What is going on with this Aquarian man???
By TheBlisster
The Aquarian guy that I'm having an online/on phone friendship with is still messing with my head, so he has been workin»

Gemini girl ignoring / not replying
By Rchrd
Hey, There's a girl i've known ten months, we both volunteer at the same place, and we've got on really well, really»

Sag sun in 5th house
By RainDancer88
S because my sun is in Sagittarius in the 5th house - ruled by leo: Read; Sun in the Fifth House: Since the Sun "rul»

truecapThank you notes
By truecap
How important are thank you notes to you? If you give a wedding present (for example), do you expect a thank you not»

RainDancer88How would Libra Moon 0 degrees effect my overall?
By RainDancer88
I was wondering if the degree being 0 made any symbolic difference? So my moon is in libra 3rd house which is ruled by»

Heir to the aries throne
By anjiepants
I think it's Damnata.»

By Noreallynow
How do you feel about someone who makes assumptions? Do you think that it's terrible for some one to accuse you of somet»

A virgo not acting like a Virgo?
By Panda92
I'm a taurus. Falling in love with a Virgo man that i just cant figure out. And worst part is, since i value security th»

St. Therese Novena
By m3
5 day Novena to St. Theresa Prayer to St. Theresa St. Therese, the Little Flower, please pick me a rose from the He»

A full scorpio relationship ...
By justbeingscorpio
Hi guys ! Well i'm not that really expert in astrology .. but i would like to have your ideas about a 1st decan scorpio»

Cancer man confuses me.
By Pisceslavender88
My best male friend is a cancer guy. Been friends for a long time. We tell each other almost everything about our l»

Next level of relationshipNext level of relationship
So after a great night out last night and spending a whopping five days in a row together, he tells me that he wants to


"Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love."
FUXX wit me you KNOW I got it!! What's up DXP fam...its been a LOOONG time..
Is this badmouth Capricorn week or something?
someone please help the pisces girl in the cancer forum.
My angry Mars in Pisces, read from back to front.
Taking sneaky extra day of leave.... Hehe
un o'r dyddiau hynny
I don't think this ignoring my health is working out for me anymore. I feel pretty bad. ciao for now.
goodness gracious! who has been a sneaky clickedy little peeper? mwah
Don't try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.
Y tjukutja by Uhuru is still a nice jam. I'm bringing that + Heavy K 2 the desperate indian housewives 2nite. They'll b dancin like black chicks. Saris will fly! Indian theme my arse! Afro House, cookiemonsteres!
what does a DESIRE to bring babies into this sorry place say about you ? hint: selfish SOB :)
a sigh of release sets in as I wake up again.
Tripped over cases of beer at the grocery store and fell into someone's arms.... Awkward much?!