By Schatzie401
Thank you Eternal Father for your Financial Blessings.»

Any Pisces have an "odd" match?
By Rachelannthepisces
Any Pisces here get along with or are in a relationship with a sign that you "shouldn't" be?? For example: I get along G»

Don't pitch the b1tch
By clooneyyears
True of False? "We don't sell stock to women. I don't care who it is, we don't do it. Nancy Sinatra calls, you tell h»

Awesomeleofemchart interpret thanks
By Awesomeleofem
At this times I feel in but confusion. Everytime I feel ignored, I feel nobody loves me. I don't really happy with what»

RachelannthepiscesWhat signs do you tend to overlook
By Rachelannthepisces
I tend to overlook capricorns. Despite the fact that my dad is one and my Venus is Capricorn, I just feel like they are»

Our board is dry as toast!!
By AriesLady8
How was everyones birthday? What did you do? Any new year jewels you want to drop(wisdom) ?»

UnlikeanyscorpStay or run like hell???
By Unlikeanyscorp
I've been dating a Virgo man for about one and half's been slow and agonizing but I'm absolutely crazy about»

Unaspected mercury
By risesafterall
Who can tell me more about this? I have a friend who has this that I think has NPD.»

ex pisces wont leave me alone
By MoonshineLeo
i dated a pisces for a few months until he left me for another girl, i moved on, it has been 3 years since then and he S»

How to handle an angry gemini
By beatrix
I was dating a gem for almost 5 Years. Everything was fine until in my 3rd year with him, I cought him for being such a»

Mortal Kombat X.......FATALITY!Mortal Kombat X.......FATALITY!
Finally the wait is over. Street fighter take notes. This is how you a refine and redefine a fighter. Now its time to do


Who knew id die choked? The one who just farted did.
now bby when I get you get you get you....
20-30 years from now when your children are making veggie delight subs for roman's children just remember that a taurus predicted how it would all go down.
dxp: the cure to my lonely nights
hang in there Sapphire...
I love cancers. they're great for eating and decoration :) they taste delicious with a bit of salt
I feel restless and depressed :( It reminds me of those days again

Wu on second?
opinions are best served when not asked for.
why are the hottest guys always the non-committal ones? :(
Why did you do that? Because you are absurd and irresistible.
my nickname is captain save-a-dolla .. I heard you got a fly mind let me holla
Truel Life: I'm a hypocrite