The spark...
By alwaysgood82
I have a question for everyone...I heve strong feelings for this guy and whenever I'm close to him I can feel this elect»

Adrian Peterson
By CluelessCancer
It's bullb!tter that he wasn't able to see his child for 5 months. WTF where was these laws when my parents were doing Chi»

When he's actually NOT trying to sleep with you ..
By pinklibra
Originally Posted By: Kyreesrenee07 (think thats how she spelled -Within the 1st 6 (or less) months, what are»

aquavita2immigration to usa
By aquavita2
I am not only against illegal but I am against legal immigration to usa. It needs to be put to a stop. Preservation of n»

LibraSidanyone got the number for a good call girl?
By LibraSid
Wtf is that spam of posts haha...»

Metal Music thread
By Sn1p3r187
Post music from your favorite Metal bands.»

airyvirgocan we have an intimacy forum?
By airyvirgo

Tell me about my sis
By elizabeth81
She has Cap sun, Aqua Moon, Pisces Venus.... what would she be like in family and personal relationships.»

nothing special
By FrenchKpricorn
Leo girls are the smartest and the bravest. Cordially a cap,»

my Libra admitted that he doesn't care for oral.
By airyvirgo
What a bummer. Who doesn't like oral? He says bad experiences but what does that have to do with me. I am disappointed a»

Do Sag men easily let go of the woman they love?
By StarChild63
My cancer woman's baby daddy is obsessed and possessive and he's been this way for years and they've been broken up for»

Pvz $ y Fart The Musical
The Florida School shooter is Black. OMG this world is definitely falling apart. Now blacks are doing white people stuff. Crazy.
saturn return in sag next month. i'm not scared, but feeling free. big move out of state coming c: as ridic as dxp is, ty. if not for this site, i wouldn't have found my other half. till next time! be good guys ♥
Living wasn't meant to be easy. If it was everyone would be doing it.
i'm difficult, and i know this. for once, that was easy to say.
I see that Baba Ji has now gone into procuring.
Dxpnet's getting a bit frisky
can you wear a black skirt sprinkled with gold with grey tights? ?? I don't have any clean black tights:(
snow of terror falling on your head like a tragedy.
I finally beat Fallout 2 for the third damn time, I hated the pop culture references. NOW TO DESTROY FALLOUT 3 (my fav) BUT FIRST I WILL DESTROY FINAL FANTASY III !!!!!! (Broly yell the entire way home)
Damn I thought Scorpios were sexy, cool and mysterious? I work next a male & female scorp and they NEVER stop talking. what they ate for breakfast, blood type, shoe size, the weather... wtf? My scorpio sexy dream is crushed. :(
Leo's really are the luckiest sign, it's like things just get handed to them. The perks of being ruled by the sun!