St. Therese Novena
By m3
5 day Novena to St. Theresa Prayer to St. Theresa St. Therese, the Little Flower, please pick me a rose from the He»

A full scorpio relationship ...
By justbeingscorpio
Hi guys ! Well i'm not that really expert in astrology .. but i would like to have your ideas about a 1st decan scorpio»

Cancer man confuses me.
By Pisceslavender88
My best male friend is a cancer guy. Been friends for a long time. We tell each other almost everything about our l»

SunTauVenGemVenus in scorpio says ** trust me **
By SunTauVenGem
..... What would scorpions think of that statement ? .....»

exxtasyxWas the Devil (if he existed) a Capricorn?
By exxtasyx
Now, let me just say... I love Capricorns. They are a no BS kind of sign, they know what they want, what they like, what»

My website need Live Chat Service
By kamilgemra
For web based chat support I want  place the live chat popup on my tour and travel website. Suggest  me well-featured»

By ombrerose
Anyone reading the gospels? I'm starting to read the Gospels because I'm intrigued by the Syria war and it's so close to»

Cappies, Are You really Gold diggers ?
By beggarsblanket
You can admit it, I won't judge ;)»

Virgo women push & pull ?
By Geminitxxtrvll
Why do virgo women do the push & pull thing ? Why do they say one thing one minute & the next it's something different ?»

Sag ex came back
By sole2
My sag and I broke up 2 weeks ago. I admit - I nagged him about his interactions with other women, he lost his temper, w»

guy does the harlem shake after saying the N word
i guess his mother didn't teach him that he supposed to look both ways before he says racist things»

How much is okay to spend on -How much is okay to spend on -
SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES?????????????????????? More than Iwill ever have??????? I want them all!!! Especially sn


Is this badmouth Capricorn week or something?
someone please help the pisces girl in the cancer forum.
My angry Mars in Pisces, read from back to front.
Taking sneaky extra day of leave.... Hehe
un o'r dyddiau hynny
I don't think this ignoring my health is working out for me anymore. I feel pretty bad. ciao for now.
goodness gracious! who has been a sneaky clickedy little peeper? mwah
Don't try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.
Y tjukutja by Uhuru is still a nice jam. I'm bringing that + Heavy K 2 the desperate indian housewives 2nite. They'll b dancin like black chicks. Saris will fly! Indian theme my arse! Afro House, cookiemonsteres!
what does a DESIRE to bring babies into this sorry place say about you ? hint: selfish SOB :)
a sigh of release sets in as I wake up again.
Tripped over cases of beer at the grocery store and fell into someone's arms.... Awkward much?!
What's the latest with you?
Dream within a dream, fall in too deep until you can no longer wake up.