decipher this..
By lavaliquid
So aqua boy writes on his FB that he saw the most curvy women and made him horny. In my head I'm like F you, I don't lik»

How should I proceed with my Aquarian Man?
By Parasite77
Okay... where do I even begin!!! My Aquarius man is like no other guy I've met.. he's detached yet a commitment seeking»

Synastry between me and this Libra guy
I just did a quick match up on I don't know his actual birth time tho»

estellajonesMissing my Gemini bestfriend
By estellajones
Fell out with my bestfriend a Gemini over something that I didn't say about her and she won't believe, anyway I've left»

virgorillaahow to pull capricorns out of their depression?
By virgorillaa
so i have this friend who is cappie. she wont get over her ex of 2 years. shes so depressed she wont stop talking about»

What house is your sun sign in?
By Gisselle
Question is at the top. For the 12th house Leos : Do you struggle with low self esteem? Do you have a hard time»

SirHornsTolerating Human Weakness (Personality-wise)
By SirHorns
Does tolerance for the stuff come with age? How does one go about gaining more tolerance towards this? I find myself»

Negative scorpio friend ...sigh
By VenusStar
I know one thing she will never be my best friend. The only reason wren friends now is through my own fault . Met her at»

Do any of you scorps wish you weren't a scorp ?
By Tinxy
Title says it all.... I know I'm regretting being born one right now. My grandmother , father and brother are all»

Aries Sun/ Pisces Venus Ex
By mickeybear
So I have an Aries ex with Pisces Venus and Aries Mars sending me mixed signals. We broke up a couple of months ago beca»

Synastry between me and this Libra guySynastry between me and this Libra guy
I just did a quick match up on I don't know his actual birth time tho


People are terminating their accounts, like rats leaving a sinking ship. It's sad.
Our *Millennial* kid won a film making award tonight-so proud of him and his generation _3
Romz, r u leaving, Bae?
It's been grand everyone...thanks for all the fun. ♡
As of today, I would suggest offensive Leos stay off the treetrunking Aries board. GTFO!
When a grown man sits in a princess bed.
Ex virguy can sense my happiness starts texting me the usual excuses bye not this time!
Long, sullen silences and an occasional punch to the face.
How many times have to click Delete Account ,really??
cp, someone tried to run me off the highway while i was going 75, intentionally, as if we were in bumper cars. all bcuz i wasn't driving fast enough. if people get crazier than that behind the wheel, no thanks. psycho coulda killed me.
got so much money this month
how to punch a virgo- call him dirty.
*~*The avant-garde makes more sense to me*~*