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by capricornmoon
So I found out the Virgo was already married and now divorced. If that's not the indicator for future doomed relationships, i don't know what is. At this point., I'm just attracted to his career ambitions. His face? Meh body? Meh, Personality? O
by rinx
Do you have any experience in having any (or multiple) Saturn aspects in a relationship? How was your relationship like? Is it like what some say: something you want to run away from but can't? Would love to hear your story!
by adoreU
You hold onto past transgressions like a hooker holds onto a dollar. You look like druggies. Half of the time I have no idea what you're talking about. You're jealous. You eat because you're never happy. You're hella lazy. You're as empty as Virgos so I c
by FyzaGems
Which sign would be the most compatible with the Gems and why? I'm wondering....
by Illuminati
Met this guy a few weeks go, we've been on dates and he added me onto Facebook right away. I saw him kissing a girl on the street the other day and had a talk with him on the phone afterwards. He said that is his ex girlfriend. He broke up with her be
by adoreU
Scattered brains. chickeny to the point of delusion. Liars. Low standards. Cheaters. Superficial. You think everyone's in love with you (hehe nah we all just want to trtrk because we know how yall get down). Indecisive. You flirt with everyone yet wonder why p
by SensitiveBlues
i heard you obsess over Scorpios and of course im competitive as hell. now i know crabs are the real deal and scorpios are just crazy people so uhmmm which one us right. i know thanks.
by ariesheart
I posted this on cancer page without much help. I'm turning to my fellow Aries to see if I can get more insight: My cancer man moving to another state this weekend. He asked me to move there, but live in separate homes. I don't understand that. If you

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Seeing someone familiar in dream

Seeing someone familiar in dream

I took a nap earlier and had a dream earlier that I was going to have dinner with a guy from the past. I remember holding hands and as we approached the table somehow I remember I knew someone else was going to be joining us. I think he may have text t

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Search "dxpnet" on FB and you'll see all the ppl who share the threads. Some chick shared one I did 4 years ago! Plus Alyssa sharpe popped up referencing a thread on dxp, about her, her rebuttal on FB is weak though
I need a virgo to cuddle.
@vanillaext You watch your mouth pizza is pizza!!
@taureye it's not thin enough
Walking home tonight
We ARE our own devil..
if you don't like this you're a racist baby killer