Please, just take 1 minute to watch this.
By TheLadyScorpio
It is worth watching to the very end. You may be in for a surprise, take a look at what happened below. //www.yo»

By firebunny
Its friggin cute!!!!!»

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy
By CluelessCancer
US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study!!! REALLY they NEEDED A STUDY TO FIGURE IT OUT...WOWSERS»

b3aut1fuls0ulScorpio: scor sun/moon plus aqua rising ? or
By b3aut1fuls0ul
Piseces: pisces sun, sag moon with rising scorpio? Anyone with the same or can enlighten me on this?»

By sarahs
Thank you st. Jude for answering my prayers.You never disappoint me. Thank sister returned home. trusting you f»

Virgo Cops...
By SanchoMuyTerrible
This is the all American Virgo. And Google actually confirms one of these guys to be a Virgo.»

By sarahs
"Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope! To thee do we cry, poor banished child»

Couples, Relationships That Parallel Your Own
By Ulalume
Can you name a couple or relationship in cinema, tv, literature. What have you. Who closely parallels aspects, the»

Male cop dresses as Amish woman to stop flasher
By Wynter

How to handle betrayal...(cancers only please)
By kim30
I don't remember the last time I felt so let down and betrayed. So thankful for not coming out of my little shell and re»

my friend recommended this to me saying that I would absolutely enjoy this new tv show.. as I'm going to be busy during


@CluelessCancer - Your comments about Afrikaaners are completely disgusting and ignorant.
You have turned my mourning into dancing again, you have lifted my sorrows.
I wonder why singers always close their eyes when they hit a high note. Yeah & that one hand in the air. "Annnd IIIII yiya I will always love youuuu hoo!!"
Some people dont know how to smoke Weed. All these Losers, they smoke for the wrong reasons! Some people smoke because its good, it inspires to look at your world in different perspectives. We smoke because thats what we're supposed to do!
I liked the Strawberries. A joint would last me a week though. Two puffs a night was good enough. Ahh the good old days when i was young, im not young anymore, but some dayz i wish i was again.
Dutch Master blunts taste nice tho the Grape Flavors always add that extra flavor to my weed.
The Dutch thought Africans were a Spice. Have you seen African Soccer players. They try to kick the ball into the goal, but a light touch sends the damn thing to MARS, they can never get on Target. TOO MUCH POWER. STRENGTH. Good for MANUAL LABOR.
If Slave was a Drug Ring the Dutch would be ones you go to if you wanted to transport products to your clients BLAME THE DUTCH INDEED!
Dutch aka Africaaners in SA.They are mostly retarded. They must be all inbred. The worst are the French tho. These guys make past colonized countries pay them royalties-Past Pres Chirac "Without royalties from Africa, we'd be a third world country."
The KKK picture is a scene off the Civil Rights play I went to see during Christmas, its not meant to Offend it is meant to Teach after all ONE GUY under that costume IS black...I took the picture because it was a pivotal movement in the play
He was a great leader, but don't get me started on Slavery and I don't even know why I'm talking about slavery with a guy who has a KKK flag on his AVI. SMH
George Washington was a Pisces. A fine man, but a Pisces none the less.