HELP! Ex boyfriend of 15 years is making me CRAZY!
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Please help me! I don't know what to do with my life anymore. I lost contact with my ex bf 15 years ago after I cheated»

What's behind Taurus man's manipulative streak?
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Need some help here, I've recently broke up with a Taurus man a month ago although the break up was so sudden that one d»

cancer/leo cusp July 20th _\3
By daneethegreat
Am I supposed to live my whole life feeling like I'll never be happy? Idk how or why but my intelligence is driving me c»

PVandJellayI think I'm gonna have to kick his/her ass aspects
By PVandJellay
Which ones make you feel this way? XD»

drakecooperDigital marketing tips for business owners
By drakecooper
As a business owner, it’s crucial you not only approve final marketing campaigns, but also that you keep yourself up t»

Black Moon Lilith
By hollyhock
Can anyone explain what this is (not a copy / paste from the internet). I don't understand it except that I think it cau»

SirHornsKing, Warrior, Magician, Lover Masculinity Test
By SirHorns Do this and post your results gentlemen! Mine: All hail — You are»

When will the Saturn/Uranus/Pluto stuff be over
By hollyhock
for Libras?»

What does you mother look like?
By Kim11180560
I found a rare photo of my mother actually holding me. She's a distant Aqua so this is a personal triump for me :)»

Do you trust this site?
By hilarybanxxx Is it known to be right? I know it doesn't ask for birthtime/plac»

My computer does not work properlyMy computer does not work properly
Computers don't always work as they should. Components fail, and operating systems fill up with crap that hinders perfor


The taurus time zone is PHTC, which stands for Pizza Hut Time Coordinated.
Yeah and you was looking me up in down when I never touched the cookiemonster now look at you and your legacy all up on the married man I guess he used you all the way up! Next time mind your buisnessv
The sky is crying
The more Saturian I get, the happier I'll be.
I got to head back to Arizona the women out there have big asses
You Cancers are tough, I'll give you that. Ol' Harrison Ford crash landed a plane and survived. I'll bet his Scorp's not happy.
Jeans are the past, present and future, Fisk.
I wonder if the Virgo is feeling like i am today. Content and horny. Hmmmmmm
Well then at least you admit being a dumb ass.
.: all I know is that I know nothing :.
uh goodie...
Damn it, I ate all the peanut butter filled pretzels at my job. There was no closure!!
Twenty five minutes clearing snow; another hour helping neighbor with jammed snowblower.
“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”