Ronald for President....your thoughts?
By BlackNova»

By ireallydunno
hey yall im a senior in high school and im preparing to go to college but tbh i have butterty grades (above 3.0 but imo sh»

Please interpret this synastry!!
By Aiko8
I've been talking to this man for almost two months after we met online. We just met this weekend for the first time and»

sultrykittyAnyone care to comment? Composite Chart.
By sultrykitty
Just trying to figure out why it's a dead end. I can post synastry as well if needed. Can't seem to post the image»

KsamCancerVirgo moons lately
By KsamCancer
Anyone been feeling less critical lately and more productive?»

Anyone feel too detached?
By PV&Jellay
I do. I care about the people in my life, but other than my family, I don't really allow myself to get attached to anyon»

downstairsmixupPisces moons desire to be with someone
By downstairsmixup
This is what it looks like: Gem sun: so what do you want right now Me the aqua: a j and a burrito Gem: haha your funn»

By Aquariusfemale
What does scorpio male mean by "we have a connection?"»

Louis Farrakhan's mansion in Chicago, Illinois
By Blood ft. Water

Retroxy's RecipesRetroxy's Recipes
Banameister Smoothie Minatamis na saging (banana plantain in syrup) Jagermeister Ice Mix in blender


Where's my Avi?
aqua knocked on my window with a chinese take out, he's the real mvp. #goals
If you are confused with the situations you are in, unconfuse yourself and walk away!
The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.
I don't actually know anything really, but when I do, I know too much.
What an utter load of crao
What the??
porn is from the pit of hell designed to keep men away from.God and enslaved to sin so go ahead and keep your eyes glued to unclean herpes stars and enjoy your.eternity away from hell.
Trying to be serious on this site tonight....but I just....can't..
As a gem... is it weird that know-it-all's bother me? I know nothing, Jon Snow.
Have a good day Gems!
I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about
Don't hide behind a label given to you, good or bad. Own up to who you are