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by HouseCleaning
@ManilaVice aka "Ands", age 99, deleted his user account peacefully February 10, 2016 from under a bridge presumably. He leaves behind myriad of dead links, quoted messages, 404 messages, and loops back to our profile pages. ManilaVice was a kind sensitiv
by narayana
Long story short, I got drunk and slept with one of his friends at his place. He doesn't know that and I hope his friend isn't going to tell him, because I think he wouldn't want to ruin their friendship. But if he does find it out, would he forgive me? W
by yoopea
I mean those whose type has changed or borders on different types. For example, many times when I first took the test about 6 years ago my result was INTJ. I took it again today and ended up an INFP. Perhaps I know myself better than before, perhaps I've
by SA3182
My aqua guy took a 10 day break to sort his head out (had posted this a few weeks ago). He came back, however things have not been the same between us. Something is amiss and we are drifting. We don't talk abt 'US' anymore, no physical contact, no calls o
by LawrenceWTF
I love dainty, sweet, petite, funny, neat, well put together,starry eyed, down to earth, and has etiquette. This is not all I'm attracted to but just an few things. I'm 22
by Damnata
6 Things Every ENFJ Needs To Be Reminded Of Every Once In A While ENFJs are the organized, people-savvy nurturers who serve as the glue of almost any group of friends. You know that totally together, super popular person you wish you could hate but ca

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Another 40 degree no work day. At the beach with my babe checking out his guns in the hot Mediterranean climate sun.
Damn woman, where the hell do you live? Chicago? You are probably safer in Afghanistan than that butter-hole.
Literally almost got shot today. Just seconds after I got in the car after coming from the store some people started shooting in front of us. My mom was in the car!! and they were using an Uzi gun. They said it in the Police Scanner.
where did littlemegabyte go? we can't afford to lose her...she is only a handful of the gems we have on here...
Some of these threads really have me shaking my head in disgust....
@frostey91 dont feel too down on yourself. i know cap like to try and be perfect but you're still human. hope tomorrow goes better for you.
Work bombs droppin' every where o_O