If i had it my way
By Ellzwerf
I'd have an Ocean full of Hearts and all the Love would be Free»

joseline hernandez
By AL4813
I must say that she is one bad scorpio chick... She is rebellious and feisty and i love a woman with attitude. She has»

Late Bloomer Suicidal Thoughts
By Ellzwerf
Has anybody honestly ever pondered? Or talked to someone about it»

DwellingOnMovePassing the Sun to Cappies
By DwellingOnMove
Hi! Dear siblings, sitting in our house of possessions, now that we are passing the Sun and the Moon (you have a»

ImpulsvChart interpretation
By Impulsv

how credible do you find this site?
By Lotuslillie
So you put your birthday and your significant other. Then ckick on each one to see your relationships fate. It says its»

BoomShakalakaBoomGemini women appreciation thread..
By BoomShakalakaBoom
For all the backlash you girls get for being talkative and somewhat fickle, I feel you are also one of the most underapp»

how cte
By Lotuslillie

Pluto Square Mars Composite
By Starlightbutterfly
Me and my boyfriend have this in our composite and Venus square Pluto in our synastry, as well as a few other iffy aspec»

Pisces & Gemini nono but what about other planets?
By pisceskarma
I love reading Posts on dxpnet. Its just so interesting! Ive never posted anything myself though but if anyone is readi»

Calling fellow Virguys: best/worst signs for date?Calling fellow Virguys: best/worst signs for date?
If you were going to have a blind date and you could select from twelve women (one from each zodiac sign) and all you kn


when I cum my ears get hot
I have combination that does mot function well, but I wouldn't ask for any placements, well maybe except the planets in Capricorns, but I love the challenge
The sun is at exactly 0'00 cap right now
Hate being sick :(
tell me I'll never have to be out there again. when harry met sally
The people you love the most give the least respect.
so much neediness
but thanks for my Cancer sun that if I married a woman with a kid it will be a lot easier to look at her child as my own
I blame the Virgo MARS for my indecisiveness. It's killing me everytime. I don't make decisions quick and lose out on so much opportunities.
Want abs? Get bronchitis. You'll cough yourself into a sixpack in no time.
I don't want to be taking care off by my women, I'm a Cancer and being taken care off is against my nature
The heart is not to be disturbed, guard it for your life. Winter is coming embrace yourselves for cuddling season haha.
Major PM clean-up complete! Saved about 4 sent/4 received. Don't want to carry old energy into next year aside from a few positive sentiments.:-)
good mornin