Perfect man for this girl exists? ;)
By ChocolateMints
Sun Cancer, 10th House, Sun is sextile Moon, Mars, Jupiter; and conjunct Venus and MC. Sun is also square Ascendant Libr»

Since CC deleted
By unknown2u
Since CC deleted and no one seems to know why? Let me ask the following: What would cause you to delete from dxp??»

This is interesting
By b1tchcrafts
to see these things visualize, plus i like the music. lol at the end of the video.. I grew up thinking being mixed race»

ChocolateMintsMars opposite Pluto - life is a hell of fight
By ChocolateMints
who has got it and can agree with me about the fact it's a hell? mine is mars taurus 8th house opposite pluto. All my l»

By bmoon8
What's wrong with LIB? Does anyone know?»

By Zetarose
What does this mean when someone refers to a person as a marker?»

piscesmystery21Can anyone please interpret my chart ?
By piscesmystery21
Any insights about career and relationship would be highly appreciated...Is there any scope for studies abroad?? ht»

Aqua leo rollercoaster
By AquaNextDoor
I realized something after 3 years... another reason why none of my relationships worked out. I'm still not over my on o»

Mars in Aries
By LunarMaiden
Yes!! XD»

Crab Love
By crabRiot
Happy Sunday my fellow cancerians/cancer moon and rising. I hope you have a blessed, productive and joyous week! Enj»

Mars Leo, Venus Aries, Moon Cancer, Merc. Gemini?Mars Leo, Venus Aries, Moon Cancer, Merc. Gemini?
What about a man with these characteristics? Is he faithful in love or shallow? Does he like Cancer girls? Is he immat


LOL @ ScorpioHarmony. I do the same. -_-
So far, so good. :)
don't think about it until you have to, whenever that is. but don't think too much.
So I guess Komodo Dragon Bacteria is basically Reptile Rabies? Especially if they bite you, and they got a lot of saliva drooping from the mouth eww
A day without sunshine is like, you know, night
What's the latest with you?
There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief. . . and unspeakable love.
That moment the sext guy from the club tells you his birthday is in May and you pray he's a taurus and not a gem. Lorrrrd!
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Chopped off my hair today and i also have a interview tomorrow ughhh.
where did that stoya video go? wanted to check it XD
I don't always believe in god. But when I do, it's after a pregnancy scare :D
The only celestial body that pulls you through this spring and summer is Jupiter in Leo and then Virgo.
I am like Brian, ya'll are like Quagmire.