Thank you Lord for your blessings
By karo54
Please read this prayer and share with us the Miracle's that have happened to you. Description "Lord Jesus by faith in»

what does Leo love about .. Aquarius
By aquaguy3000
what do Leo women love about Aquarius men? Please tell us why you are attracted towards Aqua men...»

Bragging Virgo Men..... WHY!?!?!?
By cancergoddess143
So... I've noticed something about certain Virgo men I have encountered..... They like to TALK A LOT... Mostly about the»

conyo622Aspects Not,Really That Important?
By conyo622
Is It Bad that I believe that aspects not to have much importance? ONLY ones that really make sense are Conjunction & Op»

AquaunansweredWorst 1st date, is this gem even still interested?
By Aquaunanswered
In the past this gem girl was always quite nice to me. Then one day I got her number and she started blowing up my phone»

LOL Sun Signs Revealed
By CluelessCancer
Aries - The Egomaniac There is a tremendous burst of power and love is at its peak when the affair is new, this tends t»

thewateryramSo many squares and opposites in my chart
By thewateryram
I have sooooo many! :( is this why I have so many mood swings all the time?»

Nn node in sag
By Impulsv
Basically trust in ur gut instinct n follow that path. But how do u discern gut feeling from emotional n thought. I'v»

Arizona and Arizona DMV
By MoonBlue8»

Leos true weakness deep down inside
By KsamCancer
Is that they just missed the dead line to be a Cancer, sucks to not be apart of the best sign :/»

Piscean, what are your weakness? What u hate aboutPiscean, what are your weakness? What u hate about
As a Pisces, what are your weakness? What you hate most about your traits? Please shrae, see if we all the Pisces have


And if you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones//'Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs//Setting fire to our insides for fun//Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong//The lovers that went wrong
Giants offense and defense on point... and it's only game 1.
holy gawsh, do i love my birds.
reading up on natal retrograde planets...whoa
Zeus is coming soon.
Going Insane...I'm Insane!
I like doing whatever my girlfriend types into my status bar. Which is why she's now on timeout.
LOL it's the heart on the end that really sells it
i like painting my toenails magenta ♥
1 day of food poisoning and everyone thinks I have ebola....I actually enjoy the space I am getting right now. Very peaceful