How would you like
By LadyYin
to die? we all know it's inevitable. but let's say you got to choose your own terms/way to die. what would it be? and»

libra male with merc and venus in scorpio
By busyeyes88
What would his personality be like? Here is his chart. Not sure of the rising sign as not managed to get s time of b»

Why do Cancers like Scorpios so much?
By hollyhock
I'm curious.»

aquaguy3000cancer women and dating their guy friends?
By aquaguy3000
are cancers unwilling to date a close guy friend? what do you guys think about that?»

JROIFriendship no-nos?
I have trouble becoming friends with Water signs the most. Pisces and Cancer are big no no's for me. I love Scorpios and»

Aquarius girl with confusing taurus guyfriend
By MrsTaurus2489
we met as friends hit it off very quickly had so much in common ...spent a weekend together no sex thou ...he started be»

rockyroadicecreamLet's play
By rockyroadicecream
Which sign has what regret! I came across this when researching the answer in the chicken tease's post about something p»

Being Tested
By Ssupes
I feel like the past few days the Universe has been testing everything I've been working on as far as self improvement g»

Libra man dumped me for another man!! So hurt!!
By ShellyTeacup
I've lost my mind, I can't eat sleep anything. I feel so played by both of them. Sad thing I want him back so bad. My fr»

Insight on a scorpio manInsight on a scorpio man
What am I supposed to do when it seems like my partner, a scorpio man, is passive aggressive, doesn't communicate with m


@ScorpioHarmony Your damn right =0
@Kodak375 haha I guess there's always the odd exception
@ScorpioHarmony ( Hey hey hey, not all are! Well i'm not haha
Mars in Gem are the biggest players!
What's on your mind?
can someone read my birth chart, maybe i can read yours, my birthday is february 12 1992, los angeles CA 8:45am i would attach the image if i knew how to sorry, thanks in advance
I have a wonderful Taurus man in my life and I feel so blessed! I cherish him. I am on the cusp of Capricorn and have both that and Sagittarius traits. next month will be one year we have been together. We originally started out living 100 miles from eac
The weather in London atm_3 fak.
“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
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Sal SurSal Sur
I am dating a cancer guy (I too am a cancerian girl). Lately, his hot and cold behavior led me to think that he doesn t love me, to which I told him that may be we shouldn t be dating. He got extremely offended and took off. It has been 3 days and he says