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by DwellingOnMove
I took this test. The result did not surprise me. Am I not prejudiced already by Astrology and Sagittarius has to be optimistic anyway?
by Gooober
Aries:You don't excite me anymore. Taurus:You don't show me how much you care. Gemini:I'm feeling tied down and I can't handle it. Cancer:I just don't see a future with you. Leo:You don't pay any attention to me anymore. Virgo:I don't feel appreciate
by Huldra
I felt like this needed to be posted, for DJ's and Ands' sake
by Shrewdsharp
Libra share your experience with Aquarius. Lovers, sisters, friends, cousins. co-workers. I don't know too much about Aquarius... enlightened us.
by wagtail
I thought there was a pet forum but it seems I was wrong... My beautiful little buddy Madame became egg bound and the egg broke inside her. She fell from her perch and damaged her feet as well, as a result she went into shock very quickly but,luckily si
by Huldra
I've been here a long while, but lately this website just rocks for entertainment of MASSIVELY blown out of proportion stories, specifically after Venus rx being over. I honestly don't know how many (mostly newcomers) of you do this, but I tip my hat t
by DwellingOnMove
Useful or not I don't know, but what about a thread which stays fixed on the top of each board? In there we can write for what that board is basically good. What to expect. What not. Or maybe add the most read sources. Or the most liked links. Or books. (
by Reincarnation Any other Scorpions suffer from this phenomenon? It is quite annoying.

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aries sun

aries sun

Aries sun, mars scorp and venus taurus, does the venus have any effect on how you pursue someone? I don't understand this placement, does anyone have it? In my case, my venus aries makes me very blunt and straightforward if i like someone. So idk how ve


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These guys have some magic ability to steal any girlfriend.
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Who else has this awesome mercury!
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Sun opposite Uranus ~ up the rebels --
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cookiemonster betta have my munneh!
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GRrrrr why can't i get gifs to work...
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Let me believe in you as I do in fire
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Don't cry if u get cheated by air sign, because it happens..
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Total Goddesses
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60° ac off. Windows open. Heaven
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