Miyamoto Mushashi-The Greatest Swordsman
The greatest swordsman whoever lived. Help me build his chart. He was born in 1584. A few stats... He was so s»

How Long?
Have you gone before asking somebody their sign when you first meet them? Since I've been into astrology ...maybe a coup»

Met a guy
By Koniucha
I met a guy that is a Taurus sun and moon in Cancer. Dun dun dun...»

Emily80Confused by a Leo Male
By Emily80
ok so I have been on a few dates with this leo guy and he is always so nice when we meet and tells me all the time that»

rockyroadicecreamWhen Cancers go off in the deep end
By rockyroadicecream
When Cancers go off in the deep end, they _________________. Due to a break up, some life altering event, trauma, fee»

Spontaneous or Think about it before?
Are you more spontaneous or Think before you do? I try and be more spontaneous,but our minds work so much it's hard too»

kindnessCap went from HOT to COLD
By kindness
So, I was hanging out with a Cap Sun, Leo moon. Things were great, he seemed to be interested and would always text, wa»

If movies had a zodiac sign....
By truecap
If movies had a zodiac sign, what would their zodiac be? This ought to be a fun thread...»

Aqua Venus vs Scorp Mars
By Nephilim
Debate! Talk! Chat! Speak! Contribute! Die!»

Can Leo Men Really Love A Female They've NEVER Met
By marissa12
So my leo boyfriend used to talk to this scorpio girl who lives 3 hours away and used to say things about how he loves h»

Two Sesquiquadrates and Square, YOD hard aspects?
By Tavrine
I was reading about Sesquiquadrates since I have two SQQD connect from pluto to venus/moon (square). And now I'm complet»

When Cancers go off in the deep endWhen Cancers go off in the deep end
When Cancers go off in the deep end, they _________________. Due to a break up, some life altering event, trauma, fee


Certified NPQ Firefighter I !!!!!!!!
They've been spending most their lives living in a pastime paradise, They've been wasting most their time glorifying days long gone behind, They've been wasting most their days in remembrance of ignorance oldest praise
It could be so sweet.
you help me lose my mind - and you bring me something i can't define ♥
You know what to do next.

Stupid Site! Errors Posting! You are going to make me forget what I wanted to say! Grrrrrr!
Sending some sparkle motion to my baby Aries sister, taking the BAR exam today and tomorrow.
I miss him.
I'm a lurker not a poster
Fallen Angels cry under the Manhattan Bridge.
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Perche il fando in 'sto paese fa bene come una spa
Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.