cancer brother and sister
By scoripoblood93
I am the third of my mothers four children. Brother #1 Virgo - we get on ok but we're not close Brother #2 Cancer»

weird gadgets that amuse you
By ombrerose
popsicle iphone case»

I need a NAME!!!!!
By The_eleventh_sign_11
Can someone please try and come up with an amazing stage name for me?… has to be otherworldly like a game characte»

djbuck1Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARRRR!
By djbuck1
The one and only original, Robert Newton as Long John Silver. The successor! WARNING SPOLIER ALERT! This is the»

scoripoblood93Aris STEP father. Scorpio daughter
By scoripoblood93
Honestly I don't know where to post this but I am curious as the the answer. I know Scorpio and Aris clash. Growin»

Both Virgo Suns in love!?
By sweetplum15
I am deeply in love with my Virgo Sun, Aries Rising and Scorpio Moon man... We had that instant attraction with each oth»

starlover~~Putting Men First~~
By starlover
One of my friends has a saying *i know when my female friends have a man, because i never see them* Another friend of»

Need advice
By IrresistableScorp
Someone help, please!!!!»

Taurus Friend- Confrontation- Avoidance
By Tweety19
Hey Everyone! This is my first message here. Thanks to a Taurus Friend whom I really like, but haven't told him my feeli»

Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge
By Shul
Any fans?»

~~Putting Men First~~~~Putting Men First~~
One of my friends has a saying *i know when my female friends have a man, because i never see them* Another friend of


Just when I'm starting to feel better someone drops information for me to hear. Misery loves company and ignorance is bliss.
Channel skipping and did a double take when I saw the Scottish guy on Hollyoaks, he looks like my Taurus _3 yum!
Auri yae bawbag_3
He's the quirky multi-patterned top. I am the classic black mini skirt.
So glad the bloody referendums over. Scotland has been going mental, now I can just kick back and drink my irn bru in peace. Also mr bulls getting the internet sorted (finally) so I'll be able to dxp more :D missed you all, especially foxeth and vs :D
My Leo cat loves me so much hes so adorable! Falls asleep in my arms everytime :)
Put you're your admiration on hold until you know how she/he got it.
Reach out your hands I'm just a step away How in the world can I wish for this? Never to be torn apart Close to you till the last beat of my heart
And you thought i was played haha priceless know thy enemy, not what they wished you to see
Sometimes i get scared that my emotions are going to kill me. Suffocate me to death. I hate feeling.
People are full of butter.
I need the 49ers to beat Cardinals this weekend. It's a must!
If this keeps going on, I'll take myself out of the game.
lol!! c;