Guys.. halp
By Hotbeefy
....................................................... ....................................... I suddenly feel»

who are the creators of dxp + their zodiac signs?
By ZelaleZ
just being curious...»

Upper/Lower personality types of your sign
By AquaFox
How do you know, if you're an Upper, or Lower type of your sign?»

Octoberbaby91Scorpio friendships
By Octoberbaby91
Have any of you scorps have friendship with other scorps? If so are they the same gender or opposite? Do you get along o»

auroraWhat movie did you watch last?
By aurora
i finally managed to watch a movie so either my standards are not that high anymore or this movie is really awesome so i»

By conyo622
First Things First for people who dont know lucid dreaming is learned technique that allows you to control your dreams,»

sporklifterwho wore it better?
By sporklifter
wind-blown hair... Beyonce? Or Brad Pitt?»

do virgo guys get rid or ignore feelings?
By j519oe
I was listening to a discussion, n I wonder if a Virgo guy has feelings for you, will he see other girls? N why does he»

Do Geminis Chase?
By Mandapants
So long story short I was sleeping with this gemini for 4 months. Strictly sexual relationship and the both of us were c»

Does this guy like me or are we just friends?
By chick4chap
Ladies, I could use your help here! I've been great friends with this guy for over 2 years. We grew up in the same area,»

Anyone reading the gospels? I'm starting to read the Gospels because I'm intrigued by the Syria war and it's so close to


I miss the Virgo. We were supposed to hang out tonight. :( I really want to kiss him. Hopefully we actually do our trip to mt. Rainier tomorrow. If he cancels. That's it. No more planning things with him. Took the day off too.
no te perdonare si me dejas sola. te vayas. loca por tus labios...
My sister is crazy. sHe sent me all these party items i need to get from amazon. Sheet looks tacky as hell, now i'm stucking having to pay massive amounts of money for a classy affair. Sigh...these occassions only happen once in a while, make it rain.
so madly in love with this pisces it hurts, feels like knives in my heart
I only smile in the dark.
Also known in Snow's household as 'The Weekly Exorcism.'
Sunday night poop...where's my newspaper?
No, gago. Proud to be pandak.
fisk ano sabi sa iyo? bakit daw hindi ka na lumaki? JK! :P
Lol MissFisk!
Saw my HS crush for the first time in about 13 years. How is it fair that this MF'er is looking fine as ever.
I'm only happy when it rains. I'm only happy when it's complicated. And though I know you can't appreciate it. I'm only happy when it rains...,