Testing Fidelity
By aquavita

Saturn conjunction sun/venus in relationships
By Tornadoday16
How do y'all feel about getting intimate with people whose saturn is conjunct your sun and venus? I know that recently t»

The news should be more like this.....
By Sn1p3r187
http://youtu.be/CHclw3B0Wdk dxp news team anyone?»

MrFirebirdLife's High's and Lows
By MrFirebird
The road of life has it's highs and lows. Every time one must cross a mountain, one can expect the journey to be long, h»

By Layna
I want to scream and hurl things across the room right now.»

Oh, Good...
By Sag89
Well things already burnt out with the leo. Took about a month. I thought I was gonna be able to drag that out lon»

basariLeo problems
By basari
I don't know if it's coincidence, but really a LOT of Leos I know have to deal with a lot of butter in their home or circl»

By caliber
Have you ever been a victim? If you were a victim, how long did/would you let it continue? Would you do anything about»

What does it mean if
By basari
you have almost all planets in house 2 & 3, two in 4, one in 1, and one in 9?»

Cancer Men - About mom
By truecap
Stereotypically cancer men tend to treat mom like the queen matricarch she is and tend to honestly love their moms. Ques»

''Let's see what you got'' part 2
By emmafd
Hello Can you please look at these 2 charts,i really have no clue about these things but i think i should have done t»

I wake up and put on my make-up and am off to work, looking fresh and put together. Come 11am, I look at myself in the


Feeling okay, although I could feel a LOT better! It's Monday, what else to expect?
Tantra meditation, Oh my gosh saw a spirit.
I never expected reading poetry to be harder than singing. Feel like I'm learning to talk all over again.
Having a lil fun....:)
You treetrunking one track minded entitled suing prissy weak dunce cunce! :p
Love and stuff.
Monday, my Nemesis...
How come all the Taurus people i know end up marrying Sags?
@missfisk your a fun girl I would never get caught in gay bar! My man wouldn't allow me he's so heterosexual it's crazy, he loves the p and I'm crazy for the d he won't get it off my leg now lol goodnight everyone
Drank too much. Ended up in a gay bar. Empandas at 5 am. Woke up at 2 pm. Found some weird rash on my neck. Welp, at least I didn't wake up pregnant.
Innocent Aries libra love....
Give in to that burrito life, GC. You won't regret it :P
I am not a fan of burittoes, but this buritto is something special. Oh my God, I think this is what heaven is like!