New favorite
By mysteriousTaurus
Why can't I find an aquarius man, boo :( I love you guys»

Reese's Pisces
By LillyBlossom
Intriguing. I have meeting male pisces a lot recently while working shift at the library. We seem to hit it off immediat»

Taurus interested in Taurus who is with Leo
By atearth
I'm a Taurus man interested in a Taurus woman however she's seeing a Leo man. In my minds eye I don't see them lastin»

Libralady237Clear up my Cancer Confusion
By Libralady237
This is my second post, I posted back in Feb about a Cancer guy I was seeing for a few months who refused to have a rela»

liya92Chart ruler in natal retrograde
By liya92
So I've read about how natal mercury retrograde was a sign of a late bloomer and odd thinking/learning (and with Chiron»

Game of Thrones Astrology...
In your opinion, what are the sun signs of some of the characters from Game of Thrones? this might have already been»

esortelracsScorpio males saw me cry- What was he thinking?
By esortelracs
I've fairly good relations with a couple of male coworkers. But today, in an effort to compare and contrast differing vi»

Happy Birthday Geminis!
By SingASong41
Love this sign! How are all of you going to celebrate? Or how would you like to celebrate? ;) Anyone with Gemini frie»

By heartlocket
Every single person in our lives is there to help us evolve. That’s what we are here for and often we can have soul ag»

Is he interested? Help a Scorpio out :)
By ponyboi
So I met a Virgo recently and he has peaked my interest. We have been on two dates so far. I have read that Virgos need»

Are virgos touchy feely?
By Scorpiegurl
Mine isn't :(»

Scorpio males saw me cry- What was he thinking?Scorpio males saw me cry- What was he thinking?
I've fairly good relations with a couple of male coworkers. But today, in an effort to compare and contrast differing vi


I just read that punishment for watching porn in North Korea is death. Fuuuuck!
About to kiss a bud light. Yay! I deserve this today!
why every thread gotta turn into beef ting? Chillax man.
Another mercury retrograde. Sheesh!
yes duncan plz kill the bish, kill it with fire! lulz
getting into mental science will change your life
no one is the bad guy in their mind.
I'll def get my panties in a twist for piscesmoon! :) :)
Don't get your panties in a twist, breathe!
i fear life and death.
chronic blunt
Gotta keep myself under control ...
never too late to be reckless.
Yes I am nice to see you flowingwater :)