Why does Aries always run?
By bhakti7
I am a young Aqua male who has a question for the Aries women out there. The last 2 Aries women I was with completely po»

Revenge sag sun Venus scorpio
By Stryker77
Hey guys, may remember my situation with my ex sag, anyway things have moved on and ive started dating and she is now ha»

Elevator Dream.
By VenusStar

lisabethur8Rumour or truth?
By lisabethur8
Jennifer Lawrence (leo sun, aqua rising) is dating Chris Martin!(pisces sun, aqua rising) it seems too soon, but mayb»

moongemwhy do women round their lips on their selfies?
By moongem
lol... just curious.»

Gemini and Leo, okay?
By Fox888
I really really like this Gem girl, and have not had the confidence to ask her out. I find her constantly checking me ou»

BrizzleLeoMind-playing games?
By BrizzleLeo
How can you tell if a Virgo is playing the mind games with you or not interested?»

By CAwoman
I am a Virgo sun, Virgo moon and Virgo mercury with cancer mars and Libra Venus Interested in an Aries sun. Libra moo»

Gem/Aries guy _3 Sagi girl
By Geminariescharmer
Ok So i have been a hardcore astrology fan and have been lurking lindaland and dxpnet for years but always hesistant to»

By xy
Share your experience :D :D»

Acne Prone SkinAcne Prone Skin
Acne prone skin is difficult to manage. I have this kind of skin which makes me feel so terrible. I have tried differen


midnite, where as she been lately? kind of MIA...:/
I was thinking about my last job, had i known it would've affected me the way it did I would've left immediately instead of "being strong." "Being strong" caused me to dull mentally and damaged my self esteem and enthusiam for work.
Terribly bored Sag Moon.
Libra men are the most beautiful creatures in the world of human existence. Such politeness, is it?
Karaokeinggggg eeeeeee :D
Down the hell hole with the chat.
Get on chat you slags
"Great things are, by their very nature, unique and unconventional. "
From a fetus I was a genius, popped out the womb yelling "You mothertreetrunkers gotta see this!"
love doesnt fail. people fail.
all these poor women having issues with non committal aqua men, move on! There's other fish in the sea.
falling _3
"all you are, is all I'll ever need"
I LOVE Walk Off The Earth :)