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by canmini
you guys are like what we call the sell out, people will think you're a white wanna be, the way you carry yourself is like white people, oh yeah black women with heavy Virgo placements tend to have white girls as friends and date white men, yeah Sagittari
by firebunny
I'm having a bit of an identity crisis. My mum often says that her father (my grandfather) has Chinese-Spanish ancestry. I believed her for a long while, never questioning whether it's fact or fiction. Many people around us also tell me that I look li
by VanillaExt
I mean, come on, we got to even some things out. So, I ask that we try to avoid any negativity. If there is negativity or trolling, please do your best to ignore it. Now, let's get on the road to show! It will only do us right to start us off, yes? Well,
by ladylibra21
Do you know of any? What were they like?
by canmini
now I have talked about how Scorpio women are bad for Cancer men, but for Leo men, Scorpio women is ideal, a Scorpio women will make a Leo men love so much, her intensive manipulative ways will work well on him, he will feel as if he can see no other wome

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Before & After. Four sisters posing together 40 years later...
Leos are like Scorpios, their good for each other, unless I post about my ex, don't mention, otherwise you're the one who have a problem
why do Leo have a way of trying to lie to themselves, dam calm down,now your bringing up my ex, butter I forgot that psycho, also how I'm stalking man get a grip of yourself
Pray for the World. We need it. Become religious to save this World.
@xxxaliciaxxx LOL! Me too...that's my exact reaction.
Happen lots of times! Damn!