Cancer-Pisces best friends,big fallout, devastated
By fullwaterpisces
I apologize in advance if this is a very long post... I will appreciate if you cancer people could help me... I’m lost»

I am back :D
By samller
Hello all, I haven't on this site been awhile. How's everything guys? Hope we all have an amazing Sept. :D»

How do i get over him?
By Curiousram
How do i get over a virgo male that im madly in love with? He has a girlfriend now ;/ and i ruined everything by blockin»

BeaCancer91"Dear Taurus, I don't trust you."
By BeaCancer91
Is this like a slap in the face to you? Late last night I sent my Taurus a heart. He immediately responds saying "»

jeannegreyThe Fortune Teller
By jeannegrey
In 7 days I will start a new life in a new country. After all my pains and anguish I decided to say yes to the new oppo»

Ugggggh.... so I think you guys were right. :(
By FoxGlove
Some of you might remember, I posted about a situation a few months ago -- my long-distance relationship with the younge»

WynterEd Westwick
By Wynter
I was watching "Romeo and Juliet" on Nextflix, and there he was in the role of Tybalt. *swoons* ♥ OMg...what»

By RainDancer88
I dreamed of being terrified as I watched a tornado creep closer and closer towards my house. It never did but I was fri»

what stuff?
By ZelaleZ

I finally see!
By Ashdogchic
I would've never in a million billion gazillion trazilion years thought id ever date a capricorn. I've always butted hea»

Taurus Love
By TaurusLovesScorpio
Pulled a chart from this esoteric science site: Its interesting in t»

One hell of a spiritual movieOne hell of a spiritual movie
I agree with concept of if someone is spiritual it has little to do with self gain... and why would they want everyone t


Destructive forces of Nature! Coming up!
Trying to manage the bullbutter.
it may take a few cold nights without shelter to see that a functional persona is not enough.
Come as you are, as you were, As I want you to be As a friend, as a friend, As an old enemy.
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never fence" - Unattributed quote :P
Fence sitting is best course of action sometimes? :P Pffffft
For a Libra there is always The Third Option - do nothing and it'll sort itself out.
"eli re eli Kya hai yeh paheli aisa vaisa kuch kyon hota hai saheli"
If I stay it will be for the wrong reason. If I go it will also be for the wrong reason. Gee, that sucks _/3
Im inlove with my a man that I shouldn't be..
de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum
You are a drunken mistake.