Do black people tell jokes against themselves?
By virgodog58
Jewish people tell jokes against themselves: do black people do this too? If they do is it only when white people aren'»

Artistic Talents
By Blue18
What placements do you guys think gives a person more artistic ability? I've found quite a few placements in my natal»

classless mongrel
By warmwaters
My sister was like "you're not very classy, are you anon?" I was like "do like look classy to you cookiemonster, the treetrunk".. S»

ineedspaceinitiating contact
By ineedspace
is it extremely difficult for you to initiate contact (even casual) with people due to over thinking about how your mess»

munchykinWould you date a former sex worker?
By munchykin
Let's say someone was perfect for you, and they thought the same of you. But then you discover that they've done "adult"»

Scorpio female & Virgo male
By Rambunctious76
I thought about posting this on the Scorpio board, but then this is really about a Virgo male so... My Scorpio friend»

ineedspacedreaming of same people
By ineedspace
what does it mean when the same people keep coming in your dreams even when you haven't talked with them in long or have»

How To Become A Leo
By xy

Libra man and grief
By deedee85
I have been with my Libra boyfriend for 4 years. There was a time in 2012 that he completely shut me out for 3 months wh»

This is what I wantThis is what I want Ugh, its little bitty teeny tiny paws and it's ears and NOSE


maybe a butterfly on my back
then why the hell is saturn going backwards?
15 and a half hours :D
pnd-cruise control
I've come to the conclusion that I'm much too serious. Lightening up will do me a world of good.
either they're too glib, or i'm too serious, or both.
tinychat dxpchat Tonight is ASK Robyn night (she gives great advice)
I'm a puddle to your ocean
I think Final Fantasy IV on psp is way too easy. So I'll switch to Nintendo DS for a better experience.
Leebs can't be XMen.... dead
So bored of life rn. Time to go on an adventure
Time for work
I love my Crab bozz. She really knows how to treat her employees well. Came in found a box of mint chocolates and wine in a bag. Took us out to lunch, ate Steak and Rainbow Roll, then took us out for Starbucks coffee. She Rocks
'cause I just have that great of a face (;