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by andstrollbot
and you're the only people in the room?
by LightIsAParticle
I wasn't expecting to "come back" so soon. For a minute there I was going to be "gone" for a while. But I kept reading through my "tribute" topic and so many things kept popping up at me screaming "OMG ARE THESE IDIOTS SERIOUS?" meanwhile I had to interna
by UnusualVaginalDischarge
What are they like usually?
by Deadpoop
Soooooooo i've heard....6 months salary for an engagement ring....3 months salary....a year salary. WELL?! WTF IS IT?! I've heard big diamonds are a pain, and something too small is embarrassing.
by rockyroadicecream
Why? Why does it seem like every Leo I meet is basically a compulsive liar? The exaggerating, the white lies, the big lies, all of it. Is this rooted in the Leo's desire for attention? Is it all based in that horrific egocentric motivation? What the
by Nevermore
In Aries: Lilith is straight-forward about her sexuality & may use it to feel powerful. Applied in a negative manner, there may be temper tantrums or bratty behavior. Lilith often causes an extreme strive for autonomy, leading to problems in partnerships
by Poppyseeds
Before we met he seems flirty on text. When we met he didn't even give me a hug as a greeting, but he kept extending the date by lingering, asking me for a walk. Then asked me what I want to do next. I told him I got things to take care of later and he ga
by Saturnlady
...bad things about this sign? GEMS are good friends. Gems ARE good friends. Gems are GOOD friends. Gems are good FRIENDS. and that's it

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off to le gym
This movie is so sad all I'm doing is crying crying crying "holding the man" on Netflix
As the first word of the song title is 'Off', I'm going to be off DXP for a while. Just need a break. Cheers all, take it easy, check y'all on the rebound.
The movie is cashed holding the man on Netflix and yes I'm crying