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by LawrenceWTF
Ok very weird but i have been mistaken for a Leo most of the time its Leo actually. Which is weird to me my ascendant is Virgo and I only have one Leo placement which is Mars. Honestly I don't expect to have much Leo energy but I also have Mars conjunct t
by Taureye
Who do you usually get compared to by others?
by starwars
hey virgos, do you get tired from socializing? by socializing, i don't mean meeting people everyday and having 'small talk' I mean being in the same room for 7 hours with the same people. I love socializing i like to enjoy my time with other people,
by hollyhock
and you find other women do not like you, which placements do you have that you feel account for this?
by RamOfPeace
Dated this Venus 3 times over the last 2 year period. What makes you people so buttertily oblivious to everybody else, but yourselves? I haven't seen a bigger egoist placement on a person, the signature print is unmistakable, even among all 3 very different
by adoreU
that you eat a lot?
by ConfusedFemaleCancer
I'm a Cancer and met a Taurus man about three weeks ago. He was really sweet and very complimentary from the start. We ended up kissing the first night we met, and he kept asking to see me that next week. I would say I'm too tired or had something else
by leorisingpiscesmoon
Having a conversation with my friends and the question came up about plus size women and one of the guys said plus size women are the easiest targets for manipulation, cause they will never get a date? So men what do you think?

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Madonna Virgo Rising

Madonna Virgo Rising

How? The Virgo Moon is believable considering her mother's death during childhood, and typically Virgo moons are very close and caring to their mothers, but Virgo/Virginal Rising- Really? Her music is so Scorpionic. the stare

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I feel schmidt's pain here
It depends on the software you are using, some of them calculate it automatically. The difference would be so minuscule if there was to be.
Question: Does entering exact coordinates of the place you were born instead of your city/state produce a more accurate birth chart?
im witty today.
Go stick your head in a tornado, brainstorm.
The shrew could make anybody cry - scary lady with that big fat azz and midriff
Mexicans are too friendly. Don't know how they know I speak Spanish. 😑
My eyelashes are so girly and long. I don't know if thats a bad thing or a good thing. But i like it