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by elllesque
I tried chrome and IE. You are really ruining my day. :| [IMG][/IMG]
by mysteriousTaurus
My friends keep saying that I'm a player... I like to flirt, it come naturally. I can't help it. I like flowery words. But apparently guys are catching feelings. Does this happen to your taurus ladies? My one friend even want to as far as to call me a
by MiZLeo
How would you feel if your BF or GF sent you sexy erotic.....but of themselves to you? I'm not talking kitty or dick pics....but maybe nipples.....lingerie...pillows strategically placed.....maybe some food like whipped cream placed
by Gooober
ENTP/Aries 😈 Also, which sign would most likely be a INTJ?
by Reincarnation
Please share some of the most romantic texts you've received (or sent).
by LuckyLibra979
A true american past time. Right up there with baseball. Even as a man tho, something about porn is odd to me. Just doesn't feel right. I know a man who said he watches porn for 4 hours straight, and he has a wife. It just feels strange to watch other ppl
by aquamila
I've been with my scorpio for one year in a long distance relationship, and I am deep in love with him. We've been through really difficult times, but love has always won in the end. The only real problem we've ever had, and repeatedly, was his jealousy.
by LuckyLibra979
Some tough bastards they are. All that pressure on you and for what? Squares are like a tug a war, two sides trying to pull the other to their side. Still haven't learned to work together because they are convinced the other way is wrong. Squares make you

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Do Libra's play innocent?

Do Libra's play innocent?

People say that Libras acts so nice and orderly because they have an image to maintain. Which I can agree with because I'm like that but is a lot of libras like that? And do most of us just secretly hate and judge alot of people?


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50 minutes till my next sleepy time!
it would be better if it had a capricorn's voice narrating for whom the bell tolls
good site for sleeping well and not walking up during rem cycles:
and it's 1 am...... AYYYYYY
@Vixen2 dxp is the worst website for normal sleeping patterns!
haven't been to bed yet...bouts of insomnia, good for cleaning your house atleast
Aunt Flo be like "gurll ill just invite myself to the party too" -.-