The Armenian Genocide
By bmoon8
So our own American government stops short of calling it a genocide.»

Fortune in the 6th House
By exxtasyx
Anyone have this placement? What is your experience with it?»

How to deal with a narcissist?
By mgmtlove

mrwangwhat planet tells you who you are attracted to ?
By mrwang
So I'm reading a friend' chart and I want to know if this information is available in the chart , I want to know ALSO wh»

cilantroAmerican (Hipsters) try Mexican Beer
By cilantro
just drink Modelo if you wanna skip the taste testing...»

Scorpio males, do you hate Taurus males?
By wxyx33
I have sun sign in Taurus and Gemini rising & pisces moon in my chart over the years I found it hard to get along wit»

lotusThe meaner I am to Leos the more they like me
By lotus
I've noticed this with several Leos. I am a Libra with Sag moon and if I pander to their egos, they don't pay attention»

Social media
By aqualadyy
I have been with my scorpio bf for over three years now. I really love him and he says he loves me and we plan to get ma»

How do I deal with my Aqua friend?
By bnr7013
I'm a sag female & within the last two years, I made friends with an aqua female. We were both going through some really»

Why the high standards?
By gaudiumxx
I think it is a good quality within yourself to have some expectations of people you are close to. And it is okay to hav»

I'm loosing my mind already..
By Hotbeefy
I'm trying to be patience with her for real.. Even that I was trying to be social to her.. But I can't stand with her an»

Whats the connection between evil...and twins?Whats the connection between evil...and twins?
Nothing to do with the idea of "evil twin". Its just, geminis, once you really know em, are pretty darn evil. And their


Wu on second?
"Paradoxes are useful to attract attention to ideas."
opinions are best served when not asked for.
why are the hottest guys always the non-committal ones? :(
Why did you do that? Because you are absurd and irresistible.
my nickname is captain save-a-dolla .. I heard you got a fly mind let me holla
Truel Life: I'm a hypocrite
What's on second...
a healthy ruthlessness.
Who's on first?
Who's on first?
Living, loving, and laughing are the most important ingredients in life. Being comfortable in my own skin, I am able to laugh at myself. Open minded and passionate. I believe in living life to the fullest and learning new things.What's the latest with you