Aries mooners..
By RollergirlOrc
Do you tend to attract people that get along with your moon sign? I've noticed this strange trend. As a Capricorn, I'm s»

World Class Image Editing Service Provider.
By imagemasking
Image Colorist offers world class Image process outsourcing services like Image Clipping path Service, Image Manipulatio»

By Blackvirgo
Every other week I have a dream about a person I considered my female best friend having some type of private or atleas»

xyYour least favorite moon sign and why?
By xy

richie8813a cancer male with leo moon and rising in libra
By richie8813
did anyone meet any male with this placement? I wanna know more about these people's personality.thanks=D»

Taurus and Contact
By kissymissy
My Taurus ex...whom I have not seen in many years, but maintained a close, long distance, relationship with via internet»

scorchedearthtalked to a water friend tonight
By scorchedearth
and the comment "so you're a water sign that just happens to be a taurus." was made. lololol. any other emo taureans»

Need some advice on an my Aqua man crush...
By meangirl0715
Hi all. I am new here. So, without much further ado, I am having a crush on an Aqua man. The strange thing about this pe»

Theropod Dinosaurs were more related to birds.
By Sn1p3r187
Wow, this is a shocker. More Dinosaurus were related to birds than reptiles. That's like the birds we see today are the»

I'm a scorpio my ex girl pisces says she misses me
By sfsmoke
I met this Pisces girl back in January. we loved each other and had great sex. everything was good until May. i started»

När det gäller snowboardåkare, snowboardåkareNär det gäller snowboardåkare, snowboardåkare
Mellan ett stort antal matchade medel i syfte att variation inte nämna lätthet Woolrich Jacka, nästan ingenting, så


tinychat . com/ dxpnetchat
Was watching the season 2 premiere of Sleepy Hollow today and first off Nicole Beharie is a hottie with a body and Ichabod Crane's crossbow had an infrared beam attached. That butter looked nice and I would have chosen the same weapon.
Entering an uncomfortable and unsecured zone. Let live.
So apparently when I'm disgusted, I grimace worse than Jim Carrey... so I've been told
Do what thou wilt -Aleister Crowley
Nothing like a homemade birthday cake for my friends bday! Feeling all sorts of domesticated lately!
... a perfect anodyne to the restless spirit -- delicious autumn! g. eliot
shiny shiny shiny boots of leather whiplash girlchild in the dark strike dear mistress and cure his heart
Can we have Autumn and Winter without the cold?!
Autumn Equinox is tomorrow. Time to get my life in balance.
happy birthday Hussein! double digits :)
Met this Scorpio guy yesterday who is the BIGGEST chatterbox! I'm a Gemini and I couldn't get a word in! Didn't even have to ask his birthday, he just told us. Never met a Scorp like that before. Hmmm.