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by littlemegabyte
Why?? It's creepy. How to deal with the situation? I try to be nice to him in my responses, concerned and trying to find the reasons behind the photographed tears. It doesn't ever seem like a large issue and one that I find rather avoidable and transpa
by candyclouds
I want to know what other Scorpio women think about men.. The men in your lives, what were they like ? Your brothers, your friends, your boyfriends, maybe your bosses or coworkers? Are you comfortable around them ? I'm asking this because I want to kno
by aquamila
I've been with my scorpio for one year in a long distance relationship, and I am deep in love with him. We've been through really difficult times, but love has always won in the end. The only real problem we've ever had, and repeatedly, was his jealousy.
by MiZLeo
Some treetrunked up butter has happened in my life the past couple of weeks and I'm having some major trust issues with people. I am really really trying not to allow it to effect my current relationship with Mr. Pisces but I feel myself not believing anything h
by exo
c'mon, cookiemonsteres. bring on the tears.
by VenusStar
😳Ive never experiwnced this before where i come aupon a negative situation and i cant fix it. The more i try, the worst the situation becomes.
by kalin
My guy friend who I met in real life told me guys are not as picky about women's appearance as what women think they'd be (which means you just need to take care of yourself and you don't need to be the hottest chick on the block). I was skeptical, but no
by Ethereal
Hi there, I'm a Pisces with Pisces rising, and my moon is in Virgo. When it comes to dating I find myself being terribly shy (I mean terribly, terribly shy!), something that puts many of my prospective partners off. Moreover the whole duality when it come

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