vivienne westwood
By biosynthesis
is probably hands down my favourite Aries designer...I know other signs are known for fashion, but we have our own style»

By Impulsv
Ok spoiler alert if you haven't watched it. Basically it's concept of time travel in time were u return to past to gi»

Taurus transits make me feel so lazy
By duchesslibro
(I think I said that correctly..) I was all gung ho to get butter done earlier today but now this evening I've been a»

Gem20ReduxAndrogynous women?
By Gem20Redux
As a gemini, considering Mercury doesn't have a sex so to speak, is that my natural instinct calling whenever I find mys»

SuperMissManCheering up a scorpio
By SuperMissMan
There's a guy I'm not really friends with but my boyfriend is, and my bf sucks at cheering people up and giving them adv»

What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
By aquastyle15
I'm OBSESSED w/ Starbucks. Starbucks makes me happy :) I'm at peace when I'm holding the cup in between my hands warming»

DwellingOnMoveSatan or Aliens?
By DwellingOnMove
How I hate this experience with Astrology: I have an idea, I look up, facts confirm my idea. I dig further. Confirmation»

Are you a jealous person? What makes you jealous?
By exxtasyx
I don't think I'm a jealous person at all. When I see someone doing good, it inspires me to do better. But what REALLY m»

Recurrent murder dream
By ShadowAbsorber
I always have the same nightmare. Someone, anyone, or they - the situation is the only thing that's variable - is/are ou»

Are Aquarians typically cheaters? Help!
By Cupidsbow
Hey guys, been a while. I recently met this awesomely talented and nice Aquarian in my class and we immediately hit it o»

Aries Monthly Tarot Reading April 2015
By ElisaGemini121
Aries monthly tarot card reading April 2015, by Elisa Jane Tarot Card Readings!!!»

Are Aquarians typically cheaters? Help!Are Aquarians typically cheaters? Help!
Hey guys, been a while. I recently met this awesomely talented and nice Aquarian in my class and we immediately hit it o


I don't always believe in god. But when I do, it's after a pregnancy scare :D
The only celestial body that pulls you through this spring and summer is Jupiter in Leo and then Virgo.
I am like Brian, ya'll are like Quagmire.
it's wonderful when you have to write a 10 page paper before Monday
Rips le hair out
unfriended was cool except all them hood cookiemonsteres hollering the whole time.
“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”
True Story was a damn good movie! :D
hai guise!
it's so hot where are kim and firebunny to fan me??
Enjoy your weekend you beautiful souls, remember to do something fun!!!
DAMN!! Meta smoked him out :D He ain't recovering from that one. No he can't snap back, that battle has already been won
I never forget to say "sorry" or "thanks" but I can't remember to wish people a good day/week/weekend.:( SORRY!!!
Life just took a turn...