Cancer Leo Cusps please
By osiris626
any insights?»

Pray 9 times and publish immediately
By Drosophila
Powerful Prayer works immediately. Say nine consecutive times. Make the sign of the cross every time you say the pray»

The Dreams that crouch between the leaves
By sunchee
Love. Is a metallic link. Its the winds pull and the skies time. It shifts in two toned aisles, and lifts the gargoyles.»

RoundroundsquareDo Aries men pay attention/remember details well?
By Roundroundsquare
An Aries man I have feelings for seems to always be listening to things I say. And he remembers things I've said that I»

geminaye97How do I match up with these 2 girls - charts incl
By geminaye97
Me Sun Gemini 9°50'41 in house 3 direct Moon Aquarius 3°14'50 in house 11 direct Mercury Taurus 15°58'24 in house»

By exoskeleton
i was sleeping with my sag and i had a dream ~ him and i had some sort of confrontation. he was very distant and cold to»

stillwat3rYou see fluff, I see potential.
By stillwat3r
Him: Gem Cap Moon Gem Merc Gem Venus Scorpio Mars Me: Cap Lib Moon Aqua Merc Aqua Venus Sag Mars So wha»

By angiedbc457
Why do Aquarius men keep women phone numbers if in fact they are done with them? Like me and my friend he said it was so»

I don't get along with my dad
By camim20
Hi I'm a pisces born on february 20 and I'm 21 years old, my father is a leo (august 7). All my life I haven't been»

Stage Five Clinger
By aquansidenout
Which signs or placements have you experienced where the person was a little to clingy for your liking?»

By starlover
~ the aspect that needs a therapist»

Express your best love and respect to your mummyExpress your best love and respect to your mummy
Mother’s Day is the day that is specially celebrated to pay the honor of motherhood. It is celebrated all over the wor


That sweet feeling you after you bust your ass on something for 9 hours and you finally complete it...Sweet!
1 of the voices in my head is a weather-man! I swear, I woke up to something saying"There's going 2b a cold front".It's treetrunking cold 2day.In the little town in my head,there must b a lottery man. Talk 2 me!
Too many contradictory statements
Shatter my heart so a new room can be created for a Limitless Love’.
Well I'm dumb I guess. Numbers don't lie.
Flipping tables, ripping books and breaking a kick in your gut.
HOORAH! Tough love and shimmy.
Burger King Chicken Fries are for Champs. Like me! :D
Lol she thinks I'm joking but I'm serious, she'd look great with them
Real quick, real quick. Whole fence on that real ish.
zero to a hunnid, nukkah, sort of quick.
DXP is Boring me and I need a DISTRACTIOn! Where is everyone lol
To make Puvati blush :D So 2day just after I knocked off,I experience a very bad tummy bug.The kind that makes you sweat in freezing weather.I was so impatient @ the bus,almost shat in my handbag. LMAO