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by blondeforlife
my pisces lover is often away in afghanistan for 3-6 months at a time. he requests that i type him a daily porn messag
by loveydovex3
What does dxp even stand for?
by Keenhazard
Nobody loves me and feeling worthless in this world.. this feeling makes me want to go suicide..
by LuckyLibra979
I put astrology in caps because we're all different. Our experiences have molded us into different types of Libras but there is a bottom line to the function of Libras no matter what. I know a lot on here don't give a damn but for those who give a slighte
by loveydovex3
I guess this stems from a place of disbelief. Happened about a few months ago that the Taurus I was with told me to move on. I wanted a take from other Taureans to better understand this. Some say Taurus wants you to hold on even if they tell you to let g
by cappygirl11
In general, on the forum, talking about their issues. Generally why are they attracted to each other? And why don't we get along always
by jeane
is there a mountain too high? a valley too low? a river too wide? is there a point where two people who truly love each other should face reality and accept they are beaten? or is no obstacle too big to overcome where love is concerned?
by kalin
Today I heard of a cheating scandal on dxp AND within a few hours the Girl Friend of some Virgo sent me a friend request on FB with a message asking if I knew her bf. I asked the Virgo what's going on and he said she's suspecting that he's cheating on her

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Death is just where your suit falls off and now you’re in your other suit. You can’t see it on this level, but it’s all right. Don’t worry.- George Harrison: Living in the Material World
i LOVE Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell together... the pics of them are adorable and "Overboard" is HILARIOUS! One of my absolute favs!
Doc prescribed temazepam for my day 5 insomnia. Sleepy time tea and then zzzz for me.
Stuffing my face with donuts (:
Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day or its going to suck big time. Either way it's going to go by slooooow!