Turkey prep
By CreepyPants
What flavor injection might go well with a salt, seasoning and apple juice brine? Or is that overkill?»

Nick Cave
By Arielle83
Nick Cave is playin at my work tonite!»

By virgodog58
"JESUS LOVES YOU!" (These are NOT the words you want to hear in a Mexican jail!) (LOL!)»

warmwatersHetalia zodiac
By warmwaters
I think.. Italy is a such a little gemini Germany is a capricorn ^ That difference defines their funny interactions.»

Taureanpassion881212Scorpio man disappears ....
By Taureanpassion881212
I'm a taurus who has been with a scorpio man for almost 3 1/2 years ... Out of the year we spent 2 solid years living to»

By Impulsv
I was told I'm a manifestor but I tend to do so health wise n not positively. I saw this video do u believe in alchemy»

aquarius78my libra sun. tuarus moon sister. low selfesteem?
By aquarius78
this really upsets me because me and my sister grew up in a family where we all have morals we don't lie we don't cheat»

Scorpio women eyes! Why are your eyes so magnetic?
By alonso25878
So I was watching videos on youtube when I found this cover , well the thing is this beautiful girl caught my attention»

Cancer moons
By Rambunctious76
Had some "family emergency" last night which brought my mum and I together talking. We talked about the horoscopes of fa»

Things THE SIGNS say
By scorpiopics
Aries - I'm Right. Taurus - My way or the high way. Gemini - I'm not sure...a minute ago I was sure. Cancer - I'm no»

Getting very frustrated with me aries ex
By ladycappi41
I have been pretty much done with him since mid august. At first I tried to be nice but it didn't work. Still verbally a»

3 sons3 sons
Idreamed that I have 3 sons, Im not sure the age of the first kids, but the last boy was 3 heard it was mentioned. the b


''Did you just fall?'' ''Ha! Nope, I attacked the floor!''
I forgot to starve myself for thanksgiving :(
Hilarious how people love to post their sexual prowess in this tiny update box...as if the world would come an end if they didn't.
Yep the Virgo is distancing himself:( I've seen this before.
regret, treetrunking a girl in the bathroom, that lame and cheap, should be a hotel, mars in Leo
Just finished 6 sweet potato pies...wish I had someone to cook for :(
Virgleeb shoved his fingers up my nose :0
3 days without power and barely getting internet, the wind can do so much damage. I understand now the damage of air. -aquarius
considering how one might go about pardoning a turkey has me in giggles! you crazy bunch!
"Heyyy put your love on top"
Yes Fisk, that seems more level headed. LOL. **Turns down the Pluto aspects**
cooking for tomorrow, I will be up all night
LOLL. Oh, that's not very nice. I'd just put a liberal amount of marijuahnah in the stuffing and potatoes.
If that occurred Fisk I'd poison the kool aid and make sure everyone drunk up.