whats w/talking about x-grlf/wife n aqua male?
By maranoid
Do any other aqua males bring up exes sporadically in conversation? Am I being immature in getting pissed about it AFTE»

White Men And Pedophilia
By DonJohnson
If we can be straight forward with the dysfunction of all racial groups then we should accept this fact. I honestly b»

Pisces Moon
By Starlightbutterfly
I recently started talking to a man with Pisces Moon, we both have this deep psychic connection with each other. We real»

warmwatersscorp celebs u don't like
By warmwaters
Leo should grow up and date real women his own age. Or just come to terms with his desire for men. Too much over compe»

cheeckybullVenus in Scorpio revenge.....what am I expecting..
By cheeckybull
I betrayed and hurt a Venus in Scorpio... It was his fault not being clear in our relationship but it was also my fault»

Bridzilla virgo addition
By warmwaters
Venus+sun in virgo opposite pisces moon. Get this. My virgo homegirl and her cap man are to be wed probably in the s»

rockyroadicecreamThrift stores
By rockyroadicecream
I've become addicted to them! Whenever I'd have an urge to shop but wanted to keep spending to a minimum, I'd just he»

By Blue18
Is the cutest most tiniest woman I have ever seen»

Mars square midheaven trouble?
By Ellzwerf
Are squares always a bad thing?»

From my FB feed this morning (Hobbit-y)
By Huldra
"Alyssa Sharpe 41 mins I saw the final Hobbit movie today, and I was all like, "Dwarves are such Taurus's!" And the»

Guessing people's signs
By virgodog58
How good are you at guessing people's signs? I have been into astrology for a long time and think I am fairly good but»

Guessing people's signsGuessing people's signs
How good are you at guessing people's signs? I have been into astrology for a long time and think I am fairly good but


the time leading up to an important moment, i tell myself it's all of nothing. then the day after, while the debris lingers and voices trail off, i see that it's all and nothing.
Sore throat waaa
i don't like naps because i usually feel like i'm going to throw up afterwards
Too much wine, not enough internetz...
Duck breast rather than a whole duck, so we don't pay for more than what we actually eat. Still need to get all that other stuff you eat with the x-mas "roast".
you guys love meeee
Hmm. I was born with Jupiter retrograding through Leo.
You don't have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body.
TS, I am right there with you!! WOOOO bring on Jupiter!
maybe a butterfly on my back
then why the hell is saturn going backwards?
15 and a half hours :D
pnd-cruise control
I've come to the conclusion that I'm much too serious. Lightening up will do me a world of good.