By Sn1p3r187
Hate them. Just hate em. They're annoying and they act all cutesy, knowing damn well they enjoy raping each other and tr»

Ferguson grand jury decision in 20minutes.
This piece of butter "Darren Wilson" bout to walk away free.»

By Mindseye0
This scorpio woman keeps playing games with me. She is 100% attracted to me, it's obvious in her eyes/stare, and she's»

By scorchedearth
i realize you people are allergic to talking about your feelings. most of the ones i've been close with think that their»

By biosynthesis
is an awesome friendship/relationship»

Leo man can't stop staring at me, what's on his mi
By seascape
There's a very charming leo guy that I like a lot..I'm not sure if i'm imagining things but I think we have a lot of che»

Rome18Cancer sun/Rising pisces/moon taurus
By Rome18
Hey guys.. What can you tell me about this guy : Cancer sun/Rising pisces/moon taurus/Sun and Mars in Leo. Thank y»

By RosyLibra
I'm just curious about whether my Aquarius and I are compatible... I feel like we click in soooooooo many ways and he on»

Two-Timing Capricorn
By saggyrl
A family friend just found out her hubby has been cheating on her. Her hubby is a Cap with either a Cap or Aquarius moo»

I can read a person
By aquapiscescusp
By the everyday shoes they wear... I know it sounds weird but it's never let me down! Anyone else do this?»

VIRGO VANISHED - completely confused!
By virgoloveer
I'm a Libra, have been slowly talking to a Virgo for over a year, he took me out on a date (after a year!) and we had a»

This scorpio woman keeps playing games with me. She is 100% attracted to me, it's obvious in her eyes/stare, and she's


Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.
My Test Just got Canceled due to protests. are they protesting Ferguson? Seattle Rise up. I might just head over there and join the crowd and burn my bra and underwear, been wearing them for weeks. SMH :)
I thought for sure i got banned from Dxp. Guilty conscience anyone?
Playing Snatcher at the moment on a Sega CD emulator. I seriously hope this butter works and doesn't freeze
First Craiglist gets hacked, then DXP just shuts down. What's going on
Still see brown X (
dear pisces moon of mine: shut it.
Listening to Nat King Cole. Let it Snow. This feels good!
this place is getting gross again.
After 5 days of lockjaw, I'm finally getting my wisdom tooth pulled. Also, Happy Birthday Sagittarians!
"How you gonna win when you ain't right within?"
Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed, and passed over When I've looked right through, see you naked but oblivious. And you don't see me.
How did people function before DXP?