New theme of DXP
By Ssupes»

Taurus woman got distant
By Leafofp
Hello to all! I need a little help with an issue I got recently. I'm a scorpio man who has been dating a taurus woman fo»

Troubles with boyfriend
By Flowerz
Hello. I boyfriend is gemini. He says he loves me, he wanted to marry me, but there is another woman. This woman, once h»

doublesidedGemAries Girl - Why the stubbornness ...
By doublesidedGem
Hey, so wondering if the Arien women can shed some light. Dating an Aries girl for coming up to 3 months and things»

MrFirebirdPsychology 4 Year Olds that Bite Themselves
By MrFirebird
Toddlers that scratch and bite themselves. Why?»

Women: Fear of singledom
By busyeyes88
Apparently we supposedly live in a feminist era according to half of you lot who feel that there is equality amongst men»

wecarealotGuess this actor's rising sign, please!
By wecarealot
What do you think? Sorry for the large images.»

Women: Fear of singledom
By busyeyes88
Question: Apparently we supposedly live in a feminist era according to half of you lot who feel that there is equality a»

need help with aqua man!!
By rayofhope
Hi all, i am new here and i must say i have been going through most of the posts and i feel like i might i get some insi»

Leo moon with scorpio rising
By Vegetta91
If somebody had this combination how would she/he be like? How does a strong fire sign combine with a strong water one»

Regarding Friends With Benefits
By MrFirebird

Getting over allergies.Getting over allergies.
I'm super allergic to cats but I really want to adopt a black cat. :( I did have one when I was 15 and eventually my


There seems to be no hope in humanity.
noticed alot of air signs moving lately including my bestfriend :(
I absolutely love that I'm learning to tap into my top 3 ruling signs when the situation calls for it. :)
words are not coming out right today. *frustrated*
Tired as hell because I was up late trying to help a dodo bird!
whatever; All the best forward. Hope this isn't permanent.
When you are dead, you dont know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.
There are no bunkbeds in wombs in caskets. You walk this earth alone. Loyalty and sincerity seems to be a rarity in people.
Ands deleted again :|
Feeling feisty today!
6:18 am and I can't sleep for butter. '
Sex is like death and rebirth.
Realize how truely blessed I am to have such a wonderful strong woman as my lioness in my life!
I'm going to let them rest in peace :)