By A76
(pray for 3 days or 3 hours straight) Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ide»

Pissing off a gem is pretty easy..
By BoomShakalakaBoom
All you have to do is hide their phone ;)»

venus/pluto in synastry
By scorchedearth
i recently checked the synastry i have with various people again and discovered most of my friends have their venus squa»

AshdogchicCapricorns weird ignoring
By Ashdogchic
I have posted about this man before, Sean and I have known each other for 1 month, met online and hit it off I well. I f»

nycchickIs it really over?
By nycchick
I'm really into my crab. We're both gym rats, have young children who we put first and we're both divorced. We hit i»

Ex Aries Girlfriend, advice would be appreicated:)
By kp24
Hi guys/girls Basically I'm a Virgo guy and was with an Aries woman on and off for about 2 years. We'd broken up onc»

TeaMintScorpios: Define sex in a short sentence.
By TeaMint
"Sex is an electromagnetic phenomenon".»

anyone can tell me about scorpio gemini union :(
By Pluviophile
I met a gem girl in university. We started studying together. I was totally into her. I never told her about my feeling»

I m quite lost here!
By minimalist
I ve known this guy for the past 3 months, he is Taurus and i am an Aries.He seemed a genuine guy and the relationship w»

By Damnata
The DXP gods have banned my inbox. I can see who sent me stuff and the first line but I cannot reply at all, or even cli»

Saturn in Scorpio and technology
By TeaMint
Since Saturn entered Scorpio my technology fails. In my house (new 2009) microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, the kitche»

Acne Prone SkinAcne Prone Skin
Acne prone skin is difficult to manage. I have this kind of skin which makes me feel so terrible. I have tried differen


Thanks captain ;)
the ghosts that we knew
I wonder what that cookiemonster rockyroadicecream has been up to.
Ugh the entire laundry basket smells like food because of the taurus' work clothes (he's a chef) -_-
Coming back to DXP after a semi-hiatus...
when a man wants you, there will be no doubts about it. If only some women could get it into their thick skulls!
Rest and Peace
Klingande - Jubel it's all about the sax....
I just got pulled over by the cops while pulling up to the space in my apt. FML!!! >_>
I'm a n!gga don't talk to my neighbors / straight marker always up in Vegas
LOL Housecleaning, put back the Dovakin
For the love of Talos, shut up
Unleash your inner voice. Rawrrr