how would a Cancer with Aries moon sign be sexuall
By crabflows

Birthday gifts for caps
By SamCancerGirl
It's almost cap month - well at least a month away and I'm thinkn of birthday presents....! I want to make him his fa»

By crabflows
today I was making croissant and I recognize something, I have a perverted mind, now I'm wondering if they make wheat cr»

FuzzaMuzza7If the signs were a band?
By FuzzaMuzza7
Vocals: Virgo, Aries or Pisces Guitar: sagg, cancer or Aqua Drums: Taurus, cap or Leo Bass: gem, Scorpio or libra»

By scorchedearth
any other taureans have it natally? i have the opposition. it's out of sign. venus in aries opposite pluto in scorpio»

Racist people are ugly (on the inside)
By CancerLeoDynamite
I have noticed that only the lowest class, trashy, ugly and disgusting people date them. Why don't you hit the gym, and»

shellshockeraqua ex got emotional
By shellshocker
My kid’s Aqua Dad and I have been separated/divorced for years. In the past, if I was nice to him (my normal self) h»

Why do only low class women date black men?
By Mr. Defense
I have noticed that only the lowest class, trashy, ugly and disgusting women tend to want to date black guys. If she i»

Dealing with my Cap mom..
By Hotbeefy
Because I can't stand with her any longer.. I feel emotional beaten up, overly controlled my life, unable to hold her c»

By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
If your guy wanted kids but you couldn't have any.. did you consider adoption? Yes Or No?? Why or why not? Do y»

No touchdowns for the Hawks. Just field goal after field goal. Come on HAWKS
nostalgia... its like one of those punk staplers with the surprise electric shock. no warning, then a jolt, nervous laughter then leaving you with tingles and just a little annoyed at the whole charade
Bored! Nap time!
I just want to lay on this couch, eat, and watch football. But Nope, I have laundry, to study for my test, and to clean.
Local news: A cow is pregnant with a bull calf for the first time. I appreciate that they report important news that's relevant to all of us.:-i
Death is a powerful motive
Happy New Moon In Sag afterglow!
last night was great
Change can be beautiful, when we are brave enough to evolve with it
Respect every hustle
In through the outdoor ~
meaningless relationships are meaningless unless your are treetrunking, then you start falling in love, that why I must make sure someone is worthwhile if I should get into a relationship with them and treetrunk them
Just spent 5 hours with the Virgo and I let him help me with Math. They like to help right. He was like "you're pretty smart" he says that alot. Anyways great night just chit chatting about nothing. No goodnight kiss tho.