Advice for a young business professional.
By Tonyisland
I am 23, will be 24 on the 12th of this month. I work for a construction company in a position I love. I wake up for wor»

Hair color
By Curiousram
I wanna change up my appearance and would like some suggestions on hair colors. Do you think i could pull off darker hai»

signs he likes me?
By daydreamershine
We work together and our connection is so deep. Hes always tries to stay around me. Ive heard hes had something with thi»

leo500Fixed signs and Cardinal signs relationships
By leo500
I see very often these pairs. Specially long term relationship, but often they do not last. I see a lot of Aquas with»

StreetAstrologistwhy would a leo
By StreetAstrologist
want to get back with his ex girlfriend especially if that girl hurt them, and they have plenty other options..even as a»

Do you do Bath Salts everyday?
By cilantro

CappedoffPisces sexuality
By Cappedoff
How would you say Pisces (men) are sexually? I've read so much that Pisces are skilled lovers, empathetic to the need»

Reading family dynamic from chart?
By Avd512
Can anyone give me some insight into my family dynamic from these signs? Dad: Rising - Taurus Sun - Cancer Moon»

Saudade of the twin souls
By Cappedoff
Quiet thunder of my heart Electrify the bliss of my soul Connect the portals to heaven Through which the soul’s lov»

Trust the dog's instinctsTrust the dog's instincts
I always wondered where this came from, I know that dogs are best friends and all but they can't be always right How d


I feel angry. With whom, I do not know. At what, I have no idea. I am simply filled with rage. The kind that doesn't inspire violence against another. No. I just want to curl up into a ball...and cry till it's over.
A voice not heard will stop speaking. If so, you might miss out on something important...
Turkce konusan biri var mi burda? Eger varsa, bana PM atsin.
You tell em I'm coming, and Hell's coming with me!
Happy birthday Kodak, hope you had an amazing day!@Femmefatale thankyou for the birthday shout out mama.
Silence is golden. However, duct tape is silver and very reasonably priced.
Pisces are some of the funniest people alive oh my goodness.
Wedding Crashers is da shizzle
im like "who are these people" each time a user change their prof picture, I suck at remembering usernames. im getting old.
Happy 4th of July to everybody in the US of A!
Yeah, i wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me anymore
Happy Birthday to me =) Love you guys enjoy your 4th of july