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by exxtasyx
Which one is it and why? I think Leo's because they're too nice. Sagittarius is very smart which makes them a threat and Aries is so power hungry.
by idk
any of you tauruses watch this old house on your down time? watched it again for the first time in ages this morning and it gave me a warm fuzzy.
by CG04
Hi everyone, this is my first post on this site, but I have been a long time lurker. I recently decided to post because I have been "seeing" [I am so wary of labels] this Libra guy. So long story short, I am a Cancer, ascendent in Taurus, moon in Scorp
by aquaboy84
Im looking into getting my Masters, treetrunk Bachelor's in a field like science or something to help bring forth actual change. Doctors help people live so that's cool but they can't prevent the hurt. Lawyers can't prevent crime, you know? .. I'm going to sch
by crabRiot
Wine specifically...
by RealConnection92
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and new to dating as well lol. I've recently met this BEAUTIFUL libra woman at my job and my question is how do i tell if she likes me or on the way to liking me. I'll give you guys the full details lol. She's been at my jo
by Vixen2
I posted this in the Scorpio forum as well since they are probably the most resilient ones of the bunch. One thing I can say is that people who are Scorpio or who have lots of Scorpio placements- you deal with a huge amount of soul seeing pain througho
by aquarius09
Why is our greatest strength asked to be used to accommodate people's "disability"? I don't know about my online persona, but in RL I'm very aloof, cool, composed and usually laid back. I come across as robotic to emotional people. It takes a lotttttttttt

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Need help with disappearing/reappearing Gemini man

Need help with disappearing/reappearing Gemini man

Hello all I joined this forum today for advice. I've been dating gemini guy for about 9 months. I'm a scorpio and he's actually on the Gemini/Taurus cusp. We met and was highly attracted to one another went on a few dates then stopped seeing each other.


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My babies. I love my beautiful Lion Kings and Queens ❤❤
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