By SirHorns
Growing up, I had no idea why people would automatically look to me when it came to doing things or leading/ decision m»

By tamara
Have an epic day! :D»

If Someone Says...
By Sag89
Who knows what will happen down the road..... Are they expecting things to change?»

SirHornsSatire or for Real?
By SirHorns
http://wallstreetinsanity.com/50-things-every-woman-should-realize-about-men/ Place your bets. Also feel free to poin»

MrFirebirdScorpio: Literary Titles
By MrFirebird

Sexy time
By SirHorns
IT has been said that if a determined Scorpio native decides to do or accomplish something, all anyone can do is to "hid»

firebunnyTips at how to get a better eyesight?
By firebunny
While I haven't changed glasses since around 2010, I think that my eyesight is getting weaker. I am now using glasses wh»

Moon's over DXP
By Astrobyn
Simply list your moon sign, and the sign of the moon placement in favor of your personal preference. Gemini Moon:»

Yes, Cancer Men Come Back
By That1Girl
That Cancer man that was driving me crazy with all the messages I felt I had to decipher, the non=sex sex, and all that»

Why not make......Why not make......
A GOOD TERMINATOR movie.... without arnold. I mean come on. Just t2000 became iconic. Why da hell not make two terminato


I built myself a metal bird and fed my metal bird the wings of other metal birds.
Summer Love !
I share my birthday with Donkey Kong! Not a bad username coming to think of it hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
I got the Best Mom in the World ( A sagittarius). She's always hooking me up with my favorite snacks. I want a gf who treats me like she does :)
ughghgh hate everything about you
ah yes, waiting for Hump Day... *drums fingers*
No GC that's not me, although I was adorable. :D
EU, is that your baby pic in your profile? That kid is so adorable, lol.
Can someone amuse me please? Inbox me or something :)
treinta dias---una nueva vida m 'spera.. que hago? do I stay or do I go.....
Just played Strider 2, treetrunkin A-
Need to get crackin' on that thesis... sigh... :P
tiz... espaƱol? q sopresa...
Lo entiendo - pero - necessito mas cuarto.