happy birthday
By aquavita2
I will I know of it is your birthday somewhere around now . Thanks for tour friendship woman ! :)* 6 Hours of The Best»

Which is better for 5th house?
By hollyhock
No planets in 5th house or Saturn alone in 5th house? In my natal chart I have no planets in the 5th house. In my pr»

When your Aqua parts fall into a water house
By Huldra
Specifically, your Aqua sun, moon, or mercury fall into the 8th house. Does anybody here have any of those placements?»

1thgirlsAquarius guy is mad at me? What should I do? HELP!
By 1thgirls
Last night, He yelled at me in the car that he wanted to be alone...So I hugged him ... he cooled down alittle bit, and»

IwillWHY we don´t let go?
By Iwill
Despite of astrology, it seems to me, that not letting go is very individual - meaning: we all hold onto things for our»

Help with bipolar girlfriend
By KsamCancer
So this is a weird question but my girlfriend who I consider a Scorpio due to her placements and personality will from t»

lauracreeMy chart: leo ascendant with venus?
By lauracree
Anyone care to read my chart? How would venus in virgo in the first house effect leo rising? My venus is also square mar»

Pisces men like to be chased?
By elizabeth81
I saw an identical thread in Leo so I got to thinking. Ive had limited dealings with Pisces but they seem passive.»

Taurus Sun/Libra Asc
By lucyL
Folks with this placements, I need your insight! I'll be specific. My guy has this placements, plus his Moon and Merc»

Taurus Women and Sex
By Arielle83
Ok, so I've noticed some taurus chicks are hell horn dogs....but what if you weren't getting your needs met at home? Wou»

Magic Hides In The Darkest Places.
By Whatu

Ex-Bootycall Got Implants. Monogamy Ain't Easy...Ex-Bootycall Got Implants. Monogamy Ain't Easy...
long story short. Been monogamous for a few months. great gf. couldn't be happier. Old fling got new toys and wouldn'


"How you gonna win when you ain't right within?"
Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed, and passed over When I've looked right through, see you naked but oblivious. And you don't see me.
How did people function before DXP?
You came, and I needed you, You cooled the fever of longing that racked my heart.
venusaquarius... thats great! im so happy for you ;)
My totem animal is Romz.
Studies show that eccentrics live longer and happier lives than conformists
men that won't eat their girl kitty are the lamest, and this is coming from a real man
Back to black. Two inches be gone.
96 Politics of Ecstasy
Disturbed :/
yaaass the Eagles won... free coffee at Dunkin Donuts tomorrow 😭
I'm moved, unpacked, and soooo happy,