do sags like libra women
By libra24
well let me start by saying i know this sag through a family member , he's pretty cool and i've been knowing him now for»

Sun in the 12th House
By jeannegrey
I have heard this a bad thing. WHAT does it mean? And please, do not copy paste links to googles searches... I have alr»

By MrFirebird
Just Discuss. Discuss»

RollergirlOrcaquarius - your first love?
By RollergirlOrc
So, reading Linda Goodman's sun signs, she explains for the aquarius guy (and most likely,girl) that they never forget o»

By Feistypisces777
Hello. I need some advice. Next month I'll be forced into a very uncomfortable situation. I am starting to become very n»

Are Aries sun signs...
By MoonBlue8
overrated? As an Aries sun sign, do you think you are over rated? Serious question for the Aries sun sign people onl»

DamnataList of deal breakers...
By Damnata
So people think we have huge lists of stuff to be crossed in a specific order. No one can hold a candle to this guy...ho»

is it wrong?
By j519oe
Is it wrong to sum up how a person is based on their sign? I know ppl that hates being judged on their sign but I know p»

Where in the world is
By HeartOfALioN
POTHEADVIRGO24???? Before I even got a chance to meet the dude he bounced. I should of signed up earlier. If you're»

Hardest Detachment Ever
By CluelessCancer
Who was the one person that you had a hard time giving up? I'm having the most difficult time not responding to my X,»

heartbroken capricornsheartbroken capricorns
Do capricorns bounce back quick or do they fret over ex relationships and never heal. I made a decision in my mind th


waiting for you to make the move, I've showed you my move
Thoughts are so powerful.
that phoenix energy is hitting me like a comet---there is hope in front of me...i'll be alright
I meant Scorsagian21,sorry about that.
Love breaking cheddar. Bands def got that gripper feel.
Thanks SagScorp21.
kcuf. I love bread.
Tears in my heart I beg them to lighten my inner load. free themselves out of my eyes and into the palm of my hands. yet they still remain stuck behind the cornea. unable to flow hardening me into bitterness and cold.
limp bizcit is hitting the spot today, there was a time when fred durst could get it :D
Finding it odd that someone internet stalked me... And then blocks me... Here after just trying to address it... Talk about weird...
How many Cancer men threads can we have in one day? Jesus Christ, Crab board is so boring, Always about some Crab man missing in Action...damn ya'll..
size zero superherosize zero superhero
WaterCup, if you think Ramsay is abrasive, check out Robert Irvine's shows Restaurant: Impossible & Dinner: Impossible. His douchery gives Ramsay a run for his money. LOL
@ Water CUP! LMAOOOO AHHH love it! Maybe you should ask so who got laid last night!!??
Love what you wrote HeartOfALion...Beautiful and true.