need help with aqua man!!
By rayofhope
Hi all, i am new here and i must say i have been going through most of the posts and i feel like i might i get some insi»

Leo moon with scorpio rising
By Vegetta91
If somebody had this combination how would she/he be like? How does a strong fire sign combine with a strong water one»

Regarding Friends With Benefits
By MrFirebird

ResurrectedMean Pisces
By Resurrected
I never meet mean Pisces and it take a lot for me to get mad initially but can snap and be sassy when I need to be but I»

DonJohnsontreetrunk You Till You Love Me...
By DonJohnson
this is the only way to get a woman's true love imo. Doctor Michael Gerard Tyson is the Aristotle of this era. tho»

Anti biotics
By starlover
....are very very harmful to the body. they may(?) kill infections but in the process, they destroy all the healthy bact»

xomelindabelleDoes having a water moon or a water house moon
By xomelindabelle
Make the chart holder more cautious of whom they choose to trust and be around? So many of my placements are considered»

Fairwell Summer
By WildHHeartGemini
Saw these beauties heading South this morning. They've definitely got the right idea. Fall is coming and I'm SO not re»

Anyone with ADD/ADHD,
By xomelindabelle
Dyslexia or any other sort of learning disability have daily struggles in their adult life? I know I do, having ADD sets»

Why do we argue so much?
By MercuryinSagittarius
Ladies and men, Why do we argue so much on this site? What is the point of all the low blow anger jabbing? I do not»

Gents of DXP
By starlover
Do you prefer male or female friends, do you feel an affinity with one gender over the other and do you consider your»

Capricorn and Scorpio friendships?Capricorn and Scorpio friendships?
How do you Caps feel about your Scorpio friends? For some odd reason I attract Scorpio's, in both relationships and fri


When you are dead, you dont know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.
There are no bunkbeds in wombs in caskets. You walk this earth alone. Loyalty and sincerity seems to be a rarity in people.
Ands deleted again :|
Feeling feisty today!
6:18 am and I can't sleep for butter. '
Sex is like death and rebirth.
Realize how truely blessed I am to have such a wonderful strong woman as my lioness in my life!
I'm going to let them rest in peace :)
Oh lawrd save us all.
Breakups and Revenge
Clean up aisle MIsc boards!!!!
Duncan, I can't upload new photos for my display pic, fix it plz bbz xoxo
Seems to be the most obscure moon sign. Least talked about. i can't get a read on the Sag moon personality because very few topics come up about us..
headache and heartache