But it wasn't funny then
By Nala13
So I was just thinking about my boyfriend when I was 16. I called his house on a Sunday morning and asked to speak to hi»

EA servers are not available at this time...
By Tornadoday16
I don't know how many of y'all play EA games but I am a big Madden fan and I have been experiencing a very annoying and»

any insight into what is going through his head?
By iamsoconfused
I've been dating this aquarius guy for the past 3 years on/off (long distance). I've known him for about 8 years. He has»

lotusAnyone else looking forward to Mars moving on
By lotus
Mars has been a killer for me since October. I've had seven butterty months and I blame Mars in Libra for it. Three more d»

candy10why is he talking about me and so angry?
By candy10
I'm posting about the guy i'v been friends with for five plus years (see previous threads for more info). We have b»

Too much Chemistry????
By Livingfortoday
Have any of you great fellow Aquarius folks been intimated by the chemistry you've had with someone else? If so, what di»

JenovaIf you inspired poetry....
By Jenova
How would you feel? React? If someone wrote something for you, about you and shared it with you... how would Virgos gene»

Wrong Era
By ProphetaAzteca
What Era does your soul yearn to return to?»

Ice Cold Cancer Lady Finally Came Around!!!!!!
By japansbestkeptsecret
Last night I working on my research and then I get a text alert. Look at my phone and I can't believe my eyes, it's my c»

Insulting a Taurus man
By aire47
I've been seeing a Taurus man on and off since 2011. Things didn't seem so serious in the beginning, though withing seve»

any insight into what is going through his head?any insight into what is going through his head?
I've been dating this aquarius guy for the past 3 years on/off (long distance). I've known him for about 8 years. He has


dxpnet2 --> replaced dxpchat2 :)
It was my own design and sharpie you wouldn't care to ask
Lol at Pisces empath...lol it needs to be repositioned and it look likes your tattoo artist used a marker what a marker lol...
is it too much to ask for friends to have intellectual conversations with?
You don't have to lie to kick it. Keep it g with me I will keep it g with you
dxpnet2 --> replaced dxpchat2 :)
What's the latest with you?
I had a fun but tiring azz time at the gym today. I made all kinds of good shots playing basketball. It was a great day so far. I felt like kobe today lol. Its time for rest now =)
Friendship is good it doesn't have to be intimate. And if it is it's okay, we will never be.
My Aries friend is so funny to me. She's so stubborn and fixed in her ideas as if they're granite, and as usual i debate hard, funny thing is, eventually she comes to my side. I'm glad that me taking a math class is inspiring her to take classes
Happy bday Auri Momma! She made such a Beaut ;)
awful day. guess I was owed one. happy birthday to auri's ma.
treetruk her lyk a dog yeahh i freak her like an animal, she eat me lyka cannibal
missing you