Bad Sign - My iPhone Horoscope App - Free
By milika
I made an interesting 12 horoscope system in one app, please check it out. Hope You like it...»

His Uranus is in 7th House, he is a cheater?
By GoingDutch
i got this reading from someone help read this guy chart. and they said: [His Chiron is opp Uranus. he has a grand cr»

Am I Being Tested?
By DemonsEye
This might get long, but I'll try to keep it brief as possible. This past spring, I started to get close to a Scorpio»

xMoonManStuff You'd Like To Ban From Existence
By xMoonMan

CheeseburgerCancer men
By Cheeseburger
If you have any questions about cancer men, treetrunk off. This thread is not for you. Cancer men of dxp. I can only spo»

any ladies joining in on no shave november?
By RainDancer88
Haha! Come on! Let your freak flag fly and let it all out :)»

RabbitTomorrow is the beginning of....
By Rabbit
No Shave November. Let's cultivate those beards, guys. Show the world your manliness. Unless you are a poverty»

Being a Caring Giving Individual
By CluelessCancer
is not sexxy. I feel like an old cat lady:(»

By Damnata

From Lovers to his Secretary
By CluelessCancer
I don't know if it's my nature, but i've become regulated to the secretary without realizing it. This guy has me call»

Hello there... Do you ever feel you go thru times of change? Like change in appearance, change in character, change


Alone, just like the past week...
You got kidnapped and you don't even know the reason. We even called your fam for ransom, they said "keep him".
I haven't used my cane in a few weeks now.Yay me.
boredom has struck....
to my loved ones who passed--i love you and im doing this life for you.
I can smell drama a mile away...miss me with it, its not your sun sign its you, its always you.
You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known—and even that is an understatement.
Men don't see me as sexxy or hot. They see me as their mother.
"I'm only happy when it rains"🎤🎶
The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face.
everybodys kung fu fighting
lol @ some of the comments on my page. well, coffee smashie. cappuchino please.
had a lot if coffee i feel chatty!
smile in the face of adversity