Latest Dream
By Libralula
I went out with my family to the store, in a shopping center. There was a theatre and a long line all the way to the st»

2015 French Open underway....
By Lovelyisis
This has got to be my favorite of all the Opens to watch. Yeah I'm a bit bias in a sense that my favorite all-time play»

Breaking a psychic bond
By 037
Is it even possible?»

bmoon8Wives owe their husbands sex even if they are not
By bmoon8
in the mood. Maybe she just doesn't like his technique.»

lavaliquiddecipher this..
By lavaliquid
So aqua boy writes on his FB that he saw the most curvy women and made him horny. In my head I'm like F you, I don't lik»

How should I proceed with my Aquarian Man?
By Parasite77
Okay... where do I even begin!!! My Aquarius man is like no other guy I've met.. he's detached yet a commitment seeking»

PEITHOSynastry between me and this Libra guy
I just did a quick match up on I don't know his actual birth time tho»

Missing my Gemini bestfriend
By estellajones
Fell out with my bestfriend a Gemini over something that I didn't say about her and she won't believe, anyway I've left»

sag woman aqua malesag woman aqua male
I also posted about this in the aquarius forum, I'm posting a "in a nutshell" version here. I read that sag aqua is


finally got a new phone, galaxy>iPhone
People are terminating their accounts, like rats leaving a sinking ship. It's sad.
Our *Millennial* kid won a film making award tonight-so proud of him and his generation _3
Romz, r u leaving, Bae?
It's been grand everyone...thanks for all the fun. ♡
As of today, I would suggest offensive Leos stay off the treetrunking Aries board. GTFO!
When a grown man sits in a princess bed.
Ex virguy can sense my happiness starts texting me the usual excuses bye not this time!
Long, sullen silences and an occasional punch to the face.
How many times have to click Delete Account ,really??
cp, someone tried to run me off the highway while i was going 75, intentionally, as if we were in bumper cars. all bcuz i wasn't driving fast enough. if people get crazier than that behind the wheel, no thanks. psycho coulda killed me.
got so much money this month
how to punch a virgo- call him dirty.