Going to movies with Virgos
By MeanBug
I tried, I was so patient, but I had to walk out mid-movie. Twice. And go watch something violent and dark.»

those people who date til some one better comes
By downstairsmixup
ALright, I haven't interacted with my fellow fire mars often in my life, I've noticed the people I am close to have wate»

Pisces that hates other pisces
By piscesthathatesotherpisces
Seriously, I'm a Pisces and I honestly can't stand any of you like any of the other zodiacs. Self-pity, Being stuck in t»

Aqu@LibraImmaturely winning!
By Aqu@Libra
Update, *Tarzan voice* Me Libra, him Aqua. We happy! :-D I have been battered on here, especially by... You know who»

By Romancelives
What drives aquas to act opposite to their feelings? My guy and I had a talk the other day and I told him "I believe act»

Layna! You left your panties...
By VirgoHero
wherever you're celebrating since... IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY B-DAY, LAYNA! :D :D :D :D»

MsnettajayBull VS. Bull Part 2
By Msnettajay
I posted a few days ago about a Taurus guy I met at work. Well here's an update. I ended up hanging out with him. The fi»

What difference do you notice between a libra and
By tally
a libra scorpio cusp ? talking about your expriences not how we are described by astrologers»

Some oponions please
By KinglyCrab
How interesting would such a pair be and how difficult to maitain the relationship. Be objective please people. Zo»

Ronald for President....your thoughts?
By BlackNova

By ireallydunno
hey yall im a senior in high school and im preparing to go to college but tbh i have butterty grades (above 3.0 but imo sh»

Astral Plane/Astral ProjectionAstral Plane/Astral Projection
Do any of you believe in Astral Plane? Do we really travel out of our body while we dream into another world or dimensi


No 'private profile' option? How exposing..
Where's my Avi?
aqua knocked on my window with a chinese take out, he's the real mvp. #goals
If you are confused with the situations you are in, unconfuse yourself and walk away!
The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.
I don't actually know anything really, but when I do, I know too much.
What an utter load of crao
What the??
porn is from the pit of hell designed to keep men away from.God and enslaved to sin so go ahead and keep your eyes glued to unclean herpes infected.porn stars and enjoy your.eternity away from God.and.in hell.
Trying to be serious on this site tonight....but I just....can't..
As a gem... is it weird that know-it-all's bother me? I know nothing, Jon Snow.
Have a good day Gems!
I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about