4
So you get a gift from a friend whom you've been flirting with (on and off), would you not open it straight away? I gave this Libra man a goodbye gift as he's leaving our workplace. I gave it to him on Thursday. He came to me today apologising he still h
by YourFavoriteDXPMember
With all this BS talk about "women are the same as men," and other such crap, I would like to know why women are excluded from mandatory military service. Think about it. If women can run around saying that they are the same as men, why not make fed
by GreyWiz
I think have posted this before but i kinda forgot about it and it was quite a while ago. who do you think is a leo male's best match? I am not looking for copy&paste from astro websites so please don't post that garbage here. I would love to hear real
by canmini
to a Cancer man Scorpio women are like that one hot or decent girl that likes Cancer men, are down for Cancer men and wants to be with Cancer men, totally devoted to Cancer men, but Cancer men don't really like them like that, their not really into them l
by trustissues000
Ok so a few days back, about a week after he asked why I never text him, I had texted him what's up and he responded and we had a good conversation. In the same conversation, I asked him if he wanted to hang out that night and he said he "probably could"
by DonnaElvira77
*Waves Hankerchief* Hellllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
by MoonshineLeo
people think we are not that deep but i would say we are deep lovers, they dont call us the lovers of the zodiac for nothing but i can see why people think that. So fellow leos how do you handle emotions? good and bad, do you make them known? would you r

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so after jeremy clarkson's debacle/scandal over punching a producer in the face for bringing him a cold steak, then being overvalued and conning amazon out of millions of dollars. they've replaced him and his crew hammond and may with stranger people. one

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Hurray for new cute snap chat filters !
i wuv my bunny boo
@CantGetEnough Can I cater an open bar for this riot? Bartender at your service!
2 years in Charlotte and the Panthers are going to the Super Bowl. 😎
I do as well Hannah i'm glad we're on the same page