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by CantGetEnough
I saw one that was black and another that was white on two seperate occasions. I can explain it in this way: It's like a trail of colored air.. With the white spirit there was some sort of feather near it With the black spirit I felt uneasy l
by Aquastic
So I've been on and off with this pisces man, everything was going fine until when I woke up this morning, booom! he's changed his profile pic,it's him and this other girl kissing! The worst thing I have ever come ACROSS.Me and him were doing just fine.
by Astrobyn
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
by Shaniajam
His games are turning me on... I know he does them but for the most part it makes me want him more... Is this ok? Sometimes it gets too intense and he backs off cause he can probably sense when it's exhausting to me... Then.... Boom he'll come back wit
by SunMoonStars
I have this placement and wish I could be less self centered, dramatic and impulsive. Anyone have tips on how to tame this moon?
by ElTigre25
Do you feel people you find attractive should be nice(er) to you? I feel there is some psychology behind this. Are attractive people held to a higher standard? If you believe that someone who is attractive should be equally kind or have a 'pleasing

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Why I don't like you

Why I don't like you

Scattered brains. chickeny to the point of delusion. Liars. Low standards. Cheaters. Superficial. You think everyone's in love with you (hehe nah we all just want to trtrk because we know how yall get down). Indecisive. You flirt with everyone yet wonder why p

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@jukey ♡♡ I like a few VH tunes with Sammy, "Poundcake" being my most favorite. I was really too young to appreciate VH with Diamond Dave in their heyday but I still love it..
I've become a perciever but when I don't have enough sleep my tolerance diminishes and I become an INTJ. I took the personality thing a couple weeks ago and go ESFP (the entertainer).
Scorpio's friend makes me act like an INTJ. That has always been my main personality type. I worked so hard to become better and more sensitive to people which I have. I just hate stupid people who are cancers (figuratively). People who do stupid butter (n
@vixen2 I'll always have a soft spot for the Sammy years, but I'm diggin' Dave's solo stuff
Diamond friggin Dave...the ultimate showman, never get tired of this lmao...
@Taureye giphymastah nominee 2016!
Trust no one and nothing. It's all a trick.