Describe yourself part 2 and 3
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
What's your moon sign? I am Aquarius moon female.. 1. Eccentric 2. Analytical 3. Sexy List 3 moon sign traits t»

What's in a chart..
By deepseagiant2
Anyone care to provide a little insight? Mine Hers(don't know her Asc)»

Gemini Man and Saggitarius woman in love
By Sunkissed
I am heart broken, I am a gemini woman and I met this gemini man 6 mons ago in a small island in the indian ocean, he wa»

WhatuFarewell Joe chickener.
By Whatu
20th of May 1944 - 22 of December 2014»

RabbitWho has a more difficult time...
By Rabbit
With being a Scorpio Sun? Males or Females. Starlover alluded to females having an easier time with it than men, not sur»

This N***a Gave me Her phone
By CluelessCancer
So The virgo dated a chick after we dated, some Indian chick, some Aries, who is bout it bout it. Possibly when him and»

ieatpizzaforfreeVirgo with binoculars here :0
By ieatpizzaforfree
Lol hey scorps... your little sextile here. Slight problem & I've come for an answer :) Firstly, I'm a virg/leo & (I'»

How to balance your Libra Rising?
By Hotbeefy
I have learned that I'm Libra Rising for real this time. Sun in 8th house really hits the spots that I'm the Kindred on»

Ex Taurus manager shocker!
By seezythescorpion
Wow. This completely surprised me. My ex manager i worked for (almost 2 years ago) messaged me. He asked how i was an»

why are you virgos so unforgiving?
By aquarius78
Not that I need to be forgiven, but I went out of town to see my guy bestfriend who has a gf. But I didnt tell him becau»

Capricorn Women and Aquarius MenCapricorn Women and Aquarius Men
This combo is such a powerhouse, LOL, I actually wonder how this pairing can work out when there are noticeable differen


a warm and safe holiday to everyone and yours. be well
Can't wait to go to Costco and get Organic Turkey and Belgian Chocolates. I have to make gift bags for a few select individuals. One is my sisters godmother who is blind. The other this wonderful lady who is a janitor next building over. I love her!
Anyone live in virginia beach?
" Yo nunca he dicho que soy un ángel porque comprendo que no es así toda esa gente que sabe tanto cuide lo suyo y déjenme a mi..."
is it going to be a white Christmas? I think so
Everyday new information about the X Virgo unravels. He really doesn't do much to hide his steps. Im so glad i didn't buy him an XMAS gift. Thank you Lord.
There's something about angry music/lyrics that makes ME happy :D Hihihihi
Welp, when you find yourself broke on Christmas, what can you do but get creative... About to find out if I have any talent for carving wood.
winter in Poland but my heart is elsewhere
Whoever said life is too short to mourn.. screw off.
Christmas, a time to rest thy tired boneses