Leo and Scorpio
By hollyhock
I see this romantic combo a lot. Can anyone comment on why this particular combo is such a match?»

Does pluto eventually walk away?
By nazasif
I have my moon trine with my crush, and my venus conjunct with his pluto, As well as his mars conjunct my sun, and other»

Anyone familiar with The Oatmeal comics?
By rockyroadicecream
I've been a fan of these comics for years. The guy who created them, Matt Inman, has been able to do amazing things with»

ZetaroseDo aquariuses..?
By Zetarose
Like small talk? IME aquas typically the men don't and aren't into small talk like how are you, or what's been going on,»

037Who will rub my feet?
By 037
*Stretches out, leans back and wiggle toes*»

Falied a class, same professor next semester..
By AriesIntrovert16
So, I failed my algebra class this semester and I'm wondering if I should take it again but this time have a different p»

PlushBarbieConfused Aquarius
By PlushBarbie
Okay , I'm currently seeing an Aquarius male . We have been hanging out and he expressed that he was catching feelings f»

Mercury square Ascendant
By risesafterall
Does anyone here have this? And if so.. How did you learn to deal with it? I've got merc, sun and jupiter in Pisces»

Thoughts pls ....
By MadMarchRam
OK so I never thought I would go near another pisces, romantically again but have met one I quite like. Him: Pisces»

so what kind of blocks do you dislike most?
By AirMan
road blocks? lego blocks? sight blocks? cinder blocks? me: i hate sight blocks the most. i can't stand it when people»

Dogs Strange BehaviorDogs Strange Behavior
My Cancer guy friend came over to help move some furniture. My Scorpio dog was behaving strangely. I've never seen him a


A woman's wrath.
Probably just messed up a date, pretty disappointing
So upset 😀🔫
stupid coffee grinds in my coffee
My poor knees *whales*
people on this site are so stoopid with their conversations about blocking like its an important topic or something bunch a loosers lol
no contest... colorado drivers are the worst i've ever been unfortunate enough to drive alongside.
My Virgo is a cold bastard. So done with games.
It's not what you look at, it's what you see
*does the white man knee bend move*
I laugh at all this chaos on dxp. Dance puppets, dance.
Siiiiiii Airman, it is for the BETTER...........