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by HouseCleaning
@ManilaVice aka "Ands", age 99, deleted his user account peacefully February 10, 2016 from under a bridge presumably. He leaves behind myriad of dead links, quoted messages, 404 messages, and loops back to our profile pages. ManilaVice was a kind sensitiv
by kierahart6
He is born — 5 Oct — Heartbroken twice — Proposed me twice and Second time I said "yes". All his qualities match to a libran man but he is really into me, he messages me first always, He wants to know me more and more and wants me to love him just t
by 9waterlion9
What does a fixed grand cross involving the sun(4th house), ascendant, saturn(10th house), and pluto(7th house) mean? Is this positive or negative for a romantic composite? Sun is opposite saturn & ascendant opposite pluto. I'd post a picture, but am real
by lolmeng
I'm a Virgo on Libra cusp. He said he wanted to be friends and I'm fine with that but I still want to make him like me back. He is different from other guys who are mean and insensitive because he is genle and compassionate. Hes shy but I'm patient and un
by Aquastic
Over the years I have found myself staying in very and I mean very TOXIC relationships just because m scared of breakups. It's a scary thought , somehow I tend to convince myself that the relationship will work when everything is dead and buried.It's almo
by sagiluv
I'm sag. My libra does look for me eventually when I don't. But MOST of the time I notice, he sits back and waits on me to send the first message. LIBRAS only.. Do you all wait too???
by CancerOnTheCusp
What does it mean?

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Is that all there is?
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Another 40 degree no work day. At the beach with my babe checking out his guns in the hot Mediterranean climate sun.
@ManilaVice is no more.