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by Astrobyn Welcome to the 2015 DXP Awards. We start with this off with our Nomination thread, where we need you to nominate one users for each category. This thread will be open for two days and close on Mo
by Reincarnation
So yesterday I was studying while sharing a couple of sixpacks with two of my study partners - a Gemini and a Libra - when the issue of paying for dates came up. We were all fairly tipsy, so the conversation was a bit crazier than depicted here. Gem: "
by KittenLaRouge
5 minute mechanical sex with no emotion. treetrunking you all is like treetrunking a machine at the gym or better yet a cardboard box. Just wam bam thank you mam. Water signs run circles around you in the sex department because this thing called emotions that you a
by thinktoomuch
Seriously! Wtf is up with people these days! Just saw a gif on facebook, with a pic of a girl screaming, a little from behind, and it read: "when she say 'wrong hole' and you say 'no it ain´t' and keep going" People were laughing at that butter!
by BlackMamba
I even like his answers on those debates!
by CupOfPositivity
If you've experienced one significant love/relationship, what sign was/is the partner?
by Balance310
Hey all you lovely Librans! Just a simple topic for my curious mind. Been pondering how well we get along with the other signs romantically/friendship wise etc. Please share your experiences (especially gay relationships) I'll start: + Aries, been

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pisces men are the best lovers in the zodiac hands down

pisces men are the best lovers in the zodiac hands down

He made love to me for hours never taking his lips off of mine. Let me sit on his face for a good 45 min until i squirted. He's been my lover for a good 9 months now and it just keeps getting better and more emotional and passionate every time. This man i


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Happy turkey day dxpland....
I'm going to detox after the holidays.
missing people today but working with a smile on my face so all the patients that come in today see a happy face for Thanksgiving:-) it aint about how i feel... i'm here for them
From what I've heard Fallout 4 was not that great. It was good but not anything compared to Fallout New Vegas. Happy Turkey hunting day!
Perfect crime
I am grateful for having 125,000 years and maybe more of history! Saves me from being a punk! Thank you God for my culture!
Something to make you think twice before consuming those pork chops today
Cleaning my bathroom listening to NPR than got to make my sides