North Node/South Node Synastry Aspects
By AriesLady8
I've been reading up on North Node synastry and I would like to get some actual feedback from you guys who have experien»

Pisces man singing a Pisces man song
By bmoon8»

Religion isn't for EVERYONE
By TigerReloaded
Just argued with my mom about why I don't go to church. I've always been willful & more able to face bad times on my own»

bmoon8My unhappy ex
By bmoon8
She is incomparably unhappy with her new gf. Here is a picture: Enjoy the expose`. This post will get mo»

Sn1p3r187Are Libras psychic?
By Sn1p3r187
Well are they? lol :)»

He won't let me be his friend...
By AriesGirl74
So I've kind of outgrown my treetrunk buddy Leo, and the whole thing - from my perspective anyway - has run it's course, but»

DoctorJonesMy triangular destiny
By DoctorJones
Hey guys :) I have a very broad and complex question about my chart that i think can help me understand the overall»

Libras, lets talk sex
By mysteriousTaurus
what kind of sex do you like? sexual or sensual?»

What do you say to a Scorpio when...
By MizzElle
What do you say to a Scorpio when they're back from taking time off/rejuvenating? Do you act normal? Do you ask them abo»

Tim Tebow is Backkkkk!
By Kodak375
This is my role model right here, back to prove his worth!»

Epitome Of Security & Stability
By AnomalousBull
Security and Stability play roles in every Taurus life, in fact one could say they are hallmarks of our sign and this Bu»

capricorn man FWB?capricorn man FWB?
Hi everyone, I started a FWB scenario with a capricorn man about 10 months ago. I've never done FWB before. He and I


50 days
This is what happens when to talk to loonies on dxp, you burn the chicken in the oven.
Breaking news that you probably dont care about: my phone screen just broke 😀🔫 now theres two of us
Never doubt the things you desire. Believe and receive.
lolz at the member named "treetrunk"
Turned out I don't have a bad spine from football, just ribs out of place.... awesome.
Coffee spilled all over keyboard frickkk
treetrunktreetrunk A hiking trail in
4/20 :)
You're so ugly, your mate won't have to worry about birth control...your face will do just fine. Lol XD Hahaha
Please don't make me check out high schoolers.
followed in the drugstore by an employee. annoyed especially since i shop at this store 2-3 times a week and this mothertreetrunker sees me there half the time PAYING FOR MY ITEMS. cookiemonster!!! The other possibility is im paranoid or he likes me.
The stupidity of some people makes my brain cry....