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Has anyone done it? I have to do it now because I suggested it(drunkenly) to my date, not really expecting him to follow through, but he did lol Now I'm scurred...Any tips? I'm mostly worried about what to do with my body and where to look... I'm think
by thisisstupid
This is without a doubt the worst combo ive ever seen. A sweet tender core that gets upset at anything and needs to be hidden at all times. The result is neurotic crazy person who needs overcompensate for their tenderness by acting like a monster. Thi
by Imarollin
One, if we know our chart and major asteroids we can find hidden meanings to our calling. Real life experiences are necessary to confirm this but none the less, our chart can hold secrets. So I got to thinking. What about our progressed charts? And
by 2Moon
Hello, it's me! #QueenAdele
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Gah damn
by CancerKitten
What is an afflicted moon and how do you know if you have one?
by TaurusGirlRas
i had the final straw really. My leo bf had resurrected yet another fantasy relationship online with some chicks he met on IG. It seemed everytime we got in a disagreement and I detached myself, he would wander back to his page to mend his wounds. Apparen
by astrogypsy7
I don't want to make a thread for each question.. All info is appreciated! So I have my chart posted in my photos if anyone wants to reference it. I'm confused about a few things... 1. Why are there two signs that fall in each house? How will

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Do you shut people out or....

Do you shut people out or....

Ignore them when you are going through hard times (dad may be dying, a lot of added stress, etc.)? I've had a few caps say they (in these exact words) "don't know how to release it." It seems like they have a hard time talking things out so I'm curious ho


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these little online "relationships" that men carry on outside their real relationship is not a game, its CHEATING
smooth jazz sunday brunch baby
Well this has been a pretty interesting morning
I wish there was an island made of food.
What the hell have I?
An open mind learns more than a rigid one
Just signed up for a scandinavian mythology workshop. 3 thursdays in a row. #soexcited #nerdhobbies
Choose a few things and a few people that are worth it, and give them your all. Commit to them.
I only respond to real people not troll dolls.
I feel bad 4 ppl like you..... Honestly