Your favourite couples celebrity and why?
By lisabethur8
so i've been thinking when i was reading up on celeb history and their background relationships, and also on some astro»

By busyeyes88
I'm gonna put this out there: let have some fun!!! Who do you feel are the sleeziest signs of the zodiac ie the weir»

Relapsing thoughts
By fullwaterpisces
Hey you crabs... You know I've been doing sort of better the past weeks trying to adapt to change (ex best friend not lo»

JJMIt's hard out there for a libra pimp!
There was this film shooting near my house and my mama made me buy something at the store. Suddenly the director yells "»

88akkaScorpio-SAG Cusp Man
By 88akka
Tell me everything you guys know about this combo? I believe he has a Gemini moon.... He better be a loyal Gemini m»

Let's see how this works
By Cataleya
Tell me what you think about these two charts Libra Rising sign- sag Sun-libra Moon-gem Mercury- Scorpio V»

beautifuldiasterWhat Decan are you?
By beautifuldiaster
Each sign has it's own decan, depending on where the date of your birthday falls. Pretty sure it pertains to birthda»

Insight on a scorpio man
By sclark151501
What am I supposed to do when it seems like my partner, a scorpio man, is passive aggressive, doesn't communicate with m»

The break up thread
By MelEleven21
How do you other scorps out there get through a bad break up/divorce? I'm separating from my husband (he's a cancer-»

Flowing Water was right lol..Aqua Man silent modeFlowing Water was right lol..Aqua Man silent mode
So I was totally here singing a tune about this connection with my Aqua Male and how awesome and intense it is. Literal


feelings for him anymore or should i just waited him out?????? and to add he visits all of my pages online why if he doesnt want me???
we pay our debts sometime.
ahhh cap men... you guys are rad.
I love being called intolerant when speaking out against the aids infested homos soon enough if u speak out against pedophiles youll be called intolerant as well, you wait, it's comming
Tact & Courtesy
Let that city spit you out
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Feeling like a king again! Whoop!
I have a crush on meek mill
I have met this guy about 2 weeks ago he is a 21 year old libra man and I'm a 32 year old gemini.. The first week the conversation was great and not to mention he is very attractive.. Well we need up going out the first week.. We had a few drinks he talke
"Being a visionary is a blessing and a curse. You're blessed to see things other people aren't able to see but you're cursed to sit in it alone."
I love me enough for the both of us...
In life I would like to do exactly what my heart wants and not what my ego is asking for. Once I master that I know that life will become more fulfilling. I wish I knew real techniques on how to do that?