Gemini man/Aqua woman and what if...?
By rosesandwine
a few years ago, I (Aquarius woman) met a Gemini guy at an event abroad. we noticed each other throughout the week. on t»

:) i like this article
By Magenta_Azure Especially this bit. Aphrodite and Eros In West»

Miracle Prayer-Thank you
By garnercp
Say nine consecutive times. Make the sign of the cross every time you say the prayer. Publish Immediately. O Great Pa»

HoneyDipHow long are you willing to wait for a RING?
By HoneyDip
This topic was a crazy one when I asked on Twitter, but I'd love to know your honest opinion. Ladies, how long are you w»

miimiiTurnin Point with Taurus Male
By miimii
For all the ladies confused by Taurus male please dont get excited because this is not the post about the happily ever a»

Libra Risings?
By hnq
With the North Node almost being done its transit thru Libra, has it already passed over your ascendant? How was it? Any»

HoneyDipLocation ideas for FIRST DATE....?
By HoneyDip
In your opinion, What location would be great to take someone on a first date? For me personally, I like fun stuff.. So»

your moon?
By b1tchcrafts
thoughts? I love my combination I mean we have Kathleen Hanna :D»

Aries woman + Taurus man.... PLEASE
By Glamjane1013
Share your stories! This just seems like such a doomed pairing. I just ended things with a Taurus, but I miss him and I»

Taurus Assistance Needed
By Pink33
I have a question and would appreciate any advice. I had a fast romance with a Taurus Male. We're both mid 30's./profe»

Dogs Strange BehaviorDogs Strange Behavior
My Cancer guy friend came over to help move some furniture. My Scorpio dog was behaving strangely. I've never seen him a


Baltimore will not let them forget. Rightfully so, #Blacklivesmatter...YES Black Lives, no shade on any other lives out there who feel the need for validation. Then again... y'all don't get murked every other day just about.
Hurry up and wait
Didn't wanna listen when they told you. Now you eating Soybean Tofu, the government owns you. The Antichrist approaches, everybody holds their noses. They know death don't smell like roses~~Canibus
~Getting closer with the Virgo~♡
6 days till Mexico! Via con Dias!
I got it bad for this bull. feelings ughhhh!
I need my space....
this gemini guy keeps on staring at me
Mami in that Tom Ford. Papi in that Thom Browne.
I'm too hot, call the police and the fireman...Don't believe me just WATCH!!!
thoughts so loud I couldn't hear my mouth..
Water sucks! Haterade is better!!
Working out at the gym and increasing the work out. Good kind of pain.
dxp profile is REALLY aging me to 31 a week early??!? come ON!! :-P