Leo changed from a gentleman to a BABY!!
By applemint_fv
To make this short.. when he was pursuing me, he acted like a man..understanding, forgiving, gives in, sweet, not childi»

Taurus and Predictability
By 18scorpio
Hello! I've often observed Taurans asking "Am I that predictable?" as if it's totally unexpected that someone can jud»

Scorpio guys...
By mintberry
Or Scorpio's in general can answer this. Lets say you got into a fight with a girl you really cared about and cut off al»

spokatYounger Aries man interested or just friendly?
By spokat
I met him 2 mths ago at work. We work in different depts, so I only work closely with him twice a week. In the past mont»

Stihl46Why do scorpios keep coming back
By Stihl46
Hi there I'm new to this forum I'm a Cancer man with a very strange friendship relationship with a Scorpio woman I have»

Same moon and venus
By Curiousram
Is this a nightmare or a fit? Anyone here experience a relationship with the same moon and venus?»

cancergoddess143Prince Albert and I don't mesh
By cancergoddess143
So, aside from me trying to look past our differences given the fact that he is socially awkward and looks to need a goo»

DEVA JU..... had it ,it was weird!
By ReddmannScorch
Man it was a trip i actually finished the ladies words. I realized it when i told her to stand over there and it hit me.»

What if..?
By AquaFox
What if we didn't know one another's sign? Would we still see that person any different from another? I have seen so»

TV Shows
By CluelessCancer
What you watching? Me Scandal How to get away with Murder Gotham»

Anyone reading the gospels? I'm starting to read the Gospels because I'm intrigued by the Syria war and it's so close to


Apparently, i'm a unicorn...
Haters gon' hate. Potatoes gon' potate.
these ads are blasphemy. they keep screaming at me
Opps I mean his TOEFL exam, i really hope he passes it.
Gemini men really get me...I love how open they are!! Very open and talkative they love to have fun!! So soft and mushy!! Adorbz!
Anyone who's voting for the rap battle (round 1 battle 1) on the miscellaneous board has until the timer hits zero on my profile to PM me their selection. Either Sn1p3r187 or FVME(Lucciferi). Who won???
>__ hey guys!
Hai BFF!!!!!
Welcome back, Roman. :)
Welcome to the jungle.... back in black
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
In the absents of our faith, we will soon come around. Find the time to build our strength, then come back safe and sound.
M-m-m-m-m-m, he still makes me feel like I'm on cloud 9!! He keep me occupied
Voy a iniciar una nueva aventura. Adios.