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I seriously can't stop laughing at this gif, he's so dramatic with the gym dude walk LOL! WHY IS HE SCREAMING!
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By my ex and I am already in a new relationship. I don't plan on telling the biological father about the child. What's your opinion, Is it wrong?
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A woman and man get into a car accident. Both of their cars are totally demolished, but amazingly neither of them are hurt. After they crawl out of the wreckage, the woman says, "Wow, look at our cars - there's nothing left! Thank God we are all right.
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In particular the Aqua men
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long time no see. need advice fast. he was often coming in with blood in his clothes, but never telling me why. it turns out he has been beating his sister's hubby, who was abusive to her. my husband comes home with her & her belongings. she i
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Explain. Do you resonate with it? Do you feel it's effects? My Mercury is in Cancer and I seriously feel it so much. [IMG][/IMG]
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I'm a Libra who met a Taurus through work. I thought he was really cute but didn't think much of it b/c he's a few years younger. After a few months of exchanging smiles, catching him staring at me and light chitchat, we started FB messaging a lot. I

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Road Trip to US Southwest- Arizona, New Mexico, UT, CO

Road Trip to US Southwest- Arizona, New Mexico, UT, CO

Hi Everyone! My boyfriend and I are doing a 2.5-3 week road trip across the Southwest USA. We will be starting in San Francisco,CA and then hitting Joshua Tree, Sedona/ Flagstaff, Santa Fe/Taos, Boulder/ CO, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon and possi

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I'll start the day with upbeat music from now on
You're's normal
Wtf why do I want to take a nap? This never happens
My Scorpio ex an I broke up a year ago now whenever I try an move on he sends me pictures or starts coming around when I start responding to him he starts giving me less and less attention like before he blows hot an cold . I ask him if he cares bout us t