Rihanna? dovyou think she is ruled by mars or nept
By daydreamer22
I remember checking her birth chart on astrotheme and her very first dominant planet was mars. I checked yesterday and i»

I'm new
By Ktayl117
Whoa! I wasn't really thinking anyone would reply. Thanks to everyone. Sun Cancer 26.10 Ascendant Sagittarius 14.3»

Sun or Ascendant
By crabRiot
Which do you act more like??? Your sun sign or your ascendant..and does anyone act more like their moon sign over the o»

atearthWedding guest ratios
By atearth
I've been to a few weddings over the years. And was just thinking about wedding guest ratios. In terms of even-ness»

papparaziDear Libra women
By papparazi
Whats your Opinion on aqua males ?»

What sign do you want your next relationship to be
By KsamCancer
And why? Is it because you've never been able to date that sign despite astrologers saying its your best match? Or is it»

Vegetta91Should i get revenge
By Vegetta91
So we had a party going on and every one had to pay an equal sum everybody paid and we were 22 in total Here comes the»

By duchesslibro
What sign & house are your North & South Nodes placed in? Does it make sense to you? How are you doing regarding strivin»

By livictori
After watching me apologize, pretending to be over it and spending time together he hits me with the, "you turned your b»

libra marriage and divorce statistical analysis
By jeane
i found this interesting. thought you lot might too. Libra Traditional astrological wisdom holds that Libras are mo»

Anyone know why this bitch is so fucken toxic? God damn. Every comment I read of yours is poisonous! Please do not share


Another date with the awesome Capricorn tonight!! I am excited, he is amazeballs!!:)
back to the grinding board after a day's break
I am lost...
Work, Work, Work!! Love what I do! :) You make your own happiness :)
Will be taking a vow of celibacy for sometime.... wish me luck
if I were gay I'd totally be a power bottom :-)
finally got that amazon fire smart phone i always wanted :). time to trash that old samsung galaxy s5 phone.
can anyone share what happened to cc? anybody?
~ The Devil's avocado is a fine thing ~
if I were gay I'd totally be a power bottom :-)
Darkness, yeah!
terrible aquarius date
please pray for Texas
Some sag posted something about a drug addiction article that was so intresting to read. Lost it damn it