Aries Man and Aqua Girl
By Soleil
I recently met an Aries Guy. This is his chart don't have a birth time. Sun Aries Moon Cancer Mercury Ari»

How do i be assertive?
By Curiousram
I have issues with bottling in all my feelings and taking lots of things personal, but the problem is i hold it in and d»

im confused
By sarahscorpiolovaaa
so im dating this scorpio (im also a scorpio) for a few months now and its long distance, 1.45 min away from each other»

augustmoonGeneral relationship questions
By augustmoon
I try to suppress it as much as possible, but I'm way too preoccupied with relationships. I have a 7th house sun, what e»

BeaCancer91Stepping myself up for FAILURE (I think?)
By BeaCancer91
I just continue on my journey of doing butter that makes you guys say,'Stop acting like a treetrunking idiot." Five days wit»

You and Your Best Friend
By xy
How are you complementary to each other?»

Feistypisces777So frustrated
By Feistypisces777
Hello. Several things have happened in the few weeks I've been away from dxpnet. I really need some advice. Several week»

Have you noticed or no?
By conyo622
Have you noticed that the rising sign with animals , the people kinda resemble that animal in a way, the most I seen it»

Wasting my time
By Ashdogchic
I absolutely hate getting played by men but what's crazy is this time even though I loved this man i watched his actions»

Moon in Gemini in love and relationships?
By FI125
I've just been wondering how a guy who has his moon in Gemini will behave in relationships and if he's in love? I know a»

control freak douchebag
By beggarsblanket
Capricorn men have control issues. I repeat THEY HAVE CONTROL ISSUES. I was seeing a cap 8 months ago. We dated fo»

So frustratedSo frustrated
Hello. Several things have happened in the few weeks I've been away from dxpnet. I really need some advice. Several week


BOSS BIATCH right here!!! I got that promotion! A Ric Flair "WOOOWAH!" and an Axel Rose sway from side-to-side.
"These streets will make you feel brand new"
Getting back to MYSELF
He read me a poem he wrote my Libra is so corny,lol
Good news: I can braid my hair with 7 fingers. Bad news: it looks like a 7 finger braid.
So my close friend is leaving me out for her birthday dinner.. kinda treetrunked up but whatever. She can hang out with my other close friend and not me lol. #teamnorealfriends
Whilst walking from my house to my car, I saw MY OLD STALKER come out of his place. Hid by holding my bag in front of my face like a celebrity. Brilliant, he's one of my neighbours -_-
What would you dooo, do get to meeee? What would you saaay to have your waaay? Would you give it up or try again? If I hesitaaate to let you iiin!
I shouldn't of left you. Without a dope beat to step to, step to, step to, step to, step to, freaky-freaky baby girl uh..
Been a long time
I'm still short on mirrors. I'm going bat crazy here!
Why do people start threads, then delete them i wonder?
tinychat . com/ dxpnetchat
Was watching the season 2 premiere of Sleepy Hollow today and first off Nicole Beharie is a hottie with a body and Ichabod Crane's crossbow had an infrared beam attached. That butter looked nice and I would have chosen the same weapon.