Maria I'm Drunk - Trav Scott, Bieber, YoungtHug
By aquaboy84 i love this song»

Real Humour
By theDomino Most just won't understand...»

By capricornmoon
Who the hell is loving them? Cause they cray cray»

aquaboy84Aug 30 - Scienctists Proves Consciousness Moves To
By aquaboy84
Learning Mind| A book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the»

dixieYour favorite beer
By dixie
Mine used to be Redds Apple ale..spiked with fireball whiskey Until I discovered. ..Not Your Father's Root Beer So»

And The Fiddler Played His Fiddle And They Danced
By MrFirebird

RatedXMercury Sign Compatibilty
By RatedX

Love this quote
By KaptainKhaos
“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” - Margaret Atwood»

RatedX something pointless and dumb
By MrFirebird

My husband cheated on me..
By Virgo21
I am sobbing and crying every day, I am on the verge of insanity. Please give me advice how to deal with this. We have»

SZA (singer): is anybody on here fond of her?
By Reyvick
She's a Scorpio sun, with a Cancer moon and a Scorpio Venus. I don't know her rising sign because her natal chart is not»

Getting over allergies.Getting over allergies.
I'm super allergic to cats but I really want to adopt a black cat. :( I did have one when I was 15 and eventually my


"The world I love, the tears I drop, to be part of the wave can't stop. Ever wonder if it's all for you..?"
You can teach people something just by being yourself.
:) i'm smiling back at you
Happy birthday satanmad! B) x
Put duct tape over your mouth. You're treetrunking annoying.
He sees passion in her gray eyes, and it scares him as all passion scares him, his own included.
Love is a quiet solitude shared between two
Venus rx conjunct Mars in Leo :O
Stop posting if you don't like what people have to say.
When words fail, music speaks.
How in the hell do you begin to be friends with your arch-enemy! Damn therapist pushing for the impossible!
Sun in Gemini activate 🔥
definitely not just you