Scorpio Venus-
By heartlocket
Passionate, all-or-nothing. I will give you my heart and soul, but I don't trust you fully either. I am suspicious, I am»

Rising Sign
By YellowSubmarine
Has anyone come across a site or a book or any resource that combines a person's sun, moon, and rising, to describe the»

Women in STEM
By SirHorns»

DivinityinloveJupiter in Gemini in 7th House?
By Divinityinlove
Any ideas on how this would manifest with regards to romantic relationships & marriage? My Ex also had Jupiter in 7th b»

FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428How many people help the less fortunate?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Hm I think most of us here have pretty decent life..So what are your thoughts about this topic? It is sad really.. A»

what are some of the greatest movie sound tracks ?
By DirtyFrank
I was listening to the last samurai soundtracks and OMG it was so beautiful. What are some of the most memorable movie»

beautifuldiasterBuying New Tires today, advice?
By beautifuldiaster
It's the first time I'm doing this alone and I wanted to know what is the best tire to choose.. Car 2007 Honda civic»

By SirHorns
I have a Taurus Moon and Pisces Venus. Supposedly both placements indicate a romantic nature. ...I don't see myself»

By Rabbit
For real though...»

If someone made a thread about you...
By moongem
What if you are surfing on the net and found that your ex, present or future wife-gf-husband-cousin etc. opened thread(s»

jimmy garoppolo is absolutely gorgeous. super handsome scorp sun ;)
"Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault" werd
So annoyed with donkey no self worth people on dxp
"Cancers are the best in bed". Damn right! I could sleep a whole day
**Taking offers to buy my toothbrush**
*rubs Rabbit's toothbrush between my butt cheeks*
Locked my keys in the car...are you kidding Mercury?!
**Throws leftover sandwich at MissFisk**
Hug Meeee!!! *grins*
treetrunk my life.
currently listening to: Ariana Grande - Only 1
....but Mr. Wilson I only came here to sell cookies...I can't do that ;)
You're so Super!
Sometimes and most times, love is not enough..