pisces "deception"
By RollergirlOrc
So.. there's always that perception that Pisces is dishonest and not forthcoming with the truth, but it's probably more»

Cancer in a Nutshell
By ruledbyplutoandmars
Enjoy! http://youtu.be/iycKyZyAtPg»

Wife talks to husband...
By SirHorns
After being caught plotting his assassination. http://youtu.be/SddZvNQOuFw»

SCORPIOGYRLMy Gemini husband pushed me too far today
And I had to tell him to tree trunk off. He calls me entirely too much yesterday he was 3 hours late coming home from wo»

JanuaryCappieWhy ??
By JanuaryCappie
Been with several girls who do this. Do you leave your clothes at a guys house after sex ? And why do you do it ?»

Zodiac drawn as monsters.
By ChetFapworthyIII
The zodiac signs drawn as monsters. This is pretty cool. Monsters»

MrFirebirdWhen Telemarketers Call You
By MrFirebird
1) Just talk nonsense to them. Shoot the breeze. 2) Just set the phone down for 10 minutes. 3) Tell them the last guy»

By SirHorns
Use this thread to show that wonderful wit you have my fellow goats. Or anything that makes you think of your sign. ht»

Can you explain this certain Aqua, please? - Virgo
By augustbaby
Hello. I've been talking to this Aqua (02/16) for over 2 months now. The first weeks were really great, but lately.. h»

You're going into a boy group or a girl group
By exxtasyx
Cause it's a game and you have to. What 3 signs that will be the other members that you're taking with you?»

What do you do you when you are reading 500 pg novel and after reading about halfway or say 200 pgs you lose interest. I


I'm Capri-CORNY‼
my north node is in Libra haaa
im ssssooooo drunk!!
Ima ignore this north node stuff, butter I going to aim more to be like my south node, since it natural to me anyway
I'm feeling helpful today. :|
We are all fighting our own battles; help each other. Never encourage a downfall!
I'm starting to appreciate my moon in aqua more and more these days, life is tough and the air helps me balance the intensity.
Day at the aquarium...here feeshy feeshy ('}}}_
my north node is an Aquarius and I don't like it, if I would pick a north node, it will be in Aries or Libra
Going back to bed now...brb
Of course I always know what I should've said and done once the ship has sailed.
Don't give 'em too much you, Don't let 'em take control, It's one thing you do... Don't let 'em taint your soul, If you believe in God... One thing's for sure If you ain't aim too high Then you aim too low.
trying to get over it. where'd you go? :(