Work and future
By SamCancerGirl
I know how important work is to a cap. I have loved my job for as long as I can remember but recently I feel a bit lost.»

Calling all African Americans for survey
By aquarius78
Hello, I am almost complete with my surveys. I need 4 more African Americans to take my ten question survey. It is for»

By Shruikan
Okay so, this guy has been all over the Scorpio board and he appears to be insane. He says he's a crab. This can't be no»

WynterBill Cosby
By Wynter

NoreallynowSexual synastry..
By Noreallynow
How accurate is it? I was on a website and it gave descriptions for venus-mars, mars-mars, sun-mars,venus-pluto,moon-mar»

By safire
Lately I've encountered multiple sources stating sags lack discipline, especially when young. What are your thoughts on»

caster721How to DELETE a Thread!
By caster721
......I would appreciate if anyone can shed me some light on this matter! Also, as long as i have been here, i don't»

Blood is thicker than water
By VirgoSvengali
Hey lionesses, My little sister is a leo ( obviously the reason i'm making a post here). We had an argument this sum»

Pisces Rising
By duchesslibro
If you are or someone you know: How do ppl perceive Pisces Asc? Include sun sign please. :)»

Your Real Astrological Sign?
By Nemesis
i was wondering about astrology - and about the fact, that you, as a person/individual your clock starts ticking the mom»

I think I've stopped believing..
By deepseagiant2
In love. Have any of you fish gone through a crappy time with a love interest where they actually made you think lov»

Anxious much?Anxious much?
Am I the only one that gets super anxious when your love interest hasn't contacted you all day? I take this personally.


Today is one of those days...if I'm going to go out, I'm going out swinging. *Way too much on my plate and I'm full* Thanks Sun Conjunct Saturn in my 1st freakin house :P
Ohh look, I found my switch.
I guess it is my fire moon sign Aries, and also my zodiac sign is Cancer so the moon will be an important planet in my chart
the knights of the round table have been spotted. :)
man somehow when I'm around Capricorn I experience the worst
weather is getting colder and colder.. I need sun :(
The meaning of life is to make change. It isn't about being the nice guy or whatever. It's about completely tearing down the being society has created and starting from scratch.
Awww @justagirl. I miss you and I'm sure others on DXP miss you. Maybe :P
haunting my ambition
I loved her not for the way she danced with my angels, but for the way the sound of her name could silence my demons XD