virgo men + feelings over time
By nyancat
hello! i'm a cap on sag. cusp w/ alot of fire in my chart. a year or so ago i posted about a virgo guy that i was int»

How do you tell a 14yr old
Male that its ok to be short? There's a young libra I know thats practically like my little brother. He started talki»

Stop The treetrunking Torture
By RedCoat
Why are you publicly hurting one another? Why are you hurting eachother? It's not worth it, whatever»

smellycatCancer moon
By smellycat
(Gem moon in vedic to be precise) How are your days going on?Are you feeling extra stress lately ?»

By jeannegrey
Mine is Libra, just found out ! What is this mid haven stuff? What does it mean?»

When taurus and scorpio aren't on the same page...
By Eris
I've been lurking again... Noticing a lot of taurus/scorp problems (not surprised) thought I would share a song with all»

cheekyfaerieSpartan, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash
By cheekyfaerie
Anybody ever do one? Debating a Spartan Sprint in 6wks. I'm fit, but my research shows a need for a ton of upper body»

Lost in your mind
By Shruikan
I walk around lost in my own mind about 99% of the time. Its gotten to the point where I won't hear people talking to me»

What is the best way to spoil an aqua?
By truecap
I am trying to spoil him. Just curious how other aquas would like to be spoiled. Interested in your wishes/desires/wants»

Everything about Sagittarius personality traits
By IreneT
Hey guys - I've started collecting everything I run into about Sagi trait here and just wanted to share. Let me know wha»

If this keeps going on, I'll take myself out of the game.
lol!! c;
wynter, caliber - this one is for you lovely ladies :D greetings from morpheus
Ya wee sultry thing you! :)
how bout i slip into something a little more comfortable, like a coma?
i can't decide what to cook for tonight's dinner. I've got some options in the freezer.
Real Life Quote of the Day - "I don't eat oatmeal raisin cookies. They are trying to trick the senses." - Taurus Sun
Learn to make a mistake and Learn to believe, Bittersweet!
Yew so sweet, foxy. TY :)
whoaah you look beautiful fisk.
Libra nick yes you should go. Why not? I'm sure it will be entertaining .
DXP heaven compared 2 other websites bcoz it doesn't av power tripping moderators who threaten 2 ban people until 2035. LMAO.I just got banned until mid-October in anoda forum.I'm irate.I can still see feulish posts,but can't reply. GRRR
Broke my hand on a pineapple. Didn't even care.
here is a bag of treetrunks - for free :D