Dominance / Alpha male etc.
By brothertrucker
Are there planetary positions or aspects for this?»

The creepiest "ex"
By Iwill
When out last night, an old thing of mine kept coming over.... URG! :( I was totally hung up on him once, but he used»

Did I screw up with Cancer Male? Help! (LONG)
By MsGaTaurus
Nothing like I have ever felt in my life, 8 months of bliss. I've never felt the type of attention, affection, or love f»

HotbeefyPsychic/Intuitive/Spiritual aspect in Natal Chart
By Hotbeefy
I put it here for people who likes to know if you have higher amount of psychic/intuitive/spiritual since in Astrology i»

Mimi618Capricorn Woman-Gemini Woman friendships
By Mimi618
Hello, any experiences from Cappies with Gemini friendships? Both ladies have Moon and Mars in Virgo too. Thanks i»

Divorce proceedings started and NOW he begs... Con
By HeartOnMySleeveSag
I posted about my soon to be ex husband and the crap he gave me with his Leo mistress. Sagittarius wife here and a week»

GiedFrom one relation to other?
By Gied
How quickly Aqua girl moves from one relation to other? Is she going stay away from new? Is she looking for man replac»

Should I try to go any further?
By heartlocket
So, I really enjoy talking to this amazing Sagittarius. He is so sweet, he is funny and I feel so light and happy aft»

I should've..
By Hotbeefy
Go buy the birth certificate or ask the doctor about my Birthtime. :| I'm now confused that after an hour change afte»

By kindness
So... I have 2 really close friends. We always hang out and do everything together. Well, yesterday, I had sent a few te»

Super Mario Brother smash characters?Super Mario Brother smash characters?
Mine is meta knight.. I've seen pit And solid snake. Anyone else. That is a really great game...on wii


Goodbye lovely freaks :)
'poop' does not deserve the word 'pure' as a descriptor. it's too classy
Nem left at the right time. It's pure butter here.
There's alot of Morons. Everywhere. It's tough to deal with them.
oh my god it's cheese that won't just burn and not melt when you put a lighter to it
Is it just me or is this Twitter?
I've decided not to give the X Virgo an Xmas gift, i feel i've done enough for him this year, if he wants to do something for me, great. If not, that's cool too, but i won't feel pressured to do something for someone i've already done more then enough fo
I'll just smack em with a frying pan. That should do it
Someone finally blocked me! YEEEHAWWW!
I let someone mark their territory
I'm becoming a shoe just like me.
The world makes me sick