Should I add Ands to my favourites' list?
By firebunny
I keep going back and forth with this idea... because all the people in my favourites' list to date are ladies/women. I»

By Curiousram
I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.»

Crab girls only: Lindsay Lohan or Selena Gomez
By Kim31
Which style of Crab are you? Feel free to identify with another crab celebrity. Personally, I resent having to acknowled»

SortaRicanGeminiI love Aries!
By SortaRicanGemini
Gemini here, and I just want to say Aries are probably my favorite zodiac sign (besides my own, of course :p) I love the»

RainDancer88Do Americans need more/less social welfare?
By RainDancer88
Just in search of a healthy debate :) Rules are: speak your mind, your feelings, the facts, and resist temptation»

Capricorn Rising - what gives?
By Rambunctious76
Can anyone fill me in on the details of what people with Cap rising are like? Both my love interest and mum have Cap»

SpringmoodWhat makes a person combative
By Springmood
What aspect, house placement or sign makes a person combative or quarrelsome? It's of big interest to me as i want t»

Express your best love and respect to your mummyExpress your best love and respect to your mummy
Mother’s Day is the day that is specially celebrated to pay the honor of motherhood. It is celebrated all over the wor


-It takes two flints to make a spark, without the earth there will be no fire.
Laundry, laundry, WaterCup's enemy number 1. I don't believe in washing machines, I wash my own crap by hand because I do it better :D I's a Landry Bawse. *throws gangsta signs in da air*
work and no play makes the go haywire
Coffee right before bed, because that's "normal"
Round and round we go 'til we all lose our heads.
you take a deep breath in, you let a deep breath out, you take a deep breath in and you let all the bull butter out!
I love snoozing
Dat foreign. Dat foreign.
What is up dxp?
When you say you speak sarcasm then insult them so they think you're joking.
Loving myself is to know im okay by myself.
There's nothing better than seeing your friends happy.
Now I want some Burger King Chicken Fries!! :P