If you can pick a sign to take over the world with
By Kim11180560
Which one would it be? Im a Virgo so Id pick a Cap!! for sure :)»

Older Scorpio woman, younger Sagittarius man
By MaggieJean
Hi everyone, this is my first post. Please be gentle! ;) I'm an older Scorpio woman who participates in the same sport»

Watch: You Might Learn Something
By MrFirebird
You Might Not. Your Choice.»

Taurus1981How to know if a capricorn has called it quits
By Taurus1981
So I met a capricorn back in December actually dec. 23rd to be exact...funny thing is I had absolutely no intentions in»

lucielovelessCap girls?
By lucieloveless
I like him guys... It's like we're drawn to one another. I can't exactly put my finger on why. We're like vibrating at t»

what wrong with us
By crabflows
OK I don't know if it is a Cancer thing, but I'm so freaking sick of it, the reason why I joined dxpnet was because of t»

WhatuCarl Sagan's Cosmos.
By Whatu
Another work by one of my favorite Scorpios, A man with extraordinary vision and a depth of passion that goes to the end»

What is the most challenging natal moon placement?
By duchesslibro
Based on your own chart or observing others? I vote Gemini!»

Any chance of winning her back
By MrFirebird

do you think geminis are freaks
By shaanslife
Anyone else like fisting or spreading and sniffing»

machine gun preachermachine gun preacher
true story based off of Sam Childers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Childers "In the summer of 1992, Childers c


I wish the IT Industry would hurry up and digitize tax accounting already!!
"It rains diamonds on Uranus and Neptune"
Move around...
I saw potential in you from the go, you know that I did.
Damous I haven't done anything on that front for months. Just haven't needed to really.
tofu is wonderful.
Lol@Kanye West and stupid Geminis.
too cute! congrats and I wish you much happiness honey
Yes Lili dear, I did something wonderfully romantic and got hitched! _3
Depressed with too much work, depressed with no work at all..
twinks! I missed something?! whats happening chicken? did you go and get hitched or something wonderfully romantic??? ♥
sister Zaza is making Professor Griff look like a white knight .. LMAO
Tiz, have you gotten any further into 3D modeling?
Its just another self-hating Fire moon who also happens to be Black.