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by thinktoomuch
Seriously! Wtf is up with people these days! Just saw a gif on facebook, with a pic of a girl screaming, a little from behind, and it read: "when she say 'wrong hole' and you say 'no it ain´t' and keep going" People were laughing at that butter!
by lou.m
Zodiac : Tropical Sun Capricorn 3°36' Moon Scorpio 9°07' Mercury Sagittarius 11°41' Venus Scorpio 19°19' Mars Capricorn 9°55' Jupiter Leo 7°37' R Saturn Virgo 13°56' R Uranus Scorpio 19°24' Neptune Sagittariu
by starlover
...could you take a look at this chart please and see what jumps out at you thanks :) [IMG][/IMG]
by aj123
Say you were sorta casually (but in some ways intensely) seeing a gemini man but you can tell he's still hurt and not over his ex but he likes you as you share many similarities with his ex e.g. looks, etc. but you spend loads of time together - he's very
by aleckrs
Hope this is not a redundant topic or anything, and I rarely resort to astrology for this advice but I'd be curious to know what people think. Some background: I've known this girl at work for about a year now who I think is in a long distance rel
by killerwhalemoon
sparkle motion why do you guys have to be so sexy and brilliant. My down fall. All the gemini mars men i know have this passionate, sensual look in their eyes that just makes me feel like i wanna swim in their soul...treetrunk.
by Reincarnation
Please share some of the most romantic texts you've received (or sent).
by truecap
What are some good series to watch on Netflix? Here's what I have watched: The 4400, The 100, Z Nation, United State

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I am a selfish treetrunk.

I am a selfish treetrunk.

The person that I've been with for 5years is communicating to me that he doesn't know if he wants a future with me. Am I wrong that, if we split.. I want to move on fast? I was in a comitted relationship for 5years of my life, IF we break up. I int


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hello ! im a cancer woman too with moon in gemini
Why is there like no insight on leo sun, virgo moon & aqua sun, taurus moon????
My boyfriend met my family
"no one will know about it, i gotchu"
scorpios are so cute (and would gag at this comment of mine) i roll my eyes each time they get described as dark and butter
A tree is created for far more than merely being the vessel for the existence of yet another tree.
man said wargasms
A tree is meant to have seeds. Without seeds it's nothing-father quote translated from African