Do Sag women spend alot of money?
By ombrerose
I noticed some sag women tend to be very high-brow. Like they always have kitschy items or brand name items or the "in"»

NFL Preseason
By eight67530nine
Who's your team and what's your predictions for the regular season? San Francisco 49ers Playing like butter but will»

Do i search to much behind it?
By Lioness7815
This Virgo friend of mine and i are ok again after our many fall outs. After our last fall out he blocked me on What»

SirHornsIf you could experience all the signs...
By SirHorns one planet, which would it be and why? What would you do? I pick Mercury. Since it's communication, thought pro»

ombreroseHarper Beckham
By ombrerose
very very beautiful. I noticed the delicate double eyelids and almost closed eyes quite reminiscent of cancer babies. Is»

Most disturbing ending of all time?
By Sn1p3r187 Wow. If I actually found out that was behind all the treetrunked up butter happe»

GeminiSuviOdd Sag Male
By GeminiSuvi
I say odd, but to be fair to him, I have never actually really dealt with a Sagittarius man romantically or even as a cl»

Leo men I need your help!! Pleaasseeee
By FoxxyCappy
I've been long distance friend with this leo guy for 4 years then we decided to have 1 week vacation just the two of us,»

The power of the subconcious mind.
Just wanted to share something wonderful with my fellow leos. I'm a Christian so this principle is ever present in the b»

By lucyL
I was inside of the bus, seated close to the bus driver. He was dressed more like a postman (grey uniform) and he looked»

Ideas for waist long hairIdeas for waist long hair
looking for cool hair styles for super long curly hair.


Just looked at the front page & had to grab an old lady's cane because I felt woozy. Didn't want to break a leg or get bruises, so let her break a hip! LunarMan is probably THE best looking chap on here. Somebody please call a wambulance!!!
Needs nursing. I've got the worst disease... Man flu :(
Where are we, and how do we get out of this???
I troll Caliber IRL.
Oh my my neighbor is obsessed with me. He just offered to carry some boxes in for me and to fix some stuff in my yard. No, no, noooooo not another guy to do stuff for free! lol
Is your Brain on Drugs?
missing you but I need to move on ughgh
Here I am is where I'm not and there you are but you're not here
If I am here and you are there....then who is that?
When ever I discover someone is a Leo, I'm like oh... that explains their constant need for attention!
my head's underwater but i'm breathing fine
it's a yearning, a distant place that I am not sure I will ever reach. I will keep putting one foot in front of the other, who knows how far it will take me.
When life gives you lemons, squeeze'em.
aiming high. i refuse to be stuck all my life.