DXP: what sign does this remind you of???
By AL4813
Im sure this brings back that one ex.»

Jumping the Gun
By truecap
Why is it so many women get caught up in the future of a relationship instead of experiencing the relationship for what»

question other pisces men
By fishinamaize
what makes a woman stand out to you? what makes you decide that SHE's the one you want to go after?»

firebunny90s Rock Songs
By firebunny
The more I go through with life, the more I discover how fascinating the rock songs from the 90s! Just lately, I discove»

ChaelDate with a Virgo
By Chael
But i got a cut on my weiner. :D :D :D I haven't had a virgo in yearsss so I'm thinking i should just play through th»

Tips to get a man to leave you instantly
By RainDancer88
Tips include: text him pretty wedding dresses. while out shopping, drag him to the jewelry department and show him»

HuldraMemory hoarding
By Huldra
How much do you remember? How much do you hoard? How often do you zone out into it?»

How do you decide?
By ombrerose
To spend your time on? (I know most people will spend time on DXP but that's beside the point) Let's say you are a»

Why do scorpios keep coming back
By Stihl46
Hi I'm new to the forums I'm a Cancer man with Taurus moon I have a strange friendship with a Scorpio girl she has a vir»

Jeffrey Dahmer
By lisabethur8
Cruelty in a man's chart: http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Jeffrey_Dahmer Born: May 21, 1960, 4:34 PM in: Milw»

Thank you Novena
By Aisling10
I'm am so grateful to St Jude and Jesus for answering my novena AB»

Younger Aries man interested or just friendly?Younger Aries man interested or just friendly?
I met him 2 mths ago at work. We work in different depts, so I only work closely with him twice a week. In the past mont


So after a 6 month journey, and promises made I had to do this all by myself... The thing is, I did, now it is on to the next chapter.
i hate it when someone complains about their friends bragging and then go and do the exact same thing. Success isn't something unique to you. Get over yourself.
going to bed early coz tom my 1st virgo in years!
Sorted my compact mirror problem. Now life can move on.
and matoes are gonna mate...
Apparently, i'm a unicorn...
Haters gon' hate. Potatoes gon' potate.
these ads are blasphemy. they keep screaming at me
Opps I mean his TOEFL exam, i really hope he passes it.
Gemini men really get me...I love how open they are!! Very open and talkative they love to have fun!! So soft and mushy!! Adorbz!
Anyone who's voting for the rap battle (round 1 battle 1) on the miscellaneous board has until the timer hits zero on my profile to PM me their selection. Either Sn1p3r187 or FVME(Lucciferi). Who won???
>__ hey guys!
Hai BFF!!!!!
Welcome back, Roman. :)