Ed Westwick
By Wynter
I was watching "Romeo and Juliet" on Nextflix, and there he was in the role of Tybalt. *swoons* ♥ OMg...what»

By RainDancer88
I dreamed of being terrified as I watched a tornado creep closer and closer towards my house. It never did but I was fri»

what stuff?
By ZelaleZ

AshdogchicI finally see!
By Ashdogchic
I would've never in a million billion gazillion trazilion years thought id ever date a capricorn. I've always butted hea»

TaurusLovesScorpioTaurus Love
By TaurusLovesScorpio
Pulled a chart from this esoteric science site: http://www.esotericscience.com/BirthData.aspx Its interesting in t»

5th or 8th House?
By conyo622
Which Represents Sex ? I Know 8th does but 5th means flings so ?»

lovelylipsLEO MALE BORN AUG 6
By lovelylips
CAn someone give me insight on LEO, Males... he appear to be so genuine and caring but stubborn , I dont understand. HEL»

C.M.E Influence
By Equator
I woke up around midnight on the night of the 13/14th of this month feeling like a million bucks. This doesn't really e»

Cleanliness? Germophobics? Is this you?
By truecap
Stayed in a cabin over the weekend with a group of people. There was one person in our group who wouldn't let anyone mov»

Website for dream interpretation
By seapearl2014
Any idea on a website for dream interpretation? I had a dream last night that i was in a room with talls walls, no do»

Burning it all down.Burning it all down.
My current life is not working, Id rather be dead. Have any of actually lived up to the fairy tail and started again?


it may take a few cold nights without shelter to see that a functional persona is not enough.
Come as you are, as you were, As I want you to be As a friend, as a friend, As an old enemy.
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never fence" - Unattributed quote :P
Fence sitting is best course of action sometimes? :P Pffffft
For a Libra there is always The Third Option - do nothing and it'll sort itself out.
"eli re eli Kya hai yeh paheli aisa vaisa kuch kyon hota hai saheli"
If I stay it will be for the wrong reason. If I go it will also be for the wrong reason. Gee, that sucks _/3
Im inlove with my a man that I shouldn't be..
de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum
You are a drunken mistake.
Don't tell US about it...
@Nem Amen