How to start your day off!
By SirHorns
Aries Rising and/or Mars Rising: Starting the day with some strenuous physical activity is going to make a huge differen»

Will this scorpio guy marry me? I am a capricorn.
By kittuz
I am sun in capricorn woman, with moon in taurus, venus in aquarius, mars in virgo, ascendant libra. And i am seeing a s»

The chinese zodiac story...
Don't know if this has ever been posted but I like this story a lot. I like that the goat, rooster and monkey helped eac»

AirManAny Suggestions
By AirMan
on what my next user name should be if i were to delete this account and come back which i'm considering. i'm gettin tir»

SirHornsMoon-Saturn: The Grandparent
By SirHorns
There is also usually a noticeable dislike of pity. Empathy? Yes, as someone with a Moon-Saturn aspect, you’re certain»

By aNEWday
I must admit, I can be pretty obsessive. I actually hate it for the most part. Especially when it's over a person. I'm l»

papparaziAre aquarian easy to read ?
By papparazi
Hey folks do you think aquas are easy to read from their facial expression or body language? I especially hate it when s»

What is your favorite sport?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Who is your favorite sport athlete? Which teams are you big fans of?»

Male Cancer S-Taurus M-V Gemini wentMIA libra girl
By msanchez112305
Male Cancer Sun/Venus Gemini- 7/8/61 Female Libra Sun/Venus scorpio 9/29/81 Cancer man went MIA Im (33yrs) inter»

I know everyone is tired of hearing this.....
By KittyPurry1023
but Scorpio and Taurus once again :P what do you guys think? Me: Sun- scorpio moon- libra Mercury- scorpio ven»

Why scorpio stares at me but pushes me away?
By scecappy
I had one year history with this guy [sun scorpio moon aries mars libra] in school. We never dated, never had sex. W»

What are your parents'/siblings' personal planets?What are your parents'/siblings' personal planets?
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scorpio moon is bringing up ignored emotions, making me crazy Betch
shake and bake, baby
What is the Scorpio moon doing to you guys?, I don't feel a thing.
this Scorpio moon is getting to me
Are you kidding? 2 long gone exes in the same week with changed numbers? Spring, wtf are you doing to me...
Superjail! On hulu "gawddamm"
I think I might be a Camp 2 Cancer lol.
In an imaginary realm - Peter Pan and Jessica Rabbit are living happily ever after.
Money Mayweather won. Just like I knew he would. The man is too good.
Pizza is always better the day after its bought.
Unfortunately it's not a popularity contest- cos Manny, you won the hearts...
Up, bored, alone, dead.
Undo these chains, my friend. I'll show you the rage I've hidden.
oh scorpio moon........