LAPD Shoots and Killed Unarmed Homeless man
By JanuaryCappie
WTF !!!! Why does it take that many cops to deal with 1 homeless guy ? WHy are they even messing with a homeless per»

to whom it may concern
By AirMan
dear ole duncan. if you are reading this, can you or any of your administrators please fix this site? it would indeed be»

Good book editing programs
By Vegetta91
Does anybody know some free or payed(mostly free) program that can help me with grammer,expression etc..?»

flowingwaterLibra men.
By flowingwater
What do you think of aqua girls? Do you understand each other on the same wave length? :) There's this libra boy I'v»

HotbeefyMy progressed chart
By Hotbeefy
Would anyone wants to read my progressed chart? It's important since I'm very concerned of my nowadays here and realize»

Moody Vulcan,Damnata,Virgo king,
By celinacrescent
Booms,or anyone versed in astrology I request you to interpret this person's chart.... I read all I cud find in google»

gemini87Scorpio man suddenly cuts off
By gemini87
First of all, sorry for my english, I'm a foreigner. It's the first time I'm involved with a Scorpio and I've never expe»

Why 50 Shades of grey treetrunked my mind
By Jynja
This is old news by now. The movie is nearly a month old and will soon cease running anyway, but it has had a profound e»

Crab and Gem on a holiday
By MissGemmi
A few weeks ago the crab and I talked about what was up between us. After I snapped at her for acting hot and cold and p»

Do I have a chance with this Libra?
By SalmonFish
His sun is Libra, Moon in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo .. I am a Cap sun with moon in Taurus and venus in capricorn.»

Need some Libra advice urgently
By Marisar564
Hi all I'm in an interesting situation with a Libra woman. We've known each other for 7 months and from the very begi»

Where to go in Europe?Where to go in Europe?
So last year my best holiday was in the highlands (Scotland) literally middle of nowhere. I found a cute hotel (with a b


I wish racism didn't exist. If only people can set aside the differences especially when it comes to skin color or ethnic origin. To realize that we are all human created equally by God.
youre the only thing i wanna touch...
I could forgive meteorologists for poor forecasting, if it wasn't because a wrong forecast can make some of us look stupid!
Pisces and Aquarius how to bang her series will be continued later ,so be patient guys
There's nothing more painfully real than laying next to someone you once loved and still feeling utterly lonely.
Playing guitar hero naked lol
Animals whose hoofs are hardened on rough ground can travel any road. -seneca
Guacamole! I need guacamole!
Happy birthday Lupita Nyong'o. Such as beautiful Pisces spirit :)
let make sure I don't sink to low dealing with these useless
I can help you with that. Implicit differentiation of how many variables? Do you have a specific equation that you're stuck on?
APC :( going to miss you!
complexity at every level
due this website being slow, I will finish how to bang her Aquarius and Pisces next week sorry guys