Virgo and Libra Relationship Advice please?
By dvnielle
he is: Virgo Sun Pisces Moon Libra Mercury Virgo Venus Libra Ascendant I am: Libra Sun Aries Moon Libra Merc»

How do I show how talented I am?
By IAmMystified
I don't even think that's the right question to ask. What it comes down to is it relates to that question someone poste»

Aries Venus, anyone?
By SuperMissMan
I hear they're forever alone...the thought of that isn't exactly scary for me, it's actually a bit relaxing, but still.»

CluelessCancerCancer or Pisces
By CluelessCancer
Seems Pisces cater to ya'll more. Who do you prefer?»

Sn1p3r187What I don't get- Godzilla
By Sn1p3r187
How come the JSDF hasn't killed Godzilla in any of the movies. They killed him with an oxygen destroyer in the first fil»

Help me understand why taurus breaks up with me
By Msvenus885
I am a Leo woman and I met my taurus man last year. We were very opposite but somehow he literally WORKED his way into m»

Feistypisces777I think my managers like me
By Feistypisces777
One of my managers is a Taurus and the other is a Cancer. They are always teasing me and laughing at me or with me. We a»

libra butterlibra butter
im against libra since my 1st childhood boyfriend..I told my self quit the stupid thoughts they r human like us...I met


be it delusional to others, self-delusional, or a shared illusion on the other side of nowhere. story of a life, of those without boundaries.
No English?
Climatizzata e fatto illusione di sicurezza
Men are like children. They want your time, energy, attention and love. Except for, kids are cute
"my dreams came true, because of you"
Omg my favorite movie is what dreams may come, your favorite movie is what dreams may come. Can we just watch netflix together forever? _3 Lmbo!
ambition makes me so horny. lol.
Gotta quit these bad habits, but I love em like this dark cloud over the City.
the energy i feel around me is not helping my productivity, so something must be done.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.
^^is tired of people who want to tell her how she is when they don't know her at all..... *sigh*
we need to jail abusive people, mentally verbally and mentally.
I'll lose myself in dreams I won't remember.