Best Female match for male pisces? XD
By CaptainPimp
Cuz why not, right? Have a topic for the other side. And i am actually curious what you folk think or know from experie»

By aquapiscescusp
I'm taking interesting art classes these days, today we had a nude model that we had to draw for a few hours. The wh»

How would a jealous cancer -
By Iwill
react to being pushed away?? (donĀ“t matter if you male or female) Hypotheticle question;) ;) ;)»

HoneybunniieAstrology and attractions
By Honeybunniie
Hey! I'm a newbie so hi to everyone. I was just curious on ppl theory on attraction and astrology. So how does astrology»

Goldie95Where does the flamboyance come from?
By Goldie95
Barely any fire in my chart just a jupiter singleton.»

Actress Zhang ziyi
By LivingOnPorpoise
She has such a simple beauty, and is such an amazing actress. Mostly favoritism because I love action movies. Who's your»

champrangerMercury in Scorpio (in the Birth Chart)
By champranger
Quality and Element: Fixed and Water Mercury Themes: intuitive, penetrating, probing, curiosity, drawn to mysteries»

Tortured with this Aqua man
By LPS28
Bear with me please, long story. I dated an aqua man a year ago, we exclusively saw each other for 5 months until we»

UK people...
By Rabbit
The treetrunk is Irn Bru supposed to taste like? Cola? Fruit? Rusty nails soaked in tonic water? I bought some this week,»

Wow Geminis. I find I love your Musicians
By IrresistableScorp
Never expected you to be so deep. Two of my current faves are Geminis. Yes this is old skool because I am old skoo»

Intelligent Men
By lisabethur8
well i thought i'd make a topic from what i saw of the Cave man forum. So, ladies, you want your men intelligent or m»

me: libra sun scorpio moon leo rising him: taurus sun libra moon cancer rising


On my way to 20,000
Best vacation spot for low budget salary? Everyone deserves to treat themselves right?
almost at 5000
Mistakes are the portals of discovery.
"eachother" is not a word. Justsaying...
I'm a worthless boob! :( LMAO.
Its dog eat dog, peeps, Eat what you Kill.
Just when I'm starting to feel better someone drops information for me to hear. Misery loves company and ignorance is bliss.
Channel skipping and did a double take when I saw the Scottish guy on Hollyoaks, he looks like my Taurus _3 yum!
Auri yae bawbag_3
He's the quirky multi-patterned top. I am the classic black mini skirt.
So glad the bloody referendums over. Scotland has been going mental, now I can just kick back and drink my irn bru in peace. Also mr bulls getting the internet sorted (finally) so I'll be able to dxp more :D missed you all, especially foxeth and vs :D
My Leo cat loves me so much hes so adorable! Falls asleep in my arms everytime :)
Put you're your admiration on hold until you know how she/he got it.