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by itsDimplez
my cells are dying, my metabolism has slowed, tired is my best friend, and the pressures of marriage and starting a family is weighting heavily. what age scared you?
by Reincarnation
Post your Sun and Moon placement.
by Damnata
*shakes fists at layna*
by Lively121
I am. Confused. I am in love with a cancer girl, we been talking for 6 months. She told her friends she wants to get marry.we don't live in the same city. When I saw her picture I liked her. I also sent her my picture.i invited her to visit my cities. I b
by 1stTierReadings
by RainDancer
What are they? Why do they matter and how to find yours. Fixed stars are basically bursts of energy that are activated at specific times.. [IMG][/IMG] A layman's definition may be needed.
by itsDimplez
press play. do it. you know you want to.
by Impar12
Hello all, I'm seeing a gemini guy for about 3 weeks now and he's a lot of fun, I love the energy and his sense of humor. He's a great guy to be around and there's a lot of chemistry. Now I don't have any experience with gemini people, I've always gravi

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Virgo Man/Leo woman

Virgo Man/Leo woman

Hello!! My virgo crush and I work together in the same office. We are both 30 years old. So we understand office romance can get tricky however it is not prohibited. I am a leo woman. Ive known him for about 9 months. However, it took me almost 6 month


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'Autumn ~ ~ the year's last, loveliest smile'
2 hours
"Feet don't fail me now, take me to the finish line.."
i miss elle
4 hours
Ugh, the moon going through my 12th house. I want to hide!
5 hours
@kodak375 Just doing my Scorpio moon public service of traumatising people!
6 hours
When you have a moon in Aquarius....
7 hours
I'm trying. 0.o What the hell did you traumatize me with?
7 hours
@kodak375 go back to sleep!
8 hours
alot of em are snakes tryna shed their skin and the friction they make only helps them win
8 hours
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