Aussie Rock!
By Arielle83
I treetrunkin love aussie rock!! AC/DC Midnight Oil INXS Cold Chisel Jet Regurgitator Silverchair Machine Gun Fella»

I don't know what to say
By kalin
I visited my Leo ex three weeks ago because he had been asking me to visit him and I wanted to know if I still had feeli»

stop me from
By Impulsv
smoking. That is my only bad Actually I smoked when in college stopped while married. picked it up when stres»

Feistypisces777How do you feel about clingy partners?
By Feistypisces777
What's your sign? And what do you think about clingy partners?»

J9Ready to feel old ?
By J9
This song turned 18 today.»

Jeepers Creepers
By enfant_terrible
Watching the first one conjurned that feeling of sitting around a campfire and listening to someone making up a really f»

confusedlibra78Leo Pullback
By confusedlibra78
I'm a Libra and met a Leo guy. We talked for several days over text. Went out, talked for hours. Kissed and it was elect»

You! Stop ejaculating! Prevent babies
By munchkin
MEN: Would you be willing to take a contraceptive pill with no side effects that prevented you from nutting? (Assu»

Take your blinders off
By KittenLaRouge
Stop destroying the planet, stop destroying the animals, take your blinders off and do something.»

NOTHING is happening during these transits
By augustmoon
for me, anyway. It seems to be pretty eventful for everyone else. I've been watching The Peace Dealer on youtube for mon»

Astroaspectual Compatiblilty
By MrFirebird
Which aspects influence the astrolegalistics of compatibility? 1) Physical attraction/compatibility 2) Intellectual/p»

Look candle or what ever your name is I got no desire to speak with you again and don't unblack me ever to speak because your block /Unblock game is so stupid I never run after you ...Its done between you and me ...Live your life and I live my own
And I'm only a million miles from home.
counting down the days until summer is over. Winter revenge?
stop destroying the planet stop destroying the animals go vegan
conquest competition and consensus...pyramid vision.
you light up my life.
Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
When someone does something wrong, be gentle. Don't forget about all the things they've done right.
Certified NPQ Firefighter I !!!!!!!!
They've been spending most their lives living in a pastime paradise, They've been wasting most their time glorifying days long gone behind, They've been wasting most their days in remembrance of ignorance oldest praise
you help me lose my mind - and you bring me something i can't define ♥
You know what to do next.

Stupid Site! Errors Posting! You are going to make me forget what I wanted to say! Grrrrrr!
Sending some sparkle motion to my baby Aries sister, taking the BAR exam today and tomorrow.