Each signs board...
By SuperMissMan
Tell me if you guys agree with this. I was taking a peek at each of the signs boards and they're all completely differen»

Sag man distant for a few weeks
By sole2
My sag and I have been together almost 5 months now. He was incredible at the beginning, I fell so hard so fast. He was»

How much sex?
Are you having per week? People in relationships and single folk are welcome to answer ...you can put your venus and mar»

aquapiscescuspMore than friends...
By aquapiscescusp
If you were friends with someone for 5 years + and realized at some point there was more to it than friendship and both»

By kls1111
Our Lady loves us and always stands ready to assist us, just ask Her. Say this prayer once, and then publish right awa»

libra man issues
By jane85
I'm a libra woman and i met a libra man 3 months ago.We had been dating since then but he would disappear without callin»

SuperMissManWhat sign do you WISH you could be?
By SuperMissMan
I wish I were an Aries. I really don't like that I'm a Pisces, it's kinda depressing considering I don't get along with»

Why do we "play it cool?"
By RainDancer88
Seriously, anyone can answer. What do we benefit from holding back on our true feelings? What is to be gained?»

Scorpio Man & Pieces Female ~~~ Advice/ Open Forum
By Scorpio1288
I'm currently in a relationship with a Pieces female that is 10 years older than me. We've been together for about 3 yea»

Cancer back to the ex...
By MissGemmi
Ok. So it seems as if, the Cancer female I was dealing with, has gone back to her ex. It's a conclusion based on her sta»

Happy Birthday, DarkFire!Happy Birthday, DarkFire!
Best wishes, and even though you've already got everything you could possibly want, a little extra never hurts. ;)


Theme of today: Tweet - "Oops (Oh My)".
Mars is spinning around in my 8th house,I feel kinda dizzy!! :)
Rated R....Reckless, Restless, Rarely Relaxed.
would rather be sleeping or day dreaming than working today! /sad face
Sitting at work day-dreaming again.
"trying to hear above the noise"
the Hidden Colors series are really an eye opener
Going for my first U/S today!! woohoo! I'm so excited
Half ass efforts are worse than no efforts. It's like you're insulting my standards.
Dear DXP women: don't chase after non committal lovers, have some dignity and self worth for heaven's sake!
everyone can keep their panties on, xv isnt deleting. hes threatened a million times, its just.more attention whoring and poor me since GC gave him the kabosh cough cough loveseeker wants his profile views to go up
off to be Delta waves eating me alive
Is the week over yet?
Noooo!!! Don't do it Xv, the science threads will go :(