Does a lapel mic work on an android phone?
By ZelaleZ
Has anyone tried to connect a lapel microphone to a mobile phone and how does it work? Do you need a spliter or can you»

this month'sLunar Eclipse, Merc Ret, Solar Eclipse
By lotuslily
Wow! What a month!!! How is everyone doing after the cosmic weather happening this month? Shake ups?? It took me aro»

What I learned about astrology today
By Gemican01
Okay so I've always found it extremely strange that so many libra and aries men in my life can't resist but try and be m»

MrFirebirdThe Scorpio Stare Explained By The Truth
By MrFirebird
My Reality: I'm just thinking. Your Reality: Whatever it is, it's all in your mind. If you don't like it. Don't»

RachelMcAdamsThe Scorpio Stare Explained by a Scorpio Tranny
By RachelMcAdams
The No. 1 Reason: "I'm really a Capricorn Male!"»

The Scorpio Stare Explained by a Scorpio Woman
By TwirlingStrawberry
Top Ten Reasons a Scorpio Woman Stares 1. I'm hungry 2. I'm bored 3. You have something on your face 4. You are in»

18scorpioDon't understand this Taurus?
By 18scorpio
My best friend is a 19 year old Taurus male and I don't understand him these days. You could say we are pretty close»

Venus saturn conjunct
By smellycat
What is venus saturn conjunction interpretation in "western" astrology ?»

Fight club!
By Tumelo
I would like to get into something physical. it's not always about the soft things i.e. art, being an Earth sign we are»

The "Scorpio stare" explained by a Scorpio man
By MrScorp1on
Hello, I'm a Scorpio man (scorpio sun, scorpio venus) and I wanted to explain the scorpio stare from a scorpio male pers»

When women can't accept that the guy just isn't...
By rockyroadicecream
into her. I saw this and it reminded me of some of the women that come here, blatantly ignoring when the guy ends thi»

Romance is kinda overated, I really appreciate dependability. Just be there for me :)
We plan. God laughs.
Island times....
Still loling at that joke roman told last night...
can i workout with Michael Strahan? pleaseeee
closed 2 virgos, 2 more to go.
moving into my house today. thank god.....
may the forces be with you, fox!
I always have a presentation to do when merc is ret LMAO
Mercury will go direct in 6days time :~))
luxuriating in slowly unfolding mysteries.
carpal tunnel in the hand i write with = handwriting like a 3 year old
FF3 bro. Not the SNES version that was 6 in Japan and 3 in America. FFIII on psp