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by wecarealot
Do you think it's important that men and women fulfill certain roles in society and veer from them only rarely? Curious to know what y'all think.
by Kear12
From your experience which fire sign did u get along best and why? Friendship or relationship. Which fire sign u least get along with?
by Impulsv
I got to know this person sign!!! . So basically a year ago ever single lady was talking about this new employee. even heard married Taurus boss drool over him n and female director stopping by visiting just to talk. Anyhow I moved to my new building th
by MlleFisk
is dating someone you know for a fact is pretty unhinged (maybe you work with him/her or he/she previously dated someone you know), would you say something to your friend? You don't have to disrupt the relationship, but rather just drop word or two that t
by annoyedfish
im so upset :( she was the only nice one to me here i leave this in her memory. from your pet fish, elle. i hope you are doing ok
by jjscorp
I've been with my Pisces man for 3 years, I feel like he punishes me by not acting interested in sex. Scorpio women as we all know need this at least a few times a week. He seemed to be that way too but now I feel like he does this to me on purpose. What
by exxtasyx
Which one is it and why? I think Leo's because they're too nice. Sagittarius is very smart which makes them a threat and Aries is so power hungry.
by TauroMale
how well do you get along with your own sign? i find Taurus females are kind of hard to talk to when you first meet them and some are kind of rude haha

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This show has me hooked! I wasn't sure if I was going to like it but I am fan of Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard so


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How I feel atm
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Patiently waiting
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if you couldn't already tell, im really into snow white' gifs.
3 hours
when i have crush on +5 people at the same time.....WHAT IS MY LANE?
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That thong thong thong thong thong
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Hi , Does anybody have a retrograde exalted saturn in their sixth house and running a saturn Dasha ? how was it , good or bad for Rishbha Lagna any thoughts on this
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Spazzed on 3 girls this month, mecury in rx? LOL
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