Capricorn and scorpio placements... distant?
By anna1
Is it normal for a person with all personal planets in Capricorn and Scorpio to remain distant most of the time? Or is i»

Wow so many things to read about Aquarius :D
By AvaAvana1
My 1st time on this site today and i am soooooooo amused by Aquarius forum!! hopefully i will get to learn more about my»

Share your experience with a Gemini
By geminidude
I had a wonderful relationship with a Libra years before for 3 years, due to the distance it didn't worked. She is marri»

nncansncapiscesPisces woman : Things she says without saying it
By nncansncapisces
I have an excuse for everything. I didn't do it I don't know where it is I don't know why I did what I did and I don'»

anna1Capricorn and Scorpio placements.. distant ?
By anna1
Is it normal for a person with all personal planets in Capricorn and Scorpio to remain distant most of the time? Or is i»

Cancer women
By Rambunctious76
I'm trying to figure something out. I have a close friend who is a Cancer sun/Cap moon/Mars & Venus Virgo/Merc Leo. W»

hollyhockPlanets conjunct North Node
By hollyhock
Do you find planets conjunct the NN have any special meaning in the chart? For instance, if someone has pluto conjunct t»

Scorpiofish or favoritedxpmember mind explaining
By fullwaterpisces
So for about a year I've been reading and searching the forum to find your famous camp 1 and camp 2 theory about cancer.»

Spiritual books & books about angelsSpiritual books & books about angels
is it possible to find a book which includes a love story and spirituality? pls lmk, I only enjoy love stories, but I al


I thought I was just tagging along but everyone thanked me for being a good hostess. That's how people like me; dolled up, smiling and passive
Translation "choose a lover that looks at you as if you were magic"
treetrunk my moon!
I love people who cook for me
I don't want tomorrow, I just need today to be with you. Baby you're my siren, calling on my heart, then pushing me away to wreck my dreams like sirens do. My siren's you.
birthday tips were great!! now on to sushi and asahi tee hee :-D
Was it upsetting you that everything's in place? Is this how you play the game? Giving your hand away. When I'm all in and still you roll the dice. And I'm your sacrifice...
~The sleeps is upon me~but I'm still here bopping my head and partially rocking to these chunes lol
Remember cuddles in the kitchen, yeah, to get things off the ground? And it was up, up and away... Up against the wall, she's thunderstorms.
Congratulations Huldra!
Passed my medical-surgical examination! This is a nice time for Fish academics, writing, and business.
Today is a really good work day for me..unlike yesterday lol