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So a troll friend of mine got me this pack. It has 50 cards, each with a word or expression used in therapy. Pick a number between 1 and 50 and I will show you the card I draw for you. Note: You can pick the same number as someone else because I
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Post relevant aspects and ill do my moji to find your soulmate within 24 hours. This is once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Miss out or don't. The force is strong atm.
by Capwiththean
I'm dating a libra woman, and things have been pretty rough for us, particularly this past month, we've agreed that we do want to continue this relationship, but she's still a bit aloof, I'm guessing because of all the bad that's been said and done betwee
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Can a selfish person on the brink of narcissism change?
by Ilovemyaqua
So this aquarius and I have recently got committed, although we've not worded it.We've been having an amazing time together and he's being really sweet and romantic.However, today,I wanted to meet him but he had some work,so we were talking over the phone

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Leo men: FWB to lovers - is it possible?

Leo men: FWB to lovers - is it possible?

I've fallen for a Leo man... it has taken a long time - we met via online dating app, messaged each other intensely for weeks, before meeting up. We clicked immediately but due to our geographical distance (around 1 hour) and that I'm a single mum (1 chil


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“At 20 a man is a peachicken, at 30 a lion, at 40 a camel, at 50 a serpent, at 60 a dog, at 70 an ape, and at 80 nothing”
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People with a great sense of humor...
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i found sharp knees!
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I need to stop making sense on threads that are just going to get deleted...that butter doesn't happen often and deserves appreciation damn it.
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when i walk into my brother' caveman and accidentally pull out the PlayStation wire
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" The recipient has disabled private messaging."
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I have embarrased myself 38203 times today. wtf
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