Leos with mostly water and earth placements
By gaudiumxx
Does anyone have dominate earth placements and water placements in their chart? ( 5+ ) If so, How do these sound: Do y»

When an Aries man says he's proud of you?
By eirealainn
Does that mean much?»

Time for me to leave too lol
By deathnirvana
I'll be gone after the Mafia (666) Games ends. It was fun and I learn lots of things from everyone. If I said anyt»

cancerdreamer9Compatibility vs Connection
By cancerdreamer9
Would you rather be with? a.)someone who you are attracted to,and feel a strong connection with that almost feels like»

Sn1p3r187FALLOUT 4
By Sn1p3r187
IT"S COMING!!!!! It's going to be announced at E3 2015. OH MY GOD!! treetrunkING AMAZING! New York City or Boston is going to»

A relationship with someone you are incompatible w
By cancerdreamer9
Have you ever tried a relationship with someone you a very incompatible with? How did it go? Would you consider it? The»

ShruikanGun control
By Shruikan
Watch, laugh, then weigh in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QrRurrsi74»

How slow?!!! Taurus Man Taurus Woman
By mybutterdontstink
Hello all. I'm a cow. With Libra Moon and Scorp asc. Venus Gemini seen as you ask. Yep, one of them. I've recently b»

aquarius frisky when it rains
By kagerain22
I was on Instagram looking at images and came across a couple having sex in the rain and the caption written was love th»

Recharge Time
By Huldra
Mr. Aqua is currently on alone relaxing time. He's still in contact: replies to me and inquires on how I'm doing at leas»

Chinese star signs female/male
By Fox
Found a site that gives you quite a bit of info on your chinese zodiac. Male/Female seperate. Tells you about your:»

aquarius frisky when it rainsaquarius frisky when it rains
I was on Instagram looking at images and came across a couple having sex in the rain and the caption written was love th


Going to be an auntie again either tonight, tomorrow....c'mon baby Roman! Finally a niece/nephew in Aries season....4 Taurus 1 Aries
Spring cleaning《Happening NOW》I ♡♥ Structure!
All the stars aligned to produce a poetic mind For this Oreo that's black on both sides.
But never have I been a blue calm sea I have always been a storm
Always a pleasant evening K! ;-)
Oh lordy, have a nice time dennis!
Off to dinner with a fellow Aries-moon. On the menu: ex-spouses and mayhem. And a meal.
i could whoop my manager's ASS im so mad. walking around here pootin' n taking dumps n b$tter. wtf i gotta inhabit this are too mofo!!!!
The Virgo said "You look beautiful" as I left my place this morning to go to work. That's really nice of him, he never talks about my physical attributes. Unless it's to say im sexxy.
matter of fact your saying the exact same butter he says
Character is how you treat someone who can do nothing for you
You're a nice young lady...
Sniper it not fantasies when your actions proves well that your are a homosexual