Scorpios: False Bravado
By ElTigre23
You lot just don't have the natural charisma of a Leo. Yes, Leos are dramatic and so are Scorpios. No one wants to deal with you because of YOU. A Leo will brag about his/her success, or achievements while a Scorpio will brag about how rude his/her sign i»

Is this some kind of Pisces intuition
By Karma_is_pisces
I had a dream of a black lion with a black mane it was tame but walked around the island freely. But I got the feeling if me or anyone in the house left out the lion would attack. So is this a warning or have some meaning?»

Fat shaming
By The_eleventh_sign_11
Some skinny cookiemonster posted this in facebook It's a funny video about a chick having a go at fat people. I just found out that I'm obese and it really surprised me lol I'm 6ft 3 and I'm 120 kg so pretty much when I step on t»

Blood ft. WaterShould you be allowed to raise your children?
By Blood ft. Water
Why is it fair that some children live in a nice home, eat good food, and get first class education? Did the children earn it for themselves? NOPE! As a socialist, that believes in equality. I think its only right that children be stripped from th»

By FrostAndBite
'Your Rising Sign appears as the first personality traits you exhibit. It is your autopilotÂ… it responds to your environment. Your Sun Sign gradually becomes more noticeable over time. The two Signs will eventually blend, creating an outer layer and an i»

Ascendant Sign Needs
By RatedX
What's your Ascendant sign & Descendant sign? (the opposite of your Rising sign) Also what do you look for in a partner? -------------------------------------------------------- Scorpio Ascendant - Taurus Descendant I want someone who's calm,»

Camilla_DillaWhen a Taurus man disappears
By Camilla_Dilla
I'm a Taurus woman who met a Taurus man a few months ago on vacation. We really hit it off. So much so that I ended up spending the last 10 hours of my solo vacation with him. We went to dinner together and I stayed at his hotel where we kissed and cuddle»

How would you handle this?
By P-Angel
I know what I want to do, but, I also know that I"m pretty hard core at times. My Virgo husband is very passive aggressive, so he can't even think on it, he just leaves it up to me to do the right thing. Well, he's like that on most issues. But, anyw»

music...smells...self pleasure...
By AjnaRe
How do you like to get away?»

Under Pressure :(
By starlover
Young people are under so much pressure these days. They have to get so many *points* in the education system to get on the course they want. On top of that some of them have parents who try to choose their careers for them and i have recently heard of o»

Are you ready for the accuracy?
By RatedX
I didn't write these.. Behave yourself, grammar nazis.»

Q and A for Leo'sQ and A for Leo's
I know a few Leo's and I absolutely love them 2 males and 2 females. They are just so nice and confident and I love that. So I have a few questions for you Leo's ,see this as a q and A please be honest and answer these questions if you wish. 1. is it


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Today's the DAY!!! Then vacation time!! Bouncing off the walls right now! :D :D
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Hi guise! I need help with my Pisces man! He's kinda married. Pleese guise, wut shud I do?
Met another Libra sun, Pisces moon!
If you cannot inspire a woman with love of you, fill her above the brim with love of herself ~ all that runs over will be yours.
I really want to grow my hair loooooong, but i hate dead ends lol :( i don't have enough patience to keep trimming it.
A wise man may change his mind (and ways), but a fool never does.
Am growing my locks down to my feet ~ Lady Godiva eat your heart out :P
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