Life worse when Jupiter progressed into Taurus
By hollyhock
Natally my Jupiter is in Gemini, but when my Jupiter progressed into Jupiter (natal Jupiter is retrograde), my life real»

Pisces Females - Clueless
By IAmMystified
Seems like to me they have a tendency to not "get the hint" when people are being direct with them and even if they did»

By capricornmoon
Pride vs. Humbility. They say that pride comes before fall. True But pride also keeps you from running back to ba»

CluelessCancerSomeone Interpret this SHEET FOR ME.
By CluelessCancer
Birth time Unknown for astrology gave it a (NEGATIVE) number Sun Square Mercury 0.55 -339 Mercury Sq»

TaurusLovesScorpioAnother Taurus Cult Leader...
By TaurusLovesScorpio
David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology. (born April 30, 1960) - wiki entry: Miscavige was an assistant»

Finding out you have Scorpio placements
By tiziani
How much did it change your life? Your daily routine? I'll give examples and you will think (if you're a DXP poster o»

pronounPisces Aquarius Cusp
By pronoun
Always considered myself a Pisces through and through but when I started to read more into the astrological traits usual»

By Metaphysical
since you love to delete because you're full of it "my daughter is sick and needs medical attention. my mom is sick t»

Sun and Rising
By LostPisces
For a time I know sun and rising in same sign have some similarities and I share with you my thoughts. Sun is powerfu»

Be honest
By Twodrinkminimum
How do you feel about very strong displays of emotion bordering on unstable...over you? Like their love for you is so st»

Scorpio Moon Pisces Sun
By PastelPlum
I have not met her for a long time but she sounded really pushy on text. What happened through the years? She used to b»

Cancer-Pisces. Is this weird?Cancer-Pisces. Is this weird?
my bf(cancer) and I(pisces) are in our early 20s. We have been together for about 8 months now. We met through facebook


apparently nearly all men use hookers??? learn something new every day haha
playing up like a second-hand lawnmower...!
you are loved :)
Anyone on chat? Also, what's the current URL for it?
I just came home from a children's party and I'm on a sugar HIIIIGH!!!
Whine much?
I want to block a few people on d net but their will still be able to see my stuff, oh well, ignored
Joke for the day. What do you call two straight days of Rain in Seattle? a Weekend. HAR HAR HAR
I once rocked short dreads and I once rocked Jheri curls. If I chose either again I'd pick the one that isn't oily as hell. Though I do admit I looked awesome with Jheri Curls.
chick-a-zee-zee-zee _3
different day, different mood, different opinion.
Whenever I beat Snatcher I'm going to get back to Policenauts. Man I love interactive novels
No justice, no profit...none, none at all.