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by exxtasyx
Which one is it and why? I think Leo's because they're too nice. Sagittarius is very smart which makes them a threat and Aries is so power hungry.
by retrogradexy
Hello Jekyll and Hydes, How are you all feeling lately? Do you feel more gem than usual?
by Vixen2
One thing I can say is that people who are Scorpio or who have lots of Scorpio placements- you deal with a huge amount of soul seeing pain throughout your life, with Pisces next in line. How do you do it folks? do you pick yourself back up by the
by CG04
Hi everyone, this is my first post on this site, but I have been a long time lurker. I recently decided to post because I have been "seeing" [I am so wary of labels] this Libra guy. So long story short, I am a Cancer, ascendent in Taurus, moon in Scorp
by britneybabe26
Do Cancer men have sex or get into bed and just fool around with anyone or do they need to earn your trust?
by Vixen2
I know I'm late to the game, the show has been over for awhile now. I just binge watched all 7 seasons on Netflix in like 4 days. Holy wow...great show. I'm so sad there won't be anymore. Anybody who watched have any thoughts of what astrological sign
by Impulsv
I got to know this person sign!!! . So basically a year ago ever single lady was talking about this new employee. even heard married Taurus boss drool over him n and female director stopping by visiting just to talk. Anyhow I moved to my new building th
by exo
anyone ever played? i wonder if we could think of a system to play it here. :)

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just binge watched all 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Holy butter...great show! I miss it already. Need a new one. Maybe Narco's next....
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Another season decays.
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Your imperfections make you perfect
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My babies. I love my beautiful Lion Kings and Queens ❤❤
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How I feel atm
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