if you're into sailor moon
By warmwaters
the remakes are on crunchyroll.com. Im totally binging watching rn. Sailor moon got me fascinated with the planets»

Doctors aren't really worried about birth time
By Ellzwerf
Even if it's on the birth certificate, how accurate could it be?»

it's not to late, it's never too late. I have a
By theloveletter
Lovely taurus friend with a warm soul and good heart. Since I've known him, I knew he liked drinking often. He's in a ro»

By CluelessCancer
This sh1t is killing me slowly. I almost had a panic attack today. I have so much pressure...i don't know how to deal»

MetalheartWill this Taurus ever take me back?
By Metalheart
This is my first post here, but I just need some advice. I started dating a Taurus man about a year and a half ago. Thin»

Did you eat
By stretch

stillwat3rCan we reCAP?
By stillwat3r
So I noticed bunch of new lil billy goats running around the Cap forum and not sure which of the old geezers are still a»

Dealing with a Venus opposite Saturn in synastry?
By mgmtlove
I am the Saturn(Aquarius) and my friend is Venus(Leo). We were talking and he bought up the fact that I don't trust him,»

A gift for Sags
By Damnata
The Capricorn season is fast approaching and I couldn't let the Sag season go..without a poem and a story. Nicolae La»

Who would you actually follow-
By SirHorns
-on these boards as an actual leader? With all these hissy fits over alpha status, who would you actually risk giving h»

not joking,,,
By warmwaters
I realize these are Eminem lyrics but I snorted my septum up my nose while drinking because half of it broke and fell of»

Liam James is awesome.Liam James is awesome.
This kids has the quiet confidence and the style and the name and the game, He looks good on screen his skin glows . I'm


Oh hey, I got another admirer
Is it just me or is this Twitter?
I've decided not to give the X Virgo an Xmas gift, i feel i've done enough for him this year, if he wants to do something for me, great. If not, that's cool too, but i won't feel pressured to do something for someone i've already done more then enough fo
I'll just smack em with a frying pan. That should do it
Someone finally blocked me! YEEEHAWWW!
I let someone mark their territory
I'm becoming a shoe just like me.
The world makes me sick
Going to the bf's work's Christmas party tonight (:
*hugs* IrresistableScorp
Going to sleep well tonight. so much damn crying lmao! wee beady eyes
I've felt somthing evil, somthing sinister happen today. I though it was just me, but I feel darkness emitting off of everyone. Somthing is up, I can feel it.
Wish there was a way to mute negative people.