i almost had sex
By sunchee
SAGIS! ... I need some help there's this guy and he is a wonderful Sagittarius. He's sweet, kind, funny, poetic, his hum»

A present for you..
By Damnata
...bored with people getting in your face? bored with annoying people? bored with people..in general? I have the perf»

By airfive
I really thought long and hard and reread everything i wrote on here..and then thought about my situation...I decided to»

By Andalusia
What are the reasons you would do it?»

virgokingHey virgos what you bumping in your car...,
By virgoking
I feeling these songs right now http://youtu.be/zrIgZb5v9U4 http://youtu.be/M37HHf099oM»

Google match...is it meant to be?
By MadameDeScruffsalot
I did a Google image search on my baby pic. Although I do not have a stache, Google graced me with one. Oh and my nam»

J9Describe your ideal partner.
By J9
Title says it all.»

By sonofthunder
Met a pretty cool Scorp girl at my church a few weeks ago, saw her standing around and had to introduce myself to her..s»

Dark green theme
By Perspicacity
Lately I seem to be remembering my dreams a lot. In fact, before I even get comfortable in my bed, it seems like I'm sta»

What Is Happiness?
By MrFirebird
I'm not talkin haha, I am talking about real Joy, Love, Peace.... What is it? They say that it all comes from within»

Leo what does it mean?!
By crabberries
dealing with leo man.. how to proceed and approach a leo man last response on chat with 'K' lol , , I decided to just ig»

I love my job! :)
dxpnet2 --> replaced dxpchat2 :)
It was my own design and sharpie you wouldn't care to ask
Lol at Pisces empath...lol it needs to be repositioned and it look likes your tattoo artist used a marker what a marker lol...
is it too much to ask for friends to have intellectual conversations with?
You don't have to lie to kick it. Keep it g with me I will keep it g with you
dxpnet2 --> replaced dxpchat2 :)
What's the latest with you?
I had a fun but tiring azz time at the gym today. I made all kinds of good shots playing basketball. It was a great day so far. I felt like kobe today lol. Its time for rest now =)
Friendship is good it doesn't have to be intimate. And if it is it's okay, we will never be.
My Aries friend is so funny to me. She's so stubborn and fixed in her ideas as if they're granite, and as usual i debate hard, funny thing is, eventually she comes to my side. I'm glad that me taking a math class is inspiring her to take classes
Happy bday Auri Momma! She made such a Beaut ;)
awful day. guess I was owed one. happy birthday to auri's ma.
treetruk her lyk a dog yeahh i freak her like an animal, she eat me lyka cannibal