HELP! venus in scorpio, moon in cap, sun sag..
By Faithndestiny
alot of you probably know my stories.. but this time I really need help in deciding what to do... I will not tell my»

Career Chameleons
By duchesslibro
Topic for all Cusps, inspired by a response I read on another cusp thread. I am a Libra/Virgo (I refer whichever sig»

Tauruses and getting revenge
By FuzzaMuzza7
I just relish in getting revenge on people who hurt me in any way, I'll give some examples and then you lot can diagnose»

sagatasticThe Confusion Continues
By sagatastic
I'm still going to listen to my gut and pretty much everyone I know and forget this cancer guy but I'm pretty sure the c»

utopianVirgo Mars is the BEST
By utopian
In the female variety. That is all lol»

Cancer friend always negative
By truecap
My cancer friend always has negative things to say. I call her up say 'how ya doing?' she comes back with I'm not feelin»

18scorpioTaurus Men, opinion needed!
By 18scorpio
Hey there! This is a question for all Taurus men. When and why would you block out people you are close to and tel»

Is it me?
By MissFisk

Ex-Bootycall Got Implants. Monogamy Ain't Easy...
By DonJohnson
long story short. Been monogamous for a few months. great gf. couldn't be happier. Old fling got new toys and wouldn'»

Should I get back in touch with Cap man ?
By Deviem
I was thinking about getting back in contact with a Capricorn guy that I met probably about 6 months ago ( guesstimate )»

Casual GamersCasual Gamers
Some part of me doesn't like them. I feel like they're responsible for some of the major downfalls of the gaming industr


this place is messy, I like it.
Stuff I think I've posted doesn't appear, and stuff I've abandonned and don't intend to post, appears in posts. Annoying as hell!
Crab moons should serve as cautionary tales.
The Virgo says way too many kind things to me. Sometimes its hard to listen. I just want to escape. He's very wordy with his praise, it's treetruking annoying.
I heart matte red lipsticks :)
Hunger games. Still hungry...
Happy Friday everyone!
I really need to focus on my career, donkeyes are making twice as much as me and im smarter.
I liked you, you like me, you kissed me, I kiss back. And that's all it is, and that's all there is for now.
A Poon With A View
Moulin Queef?
Pvz $ y Fart The Musical
The Florida School shooter is Black. OMG this world is definitely falling apart. Now blacks are doing white people stuff. Crazy.
saturn return in sag next month. i'm not scared, but feeling free. big move out of state coming c: as ridic as dxp is, ty. if not for this site, i wouldn't have found my other half. till next time! be good guys ♥