cancer man back again
By cantik
what exactly on their mind after ignored people and come back again and avoid intimate , trust me to working together in»

This site is super boring!
Or is it just me?»

cancer man back again...
By cantik
why why why after ignored me for 6 months come back again and said trust me for take care of his bussiness whils he know»

thinktoomuchAny married male cancers here?
By thinktoomuch
If so: (and this is purely out of curiosity) how do you act or treat your wife? Do you give her a lot of freedom, the»

MissGemmicancer friend
By MissGemmi
I'm having some difficult times. All these insecurities I had, this Cancer has only made them worse. My fear to open up»

Nepal earthquake
By bmoon8
My heart goes out to them... what a devastation. Any people on dxp from that area? Astrologically, the after effects»

TaurusGirlRasTwo houses with the same sign?
By TaurusGirlRas
How can a natal chart have two houses ruled by the same sign? Gemini in earlier degrees in late rules the 4th and 5th ho»

Taurus Baby/Taurus Friend
By Ssasy
So I have a Taurus Baby! She was SOOOO difficult when she was younger, but my goodness shes growing up beautifully! 4/25»

What sign is he?
By ladolcevita
Okay guys, time to play guess the sign again. So I just met this guy at a party. We hit it off and talked all night, we»

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
By lisabethur8»

Would me and you get along?
By exxtasyx
Or would we despise eachother? Why?»

How to handle an angry geminiHow to handle an angry gemini
I was dating a gem for almost 5 Years. Everything was fine until in my 3rd year with him, I cought him for being such a


Hey! Get that stick out ur ass
Been long!
i hate fake selfish biches. they are the sweetest most thougtful to stranger but cant be bothered with those who live with them.
Dude, where's my car?
gone fishing :)
Who knew id die choked? The one who just farted did.
now bby when I get you get you get you....
20-30 years from now when your children are making veggie delight subs for roman's children just remember that a taurus predicted how it would all go down.
dxp: the cure to my lonely nights
hang in there Sapphire...
I love cancers. they're great for eating and decoration :) they taste delicious with a bit of salt
I feel restless and depressed :( It reminds me of those days again