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by Poppyseeds
The 2 Virgo's chart are very similar. One is a long term friend and one is a girlfriend. What makes him chose one but not another? I'm curious what are the dynamic between them all just from chart reading, we all know it can't be 100% accurate, just us
by canmini
OK I'm not good with Capricorns women, I mean we are great friends but I have never really knew how to make them stay interested on a romantic level, but I do know this one Capricorn girl that is single and I'm thinking about hooking her up with my friend
by sagiluv
So as you may already know my story about libra man ., so all along he was trying to get a reaction from me while I just ignored and moving on.. Now he's messaging me with pet names and emoji kissy faces!! Seriously..?!! What is the deal ....... Fe
by hulabird61
3 years ago I met a 61 YO Cancer male, we met on FB and then in person after 8 months of messaging, phone calls and texts, mainly because I was in a middle of a divorce plus lived an hour away. When I went to his house for the first date, he was all over
by Flo
Do you like being a water bearer? Did you feel misunderstood most of your Life? I enjoy it very much but people have trouble knowing me.
by Poppyseeds
He broke up with me after 6 months of being together. Since then he has never stopped contacting me, he admit he has commitment issue and bought a self help book. We are dating again but we are not intimate. He has only read one chapter so far and it s

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