Aqua friend.
By Kari28
I've been having an issue with my best friend who's an aqua. We have grown distance for awhile and I think part of it is»

adult topic
By Twodrinkminimum
I'm not sure why/how it happened but I've developed a newfound interest/obsession with oral sex. Up until this point, I»

American Negro Reservations
By MrFirebird
Novel concept. They could govern themselves. A pity that they prefer to be governed by the white man and be so unhappy»

bnr7013Do you consider yourself hard to "get to know?"
By bnr7013
I'm not talking about just spilling your personal stuff but in general - Do you stay pretty distant when someone is tryi»

IwillProtecting others?
By Iwill
Finding myself in a pretty weird situation with my very very old trainer kindof "flirting" with me. I think he is really»

Online Dating
By xMoonMan
I'm sure many of us from dxpland are familiar with online dating, have tried it or know someone who has. I've used it s»

hollyhockAny other 8th house stellium people?
By hollyhock
How is your life affected by the stellium? I have six planets in the 8th house. I am curious as to how others deal with»

Do you think this match will work?
By keeloo
These are our birth charts, first of all. Me: Sun 03°15' Cancer Moon 06°25' Libra Mercury 15°14' Gemini Venus»

Are Geminis pretty upfront?
By christinelovessnickers
Or are they the type to say one thing and really mean another?»

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Saggitarius or Aquarius
By FuzzaMuzza7
Don't worry fellow yin signs, it's our turn now🌍 if you had a shotgun against your head and had to marry one of the»

I'm stuffed and drunk
Ooooh the feeeeelllllllzzzz
Lol i Love when Sherman talks sheet about the 49ers, treetruk the city and their fans. Boo hoo hoo cry me a river.
hey kitty so good if I have it the first time ima feel like putting a ring on her
I need a leprechaun -.-
good morning! @-}--
I hope everybody is having and enjoying a good thanks giving dinner
Almost time to eat :D
ugh sudden anxiety.
happy thanks giving
He's saying regardless, when I go to work, he gonna be "riding around and gettin' it."