Why do aquarius feel uncomfortable showing emotion
By phantomsom
And what do you guys mean by protecting yourselves from being hurt? Is it because weaknesses are bound to be taken adv»

Baby Birthday Vent
By Whimsy
So, I get invited to A LOT of birthday parties for babies. There's another one in 2 days...for a three-year-old girl. I»

Things Late 60s/Early 70s
By firebunny
For me, this is the golden age of fashion and music... when women truly look gorgeous and the music is just wonderful! P»

osiris626Can someone please interpret this for me?
By osiris626
sun - leo mars - leo venus - cancer mercury - cancer moon - cancer chiron - gemini jupiter - aries neptune - capr»

xawd225Taurus woman and mixed signals
By xawd225
I don't really know where to begin so I'll try and summarize this up the best I can. Excuse any typos or errors, it's 4»

conceit: what are the most conceited placements?
By sicksadworld
just having a ponder.. tell us your thoughts»

firebunnyShould I add Ands to my favourites' list?
By firebunny
I keep going back and forth with this idea... because all the people in my favourites' list to date are ladies/women. I»

By Curiousram
I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.»

Crab girls only: Lindsay Lohan or Selena Gomez
By Kim31
Which style of Crab are you? Feel free to identify with another crab celebrity. Personally, I resent having to acknowled»

Kickstart VideosKickstart Videos
Today most of the organizations are seeking Description Online video to promote products or services offered by the busi


"No New Year's Day, to celebrate...No Summer Nights.."
It takes a flint and a piece of steel to make a spark.
Purpose fuels passion
Unconditional love huh? Where do you buy that?
-It takes two flints to make a spark, without the earth there will be no fire.
Laundry, laundry, WaterCup's enemy number 1. I don't believe in washing machines, I wash my own crap by hand because I do it better :D I's a Landry Bawse. *throws gangsta signs in da air*
work and no play makes the go haywire
Coffee right before bed, because that's "normal"
Round and round we go 'til we all lose our heads.
you take a deep breath in, you let a deep breath out, you take a deep breath in and you let all the bull butter out!
I love snoozing
Dat foreign. Dat foreign.
What is up dxp?
When you say you speak sarcasm then insult them so they think you're joking.