For those dating/in the game with cancer
By Iwill
- since cancer is SAID to be nostlgic and holding on to the past, do you feel like, the one you are dating/in a relation»

Do Pisces girls cheat?
By osiris626
Well. Just a yes or no question there. But knowing Pisces girls I know you will pour your heart out on this. If I am luc»

Mars and Chiron in the 8th house
By dobrev8628
Can anybody tell me about these placements? They are conjunct and in virgo.»

NoreallynowStalkers of the zodiac
By Noreallynow
What zodiac signs do you think has the potential of being a stalker? Why? Have any of you been stalked by an ex bf or gf»

FlowersIndonesiaExpress your best love and respect to your mummy
By FlowersIndonesia
Mother’s Day is the day that is specially celebrated to pay the honor of motherhood. It is celebrated all over the wor»

By Curiousram
So i just started talking to this virgo/leo cusp guy... hes severally attracted to me just wondering if this is a good m»

SirHornsStefan Molyneux
By SirHorns
Thoughts on him folks? The fact he does philosophy almost scores an autowin for my Cap Merc in 9th house. Almost. :|»

Coat a encouraged selection canada goose on sale
By chongpeng537
Within the wild, Mallard ducks and Canadian Geese is going to be the two species and most readily accept human meals giv»

anyone else watch this show??? I know it's kind of old but I rewatched it recently. Great opening theme song.


I really shouldn't be feeding into the trolls
lol gemc i was redoing my favs list and went by sign order. i already added u prior to ur update. :)
Ands asked about everyone BUT me! Damn taurus men!!
Ah dinnae ken ocht aboot eet.
Ari's basically married
ariette too!
Blah.....Blah Blah.....Blah Blah.......Blah Blah....:)
My Scales are harmony/balance zone. Bleh..
Lately, my son doesn't fuss when I do his hair in the AM & I'm a bit saddened becoz I don't want him 2 turn into a hard arse kid. I used 2 tell him 2 toughen up a lot & now I don't like that he's becoming 2 tough. Sigh
Another one bites the dust.
Feb is travelling
I should never be given credit for turning the other cheek as my tongue is always in it.
where is feby?