Ascendant really = Earth Placement
By NotYourAverageAquarius
Earth's a planet too... It would obviously have a gravitational influence on us just as any other planet and arguably t»

Mars in Capricon
By oyes0435
Anyone got it? Care to share infos? Like to know how you deal w anger; How you deal w/ risk / decision making? S»

sag mom is bothering me
By lololala
She doesnt compliment me at her 21 year old daughter..when I tell her hey mom what do you think of my pic..she l»

emancipationofemmyWanna guess this person's Sun, Moon, & Rising?
By emancipationofemmy
Image 1: Image 2: Image 3:»

lololalavirgo men are not humans
By lololala
Rocks have feelings more than you do virgo guys»

Gemini driving this lady Leo bananas!
By SassyKittenpants
Hi guys! I just registered tonight because I seriously feel like I'm gonna go out of my mind with this Gemini male an»

hiatusScorpios out there help with this scorpio man!
By hiatus
Hi there, I am here because I really need some help to understand my scorpio guy. We have been together in a commited r»

Pisces F arguing with Capricorn M
By PiscesWoman
So I (being a submissive Pisces Female) had an arguement with my Capricorn Man today. Usually when I set my foot down, I»

capricorn men: Do you like innocent girls ??
By anna1
All Men with Sun, Moon or Venus in Capricorn, Do you people like to marry girls who have childlike innocence ? If so. Wh»

Need help should I be with this (male)Leo?
By Sa8m
This guy and I have been on and off three times and I'm a Sagittarius. He seems to be coming back around like he his int»

Each sign's style of dancing
By biosynthesis
Aries: wild and crazy Taurus: rhythmic and steady Gemini: Fun and flirty Cancer: smooth Leo: Fiery with hair flipp»

Acne Prone SkinAcne Prone Skin
Acne prone skin is difficult to manage. I have this kind of skin which makes me feel so terrible. I have tried differen


underneath the tough exterior Taurus men are hella sensitive
no one should be this excited about a manicure...
Packing and house hunting
"It is Well with My Soul"
I hope Gary Coleman makes a comeback And each one of my ex’s marries a scumbag
walked now for Shark tank
I just want to enjoy the luxury of sleep and sollitude this weekend.
Taurus Mars with 4th House Stellium in Capricorn checking in...does that count?
now that i read some of your stories instead of talk astrology i'm convinced most of you have cancer mars!
I would break locks to all the Candy Stores.
If you got to spend a day with your childhood self, what would you do, where would you go, what would you say to them?
Let fate be your GPS guide
Ready for your pop-shot, Phillippe?