If someone made a thread about you...
By moongem
What if you are surfing on the net and found that your ex, present or future wife-gf-husband-cousin etc. opened thread(s»

Cap female Crab male challenges.....!!!
By caster721
Can you share your challenges? I'm more interested with those in long relationship or marriages.»

A Powerful Prayer for Urgent Help
By Sheena090789
A Powerful Prayer for Urgent Help Say the prayer below 9 times with your request then publish immediately: This Mo»

VirgoHeroGame of Thrones - Season 5
By VirgoHero
Hey GoT fans! So this weekend they're playing the last two episodes of last season on the iMax big screen but as a bo»

bloominghorsesI'm a cancer, and she's a libra...
By bloominghorses
so, it's not a secret that crab and scale need to work hard for a relationship, but I fall for this libra girl, n I know»

What do you think compels people to do this?
By rockyroadicecream
Something I learned about when my mom was diagnosed is a phenomenon that psychologists are starting to dig into- people'»

SirHornsMoon or Venus in Pisces
By SirHorns

By Ssupes
Ok, 2 part question. Please no bashing of any kind. 1. If you had not initiated sex in a week and your SO told you th»

Birthday analyzer
By Curiousram
Go to this link and share your stats what areas are your strengths and weaknesses. http://www.thehoroscope.co/birthday-a»

The secret
By Vegetta91
I was wondering if anybody believes in this thing For those who don't know , the secret is actually to believe in somet»

khloe kardashian is a man
By Tumelo

Dreams of pregnancy and painsDreams of pregnancy and pains
My aqua man and I have been so back and forth and he's said he does not want another kid right now and I certainly don't


I know IS. It's to the point where sometimes I can't even finish logging in.
FFS. I can't even read one post without a pop up ad redirecting me to a stupid game app! Give me a break. What a bore
Now...no more shenanigans and no more tomfoolery.
Always run with scissors
Bale vs Ronaldo or Messi vs Neymar ?Which cancer aqua rivalry is going to explode first ?
I don't treetrunk with treetrunkboys. bye.
Time to go back on the online dating scene...Ugh, i'll wait a few days first.
Mercury retro... Feel for you MissFisk... It has been a hard week for alot of people... Keep your head up... Mars interacting with Neptune is never a good thing... It is just ending I think... :)
I don't even have any admirers but I'll take a donut too please.
Nope. There maybe some fallen trees in my path, but I'll jump right over 'em.
I just lost an admirer. Comfort me with a chocolate frosted doughnut, please.
taurus ex is messaging me, funny how he want's to communicate when its over. he can treetr*nk off