Public humiliation or justice?
By enfant_terrible

happy birthday CHAMPRANGER!
By afteryesterday
our kungfu panda,hbd wyatb and gbu.please open your eyes,fire man is better for you.»

Scorpio Friend
By Bells93
So, a couple nights ago I got into an argument with my best friend, a Scorpio woman. Recently she's been lashing out at»

TURNDOWNFORWHATLife is ****in great
That is all. Full speed ahead. Im lovin it»

minnierogerGet out of your head cap!
By minnieroger
So me being the leo/virgo with introvert/extrovert tendencies..I be in a chatty mood sometimes. My scorp bf is always ta»

Is he still interested?
By cancerrose
So in my last post I asked how to keep a Scorpio man interested, but maybe I should have worded that differently. Bas»

moonchild83Negative traits of virgo?
By moonchild83
I don't really have any virgos in my life, except for my mom. She is really....difficult though. We have a very strange»

Two Aries, we got in a huge fight. Help?
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I recently got in a huge fight--that started out about something relatively stupid--with a good friend of mine. We are b»

Most Romantically Attractive Trait for each sign?
By truecap
Each sign has a trait that draws people in romantically. Of course, its a generalization, but thought it would be fun to»

Sick fires and raps
By Sn1p3r187
When was the last time Dxp ever had a rap battle? I had one last night with two of my friends. Smoked my Gem but couldn'»

CAPINC is such a treetrunking
By StillWater
pain the ass!!!!!!! I don't know why people even like this guy? He hasn't been nice to a single person and all he man»

leos any experience with scorpio ?leos any experience with scorpio ?
Scorpio female attracted me and I wrote in scorpio section and I didnt found answers..please tell me ur experience with


I have nine exams within like the next two weeks #hyperventilating
LIMM I tip my hat to ye and offer you a o7...carry on lol :D
Maundy Thursday with one of my favourite movies: Humphrey Bogart + Lauren Bacall= The Big Sleep.
Hahaha...well played Ixion...well played indeed sir!
@LIMM if you rock worlds then I shatter universes XD
@ Ixion...I would rock your world before you even knew what happened :P
ooooooh LIMM ya bes' not talk to me like that you don't know all the good I'm capable :p
What a strange dream I've had last night, I dreamed I made out with one of my uni professors. What could it all mean?O_o
Then I think Ixion...its time to make that dream a reality ;) :P
Im eating braised rabbit with Egg noodles...and some red wine in a water bottle (Eat like a King, Die like a King)
*Confession* It was me LIMM I've always dreamed of making you mine ;)
I'm eating Japanese muscat and melon gummy candies :D
*confession* I've had way too much Easter candy today.
This place feels like it got dark.