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by TheLadyScorpio
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.
by BlackMamba
Do you notice you have personality/mental Disorders? Are your emotions overwhelming? I've noticed that I probably have slight long term depression... Like it's in the background. I definitely in last year have an anxiety disorder. Probably prior but
by MrMiyagi
I just wanted to say aqua woman are loyal, good in bed , forgiving, not jealous, friendly and are quite generous. Some of them are funny too. Ellen and Oprah is aqua. No matter what other say this one says they are awes
by PancakeFace
I would really appreciate some advice here. In my experience they do move fast once they love you. Or am I wrong? I tend to take my time with relationships and Leo's seem to dive in. Is this true? I'd just like any feedback here at all. Thanks
by christinelovessnickers
I keep reading leos just eat it up.
by tiziani
You're familiar with the rules of Magic 8-Ball. This is my first horary run. The rules work more or less the same way. I'll use the power of the gods (the gods!)... or really just the power of my watch... to answer any pressing question you have. Y
by Msnettajay
I'm a Taurus woman. I met a Pisces man at the mall about 3 weeks ago. I must say he was very charming. Around the time I met him my step dad was sick in the hospital with cancer. He was open to comforting me. One night we were on the phone and he asked to
by RosellaB
The story is he used to like me a few years ago and I turned him down because I was seeing somebody then he said he was gay. fast forward a few years now I like him and I told him, when I told him he said we would talk about it but we never did instead he

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Did you try St John's Wort?
19 minutes
I need to control my anxiety. If I lose the Virgo I need to be okay with it. I can't stand how my brain attacks my body. I need to control things that upset me and stop this self harm and abuse. Anxiety sucks.
43 minutes
His cloak was his crowning glory; sable, thick and black and soft as sin
2 hours
Today was Strange....
2 hours
3 hours
5 hours
lol everyone so emo
5 hours
I'll give you all & have none babe...
6 hours
i used to be downstairsmixup
8 hours
I had you in my heart, now I want you to leave
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