Could you give up sex?
By Octoberbaby91
Scorpios are the ruler of sex and power. I just saw this powerful message of a NFL player dating singer Ciara. Basically»

Reducing the weight and fat burning with Pro
By Gojipro88
Reducing the weight and fat burning with Pro wolfberry buy gojiproAlready tired of using any of the weight loss pills o»

aries moons
By faceroll
how many times have you been in love? compared to how many times you've "thought" you were in love. i go back and for»

liya92Venus in Virgo
By liya92
I've recently rekindled a "relationship" with a Sun & Moon in Cancer man and I've got this part of him down but I have i»

yazlanLeo woman comes back to you? Ever?
By yazlan
Do you think a Leo woman comes back to you after sometime if she is deeply in love with you and had long-term relationsh»

By idk
So I was at the doc a week or so ago. He took a look at my records, vision in particular. He winced when he saw my pre»

beautifuldiasterHelp me post a photo, please.
By beautifuldiaster
I used to use I used the hotlink for websites... NOW that does not work. What do you do? Ever si»

hey airman
By faceroll
i expected a parade when i got back. kind of slacking with your mad stalking skillz boo.»

By thinktoomuch
People who feel entitled - where does it come from? Do they simple think "too much" of themselves? Is that even possib»

Libra Mooners - Ever feel too passive or lazy?
By xomelindabelle
It's something I really try to fight hard against; but I do find myself often indulging in leisurely activities quite of»

Self sabotaging?Self sabotaging?
Do any other caps do this in relationships? I notice that whenever I get close to someone, I end up running away. I some


If you want to be taken seriously... listen.
shes a gonerrrrr
I could bathe in the suns rays until my mind slipped into its own subconscious. Wrapping itself in the warm remanence of the light.
i look good in an apron... and i feel good wearing one... so i do :-)
Hahaha AirMan love ya :*
Gem87 stop teasing me with dem sexy ass legs and feet😜
Inside Out was cute, but not earth shattering by Pixar standards...
You will be destroyed
She's a September bride, I'm a November groom. Winter meets fall; we're gonna have a ball ;)
My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.
What's on your mind?
@ misslissa: speak louder.
I want a sponge bath for my birthday!!