Has anything Funny happened to you recently ?
By strawberrylemon
Funny or weird.. share your story.. :P My story: I found the best hairdresser in the world but he turned out to h»

HI virgo ladies
By taurus92
hi there virgo ladies, was wondering despite so many sites that are saying that virgos are most compatible with capricor»

A Note From Me to You.
By Kodak375
I just have some thoughts I've been keeping in and I thought I share it with y'all since everyone in my house is asleep.»

mysteriousTaurusWhat so sagg men think of Taurus ladies?
By mysteriousTaurus
most of the sagg men I met and friends of mine all seem to really be into me. They are attracted to me and find me inter»

4ND5Most evolved youtube brah of all time
By 4ND5

Pls help me understand this whole thingy
By summer00
Its just really confusing when I browse through forum and moon venus sun all sorts of planet keep coming in like how do»

MontgomeryLEO Rising
By Montgomery

Pisc F Cap M defining relationship
By Patterpisces
Brand new to this site and looking for some insight to cap men. I'm a Pisces F been seeing a cap man for 10 months.»

Pluto in Scorpio Generation
By Libralula
We are awesome!!! :p»

falling in love
By lisabethur8
Falling in love There's a mousy looking girl that comes around noon, brings her lunch bag, taking out a sandwich, a»

By tiziani
" A lot of people reading this will already be familiar with what an aspect is in astrology: an angular relationship be»

Has anything Funny happened to you recently ?Has anything Funny happened to you recently ?
Funny or weird.. share your story.. :P My story: I found the best hairdresser in the world but he turned out to h


You people are all disgusting.
The same reason Capricorn is public eye, virgo is work/jobs, cancer is home and family, taurus is pleasure is the same reason Pisces is creativity and your creations, libra is love, charm and relationships, aqua is friends and uniqueness, leo is brightnes
Intolerance.... smdh
Capricorn man said he's falling in love. I'm super excited ♡ how will he act once in love?
so haaangry
What's on your mind?
I am suffering in silence. Venus in retrograde..
Blackphase your writings are so beautiful. Please write more ♡
a projection on you is a projection on me.
Blood ft. WaterBlood ft. Water
Dude gives her $20 so she could buy more meth...LoL
Android phone emoji crisis! Plus, can't post to forum from tablet. I have a serious love/hate relationship with tech stuff!
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
What's on your mind?