Who's your Asian crush?
By Kim11180560
There must be at least one ;) Asians need some lovin' too XD I have too many but my unrequited girl crush for Jun Ji»

I don't think we've met...
A lot of new usernames here and some of you don't act "new." So let's have a formal Introduction before paranoia kick»

Are we fooling ourselves?
By DwellingOnMove
The classical astrology was mostly used for horary predictions. Only chinese horoscope told which zodiac animal is be»

DonJohnsonRelationship/Marriage Date Astrology...
By DonJohnson
A nation's astrology is based on the signing of declaration. we all see consistencies of a nation's birthday with the a»

woodenmeowLeo Guy Help (I am in misery)
By woodenmeow
My Leo and I have been friends for 20 years. At his 40th birthday party we looked at each other differently for the firs»

Challenging a Pisces
By elizabeth81
What generally is the deal when you challenge a Pisces on something uncomfortable. Something you caught them out on.»

adwand2kPisces Male and Libra Female?
By adwand2k
So I recently matched online with this woman, and we share a mutual friend. Me and this Libra haven't really spoken dire»

This fish bites
By Fins101
This is a post for the fish swimming around here, the signs Im mentioning Im not exactly hating or saying your all bad I»

Gemini rising and sense of humour...
By starlover
Two of the funniest people I know have Gemini rising.....one is my son, Scorp sun and the other an ex who has Aqua sun.»

Why do Americans love PB and J?
By Kim11180560
It was my first time to eat "Peanut Butter and Jelly" today and I was wondering why it's so popular with Americans like»

Leo Sun and Leo Rising
By Ssupes
what are your thoughts on this?»

What do you like most about being a gemini?What do you like most about being a gemini?
following a trend here and because i see everyone else doing this. so tell me what you like about being a gemini. al


I wanna become the best, but wont ever want to be the best because then there's nowhere else to go. Ya know?
...and the bug... ah, when the bug talks, why should I stop? ... And there was light.
Happy Friday Lovies♥♥♥
Because we normally don't stuff things in our pant pockets, b1tchcrafts
Why follow me to higher ground, lost as you swear I am?
Write the last of 5 chapter exams in Abnormal Behaviour this morning! ~ sigh and a yay~
What's the latest with you?
Liquid Love
Sipping cappuccino, staring at the sparkling sea ~ lucky lucky me. :~)
received kinda good news.
this girl had a tramp stamp of the taurus glyph. i think i'm going to take a picture of it next time during doggie and make it my avi!
Hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages
Girl jeans are so weird.. Why are the pockets so shallow?