Men and bitterness
By MsFisk
It's pretty obvious when a woman becomes jaded and resentful, for the most part we can be vocal about it. But (most)»

Are you admiring my roast beef sandwich?
By Blood ft. Water
Are you admiring? Rate 1-10...Roast beef sandwich with cheese and fried onions on top, double dipped in sauce.»

Reasons that humans cheats
By Binota

MrFirebirdRelationships And Addiction
By MrFirebird

P_AndsThe Wedge
By P_Ands
The Wedge configuration is very common within a chart. It is one-half of the Mystic Rectangle configuration with three p»

Reasons Men cheat
By Ssupes
1. Avoid intimacy 2. crave intimacy 3. Libido boost 4. Control 5. Lack willpower 6. Cheated before 7. Variety»

MrFirebirdFor The Record
By MrFirebird
Posted by VelocityI recently rejected this amazing Scorpio... for the second time. As much as I would love to be his eve»

Real reasons women cheat
By Ssupes
This is from Divorced Moms website..........polled divorced women stated why they cheated. 1. Lack of attention/intim»

Keep it positive!
By CaptainPimp
Say somehing positive whatever it may bee. Wether it happened to you or not. Or say something nice about a user on here»

Just curious .. Would like some help.
By KinglyCrab
Here is my chart if anybody with good knowlodge of astrology could interpret it please if would be greatly appreciated.:»

Getting over allergies.Getting over allergies.
I'm super allergic to cats but I really want to adopt a black cat. :( I did have one when I was 15 and eventually my


and if them fishes wanna trip, tell em they tour guides on us
interesting turn of events... I'll remember that. :)
They got kids in the military. That's why it's called an infantry. - Seth Sentry
Operation Fish Slap
He sees right through what she wants no one to know; they have such a strong connection that he already knows everything about her.
It's raining cats and dogs! :-))
Old thoughts and habits die and better ones replace them.
Only two hours of sleep..
@ellle : your astro twin pissed me off majorly today with something she said, so yes.
RatedX it is Pisces full moon coming up... Settle yourself... and know you are not the only emotional one. It is a super moon... ;)
My emotions are swaying but with the lows come the highs and throughout all of this I'm still hopeful
RatedX often times the "night is darkest before the dawn."