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by MrMiyagi
I just wanted to say aqua woman are loyal, good in bed , forgiving, not jealous, friendly and are quite generous. Some of them are funny too. Ellen and Oprah is aqua. No matter what other say this one says they are awes
by Dyxpnetuser424
I have a $5 bet Capricorns will rate the highest of all the signs; the majestic goats walk to the top of the mountain despite the dangerous steep terrain. Or does Scorpio 'deep need to win' hail victory over Capricorn's tenacity. Then we have the Aquari
by exo
:D each round the judge posts a question/fill-in-the-blank scenario from the black cards. (here's a list: and you can find more ideas by searching google.) the other players can respond with anythi
by christinelovessnickers
My child is being bullied at school. We discussed the situation and what could be done together and then with the princilpe. Whenwas asked what she wold like to have done, discipline wise, her response was "Educate them. We can have an assembly and we ca
by bricklemark
..when you were out of their "custody", so to speak? Did you kind of go the other anarchy....?
by thefierybull
Do venus in Scorpios avoid telling the person they like how they feel if the person is not showing any signs of being interested? Do they try to find out if they like them first before making any moves? If so, how would they try to figure out if that pers
Blood ft. Water
by Blood ft. Water
I dont know why, maybe its the chemical reaction to food? The dopamine release? taste sensors? But I LOVE FOOD! Typically when people eat they say food tasted good or bad But when I eat, food tastes AMAZING! Fat people are dreadful.
by starlover people begin to look at themselves and try to change? My ex who admits now to having many issues has just gone into therapy 8years after we parted. When we were together, he depended on me to try and sort him out ... i went for help with my is

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How to tell your pisces man he is being to nice to his someone without hurting his feelings?


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I'll give you all & have none babe...
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i used to be downstairsmixup
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I had you in my heart, now I want you to leave
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Take me in, pull me close, I want to get lost in everything you are...
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Why wont you let me post pictures?
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ho hum, looks like everybody is all up in their feelings.
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So the first man & woman in space both had Sagittarius moons. So did the first man to walk on the moon. Just some random facts
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Dream a little dream of me
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'We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.'
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