Frank Underwood thread
By b1tchcrafts
Francis Joseph “Frank” Underwood (born November 5, 1959) A day before my birthday. x_x (In my head) Frank is th»

What is Venus in Leo, Mars In Virgo Like??
By Moonbutter
Anyone have this combination? Just curious...seems contradictory haha»

By Rabbit
So about 10 years ago, I had a high school friend I hadn't seen in about 10 years come to visit. While we had been good»

DonJohnsonScorpio Rising and anxiety
By DonJohnson
just out of curiosity, do you get anxiety a lot? especially when you see someone you like or have to speak to them?»

krysrenee7What's the truest
By krysrenee7
damn thing you've ever heard about us Aquas? I think it's that we're altruistic, and eccentric yet "I don't give a f»

Well, I did it....
By herlimbicmind
After 10 years of flirting, talking about what-if futures, and adventures I finally told my best friend (male Aquarius)»

krysrenee7If you hit
By krysrenee7
the mega millions, would you still keep the mother or father of your children on child support? Would you feel compe»

"Hi Everyone! This Is My First Post!"
By MrFirebird

Say something nice or nothing at all.
By femmefatale
Due to a lot of negativity and hatred bandied about in these forums, I thought it would be nice to start a compliment t»

Who do I remind you of?
By Jynja

By beautifuldiaster
All aboard... chugga chugga woooo WOOOOO! Ok.. So this is dedicated to my forever curious nature of transits. Here, y»

What's the truestWhat's the truest
damn thing you've ever heard about us Aquas? I think it's that we're altruistic, and eccentric yet "I don't give a f


The flesh covers the bone and they put a mind in there and sometimes a soul,
I don't know why I bother....:/
Capricorn chick dating corny Virgo, but she really want me, well I know Capricorns are obsess with us Cancers, maybe Ima get head before they get married
"The ego is not master in it's own house" - Sigmund Frued
Congratulations Twinks!!
Well SWEET JESUS! Congratulatiosn, Twinks!!! :D
From now till the 7th, birthdays abound. I had better get to shopping
Best Wishes, Twinks! :)
these baby steps will eventually add up, fingers crossed :)
Congrats Twink! I wish you and your husband all the best :)
Congrats Twinkle. In your face Satori.
Congrats, Twinks!
I'll appear inactive because Spring is sorta here * crossing fingers* so I'll be more active.
Congratulations Twinkles!!!!!