Houses vs Planets
By SunMoonStars
Is one more important than the other? In my planets I only have 2 placements in feminine signs. In my Houses, I have 6. Most of the time, I feel very masculine when it comes to love and sex. Could it be because of the abundance of masculine pl»

What are your worst habits when you're in love?
By The_eleventh_sign_11
Love sometimes feels like being in a big pile of warm clothes straight outta the dryer, and you rub your feet together and they're all nice and toasty, sometimes when you feel like that you start talking weally weally cute......ladies and gentlemen I am o»

watching porn
By libramoon195
Dear Capricorn men Will you watch porn even if you are in a serious relationship? If so, Don't you think its emotional cheating ? Another Important question is that if you watch porn or nude girls pictures then will you imagine them while having sex»

VannieAries - Libra relationship?
By Vannie
I've been talking to this absolutely charming Aries guy, and I was wondering the chances of this? Before him, all I've dated are Libras and a Virgo, all of which were sweet but...boring. If its worth anything, I have a Sagittarius moon and he has a Gemi»

buyonegetoneRebuilding a Friendship
By buyonegetone
[aside:] Go away, retrograde! Nobody likes you anymore! So, I have this Taurean friend. He and I have been pretty tight for awhile, always platonic, no romantic interest. This past month, he has been having trouble with his money and trouble with his e»

What's up with Taurus men and the vanishing act??
By Camilla_Dilla
Im a Taurus who met this vanishing Taurus while on a solo vacation a few months ago, we immediately hit it off. So much so that I ended up spending the last 10 hours of my solo vacation with him. It was an amazing and really kind of randomly romantic time»

MonicaKTrouble in paradise
By MonicaK
I need some advice and I don't know where to turn so excuse me If this sounds desperate. I'm really well put together, I mean my friends all tell me they envy my life. I show a good face::::: take care of myself, eat well, gym every day. I'm also a fashio»

this might be a weird topic...
By WateryGem
I have two dogs... One is a Scorpio with Libra Moon, the other is Capricorn with Gemini Moon. I just think its cool b/c I'm Gem with Cap rising and Moon in Scorpio. My dogs seriously are obsessed with me, they fight for my attention. I adore my Sc»

In Love with a Sag Girl
By MrTrealington
I'm new here, be gentle! :) I have never encountered a Sag woman before, so for me this has been a experience already. Let me tell you a story.. Around 3 months ago, this vivacious young woman walks into the office. My intuition screams, (She'»

"If you can't laugh at yourself..
By duchesslibro
Life is going to seem a whole lot longer than you'd like." Name the movie game anyone? :) No need to wait until someone answers this one. Post your favorite movie quotes! One rule: No Google cheating!»

One of the funniest Virgo (alive)
By Qbone

Astral Plane/Astral ProjectionAstral Plane/Astral Projection
Do any of you believe in Astral Plane? Do we really travel out of our body while we dream into another world or dimensi


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whoever this "ssupes" is, is a cool cat. I like him. seems like a gentleman, last of a dying breed
Im a Leo Virgo Asc with Capricorn Moon..I have Juno in Scorpio, Mars and Vesta in Taurus 7th and 8th house in Pisces and Leo in the 12th house...who am I compatible with? Who and what should I be lookin for??? helpppppp
Take it easy peeps
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Something is messing with my moon... Oh well, it doesn't matter...
I'm beautiful & sexy .. without being the perfect 10 ... I may not be your choice, but I'm a GREAT choice!! #BOOM
Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Edgar Allan Poe
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Never wrestle with a pig, you only get dirty and the pig enjoys it
Woeee this is Leo energy. I want some more..
The best revenge is to have enough self-worth not to seek it.