By lucyL
I was inside of the bus, seated close to the bus driver. He was dressed more like a postman (grey uniform) and he looked»

Sag woman chasing Aries guy........for sex?! What?
By Roundroundsquare
Had a 2 night stand with an aries. We're coworkers and weren't sure if we were going to cross those boundaries. He's a b»

Why Come Nobody Cares About Scorpio Men?
By DonJohnson
http://www.boxingscene.com/brook-vs-porter-fails-register-with-home-viewers--81218 young, african american undefeated»

CuriousramAny successful Love Stories?
By Curiousram
Successful love stories where there charts didn't match at all? Can someone prove that its all cat lady astrology?»

July94LeoCould this ever work? Leo Woman + Sagittarius Man
By July94Leo
I'm a Leo woman, Rising Sign: Libra Moon: Pisces Venus: Virgo He is a Sagittarius, Rising Sign: Aquarius Moon:»

By Octoberbaby91
It's been three treetrunking days since you replied to my last post my Scorpio sun can't take it! I feel like you holdin»

libra24is sex important
By libra24
Why do sags always talk about sex? what happen to getting to know a person.....go out on dates......someone please enlig»

Denouncing Islam: Part Deux
By fishinamaize
http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=bc1_1408481278 treetrunk you caliphate www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruNrdmjcNTc»

Your flame
By ieatpizzaforfree
One day, whether you are 14, 28, or 65 You will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die.»

Cancers ability to be so shelled up, award:)
By Iwill
A thought comes into my head, in these moments when I contemplate why I couldnĀ“t make my thing with a cancer work out.»

Love my Sag...need help
By Lioninlove
I had been seeing a Sag woman for a couple of months. Everything was great, we had fun, laughed, tried new things, went»

ok, this one is funky..ok, this one is funky..
early this morning, i had dreamt about an ex's best friend's wife. she was very pregnant in my dream(8 or 9 months), and


Needs nursing. I've got the worst disease... Man flu :(
Where are we, and how do we get out of this???
I troll Caliber IRL.
Oh my goodness...now my neighbor is obsessed with me. He just offered to carry some boxes in for me and to fix some stuff in my yard. No, no, noooooo not another guy to do stuff for free! lol
Is your Brain on Drugs?
missing you but I need to move on ughgh
Here I am is where I'm not and there you are but you're not here
If I am here and you are there....then who is that?
When ever I discover someone is a Leo, I'm like oh... that explains their constant need for attention!
my head's underwater but i'm breathing fine
it's a yearning, a distant place that I am not sure I will ever reach. I will keep putting one foot in front of the other, who knows how far it will take me.
When life gives you lemons, squeeze'em.
aiming high. i refuse to be stuck all my life.
Are there any anarcho-capitalists around these parts?