Virgo and Scorpio- Revenge? Friendship?
By cinnamonlala
Okay. I apologise in advance for how long this is going to be. I'm a Virgo and I met my Scorpio dude a year and a ha»

"Ugly Wife Is A Treasure at Home"-Chinese Proverb
By DonJohnson

Celebrities and Pluto in 2nd House
By Hotbeefy
I've been looking up of people who succeeded of their jobs with their pluto on 2dn house.. Because I wonder how in the»

CarRiderGirlNeed your opinion
By CarRiderGirl
Your long time boyfriend-girlfriend, fiance-fiancee or husband-wife, someone you've been with a while, planned to go to»

femmefataleHow would you feel...
By femmefatale
If the person you've been getting to know tells you they aren't interested in a friends with benefits or a fling type si»

Taurus sun dating a venus in Scorpio person?
By saweetz1988
Wanna hear your stories ! Go!»

sfsmokeAnyone knoe anything about my chart ?
By sfsmoke tell me what you think.»

Is it true?
By flowingwater
That people with top gem placements tend to be trollers? Lol Because I have gem rising and Mars but I never cared to»

Taurus and Deep Throat
By clooneyyears

Caps and small talk?
By Kim11180560
Do you guys do this? And why? There's this Cap guy I'm dating and he is ALWAYS into small talk- weather, work, work, wor»

I like this description about AriesI like this description about Aries
The Aries as meek as many of them may seem, they have some fire in the belly if push comes to shove. The interesting thi


"I said it's alright. You know it's alright - I guess it's all in my heart You'll be my only, my one and only. Is that the way it should start?"
Captain Save 'Em come rescue me. Man down!
do you suffer from nipple confusion?
Sunday afternoon furniture shopping with the Virgo...Walk with me and grant me patience, Lord.
Happy Palm Sunday☆☆☆
I was trying to think of something to beat ReddmannScorch's status but all I could think of was "Super collide my balls"
True Life: I'm a Size Queen
where did all my blessings go? you chase a dream but then you stop, guess you'll never know
i feel amazing. happy dance. :)
If you tell me I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right
Intelligence is the door to freedom and alert attention is the mother of intelligence.
rekindling my love of Leos starting to with coworker :)
If you tell me I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right
hold on tight to a nxgga and be sure