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by Greentea
It cheating if you sleep with another woman while in a relationship with a man? - Men, if your woman slept with another woman, would you consider it cheating even if it was with another woman, and not with a man like yourself. Would it bother/hur
by GreyWiz
I think have posted this before but i kinda forgot about it and it was quite a while ago. who do you think is a leo male's best match? I am not looking for copy&paste from astro websites so please don't post that garbage here. I would love to hear real
by adoreU
Scattered brains. chickeny to the point of delusion. Liars. Low standards. Cheaters. Superficial. You think everyone's in love with you (hehe nah we all just want to trtrk because we know how yall get down). Indecisive. You flirt with everyone yet wonder why p
by sagiluv
So this is my deal. He made plans for us. His idea all along. I get ready. We have a time to meet up, last min right before that time. He sends a message " Baby you're gonna hate me I can't make it .. can i call you later? " My answer was "no" So
by jennisa
I am a scorpion girl. I am 28 yrs and my crush is a Taurus. he is 43 yrs. He is my boss. We've been working together for 4 years now. He was married and I was in a relationship. He got divorced and I broke up in the same year. I am so into him and I think
by CantGetEnough
Found a cool link.. it's def unique Scorpio Rising It's completely true. ;)

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Picking a destination

Picking a destination

If you had to pick a destination to travel to this year where would it be? Let's say if you're passionate enough why not make it happen? I have mine narrowed to Rome, Mykonos, Cappadocia, and Marrakech. Now i just gotta wait and see which one gets me the

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How life disrespects me.
Nevermind. Figured it out and found it by doing the search directly on her page. I AM GOING TO TELL ON YOU LOLZ
(con't) ...I can laugh at myself.
I love Alyssa Sharpe. She made it so much more entertaining to learn about astrology and she seems so bang on the money when it comes to her rants about signs, they cracked me up. I laughed at the What I Hate About Taurus because it was hilarious, I can l
@arielle83, I looked "dxpnet" on facebook and got nothing.
Search "dxpnet" on FB and you'll see all the ppl who share the threads. Some chick shared one I did 4 years ago! Plus Alyssa sharpe popped up referencing a thread on dxp, about her, her rebuttal on FB is weak though
I need a virgo to cuddle.