suggest a new username for the person above you
By exoskeleton
go! :)»

Help... I don't understand
By Cmccask1
I'm a pisces female with a Leo moon. I'm new to this whole zodiac thing. I'm always reading post that say pisces are sen»

Your ex-lover now friend says this to you:
By Iwill
"Is there anything in particular you wanna say/talk about?" when you meet up one day in the beginning of this try for a»

FredJMJAudrey Gallagher - Say My Name
By FredJMJ

By Sn1p3r187
Okay so if I say "I hate all cats and believe they're the most markeric animals that ever lived". Does that make me a s»

29° help???
By littlebird24
I have Pluto in Scorpio in 29.08° its also in Retrograde I have Mars in Leo in 29.36° I also have Sagittarius in the»

FredJMJNatalie Gioia - My Heaven
By FredJMJ

Triple LEO ♌ ♌ ♌
By Montgomery
♌ ♌ ♌ Please weigh in, all ye who have a good feel for Astrology. Especially if you know someone who has»

If Satan is a man ....
By P-Angel
.... then why is he so powerful? If Satan is not a man, then this Christian god isn't the only deity. So, how can»

Draconic Astrology
By SirHorns Anyone else look at their chart? Draconic makes me has happy. 4 Le»

What's the latest with you?
Dream within a dream, fall in too deep until you can no longer wake up.
My co-workers is celebrating her birthday 2morrow. She's Indian.@ 10:30 PM she's sending me a message saying the theme is Indian-"Anything Indian".No time.I'll just draw a red dot on my forehead & make it look like I made effort
Now you are finished!
Like no other You can't be replaced.
Tensions are rising and I need you now.
Found the first egg laid by my chickens!
Anyone a cap moon??? I have a few questions for you!
I feel like a million bucks but my money don't really feel like I do.
Stay Positive
Passion Aggression.
looking for a stencil artist to draw me a sybian pattern.
Soon I will be VERY rich!! Monte Carlo, here i come ~~~~ :D
OMG, we have a new reality show! They are looking for someone to play Shaka Zulu. I'm sensing A LOT of guys with 6 packs will be auditioning. Will watch :P Love me some African men is shape due to IMPI