This is song made me think of you all
By SirHorns»

I can't seem to get along with Cancer relative...
By VenusStar
I try, I really try. I try to be considerate, I'm generous I go out of my to help out sometimes. Other than taking me»

Chart Interpretation: Horoscope Yourself
By Hydra
This is an individual horoscope and it applies only to you. Its purpose is to describe your personality in as much detai»

Rhiannon88Natal Chart ASPECTS - What cha got?
By Rhiannon88
Feel free to post specific aspects with interpretations, or ones you would like an interpretation on, or correct or add»

tulip1223Venus conjunct NN-synastry
By tulip1223
Im wondering if anyone knows how to interpret a synastry aspect. His Venus conjunct my NN in Leo. 9th house? Thanks a b»

Confusing Scorpio Male
By underwaterthing
Hello. I would appreciate some help understanding the dynamic present. I will try to be concise and to the point. If y»

Sn1p3r187Final Fantasy XV
By Sn1p3r187
Any thoughts on it? Besides the four main leads that look like emo K-pop stars?»

Me and virgo girl broke up
By KsamCancer
We had been together since May last year but she had a lot of security issues and I wasnt as marriage focused as she was»

Taurus woman
By Kim11180560
My first date with this Taurus woman and she's already telling me about her previous lovers, making sexual innuendos and»

D2 Chart
By Jadi
This doesn't seem normal: It's a picture of the chart.»

7th and 12th and enemies
By hollyhock
I have Saturn alone in my 7th house and Capricorn on the cusp of my 12th house but there are no planets in my 12th house»

Falling yet confusedFalling yet confused
Good morning to all my libra men. I am an aquarius female currently falling for a libra male. He was adamantly trying to


Slide up her dress, Shouts in darkness, I'm so alive
Go seahawks!!!!
Eat good. Drink beer. Watch football. Live life.
Pisces moons ;)
I'm not afraid to take a stand, just as soon as I wash my hands. We'll walk this road together through the storm but if there's thunder I'll be gone so to let you know that you're not alone, just promise me that we'll stay clear of volcanoes
I'm like the cheese. I always stand alone...
augustmoon - i agree. i think raven is totally a scorp. i adore starfire. unfortunately neither are water :(
currently listening to: The Dream - Fruition
Magenta, i dont think either of them are pisces, but prob Starfire. Raven is a scorp, dont ya think?
Scorpio happy with Libra.
Gonna blame Fisk for renewing my interest in 3rd Eye Blind...
I have nowhere I need to be today.....but because I'm snowed in, I have this incredible urge to want to be somewhere else. :P
I've been really creative with complimentary sense experiences with my cooking. I'm going to let that count as artistic! Should get my guitar out and write a song about my food.:D