Rising Sign Attraction?
By Curiousram
So i have a quick question if someones venus is the same as your rising and their rising is also the same. Could this be»

Home distilling of spirits
By cowpuncher
http://homedistiller.org/ Awesome link :) I thought some of you guys might enjoy taking a look at it too. The F»

When love turns to hate
By Andalusia
How do you keep it from happening and hardening you/your heart? I've never hated anyone [with a passion] before. I do»

NoreallynowUnconditional love!!! How real it it?
By Noreallynow
Is it possible to love someone unconditionally? It was said that God can only give you that type of love.»

SirHornsI learned a lesson just now...
By SirHorns
...never confirm stuff ever. Context: So in a call with a Libra dude and Cancer chick, we've been doing this for a fe»

Venus 6th house
By Curiousram
Does anyone have this placement? I have Venus in the 6th house and apparently its the worst placement for venus because»

SirHornsTen Embarrassing Questions to ask Astrologers
By SirHorns
Question 1: “What is the likelihood that one-twelfth of the world’s population is having the same kind of day?”»

Leo - Leo - Whirlwind Romance
Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster, Sun in Leo/Capricorn Moon/Taurus Rising here, apologies this could get long»

Libra man in love VS playing the field
By aftershine
how do you know a libra is sincerely into you? What are some signs?»

Much needed advice on libra man!
By gianna4spartax3
I really need advice. I was with my libra man for 8 great months, he's in college and the day his roommates moved in wit»

By Aquadeer
Do you test people you like? I've been reading about other signs testing people before they start a relationship and»

(Out)dated Dishes(Out)dated Dishes
Foods that scream "retro" (as opposed to trendy or classic dishes--yes, there's a difference). Pineapple Upside-Down


Men are complicated, astrology even more so...
I won't pray for it to stop, but I will ask for patience and understanding. I search for freedom
what is the secret code to get in to the new chat
Change your beliefs and you will change your life.
Wonder how many hidden forums there are...?
My Sun in Aqua never makes sense to me, now I can relate some to my Moon in Aries...rest of it doesn't make sense.
Thinking about my next adventure!
Sometimes I want to smack the flame out of my co-worker, but I keep pulling back...it is quite a struggle.
If you're going to let relatives use you laptop, make sure porn sites aren't visibly bookmarked on your browser.
Don't try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other
meh....fighting the summer funky cold, and it's winning. :(
bells and whistles in the background, are muted. feeling well without a sound, weeds uprooted.
bunch of treetrunking wisecracks....shove it, deep.
It's taken me a while but finally my moon in aqua makes sense to me :)