treetrunking hot butter over.
By TeaMint
Autumn comes, it rains and the sky is gray. I am happy! Good morning everyone:-)»

Weird Crab-Water Signs Don't Faze me
By CluelessCancer
Dont' faze me, are there other people who have strong fire placements, who don't feel this connection to pisces or Scorp»

Looks like fish is back on the menu, Crabs! hahaha
By Kim31

conyo622Kardashians Ascendant
By conyo622
What do you THINK their rising Signs Are? Please Don't Comment Anything Stupid πŸ‘Žor Dumb»

firebunnyHappy Birthday TMV!
By firebunny
Happy Birthday, my astro-twin! :D :D :D β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† Stars for your birthday! Hope your wi»

Question for Taurus men
By piscesgirl18
I have been on this sight before and have read just about everything about the taurus man. But I did read that what we»

CancerOnTheCuspAll Your Horoscope Questions Are Answered.....
By CancerOnTheCusp

how disappear on plain sight...
By fullwaterpisces
Hi me again!... me PISCES su/CANCER asc/PISCES moon, venus, mars (FML watery as it cold be) and my CANCER sun/ libraASC»

Raise Your Hands If a Crab Has Made You
By Kim31
go cray cray? Like really flip your sh**. Act as nutty and obsessed over love? Whine, cling and fret the way you say we»

Libra man personailty
By Hails26
hi there I've been with my Libra man for about a year now, I'm a libra too. He seems to want to go to family funct»

have i lost her?
By sushty
thanks for reading through this post. I would really appreciate some help from the scorpio ladies here. I was seeing»

Just got it today since I was too cheap to watch it in theaters in May. Far better than the shitty 1998 movie that was s


I need more options. I really need others to step up to the plate.
why am I always the first to notice and point it out then week later,.. leo, sag, are like WOW you are right
I remember why i hated virgos so much because they are lying pieces of butter.
Only if you never leave the house...
I love doing laundry. Is that weird?
Dating a Leo Man that has kids by different women
β€œI think you’re actually better off owning every single emotion you feel because none of them are wrong, none of them are right, they’re just the way you feel.”
The greatest thing GOD did for me was make me an African. No Lie If i can treetruk my country, i would, like make love to it all night, i love everything about my culture
Fake people have an image to maintain whereas real people just don't care.
the toe is just the beginning, next comes the foot! lol
LOL he laid down the T
he gives good toe right? he's a keeper :D
I am in love with a man who has no redeemable qualities. How is this possible?I've never felt this way about Anybody on a consistent basis. It's Real.