Do aquarius like leos less than leos like aquas?
By Pulciee
I'm a female leo sun, pisces moon, cancer venus, virgo mars and the love of my life was an aquarius sun AND moon but wit»

Just when you thought it was over!!
By TaurusGirlRas
I shared my story already. I thought things were done...turns out not. In comes the photo of him and a burrito.»

My dear cancers
By That1Girl
Oh how I have missed you! It is gonna take me forever to read up on everything I have missed!»

FuzzaMuzza7Would you get along with me? (Birth chart)
By FuzzaMuzza7
Sun Taurus Moon Gemini Mercury Taurus Venus Taurus Mars Gemini Jupiter Taurus Saturn Taurus Neptune Aquarius Ura»

By Scorsagian21
Hello there... Do you ever feel you go thru times of change? Like change in appearance, change in character, change»

This Cancer man rocks my world!!!
By cancergoddess143
And I just seem to break from his hold.. He is 7 years younger than me by the way. At first is was just something fun to»

size zero superheroYour Favorite Sun & Moon Sign Configurations
By size zero superhero
In your personal opinion/observation, what are some of the best sun-moon combos? I'll start off: Cancer sun with moon»

The Last Person to Text You...
By truecap
Is your Zombie Hunting partner. Do you survive?»

Insecure cancer guy
By joon
Hello lovely cancers of DXP This is my first post in this forum. And I am looking for some help here. I have been dat»

which male sign usaully settle for lesser woman
By smellycat
in terms of pure physical looks Pisces Libra cancer ?»

Describe what a lover is to you? is it acceptable?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Again.. how long should you wait to become lovers? No time frame. Who came up with the word lover? I heard it once. Do»

the other night ... my husband ...the other night ... my husband ...
... nobody could believe it, the girls, I mean. After over 3 decades of marriage, this man still ......


I can pass as a younger teen ;)
"What is done in love is done well" - Vincent Van Gogh
heartocket… last i checked u were an ADULT. ;)
heart locket you are too old to trick-or-treat~~!!
I'm going trick-or-treetrunking treating, cuz I deserve it dammit
I used to loveeee halloween. I want to get dressed up damn it lmao :(
Thank you K! She always does! :-)
Awww i hope she enjoys herself :)
Going trick or treating with Li'l Gem!
Extreme RAGE...I'm stuck in it.
Ohhh hello, Aunt Flo
letting go so whats meant to happen will happen
girl they are so intellectually arousing, its awesome!