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Hello fellow Libras!! How do yall deal with this I feel like I do some heavy mirroring but do any of you call that person out or just disappear?
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My Leo is 21 as of August 6th. I am 21 as of February 26th, 2016. My Leo and I would have been together for two years come late December. We were absolutely mad in love and I was the best part of his day and his absolute best friend(as he said, often), as
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Like for example, Mars Trine Pluto, Sun oppose Saturn, Jupiter in Gemini square Moon in Virgo, etc You can throw in house placements too if you know your stuff and want something more complex~
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[img][/img] It's here - the final furlong. The past month of ceremony has seen you vote in your awards, and you've nominated your candidates. This year's near-flawless speed and uptime from the DXP
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Just wondering what your experience is like.
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I've fooled around with a good amount of Libra men, and I must say, you guys are quite rough. Don't get me wrong, rough is good and hot. But with you guys, DAAMMNN. That hurts...! ;---; One was choking me Ish [Maybe he likes that.......], one gra
by tiziani It moves too fast in misc so here is the new vocaroo thread. You can read whatever you please, a piece of writing, poetry, send a message to another member, whatever floats your boat. Record at http://www.vocaroo.c

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Pet preeve: people not bothering to post their sun signs on dating apps
tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc
@Vixen2 thanks! its not the lack of sleep, im trying not to sleep to not mess up my sleeping pattern. lets hope that the crabs whining threads will keep me occupied til then!
@AbbyNormal awww...hugs to you ♡♡♡Tomorrow is a new day. Try to think of 2 things you are grateful for and concentrate on those for now. One day at a time. You can PM if you need to talk.
oh theeere you are depression... was starting to wonder where youd gone pfft i feel like i should have died with my mother... or did... idk... THNGVBad day...
@starwars Melatonin if you have trouble sleeping.
I sometimes forget what I'm doing while I'm actually doing it. #GeminiMoonLife