What's your favorite favor of Smirnoff?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Mine is 1. Green apple 2. Peach..»

Virgo and Virgo too much of a good thing?
By SassyVirgo
Anyone of you fellow Virgos dated other Virgos before? How was it like for you guys? For me it feels like we both lov»

Scorpio man libra woman
By liibbrraa
Scorpio men how has your relationship been with libras?»

shellshockerPrince Charming
By shellshocker
Are you off doing this, what's her sign? lol Steve and Kayla ♥»

Nelrissirrational jealousy
By Nelriss
Hey guys so I wanted to know if other scorps get this problem. My boss at work is a very nice Taurus man who I get on»

Scorp Signals
By BetaBanana
I've known this scorp for awhile I bartend and he comes in a lot. He had a gf and stopped coming in for a while but sudd»

Prince_PiscesMay 11th
By Prince_Pisces
Are you excited?»

Meghan "Feminist" Trainor
By LillyBlossom
Meghan Trainor, whether you hate her or love her music, it is undeniable that she is both frequently played and is respo»

Sloth Meltdown
By MoonArtist
Kristen Bell.....sloth obsessed Cancer! I think I can relate...but I haven't done this over sloths. https://www.yout»

Aquarius and break ups
By pennystealing123
Hi Aqua board! I have always been surrounded by Aquarius. But it's the first time I'm actually DATING one! It's b»

Let's build the perfect Aries...
What placements/aspects would you give somebody with sun in Aries to make them THE perfect Aries?»

Toes in the water ass in the sand!
My God I'm over sexed.
Runnin thru da 6 wit my woes
Y'all are messy on this site....Real Talk!
Hell yes. It's spaghetti night.
Full Moon in Scorpio on its way ~ lock away your knives and don't open the door to anyone :~))
Hai I'm TV. I think you're pretty cool.
scorpio moon is bringing up ignored emotions, making me crazy Betch
Are you kidding? 2 long gone exes in the same week with changed numbers? Spring, wtf are you doing to me...
Superjail! On hulu "gawddamm"
I think I might be a Camp 2 Cancer lol.
In an imaginary realm - Peter Pan and Jessica Rabbit are living happily ever after.
Money Mayweather won. Just like I knew he would. The man is too good.
Pizza is always better the day after its bought.