Do you feel like your chart...
By KaptainKhaos
Hey TunaTown, Do you feel like your chart accurately sums you up? Can you relate to your sun, Venus, mars, etc?»

Aries woman/Pisces man on and off relationship
By KatzenMoon85
where do I even begin. I met him through my best friend four years ago & we immediately hit it off. I almost felt like I»

I am the great sabotager
By downstairsmixup
Haha so I pulled a good one. I Like to see people in their true rustic, naked, unbiased character. If some one doesn't s»

Kodak375I just found an embarrassing video of myself -_-
By Kodak375
Its on YouTube and I can't help but cringe even looking at myself LOL It gives me the worst chills hahaha»

flower_girlLeo man asked me for space, will he come back?
By flower_girl
I have been seeing this Leo man for over a year, at first he wanted a relationship & talked about moving in but I said n»

Rgrd Scorp Stare: Take A Pic, It'll Last Longer
By MrFirebird

t4yWhat are your favorite sports?
By t4y
Any scorps here are into watching lots of sports on tv?? I watch whatever is on the sports channel lol Specially Cur»

How do you know Libra has moved on?
By Aqual
I was seeing this Libra guy on LDR and he was wishy washy giving me mixed messages, and being hot and cold. Typical Libr»

What can you tell me about this?
By Rambunctious76
What can you tell me about this Pisces? Her placements are: Pisces Sun - 10th house Libra moon - 5th house Scorpio»

Retrograde for me too?
By Gemitati
Hi, I am a Gemini. Just read abut Venus retrograde. What a shocker! It made me think maybe there is an explanation»

Reoccurring dreams of having kids but no father?
By Velocity
I'm pretty young but have periodically had dreams of bearing a child or having multiple kids (I adore children), however»

When the past calls-- let that irrelevant cookiemonster go to voicemail. She has nothing important to say. ;-)
blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Having boundaries is an act of respect for yourself. It shows you and the person you’re in communication with that you value yourself first and foremost.
Flattering words are but honey-coated poison
He could whisk her away from the pain — take her to a place of ecstasy.
You're just a hideaway, you're just a feeling..
Bjork is beautiful, her music is a light that leads me deeper and deeper into a cave of darkness where my emotions lay.
I do not want to shower.
Been mean to everybody all week cause I miss her!
and if them fishes wanna trip, tell em they tour guides on us
interesting turn of events... I'll remember that. :)
They got kids in the military. That's why it's called an infantry. - Seth Sentry