Present your brother an excellent Rakhi gifts and
By Rakhi2Indiaa
The festival of Rakhi is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is awaited by every body in the family. It become»

Ex Wants DNA Test AND Abortion
By buyonegetone
Hey Folks! I first came here a few months ago asking advice on a guy who broke up with me after finding out that I was»

Leo Sun with Scorpio Moon!
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How would you take this person? Is this a good combo?»

P_AndsDXPers stop akting brand new
By P_Ands

FayTaurus after a breakup
By Fay
I meet my Taurus through a dating website. he initiated the contact and asked we meet, so i suggested that we first let»

Ladies, Have you Ever Felt Like Ummmm...
By MrFirebird

SkyVioletHow to tell a person's love style by their chart
By SkyViolet
I'd love responses and expertise. What do you look for and why? What does each planet in each house say about thei»

it actually works
By britneybabe26
Ladies my cancer guy texted me last night after like 2 months ( we don't live in the same state) when am I coming back t»

By retrogradexy
What is love? What are the different types of love? Which type of love last for more than a decade?»

Are You Shy?
By ElTigre23

Dream of pregnancyDream of pregnancy
Son in had this dream last.night of I being pregnant . And it was a kind of pain in my stomach that I can feel in the dr


My emotions are swaying but with the lows come the highs and throughout all of this I'm still hopeful
RatedX often times the "night is darkest before the dawn."
lately TV and most movies put me to sleep =/ .. #lifeaintfair
noticed alot of air signs moving lately including my bestfriend :(
I absolutely love that I'm learning to tap into my top 3 ruling signs when the situation calls for it. :)
words are not coming out right today. *frustrated*
Tired as hell because I was up late trying to help a dodo bird!
When you are dead, you dont know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.
There are no bunkbeds in wombs in caskets. You walk this earth alone. Loyalty and sincerity seems to be a rarity in people.
Feeling feisty today!
6:18 am and I can't sleep for butter. '
Sex is like death and rebirth.
Realize how truely blessed I am to have such a wonderful strong woman as my lioness in my life!
I'm going to let them rest in peace :)