Aqua guy Leo girl
By Star8888
hi been dating Aqua guy long distance for 3 years he's younger than me. I discovered he's been exchanging lovey dovey me»

Scorp Men on DXP
By Reincarnation
How many active Scorp men are there on DXP? I swear this place is turning into a ghost town.»

Obsessive thinking
By thisismylife2015
Another thread sparked this question for me. I know we've all had it happen before. When that one person we were dating,»

intimatehairBest days for shaving and waxing ur intimate hair
By intimatehair
2015 July 4, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 August 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15»

By Ssupes
This is from APC's thread. How many have gotten tattoo's and regret it? I have 3 and regret none.»

In lust with a Leo
By scorpioinlust
Hi guys, I really need advice especially from Leo guys. I was involved with a Leo man for about 3 mos. it was instan»

wecarealotFave Disney heroine + your Sun/Moon/Asc?
By wecarealot
I saw a thread about this from 6 years back and wanted to ask a new set of folks here. I'm an Aries Sun, Libra Moon, Lib»

Swimming Toward the Darkness
By PiscesDaeGirl
Hey Folks, I am looking for advice. I am a pisces female married to a Gemini sun with a Cancer rising and moon. We have»

hi aquas
By YourGrace

Today is Venus/Jupiter Conjunction + Full moon
By rabidtalker
Anything special happen for any crabs? been pretty slow so far for me... lol»

happy canada day!
By exoskeleton
♥ :) //»

Aqua guy Leo girlAqua guy Leo girl
hi been dating Aqua guy long distance for 3 years he's younger than me. I discovered he's been exchanging lovey dovey me


Need some advise, I am a Gemini. Been with this taurus man were in a deep relationship, but then I started questioning and dictating his life. Ex wife still in the picture due to his daughter, but i could not deal with it,due to the fact that he was too r
Geeeeemmmmmiiiinnnnnniiiiiiii Gggggeeeemmmmm
Hey Folks. I am a Pisces female, but have never dated a pisces. I feel as though only pisces will ever be able to fully understand me. For those in a pisces to pisces relationships, can you please share your experiences. Thank you.
traveling :)
I wanna laugh my way through life!
`Moving to Suisse in Decembre! woohoooo!!!!! champagne for all!!! ^^
i love My Fishes so much :)
Well this is definitely an interesting full moon.... *wishing it was over already*
What's on your mind?
Some people should get wiped out Battle Royale style....I swear. 1 AND 2.
ha somethings never change
i can put your face in some cookie dough and make gorilla cookies...
All you ever need is to be nice and friendly.