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by SuperMissMan
I feel like Pisces are the most evil signs when angered, but I feel like it's hard to anger us so it's kind of deserved since we're pretty live let live and indifferent about things. But when I get infuriated I'm a monster you wish you didn't awaken, a
by idk
this being the man cave, and mans like to make things, i was wondering what the coolest things the manliest mans on dxp have made. due to my cheap-nature i've built some pieces of furniture in the past. might not be pretty but they work just enough, just
by TachibanaSan
what flavor would they be? mine would be sakura flavor.
by exxtasyx
Um, what a shady website. I ordered some jeans and a pair of sunglasses and they didn't get here when they were supposed to, I never received a tracking number and now they won't even respond to me. LOL. Never experienced anything like this before!
by killerwhalemoon
I'm curious. I haven't. I generally feel more attracted to non white men but never did anything about it. A few days ago I asked my long time Asian (i think) if he wants to cuddle when we both get off work. We both work long days and love to sleep. Could
by asc_scorp1991
I told him I loved him multiple times He committed Next day I backed away because I thought he wasn't "into me" After that:: He " put his guard up as he is emotionally threatened" ; These are his words. Now I ask him if we can get back t
by KinglyCrab
Goodnight my sweet princess.
by bricklemark
the intellectual level is non existent entirely.

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Hopeless but hopeful

Hopeless but hopeful

My ex -boyfriend and I have been together one year three months and living together for six months and still are. He dumped me Monday night on the drive home. We are still sleeping in the same bed and I still cook. I'm not sure I'm doing myself any good.

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Happy Valentine's day :') width="640" height="360" src="
My nipples are hard.
damn Gwen Stefani looks good, who'a her surgeon ?
Dunk of the night.
Happy V-Day everyone!
lol...I adore INXS still. They Mystify me..