Ice Cold Cancer Lady Finally Came Around!!!!!!
By japansbestkeptsecret
Last night I working on my research and then I get a text alert. Look at my phone and I can't believe my eyes, it's my c»

Insulting a Taurus man
By aire47
I've been seeing a Taurus man on and off since 2011. Things didn't seem so serious in the beginning, though withing seve»

Libra and scorpio friendship
By Librapride18
I have a scorpio friend who is in love with me, but he has a girlfriend and I have a someone to. I don't know how we can»

xvll27My Dream Girl
By xvll27
Gemini candle ...»

auriqaWhat sign do you find to be the most attractive?
By auriqa
Okay, so I found this on some Tumblr page where they surveyed 100 people and asked what sign they thought was most attra»

what signs do Leo WOMEN end up marrying?
By ZelaleZ

Kim31Fellow Crabs
By Kim31
Please explain something. Let me say I don't dislike anyone just because of their sign. But after I find out their sign,»

Hello beautiful Aries Ladies...have a ?
By TheLioness79
About my teenage Aries daughter. I am a bit worried about her and wondering the best way to help her. She is 14 and an»

Top Ten Dxpnet Male Superstar 2014
By xvll27
Okay last year I made a Top ten dxpnet male superstar 2013 list at the Month of October This year I cant say I be»

dream job
By smellycat
Is there something even close to the concept of dream job where you are automatically motivated ?For me I don't think t»

Why do libras need SO much space?
My libra is always distant when I want to be close & wants to be close only after I get a little distant. The amount of»

Libra and scorpio friendshipLibra and scorpio friendship
I have a scorpio friend who is in love with me, but he has a girlfriend and I have a someone to. I don't know how we can


What's the latest with you?
I had a fun but tiring azz time at the gym today. I made all kinds of good shots playing basketball. It was a great day so far. I felt like kobe today lol. Its time for rest now =)
Friendship is good it doesn't have to be intimate. And if it is it's okay, we will never be.
My Aries friend is so funny to me. She's so stubborn and fixed in her ideas as if they're granite, and as usual i debate hard, funny thing is, eventually she comes to my side. I'm glad that me taking a math class is inspiring her to take classes
Happy bday Auri Momma! She made such a Beaut ;)
awful day. guess I was owed one. happy birthday to auri's ma.
treetruk her lyk a dog yeahh i freak her like an animal, she eat me lyka cannibal
missing you
Thanks xvll, at least I am somebody's dream girl and I am glad to know that:-)
Your not Diva your my dream Girl :D
Me too :O
I'm addicted to buying and wearing crop tops.
I'm a devious DIVA!!
It's my mummys birthday _3