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by lavaliquid
I'm mirroring the scorpio mirroring me.
by littlemegabyte
man in a FWB situation back in April. My first post was embarrassing lol and it's difficult and pathetic to read now. I received some great advice, I think especially from truecap, and some much needed harsh advice from others! Someone in my thread told m
by cappygirl11
In general, on the forum, talking about their issues. Generally why are they attracted to each other? And why don't we get along always
by rockyroadicecream
It's total lolz. Last night I was bored and was talking with a friend on skype about her experiences with online dating. I was joking with her that "girls have it easy on dating sites" etc. etc. I had never really done anything in the online dating wor
by killerwhalemoon
sparkle motion why do you guys have to be so sexy and brilliant. My down fall. All the gemini mars men i know have this passionate, sensual look in their eyes that just makes me feel like i wanna swim in their soul...treetrunk.
by Trice38
Please help me me and my cancer boyfriend has been together for 3 months and everything has been great we talked everyday and all now we had a a issue when he got mad at me about a text message well we ended up working it out he told me what upset him and
by Moonbutter
So maybe Cancers and Gems have a lot more in common then would seem...we are both moody, need space, sensitive, loving, etc...but also we are neighbors on the zodiac so have a lot of similar placements. Anyone experience the Gem/Cancer relationship? What
by AmaraP
This is my only Cancer placement. what does it influence / mean?

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psychological thrillers

psychological thrillers

Need a good movie, Netflix has THE worst suggestions. What's your favorite?! This is an sos I am sick and will be in bed tonight, need a good movie!! With hot male actors


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capricorn board hacked by a cancer !
@Sn1p3r187 I meant to respond earlier but flaked...I have a Sig Sauer .45 acp and love it. It's a little heavy on my wrist, and it doesn't have a safety which wigs me but I adore the pistol laser sight
@Sn1p3r187 Would you? Cuz I totally would, if it would bring back Layne too!
@Vixen2 I don't know if I would. But if it "would" bring back Layne Staley. Then yes, I would!
I'm surprised bryson tiller has mars in cancer, that's a weak ass position
Why capricorn man pulls away
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Hoping December will be a good month
im hungry! must... not... eat.... cat..... *crunch* *meooooowww* :-P