Pisces Male and Libra Female?
By adwand2k
So I recently matched online with this woman, and we share a mutual friend. Me and this Libra haven't really spoken dire»

This fish bites
By Fins101
This is a post for the fish swimming around here, the signs Im mentioning Im not exactly hating or saying your all bad I»

Gemini rising and sense of humour...
By starlover
Two of the funniest people I know have Gemini rising.....one is my son, Scorp sun and the other an ex who has Aqua sun.»

Kim11180560Why do Americans love PB and J?
By Kim11180560
It was my first time to eat "Peanut Butter and Jelly" today and I was wondering why it's so popular with Americans like»

SsupesLeo Sun and Leo Rising
By Ssupes
what are your thoughts on this?»

Another Gas Explosion in NYC
By LetltB
...I'm sure you've all heard or read about the recent one, and there have been some recent small ones prior, and one yea»

thequeasyCapricorn is loyal. Bullbutter. Big time.
By thequeasy
I've been dating many flirty guys from other signs. But I personally think Caps are the worst. You can just tell easily»

13 sign
By Vegetta91
What do you think about it?»

If you could change your Rising sign!
By exxtasyx
If I could change my Scorpio Rising, I'd change it to something softer, like a Libra Rising. I hate how I creep myself o»

Can't upload my profile pic
By AriesLady8
DXP won't let me upload a profile pic on my computer.... so I try uploading it from my phone, and it will upload the pic»

Full moon lunar eclipse in Libra next week?
By spiritofjosh
I posted earlier about me (pisces male) and my current ex (libra female) but what I thought should become a whole new po»

Compatibility vs ConnectionCompatibility vs Connection
Would you rather be with? a.)someone who you are attracted to,and feel a strong connection with that almost feels like


Why follow me to higher ground, lost as you swear I am?
Write the last of 5 chapter exams in Abnormal Behaviour this morning! ~ sigh and a yay~
Seriously, Duncan?
What's the latest with you?
Liquid Love
Sipping cappuccino, staring at the sparkling sea ~ lucky lucky me. :~)
received kinda good news.
this girl had a tramp stamp of the taurus glyph. i think i'm going to take a picture of it next time during doggie and make it my avi!
Hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages
druuunnnkk nvm what. i said. white guys are generous :) aabb
Girl jeans are so weird.. Why are the pockets so shallow?
i think it's official. i no longer am attracted to white guys. trapped myself in a date with one n now all i can think of is going home #(
Yay, romz! Babies are always such a delight. So cute!