Turn off
By pinkrose
Leo my loves , I have a leo I am dating but i would like to know what turns you off , and makes you shut down in a»

Aries and trust
By Noreallynow
How do you know if someone is trustworthy? What causes you to not believe someone or act like you dont, when you know th»

Scorpio Woman and Sag Man?
By ladolcevita
Can anyone give me a general idea of what to expect with this coupling? I've been reading that Saggitarius are actually»

sonofthunder"The one that got away"
By sonofthunder
I wonder how many of these "ones that got away" were crab people. I have one, she moved away in early June..I'm stil»

SirHornsPsst...Spiritual Folk
By SirHorns
Being always possitive, speak softly and kindly, not being sexual (or sensual), giving money to charity, not drinking al»

Strong Synastry aspects
By PVandJellay
http://www.cafeastrology.com/synastry.html Opinions? I'm definitely a fan of moon conjunct descendant. :D»

FlowersMalaysia1Make your love warm with the gift of flowers
By FlowersMalaysia1
Express your best love and affection to the person you love and admire with the beautiful essence of Flowers. Send Cheap»

Is this gonna work? Newbie here in astrology!
By Scorpy76
Ok yes I'm the newbie here. Damnata where you at? I finally got my boyfriends natal chart. The last post I posted was wh»

More serious = Less lovey dovey?
By PrincessOfLight
I noticed something with my Gemini boyfriend. At the beginning, it was very flirty and he called me cute names often. We»

Just found out
By Curiousram
My old female cat is a cancer and boy is she moody and catty haha»

Pepsi and pickled onion crisps for breakfast, oh joy!
5 bee stings today. 1 was inside my ear, 1 was on my eye. cry for me argentina.
I see so many people with this stupid face tattoo, the black teardrops. I know you ain't a criminal!
Dig through the ditches, And burn through the witches I slam in the back of my Dragula Do it baby, Do it baby Do it baby, Do it baby
Buzzing from caffeine overload...
So apparently updating your browser helps.... Fewer crashes here = a happier me
So, yeah.
I was saying that about veggie burgers, for this entire summer now...
decaf coffee is like wearing a condom. BLEH!
The possibilities are endless :)
Discontinued account. Moving over to GuardianAnu.
Pumpkin pie latte is back! I guess it's the beginning of the fall...
my job makes me want to treetrunking drown kittens. holy hell.
Obsessed with Death and Sex...you should be too.