Hypothetical scorpio fantasy lives
By b1tchcrafts
Would this chart be a good for politics? You can post your hypothetical scenarios too»

Can someone pls interpret my pullen?
By Kim11180560
Does this mean I have Scorp dominant?»

By Eris
Thank you everyone who wished us luck. We put an offer in on our first home yesterday. We received news today that»

fullwaterpiscesFull moon mood
By fullwaterpisces
So tonight and tomorrow is full moon in virgo (our opposite) im a cancer rising and a bunch of pisces in my chart... Tom»

MoonbutterLeo w/Leo Venus..Lion in the bedrom or playful cub
By Moonbutter
So I am seeing my first ever Leo man and he has Leo Venus(as do I) I thought things might get interesting in the bedroom»

Meaning of this song (Radiohead)
By grayid2
Are you such a dreamer To put the world to rights I'll stay home forever Where two and two always makes a five I'l»

Kestrelfairyill cancer man..
By Kestrelfairy
so after a 2 month no contact break from my cancer man i like, he randomly sends me a text with his new number on.. we g»

Virgo on cusp of 8th House
By hollyhock
Does anyone have this cusp? How does it work for you given that the 8th house is the house of sex.»

Cuckold Natal Indicators?
By DonJohnson
This is the most bizaare mentality to me personally. I can not even comprehend it. How some dude will let other men fu»

this is so aquarian
By papparazi
or is it ? //www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9vFWA1rnWc&list=LLC61l»

By YellowSubmarine
My placements: Sun Pisces Moon Aqua Asc Gemini Merc Aries Venus Aries Mars Taurus Which of these two guys wou»

SAGS are SO boring... YAWWWWWWNSAGS are SO boring... YAWWWWWWN
Did I mention you archers also have no creativity or enthusiasm? You should really work on it..... :) But reall


You Cancers are tough, I'll give you that. Ol' Harrison Ford crash landed a plane and survived. I'll bet his Scorp's not happy.
Jeans are the past, present and future, Fisk.
I wonder if the Virgo is feeling like i am today. Content and horny. Hmmmmmm
Well then at least you admit being a dumb ass.
.: all I know is that I know nothing :.
uh goodie...
Damn it, I ate all the peanut butter filled pretzels at my job. There was no closure!!
Twenty five minutes clearing snow; another hour helping neighbor with jammed snowblower.
“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
housebound without booze. what do you do? on-line shop. shmexy pair of jeans on the way. thanks, snow.
Crabs definitely have an oral fixation cause last night i was drinking wine and he has his dick out on the side of my face. I really wanted to dunk it in the wine and then put in my mouth, but we're not committed. Sorry BOB. Fantasies will remain fantasie
Just asked Pisces bff what we're going to do for his birthday, he says we're going skinny dipping :O
His magic fingers felt like mini electric shocks. WE stared at one another. I slumped to the bathroom floor unable to handle the vibrations. Laid on the ground face to the side. He looks down at me and laughs. I look up at him and Laugh. We both just laug
fs lost my favourite blazer. grrrrr