By Scorsagian21
Ok, I don’t know how to start this off but by telling my story... So I meet this attractive Gemini guy 2 months ago i»

How are virgos with grudges?
By Iwill
Not in love but in family? Do you hold on to childhood memories? Do you want to reconcile?»

What sign do you like and hate the most?
By SuperMissMan
Just wondering more about you guys.»

MrFirebirdGuns and Shovels
By MrFirebird
"You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig. "»

ImpulsvI think it's funny
By Impulsv
How people get scared of Scorpio's n their reputation for retribution. The stories they construct in their mind "he's»

Signs a virgo girl is attracted to you
By Vespasunset
What are the signs a virgo girl is attracted to you? Be it a work colleague etc, someone you've known for a couple of we»

cappygirl11Do cancerian males use you for sex
By cappygirl11
I always thought it was all emotional etc when cancerian had sex. But now I wonder about it. I can't tell if my ex is»

Who would you want as your guides?
By SirHorns
Situation: The Boards for each sign has now become a small nation. You dear reader have been picked as the poor sap- I m»

Dosha Type And Ascendant
By Ulalume
Ayurveda a centuries old form of holistic medicine teaches that your body type, or dosha reveals clues to your health»

Revenge on libra male
By spoiledtaurus
So I haven't spoken to my former ex libra in almost two years. He just disappeared one day in typical libra style.»

I don't get it .....
By P-Angel

So apparently updating your browser helps.... Fewer crashes here = a happier me
So, yeah.
I was saying that about veggie burgers, for this entire summer now...
decaf coffee is like wearing a condom. BLEH!
The possibilities are endless :)
Discontinued account. Moving over to GuardianAnu.
Pumpkin pie latte is back! I guess it's the beginning of the fall...
my job makes me want to treetrunking drown kittens. holy hell.
Obsessed with Death and Sex...you should be too.
My solar return chart has Pisces on the ascent conjunction Neptune. I can't stop laughing now.
bleh, i just can't deal. it's exhausting to be so negative, and i'm already tired. it's easier to just not feel at all. done and done.
I don't dislike...I get disgusted by trash. When I get disgusted, I just chuck trash out!
I wish things could work out for me, just once please!
the same questions are asked every day