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I've really been considering going vegan for the last year now... I've done a lot of research on it and it's the cleanest, healthiest way to eat... And the meat and dairy industry is so corrupt and disgusting that I don't want to support it anymore. Is
by LuckyLibra979
Some tough bastards they are. All that pressure on you and for what? Squares are like a tug a war, two sides trying to pull the other to their side. Still haven't learned to work together because they are convinced the other way is wrong. Squares make you
by thinktoomuch
Not talking about if you are dating someone or involved and then you *dissapear* as everyone calls it. I mean: do you ever just stay at home and chill by yourself and take a break from everything and everybody for a period of time? Just a question a
by elusivexy_spirit
by aquamila
I've been with my scorpio for one year in a long distance relationship, and I am deep in love with him. We've been through really difficult times, but love has always won in the end. The only real problem we've ever had, and repeatedly, was his jealousy.
by aquaglass
Do you live with your parents or on your own, away from them? What's their signs? How's your relationship with them? And, if you live away, do you miss them a lot?
by lou.m
I was wondering if people have a lot of the same sign in their family. I realize obviously logically babies are usually born in summer in most countries and parents tend to prefer planning that etc. But there are so many cancers in my family. The next sig

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Taurus Man stop seeing me and sending me messages? Is it there detached nature?

Taurus Man stop seeing me and sending me messages? Is it there detached nature?

I've been wondering if he really stop, I don't see the reason yet but all i know is that we completely stop communicating to each other and I'm wondering whether its there man nature not to continue. Our last communication was that, his not feeling we


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Aunt Flo be like "gurll ill just invite myself to the party too" -.-
I'm staring at the cookie in front of me and not eating it. this is scary and suspicious behavior of mine.
I need to fix my sleeping pattern, those 6 to 7 hours naps ruin my life.
~ Moon 8deg in sensitive Cancer ~
Party favors for u.
2:16am and I'm looking in the fridge knowing full well eating at this time is no good. All I see is turkey...and all I want is pizza.
Im sprunggg, shawty got mee, got me doin things ive never done
how did i know it was HER
@KittenLaRouge what i meant was try to take a break from the internet. I don't know about you, but sometimes it gets to be too much and I have to take a break. I feel better after.