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by HeartOnMySleeveSag
Thank you u so much!!! He's the best guy ever!!! *swoon* I'll give details once I stop blushing. That will be about next year sometime. Never knew a person could make someine so happy
by lisabethur8
Others to dictate your love life for you? I am curious as to why SOME people, allow others to tell them what to do in their love life, or in the matters of the heart. I understand that with earth energy, they need SECURITY, and that makes them feel
by leorisingpiscesmoon
Just joined recently and really trying to understand astrology my birth chart etc.. and I must say libra seem to be the heart breakers of the zodiac. I feel bad because my sister just got her heart broken by one. She was so into him, I mean really did an
by risesafterall
This scenario: Girl: I'm a bit worried about you being a bit distant *at a certain time*, was there something wrong? Guy: Yes, but it wasn't about you. There's no need to worry about anything, you have no idea how much I like you. Girl: Okay
by aNEWday
I am trying to find people who like this lady, because I do not find one thing to like about her!! seriously, she's making me not want to watch it lol. Im glad nene is coming back, i hope she goes in on her in the future. i am not built to live like
by leorisingpiscesmoon
I wasn't one big on astrology until recently , went on a trip and got my first tattoo, the guy said to me your not a typical goat lady. At first I went to straight to punta mode. Then he told me about this site. He told me about birth times and finding a

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Strange relationship with Cancer Male, distraught

Strange relationship with Cancer Male, distraught

3 years ago I met a 61 YO Cancer male, we met on FB and then in person after 8 months of messaging, phone calls and texts, mainly because I was in a middle of a divorce plus lived an hour away. When I went to his house for the first date, he was all over

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@cuteboy I'll give you some of my fire, I've got enough sass for days
hahaha oh don't get me wrong. i'm proud to be a libra rising too due to the fact it makes me musically inclined, talented and artistic. but what good having all that if i'm too shy and lazy to display them??? i guess maybe because i have no fire.
Stranger In Moscow
i'm libra rising and proud
My moon in aquarius is at a lunar perigee while my lilith (Dark Moon) is in Leo and lilith is apogee... daym this is one strong opposition. (crazy times)
you know sometimes i hate being a libra rising and wish i was an earth rising like i once thought i was. like what good is libra rising for other than lazying around looking pretty.
^ Comedic geniuses.