Perfect description
By flowingwater
Of venus in Pisces women. This is me. I see the beauty and unco»

Virgo Moon distant and shy?
By tbaad
There is this guy that since he met me 8 months ago I could sense he has interest. Three months ago he started texting m»

By OwlPharaoh
I'm going to give you fools an update on the Scorpio broad I treetrunked with. She's trash and now that I see this. we aren'»

DAMEN VIyet another female teacher having sex with student
these two teachers were in cali.. T»

nerdyvirgpTaurus waiting?
By nerdyvirgp
I started to communicate with a Taurus male the beginning of this year. I made the first move of course over social medi»

both taken, confusion
By LostBull
I feel I will probably be hated for this post. I am a Taurus female that has fallen head over heels for a cancer male. I»

Agentgem24When do you say, "I love you?"
By Agentgem24
Just interested in on different perspectives. I've talked to some people who said it pretty quickly and others that wait»

kik me - im a gemini male
By shaanslife
Screenname SHAANSLIFE»

What sign do you think???????
By AL4813
Good evening ladies and gents, im as bored as michael vick at a PETA meeting and wanted to know what sign do you think»

Can I get some insight on this taurus guy please?
By scorpiogirl99
This guy is taurus sun, pisces moon, aries venus...that's all I can remember but I also know his Pluto is in capricorn.»

Mother’s Day gift hamper with delightful loveMother’s Day gift hamper with delightful love
One relationship which is always with us is the one we share with our mothers. They are our guiding force and are respon


Just quietly, I think we're embarking on the Next Great Adventure... =)
Mob Wives is ON Yesssssss! I love crazy ass Renee%@#Boom POW!!!
@Damous yeah it is lol stick with one just for a few months, if you like Blender though talk with EU about it. He knows a lot. I'm more on the C4D/Zbrush tip right now.
..:.all I know is that I know nothing.:..
after how to bang her series done with Aquarius and Pisces, I will do how a sign going to treetrunk with different signs
That should be the Crab motto next to "Get rich or die trying!"
Even when I lose, I'm WINNING.%@#Boom POW!!!
Pisces are scary. They can read my anxiety. I don't like that b!tter. Too much power Pisces. Too much power.
these out here underestimating Pisces, butter Virgo are the biggest cookiemonsteres in the zodiac, Pisces will have a backbone once snapped
There is a way in every problem to bring back the smile. I believe and create it.
@Tiz, why not?! I'm starting to learn Blender right now. I keep changing programs. Terrible way to go about learning.
@huldra, oh i like that. diamonds on uranus and neptune, and saturn gets all the gold.
missing that ned auri!
I wish the IT Industry would hurry up and digitize tax accounting already!!