Our venus signs????
By AL4813
Yup, its official.. Us gemini venus are some cheatin sons of pigs»

how do you express love?
By scorchedearth
^ i had a scorpio close to me tell me the only way they know how to express love is sex and by buying someone somethi»

Why are liberals such hypocrites?
By virgodog58
OK this is from a British perspective but I think it applies everywhere. Like over here Labour politicians (what America»

truecapWud u date sm1 who txs like dis?
By truecap
Seriously, would you date someone who texts with symbols or abbreviated words?»

virgodog58Margaret Hodge (British politics)
By virgodog58
The name may not mean much to Americans but Margaret Hodge is a British politician that I (and many others) loathe. She»

How to get one of you aqua women :o (fiiish)
By CaptainPimp
Really, what make you TICK? And are you this slow as the woman in my story? ^^ A aquarius woman has gotten my attenti»

Lefe777How to get a scorpio man back?
By Lefe777
Cancer woman my bf broke up with me for no reason started saying he needed space. We been dating for 7 months I know he»

Calculate your BaZi
By Hydra
BAZI study is meant to translate the information brought by your birth date – year, month, day and hour – to determi»

8 brothers and sisters stabbed to death, Australia
By aquapiscescusp
WHO DOES THIS butter???????? THIS STUFF makes me MAD.»

quick to burn out?
By littlelibra
I recently got chatting to Leo guy online, and he has been contacting me daily up to like 10 times a day . Im not going»

By brothertrucker
There's some girls who want to hang out with me and asked it sometimes, but I'm scared to go because I think I'm shy and»

how do you express love?how do you express love?
^ i had a scorpio close to me tell me the only way they know how to express love is sex and by buying someone somethi


I let someone mark their territory
I'm becoming a shoe just like me.
The world makes me sick
Going to the bf's work's Christmas party tonight (:
*hugs* IrresistableScorp
Going to sleep well tonight. so much damn crying lmao! wee beady eyes
I've felt somthing evil, somthing sinister happen today. I though it was just me, but I feel darkness emitting off of everyone. Somthing is up, I can feel it.
Wish there was a way to mute negative people.
What the f do u say to a leo who won't stop having sex right outside your door..?? Seriously he's shameless..
I broke the law and they jaw, all in the same flurry
its so cold
Spent the whole day watching creepypastas yesterday. I'm lost somewhere between 1999 and working at disney. Can someone show me the door back to reality? I'm starting to feel playful.
bf came over last night and my mom was actually nice. I think he's growing on her :)