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I really dislike these placements in my chart.
by Sn1p3r187
For both the Men and the women. I saw this site for the guys, it was more funny than it was informative..;.....but- For the ladies I think it maybe inform
by pasc345
Please tell me how can a Scorpio sting if you reject them?
i love ewe
by i love ewe
this board needs CPR big time
by BlackMamba
From a crabs perspective and experience. Why are we attracted to these ppl when they're so.... butterty? Anybody
by HeartOnMySleeveSag
This guy whose daughter goes to the same school my daughter's go to told me this today. We see each other picking our babies up. I don't know his story and he doesn't know mine but we're pretty cordial. We talked a little on the kids report card pick up 2
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How to deal with a Capricorn depression

How to deal with a Capricorn depression

Lately my cap been a little depressed. Today he was talking very negative and he feels like he has no purpose. I had reassure him that God put him in this earth for a reason. Recently my bf lost his job. Been car less for about 4 months due to being in a


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The Virgo texts me "Good afternoon ,May God bless abundantly ." I wish GOD would bless him with a brain, a heart, and some emotional intelligence. No luck in that. I'm in love with a Donkey. There is something wrong with me.
blasting "Urgent" by Foreigner and lip synching obnoxiously while driving...*the looks* priceless!
I'm going to decline my Virgo coworker asking me to lunch again, u just realized she subtly uses people on these lunch dates...asks people about career...etc etc...
Why does my kickboxing coach have to be a Sag?
just remember... no need for lube if you take your time!
When I am Queen, ALL the men in this site will get pegged by the end of 2016. This is my promise to you.
Break you to make me, easy to fix on the outside