Tattoo Studio in Jaipur
By ramulanka

Did I blow it?
By kalin
I met a virgo guy about a week ago. He found me online. We went on 3 dates within a week. Every time we saw each other h»

Help! this coming eclipse is freaking me out!
By spiritofjosh
I posted the other day but it was somewhat vague, now I can specify a little better on what is driving me crazy. I'm bas»

LeoCancer98Venus & Mars in 1st house
By LeoCancer98
Would having Cancer Venus & Mars in the 1st house add Libra/Aries Rising characteristics to my personality?»

mgmtloveVenus sqaure Mars in the natal chart?
By mgmtlove
Anyone have this?How does it affect you?How would you describe it? I have my venus in gemini and my mars in virgo? I'm»

By crabRiot
Why would a man go back to his ex girl?»

cancerdreamer9Spiritual lessons of each zodiac sign
By cancerdreamer9
The spiritual lessons each zodiac sign has for us to learn. Aquarius-To detach Pisces-The unspoken,to embrace the unsp»

Sex during pregnancy
By crabRiot
Do you believe its okay to still engage in freaky sex during your pregnancy...with the baby daddy of course.. Blowjobs,»

How do I get guys to respect me?
By mgmtlove
This is really tiring. I work hard. I dress modestly. I don't get it/ I've had two guys claim they were interested in m»

Aries Birthdays approaching
By AriesLady8
My fellow Aries When it's that time of year and your birthday is approaching, do you feel extra beautiful or in a rea»

Christianity comes from the Feminine Signs
By DualNaturedII
i was at my school today and this guy said to me weed is bad ( referencing my wallet ) . i said we all do what we gotta»

Aries lesbians!? No, never would I have guessed!
deep quantum healing.
I'm going to beat the life out of the hamster if it doesn't pick up the damn pace!!! >:(
oh i can breathe again... finally another rewarding job! happy as a clam :-D
we are all residing in our own private little universe.
@Magenta_Azure tomorrow is a new day :)
really bad day /:
Just one of those daysss*drycry*

Taurus mars thought so too. It was wrong.
"It might work this time around." - Aries Moon Motto
Getting paid to learn, couldnt be in a better place rn. Unless... Well nvm lol
hng old arctic monkeys tunes!