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by leorisingpiscesmoon
Having a conversation with my friends and the question came up about plus size women and one of the guys said plus size women are the easiest targets for manipulation, cause they will never get a date? So men what do you think?
by Reincarnation
Does anyone else notice that Virgo women have very deep voices? Not girly like Taurus and Pisces.
by canmini
yes I see her but she don't say hello no more, she kept walking by and just being completely indifferent, I guess I did the right thing I just hope that she is not hurt
by Damnata
Let's discuss it here. Scorpios take great pride in their intensity and their stern outlook on life. in reality... the facade?
by canmini
OK I'm not good with Capricorns women, I mean we are great friends but I have never really knew how to make them stay interested on a romantic level, but I do know this one Capricorn girl that is single and I'm thinking about hooking her up with my friend
by trustissues000
today is his birthday and I was wondering all day if I should say anything.... he never really tells me happy birthday. lol. so i didn't say anything but then just now he texted me and asked to hang out tonight!! Finally!! then I said yes and of course he
by Shaniajam
Scorpio moon, Leo sun. The past couple of days I felt like he's been ignoring me... He would call but when I asked for alone time or for a special request (he would be around people so it would be short) he would say e would call me back ans didn't but wh

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There are some really great blogs on the web =) #grateful
How do you highlight and make a sentence or letters bold on here?
tidal is not working and I cant hear Pablo..
sneeky treetrunker
Only in astrological language though.
KRS will tell you your gay
Black holes matter. Cause black holes marry. #GravitationalWaves