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Do you relate to them as well?
by Aqualovestaurus
So I broke up with my ex 6 years ago. I was so in love with him but he always made me feel like he didn't feel the same even though he insisted that wasn't the case but his actions never changed so I ended it. Since then he has continued to try and keep
by Ladi1975
Which would you pick on Valentine's Day Mind blowing sex or a good meal? **Please post your sun sign**
by mysterious
Good day all, Met a Cap man a few months ago and we had great chemistry, however he went from I want to spent more time with you to disappearing totally. I reached out to him several times but no response even though I saw that he was online on whatsa
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The other what are you listening to thread is getting ridiculously long. :P So what are you listening to right now?
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The 2 Virgo's chart are very similar. One is a long term friend and one is a girlfriend. What makes him chose one but not another? I'm curious what are the dynamic between them all just from chart reading, we all know it can't be 100% accurate, just us
by Honda
Are CUSP Compatible with Other CUSPS Instead getting involved with other sun signs? in terms of Love, Marriage and Work?

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Is it possible to be

Is it possible to be "love sick?"

The three times I've been with the Cancer guy I am interested in, I get sick. As in, actually physically stomach sick. Not that long after we say goodbye, I get violently ill (TMI)... and it happens for days. I usually lose weight, have no appetit

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7 pages more to write for this essay!
@leorisingpiscesmoon 14 hour flight?! but how?! i hope you don't get annoying passengers next to you!
14 hour flight ugh!!!
what kind of butter are playin'