Virgo Denial Syndrome
By SirHorns
Signs and symptoms: all arise from extreme dissatisfaction with not having their Sun or Ascendant in a more "interesting»

Four planets conjunct
By VirgoDragirl
What is this mean? So I just review my birth chart and see the following: Mercury conjunction Mars Mercury conjuncti»

Sadomasochistic Crabs
By SirHorns guys seem to get listed when this stuff comes up. Do you like it/hate it/have no feelings/opinions on it? If yo»

PiscesemapthAqua gal
By Piscesemapth
Met a really awesome Aqua Gal and I am falling hard and don't want to show to much love being a Pisces with a Scorpio mo»

outofideasDifficult Scorpio situation needing resolution
By outofideas
Hey everyone. This might be a bit of a long read but please stick with me as i'd like to see insights from unbiased p»

Are any of you caps gamers or anime lovers
By highlyclassified

Sn1p3r187Selfies are stupid
By Sn1p3r187
Science has proven it. They proved it's a measure of how much of a arrogant, narcissistic, marker you are. If you take»

What do you hate most about your sign?
By IAmMystified
Hey scorpios, what is the one trait of your sign that you dislike the most. Me personally, I don't like the fact je»

Scott Disick (The Lord) :)
By starlover
He has sun and mars in gemini and moon in Sag ~ god help Kourtney Kardashian ~ she needs a medal for being with him, but»

how do I show a libra man that I'll be there for h
By nbtts
Me and my 1.5 year bf just broke up last week. It came out of the blue. We were in a long distance for about 9 months. W»

Is this Taurus guy interested or just friendly??
By ShyCappie24
OK. Hello everybody. I'm new here, so sorry if this topic is covered somewhere else.. I need some help understanding wha»

aries and pisces friendsaries and pisces friends
You know, people wouldn't expect this, but I have seen success in this friendship. I think the Pisces is one of the few


One day I'm happy, the next I see no reason to get out of bed...
I am not normal, I just cant do normal.
A fire with nothing to consume must die, no matter how large it has become.
I better be careful I'm home alone wouldn't want the old gang to show up lol #oldpeoplelol
don, it might be time to escort them hooligans to the front door. ijs.
Get them big ass NIKES off my glass table...FOOL! BIG ASS butterS...Its like their mothers never taught em any manners.
Reading biography of Henry Kissinger. Got it for 50 cents at thrift store. Quite fascinating so far. I can't believe he is a Gemini!
I see Greedy People.
It has been a long Monday.
Been one of those kinds of days... The 29th can't come soon enough.
It will take some time, but its sure getting there.
just die already. please.
niente gratis - nada. perche se sei buono qui i randagi poi s'imparano la strada di casa. c'e chi ti riporta la pallina e ch'invece la snasa
I'll just sit here.