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I'm not gay tho. I'm just saying. I just wanted to remind y'all that I'm not gay. Cuz I'm not gay. Trust me. I'm as not-gay as it gets. Bruh I'm not even sort gay. Nope. We've all got drunk and ended up in gay bdsm dungeon. We've all been there. It doe
So, I've been dating my Capricorn for almost a year. We get along great together and always have fun. I can't get him to commit. He says he doesn't want anyone else but says he doesn't want a commitment. I feel like we are committed but he just won't make
I just realised that my 12th house might be on the cusp? 12th House Pisces 29°21'38 I've looked up the 12th house in pisces and aries, and I feel like I am both of them. I only know the hour and minute of my birth, and I tried to get the best and c
I feel like women don't like me .all my life its been this way.ever since I was in high school it was like this. I feel utterly useless and alone.if I could fade away I would because life just isn't for me anymore. And that's not an over exaggeration. I d
Post emotionally exploitative, manufactured music that requires very little thought to enjoy a good time to
And how u act when u get comfortable. Leo and I used to be or want to be the center stage but these days I'm a humble jackass. What's yours
Hi everyone! I came across this website trying to look for relationship helps. I am a 28 year old Sagittarius woman - I have every quality that any horoscope blog writes about a sag woman. I met a Libra guy - 3 months ago. He's 33 and British. We met acci
My parents are coming back from their vacation(6 months) next week So I've been very productive decluttering their annoying butter!

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voodoo doll dream

voodoo doll dream

i had a dream earlier this week where i was in a black church and out of no where a voodoo doll appears in my hands and its wearing a black dress with really black hair. As i look up this lady dressed in all black comes to me and tells me that this doll h

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Heaven. I'm in heaven.... psssst, there's people in here
I feel bad for laughing at this.
how to get canmini: be a donkey
I'm talking real black people. Not half breeds lol
How to get a black. Have game, have swag and money. haha good looks works too.
Anyone going to join?