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Here's a little light reading for your Friday:
by Taureye
Who do you usually get compared to by others?
by victoriagemini
So what does make a cancer male into you? Since my last post this one wants to have do I know if its only about sex? Do Cancers do the fwb a lot? Do they test? We had half way sex. Isn't that good enough early on? I just don't understand why can
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Read it and weep. It's about the Age of Aquarius.
by Taureye
A concentration of my love to you, Pouring from every crevice of my soul, Denied because you became scared, So i give it to the world in hopes it travels to you, That you feel it in every breathe you take, And even if i'm not remembered, At least my
by Westsidekodak
1) The greatest truths, gifts, and wisdom is available for free to the masses? Or 2) The powerful and elite hold the greatest assets of wisdom and truth to keep the masses oppressed?
by ScorpioNluv
Met this taurus guy back in Nov- we dated once a month- and every date was great! Great convo, undeniable chemistry and a whole lot of physical attraction! We do exchange texts back and forth but more from me. He's always been a one word reply kind of guy
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If you COULD choose your partner's sun, moon and AC combo what would it be? For me I really like the combo .. AC - Leo Sun - Scorpio or Taurus Moon - Taurus, Scorpio or Sag :-) Have fun.

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getting over heart break

getting over heart break

Im not an Aquarius but all my friends are. You guys are good with detaching yourself how do you get over heart break. How do you detach when dating others. Help me

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wtf is a humblebrag?
@magenta_azure i'll be ready just don't fall in love.
lmao!!! this board us so damn entertaining now
Be the change you wish to see in the DXP world.
@cuteboy, did you just treetrunking humblebrag?
@taureye lol grrrr I'll wait! *pouts*
Man it's tough finding the motivation to workout after such a long lay off
@magenta_azure I'm sorry but i saw her first, only had one pick up line prepared. Next time!
My Cancer sister just got hit on by the neighbor I have a crush on!!!! Aaarrrgghh!!!
I can only teach those who've been thru the fire