aries woman sagittarius man
By Twgb
I met this sag guy when I was out with some friends. He asked for my number and texted me three days later. We had a few»

My friends are twins, help!
By bulletspeed12
They are Sagg sun sign and Pisces moon sign. They act very different. How does being a twin affect your signs?»

Does your moon sign come out more when...
By aquastyle15
Does your moon sign come out more during its sun sign season? For example, it's Taurus season right now & I feel like I'»

TwgbSag guy :|
By Twgb
I met this sag guy when I was out with some friends. He asked for my number and texted me three days later. We had a few»

scorchedearthmy scorpio aunt
By scorchedearth
sent me a text yesterday asking me what i wanted for my birthday. which would normally be fine. except she didn't even c»

WTF happened?
By lildol
:) Since he lost his wife (cancer) 8 yrs ago has never gotten close to anyone Never felt he could trust anyone Want»

firebunnyWhy does everyone want to learn French?
By firebunny

Taurus Man...What the heck?? Why SO confusing??!!
By gyrlinterrupted
Ok I created an account just to ask this question. I've sought out the secret of this man's hold on me for these past fe»

virgo vs capricorn and pisces
By virgorillaa
hello! I'm the virgo in the family. anyway, i seem to get the most comment from my mom and sister who are pisces an»

the strange color of your body's tears
By exoskeleton
// totally arthouse, lol. like a modern 'suspiria'. idk wtf happened in this mo»

Can you help wih these occurances
By hollyhock
lost a friend recently. I sent a condolence letter to friend's relative. later that night (after I wrote the letter) or»

Pisces sun/Virgo RisingPisces sun/Virgo Rising
Hi, I'm fairly new to the subject so I'd be thankful to receive all the help I can get regarding this combination. I'


a healthy ruthlessness.
Who's on first?
Who's on first?
Living, loving, and laughing are the most important ingredients in life. Being comfortable in my own skin, I am able to laugh at myself. Open minded and passionate. I believe in living life to the fullest and learning new things.What's the latest with you
You are the most dissapointing person I've ever met. I almost pity you.
But have you lived your life? Or have you been lived by it?
this dec 21 sag is about as romantic as a cardboard box possibly approaching robot status I miss the emotional warmth of the pisces
WOOHOO! congrats Scenic, Love Is In the Air =)
Congrats Scenic!!!
The leo proposed : )