Opinions? Cancer man/aries woman
By dirtymelodies
I've known this cancer man for almost 3 years, we've never spent time together alone in person, we live in the same town»

Most Beautiful Songs You've Heard
By firebunny

That's just wrong
By MrFirebird

By Damnata
I posted these before on all forums but I am posting the links here in case someone is looking for a specific combo cuz»

YellowSubmarineWell, I found me a Pisces/Aqua cusp
By YellowSubmarine
Feb 21st cusp Moon - Sag Venus - Cap Mars - Taurus Rising - unknown for now Any quick insights?»

Need a hug
By VanillaShake
Normally I can rationalize all of this but my Venus in Sagittarius has me always looking so optimistically at relationsh»

hopelesscapricornVirgo men...do you prefer virgo women or capricorn
By hopelesscapricorn
I know how picky Virgo men (or virgos in general) can be when it comes to their mates. I think I've read some places tha»

I need some of you to CONTROL my IDEAS!!!!
By firebunny
@_@ I want to start up a business but I don't know exactly what it would be. I just know its would-be purposes, which»

Synthetic Biology
By beautifuldiaster
What are your thoughts? I found the comments below this article very informative. As an example of gene exchan»

If account is deleted
By Impulsv
Will post n threads be deleted as well?»

Game of Thrones - Season 5Game of Thrones - Season 5
Hey GoT fans! So this weekend they're playing the last two episodes of last season on the iMax big screen but as a bo


"Are you able to tell the difference between a fan belt and a Gucci belt' Judge Rinder
What a night. Some drunk girl just walked up and showed me her nipples ahahahahaha :D
no darling, the leather corset, not the pvc
The Return of Baba Ji!
Interesting day... feeling blessed to know and no longer feel crazy... always happy to get a reading from someone that knows more then me... :)
Black people ruled by Leo, melaninted is a result of being in the sun, there fore
friday nights alone producing beats and vibing out...
Friday! Friday! Friday! Woo-Hoo!
jimmy garoppolo is absolutely gorgeous. super handsome scorp sun ;)
"Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault" werd
So annoyed with donkey no self worth people on dxp
"Cancers are the best in bed". Damn right! I could sleep a whole day
**Taking offers to buy my toothbrush**
*rubs Rabbit's toothbrush between my butt cheeks*