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by TheLadyScorpio
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
by Instantkarma
I'm curious. Have you noticed any aspects that play a major role or determines your relationship/friendship with them? Who do you get along with and what are the aspects that make your dxp experience with them great? Who do you struggle to get along
by GetMisted
How many times must one try before it's acceptable to quit?
all i have been through over 4 months dating online knowing a libra girl brought me to one point to ask u librian girls how am i be able to defeat the silence my libra girl has gone through over 2 weeks after our break up ?how long does this madness co
by PancakeFace
This is gonna be an incredibly touchy subject about rape. So here is your trigger warning. I offended my Leo earlier. She told me about a week back that her sister had been raped by her male best friend. Her sister however hangs out with trash 247, dru
by breterpan
anyone play?
by EM1001
I'm a cancer. I met a scorpio guy on chat. My marriage was heading for divorce. He knew a lot about sex and gave me some advice. I appreciated him. He meets girls on chat and then meets up with them for sex. I didn't judge him for that. He's a guy of goo

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Everyone woman on this site is beautiful. Every man is handsome. All the trolls are quirky. And all the ho's should be making money. All the players need a mommy. All the daddy's girls need to use their brain over their body. All the haters need to log of