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by Sassygurl
This libra guy comes back to me always but I dont know where I stand with him. He has V in Scorpio and Mars in libra. He is really sweet, everytime he comes back, we go on so many cute dates. The thing I hate about him though is that he is a little too my
by Geminariescharmer
Am going to japan during the cherry blossom season 花見^^ would be good to have a jap friend
by GetMisted
..With the user above you?
by AybLynk
I wasnt as thorough with this list as I was with the other one. But I think it;s pretty accurate. If there's anything y
by ladylibra21
Ok so my favorite shade of lip stick is a deep plum and if I wear it on the date I notice the guy cant stop starring at my lips and they always say you are so sexy and no I am not on here to brag I a genuinely annoyed because I am naturally a laid back pe
by MiZLeo
Ok..the Virgo who I have not gone on a date with yet (the Navy Commander) text me yesterday telling me he is back in town(he was in Germany) and that he really wants to see me and wants to know when I am available.....I sent him a message early yesterday
by asc_scorp1991
I told him I loved him multiple times He committed Next day I backed away because I thought he wasn't "into me" After that:: He " put his guard up as he is emotionally threatened" ; These are his words. Now I ask him if we can get back t

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How to drive a Leo guy crazy?

How to drive a Leo guy crazy?

I met a very attractive Leo guy over the internet. We have a lot in common and he is the perfect, romantic gentleman I have wished for (top bad we live too far away from each other). He is planning to visit me next year, and I promised I would take him

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You can always tell who the strong women are.. They are the ones you see building one another up, instead of tearing each other down
bishes be like: I can't make this guy jump through my hoops therefore I hate him
I hold nothing but pure hatred for you... You will pay..
addicted to syd tha kyd.
Not doing well at all.