True Lilith in the 7th house?
By degenerate_ingenue
What would this mean for relationships? I am curious to what its deeper meaning may hold. My true Lilith is in Taurus (7»

How do I find out
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Who I was in my past life? Or if I had one in the first place...»

Taurus man back...
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hi all, I haven't been on this in a while. I don't know If anyone remembers me, but I have a long standing relationship»

CapriesGrateful for Aqua Moon's Painful Disappearing Act
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Hello Everyone, Let me preface this post by saying that you don't have to respond (unless you feel compelled to). Thi»

pennystealing123Supportive aqua
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Hey Aqua friend. Hope you are well.!! I don't really know what my question is, but I can use an ear or a few words.»

Retrograde best article you can read
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Article here: The reason of this is he explain in every little details»

AnnSabraHelp Me Understand Moon/Solar Eclipses
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I have rising Taurus/scorpio Last year on April 2014, there were 2 eclipses April 15 (Libra) and April 29 (Taurus)»

When a Scorpio is distant but...Not really
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I know my title is confusing but it's exactly whats going on lol. He's distant but not gone. Like he still takes me out»

Some enlightenment on cusps
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Male Birthday 4-20-73 I have been hating on Aries because when I first did a quick search years ago it pinned him as»

Happy Birthday, Soul!
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All hail the king of dxp!»

*Venus* rx in natal chart and relationship issues?
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Can anyone relate to this?»

True Lilith in the 7th house?True Lilith in the 7th house?
What would this mean for relationships? I am curious to what its deeper meaning may hold. My true Lilith is in Taurus (7


Anytime I meet a guy who shows interests and the potential to be a serious relationship, I run away.smh...this has to stop.
So much *hidden* talent in the world
haley joel osment in the entourage movie is treetrukin up my vibes
Sigh. Finally sleepy.
I came to the realization that potatoes are called potatoes because they look like giants toes
Nikki read is seriously so beautiful.
How do I change my profile pic? Thought I did it but the wolf is back again...
Happy birthday to meeee! Thank the stars for giving me the privilege of life. I am greatful I have the opportunity to experence everything the world has to offer.
Patiently waiting for my time to strike
A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.
Just double-checked my wallet to make sure all 037 dollars are still where i left them this morning. False alarm.
Blue moon in Aquarius!
HEEEEEEEEEYYY ! What is up in the madhouse??!!