what is your favorite alibi?
By firebunny

Past life connection?
By Snarley
I have heard that if your sun sign matches the rising of another person, that there is a past life connection. Same if i»

I am Cancer in love with Pisces
By ForAnna
Hello all! I need advice about the Pisces man I am in love with. I have NEVER dated a Pisces. I cannot remember ever»

By idk
the last post on this page has been 6 days ago? food is everything. how long have you gone without food? 6 days? i»

batik005Are Aquarians Loyal?
By batik005
Are we loyal? Us, guys. coz my gf said boys will be boys. we'll cheat eventually. so i just wanna ask, in aquarius name,»

Grand Cross Report 20-23 April, 2014
By Sublimitas
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9pPOCQkRVg This is the most accurate video I've seen about what's around the corner f»

LeoJeoLeo Sun Scorpio Moon Capricorn Rising
By LeoJeo
Hey I'm new here but I was wondering what you guys could tell me about this combination? I haven't seen much of it on th»

i just want sonething true....
By AbstractRay
Here on earth everything is a facade....people are selfish we are told lies constantly and the true definition of love i»

going crazy
By elevencats
Met this Cancer guy a few months ago, and we have been dating since mid-February. He's pretty attentive, but he is not v»

There you go GC :D. Bring all the questions here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dZGDy45ZeI


I just received an irritating text. I'm not replying to this nonsense because it gave me a headache trying to read it. What's with people shortening words nowadays? I hate reading "dis" "de" & "dat", as well. Ugh.
Things slip from your hand because everything is in motion. Life is the second name of motion. Motion is what the Universe is made of. Staticness is the second name of Death.
"Your college grant has been denied". Well, destiny, if you think this is going to stop me...
Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.
What's the latest with you?
Do me good, and I tell you what you want hear
Goodbye bronchitis. I hope I never see you again!
Bike ride through the dark depths of our town
@CluelessCancer i know things will get better for you. You are the sweetest & toughest lady i know here :). Keep praying, & God will surely come through for u ok. *HUG*
Off to start a much needed, long weekend... Hopefully, it will cure what ales...
It seems like everyday i'm getting b!ttereed on. I need to leave this job ASAP.
Leo sun, mars & mercury. Life is a war!
It's been a rough two weeks, the last two days, were like a mind treetruk, way too many problems at work, and the home front, but it's just not me, everyone has had fires to put out.