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by Magenta_Azure
Any fishes on antidepressants? And smoking weed? I just got prescribed some. I'm still in denial. Haven't taken any cuz I don't wanna treetrunk myself up. :(
by TrueFantasy
And how do you like your AC? Do you relate to it? I also wanna see which AC pops up on this thread the most.
by Crabra
Holy butter! I don't know if it lasted 60 seconds or 60 minutes. treetrunk! Do you guys have to conquer everything?1?! Mind = blown My ass = dominated That is all... B-) :-*
by YourFavoriteDXPMember
With all this BS talk about "women are the same as men," and other such crap, I would like to know why women are excluded from mandatory military service. Think about it. If women can run around saying that they are the same as men, why not make fed
by leorisingpiscesmoon
Having a conversation with my friends and the question came up about plus size women and one of the guys said plus size women are the easiest targets for manipulation, cause they will never get a date? So men what do you think?
by HouseCleaning
the democratic people's republic of korea are getting ready for another missile launch
by aquapiscescusp
Love is in the air... YOU can send me your messages (via PM) that you want posted on this thread regarding someone here that you secretly have a crush on. You can include who it's dedicated to (or not) and I will keep the sender anonymous. Let's
by libraprobs4
So you get a gift from a friend whom you've been flirting with (on and off), would you not open it straight away? I gave this Libra man a goodbye gift as he's leaving our workplace. I gave it to him on Thursday. He came to me today apologising he still h

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Pisces Aquarius cusp female Dating an Aries man

Pisces Aquarius cusp female Dating an Aries man

Hey guys need some help I been dating an Aries man for a year and half he the one that told me I was his girlfirend his the one who said I loved you first but it everything was great everything starring to slow down since he got his job outta town Seem li

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breakin' ma fookin' balls QUALITY over treetrunkin' quantity cookiemonsteres
Yeaahhhh smoking da ganja at bob marley festival!
@DonnaElvira77 left so suddenly
I do my best work at night, my thoughts are just clearer...deeper, more in tune with the vibrance of my soul. I wish the night would last longer.
@lunarmaiden Don't we all 😁
I want to lay in bed while you kiss me all over.............