Help me understand this ARIES sun SCORPIO moon?!
By milana777
Hi guys, i’m new. I think I already read all the threads about scorpio/aries man and the games they play. But I think»

Scorpio women do you get mad more ..?
By mrwang
Would you (get mad /feel bad / feel jealous) more if your ex is dating someone you find hotter than you or someone you»

Gemini woman won't have sex with me.
By TokerX
So I met this Gemini woman, she's like this amazing woman: smart, funny, hot as hell... We talk and talk for hours, I n»

LeoGemini11When an Aries is angry with you...
By LeoGemini11
Does it take a while for them to come around? I recently flipped out on an Aries ex who I am now good friends with and a»

fullwaterpiscesCancerian traits on Frida Kahlo's work
By fullwaterpisces
I don't know if everybody know who Frida Kahlo is, she is a cancer her birthday was today. she was a mexican painter a v»

it's been over a year
By faceroll
since i've talked to the virgo. and been 4ish months since i talked to the other virgo. virgo free life ftw. no»

mrwangOnly scorp women;what sign got you fascinated?
By mrwang
what sign fascinates you? ALSO what zodiac sign's behavior you can't understand and why ? taurus? leo? or maybe virgo?»

If you were married, could you live separately?
By wecarealot
I read an interesting article about married couples that don't live with each other. The article talked about one couple»

How Pisces handle conflict
By Cappedoff
Hello all, Just wondering if any of you shed some light on Pisces handle conflict/disagreements/agruments and would y»

Venus and moon in Capricorn
By Lioness88
How can you be patient with this kind of man? How long do you need to wait for them? I wanna know all the ways to deal w»

Scream: The TV Series
By Prince_Pisces
I love it already♥»

Venus and moon in CapricornVenus and moon in Capricorn
How can you be patient with this kind of man? How long do you need to wait for them? I wanna know all the ways to deal w


You will be destroyed
She's a September bride, I'm a November groom. Winter meets fall; we're gonna have a ball ;)
My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.
What's on your mind?
@ misslissa: speak louder.
I want a sponge bath for my birthday!!

What's on your mind?
I want a sponge bath for my birthday!!!
Don't confide in my smile because jokers are wild
2 weeks off from the drudgery of the office!
Simply because someone has grown up, it does not make them a man.
What's on your mind?
What's on your mind?
Happy birthday to me! = ))..And to all the cancers out there! It's party time!! ;)