So confused....Does this cancer man like me or not
By scorpio2447
I am a Scorpio and I like this Cancer man a lot. We used to hang out 10+ years ago. He had a gf and I had a bf. We recon»

Cap Sun/Virgo Moon
By StillWater
Sun Capricorn 28.04 Moon Virgo 8.04 Mercury Aquarius 1.58 Venus Sagittarius 11.14 Mars Aries 7.08»

Repetitive Life Events
By Caplove
Has anyone had the same scenario happen on more than one occasion? When the same event keeps happening, I often wonder i»

DemQour75%-80% same placements in the Chart
By DemQour
What if you and someone else were to have different sun, moon, and mercury signs, but have the same signs in the other p»

Sn1p3r187Broken Clock
By Sn1p3r187
Does anyone think it's true Caps age in reverse? I mean I've noticed it to a small extent. But for me I think the clock»

Is it doomed!?
By SweetPiscesGrl
I am a sweet, dreamy pisces girl. It was love at first sight for me and a strong, manly Capricorn. PERFECT yin/yang go»

VenusStarHow should I answer this interview job question?
By VenusStar
I was fired from a corporate job because of a technicality but the real reason is because I didn't get along with my bos»

what is going on here?!
By Nemesis
harsh chart or what? what is this energy about? thanks in advance. if further details are required, i can provide.»

Me leo Bf Virgo
By gigian
we broke up 4days ago but we still have a communication after the break up he told me that we can stay the same and that»

CluelessCancer goes to Hollywood! Congratulations!
By CyberCrab»

What are Geminis like? (especially males)What are Geminis like? (especially males)
My son is turning one in about a month, and the more personality he shows the more I am interested in his chart. His sun


i really want chocolate pudding
Trying to decide on the yoga sequence I want to do... think I'll do the Earth sequence. It's Taurus season!
Need to get the beginning balances right and ready soon. I hope the next program is much better than the last or it's worthless
Going to the ball game on Sat...with my BFF Cancer and his parents. This should be interesting.... lol
All together now!!!
Damn... Judge Mathis is off the chain right now.
Nothing but cat traps (no puns intended) on the virgo board lately....
Woke up with gum in my hair, how did that happen... Time to find some scissors :p
Learning to put in trust in God above all
i have to go home 'cause i'm real tired you see but i hate sleeping alone, why don't you come with me
Learning to put in trust in God above all