'cause aquaboy
By DwellingOnMove
In a thread on the Pisces board aquaboy84 mentioned this site: http://www.primalastrology.com/animal-spirit-chart.htm»

FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428 I'm Calling You Out!
By AnomalousBull
It's officially less than ten days until the end of America, allegedly. Seeing as how you are the closest to ground zero»

By WateryGem
I just want to share this b/c I don't feel like sharing it with my friends. :) I miss my ex-Libra during the summer»

busyeyes88Venus in scorpio: how does this energy work?
By busyeyes88
Hey people, "I'm on a roll' as they say!!! Lol lol Those of you with venus in scorpio, whether you have a fire, eart»

FreeFlowdomScorpio and Gemini
By FreeFlowdom
I am a Gemini/Cancer cusp (f) who cares deeply for a Scorpio (m). We have already told each other we liked each other. W»

Cancer male Leo Woman hot/cold
By fullmoon80
Background: Known him (Cancer) for over a year but have only really started talking (texting) for the last 3 months. We»

beautifuldiasterMel Gibson has 0° Libra moon too
By beautifuldiaster
Hahaha.. feby aren't you also my zero degrees leeb mooner? Why did this make me laugh? I personally love Mel Gibson, he»

Pisces man
By nesenaz1
Hı everyone i so much need your advices with a Pisces man. Im a Pisces woman and lost communication with this pisces ma»

Help me understand how to be supportive to my LeoHelp me understand how to be supportive to my Leo
So, my partner is a July Leo man. He is the quietest Leo I have ever met so, of course, I fell for him right away. We


Turkce konusan biri var mi burda? Eger varsa, bana PM atsin.
You tell em I'm coming, and Hell's coming with me!
Happy birthday Kodak, hope you had an amazing day!@Femmefatale thankyou for the birthday shout out mama.
Silence is golden. However, duct tape is silver and very reasonably priced.
Pisces are some of the funniest people alive oh my goodness.
Wedding Crashers is da shizzle
im like "who are these people" each time a user change their prof picture, I suck at remembering usernames. im getting old.
Happy 4th of July to everybody in the US of A!
Yeah, i wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me anymore
Happy Birthday to me =) Love you guys enjoy your 4th of july
I hate this Saturn Opposition mars, having a Taurus mars sucks too only if I could have been born a week later . I want to be consistently motivated. Laying low and being neural is not my style.