LOL friends that don't even
By b1tchcrafts
try.. It's like why are we friends? Oh yeah you provide me with free bud.. Way to respond with "I'm still watching W»

What's with elaborate PromPosals?
By truecap
Have you noticed how more and more kids are going to elaborate lengths to ask someone to the prom? Here are some exa»

Gemini men and sex
By gemini87
Dear Gems, would you leave a long term relationship with boring sex for another woman? Are Gem men monogamous when it co»

leodilemma19900730FWB w/ Taurus acting weird, what his deal?
By leodilemma19900730
I thought we were just FWB but now I'm not so sure. I know he wanted more between us at one point in time but things got»

bloobazHow can I show my cancer man support?
By bloobaz
Hey everyone! So the question on the title is kind of incomplete...and there are actually more questions to this topi»

Some Good Parenting Right Here....
By LetltB
A parent who knows how to discipline disrespectful and rude teenagers. Absolutely love this.. A mom dropped off her»

EverythingAnyone with venus in 4th?
By Everything
Do you relate more to the descriptions of your venus in its sign or more to the house your venus is in? Found this de»

Dominant Signs and Synastry
By YellowSubmarine
For synastry, how much does sign dominance matter? This one guy I'm involved with is Sag dominant, although only his»

By Ssupes
Despite all that has happened I still have love for you in my heart. You have been like a sister to me this past year an»

When moon in cancer gets hurt.....!
By caster721
How long does it take for you to forgive?»

Flavor Orgasm ;)
By AnomalousBull
One of my passions is cooking, and as such I come up with all sorts of concoctions to satisfy my ever increasingly adven»

How can I show my cancer man support?How can I show my cancer man support?
Hey everyone! So the question on the title is kind of incomplete...and there are actually more questions to this topi


Getting paid to learn, couldnt be in a better place rn. Unless... Well nvm lol
hng old arctic monkeys tunes!
i refuse to be the guy. men need to man up these days.
just talked to the sweetest most open-minded aries guy. and he's in the military omg 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
lunar eclipse
just got this feeling something amazing is about to happen. :)
rare flowers are absolutely beautiful, but deadly for our hearts
Even when I'm wrong, I'm right. Game over.
jupiter trine ascendant... ahh, that explains a lot ;)
Trust the process ❤❤❤👣👣''
vaguely formulaic
up early in the morning dressed in black. don't ask why, cuz i'm down in a suit and tie. then kill my home that i went to school with. damn, i tell you life ain't butter to fool with
Day drinkers anonymous.