Getting very frustrated with me aries ex
By ladycappi41
I have been pretty much done with him since mid august. At first I tried to be nice but it didn't work. Still verbally a»

When Scorpio tries to make you jealous Please help
By GeminiSparkle
Hi all, if you are a scorpio male or female especially with anyone with Scorpio in Venus could you please tell me the be»

Long distance romance with a Cancer guy
By nightowlintt
Hi, I have recently started a long distance relationship with a Cancer man, I am a Pisces woman. We have known each oth»

chococream3 sons
By chococream
Idreamed that I have 3 sons, Im not sure the age of the first kids, but the last boy was 3 heard it was mentioned. the b»

aj123Sagittarius initiates but doesn't respond
By aj123
Hi, I met a sagittarius person a few months back (now it is long distance) but he'd openly communicate a lot via texti»

who here has trouble with their scorpio north node
By hollyhock
I have trouble going from the earthy Taurus SN to the scorpio NN. Anyone else?»

lavaliquidOur board isnt filled with an array of admirers?
By lavaliquid
why. Is it became we are a great mactch for anyone, but since all of our cards are on the table, the mystery is gone.»

Trying to take things slow with a Cancer man :/
By NaniRo
I'm a Libra and this guy I'm talking to is a Cancer. I'll be getting showered with affection and then he's trying not to»

The slow reveal of the taurus...
By lavaliquid
You guys are weird... just saying. So question of the day: lets say youre bump buddies with a taurus, you've sleep in t»

Sagittarius initiates but doesn't respondSagittarius initiates but doesn't respond
Hi, I met a sagittarius person a few months back (now it is long distance) but he'd openly communicate a lot via texti


Virgleeb shoved his fingers up my nose :0
3 days without power and barely getting internet, the wind can do so much damage. I understand now the damage of air. -aquarius
considering how one might go about pardoning a turkey has me in giggles! you crazy bunch!
"Heyyy put your love on top"
Yes Fisk, that seems more level headed. LOL. **Turns down the Pluto aspects**
cooking for tomorrow, I will be up all night
LOLL. Oh, that's not very nice. I'd just put a liberal amount of marijuahnah in the stuffing and potatoes.
If that occurred Fisk I'd poison the kool aid and make sure everyone drunk up.
Hope everyone has a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family and friends. Live, Love, and Laugh !
Thank me for the entertainment. I take paypal.
Pass me a plate.
Pass me the wine
Can you imagine if DXP members were family members you have to sit and have Thanksgiving dinner with tomorrow?
going to change my picture to an old one. And some coffee grounds are in this cup that I made -.-