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by Harukaa
Hello sag people Ok it's valentine day and there is a lot of you happy with this day Then the others maybe will be lonely So tell me what you gonna do in this day? And yes:
by Gem20Redux
Thoughtful and endearing, or just possessive and moody? Your thoughts, observations, options, as well as experiences with such people are welcome :).
by Flo
Do you like being a water bearer? Did you feel misunderstood most of your Life? I enjoy it very much but people have trouble knowing me.
by KinglyCrab
Goodnight my sweet princess.
by SensitiveBlues
Im really feeling Khloe Kardashian, i don't like her family, but i like how she vibes, you get a feel for her on her social media and it screams CRAB to me why i like her
by Underworldaries
Aries women are dominant yet submissive to men they love. They feel their opinions matter, they are equal to men, and they are more than just an object. Some men are intimidated by them because they can’t control or change them. It’s their way or the
by YourFavoriteDXPMember
I realize that DXP is a toxic wasteland filled to the brim with human garbage, but this board shall serve as a reminder to all that quality Cancers really do exist. Wherever you are this Valentine's Day weekend, please know that some of us really do mi

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Pisces.. Do you change your mind often?

Pisces.. Do you change your mind often?

So yeah, questions to Pisces.. Do you change your mind often? Sometimes I feel SO lost because I want something, I am already making plans to change some aspects in my life and then.... BOOOM. I will go back on that decision because I don't want it a

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@taureye i agree 100%. i need more workout music. late 90s and early 20s had some of the best music for it.
@vanillaext Out of that list i wish RHP would make a come back they were amazing.
@taureye i can't listen to linkin park anymore. it annoys me. but mcr and panic at the disco. black eyed peas and red chili peppers. fergie.
I think I'm gonna make a cover, emotionally I'm primed for one. SO y'all might just see it.
@vanillaext Fort Minor was so underrated, but i miss linkin park.
@taureye ...and a 100% reason to remember the name
One of my favorite songs, i usually interpret it as a fight with ones self
cancer women are bewitching, pisces ladies all have mermaid & pixie charms, and scorpio women are all healers in my heart.