Who likes to dance?
By Hotbeefy
Do you like to dance? If so, in what kind of dance do you like? Or are you dancing in freestyle? Plus if you don't lik»

Why if someone likes you would they be afraid to
By cancerdreamer9
be alone with you? I still can't figure this one out. Ever since I met a friend who liked me,he would always be afraid t»

Node Question
By hollyhock
I know we move towards our North Node in life, but after we reach the NN, do we then move back towards the South Node or»

Stihl46Oh I like karma
By Stihl46
The Scorpio I'm friends with will get what she deserves to her on a silver platter she tree trunked with me gets what sh»

hollyhockCap Compatability
By hollyhock
I notice Caps are generally involved with signs closest to their own. Either other Caps, Aquas, Sags, Scorp, or Pisces.»

Sag Women???
By AL4813
Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the Sag (too damn lazy to spell it out) board. Do you find yourselves unable to»

b1tchcraftsLOL miss daisy's tho
By b1tchcrafts
Damn little old white ladies are the biggest trolls tho. My step dad is African and he is an uber driver on the side so»

Sun Square Mars in Synastry
By iosaturnalia
Anyone had a successful relationship of any kind with a Sun Square Mars aspect between two charts or is it just doomed t»

Kurt Cobain & Andrew Shue.
By risesafterall
how are these two guys born on the same day? They are like opposites. What do you think it might be that makes them»

A shout to my love.
By Plutorion
I am 27 year old caucasian male, a pharmacist with a phd, voice actor ( I have a deep, resonating voice but not blurry,»

Node QuestionNode Question
I know we move towards our North Node in life, but after we reach the NN, do we then move back towards the South Node or


The future's bright, the future's orange (with a hefty serving of custard).
gagne ou sois vaincu .. sombre est l'attitude, sombre est l'individu
OMG! Who has the kind of crazy patience required to be an active dxper?! Ants are more exciting to watch, they're faster.
Song for someone
Bish I know guac is extra!!!!!
Aroar means chatdxpnet :)
get on chat. it'll change your life.
how funny and ironic is it... that men hate feminists for issues created by patriarchy. nice going, dickhead.
Thats a negative Roar. LOL
what in the hell is wrong with thus site? i'm thinking about putting in my request to be deleted.
@PVandJelly LOL.. oh, come on! don't you wanna know how to get the best booty?? ;)
I will continue from Scorpio to Pisces tommorow, Dnet too slow today,
Crabflows feel free to skip the Pisces board.