Memory hoarding
By Huldra
How much do you remember? How much do you hoard? How often do you zone out into it?»

How do you decide?
By ombrerose
To spend your time on? (I know most people will spend time on DXP but that's beside the point) Let's say you are a»

Why do scorpios keep coming back
By Stihl46
Hi I'm new to the forums I'm a Cancer man with Taurus moon I have a strange friendship with a Scorpio girl she has a vir»

lisabethur8Jeffrey Dahmer
By lisabethur8
Cruelty in a man's chart: Born: May 21, 1960, 4:34 PM in: Milw»

Aisling10Thank you Novena
By Aisling10
I'm am so grateful to St Jude and Jesus for answering my novena AB»

Leo changed from a gentleman to a BABY!!
By applemint_fv
To make this short.. when he was pursuing me, he acted like a man..understanding, forgiving, gives in, sweet, not childi»

18scorpioTaurus and Predictability
By 18scorpio
Hello! I've often observed Taurans asking "Am I that predictable?" as if it's totally unexpected that someone can jud»

Scorpio guys...
By mintberry
Or Scorpio's in general can answer this. Lets say you got into a fight with a girl you really cared about and cut off al»

Younger Aries man interested or just friendly?
By spokat
I met him 2 mths ago at work. We work in different depts, so I only work closely with him twice a week. In the past mont»

Why do scorpios keep coming back
By Stihl46
Hi there I'm new to this forum I'm a Cancer man with a very strange friendship relationship with a Scorpio woman I have»

Same moon and venus
By Curiousram
Is this a nightmare or a fit? Anyone here experience a relationship with the same moon and venus?»

MGR: RevengeanceMGR: Revengeance
Anyone played it? I'm happy they made a game revolving around Raiden as he's been my favorite character, but it seems mo


going to bed early coz tom my 1st virgo in years!
Sorted my compact mirror problem. Now life can move on.
and matoes are gonna mate...
Apparently, i'm a unicorn...
Haters gon' hate. Potatoes gon' potate.
these ads are blasphemy. they keep screaming at me
Opps I mean his TOEFL exam, i really hope he passes it.
Gemini men really get me...I love how open they are!! Very open and talkative they love to have fun!! So soft and mushy!! Adorbz!
Anyone who's voting for the rap battle (round 1 battle 1) on the miscellaneous board has until the timer hits zero on my profile to PM me their selection. Either Sn1p3r187 or FVME(Lucciferi). Who won???
>__ hey guys!
Hai BFF!!!!!
Welcome back, Roman. :)
Welcome to the jungle.... back in black
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus