This is getting ridiculous..
By Hotbeefy There was»

Italy: Stop with the
By Damnata
Venice is trying to discourage couples from attaching padlocks to the city's bridges as a symbol of love, claiming the o»

gone with the wind
By aquavita
some ...»

By Ssasy
My aqua ex and I haven't seen one another since June and It's been about 2 weeks (only ugh) since I had any contact with»

CuriousramIs it just me or?
By Curiousram
I been attracting a lot of scorpios lately and i never attract them. Any aries going through this right now?»

By Whatu

RollergirlOrcPisceans - what makes you feel threatened?
By RollergirlOrc
I'm not a Pisces but I can somewhat relate to one (born on a 7 day in numerology which correlates with Pisces). Anyways,»

ive never met a gem like him before...
By stillwat3r
Gem Capmoon Gem merc Gem Venus Scorpio mars Don't you think he's a walking, talking contradiction? The gem and»

Do You treetrunk Your Girl On The Rag?Do You treetrunk Your Girl On The Rag?
Do you feel her pain? Her cramps? Make love to her with her blood all over you and than bring her to orgasm to help?


@Puvati, are pigeons now extinct? Just reach out your window to send free mail :P @Sassy, yeah girl :)
Do pigeon carriers still exist?! I need to get me one of those!
@watercup....I agree...Arent we all here to Chat, Vent, Seek help, and kill time anyway?
I warned my friend about Gemini men being professional cheaters, today she found out her gem bf has a gf of 2 years...
taking a few steps back, there's a better view of the panorama.
Why am I still up, oh yeah because I have the next 5 days off.!!
@Puvati, journals are so oldskool. Do you still send a message using a pigeon? Let people vent in the medium of their choice. What's it to you if they embarrass themselves in public?
strangers in the street lovers when we meet you're my lover in my bed why do you have to hold that gun to my head
Trying to be the best I can be.
Harem pants for a wedding...
Some of you people need a journal...
i feel like my life is retrograde
Breh bruh.. Lame as fk. America is 12 years behind the rest colloquially... Cyborgs lol