If guy knows you like him...
By moongem
Our common friend told him I like him I wanted it as a secret for long but....it was so embarrassing. And at first he cl»

By scorchedearth
come back! i miss you! :'( :'( :'(»

Defining ALPHA moments...
By DonJohnson
Alpha owning Beta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZp6cR4bxbY OMAN how do you keep living after this head be»

18scorpioAqua advice needed!
By 18scorpio
Hello! I posted about an Aqua guy that I have a crush on sometime ago. I started talking to him over text and sometim»

Chaelcan you name 1 good leo comedian?
By Chael
look at this list of nobodies. paddy mcguiness and frank boyle don't even have a picture. http://www.famousbirthdays»

Slow stride back to a terrible situation.
By BeaCancer91
Everything was already complicated from the start anyways. I'm going to call him "Former Taurus." from the many of you w»

SunTauVenGemCapricorn moon and feelings?
By SunTauVenGem
Long story short, my question to my cappy moon , sun in sag, venus in Scorpio went like this. Me ** do you think your fe»

Aries temper
By biosynthesis
is the least threatening of the zodiac. One minute we hulk out and we're like BAHHHH, next minute we're happy. For rea»

Revenge or obsession?
By Noreallynow
I have this gemini women that keeps looking at me like she has a problem. She also keeps coming around me. She likes a g»

How to gain my power back from this Aqua man?
By nadinefleur11
Hello aquas! I am new here, and really need advise on an aqua man. I'm in love with him, unfortunately, and he knows»

Scorpio wannabe
By FriendlyFish
I'm a scorpio wannabe, I have pluto in first house so I think I can fake it a little, plus basically everyone in my life»

Both Virgo Suns in love!?Both Virgo Suns in love!?
I am deeply in love with my Virgo Sun, Aries Rising and Scorpio Moon man... We had that instant attraction with each oth


"Great things are, by their very nature, unique and unconventional. "
From a fetus I was a genius, popped out the womb yelling "You mothertreetrunkers gotta see this!"
love doesnt fail. people fail.
all these poor women having issues with non committal aqua men, move on! There's other fish in the sea.
falling _3
"all you are, is all I'll ever need"
I LOVE Walk Off The Earth :)
Hello weekend =)
The fire in my chart is making me unapologetically blunt. Definitely a new side of me
I just want to be in love...sigh..
This Fuhknut is trying to slide his way back into my life. Nah, bruh. Nah.
to die for a noble cause or live humbly for one.
On my way to 20,000
Best vacation spot for low budget salary? Everyone deserves to treat themselves right?