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by Q_AiryVirgo
Let me preface this by saying I am not sure if this is the right place to post this... seeing as I am a Virgo. Honestly Im usually a lurker and read up on my own laughable experiences here and learn through others. Just so you have some info - b/c of
by abcdEU
When mass numbers of unemployed people move into your area and take your jobs.
by Carolz
OK so a lot if people on this forum already know about my relationship with a Libra . We broke up a year a go. He was the one who broke up and the reason he gave was that he is busy in some important stuff and he can't take this relation side by side .
by aquapiscescusp
Love is in the air... YOU can send me your messages (via PM) that you want posted on this thread regarding someone here that you secretly have a crush on. You can include who it's dedicated to (or not) and I will keep the sender anonymous. Let's
by YourFavoriteDXPMember
I realize that DXP is a toxic wasteland filled to the brim with human garbage, but this board shall serve as a reminder to all that quality Cancers really do exist. Wherever you are this Valentine's Day weekend, please know that some of us really do mi
by Mayadebij
Question, what is the best way to impress a Virgo man on paper when writing a valentines card? To really get my feelings across and that it hits him? Thank you
by Mr. Defense
Let be honest with ourselves. Anyone with half a brain knows that nothing happens on TV without a reason. Everything we see on TV is planned to the T, and it is analyzed before it ever makes it on air. I'm pretty sure staff meetings are held to measure
by KinglyCrab
Goodnight my sweet princess.

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The other what are you listening to thread is getting ridiculously long. :P So what are you listening to right now?

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wtf where is rumi?
Meechy Lighto
@taureye i agree 100%. i need more workout music. late 90s and early 20s had some of the best music for it.
@vanillaext Out of that list i wish RHP would make a come back they were amazing.
@taureye i can't listen to linkin park anymore. it annoys me. but mcr and panic at the disco. black eyed peas and red chili peppers. fergie.
I think I'm gonna make a cover, emotionally I'm primed for one. SO y'all might just see it.