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by WaterBearerer
also Sandra Blands bday is february 7, happy bday and RIP to two aquarians gone too soon!
by LeoAquaRuler
Post what ever gifs you want in relation to your mood.
by sagiluv
Are you always seeking to be perfect in every way ? Are you made to think solely one way and do things your way or can you be open minded and go with the flow? Are you always hard on yourself ? If so, why ??? Your perfect but it's okay to relax and e
by capricornmoon
So I found out the Virgo was already married and now divorced. If that's not the indicator for future doomed relationships, i don't know what is. At this point., I'm just attracted to his career ambitions. His face? Meh body? Meh, Personality? O
by MlleFisk
Here's a little light reading for your Friday:
by BlackNova
How outspoken, candid, frank, vociferous are fellow Sagirrifics?
by kissmygrits
This is my Mardi Gras krewe. This is the trailer for the documentary of all the geeky fun activities over the year. I love this group of nerds. I love NOLA for being the home base of fun.
by LunarMaiden

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@kinglycrab like the directions of use for the lax and the sleeping pills?
When I think I understand something and life's like NO! Not today motherf@cker!
I'm not the only one who gives themselves a pep talk sometimes right?
@kinglycrab....uhh-yeah, that's kind of a given buddy!
Woot LA for the weekend😍
LMFAO yeah this board is entertaining alright. only until i arrive someone drops bombshells''' on me.
Don't live life without a dog by your side. Oh ma wee rico