Girls' Generation Jessica
By Fox888
I don't know if else is following this issue but a Kpop girl group named Girls' Generation is currently on their worst t»

I want a leo
By ThatGemGuy336
Im a Gem guy and I'm very attracted to my leo friend who is a girl. I don't know if she feels the same but we have cuddl»

taurus girl with a pisces venus
By crufax00
I'm an aries guy and have that single minded obsession thing going on, how do I attract her pisces venus and make her cl»

ThatGemGuy336Can anybody help me with my birthchart
By ThatGemGuy336
I was born June 2nd 1994 at 5:10 pm Lexington NC, USA»

phEnyxBull876cancer Pisces bromance
By phEnyxBull876
I know this is dumb... But my cancer guy picked up a bromance with a Pisces guy a few months ago and they became thic»

What is your Subconscious Obessed with?
By justagirl
What's your mind obsessing over? :P»

HouseCleaningI have a simple question
By HouseCleaning
why are women so dumb?»

Places to go in Melbourne
By virgowithasoul
I'm headed to melbourne in a few months time. Anyone lived/went there and any places of interest to recommend? What abou»

quiet aries
By biosynthesis
is this a rare breed?»

How can a Cancer Woman get a Scorpio Man
By ImmaCancer
I went on my first outing with my new Scorpio friend. He asked me to come by and watch him play basketball, which I did.»

Strange dream tbf
By tiziani
Strange because it had everything. It began when a woman I was seeing announced she was back in town and came up to my d»

a food that you can't stop snacking ona food that you can't stop snacking on
no matter how hard you try :( For me, whenever I see grapes, I just have to pick one up and eat it..or two..or three.


Klingande - Jubel it's all about the sax....
I just got pulled over by the cops while pulling up to the space in my apt. FML!!! >_>
I'm a n!gga don't talk to my neighbors / straight marker always up in Vegas
LOL Housecleaning, put back the Dovakin
For the love of Talos, shut up
Unleash your inner voice. Rawrrr
"Only when you have lost everything, are you free to do anything."
Happy Birthday Mom! :)
Took care of # 5,000 APC
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Im trying to add images but this site wont let me :-(
Memories haunted my soul..
Yes thighs are just as important. I don't want a broad with a Nicki Minaj type of body.