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by Ladi1975
Which would you pick on Valentine's Day Mind blowing sex or a good meal? **Please post your sun sign**
by Poppyseeds
The 2 Virgo's chart are very similar. One is a long term friend and one is a girlfriend. What makes him chose one but not another? I'm curious what are the dynamic between them all just from chart reading, we all know it can't be 100% accurate, just us
by Aggrippina66789
Hmmm Ok so i have an long standing issue with a's just their garden that is beside ours. All the neighbours have issues. It's the kids. Yes kids ..are kids... But well they jump into the garden and antagonize the dog. Their chil
by HouseCleaning
anybody abstain from alcohol and drugs?
by Undine
Death by birthday wishes :P! Is he hiding something....? From whom...? Annoyed by well meaning wishes...? How could that be? I haven' asked him why yet. If he's hiding something, would he tell me the truth if I ask? I'm disappointed and puzzled.
by Shaniajam
Scorpio moon, Leo sun. The past couple of days I felt like he's been ignoring me... He would call but when I asked for alone time or for a special request (he would be around people so it would be short) he would say e would call me back ans didn't but wh
by atlanteangoddess
Is it common for a Scorpio man to want to come to a girls house on the first date? I suggested a pub not too far. And he asked what was wrong with being by a bottle of wine and getting to know each other. I promise I'm not a creep he said lol I just to
by TrueFantasy
Do you relate to them as well?

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Happy Friends Day!! :)

Happy Friends Day!! :)

In honor of my loves :D My boys... my sister's drama king!! photos of your friends and loved ones!

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I've been having a tingling feeling under my left rib area, Either i may have found my soulmate or i might have consumed too much sugar
I hope Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber last forever, cause the music from their woes is just awesome. They need to get back together after a bit more whining and crying from Justin and a bit more reflection from Gomez they really do inspire good music in
Hey hey hey, it's Friday!
Like I said I'll see you at the bottom, buddy!
LOLOLOL Two chutes are packed in the parachute so don't worry i'll be A-ok! See you on the ground!
It's all good, do you though
See you at the bottom though...if your parachute does what its supposed to. Well, I guess either way I'd see you at the bottom huh? lol
I don't need to jump out of a plane to "live". I'm living right now! I'm good lol