Lady like?
By LadyPisces
Hey All Is it true that a Cap man likes somebody who's very lady like?»

I feel stupid today...
By DeltaCephei
... so I'll just drop this here. I'm not a poet, anyway. How was it, God, How was it like... that whisper, that furt»

Independent Scorpio
By Angeleyes17
We are known to be independent and not rely on others to do things or open up easy to someone. But in time, when you com»

airfiveFeeling numb?
By airfive
im at a point where I want to say the feeling im having is " I don't care anymore"...its not any emotion really I don't»

lovedonehottest air sign
By lovedone
Libra gemini or aquarius»

Any Cancer/Scorpio relationship experience?
By TrueCancerMale
If you've been in a long-term relationship with a Cancer, what was it like? Yay or nae?»

strudelDxp records
By strudel
What would you title some of our members' first albums?»

i have a question..
By mika7
How painful are blue balls and how long the pain takes? I moved the question from Capricorn board because more guys ven»

update on the FWB situation with cappy dude
By scorpio24
Hey everyone, okay so a little update on my FWB situation.. WELL to be honest, my love hormone kicked in and i ha»

Your Dominant ElementYour Dominant Element
What's your dominant element based on your natal chart? What's the % for others?


lol Ands... buyer's remorse! Roman Recommends complaints department has been on the phone all weekend
I'm feeling reckless
It is so cold & I'm not liking the feeling of my new coat. It's so heavy, it's like I have weights on my body. Maybe it'll make me lose the lovehandles!!

i dont want to go to sleep and i dont want to wake up.
It all comes down to one final effort. Ive never been so nervous, yet so willing, to succeed.
These refs need to officiate better..
I just love when things go on sale, and I still can't afford them (sigh)...
juicing is effin horrible i have no idea why they even have recipes when everything tastes like grass!
My dog is a Libra...I just found out after work.
I've decided not to rely on astrology but myself and human interaction. Because astrology is a ever changing, menopausal, self centered, dependent, treetrunking cookiemonster side chick. Who eats all my groceries and won't leave my house lol!
last year I attracted nothing but pisces, now its leos, what's up with that
I will never every again date a scorpio.
"500 - Internal Server Error" is becoming more common than butt secks threads here...