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by Reincarnation Any other Scorpions suffer from this phenomenon? It is quite annoying.
by exo
is it common for y'all to have a whole slew of ones that got away? ones that you regret not taking it further with? maybe it was bad timing or you were running around too much at the time to take it seriously?
by Magenta_Azure
I like Super Sour Diesel. I'm smoking on some low quality butter right now but it's doing the job just fine. What's your favorite?
by MiketheScorp
Anyhow.. Any of you have spotty work history, have had many diffenerent jobs .. ? I sure have, I have a hell of a time trying to settle on any one thing. I really get bored at any employment where I do too much of the same thing all the time, too comp
by SpiceNSugar
True or False?
by xolani
Ok this is the scenario let me know wut ur reaction would be. So lets say a friend you've known for a few years you had a sort of falling out with but your still friends. You know or think this person likes you a lot but you were never certain. By thi
by faith$golphin
I’m a Leo woman and I've been seeing a capricorn man for over 7 years who has a girlfriend. Throughout our 7 year stint he has been extremely confusing and has showed mixed signals towards me. 7 years is a long time and I feel we have gone through a lot
by TxOgal
I am feeling really awful.. I had high hopes to see him tomorrow.. I started a language course near his home (an hour away from mine) and i only go once a week. Last week he came to see me but only for a very short time cause he had family obligations

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GRrrrr why can't i get gifs to work...
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Let me believe in you as I do in fire
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Don't cry if u get cheated by air sign, because it happens..
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Total Goddesses
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60° ac off. Windows open. Heaven
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self-destructive tendencies
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Lol lisabeth♥
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are awesome.
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