Music from the late 90's to early 2000's
By Sn1p3r187
I took this night to listen to some old music from maybe between 1996 to around 2003. And after listening to it for a bi»

My daughter just asked me if she was pretty
By sweethearts
I said no, you are beautiful. She is in fact, she is pretty to look at and also has a very loving nature and that has be»

stevie wonder
By firebunny
I believe there is a need to put up a thread to the wonder that he was. Lovely, relaxing music, always making my day bet»

afteryesterdaycluelesscancer who is your choices?
By afteryesterday
2blackindian3 or capinc? we want know»

strudelBelated Happy Birthday LeRoman!!!
By strudel
I'm late by a few days but you said birthday weekend so I assumed it was on the weekend and for that I'm early. :D»

By aquansidenout
I detest passive aggressive people who pretend nothing is wrong when it is either written all over their face or their b»

cancerconfusedhelp help help
By cancerconfused
Hi all! I'm a cancer female was dating a cancer male for 7 months. Never really argued,had a exclusive relationship a»

By aime7
Is that so?»

positive thing about cancer sign ?
By muwik
First of all. Im sorry for my english and the title. I know its rude.. I want to be straight today, direct. What a»

The Taurus weakness
By Sn1p3r187
TAR TAR SAUCE!!! They hate the butter. They hate it so bad that if their body ingests it. They'll explode with the force o»

To all the Virgo & Aries rising women...
By PotHeadVirgo24

Still UnpluggedStill Unplugged This line from Liz Green's zodiac shadows .


@CluelessCancer i know things will get better for you. You are the sweetest & toughest lady i know here :). Keep praying, & God will surely come through for u ok. *HUG*
Off to start a much needed, long weekend... Hopefully, it will cure what ales...
It seems like everyday i'm getting b!ttereed on. I need to leave this job ASAP.
Leo sun, mars & mercury. Life is a war!
It's been a rough two weeks, the last two days, were like a mind treetruk, way too many problems at work, and the home front, but it's just not me, everyone has had fires to put out.
showin' some TEETH!
XD Well, I'm one of those people.
I need few drinks and Its a long Night !
It's an acquired taste le andstrudel, some people find the kimchi off putting! :D
And Mr. Ands, I just had me some Toaster Strudel not too long ago and your North Korean ass was no where near attached to it. I'd like to keep it that way, but your username is effecting what used to be one of my fav breakfast products in the morning.
I thought I was in love. But it wasn't love. Better luck next time.
did u imagine yourself being firebunny's maid pvaf? lmao!
Me neither Duch, but your avi's are driving down creep avenue. It's like the Stephard wives met the Hellfire Club and baked them all some viagra brownies.
You know some days I don't feel that great about life. But then I read a thread or two on dxp and I realize my life ain't that bad. LOL.