For Kennedy
By MrFirebird
A Drummer's Salute»

scorpio artists
By warmwaters
underground musicians or visual, performance artists, whatever. Just fo»

Your Favorite DXP Memories...
By firebunny

duchesslibroMars One is blowing my mind
By duchesslibro
from an astrological perspective. So Mars One is a non-profit based in the Netherlands w/ conceptual plans to establi»

SirZaySagittarius + Capricorn?
By SirZay
Almost every girl I've dated had fire in either the sun, moon, or venus signs, and although my current girlfriend is a C»

What can you tell me about this aqua?
By Twodrinkminimum
Sun Aqua Moon is Gem or Cancer but I have a feeling Cancer Mars in Gem Venus in Aqua Mercury in Cap I find him ve»

flowingwaterbothering me.
By flowingwater
I know I should be okay with it but I'm not.. It's bothering me. I guess because I know I love him and its bringing me h»

Do you joke to cover hurt feelings?
By Sammy20
Woukd you be hurt if your gf/bf forgot your birthday and decide to play it off? I pretended to forget her birthday,»

how to reconnect with your emotions?
By username78

Cultural Purgatoy
By oyes0435
Hope this feeling either passes, Or becomes normal. I have landed in so much luck. I got everything I planned fo»

Husband, and Wife at 20 to 23
By BeaCancer91
Everyone my age is getting swept away at the altar saying their I do's, and I can't help honestly wanting to have that t»

Metal Music threadMetal Music thread
Post music from your favorite Metal bands.


meaningless relationships are meaningless unless your are treetrunking, then you start falling in love, that why I must make sure someone is worthwhile if I should get into a relationship with them and treetrunk them
Just spent 5 hours with the Virgo and I let him help me with Math. They like to help right. He was like "you're pretty smart" he says that alot. Anyways great night just chit chatting about nothing. No goodnight kiss tho.
Can't wait about to have a bunch of days off! I can relax and catch up with people!
I hope you brought that sympathy card for cheap
Dont make me pick the world up and drop it on your head lol
Amazon is so good, we already got the two Marshawn Lynches shirts i bought two days ago. My Cap brother really likes it. I wish i saved it for an XMAS gift lol. I like my shirt. GO HAWKS
I don't see why some people get into relationship to relationship, for me I don't intend to get on a relationship unless it is worthwhile, unless if I know there is a possibility for marriage down the line
Eek Hunger Games To Real
52° Today YAY!!!
Defo made a new bff at work, he's Aqua sun, sag moon. Saw those placements a mile off.
Successfully caffeinated. The world can breathe easier now.
"Minor financial satisfaction" yes, because I didn't spend any. Duh!
Crunk juice balls, oakley shades... shorty got class... oh behave!
show me sensual...