Taurus -Finding Yourself-?
By adwand2k
As a fish that is unable to get a lady bull from my mind, I have a question for all bulls about your transition periods»

How or should I confront him about what we're?
By 1thgirls
We are dating for almost 2 months. And we're in a long distance relationship (3 hrs apart). He's kinda distance from me»

Could a nuclear war happen any time in the future?
By Sn1p3r187
This is related to TrueCap's thread on a post-apocalyptic world. But I decided to just make it about the possibilities o»

mztwin flame relationships
By mz
do you believe in this theory? have you lived/heard of such experiences?»

LittleMissPerfectWhere to go in Europe?
By LittleMissPerfect
So last year my best holiday was in the highlands (Scotland) literally middle of nowhere. I found a cute hotel (with a b»

Are scorpio north nodes Psychics
By Impulsv
Disclaimer I know not all but if scorpio has a tendency for psychic abilities does a scorpio north noder have them too?»

celinacrescentHelp with this chart
By celinacrescent
From Book as well as personal experiences..... Wud appreciate your help and effort....... ss Zodiac in degrees 0.00»

Pisces guy suddenly seems changed :(
By ChicagoBabe
So there is this guy I who had asked me out 5 years back but I had refused since I hardly knew him(Although this inciden»

Does anyone here know calculus?
Tamara... I'm abandoning ship
The future's bright, the future's orange (with a hefty serving of custard).
gagne ou sois vaincu .. sombre est l'attitude, sombre est l'individu
OMG! Who has the kind of crazy patience required to be an active dxper?! Ants are more exciting to watch, they're faster.
Song for someone
Bish I know guac is extra!!!!!
Aroar means chatdxpnet :)
get on chat. it'll change your life.
how funny and ironic is it... that men hate feminists for issues created by patriarchy. nice going, dickhead.
Thats a negative Roar. LOL
what in the hell is wrong with thus site? i'm thinking about putting in my request to be deleted.
@PVandJelly LOL.. oh, come on! don't you wanna know how to get the best booty?? ;)