"MaMa's Boyz"
GTFOH!! Why do all the Taurus guys I know say that they are mama'a boys" when they disrespect them too the fullest ..get»

Sag Woman/Cap Man
By saggyrl
Started seeing cap a few months ago. Originally thought it was just going to be a summer fling. I felt it was turning in»

what with this virgo girl?
By kingo
I am a sag and she is a virgo, we known each other for 3 or 4 months…we had a great chemistry and we have lots of thin»

imhere11Natal numbers
By imhere11
What does these numbers mean??? Lets say for instance someone has a: 622 Conjuction Mercury- Jupiter And a:»

OPENEYESAre Capricorn Cops??
I was talking to my friend who is a Capricorn. It appears no discussion is without a plan or purpose, but hey there is a»

The Perfect Cancer Gift
By Chachacha
Female aries here, looking to give my boss a cheap bold gift to show i care.»

RollergirlOrcAre Geminis germaphobic?
By RollergirlOrc
Do gems tend to be germaphobic or is it the virgos and cancers that are afraid of germs. I remember being chewed out by»

Pisces/Scorpio match... brilliant or terrible?
By laeiryn
So, I'm the Pisces with a bucket chart: Moon in Aquarius, Taurus rising (yeah THERE's a fun combo) Mercury - Pisces,»

Gem men folding?
By PrincessOfLight
I have been dating this Gemini man for years but things started getting more serious lately. We talked about having kids»

Wh do people think Pisces Mar placements are weak?
By imhere11
Do people not understand what passive-aggressive means? Thats what a pisces is. I have pisces mars and I am not soft,»

Keep it raw and on-point...sugar-coating is just not my cup of tea.
if you are going to post graphic pictures like that....please provide a warning. not everyone wants to see that!
Read more on the "HORRORS OF ISIS" in the Misc Board.
clooney did it right 30 years of dating softcore actresses then boom, did what his mama probably always told him to do, married a lawyer.
"Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love."
FUXX wit me you KNOW I got it!! What's up DXP fam...its been a LOOONG time..
Is this badmouth Capricorn week or something?
someone please help the pisces girl in the cancer forum.
Taking sneaky extra day of leave.... Hehe
un o'r dyddiau hynny
I don't think this ignoring my health is working out for me anymore. I feel pretty bad. ciao for now.
goodness gracious! who has been a sneaky clickedy little peeper? mwah
Don't try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.
Y tjukutja by Uhuru is still a nice jam. I'm bringing that + Heavy K 2 the desperate indian housewives 2nite. They'll b dancin like black chicks. Saris will fly! Indian theme my arse! Afro House, cookiemonsteres!