too many cancer men needing space
By mz
i've noticed more and more posts about cancer men needing space lately...i thought it would be nice if we, the women inv»

Aquarius girl & Aries guy??
By lola29
Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so sorry if I'm repeating the topic :) I'm an Aquarius with Libra ascendant and moon in A»

In a group of three
By ombrerose
Fire signs How left out would air sign feel? earth sign feel? Air signs How left out would 1.a»

1742taylorPissed off cap - what can I do?
By 1742taylor
I have known my cap for over two years now. We've had a very loving and caring relationship but a very volatile one othe»

Tornadoday16Mars in Pisces
By Tornadoday16
What are these types like?»

Hot Crazy Matrix
By CapTenn
Everyone should watch this.....»

phantomsomWhen and why do Aquarius lose interest in someone?
By phantomsom
be it somebody they loved or just people in general. cancer here. lololo»

Slow Death
By LetltB

Happy Birthday, Celticlioness!
By seraph
Excuse my Irish, but . . . Irish Cream cake with chocolate hazelnut pirouette cookies, and Chocolate Wh»

Intuition? Insecurity? Lack of Trust?
By FixedWater
When someone says something to you and it's not quite right. It just doesn't sit right and the exchange rattles around i»

I wake up and put on my make-up and am off to work, looking fresh and put together. Come 11am, I look at myself in the


Trade for Onion and Garlic chips?
Sitting in the garden. My mamas going to make homemade raspberry pie :D
An ice cold bottle of Crabbies + hot day = This is what we fight wars for
Paranoid on I see things quite clear.
Beckett... Oh no lol Which play are you reading?
“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism.” ― C.G. Jung
I'm wearing this colourful headscarf 2day becoz I didnt feel like brushing my hair. + it was so freaking cold in the AM. Now this lady tells me that my (cheap) scarf is unique. Really? It's 5 rands! The joys of being an Aquarius :D
Coffee, cigarettes and Beckett. I need to find more energetic morning activities.
Pisces & Scorpio discussion this Saturday night @ tinychat . com / dxpnet2
world wars turned females to males to compensate for the dead
@sizezero, I'll probably hate him but I'll check out the shows anyway. Don't get why they have to be so mean & foul mouthed, though. Power tripping, much?
UPDATEupdateUPDATE blablabla
I have the "Under the sea" song from The little Mermaid stuck on my head. I haven't heard it or watched the movie in over 20 years. #Random.