How to approach an overweight aries bf?
By thinktoomuch
Okay, so I´m not here to shame anybody or make anybody feel butterty about themselves - there is plenty of that going on»

Libra man switch up
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Hi ok so I need help! Ive been dating this wonderful guy for about two months! We were getting along great he even told»

Videocam Suggestions
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Who else uses Instagram here? I think it would be nice to see some of you lovelies outside of dxp, Who's got some pretty»

exxtasyxWhy are Taurus' angry when their hungry?
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Changing personality types?
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How many times have you taken this test? Has it been a while? I'm suggesting everyone retake it and see if it changed...»

CappedoffPisces and tiredness/sadness
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Hello everyone, So I'd like to ask everyone on the Pisces for some advice with my Pisces friend. I love him so much.»

Memorare Express Novena
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Make the Sign of the Cross State request(s) Sincerely pray the Memorare Express Novena State request(s) again Repea»

Have you heard the iconic "Gemini giggle"?
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Have you ever had the pleasure of hearing the iconic Gemini trademark, the epic Gemini giggle? When a Gemini giggles in»

Self absorbed Sags
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how self absorbed can yall be? Honestly? I know that yall are caring people but, I've seen a lot of self absorption c»

cancer boyfriend Help
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I have been with my cancer guy for 3 years off and on, I am Aries 37 he is cancer 22, we've had lots of ups and d»

How to approach an overweight aries bf?How to approach an overweight aries bf?
Okay, so I´m not here to shame anybody or make anybody feel butterty about themselves - there is plenty of that going on


You know what? I don't give a treetrunk.
Reading "The Emotional Stages of Cleaning Out Your Closet"
I hate when people get some success and arrogant mother treetrunkas you ever met.
wow Leo season
>{} %-} +o( :-* |-O :-& B-) XD _3
Anytime I meet a guy who shows interests and the potential to be a serious relationship, I run away.smh...this has to stop.
So much *hidden* talent in the world
Sigh. Finally sleepy.
I came to the realization that potatoes are called potatoes because they look like giants toes
Nikki read is seriously so beautiful.
How do I change my profile pic? Thought I did it but the wolf is back again...
Happy birthday to meeee! Thank the stars for giving me the privilege of life. I am greatful I have the opportunity to experence everything the world has to offer.
Patiently waiting for my time to strike