Will Scorpio hear from Taurus again?
By leah34
Hi and thanks in advance. I'm Scorpio he's Taurus. We were fwb for about a month got very intense very quickly. We»

Books ideal for Aquarius Girl
By leo45
Hi I'm looking for a book gift for my aqua girlfriend for x-mas. she is an avid reader. i unfortunately am not that book»

libra venus
By warmwaters
I get so angered by injustice.. It hurts my heart. Is anyone else with libra venus like that? I flipped out on someone»

firebunnyGodfather Bunny
By firebunny
My law school bestfriend's son will be baptized on the 28th! I'm excited! :) Any suggestions on what gift to buy? :)»

By capricornmoon
The most materialistic signs. Capricorns Libras Leos Don't debate me.»

what is the most nihilistic sign?
By inmercury
what is the most nihilistic sign? Virgo?»

virlib01How do Scorps behave in the beginning?
By virlib01
Hi all, I am just curious to know how a Scorpio man behaves in that early "getting to know you" stage? I have read to»

Super Mario Brother smash characters?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Mine is meta knight.. I've seen pit And solid snake. Anyone else. That is a really great game...on wii»

Does this Taurus Man like me?
By jk95
I am a scorpio woman who has been hanging out with/ going out to dinner with this guy for about 3 months. At first I tho»

Politics This Week
By CluelessCancer
North Korea=BOSS ....shut down Sony Entertainment. Obama=BOZZ ....Finally going to be able to smoke Cuban Cigars and»

If someone posts the same thread one more time...
Burning out all the lights.
I like my jupiter placement
told the bf I have a new bf and he says oh ok good luck...
I'm getting dis loyalties from my fellow Cancers
few more days till Saturn gets the treetr*nk out of Scorpio, woooo!
I'm going to murder yooooouu (:
saw this fine ass Capricorn chick today, OK Crabs and Caps can have sexual relationships, that it, because them Caps hoes turn cold later
Welcome back Sirhorns!
No words = torture...
princess from saudi