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by Capriunicorn
My question has a long back story (here's the abridged version lol): I met my Taurus friend 8 years ago; we bonded immediately and dated casually, but he had a drinking problem. He randomly called me “his girl” but I chalked it up to drunken flirta
by lisabethur8 Women really DO find the silent, brooding type sexier: Scientists discover happy men are 'significantly less attractive' But men prefer
by aNEWday
Let's say you are attracted to someone and they were attracted to you (not in a relationship) but wondering about starting one with this person. if you knew somehow for a fact that this person is not 'the one' (for example, you are 'destined' to meet t
by aquaboy84
Do you feel different from your fellow zodiac members ?
by christinelovessnickers
Why do people do them?
by aquaboy84
they always come back
by retrogradexy
Hello Jekyll and Hydes, How are you all feeling lately? Do you feel more gem than usual?
by TauroMale
how well do you get along with your own sign? i find Taurus females are kind of hard to talk to when you first meet them and some are kind of rude haha

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Need someone with a vast knowledge of fantasy and just books in general.

Need someone with a vast knowledge of fantasy and just books in general.

Years ago...Oh goodness about a decade ago since I was 14/15 when I came across a book. I can't remember most of the plot but there was a character in it that makes me want to reread the story. Sadly I can't recall the title or the author and haven't been


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Don't cry if u get cheated by air sign, because it happens..
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60° ac off. Windows open. Heaven
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self-destructive tendencies
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