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by MagicMona
who would it be? my pick would be janis joplin, jimi hendrix, and aaliyah.
by LuckyLibra979
Some tough bastards they are. All that pressure on you and for what? Squares are like a tug a war, two sides trying to pull the other to their side. Still haven't learned to work together because they are convinced the other way is wrong. Squares make you
by Goldfish
The reason why I hate being late and strive to not only be on time but be early every where I go is so that I have the chance to soak up the atmosphere and adjust my mind set with it or against it. It feels like preparing my soul for every and each expe
by FrostAndBite
Where do you draw the line? I was listening to this Gem Sun (unsure of moon, either Libra/Scorp) talk about this woman he dated who was engaged. He knew she was, she turned him down at first, telling him she was engaged. He replied "It's just coffee."
by CocoKat
Something Ive noticed in my area is ALOT of couples who are together but shouldn't be at least by sun sign. I cant deny I am fascinated but elemental mismatches especially when they are happy. Some Ive noticed... Male Cancer & Female Libra. Male
by capricornmoon
Come on, it's only fair. I say Geminis. Why? Cause they are deceptive to the core., except the thing about deception is that you end up deceiving yourself. Thoughts?
by ariesheart
My boyfriend just told me my friend was promiscuous. Right away I got pissed. Not sure if he was calling her a ho, if she flirted with him or if he's curious. When I asked him why would he say that, he just says she is with no explanation. Why am I so pis

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Gemini husband not understanding that I need time

Gemini husband not understanding that I need time

Hello, I posted here 6 months ago about my Gemini husband and our problems. I received great advises. Things did eventually improved after I gave him more space but they got bad again over the last month and half. He cheated on me, lied about a lot of t


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Aunt Flo be like "gurll ill just invite myself to the party too" -.-
I'm staring at the cookie in front of me and not eating it. this is scary and suspicious behavior of mine.
I need to fix my sleeping pattern, those 6 to 7 hours naps ruin my life.
~ Moon 8deg in sensitive Cancer ~
Party favors for u.
2:16am and I'm looking in the fridge knowing full well eating at this time is no good. All I see is turkey...and all I want is pizza.
Im sprunggg, shawty got mee, got me doin things ive never done
how did i know it was HER