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Post your Sun and Moon placement.
by firebunny
I watched the following: *Arthur *Little Lulu *Magic Schoolbus *Timon and Pumba *Jumanji
by Kodak375
This is a community first and foremost. And freedom of speech is allowed here, we all want to share and learn from each other. At times debate and argue. However, there is a line that borders in-frighting on moral disregard and that comes with blatant per
by Nirvana707
Wow, looks like they upgraded this place. And I don't know why but I can't upload my treetrunking profile picture. The craziness and the drama is still the same tho hahahah.
by Gooober
Do you think you perfectly fit your sign as a child?
by Kodak375 If you ever had that father figure who was in or out of your life, those "friends" who couldn't seem to support you through the tough times but are there for the parties and celebrations.
by PillowFortBuilder
Can I get help reviewing two charts? 1 & 2 then 2 & 3. If it makes it easier Ican supply the charts. Curious if 1&2 have better compatibility than 2&3. 1 Sun Leo 10°22' Moon Capricorn 19°02' Mercury Leo 19°40' Venus Cancer 16°06' Mars Libr

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Traveling on your own

Traveling on your own

So has anyone done this? I don't know why, but this idea has crossed my mind a lot lately.. Sometimes I just want to start from blank in a new place, and discover myself more in some way And take some books, and write my experiences and thoughts ev


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I woke up to 323 notifications. Blew mine.
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You all disgust me!
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Ands it officially my Friday. Whoop whoop!
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Libra woman & libra man
If I ever move to a place where it's 60° F year round, all I'd wear are Bill Cosby sweaters and Mr Rogers cardigans. I will be completely content in lyfe.
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