Deleting threads
By asha
I think someone complained about this already. Just to repeat that while a poster may have the right to delete his posts»

what to do about the self-esteem issue
By kim30
A day ago I would have said I think all that crap about crabs having self-esteem and confidence issues was bull. But the»

Time Zones & Calculating Birth Charts
By justexplore89
So some may have encountered that when you use different astrology calculators for birth chart data that you may get dif»

munchkinFull lips
By munchkin
I mean face lips, tyvm. Why does every chick with a pic here have super full Angelina Jolie lips? Do you all get»

ShescomeundoneChrist in The Stars
By Shescomeundone»

Easter Wishes!
By caster721
I'm sending my warm Easter Wishes to each and everyone here on dxpnet. Stay blessed :)»

Sn1p3r187Anybody play Fallout?
By Sn1p3r187
Preferably the first 2 games. But 3 and New Vegas count. If you did. What di you think of it and did you like it?»

He won't talk to me after I was raped
By TheMilkmaid
I won't go into details. It's to painful. But the title pretty much says it all»

Perfect way to give the cancer space!
By VirgoCupcake
Just sharing my thoughts. Cancers please share yours! When I think of space I think if no texting, calling it anythin»

What makes a person a douche or douchess?
By Sn1p3r187
Is it the fact they drive a scion, pay with checks, make fun of your mom and have the nerve to visit her up close and pe»

By VirgoCupcake
How do you Virgos work on patience in relationships? So I've been told by my bf that I have no patience! But ummmmmm»

my friend recommended this to me saying that I would absolutely enjoy this new tv show.. as I'm going to be busy during


Nothing like some warm caramel smirnoff to kickstart easter.
Craving a massage. maaaa shoulders cry
If I truly wanna talk to you, I know how to find you. Otherwise, do not talk to me.
It's funny how one minute you can be on top of the world and then the next your world comes crumbling down. Sigh...
mwah! thanks snozzy!!! still might fall through, in which case I'm giving melb's the chance to snap me up! holy batman indeed!!!
Easter has NOTHING to do with Christ! Easter is a Pagan Holiday...which Christians were NOTORIOUS for murdering in Cold Blood-By the way Im a Christian but a RIGHTEOUS one!
Tomorrow shouldn't be called Easter. It should be called the Celebration of Jesus. The man who went through days of torture for us! I respect him :)
I don't like landscaping work. I have a thorn that got stuck in the tip of my finger and broke off. Now I can't get it out and it hurts. *should have considered a condo*
The effects of the Grand Cross must be over. I'll take it:)
@Geminicandie; gosh JOB can be so true to life too. It's like the original story about the blues.
dominatrix? :P
JIMINY CRICKETS HOLY BATMAN! *throws easter eggs at lilliou* congrats!
jumping jupiter, by jinkies... quite possibly had my dream job land in my lap...!!! that deserves a wine