book corner
By Nemilicious
tell us what is on your reading list or recommend some of your favourite literature. i realized that i hardly read ameri»

Reason for dating someone you´re not into
By thinktoomuch
This could be adressed to everyone in general, but as it is said, that some signs are more into "looking for the one/per»

Mercury in the eighth house?
By xomelindabelle
How would this affect me emotionally and communication-wise? I've always felt highly emotional, and expressive. And I've»

brianafayDouche who shot Cecil the lion...
By brianafay
What's your take on it? Is he guilty of poaching or only guilty of being a douche caught in an unfortunate situation?»

BlackMambaI can't get rid of them
By BlackMamba
I'm surrounded by Virgos. Why? Are there any zodiac signs that you're always surrounded by. I have 4 Leo placement»

A question for the bulls
By Rambunctious76
Today while waiting for my bus to get home, I met someone totally unexpected. A close Taurus friend who completely disap»

shortiiIf you pay a Taurus Man a compliment.....
By shortii
does he only reply if he has something to say? Or does if he doesn't respond.. he's just not into you. Thanks.»

Venus in Retrograde is real... whoa!
By DonJohnson
Last week I was at the gym and met this old school bredren i haven't talked to in 7 yrs. we used to run missions togeth»

Your rising sign
By BetaBanana
How do is effect you if at all? Or is it just about how you appear to others?? My sun sign and rising sign are the same»

By faceroll
what have been your best matches with other chinese signs? i like oxen and pigs. rabbit wasn't too bad either. my»

Virgo moons,
By xomelindabelle
I put this in the moon sign forum, but this one seems to get more traffic! :P Anyway, Are you very expressive or d»

book cornerbook corner
tell us what is on your reading list or recommend some of your favourite literature. i realized that i hardly read ameri


Blood ft. WaterBlood ft. Water
I fear failure.
i'm happy because today i've found my friends they're in my head
Muahahahaah! I'm taking all over this Aries moon related board while no one has noticed this!!
On to more important matters... :P
Powerman 5000!
I do not cry because I miss you. I cry because you can't change for me. It will never be.
Blue moon in Aquarius this Friday :D
Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon: The Night Crawler and the Necromancer, the Blackbird and the Barracuda, the Sea Serpent and the Seer-Snake, the Psychic Spy and the Spectral Switchblade, the Soul with no Windows and the Witch with No Name.
Hello. I am a Cancer woman. Are there other Cancer women here?
Left a good job in the city Workin' for the Man every night and day But I never lost a minute of sleepin' Worryin' 'bout the way things might have be
She looked right at me she looked fantasti we drank champaign we had laughter and then after we came face to face cheek to cheek we danced the tango
You and me are floating on a tidal wave... Together...
What's on your mind?
I think im allergic to candles damn