Sincere or insincere with ulterior motives
By lostinwanderlust
My Aqua & I have been friends for about 2 years. Recently we drunkenly pursued something...or nothing, not sure. I refus»

Is the 20th of January Aquarius or Capricorn?
By Scorpio579
I thought it was Aquarius but websites are telling me otherwise.»

Trouble analyzing my birth chart D: Virgos to the
By Cameronnnnnnn
Sun: Virgo Moon: Pisces Mercury: Virgo Venus: Leo Mars: Libra Jupiter: Libra Saturn: Aquarius Uranus: Capricorn»

NightcapHear ye Hear ye: Aries and Cap
By Nightcap
So I went to a show tonight, The Reminders. I talked to the performers after the show for a little. The guy remembered m»

Scorp71Scorpio Woman - Scorpio Man O_o
By Scorp71
Hi. I am Scorpio how recently got involved with a fellow scorpio.. Does anyone got experience with this "union" ? ...I»

What does this cancerian want?
By cappygirl11
We have been together 4 years.But have been taking things very slow. The only time I have ever met he's family is when a»

By Pisces1803
A couple, both age 78, went to a sex therapist's office. The doctor asked, "What can I do for you?" The man said, "Will»

50 Questions: Is your Aqua gonna stay the course?
By aquapiscesmoon
Aqua Guys Can be thoughtful/romantic/fiercely monogamous.... or likely to stray even swing. These questions may help co»

What do Taurus men like?
By Rachelannthepisces
This is something I've always been so curious about. I don't feel like there is a lot of info about Taurus men anywhere.»

so my Cap guy is opening
By bulmagt
and after a year, he is opening to me, sharing things about work (complicated things) that he hasnt mentioned to others»

Synastry Showdown
By LostBull
Which synastry is better with the cancer male? Do not have birth time for either cancer. Fingers crossed, never posted a»

analayze my chart?analayze my chart?
i never had a deep analyze for my chart, especially in the houses (idk wth they are so) so would anyone like to explain


warning: pedo parked outside the cancer board
"Honesty without compassion is cruelty."
I pity people who didn't like 'The Idiot's Lantern'. I always favor the least popular episodes.
Listen to me: Anything can happen and anything can be
tinychat. com / chatdxpne
Ok i lied cops killed this dude i went to highschool with. Rip homie
Why thank you Magenta. _3 I kid, the best of luck to you love.
i love his humble attitude and soothing voice. he's all i can ever think about these days. i wann tell him i love him but i don't wanna scare him away :) so happy he's into me. i wanna be his wife.
Loving the Memorial Day sales...
Miss the days when i used to sleep next to my mom because i wet my bed. :(
Handcuffs and whipped cream
Only a Cap guy would ask you out on a date starting at 10am, bruh I need my sleep lol
i sleep 4 times a day s2g
My hood just got shot up.2 cops and a civilian. Nobody died tho