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by AmaraP
Does this paring work well. If the Pisces is a man specifically.
by christinelovessnickers
What's your sign? sun and whatever other one would matter. And why?
by TaurusGirlRas
i had the final straw really. My leo bf had resurrected yet another fantasy relationship online with some chicks he met on IG. It seemed everytime we got in a disagreement and I detached myself, he would wander back to his page to mend his wounds. Apparen
by CocoKat
Something Ive noticed in my area is ALOT of couples who are together but shouldn't be at least by sun sign. I cant deny I am fascinated but elemental mismatches especially when they are happy. Some Ive noticed... Male Cancer & Female Libra. Male
by Damnata
Post quotes by your favorite philosophers here.
by duchesslibro
I suspect my child is perhaps too smart for the Santa myth but my friend tried guilting me into considering doing it because magic, childhood, etc. My parents didn't do it so I have zero nostalgic ties. I'm on the fence but leaning towards don't lie t
by Cappieg
Dear Cancerians, I am new on your forum and even I hesitated to post here but I am puzzled by my boyfriends actions so I thought to seek opinion of others. My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now, we were friends first and then we
by christinelovessnickers
In astrology, matchmakers are keen to align Scorpios with fellow water signs, such as Cancer and Pisces. Why? It’s elementary: signs in the same element form trines and have a natural easy harmony with little built-in conflict. If this sounds fab to you

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Soaking up atmosphere

Soaking up atmosphere

The reason why I hate being late and strive to not only be on time but be early every where I go is so that I have the chance to soak up the atmosphere and adjust my mind set with it or against it. It feels like preparing my soul for every and each expe


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He did have some reservations about writing a memoir, Robbins says. “I told my editor, there’s a certain mystique around me, you know. I don’t want to destroy it. "He said, ‘Don’t worry, Robbins, nobody’s going to believe this butter anyway.’
That feeling when you're messing around on OKC and see your ex's profile. Swipe left. Awkwardness ensues.
Thats why I talk to em. I done took loss for em. I'll knock you off for em.
Thats why I be like, cookiemonster, go yo own way
Moon waning gibbous in Cancer 28Deg .. Good time to banish and release ...
treetrunk em
these little online "relationships" that men carry on outside their real relationship is not a game, its CHEATING
smooth jazz sunday brunch baby
Well this has been a pretty interesting morning