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Long story short. My "friends" are pothead losers. Go to school to pass instead of getting an education and to actually learn. They're just horrible people and negative influences. Idk why I was friends with them to begin with, guess I didn't realize my w
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I would like to know what they are from actual people, rather than websites. I might be at risk of Bipolar Disorder or depression. I already have PTSD. Growing up my mother was emotionally abusive and would laugh if I expressed crying. Yet when she was up
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I've had pretty terrible social anxiety since I was young. I'm not necessarily shy when I'm around people but will avoid going out to hang out with others due to feeling "different" - thinking feeling and talking about different things than my peers seem
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[img][/img] It's here - the final furlong. The past month of ceremony has seen you vote in your awards, and you've nominated your candidates. This year's near-flawless speed and uptime from the DXP
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Do you want to share some ridiculous texts you've gotten from the opposite sex during the mating dance period? Dating app and friday night bar pickup lines welcome. Screenshots are also welcome. Hello from the other side...
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Theyre so cute and talkative :)
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Dear dxpnet users, what is the best way in your opinion into dealing with major anxiety issues? I have been dealing with anxiety for a few years, due to difference causes. I haven't taken any particular medication for this nor have I seen a therapist ab

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I'm that someone! (im expecting to lose some dxp frands)
Fat only looks good on women of Color.
Adele looks like a fat ivory cow.
they're both unattractive so i give that couple a thumps up. so gross looking
Adele and Sam Smith would make an awesome couple
how do you shoot a 17 year old 16 times? Kid had smoke coming out of his body they shot him so much. Why do police treat young black men like animals. This is ridiculous and beyond inhumane. Unjust.
Pet preeve: people not bothering to post their sun signs on dating apps
tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc
@Vixen2 thanks! its not the lack of sleep, im trying not to sleep to not mess up my sleeping pattern. lets hope that the crabs whining threads will keep me occupied til then!
@AbbyNormal awww...hugs to you ♡♡♡Tomorrow is a new day. Try to think of 2 things you are grateful for and concentrate on those for now. One day at a time. You can PM if you need to talk.