By Huldra
This one is for Libra men specifically, as two Libra women I asked could not relate. Guys, do you have a certain ex in your life, to whom you are either connected or not as a contact, but you seem to worry for things such as her safety and well-being?»

Aries Women and the chase
By YellowSubmarine
So I know Aries is notorious for loving the chase, however I want to hear from Aries women that chase in a society where the line between showing you care, and seeming desperate, can at times seem very thin. So for the Aries women on here, when a man y»

Scorpio women sexual preferences
By Plato
Curious... Would you say you lean towards vanilla or kinky sex? And do you prefer to dominate or be dominated? Or a combination of both?»

Impar12Gemini man in love
By Impar12
Hello all, I'm seeing a gemini guy for about 3 weeks now and he's a lot of fun, I love the energy and his sense of humor. He's a great guy to be around and there's a lot of chemistry. Now I don't have any experience with gemini people, I've always gravi»

woodenmeowLeo Guy Assistance
By woodenmeow
I have been dating this leo guy on and off for the past 2 years. His birthday is July 30. Yet again we had to have a talk, because I couldn't take him being distant and unaffectionate. We just came back from a great vacation to las Vegas. But I have be»

Personal Development tools
By livictori
I switched into a different facet in my career when I went from managing commercial property to becoming a real estate agent. I did this to have more time with my family as my oldest is now in middle school. One difficulty I came up against is how challen»

By PiscesLilly86
How are you Scorps at Time Management? Meaning are you usually early for things that are considered important to you, like your daily job and show up late for things that seem less important to you, like for instance, going out with friends. Or is i»

By Stars
I'm confused on this sign and I'm an Aquarius I have no idea when this sign is being real or fake and I want to know so Leo's if you wish may you please answer honestly what are some signs to look for on telling if a Leo is being sincere honest and real?»

Faux News
By cilantro
Its not real news. Its propaganda. Its a business model, Google it. Personally I'm not anti right (traditional American right) but what we have now is a depressing, misinformed public. I can even tell by some people's comments if they watch the chann»

America has been involved in War 93% of the time
-222 years out of 239 years - since 1776..meaning we've only had 17 years of peace..lol fact: as long as we continue to fund our military with over 600 billion dollars annually, then we will ALWAYS start and/or get involved in war with someone,period..»

*~* Chiron *~*
By starlover
The wounded healer Interesting info here ~~ where is yours? ~~ mine is in the 11th in Aquarius https://vestalyn.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/chiron-in-the-houses/»

What do Virgos enjoy doing?What do Virgos enjoy doing?
My brother is a Virgo...so I should know this one lol. But sometimes being around him was like walking on eggshells, then others he was loving and nurturing. Nonetheless I'm unfortunately not close to him anymore, and haven't seen him in months. And other


TWO more days! :D
No holding back! Breaking all the barriers! I understand where you're coming from and I respect you position but you have to understand and respect mine as well!
Before I could answer (if I could have answered so difficult a question at all), she repeated, "Love her, love her, love her! If she favours you, love her. If she wounds you, love her. If she tears your heart to pieces—and as it gets older and stronger,
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DXP high school of hard knocks? *rolls eyes*
“Flattery, either of individual or people, corrupts both the receiver and the giver"
Finally got my tacos!
“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination.”
I've never felt this way before.
THREE more days! :D
"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool."
I am the Observer. I should go as Karma for Halloween! Lol!
His cloak was his crowning glory; sable, thick and black and soft as sin.
"I'm bulletproof- nothing to lose.. fire away, fire away.."