Cancer Men - About mom
By truecap
Stereotypically cancer men tend to treat mom like the queen matricarch she is and tend to honestly love their moms. Ques»

''Let's see what you got'' part 2
By emmafd
Hello Can you please look at these 2 charts,i really have no clue about these things but i think i should have done t»

By beggarsblanket
Do you find it hard to forgive someone once 'that line' is crossed and to trust them again, even when they try really ha»

georgiabullSnub him or pursue?
By georgiabull
Hello Cancerians! Met a Cancer man online, exchanged texts, exchanged photos, exchanged phone calls. Attraction and che»

MissFiskProud of being a Scorp
By MissFisk

Things women think are cute, but they turn men off
By BrightLights
Guys, what are some things that us women say/do/wear/whatever that we think are cute, but it turns you guys off? I»

By SirHorns
You thrive on independence and the ability to act as you see fit, regardless of tradition or what society expects of you»

Meyers-Briggs Personality Type?
By JustaSag
Just wanted to see what other people would say about this. I'm an ENTJ, and I find it describes me perfectly. Many o»

We're the Millers
By chemengin
What happens when you have three aquas and a virgo star in a movie? funny! :)»

What's worse...
By jeannegrey
To have your venus in house 12 or sun in house 12? and what does it mean to have venus in house 12? I have this and»

if I could go anywhere... I would go to...if I could go anywhere... I would go to...
Finish that sentence for me :) You are at the airport (or in a train, boat, bus or automobile...) Money is no obj


I never expected reading poetry to be harder than singing. Feel like I'm learning to talk all over again.
Having a lil fun....:)
You treetrunking one track minded entitled suing prissy weak dunce cunce! :p
Love and stuff.
Monday, my Nemesis...
How come all the Taurus people i know end up marrying Sags?
@missfisk your a fun girl I would never get caught in gay bar! My man wouldn't allow me he's so heterosexual it's crazy, he loves the p and I'm crazy for the d he won't get it off my leg now lol goodnight everyone
Drank too much. Ended up in a gay bar. Empandas at 5 am. Woke up at 2 pm. Found some weird rash on my neck. Welp, at least I didn't wake up pregnant.
Innocent Aries libra love....
Give in to that burrito life, GC. You won't regret it :P
I am not a fan of burittoes, but this buritto is something special. Oh my God, I think this is what heaven is like!
Hotter than hell!
The Last Ship on TNT comes on at 9 and The Strain on FX comes on an hour later and both are great shows for regular cable television.