For those with their Saturn return
By rockyroadicecream
in Sag, what will they expect during their Saturn return?»

Netflix and Chill........
By DonJohnson
greatest date close of all time. LMAO i was like L M A O»

Mars in the 12th house!!!
So I went back to some old threads and I found this.... Mars in the 12th House - The Portal of Panic Those born wit»

ForrenScorp Sun/ Pisces moon female
By Forren
Hi all, There's a woman I'm dating that has these placements. I'm a Cancer Sun/ Scorp moon man. Does the Scorp moon g»

TwodrinkminimumAquas are spiritual?
By Twodrinkminimum
During sex you experience a spiritual connection/high? This is something I never thought would come out of aquas mouth.»

Caps and rebound
By Cappedoff
Do you as a capricorn ♑ during or after a break up think about or get into rebound relationship, even if casual?»

mk89Provocative pics
By mk89
Just something for discussion: Social media : almost everyone uses how would you feel if your other half foll»

Cap women and Taurus man
By saturnsvalentina
so I've been reading post on here for a while and this is my first time posting something. my question is, what's your t»

A little update (help me understand please)
By Gemini772
Update from this topic: Well, 2 month»

CANNOT believe I just blocked myself!!! Idiot!!
Accept peace when you feel it. No more fighting. Hide those fangs ,_,
Minions? Inside Out or Jurassic World? ...hmmmm...
This site really needs to hire some tech people who know what they're doing
Happy Birthday Crabriot!
Kissed a Libra and it was perfect ♥
A life without challenges is an innocuous llife, and a life with challenges is an appreciative life.
Happy Birthday CrabRiot! _3
the news today on the man from Indonesia being enslaved and now free, escaped and found his family was so sad and so touching. So sad that slavery still exists.
wo de pengyou....
Happy Birthday to me♡♥♡♥♡
Eva Green is sexy
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