Nicest Guy on DXP
By firebunny
I pick Tiz. @_@»

My Girl's Mom Is Being Weird...
By cilantro
First of all she's the fattest most obese 70 something woman i have ever seen in my life. sweet jesus she needs meth.»

Do Sag men have a thing for Aries women?
By AriesLady8
From the different cases of Sag and Aries combos I've observed, it's seems the Aries is smitten with the Sag regardless»

AL4813Defying the odds?
By AL4813
Good evening ladies and gentlemen wherever you may be. I posted earlier about I was dating a scorpio and things were go»

DaviscrabbyHelp, my Leo woman is accusing me in cheating?
By Daviscrabby
Okay it comes off like this, one day she told me shes on an Island with her family who came to visit her in the country,»

Aqua men..input!
By downstairsmixup
I fell in love with an aqua guy last year I havent been able to stop loving him even after months of trying to move on.»

capinkDear Me,
By capink
you're treetrunking awesome.»

Water Moon vs Fire Moon Women
By Satorii
Okay, maybe not so much with Scorp Moon women, but with Cancer and Pisces Moons.. the touchy-feelyness is so strong, I j»

Aries boyfriend help !
By jessssss22
okay I know people don't like basing relationships off star signs but if anyone is there star sign it's definitely the g»

My Girl's Mom Is Being Weird...
By DonJohnson
First of all she's the hottest 40 something woman i have ever seen in my life. sweet meth jesus. anyway, my girl t»

That Aries moon is looking pretty sexy tonight. You ever judge the moon's sexiness then look to see what constellation its in?
Thank you universe for the lesson. NOW can I have a make-out session, please?
Saw a picture of him today and it still hurts to know that he's so far away and has moved on.
Friends with benefits. Virgal opinion on it?
The Meek Shall inherit the Earth said nobody.
Blood ft. WaterBlood ft. Water
Yeah that's smart !
my tooth hurt like hell, going to sleep before it get worse that I couldn't get sleep. me being smart
“What we think of as fate is just two neuroses knowing that they are a perfect match.”
People know what they do; frequently they know why they do what they do; but what they don't know is what what they do does.
Just like magic.
why does the ex bull think i owe him kindness or pleasantries? Rot in hell you stubborn shxt.
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