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by AfternoonDelights22
I shall compile a list of topics to be debated in gif form only. The debate shall take place tonight and/or tomorrow. Anyone who wants to participate can. Get your google and tumblr searches ready
by Reincarnation
So yesterday I was studying while sharing a couple of sixpacks with two of my study partners - a Gemini and a Libra - when the issue of paying for dates came up. We were all fairly tipsy, so the conversation was a bit crazier than depicted here. Gem: "
by mysteriousTaurus
Need a good movie, Netflix has THE worst suggestions. What's your favorite?! This is an sos I am sick and will be in bed tonight, need a good movie!! With hot male actors
by Capn
Hi you :) I am so, so confused about a cancer woman and really in need for some advice and kind words. This, she got me hooked without even trying. Short story: She admitted she has been into me for several months, but not taking any
by CupOfPositivity
Do Pisces Men ever swim back to an "ex" they haven't spoken to/seen in years? In case the "ex" chose to completely disappear after the Pisces Man started ignoring her texts ... In this instance, I removed all social media presence for two years. We've
by thinktoomuch
Not talking about if you are dating someone or involved and then you *dissapear* as everyone calls it. I mean: do you ever just stay at home and chill by yourself and take a break from everything and everybody for a period of time? Just a question a
by Impulsv
Settling is good? I saw the movie anna Kareninna where love was all consuming it was too much to handle n she killed her self. Too me passion has always been key n I understood maybe it's wrong Maybe settling for less n simpler life is best. Per
by CupOfPositivity
If you've experienced one significant love/relationship, what sign was/is the partner?

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From what I've heard Fallout 4 was not that great. It was good but not anything compared to Fallout New Vegas. Happy Turkey hunting day!
Perfect crime
I am grateful for having 125,000 years and maybe more of history! Saves me from being a punk! Thank you God for my culture!
Something to make you think twice before consuming those pork chops today
Cleaning my bathroom listening to NPR than got to make my sides
The Ally Mcbeal in me imagining the Kool-aid Man Macy's parade balloon smashing through NYC buildings Dane Cook style. Ohh yeah
To the rest of you. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my family, food I'm about to eat, black Friday deals I'm scoping, football, and my best friend Mr. Virgo.
Star lover I used to think you were cool and even wondered why DJ always talked crap to you but now I know it's because you're a trifling bytch! Don't think I missed that unhinged comment. I have a right to express myself how I feel when I'm attacked. Plu