The 12 most sexually satisfied countries
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in the world»

A woman's style
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1.How important to you is a woman's fashion sense/style? 2. Some females may dress up occasionally to impress a cer»

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let's hear your stories and state your signs! Did you end up in a relationship? I've was reading some stories on g»

MontgomeryCats :D
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They say that the lizards, rodents, etc that your cat brings to the doorstep are Gifts. Is this true? If so ...»

GemShimmiesThyroid problems
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Hello everyone I've been hypothyroid since I was 23, but was on 50 mcg until this year (i'm 30 now.) This has been a»

I would like some feedback about my Gemini Female
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Im a Sagg male...12/19... So I am a Sagg/Cap Cusp She is a 3rd Decan Gemini 6/15 We met each other at a really odd p»

HotbeefyHaving a great time with Libra friend
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Not asking for the trait understanding, but share the story for you guys. :) Yesterday, through the Mercury Retrograd»

Does this aquarius guy like me OR just friendly?
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He born in Feb 16. (His name is B) He is friend with my best guy friend for maybe a year, and I just knew him about 3»

Ascendant really = Earth Placement
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Earth's a planet too... It would obviously have a gravitational influence on us just as any other planet and arguably t»

Having a great time with Libra friendHaving a great time with Libra friend
Not asking for the trait understanding, but share the story for you guys. :) Yesterday, through the Mercury Retrograd


"Fools," said I, "You do not know – Silence like a cancer grows.
But I won't rush like a train and meet my own pain for that someone's heart is what I must first gain _3 :D
There is no folly that a man will not contemplate if money or a woman is involved." Harry Flashman
@jeannegrey I sure did shhh...
Everything is soooooo effing slowwwww today. LAWRDDD
What's the latest with you?
oh well.
SH did you rope one? BRAVA ma lady!!!
@jeannegrey true! Mature & evolved Taureans are the gentlemen of the zodiac, it doesn't get any sweeter.
SH, its such a SHOCK, isn't it? It would never show otherwise. THEY ARE SO SWEET deep down … but its DEEP DOWN LOL
underneath the tough exterior Taurus men are hella sensitive
no one should be this excited about a manicure...
Packing and house hunting