Spanking the goats!!!
By munchkin
The hub has a bit of a spanking fetish. He's a Scorpio sun with Saturn/Pluto in Scorpio, but Capricorn Venus. Saturn»

What's Up With The Planets Lately
It seems that in the last couple of weeks that all havoc has been let loose for some. What gives?»

aquas wearing glasses
By smellycat
I have noticed that many aquas wear glasses. Do you notice this or is it just me ? Astrologically sun rules eyes(right)»

SsasyConsider an occasion......
By Ssasy
Consider an occasion on which an authority figure such as a parent, teacher, adult relative or coach demanded that you d»

By truecap
I have read about 100 threads that say something along the lines of "he/she did this and this and that and I think they»

Rough Time with Scorp Boss
By Ssasy
Hello Scorpians!!! SO...I am currently working with a lovely Scorpio(female) Boss. Shes all over the place!--BUT has a»

aquarius09Please tell me I'm looking too much into this:
By aquarius09
I personally can. I have never developed a crush on my guy friends. Those I like, I don't make friends with them. Re»

New Novena
By m3
Our Lady loves us and always stands ready to assist us, just ask Her. Say this prayer once, and then publish right awa»

The Gypsy And The Facial
By MrFirebird
So I went to see a Gypsy a few weeks ago. I asked for a facial. So far, no comment. What does that mean?»

Testing Fidelity
By aquavita»

Saturn conjunction sun/venus in relationships
By Tornadoday16
How do y'all feel about getting intimate with people whose saturn is conjunct your sun and venus? I know that recently t»

Cancer Men - About momCancer Men - About mom
Stereotypically cancer men tend to treat mom like the queen matricarch she is and tend to honestly love their moms. Ques


I just wish people would shut the hell up sometimes. Noticed how when you haven't seen people in a while, the 1st thing they notice is how fat/thin you've become. cookiemonster, what about my glossy skin? It's not like I've been eating all this time, I paused to
Namaste! I see you , I honor you.
Aqua and Pisces, Really?
each day I learn a little bit more, I expand my thoughts to include new ideas. each day a piece of me dies making room for the new.
Trying to obtain some sanity...
The latest with me is not a damn thing!!!! :)
Still running...
"He's so heterosexual it's crazy"
Feeling okay, although I could feel a LOT better! It's Monday, what else to expect?
Tantra meditation, Oh my gosh saw a spirit.
I never expected reading poetry to be harder than singing. Feel like I'm learning to talk all over again.
Having a lil fun....:)
You treetrunking one track minded entitled suing prissy weak dunce cunce! :p