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by msanchez112305
Me: Sun: Libra Moon: Libra Venus: Scorpio Saturn: Libra Him: Sun: Libra Moon: Sangitarius Venus: Virgo Saturn: Sangitarius Hi guys I would like some inside about me and my libra co-worker. He's currently seeing someone and im 5 yrs ol
by Damnata
*shakes fists at layna*
by MiketheScorp
New member here just saying hello to the fellow Scorps and everybody else. I've been lurking and reading for a little while now, just trying to learn a little bit more about US. I've always known that I was a Scorp, but didn't know all the details abo
by silverparakeet
Hello!! My virgo crush and I work together in the same office. We are both 30 years old. So we understand office romance can get tricky however it is not prohibited. I am a leo woman. Ive known him for about 9 months. However, it took me almost 6 month
by lisabethur8 Women really DO find the silent, brooding type sexier: Scientists discover happy men are 'significantly less attractive' But men prefer
by Nirvana707
Wow, looks like they upgraded this place. And I don't know why but I can't upload my treetrunking profile picture. The craziness and the drama is still the same tho hahahah.
by Rambunctious76
Since Ssupes has deleted, I enjoyed his memes thread so much I've decided to continue from where he left off. Show us what you've got!
by Geminariescharmer
Background info: I have this co-worker whom at first i thought was a sag until recently i realised she is a scorp, and found out myself i am a taurus the mutual attraction between us was crazy, mind-blowing i cant describe it with words its like a new

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Eyelashes Smi-lashes!

Eyelashes Smi-lashes!

Im of south east asian descendent so my lashes are mostly straight, thin and not full. I detest wearing fake lashes so is there anything (preferably natural) that I can do to enhance them? Ive been using argan and olive oil alternatively and they do seem


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When you have a moon in Aquarius....
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I'm trying. 0.o What the hell did you traumatize me with?
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@kodak375 go back to sleep!
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alot of em are snakes tryna shed their skin and the friction they make only helps them win
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I woke up to 323 notifications. Blew mine.
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You all disgust me!
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