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by magnetoreborn
What's your Mercury and Mars sign (and any other relevant planetary signs)?
by Greentea
It cheating if you sleep with another woman while in a relationship with a man? - Men, if your woman slept with another woman, would you consider it cheating even if it was with another woman, and not with a man like yourself. Would it bother/hur
by Lindaaaatje
It's been going on for some time now. He doesn't want to talk about it. I'm turning myself into " the cold one" to protect myself because i don't know how to help him.... To other caps: how would you react if you were living with someone and had these
by TrueFantasy
If you COULD choose your partner's sun, moon and AC combo what would it be? For me I really like the combo .. AC - Leo Sun - Scorpio or Taurus Moon - Taurus, Scorpio or Sag :-) Have fun.
by firebunny
She's been bedridden since last week. We couldn't understand her anymore. She can't speak properly. She's been dreaming about her husband (our "lolo", our "grandfather") every once in a while. Our grandfather died in 1995. She thinks he's just outside our
by Westsidekodak
I'm confused now.
by Zetarose
So I'm involved with an Aries man LDR, but i have trust issues and just become very anxious and worried when the relationship become serious, he said he loved me and do too, he speaks of the future with me. But I keep questioning his faithfulness.. He's g
by CantGetEnough
This is interesting! it to your SUN, MOON, AND RISING signs.

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Rising?? House??

Rising?? House??

I'm still new to this here...I enjoy reading these threads! Here's my question. What's with this rising and 3rd house talk I read about all the time. You mean to tell me I'm not just a Cancer but I also have other zodiacs?? Mercury...that's another

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this dude was great! #TwdMarathon
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this still crack me up!
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