Nosey and curious
By RatedX
What's the last text you 'copied' or 'cut' Lol paste it in the comment section ------------ Reinhard Tristan»

By capricornmoon
I think I have a rudeness problem. I'm rude af., I try not to be.,but dang say something slick to me., and if I feel li»

New website alpha testers
By KsamCancer
I've been developing a eCommerce/social media website for a couple of months and it's my first attempt at a massive proj»

1stworldviews01Breakups and Revenge
By 1stworldviews01
Revenge Your Ex Each day hundreds of men and women seek revenge on their ex-mates for a variety of reasons, usually»

037MEN, What Are They Good For?
By 037

If knowledge is the greatest tool a man can have..
By Kodak375
Why are the systems set up to pay for it? If everyone had equal access to knowledge and was taught its true power wouldn»

t4yPost something your sign would NEVER say!
By t4y
Hey I just met you and this is crazy. So here is my number... call me maybe? - Scorpio»

Arianna huffington
By Impulsv
Went to a graduation and she was the guest speaker. Wow! One thing she said was her first love was twice her age and t»

Would u date someone...
By cilantro
who got stoned in the parking lot of Applebee's? and then walk inside and order an appetizer?»

Are you insecure about your looks?
By MercuryinSagittarius
I am mostly loking for girl feedback. Are any of uou insecure about something regarding the way you look? How do you ove»

So ridiculous and odd
By MrFirebird

Diet and Nutrition book  (for free)Diet and Nutrition book (for free)
My friend has written a book and it is available for free over the next couple of days at amazon Here is the link ~


J COLLLLEEEEEEEEE. Deep. Top shelf mixtape.
Ill provide for my seed, im the soil. Ill teach him about loyalty. Ill teach him that his skin black like oil, thats for royalty.
At chillis getting my drink on
"The world I love, the tears I drop, to be part of the wave can't stop. Ever wonder if it's all for you..?"
You can teach people something just by being yourself.
:) i'm smiling back at you
Happy birthday satanmad! B) x
Put duct tape over your mouth. You're treetrunking annoying.
He sees passion in her gray eyes, and it scares him as all passion scares him, his own included.
Love is a quiet solitude shared between two
Venus rx conjunct Mars in Leo :O
Stop posting if you don't like what people have to say.
When words fail, music speaks.