Who do I remind you of?
By Jynja

By beautifuldiaster
All aboard... chugga chugga woooo WOOOOO! Ok.. So this is dedicated to my forever curious nature of transits. Here, y»

Aries friends?
By Sn1p3r187
I'm sure a few Caps here have Aries friends. How are they and how do they act towards you? Mine's is a true friend. Sent»

beautifuldiasterUm. Count it up!
By beautifuldiaster
How many do you have? Trines Sextiles Oppositions Squares whatever Saw a post about "a lot of trines" and I wa»

flowingwaterChocolate addiction?
By flowingwater
Any women here?? Mine is hard to handle. I have to have it every day.»

Mohammed Emwazi aka Jihadi John
By e11e
This is pretty interesting - http://astrologyincrime.com/avachat/jihadi-john/»

crabcapSame moon sign in relationships?
By crabcap
Did you ever share the same moon sign with your bf/gf? How did it go between you? Me and my boyfriend both got pisces»

Pisces asking something
By ScantilyClad
Ok so first of all i have Pisces sun Sagittarius Moon and i am a Libra Ascendant, my planets are mostly Aquarius i think»

How rude to hide from a scorp!
By thinktoomuch
Oh my GOD! This guy..... He´s SO secretive, his facebook is almost totally privat and he´s not friends with that many»

By DonJohnson
Okay eating a huge curry beef brisket dish. in the middle of it my stomach started hurting. stormed into the washroo»

Power Months?
By Damnata
Does anyone else notice a pattern with some months in the year? For me, the magick happens in March. Magick/amazing s»

Libra men.Libra men.
What do you think of aqua girls? Do you understand each other on the same wave length? :) There's this libra boy I'v


"The ego is not master in it's own house" - Sigmund Frued
Congratulations Twinks!!
Well SWEET JESUS! Congratulatiosn, Twinks!!! :D
From now till the 7th, birthdays abound. I had better get to shopping
Best Wishes, Twinks! :)
these baby steps will eventually add up, fingers crossed :)
Congrats Twink! I wish you and your husband all the best :)
Congrats Twinkle. In your face Satori.
Congrats, Twinks!
I'll appear inactive because Spring is sorta here * crossing fingers* so I'll be more active.
Congratulations Twinkles!!!!!
I think I'm growing a beard....
Twinks is officially a married woman!
Just getting through the day.....no matter how you look at it, tomorrow is gonna be a brand new one.