Scorpio Woman-Leo Man thoughts...
By Scorpio82
I don't know why but I'm attracted to a leo man. I know...water and fire don't mix but I can't seem to make myself steer»

By CluelessCancer
Say something...»

By TaurusGirlRas
How does venus play out for a male. Do they express love through venus and sun or sun and Mars? My guy is a taurus sun w»

SmerroseI blew it
By Smerrose
I wouldn't say we've got into another argument ...well maybe it was. I kind of did the scorpio thing of acting fine an»

IwillDo you take the chance or not?
By Iwill
So: you like someone or have feelings for them. You have a history with this person (you got hurt equally by each oth»

scorp guy messing with me??
By flowingwater
I'm an Aquarius woman and I know our matches are very square for each other, the intensity is crazy though. He's opened»

WateryGemLibra men...
By WateryGem
How romantic are you? Do you write love poems, or deep love letters expressing your love? Buy flowers, make passio»

Which sign makes the best teacher?
By Iwill
Always thought it would be leo, as my sister is leo and a teacher and she has that I KNOW THIS AND I WILL TEACH YOU AND»

Scorpio Woman-Leo Man  thoughts...Scorpio Woman-Leo Man thoughts...
I don't know why but I'm attracted to a leo man. I know...water and fire don't mix but I can't seem to make myself steer


he's good to me and bad with me.
i wish i had some.
I see some "things" never change.... wow.

I need a punching bag
these hoes ain't royal.
@Royal no noobie just walks in and makes a status update and figures out how to upload a pic.....NEXT
Koochi koochi another person who attempts to seem significant but is Trivial. I don't even know you or want to know you. Get off my NUTS before i shove them down your throat and choke you.
hello everyone i'm new here
I like Capinc
Wow. Lol. What happened? Anyways back to dickbreath aka Capidouche.
She finally blocked me! Mission accomplished
treetruk-in showed up too late I guess... *puts armour away* guess I should save it for the good fight. Somewhere there's a Giant roaming freely and having a good day.
lol at tiz showing up. there's sociopath #2. gonna just block VS too. done wasting energy.
Quite frankly I'm not sure the wall has time in it's schedule to pencil her in, VS. Priorities, you know.