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by karina
hi, i am Aries born 21.03.1990 at 12:10 pm in Lodz, Poland he was born 10.09.1989 at 12:00 pm in Lodz, Poland. There was something very passionate between us- now its awkward. He is away abroad for 2 months, before we both were sending mixed signs aft
by Damnata
*shakes fists at layna*
by Rambunctious76
This is so damn hilarious. I just had to share it.
My Favourite Moon Sign People : 1st Leo Mooners 2nd Aries Mooners 3rd Virgo Mooners
by MyLittleUniverse
I posted recently about my Gemini man and his young Sag female friend. Needy, constantly asking for his attention and lacking respect of our boundaries. Many people told me to ditch my man. Instead I solved it by forcing him to get rid of her. Things ar
by WTFudge So, after almost a year since she went hot and cold (see link above for more details), my crush is coming back. She’s trying to rekindle our friendship probably with the i
by Gooober
What are some things that you find to be overrated? It could be anything. Celebs, foods, songs... anything.
by P-Angel
Warren Jeffs 12/3/1955 is the owner and runs the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And even though he is in prison for the rest of his life .... he still runs the entire church, some 10,000 members + Surely, people can be bra

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AND It's over...... ayyyyy

AND It's over...... ayyyyy

Basically her parents became progressively more disproving of our relationship. with the age gap, i totally understand. She is super close with her mom and with her mom smearing me at every mention. poking at her insecurities "oh r u sure he's not talk


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Sun opposite Uranus ~ up the rebels --
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cookiemonster betta have my munneh!
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GRrrrr why can't i get gifs to work...
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Let me believe in you as I do in fire
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Don't cry if u get cheated by air sign, because it happens..
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Total Goddesses
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60° ac off. Windows open. Heaven
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self-destructive tendencies
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