By Satorii

Anything interesting about this chart?
By virgounicorn
Hi! Could anyone read this chart for me? Tell me a it about it if something is interesting etc..»

The Scorpio Life
By Scorpio579
Any scorpios struggling through life right now? I feel like I am this month, more than ever before... :(»

alexanderbluntAny virgos with scorpio MC?
By alexanderblunt
Hows that going for ya?»

By Delia
Libra added me today with a new qq messenger id trying to play game and pretending is not him and trying to get probably»

Sexual taboos
By Huldra
Came across this article (NSFW to click if around minors) http://www.askmen.com/dating/vanessa/57_love_secrets.html W»

ImpulsvOh nooo I went shopping rather than ....
By Impulsv
Hate me but opted on Mk than mariah carey concert tix which my freinds are at. Lol»

Cute _ 3
By Prince_Pisces
Make way for ducklings. Literally. The waterside walkways of England and Wales get tons of foot traffic as it is, bu»

trying to read charts here....any help?
By GeminiGem
im Gemini he is Virgo 06/02/1983 Aspect 09/17/1982 Orb/Value Sun Square Venus 0.03 -318 Venus Trine Ma»

Am I nuts as a Libra if am too devoted to my Guy
By Pixiecircle
Too devoted to the point that I take everything every tantrum with patience cos I love him, even though he broke up with»

oh no! i went shopping when my rent is due!!!
By daydreamer22
Omg i went shopping to the gap. I rlly needed sandals for the summer because flats are a big no no, and i ended up spend»

How many times have to click Delete Account ,really??
cp, someone tried to run me off the highway while i was going 75, intentionally, as if we were in bumper cars. all bcuz i wasn't driving fast enough. if people get crazier than that behind the wheel, no thanks. psycho coulda killed me.
got so much money this month
how to punch a virgo- call him dirty.
*~*The avant-garde makes more sense to me*~*
so unmotivated lately. need a push, maybe a kick.
Creepypants - Drive in Iowa sometime. lol As bad as CO drivers are, Iowans are even worse. Chicago is right up there too.
@creepy, when we're driving through Germany, I can always recognize another Danish driver before I can see their license plate; they're the worst drivers with the Polish coming in a close second!
stressed over not being stressed
I can't lie, I'm devastated did everything for my virguy. He's so cold.
I'm so tired.
Film Festival Fever :)
Happy birthday moroulini mou ;)
Uuuugggh! So sleeepie