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by rudescorpscorp01
Any experiences? What are your thoughts? How do I get him.... I'm the female.
by Westsidekodak
These seats are uncomfortable and the chargers are not even by the chairs man...
by elllesque
by practical
I slept with my ex business partner's wife, he constantly looked at other girls though and flung himself for their attention, and I even suspected that he got on with one of his tenants while his wife was away; am I wrong?
by incandescentcancer
How many of you want each other? I personally find cancer women hot, I was in a relationship with one for 3 years. It was good on many levels.
by NostalgicCappy
Can anyone tell me, if it ever goes back to the way it was if your Scorpio told you that "things are different now" and he needs to get back to where he was? This was after a few days of the "ice out" but yet still saying I miss you and yes we are togethe
by SpiceNSugar
Couple of days ago, I got into a huge fight with the person who I believe is my TF. Haven't spoken to him since. Witho
by tiziani It moves too fast in misc so here is the new vocaroo thread. You can read whatever you please, a piece of writing, poetry, send a message to another member, whatever floats your boat. Record at http://www.vocaroo.c

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Just so you know I own two Sigs. A 220 and a 226
@Vixen2 you could say the same about the CZ 97 but its just pulls off .45 acp perfectly. Honestly in my god given opinion better than the 1911. Unless you bring Detonics MTX in here
@Vixen2 I own a Sig myself. I wouldn't call myself a Sig man but I usually fire My 226 in 9mm. It just feels right to me in 9mm. I used my 220 in .45 acp. It just didn't feel right to me. It was nice but it just didn't feel right firing from a 220. You co
The really off-putting thing about direct sales is when consultants seem more like they *joined a cult* than "started a business."
@Wynter that is disgustingly cute.
D pics are so last year, seriously.
classic Taurus... shows evidence of his 'excitement' and tells you you'll be getting all of it. 😈
capricorn board hacked by a cancer !
@Sn1p3r187 I meant to respond earlier but flaked...I have a Sig Sauer .45 acp and love it. It's a little heavy on my wrist, and it doesn't have a safety which wigs me but I adore the pistol laser sight