Why do girls wait til the last minute to ask a guy
By MrBalance
This one girl waited til the last day of class to ask me out but she didn't ask me out directly. She told the guys in cl»

That weird moment when you realize...
By lol1002
That weird moment when you realize... that Simon Cowell is actually a libra ! LOL»

Europe - a wicked witch's trip from West to East
By Rambunctious76
So this coming June I will be travelling to Europe - specifically to Amsterdam, Berlin and then to Bucharest. I just»

lostriversTrying to decipher a Taurus man.
By lostrivers
PART 1 If there any Scorpios viewing this you know as well as I that we love knowledge and we gather it with most ti»

champrangerCapricorn Silence
By champranger
When you go silent or non - communicative for reasons other than too busy at work, are there times where you are sending»

virgo ascendant compatibility
By BellaWolf
what sun signs would go well with this rising? What if someones has a fire sign sun with virgo rising?»

Arielle83pisces moon and libra moon
By Arielle83
Do you guys find this match compatible? I don't really see how my moon plays out except for my diplomacy in most real»

Why am I so persistent?
By flyover

Living with a Capricorn male?
By SunMoonStars
I will be staying with my Cap, and would really like to get along with him. Wondering if anyone has any dos and don'»

I desperately need some help with a Cancer Man!
By PureAries
I met a Cancer Man 10 years ago on a blind date, and I moved away shortly after, but always kept in touch. Fast-forward»

Hey Virgiessss
By crabRiot
I'm inlove with your sign Can I have one of you?»

Educational booksEducational books
I was wondering if you could tell me a few, I like almost anything if it's interesting enough


chronic blunt
Gotta keep myself under control ...
never too late to be reckless.
Yes I am nice to see you flowingwater :)
i love how when you obsess over a guy he treats you like butter and when you loose interest and give up hes on you like white on rice wtf?
Piscesmoon, you're back! :D
In a test that has items formatted as multiple choice questions, a candidate would be given a number of set answers for each question, and the candidate must choose which answer or group of answers is correct.
signed the loan for a new house!! :) Never thought I'd buy at house at 25
Happy Birthday to my wonderful BF and all the geminis :D
Pluto shxt
Don't complain. Don't explain.
Heaven endures and the Earth lasts a long time, because they do not live for themselves
I find it so insulting when girls are like "I have a boyfriend" when you are not even hitting on them... as if men are all dogs that hump any tree so insulting.