Gemini driving this lady Leo bananas!
By SassyKittenpants
Hi guys! I just registered tonight because I seriously feel like I'm gonna go out of my mind with this Gemini male an»

Scorpios out there help with this scorpio man!
By hiatus
Hi there, I am here because I really need some help to understand my scorpio guy. We have been together in a commited r»

Pisces F arguing with Capricorn M
By PiscesWoman
So I (being a submissive Pisces Female) had an arguement with my Capricorn Man today. Usually when I set my foot down, I»

anna1capricorn men: Do you like innocent girls ??
By anna1
All Men with Sun, Moon or Venus in Capricorn, Do you people like to marry girls who have childlike innocence ? If so. Wh»

Sa8mNeed help should I be with this (male)Leo?
By Sa8m
This guy and I have been on and off three times and I'm a Sagittarius. He seems to be coming back around like he his int»

Each sign's style of dancing
By biosynthesis
Aries: wild and crazy Taurus: rhythmic and steady Gemini: Fun and flirty Cancer: smooth Leo: Fiery with hair flipp»

GuardianAnuWhat's the deal with "don't play games with me!"
By GuardianAnu
Okay, maybe I am an idiot, but I have to ask what it means when somebody close to you says that. Especially someone who»

ARIES GUYS??? Help out a teenager plzzzz
By Toomuchofaleo
Ok so there's this aries boy (were teens), he's liked me for a while but never made a move, all he did was look into my»

is it possible
By exoskeleton
to love someone without liking them? is this true love?»

Watery Men Tribute
By CluelessCancer
treetruk EARTH. Die Earth.»

Is it hard for you to talk to someone again
By Sammy20
after not talking for sometime (1 mth and some)? Would it help if the person remains affectionate or themselves or g»

ARIES GUYS??? Help out a teenager plzzzzARIES GUYS??? Help out a teenager plzzzz
Ok so there's this aries boy (were teens), he's liked me for a while but never made a move, all he did was look into my


Packing and house hunting
"It is Well with My Soul"
I hope Gary Coleman makes a comeback And each one of my ex’s marries a scumbag
walked now for Shark tank
I just want to enjoy the luxury of sleep and sollitude this weekend.
Taurus Mars with 4th House Stellium in Capricorn checking in...does that count?
now that i read some of your stories instead of talk astrology i'm convinced most of you have cancer mars!
I would break locks to all the Candy Stores.
If you got to spend a day with your childhood self, what would you do, where would you go, what would you say to them?
Let fate be your GPS guide
Ready for your pop-shot, Phillippe?
Between a rock and a hard place
t's hard to believe that there's nobody out there It's hard to believe that I'm all alone At least I have her love, the city she loves me Lonely as I am, together we cry
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