sagg moon and pisces moon?
By downstairsmixup
I realized I put my original post in the wrong area, so here's my new one and thank you to everyone who commented. Quest»

LF dream interpret ?!
By CaptainPimp
I just had one of those really weird dreams that i can remember fully....was weird. Anyone good at interpreting dreams?»

The Astrology of my 20 Exes: Themes of the 6 Axis
By 4ND5
This is going to be a series where I teach astrology using what I've learned from my 20 exes. THIS IS REAL LYF!»

marni_mewLol so I'm a Gemini and posted this on the Scorpio
By marni_mew
board: "Scorpio still has pics of his ex on his photobucket. I found them by chance and confronted him...he claims he»

ForrenLibra Moons
By Forren
Narcissistic? Be honest. Because I'm seeing a pattern.»

Taurus female with crush on Virgo male.
By TaurusWright
Internet crushes can be total poop, sometimes. Hello, I'm a 17 year old Taurus female with a crush on a Virgo male.»

MontgomeryHow many of you Saggies (or Sag moons)....
By Montgomery
-------.-------.-------.-------.-------.-------.-------.-------.-------. ... have eloped, or gotten married on very s»

Relationship and self searching
By Honeybunniie
Have any of you long for a relationship but once you entered one, you realize that it was a false wanting? I just enter»

saggitarius moon and pisces moon? doomed?
By downstairsmixup
I had this friend i was really close with run into me at a party. I love his energy, the look in his eyes how protective»

Is he Worthy
By mdelicious
Posted by brianafayYa know this has prompted a serious discussion for me...what if you meet someone...he's adorable, you»

Beach Party Here....
By bella_fish
Since we are queens and kings of the ocean how bout we have a beach party!! All invited just remember your party manner»

sagg moon and pisces moon?sagg moon and pisces moon?
I realized I put my original post in the wrong area, so here's my new one and thank you to everyone who commented. Quest


Imagination is the key to me. The rest is painted with a little science fiction.
Winter is coming... and so is a blue moon... Mercury retro this year will change more then a thing or two. ;)
Too many glasses of wine underneath this starlit sky. How I wish I could fall into you, like I used to.
Rosalie cullen is smoking hot, mhmmm Taurus girl
Caliber *points* Your moon is showing.
can we pretend?
So tired and in need for sleep yet cant
I'M NEWWWW!!! Hope y'all are really my kind of people!
are we really all broken?
Stuck at another super lame tween flick. Last time it was a 2 hour documentary on One Direction. The things I do for love.
An aquarius guy I really like said 'I love you' really fast and quietly to me. I heard it, but wasn't sure how to react. I don't know if he meant it and was afraid to say it out loud, or it just popped out and he caught himself? I was so happy to he
sometimes knowing someones birthchart is shortcut to avoiding the bullshxt to come.
Blood ft. WaterBlood ft. Water
Sit back relax