Favourite name
By laFille
What is your favourite name for a woman and for a man? If you want to tell us the first letter of your own.»

Back to 90’s and the qualities of the…
By Qbone
Music and the artists... I am kind of nostalgic person when it comes to the qualities of what I hear or listen to…»

Whats Your Mbti Type? And Your Rising, Sun, Moon
By conyo622
If You Dont Know Your Mbti Type Heres A Test To Find out...http://www.careertest.net/»

QboneLive long and prosper..
By Qbone
R.I.P Mr. Spock…. live long and prosper where ever you are, thank you for your wisdom and logics.»

seezythescorpionDo i stay on my ground..
By seezythescorpion
Hello everyone. Im back on here to get that strenght from you guys to prevent me from falling back into this. For tho»

Damn catfish...
By Rabbit
Jesus treetrunk...»

sushmitais4evaComptability Chart
By sushmitais4eva
Hey guys, So im a leo ( predominantly cancerian in behaviour and thought) and i was dating a taurean. We dated for»

Scorpios and forgiveness
By azbull
Forgive me if this has been asked before. I have often heard that scorpios are very loyal, and because of that expect a»

live long and prosper
By P-Angel
RIP dear Mr. Spock»

What sign is your 8th House Cusp?
By beautifuldiaster
And how many vehicles have you wrecked? Have you gotten into numerous accidents?»

Memorare Express Novena
By KimberlyV65
Make the sign of the cross State request(s) Sincerely recite the Memorare Express Novena State request(s) again Repe»

Any Libra girl with ascendant in Sagittarius?Any Libra girl with ascendant in Sagittarius?
Do you always cheat? I know that libra girls love parties, love to smoke, and drink, and you prefer relationships...but


Dumb horny doe.
Home alonely! :_
I'm not a hipster, I just hip a lot.
some Virguy who disappeared on me last year mesgd me outta the blue, he's such a bish for this.
Rabbit - obviously God would rather hang with Leonard
Dear lord, why could you not have taken William Shatner first?
RIP Leonard Nimoy
on the train.
The Virgo refuses to kiss me. Idk know if its cause i told him he had bad breath one night or what. But im getting tired of it. He does do wonderful things with his hands tho. He's really about the slow buildup...its driving me nuts!
@WarAngel1: that other guy
Having a totally awesome day**yayyyy:p
RIP Spock
Don't try to buy or earn love; It can't be bought or earned.
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