By bella_fish
So I am working in one of the clinics today and this guy is here for work related injury. So he is sitting next to his GF and all of a sudden she climbs in his lap and starts kissing all over him. Who does that in a medical clinic? lol Me and the MD look»

calming an angry bull
By jeane
let me quickly say, this bull is not angry at me. if you are angry, what is the best thing people can do for you? do you want to be left alone? do you need to have someone listen to your gripes? would a nice meal soothe you? would you like so»

Venus Retro
By RoseAngel
Given that Taurus is ruled by Venus, how much more would Taurus be affected? I am a double, sun and moon.»

BlackMambaThe Brother has a Cancer Moon
By BlackMamba
Not a Leo moon as I thought. this is why he's great. I was curious why we clicked so well and why he's such a cool neat guy whose really ambitious. Now my SO, the Virgo I'm dating i'm convinced has Darth Vader as a moon. He's so treetruking annoying.»

munchykinWould you let your partner go bungee jumping?
By munchykin
And what's your sun, moon and Venus?»

A story you wouldn't believe.
By DonJohnson
if i wasn't involved in every step of the situation. i wouldn't believe it myself. then again if I never had a mirror and you told me there was a tall, svelte, beautiful chinaman hung like a bow-legged negro. i'd call BS on that too. Anyway, proceed»

DAMEN VISan Fran now has gender neutral bathrooms...
..for elementary schools http://www.today.com/parents/san-francisco-elementary-school-creates-gender-neutral-bathrooms-t42341 In response to the ongoing discussion about gender identity, a San Francisco elementary school has changed the signs differ»

Astrological Ages
By Koniucha
Are we in the age of Aquarius or Pisces? From what I've read, there is discrepency as to when the age will/has started.»

Who else watched Miss USA 2015?
By firebunny
How come Miss Maryland not only lost but also ranked 4th runner up? I thought she would have won the pageant. I mean, she's the prettiest and most unique among the contestants, and also gave the most decent answers. What happened?»

Tired of the high road
By capnip
Do you fellow caps get tired of being the "bigger person"? I am getting tired of people who just emotionally vomit on me and then get mad when I ignore them or tell them about themselves. People are used to me being rational, but damn it, don't piss me»

Wayne Dyer
By supreme
Died on the 29th http://media.graytvinc.com/images/dyer-wayne1.jpg»

This one is for Libra men specifically, as two Libra women I asked could not relate. Guys, do you have a certain ex in your life, to whom you are either connected or not as a contact, but you seem to worry for things such as her safety and well-being?


I'm beautiful & sexy .. without being the perfect 10 ... I may not be your choice, but I'm a GREAT choice!! #BOOM
Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Edgar Allan Poe
Rude gal.
Never wrestle with a pig, you only get dirty and the pig enjoys it
Woeee this is Leo energy. I want some more..
The best revenge is to have enough self-worth not to seek it.
Gotta love David Bowie_3
Love the new font!
Take everything with a grain of salt. You'll die faster
Life is crumbling.
How exactly do I upload pics on this site?
Life is good, all the time, no matter what.
:( Sorry you're sick MoonShineLeo. I hope you feel better soon. I'm under the weather too. Share a cup of hypthetical cyber peppermint tea with me :) (Holds up a hot cup of tea to cheers with you)
i hate being sick :(