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by KittenLaRouge
5 minute mechanical sex with no emotion. treetrunking you all is like treetrunking a machine at the gym or better yet a cardboard box. Just wam bam thank you mam. Water signs run circles around you in the sex department because this thing called emotions that you a
by Lobo
What are the factors that make this so? And do you enjoy your role?
by lou.m
Who are the best friends? Whose ya buddy? I think I can get along with anyone.
by loveydovex3
I guess this stems from a place of disbelief. Happened about a few months ago that the Taurus I was with told me to move on. I wanted a take from other Taureans to better understand this. Some say Taurus wants you to hold on even if they tell you to let g
by bricklemark
Or a hot sexy girl who does nothing?
by Damnata
Post quotes by your favorite philosophers here.
by FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Which sign has tried this before? Sagittarius Which sign would never will try this? I would not. I met one Sagitta
by mysteriousTaurus
Gah damn

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i LOVE Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell together... the pics of them are adorable and "Overboard" is HILARIOUS! One of my absolute favs!
Doc prescribed temazepam for my day 5 insomnia. Sleepy time tea and then zzzz for me.
Stuffing my face with donuts (:
Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day or its going to suck big time. Either way it's going to go by slooooow!
That feeling when you trip over your words while talking to that guy or girl, knowing youre too old to be doing that.
Well thats ironic... I was just wondering if scorpio's were extremely persuasive or not just a second ago. That says it then lol