By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
How many people have an account for Facebook? I do not.. I am a private person anyways..but those that like social media»

is it just me or....
By mysteriousTaurus
is it just me or Aquariuses the most relaxed, friendly, and easy going zodiac sign? i know so many aquariuses who are»

How self-destructive are you?
By b1tchcrafts
I here our sign can be the most self destructive. Despite my drinking and drug usage I'm not really an addict surprisi»

caster721She came back insisting Friendship!
By caster721
I broke up with my Caplady end of Jan. The breakup happened at the heat of the moment. A week later we started communica»

ZetaroseOk I effed up again w the Aquarius ex...
By Zetarose
Last time we talked I asked him for a dvd that was mine and I was gonna be in town. I just said you can leave it on the»

Which signs have the most stamina?
By Sn1p3r187
I notice Aries and Taureans can run and fight relentlessly with no tiring in any way between. They're pretty strong. The»

Romzif ands was a honkey what would he look like
By Romz
Post pics of ideas of what ands would look like as a honkey.... I imagine Ands as a hipster white guy with facial hai»

Which sign would make nice wife
By papparazi
I know there are other factors to consider like moon, venus , 7th house , aspects to seventh , Ruler of 7th etc but if w»

Knock, Knock!
By crabRiot
Door creaks while I peep in lolsss? Before ya'll kick me out I just wanted to say hi fellas*waves* How are you doi»

Capricorn Male/Cancer Female Help
By InTheCloud
I am a Cancer female, he is a Capricorn male. So a few months back I ran into this Capricorn male. we Frequent the s»

Withdrawn Taurus man
By VersaPRO
ok so here's my story... I've been into this Taurus guy for about a year now and we recently started flirting (about 3 m»

Gemini man/Aqua woman and what if...?Gemini man/Aqua woman and what if...?
a few years ago, I (Aquarius woman) met a Gemini guy at an event abroad. we noticed each other throughout the week. on t


I have a new secret admirer :D
Every move you make breaks me, every smile you fake breaks me.
a Vivacious Scorpio, that's my JAM!!!!
I'm so hot. Hot damn. i made a dragon retire man.
This gemini guy back on the rise. Been a could few weeks i hope yall missed ya boy :)
LOL @ your Lladro
Let the games begin ;)
Baltimore will not let them forget. Rightfully so, #Blacklivesmatter...YES Black Lives, no shade on any other lives out there who feel the need for validation. Then again... y'all don't get murked every other day just about.
Hurry up and wait
Didn't wanna listen when they told you. Now you eating Soybean Tofu, the government owns you. The Antichrist approaches, everybody holds their noses. They know death don't smell like roses~~Canibus
~Getting closer with the Virgo~♡
6 days till Mexico! Via con Dias!
I got it bad for this bull. feelings ughhhh!
I need my space....