i really like the cardinal energy these days
By strudel
idk about you guys but i've reconnected with so many friends from the past. i also feel like planning things more. takin»

Why do taurus cut people off?
By heartlocket
This boy. He is ignoring me at school. He used to give me attention, but lately he won't say hey to me or acknowledge me»

Do Aries get easily offended?
By Sn1p3r187
Well I have a good friend at my job and she's a really great person to be around with. But she's has this issue where if»

strudelWhat sign you got on tap?
By strudel
:D Could be asc, sun, moon, mars, venus, chinese sign etc...»

MetaphysicalreciprocityA letter that will never be sent...
By Metaphysicalreciprocity
but had to be drafted for mere catharsis...enjoy taking a peek inside the mind of a Cap. When I first met you, I kne»

TGIF Thread
This is the TGIF thread. Thank God It's Friday. TGIF, so I can lay back this weekend and maybe spend some time with»

aj123Do cancerians mean what they say during full moon?
By aj123
So this is kind of linked to the other thread about the full moon but I remember that a cancerian guy I know, was very f»

By LivingOnPorpoise
How do feel if someone calls you bae? have you ever been called it before? why aren't people more creative nowadays with»

Do sagittarius men cheat?
By C642
I'm in a committed long distance relationship with a sagittarius man and I was wondering in general if sagittarius' chea»

Cancer/Leo cusps in relationship with Cap
By VirgoDragirl
July 20 female (cancer/leo cusps, libra moon, venus gemini, mars aries) in a relationship with male (capricorn sun, capr»

What sign would....
By duchessedenemours
...go to someone they fight with, would demand a truce to stay away from each other and that all insults must stop both»

Do cancerians mean what they say during full moon?Do cancerians mean what they say during full moon?
So this is kind of linked to the other thread about the full moon but I remember that a cancerian guy I know, was very f


And Mr. Ands, I just had me some Toaster Strudel not too long ago and your North Korean ass was no where near attached to it. I'd like to keep it that way, but your username is effecting what used to be one of my fav breakfast products in the morning.
I thought I was in love. But it wasn't love. Better luck next time.
did u imagine yourself being firebunny's maid pvaf? lmao!
Me neither Duch, but your avi's are driving down creep avenue. It's like the Stephard wives met the Hellfire Club and baked them all some viagra brownies.
You know some days I don't feel that great about life. But then I read a thread or two on dxp and I realize my life ain't that bad. LOL.
I don't do well with ultimatums.
Leo Rising Is getting Restless :)
Deadbeat advising other Deadbeats...how is that for LOLs?
Some people really make me laugh! LOL..lonely, depressed ass! Get a REAL life
Happy Friday! ;)
Stop chatting my wife up, treetrunkers!
I'm your showman...
worry is a prayer for chaos in our life.
soulmate got me on tap!