tickling sensation when giving oral to girlfriend
By mrwang
when I give oral sex to my gf she arches her back and put my head away of her , lol , and then she tell me to stop , wha»

Stuff you find funny...
By BlackNova
..that others may not. I dare you to expose your weirdness.»

how to piss of your aqua friend
By BigEyesBigLies
My best friend is an aquarius and she always shows me pictures of girls that 'look like me'. It's kinda annoying somet»

By LillyBlossom
I'm currently waiting in the lobby of my college library where I worked a late shift to make up the hours lost studying»

SailorPluto42Help me understand my chart please?
By SailorPluto42
hello :) I am new to this forum but occasionally lurk here, I have over the past year become more fascinated with ast»

Blue Moon this Friday
By liya-b
A second full moon this month is about to happen, an actual blue moon y'all. With all the current astrology shenanigans,»

By flowingwater
How penny stealing used to ask Aquas plenty of questions? Today I got an older Aries woman and I could of swore for»

cancer man is a one man show
By mangomania
Can someone help me understand. I met a cancer man. I'm a taurus . We hit it off. He had a sense of humor It was cool.»

Aries Celebrities (pictures included)
By Rammalot
There was a thread about Aries celebrities but I'm not sure where that is now so I decided to make a new one. This is t»

Astrology Compatibility Wild Cards...
By ScorpioLaday
Hey Ladies and Gents, So I noticed a pattern among certain signs that seem to romantically stick together although th»

Which sign is your best friend?
By Tanya Jones
Is it Sagittarius? Or is it other signs?»

tickling sensation when giving oral to girlfriendtickling sensation when giving oral to girlfriend
when I give oral sex to my gf she arches her back and put my head away of her , lol , and then she tell me to stop , wha


Reading "The Emotional Stages of Cleaning Out Your Closet"
I hate when people get some success and arrogant mother treetrunkas you ever met.
wow Leo season
>{} %-} +o( :-* |-O :-& B-) XD _3
Anytime I meet a guy who shows interests and the potential to be a serious relationship, I run away.smh...this has to stop.
So much *hidden* talent in the world
haley joel osment in the entourage movie is treetrukin up my vibes
Sigh. Finally sleepy.
I came to the realization that potatoes are called potatoes because they look like giants toes
Nikki read is seriously so beautiful.
How do I change my profile pic? Thought I did it but the wolf is back again...
Happy birthday to meeee! Thank the stars for giving me the privilege of life. I am greatful I have the opportunity to experence everything the world has to offer.
Patiently waiting for my time to strike
A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.