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by TrueFantasy
Do you relate to them as well?
by Aggrippina66789
I like zuska light ....alicia marie ..(her body is AMAZING!) Trying to get motivated takes a while for that to wind up!
by YourFavoriteDXPMember
I realize that DXP is a toxic wasteland filled to the brim with human garbage, but this board shall serve as a reminder to all that quality Cancers really do exist. Wherever you are this Valentine's Day weekend, please know that some of us really do mi
by Gem20Redux
Thoughtful and endearing, or just possessive and moody? Your thoughts, observations, options, as well as experiences with such people are welcome :).
by CopperDove
A friend of mine asked me what astrologers say about comets. Any opinions on this? I had never run across information on their potential effect, so I searched online and found this article:
by VanillaExt
OK, so first and foremost I'm a night owl. I usually stick to 2 am to 10 am as my sleeping hours but some nights I may be up working on papers or what have you. I've noticed throughout my life when I have ran into fights or emotional outbursts that this i
by GalOnTheCusp
The three times I've been with the Cancer guy I am interested in, I get sick. As in, actually physically stomach sick. Not that long after we say goodbye, I get violently ill (TMI)... and it happens for days. I usually lose weight, have no appetit
by DustDevil

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Coolest games on mobile?

Coolest games on mobile?

Hi guys:) Can you tell me the names of some coolest games that i can play on my cell phone? If you can describe why thos

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what kind of butter are playin'
....And remember that human garbage does not mesh well with quality human beings. That is all.
don't know which is better, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Kill-Zone Family Chickens
@xxxAliciaxxx you're going to feed me too, right?
I like them extra hot spicy and crisp, with the skin on, cleaned up