Can't upload my profile pic
By AriesLady8
DXP won't let me upload a profile pic on my computer.... so I try uploading it from my phone, and it will upload the pic»

Full moon lunar eclipse in Libra next week?
By spiritofjosh
I posted earlier about me (pisces male) and my current ex (libra female) but what I thought should become a whole new po»

I am afraid of aliens.
By clooneyyears
That scene in the avengers where aliens come out of the sky freaked me out. Interstellar, treetrunking great movie, freaked m»

CuriousramSag Males
By Curiousram
Can anyone describe Sag males to me? Is there a difference between the males and females? Been attracting saggie males l»

deathnirvanaThe moon is in CANCER now
By deathnirvana
You can go to twitter & search #cut4zayn Summary: Zayn malik (good-looking guy) declared that he was leaving his boy-»

goodbye DXP!
By clooneyyears
you can find me on lindaland! ...and when i get married elsa elsa coz that's where married astrologers go! bai!»

sfsmokereal talk what is a scorpio's perfect match . post
By sfsmoke
Post your expierences. i'm a scorpio sun mercury mars pluto Male, aries moon, gemini risng, libra venus Pisces - th»

By b1tchcrafts
What are yours? I don't like first persons.. It just seems so clunky or it's like you're an apparition flying through»

Libra Male being manipulated in toxic relationship
By citygirl
Hello, I need some advice. a boy I like is being emotional abused, all the classic signs are there, its textbook what»

By ARoarLikeThunder
have you gone recently? what was the BEST vacation you've ever had? and where are you dying to go? share»

The moon is in CANCER nowThe moon is in CANCER now
You can go to twitter & search #cut4zayn Summary: Zayn malik (good-looking guy) declared that he was leaving his boy-


I feel like I've been talking to myself this whole time, yet I haven't said a word. fuuuu I'm going crazy.
Sipping cappuccino, staring at the sparkling sea ~ lucky lucky me. :~)
How much pain can I take before I let go
received kinda good news.
this girl had a tramp stamp of the taurus glyph. i think i'm going to take a picture of it next time during doggie and make it my avi!
Hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages
druuunnnkk nvm what. i said. white guys are generous :) aabb
Girl jeans are so weird.. Why are the pockets so shallow?
i think it's official. i no longer am attracted to white guys. trapped myself in a date with one n now all i can think of is going home #(
Yay, romz! Babies are always such a delight. So cute!
Going to be an auntie again either tonight, tomorrow....c'mon baby Roman! Finally a niece/nephew in Aries season....4 Taurus 1 Aries
Spring cleaning《Happening NOW》I ♡♥ Structure!