Taurus and Deep Throat
By clooneyyears

Caps and small talk?
By Kim11180560
Do you guys do this? And why? There's this Cap guy I'm dating and he is ALWAYS into small talk- weather, work, work, wor»

Do planet dominance matter in compatibility?
By jparis
I'm a virgo and my planet dominance is earth fire and water with a lack of air. Am I able to be a better communicator if»

b1tchcraftsConversations in relationships
By b1tchcrafts
My virgo friend was complaining about her capricorn fiance and how he talks about stupid things... while we were doing»

CancerOnTheCuspHello DXP
By CancerOnTheCusp
Because everyone else seems to be departing, the beer and liquor is all mine....»

Goodbye dxp
By Scruffles
See you all tomorrow.»

By Ssupes
do you believe in it or believe life just happens? I believe in it and it's a cookiemonster sometimes!»

Aquarius girls do you like poetry?
By nysag86
How do you ladies feel about poetry? I want to tag this Aquarius woman on an Instagram poem, but idk if it'll affect her»

Capricorn and Libra ? does it work?
By CappyGurl9
I've been wondering what are the odds? Some articles say it is a disaster while others will bless it ? What do you thi»

knocking and karmaknocking and karma
Last night I dreamt I was in a classroom and the teacher asked me what this word meant. The word was karmic. I explained


I was trying to think of something to beat ReddmannScorch's status but all I could think of was "Super collide my balls"
True Life: I'm a Size Queen
where did all my blessings go? you chase a dream but then you stop, guess you'll never know
i feel amazing. happy dance. :)
If you tell me I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right
Intelligence is the door to freedom and alert attention is the mother of intelligence.
rekindling my love of Leos starting to with coworker :)
If you tell me I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right
hold on tight to a nxgga and be sure
I Rise, You Fall.
Where's my twin at??
Feeling power is truly one I get high from...
think i'll do something artistic tonight,perhaps paint. :) ah.
CERN super collider. Doubling power to create a worm hole. YOU can't be serious. HAVE you not watched EVENT HORIZON or played DOOM!. Even stephen hawkins says DONT do it! We are such a self destructive bunch.