When do you say, "I love you?"
By Agentgem24
Just interested in on different perspectives. I've talked to some people who said it pretty quickly and others that wait»

kik me - im a gemini male
By shaanslife
Screenname SHAANSLIFE»

What sign do you think???????
By AL4813
Good evening ladies and gents, im as bored as michael vick at a PETA meeting and wanted to know what sign do you think»

scorpiogirl99Can I get some insight on this taurus guy please?
By scorpiogirl99
This guy is taurus sun, pisces moon, aries venus...that's all I can remember but I also know his Pluto is in capricorn.»

pisces35Help with Scorpio male behavior!
By pisces35
I need help figuring out a Scorpio man’s behavior. We were together for about 15 months and then he broke up with me w»

Venting/Facebook Help
By LittleStar
My Pisces husband's ex is his Facebook friend, and previously used it to tag their kids so he could see pics and their a»

beautifuldiasterSAGS are SO boring... YAWWWWWWN
By beautifuldiaster
Did I mention you archers also have no creativity or enthusiasm? You should really work on it..... :) But reall»

help me determine next serry
By crabflows
OK there is three options, when I'm done with how to bang her with Pisces and Aquarius, I can do how treetrunking is going to»

Darkest Themes You Can Conjure
By Pr1mal
This is a post for the darkest, most treetrunked up songs you people can bring. Open to interpretation of course. Whats dark»

Capricorn Man with Cancer Moon
By SiennaGiselle
I'm a Virgo sun/ Virgo Moon who has been talking to a Capricorn sun/ Cancer moon guy for about a year as friends. There»

Pisces man seems to lost interest been 2 yrs.
By KatieM278
He is not as attentive as he use to be. He doesn't initiate calls, emails, text, but always replys back. He knows he has»

Is this his way of finding out how I feel?Is this his way of finding out how I feel?
So been casually seeing this aqua guy for over a year everything has been fine. No arguments or anything, we get on quit


Just quietly, I think we're embarking on the Next Great Adventure... =)
Mob Wives is ON Yesssssss! I love crazy ass Renee%@#Boom POW!!!
@Damous yeah it is lol stick with one just for a few months, if you like Blender though talk with EU about it. He knows a lot. I'm more on the C4D/Zbrush tip right now.
..:.all I know is that I know nothing.:..
after how to bang her series done with Aquarius and Pisces, I will do how a sign going to treetrunk with different signs
That should be the Crab motto next to "Get rich or die trying!"
Even when I lose, I'm WINNING.%@#Boom POW!!!
Pisces are scary. They can read my anxiety. I don't like that b!tter. Too much power Pisces. Too much power.
these out here underestimating Pisces, butter Virgo are the biggest cookiemonsteres in the zodiac, Pisces will have a backbone once snapped
There is a way in every problem to bring back the smile. I believe and create it.
@Tiz, why not?! I'm starting to learn Blender right now. I keep changing programs. Terrible way to go about learning.
@huldra, oh i like that. diamonds on uranus and neptune, and saturn gets all the gold.
missing that ned auri!
I wish the IT Industry would hurry up and digitize tax accounting already!!