Need help with a scorpio man
By Marseax3
I met a scorpio man a little bit ago and at first he was all over being around me. And wanted to take me out even though»

Taurus..He came back??
By BeaCancer91
I absolutely feel nothing... I don't hate, don't like, dont feel anything except for... Holy butter... He asked how I w»

Virgo Man & Cheating
By DyaAurora
hello guys. i'm an aries woman and i've known this virgo guy for quite sometimes. i was attracted to him and i made»

PetiePrayer to the Virgin Mary (never known to fail)
By Petie
PRAYER OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never Known to Fail) Oh, most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor»

amberbrownHelp me! He texted me back, now what?
By amberbrown
Ok after two weeks My Aries has stopped the ice storm and responded to my texts. And he didn't take hours! :-) I have be»

Love Bugs
By xy

ckraprickornARIES WOMEN!?
By ckraprickorn
what do you look for in a man?»

❤ Your Favorite Beauty Products❤
By royalqueen
Make a list of your favorite beauty products and don't forget to show pictures :) Think of this as our own little magaz»

(Repost) Aries guys or girls heellp
By Toomuchofaleo
Ok so there's this aries boy (were teens), he's liked me for a while but never made a move, all he did was look into my»

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What's the latest with you?
Losing my voice. Bahhhhh
good girl SH, good girl!! I wish you all the best and I want updates!!
hating technology
hey xy - you're in metamorphosis! ! yay! :D
"Fools," said I, "You do not know – Silence like a cancer grows.
But I won't rush like a train and meet my own pain for that someone's heart is what I must first gain _3 :D
There is no folly that a man will not contemplate if money or a woman is involved." Harry Flashman
@jeannegrey I sure did shhh...
What's the latest with you?
oh well.
SH did you rope one? BRAVA ma lady!!!
@jeannegrey true! Mature & evolved Taureans are the gentlemen of the zodiac, it doesn't get any sweeter.
SH, its such a SHOCK, isn't it? It would never show otherwise. THEY ARE SO SWEET deep down … but its DEEP DOWN LOL