Why would a Virgo Woman asks a lot of questions?
By FieryAries9108
I have never met someone who asks so mayn questions about me, if does this a lot it means she is somewhat interested in»

Black Knight Satellite
By Vegetta91
I was wondering what are your thoughts on this matter? I find it strange that with all of our tech and high resolution»

Taurus Venus vs ???
So, I'm fighting with my intimacy issues at the moment and trying to get my head around it. I'm very intimate in my head»

PEITHOIs this the Black Moon Lilith in my Synastry?
Is there a difference between the other Lilith's? I'm really into this Synastry stuff now I am learning a lot it's g»

blackphaseMajor issues with insecurity and trust.
By blackphase
I have major issues with insecurity and trusting people, especially my boyfriend. And I want to overcome them to better»

Heart vs. Head.....Marry for financial security?
By bnr7013
Would you marry for financial security(i.e. follow your head instead of your heart?) What is your sign?»

thisismylife2015Soooo.....Taurus men are emotional???
By thisismylife2015
So my male platonic friend (8yr friendship) asks me to go to a gay club with him Saturday night. I say ok, but I'll meet»

I've put off my Scorps :(
By Emilia
Hello, I'd be grateful to any advice on if it's possible/how to fix the problem of having accidentally put all of my bel»

Saturn in SagiWTFttarius
How's your return going so far? :)»

Taurus Men...help!
By Capp112
Hey everyone! I need help and would love some good answers about a Taurus male I'm dating. Met him two months ag»

Aries Sun/ Pisces Venus ExAries Sun/ Pisces Venus Ex
So I have an Aries ex with Pisces Venus and Aries Mars sending me mixed signals. We broke up a couple of months ago beca


@Perspicacity, their souls are uploaded into cyber heaven aka. the nethersphere and their physical selves are upgraded to cybermen.
Love bites, but so do I.
Feeling frisky. Need to hit one of my exes up today ;)
my girlfriend posted my picture on her Facebook page and my picture ended up getting 200 likes:(. dang naggit. now the whole world knows how i look :(
Feel like m waking up
'The brutality of unrequited lust'
Happy Memorial Day with a sale on AK-47s? Jeebus. At least sell AR-15s ya ding-dongs!
congrats,tiziani on having a daughter. cherish her.
If you think I'm a fool, you're playing with fire.
For my Saturn Return I find out I have a long lost Aries daughter. Couldn't write it better.
tiz : My dad has the same 3 placements as you - Sun/Mars/Venus. DAD! hahahaa
lol what did I do Ram?
tiziani I should start addressing you as Dad from now on lol
sagg moon with a venus in virgo. playful, detatched, flighty, emotionless :( i am well beyond treetrunked if i fall in love.