Color Chart Planet dominance chart! COOL!
By RainDancer88
So. Ever wondered what planet drives your personality the most? WHat do you think about your dominate planet? Just a lit»

dear scorpios
By beggarsblanket»

The bucket list?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Ever seen The Bucket List movie? What are your 3 choices before we parish ?»

flowingwaterAquarius woman eyes
By flowingwater
"The Aquarius woman has beautiful eyes, like nobody else’s. Few people can look at her for more than a few seconds. Re»

GiedHow do you call this?
By Gied
Any advice! This happened in front my eyes. Is this delivered, I never seen her doing this before. PICTURE IS EXEPLE. A»

moving on
By scorchedearth
i'm burning bridges without a care, lately. it's like my give a treetrunk is gone now. i am moving on without looking back an»

FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428Double standards
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
What are they really about? Is it how every wrong date you ever had, and you take it out on the next? Is it a prefer»

Taurus Have Long Upper Bodies
By DonJohnson
long wide upper bodies. good for pulling plows.»

How do leo men act when sick?
By aqua333
Do you like to be alone or what? Have been pretty close with this leo guy recently. He was super into me and texting me»

I messaged the Libra
By Twodrinkminimum
And I think he was just waiting for me to break the ice again. I figured I should stop being such a hard ass all the»

Sun Venus Mercury conjunctions
By Blue18
In composite chart: This one's not one, but I just felt like showing this one (between a couple tha»

Something about a Sagittarius ManSomething about a Sagittarius Man
This is the perfect place to post this because no one knows what and how a Sagittarius thinks, but himself/herself. Is i


I'm getting dis loyalties from my fellow Cancers
few more days till Saturn gets the treetr*nk out of Scorpio, woooo!
I'm going to murder yooooouu (:
saw this fine ass Capricorn chick today, OK Crabs and Caps can have sexual relationships, that it, because them Caps hoes turn cold later
Welcome back Sirhorns!
No words = torture...
princess from saudi
I seriously don't get why Crabs.Caps date one another. William and Kate are definitely going to get divorced when he finds "real love"
oh really now
I'm starting to think he's a sock puppet
got my blood moving from a walk
Hey, Whatu doesn't fall far behind CC, newbie not the only scorpio. Lol
Hot lime pickle *-*