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by BlackMamba
and cops didn't do sheet and even took forever to get to the victims. AMERIKKKA
by VenusStar
😳Ive never experiwnced this before where i come aupon a negative situation and i cant fix it. The more i try, the worst the situation becomes.
by Harukaa
Ok. The qs is : are you fall in love so easily ? Or it take you along time to fall for someone ? And what's your zodiac sign sun and moon and venus ? Me ..I don't fall in love so easily .. it take me along time to think about it wow .. and take me
by wecarealot
I was just thinking about my sun, moon, and rising signs. I've always despised my sun/moon/rising combo because I feel like it's the worst of all Aries combos--I'm an Aries sun, Libra moon, Libra rising. But I realized that my chart has some lessons built
by DonJohnson
I mean... traffic jam only gives you more time to think about your boo stupid client trippin over nottin. he probably didn't get laid. what a douchecan lolz signing up for volunteer work together to help feed the hungry. oh you poor thing lol
by usernameqwer
I'm a Taurus sun, Libra Moon, Gemini Venus, Cancer Mars, Aries Mercury. I'm just interested in guys who act like jerks or dont like me. I want to pursue them but they either dont like me or we have different goals in a relationship so relationship or dat
by 9waterlion9
Meaning clear, effective VERBAL expression/communication of how you feel, not through actions. And what parts/aspects of your chart do you think make it so? Or if you've ever known anyone exceptionally bad at it, what in their chart do you think it was?
by ladylibra21
Eric Benet- I Wanna Be Loved

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How did your pet get its name?

How did your pet get its name?

In my case it was quite straightforward: following the death of my father back in April I have adopted the old family ca


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“Amnesia is not knowing who one is and wanting desperately to find out. Euphoria is not knowing who one is and not caring. Ecstasy is knowing exactly who one is – and still not caring.” -Tom Robbins
tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc
They glared at her the way any intelligent persons ought to glare when what they need is a smoke, a bite, a cup of coffee, a piece of ass, or a good fast-paced story, and all they're getting is philosophy.
when stupid people argue with virgos:
@BlackMamba Are you blind??? @Koniucha is Adorbs
*scorpio friend vent out about horrible memories" me: finally an explination for your horrible emo playlist.
I swear me and the online world / social media / cyber-status seeking don't mesh at all #80babyproblems
Ain't that cute Koniucha? Lol