ex cancer says he misses me but …..
By jaxz
he says he misses me and always brings up what happened when we broke up. I blocked him from Facebook as he looked like»

dam are libras girls moody or wut
By cybersk8er
im scorpio male and libra girl just went completely cold on me, she doesnt show the same affection and enthusiasm anymor»

Roll call
By Tumelo
How many Taureans do we actually have here? Just to know»

ieatpizzaforfreeAre you willing?
By ieatpizzaforfree
Are you willing to date someone outside of your race? Even if your parents are totally against it?»

smellycatBernadette from big bang theory
By smellycat
is cancer and she has lovely cancerian breast !»

idk what to do
By j519oe
It's like I have one foot in the door and one foot out, I want to wait cuz he never gave me a legitimate reason on why I»

WynterWhat are you doing?
By Wynter

YESSSSSSSSS!!!my birthday hath cometh
By ReddmannScorch
IT IS HERE CANCERIANS...... REJOICE!!!!For scorch has birthday..come come where's the beeerrrrr..... mmmmmmm beeerrrr!!!»

By ieatpizzaforfree
Is there a Saggy with a Virgo moon anywhere?! :o»

Hey guys, ok i apologize for being rude and an ass
By Bbyxtc
Bu its because nobody is nice enough to help me out with my birth chart.. Instead you people talk among yourselves w»

Dreaming of a guys death I've never met!!Dreaming of a guys death I've never met!!
Every once in a while I dream of a guy driving a car. He drives for a bit and I'm watching him drive. Basically I'm not


All these sex threads reminded me of my very 1st time having sex. I didnt even enjoy it because my mind was busy debating what to do with my hands. The Jesus Christ on the cross pose, won. LMAO. Its been a looong ride since then & now I can even speak wit
The moon sure is beautiful.
Just found out today that imma be in my Aunt's wedding tomorrow lol. Good thing I got a suit & dress clothes. Tomorrow should be interesting =).
It's been a few months but this place is still the same, it seems.
Another Full Moon tonight. It looks gorgeous too. I love the energy I'm feeling tonight :)
apparently you care robyn since you and your penis follow me around like a lost puppy whereas i barely notice your existence. xxoo kisses boo boo :D
Nobody gives a treetrunk about your pretend life catfish, stop flapping your meat curtains on the front page.
Girl, some men are selfish so its not even about not being taken care of. They simply cheat because they want to. Dont let him fool you into thinking she is not tending to her duties & you're the best. Oldest trick in the book.
watercup im not promoting cheating in any way i'm saying as a woman take some responsibility take care of your man and don't give him a reason to look elsewhere.
@Kitten, have you ever been cheated on? How can you even say that about another woman? Shameful. You're nothing more than new kitty, just wait til the novelty fades & you too will be replaced.
you ain't takin care of your man if hes texting me at 1am from another room tellin me how bad he needs me. if you don't take care of your man and his needs another girl will.
A calm mind is able to fully perceive the world around it.
Full Moon in Capricorn tomorrow....I'm Stoked!