I want this one.
By TaurusGirlRas
Whats a guy with these placements like...how do I pin him! He's so dreamy Taurus Sun Aqua moon Taurus Venus Gemi»

By VirgoSvengali
Who does that ? If not, tell me why :) xx»

How did she know?
By DwellingOnMove
I just watched an interview of this guy: and asked myself about his zodiac signs. I put Aries in the first line.»

By Geminisces
perfume= turn on? I mean, men that smell good..Damn.»

LouLoreQuestion about new relationship with Cap M
By LouLore
Hi everyone! Pisces F here with a question concerning intimate relations with fairly new Cap M relationship. Our fir»

Anyone into ATVs and 4-wheelers?
By truecap
I want to get a winch for a Teryx two seater side by side for Aqua for Christmas. I have googled and it's very confusing»

IAmMystifiedGetting someone to understand
By IAmMystified
I just have a simple question to what could be a complicated problem. But is there a way to get someone to understand»

By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Mostly being tall, with nice strong arms to hold me up. Take my breath away by a surprise kiss anywhere on my body. If I»

What do you get for someone who has everything?
By IAmMystified
What do you get someone for holidays like christmas or birthdays if they literally have everything or have the money to»

Aries guy who is still hungup on an ex.
By imjustabill
I'm an Aquarius and his ex is a Leo. They were in a long distance relationship for three years and they even talked abou»

By MrFirebird
_img src = "http://www.dxpnet.com/images/eahpbbnbndbfbn5pbx.jpg"»

Mixed Feelings About this Virgo MaleMixed Feelings About this Virgo Male
Hey there! I have some mixed feelings about this VM I'm been dating for 2 months. 1st month was almost with great conv


Happy Friday everyone!
I really need to focus on my career, donkeyes are making twice as much as me and im smarter.
I liked you, you like me, you kissed me, I kiss back. And that's all it is, and that's all there is for now.
A Poon With A View
Moulin Queef?
Pvz $ y Fart The Musical
The Florida School shooter is Black. OMG this world is definitely falling apart. Now blacks are doing white people stuff. Crazy.
saturn return in sag next month. i'm not scared, but feeling free. big move out of state coming c: as ridic as dxp is, ty. if not for this site, i wouldn't have found my other half. till next time! be good guys ♥
Living wasn't meant to be easy. If it was everyone would be doing it.
i'm difficult, and i know this. for once, that was easy to say.
I see that Baba Ji has now gone into procuring.
Dxpnet's getting a bit frisky
can you wear a black skirt sprinkled with gold with grey tights? ?? I don't have any clean black tights:(