Intuition? Insecurity? Lack of Trust?
By FixedWater
When someone says something to you and it's not quite right. It just doesn't sit right and the exchange rattles around i»

Always trust a cancer
By Iwill
to show you, how they feel. Learned that much suckas!!!!! Cancer always HAS to touch me, HAS to carry me around (oh, for»

Science of Aircraft & Aviation
By xvll27
So here I will going to post new discoveries,researches and advancements related to Aircraft and aviation :D»

Ladies put these sex positions in order of how you like them... 1-Doggy 2-Reverse Cowgirl 3-Regular Cowgirl 4-Missio»

SunMoonStarsBest sign for female Saggies
By SunMoonStars
Hi ladies! Anyone want to share their success stories whether in marriage or LTR? Which signs "complete" you emotion»

Venus in scorpio please help !!!:(
By SunTauVenGem
Ok so you probably know my situation with this man.. He said he missed me before n I asked if he only missed the sex.. S»

PerspicacityAstro or Family resemblance?
By Perspicacity
Okay so everyone's on a pic kick at the moment. By request of someone here, I decided to have a little fun and do a side»

Moon In Scorpio - Explanation Video
By Zander256
This one is good.... I can honestly relate to everything he said.»

RAIDEN   MKX nuff said!RAIDEN MKX nuff said!


I'm wearing this colourful headscarf 2day becoz I didnt feel like brushing my hair. + it was so freaking cold in the AM. Now this lady tells me that my (cheap) scarf is unique. Really? It's 5 rands! The joys of being an Aquarius :D
Coffee, cigarettes and Beckett. I need to find more energetic morning activities.
Pisces & Scorpio discussion this Saturday night @ tinychat . com / dxpnet2
world wars turned females to males to compensate for the dead
@sizezero, I'll probably hate him but I'll check out the shows anyway. Don't get why they have to be so mean & foul mouthed, though. Power tripping, much?
UPDATEupdateUPDATE blablabla
I have the "Under the sea" song from The little Mermaid stuck on my head. I haven't heard it or watched the movie in over 20 years. #Random.
okay . . .
I've learned that walking away is a great way to move on. If you stand there your wasting your time and I'm telling you, your wasting your time.
waiting for you to make the move, I've showed you my move
Thoughts are so powerful.
that phoenix energy is hitting me like a comet---there is hope in front of me...i'll be alright
I meant Scorsagian21,sorry about that.
Love breaking cheddar. Bands def got that gripper feel.