Libra man in love VS playing the field
By aftershine
how do you know a libra is sincerely into you? What are some signs?»

Much needed advice on libra man!
By gianna4spartax3
I really need advice. I was with my libra man for 8 great months, he's in college and the day his roommates moved in wit»

By Aquadeer
Do you test people you like? I've been reading about other signs testing people before they start a relationship and»

SirHornsPlay Match Maker!
By SirHorns
...with my chart. See I've had high doses of Fire Sign Spontaneity and this was the result along with other things...tha»

DMVWhen Scorp Moons Get Mad
I dont know about you other Lunar Scorps but when im happy, i have a vast vocabulary. When i get mad i only know 3 words»

Scorpio - Scorpio Long Distance
By derpderp
Okay, so I'm a Scorpio female and I've really begun to like this Scorpio male. I met this guy over a game, and we sta»

ImpulsvThe Lord of karma Saturn
By Impulsv Saturn in the Fifth House:»

Couple of Questions for the Pisces Women
By Reincarnation
I sometimes have a temper. My girlfriend (Pisces Sun) says she gets anxious when I raise my voice. She told me she reall»

They always leave me feeling unfulfilled
By IAmMystified
Let me start off by saying, no negativity please. I don't need additional crap. You will be blocked. Just understandi»

Do You Know?
By truecap
My Sag friend has this philosophy in relationships: "You don't know til you know, and if you don't know you should know,»

Thing to make note of about zodiac statistics
By SirHorns
Did you know that there are more Cancerians than almost any other sign? Census figures over the past century consistentl»

Scorpio - Scorpio Long DistanceScorpio - Scorpio Long Distance
Okay, so I'm a Scorpio female and I've really begun to like this Scorpio male. I met this guy over a game, and we sta


If you're going to let relatives use you laptop, make sure porn sites aren't visibly bookmarked on your browser.
Don't try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other
meh....fighting the summer funky cold, and it's winning. :(
bells and whistles in the background, are muted. feeling well without a sound, weeds uprooted.
bunch of treetrunking wisecracks....shove it, deep.
It's taken me a while but finally my moon in aqua makes sense to me :)
Just had a delicious chicken majboos prepared by Chef Aries. Arabian nights, baby. Sitting here full, wishing a genie would appear & do the dishes for me. A flying carpet would be nice too= fast getaway. Sigh
retrace 97 get translated already! I neeeeeed more Pandora Hearts :D
LOL there's a Vladimir Putin forum!
I never can say goodbye baby...
Just looked at the front page & had to grab an old lady's cane because I felt woozy. Didn't want to break a leg or get bruises, so let her break a hip! LunarMan is probably THE best looking chap on here. Somebody please call a wambulance!!!
Needs nursing. I've got the worst disease... Man flu :(
Where are we, and how do we get out of this???
I troll Caliber IRL.