What's your Job?
By Tanya Jones
What do you do for a living? Your sun/moon?»

Any Leos feeling down right now?
By AugustBaby8

Why do women want to change their man?
By thinktoomuch
- going into a relationship? Or even before they really start dating? Rant: For some weird reason, I experience ma»

annoyedfishI want an aqua girl like feby
By annoyedfish
I need some randomness in my life. Are all aqua women random like feby? Or will they rebel and turn conformist on me»

Rambunctious76Scorpio moon archiving
By Rambunctious76
My fellow Hades mooners, do you have an archive of emotions from past incidences, like a record of things that happen to»

firebird: dxp's baby daddy
By MrFirebird

TaurusBull1977Sun and Moon Contradictions
By TaurusBull1977
I posted this on DXPNET (Under Moon Signs) Do you often struggle with the contradiction of your Sun Sign & Moon Signs»

Dreaming about owls
By t4y
Last night I dreamed that I saw a tree full of owls landed there, all facing forwards looking at my direction. Then they»

Why does America need a congress?
By Blood ft. Water
Your president has a pen and phone why do you need a congress?»

Semicolon Project ; Depression & Anxiety
By MrFirebird

Conjunctions to IC
By Huldra
Two Leo-heavy people in my life feel like home. And terrify me at the same time, as the IC is the most personal part of»

Operation Fish Slap
He sees right through what she wants no one to know; they have such a strong connection that he already knows everything about her.
It's raining cats and dogs! :-))
Old thoughts and habits die and better ones replace them.
Only two hours of sleep..
@ellle : your astro twin pissed me off majorly today with something she said, so yes.
RatedX it is Pisces full moon coming up... Settle yourself... and know you are not the only emotional one. It is a super moon... ;)
My emotions are swaying but with the lows come the highs and throughout all of this I'm still hopeful
RatedX often times the "night is darkest before the dawn."
lately TV and most movies put me to sleep =/ .. #lifeaintfair
noticed alot of air signs moving lately including my bestfriend :(
I absolutely love that I'm learning to tap into my top 3 ruling signs when the situation calls for it. :)
words are not coming out right today. *frustrated*
Tired as hell because I was up late trying to help a dodo bird!