A little heads up
By LadyPisces
Hey Peeps I used to be in a 'thning' with a Pisces and he never told me how he felt, but what he did do was write me»

strengths finder
By strudel
anyone read this book? there's a test you do online. it's timed. you have to buy the book in order to be able to take th»

I met one today....!
By xMoonMan
..a Libra woman, that is. She isn't the first I've ever met but the most recent. Now I have to say, you girls can be»

PeanutbutterAm I friendzoning myself
By Peanutbutter
By not making a move with the Capman?? I feel that taking it slow is right but my Libra friend keeps saying things li»

Angeleyes17Loosing Interest..
By Angeleyes17
How do you loose trust or interest in a friend or partner? Or even respect? How do you react that? do you cut them o»

Will Libra man return to Gemini Woman
By sujunebug
I'm sure this topic has come up before but do libra men tend to go back to gemini women? I'm a gemini woman in love w»

lovedonearies who was the best sign in the sack...
By lovedone

how to forget virgo women?
By afteryesterday

Astrological designer babies
By enfant_terrible
Have you / could you / would you ... design (ed) your children astrologically? If so, what signs would or wouldn't yo»

My Cancer man
By lessa
im sure most of you read my first post, thanks again for all the great advice, and all the words they were appreciated.»

What did you do during Saturn 1st house transit?
By 1jadedIndividual
Just wondering what happened to you guys during your Saturn 1st house transit (what did you accomplish/leave behind)?»

I keep having visions...I keep having visions...
Last summer I was cleaning up my appartment getting ready to leave down the block to my sisters house when in my cleanin


People that doesn't let you finish a complete sentence...
I have the kind of family that only disappoints and upsets. powers that be forbid they see past the end of their own noses!
Late Night Cadillac Tunes
"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse." - Jim Rohn
Follow me in the aqua threads.
the moments alone when the usual distractions are denied, and one is forced to think of what was until now unthinkable. this library book is due though i'm just getting past the cover.
I think MC Chris is one of the few rappers that can rock MC in their name. MC Ren, MC Hammer, MC Pee Pants............... treetrunk it
If it weren't for friends..... I wouldn't have any family...
Stinkywater it is going well =)
Just recieved the most touching and supportive message from a sun in aries/moon in gem and asc in aries. A brilliant woman in my life_3
I have 0 treetrukcs to give. Apathy is such a cool and calm thing.
You think I'm emo? It's funny... Emo and NY's an anagram for money
lol that was hardly creative. can't you do better? Same old. How is your life?
I'm such a weirdo.