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Our maid just told me a sorrowful news: that my pet cat, Ands, died while I was in Manila. My family kept this a secret from me. Now that I know what happened, I feel sooooooooo sad about his loss. He's the first thing I looked for upon coming home. It's
by twinkletwinkloe
Hi, My virgo man just ended a long term relationship (7~8 years) before we started to date. He told me that he was not ready for a serious relationship and I said I totally understood. We've been together for 3 months, and everything felt great. He wa
by christinelovessnickers
David: "woah! I have a big one!" Sam: "I have a big one too!" David: " No you don't! You have a small one." Sam: (sadly) "Yeah, I do have a small one." David: "Mine can catch a giant!" Sam: "Yours is so big and mine is little."
by HellDorado
from where do virgirlies get their powers of psychological insight? as a scorpio, i must say... im very jealous. i thought we were supposed to be the keenest observers of human nature but this virgo woman is taking my cake and eating it too :(
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by Astrobyn Welcome to the 2015 DXP Awards. We start with this off with our Nomination thread, where we need you to nominate one users for each category. This thread will be open for two days and close on Mo
by firebunny
I'm going to write a blog but I have no idea how good I am at writing... so I will ask you guys to critique my works. This is going to be a thread about the articles I've written.

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Are Gems good match with Cancers?

Are Gems good match with Cancers?

So maybe Cancers and Gems have a lot more in common then would seem...we are both moody, need space, sensitive, loving, etc...but also we are neighbors on the zodiac so have a lot of similar placements. Anyone experience the Gem/Cancer relationship? What


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