What scares you?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
What are you afraid of? List your top 3 Mine are.. 1. Spiders and insects 2. Snakes 3. Imperfections and love»

Guys - If you saw a used condom in the trash...
By truecap
Curious, guys, if you met up with a girl, went to her place to do the deed, and saw some used condoms in the bathroom tr»

Edm heads
By crimsonxsoleil
I need help finding this song . Can't remember the name , or who sung it. There is no lyrics I just remember the vide»

By crabflows
what does it take for you guys to commit, like be in a marriage and have no need to cheat or leave, and love the marriag»

LustThis Libra is retire
By Lust
Retire from dxpnet😌 I just want to take the time to thank everyone for an amazing experience here. I had learned a l»

capricorn man and aquarius female.
By Gied
Capricorn man and Aquarius woman is possible life together? YES it is! I now lots of couples who lives together, so why»

Sunshine4Leo man is making me crazy
By Sunshine4
Hello everyone! I am new here. I was browsing through the net and thought maybe I could get some advice about the famous»

By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
How do you stay motivated? When your stressed what do you do? When you break up with someone what do you do? W»

What Capricorn male do to attract female he likes?
By Gied
What hi will do?»

Moon in Taurus or Mars in Taurus
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Which would you rather have in your chart? When your moon is Taurus how are you? Do you speak, feel, hear, taste, or»

Liam James is awesome.
By Whatu
This kids has the quiet confidence and the style and the name and the game, He looks good on screen his skin glows . I'm»

Can an Aries love a cap?Can an Aries love a cap?
So I realllllly like this aires .totally sweet very blunt and would/has done anything for me. My dilemma is he's buildin


I wish I could spend Christmas in new york
Sony pulls "The Interview;" freedom of expression takes another hit.
f it
Sagittarius girls have greats personalities, too bad sometimes their looks overshadows their kindness
got a Sagittarius girl giving me gift and she fine
resisting yet secretly asking for more, a taste of my own medicine
Seven million people in the world and there's only one.....YOU!
ugh, i bumped my belly button piercing and it started bleeding
I feel cynical I spent too much talking in the phone to my bitter friend
Tonight the Virgo told me about his uncle. The more he opens himself up the more i fall.
If someone posts the same thread one more time...
Burning out all the lights.