Happy solar return Capricorns!
By MoonBlue8
There are currently 5 planets sitting in your sign..... you all must be feeling comfortable. My Cap ascendant is saying»

The Three Most Sexual Signs
By virgodog58
I read somewhere recently that the three most sexual signs are 1) Scorpio (of course lol!) 2) Leo 3) Cancer Agre»

By CluelessCancer

virgodog58How can I get Taurus women to actually meet me?
By virgodog58
At the moment I am using a dating website which (like most of them I think) allows you to search by(among other things)»

Mr. DefenseRate your 2014 and describe your experiences
By Mr. Defense
On the scale of 1 to 10, I'd give 2014 a strong 8! It has been one of the best years of my life. Major major mile sto»

Too stubborn for our own good
By EmilyClaire
I push away the people I love the most away over the stupidest fights. I can never just put my foot in my mouth and real»

Gemican01What is wrong with me?
By Gemican01
When I look at an outfit and it has multiple clashing patters that just don't go together I get a serious head ache it w»

Mr Scorpio & Miss Virgo
By MrsMaori
Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help with the compatibility between his placements and mine or had/know similar compatibi»

Cancer Ladies! How to impress you?
By Cancer2448
Calling all cancer women out there. How do you like to be courted? How to impress you and get you out of your shell? I k»

If i had it my way
By Ellzwerf
I'd have an Ocean full of Hearts and all the Love would be Free»

Scorpio husband cheated. now I'm goneScorpio husband cheated. now I'm gone
I posted about my soon to be ex husband and the crap he gave me with his Leo mistress. Sagittarius wife here and a week


funny how my default name says crabflows, but I have a picture of a big horn sheep, this was suppose to represent my Aries moon since there is a moon in the sky if you look close
words have power. attitude has influence. both determine reality.
What Saturn is banging a Sag, but who hasn't been in a Sag. Slueys
Looking forward to Saturn being in Sagittarius.
Thank you COWBOYS and EAGLES for Helping Seattle get to the PLAYOFFS
How bout dem cowboys
I have combination that does mot function well, but I wouldn't ask for any placements, well maybe except the planets in Capricorns, but I love the challenge
The sun is at exactly 0'00 cap right now
Hate being sick :(
tell me I'll never have to be out there again. when harry met sally
The people you love the most give the least respect.
so much neediness
but thanks for my Cancer sun that if I married a woman with a kid it will be a lot easier to look at her child as my own
I blame the Virgo MARS for my indecisiveness. It's killing me everytime. I don't make decisions quick and lose out on so much opportunities.