matching birth charts to know compatibility.
By Pixiecircle
I havent been into this much, but recently, after i got to taste the mercury retrograde , im reading n checking alot of»

I need help and not sure where to put this!
By ccaqua
I am having a bbq next weekend, I have invited a few around... I invited an Aquarius guy and an Aries whom I dont know a»

*Word* Association Game ~
By starlover

duchesslibroAqua/Piscean Badassity
By duchesslibro
Just my own personal observation.. talking about the 6 personal placements. Aquarian placements added to a Pisces Sun»

babyyl0cs? for pisces
By babyyl0cs
why does pisces man treat me bad? I don't understand why wuld my pisces treat me bad he always says hurtful things he»

I love libra women..
By Qbone
Those kittens are cute, sexy.. adorable… sometimes edible too… but what the hell about them being kinky…?? Not»

AquaNextDoorSag Mars - how do you guys tick?
By AquaNextDoor
I have a sag mars and I'm damn proud of it haha it makes me even weirder and funlovable with my aqua sun and leo ac.»

Major help needed with aqua male i'm devastated
By Tinxy
Scorp female been very close friends with aqua male for 8 years he's shared very personal info with me and needed me for»

sag woman aqua male
By snickerdoodle
I also posted about this in the aquarius forum, I'm posting a "in a nutshell" version here. I read that sag aqua is»

lipstick, messy hairlipstick, messy hair
i saw the Audrey Hepburn topic. well opposite of that, is messy hair and just sexy lips. No need for formal dresses,


some people are your heroes
I can't lie, I'm devastated did everything for my virguy. He's so cold.
I'm so tired.
Film Festival Fever :)
it's funny how ppl I block always find away into my threads, nosey buggers gtfo
Happy birthday moroulini mou ;)
Uuuugggh! So sleeepie
A woman's wrath.
Probably just messed up a date, pretty disappointing
So upset 😀🔫
stupid coffee grinds in my coffee
My poor knees *whales*