*~*Aura Soma Readings*~*
By starlover
I found this interesting and very accurate ~~ http://www.puresoulalchemy.com/free_aura_soma_reading»

Socially awkward aquarians
By aquastyle15
https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110630054159AAHuOw5 I read this on Yahoo! Answers & thought it describ»

My Cap BF is Bisexual
By PiscesWoman
My Capricorn boyfriend told me he´s bisexual. He hasn't made is official, non of his friends know but me. I guess he fe»

StarChild63Perfect show to explain cancer woman
By StarChild63
I had to sit my friend down to watch this show bcuz a lot about the show reminds me of her. Watch the show and it will h»

PerspicacityGetting rid of toxic people
By Perspicacity
This is going to sound like a very diplomatic, PC, stereotypical wussy Libran question, but... How do you distance yours»

Taurus & sad Music
By ShadowAbsorber
Do any other Taurans cry absurdly to sad music?»

LibralulaMars in Leo!!!
By Libralula
We are awesome!»

Bad B!tc#
By cilantro

Calling all people dating /seeing a Cancer
By DearCupcake
Dont you ever feel neglected? Like the "distant" moments are way too much? Blame it on my lack of sleep but I don't»

My Scorpio neighbor
By MizzElle
Sooo I've been neighbors with this guy for about 8yrs. He's always caught my eye, but since I was married I never pursue»

Would you let your partner do this?
By SuperMissMan
So..I just want to see who's more open minded despite being possessive etc.. Would u let your bf/gf have sex with the»

Getting rid of toxic peopleGetting rid of toxic people
This is going to sound like a very diplomatic, PC, stereotypical wussy Libran question, but... How do you distance yours


Life just took a turn...
I complete me
Nothing like snowstorms in April...
Sweeter than wine Softer than the summer night Everything I want I have Whenever I hold you tight
RIP Momo Wilda... we all love you...
my Dxpnet 6 months journey is coming into end
crapblows, where are all your women aint seen you with one. only cookiemonster that ever loved you gotta call you her son
Capricorn females unless you want to give me some head, ass or kitty, stay away from me, really stop poppin in my life
Blessings are always disguised.
there is a ray of hope
On it way!
At home on a friday night and left to my own devices. That can never be a good thing.
DAMN! I just got the butter shocked out of me. This damn lamp had some disconnected wiring, and I put it in the socket at the wrong time and wrong place to put my hand at and I got shocked like butter through the ring finger. I feel like a vein blew up. oww o