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by Vixen2
We all know atleast one. The one where you just can't believe the person is a Pisces. You can see them coming a mile away. Their aura and vibe is just so heavy and repelling. They are the epitome of a buzzkill and downer. They never have a meaningful, he
by 1stTierReadings
by xoxoRain
Anyone can reply. What do u think is a good gift idea for Leo bf. For our 5th year Anniversary?
by Reincarnation
Post your Sun and Moon placement.
by msanchez112305
Me: Sun: Libra Moon: Libra Venus: Scorpio Saturn: Libra Him: Sun: Libra Moon: Sangitarius Venus: Virgo Saturn: Sangitarius Hi guys I would like some inside about me and my libra co-worker. He's currently seeing someone and im 5 yrs ol
by Bela
ASSETS OF A PISCES: Sharing, generous, humble, altruistic, empathetic, listens well, artistic talents, intuitive, spiritual, imaginative MAIN MOTIVATION: Sharing, alleviating pain and suffering CHALLENGES AND HOW TO TRANSFORM THEM: 1- Follower
by lisabethur8 Women really DO find the silent, brooding type sexier: Scientists discover happy men are 'significantly less attractive' But men prefer
by Kodak375
What would it be? My choice would be the k-12 grade school educational system. What about you?

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Ands it officially my Friday. Whoop whoop!
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Libra woman & libra man
If I ever move to a place where it's 60° F year round, all I'd wear are Bill Cosby sweaters and Mr Rogers cardigans. I will be completely content in lyfe.
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to beer or not to beer
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Dancing on the surface, I cannot help but think of what is (or is not) holding us up beneath our steps.
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