How do u make a cancer man feel loved
By cappygirl11
Ok we came to a cross road in our relationship. After which I apologised many times for hurting him and crushing his»

Omg, talk about a 'staring' contest ...
By FixedWater
I have no clue what you people are up to but it's gotta be a good story. Anyone care to simplify for me so I don't have»

Fantasy and Daydreams
By xMoonMan
I'm pretty sure we all do it? I've caught myself daydreaming recently, fantasizing about what I might do 'if' I had a p»

AlyssaDarkAries man.....with almost all planets in Aries
By AlyssaDark
Hi everyone, it's my first time posting on here so bear with me. So, I've been talking with this Greek/German that m»

PearlsCancer&Cancer: Is it slow to start?
By Pearls
I've been interested in this Cancer guy for thee longest his bday is July 22nd and I'm a late June one. I've been waitin»

Pros n cons *bein in a relationship * with sag
By SunTauVenGem
would they get annoyed at my display of affection?? Moon in aqua will come in handy . Input plz /) n no it's not the sag»

By Huldra
Study shows that season of birth affects personality – sounds like astrology A new study to be presented at the Eur»

Delete Account
By lovetrustruh
Would like to but link isn't working?»

Capricorn and Agression
By PiscesWoman
I first of all want to say that I love you all Capricorns out there, both men and women, you all fascinate me! Im a litt»

Being in an unexplainable funk
By RainDancer88
My sag nature is upbeat, happy and enthusiastic but not for about a week or more. Apparently I'm in a Saturn transit and»

Purchase Real Passport,Id card,Driver license
By sarajevvo
Purchase Best Quality Real and Novelty Passports , id cards , visas , drivers license ,stamps , birt certificates ,diplo»

Aquarius and the confessionAquarius and the confession
Hi everyone, it's me again After 2 years, one beautiful day, he confessed he's married (still) and his wife is in oth


Wingstop, fatboy need a 10-piece
Romance is kinda overated, I really appreciate dependability. Just be there for me :)
We plan. God laughs.
Island times....
Still loling at that joke roman told last night...
can i workout with Michael Strahan? pleaseeee
closed 2 virgos, 2 more to go.
moving into my house today. thank god.....
may the forces be with you, fox!
I always have a presentation to do when merc is ret LMAO
Mercury will go direct in 6days time :~))
luxuriating in slowly unfolding mysteries.
carpal tunnel in the hand i write with = handwriting like a 3 year old