Capricorn in Uranus - 6th house
By RainDancer88

Pulling People's Charts
By M
Astrology aficionados, In dealing with coworkers, relatives, and romantical interests - do you jump at the chance to p»

Do Scorpio Men like cookiemonsteres?
Seriously, do you guys like being cursed out or something? Do you like it when a girl rips you a new one and laughs in y»

scorpchiScorpio man - infatuationn :P
By scorpchi
So last summer I met this guy on the beach in italy, he was in the flat infront and my group made friends with them and»

HotbeefyAre fixed signs struggling the Transit Saturns?
By Hotbeefy
I know that Taurus does struggle since it's opposite. But how about other fixed signs? Are you guys feeling struggle asw»

Any Leo Suns/Scorpio Risings?
By Druex
How would you describe yourself?»

JynjaWhen Scorp is away...
By Jynja

Scorpion and jane the virgin"
Look like two zodiac shows this fall .. :)»

Multiple Sclerosis
By airyvirgo
I just got diagnosed today, 3days before my birthday. I remember a thread from another dxpneter about possibly having it»

What will this Libra do?
By ombrerose
All I see are his puffy unhappy faces. I don't think he will do anything :/»

Any new jupiter stories?!
How's it going guys? Anything new & positive shaping up in your lives since jupiter entered leo?»

LOL he laid down the T
he gives good toe right? he's a keeper :D
I am in love with a man who has no redeemable qualities. How is this possible?I've never felt this way about Anybody on a consistent basis. It's Real.
a window is cracked open. one foot in, one foot dangling out. shoes tucked in a forgotten corner. ever ready to walk the clouds barefoot if i must step outside the box.
2Pac took a fan of his to her prom (she had expressed her wish in a letter) .. so young ladies grab your keyboards and write to Dreezy the Scorp !
“Nobody actually looks like what they really are on the inside. You don’t. I don’t. People are much more complicated than that. It’s true of everybody.” Neil Gaiman
Destructive forces of Nature! Coming up!
Trying to manage the bullbutter.
it may take a few cold nights without shelter to see that a functional persona is not enough.
Come as you are, as you were, As I want you to be As a friend, as a friend, As an old enemy.
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never fence" - Unattributed quote :P
Fence sitting is best course of action sometimes? :P Pffffft