Scorpio-Virgo compatibility
By Rambunctious76
Just finding out for my Scorpio friend. Is there possibility of this working out beyond friendship? Her placements: [IMG][/IMG]»

Why do caps blame them selfs....
By Lindaaaatje
If someone says something to them and they immediately think the worst of one's perfect? Some things you can't control in life? Why can't they talk about such things? Even if talking will not change a thing but will clear things out for t»

I want this venus retrograde crap over
By bloobaz
I can't even think properly. I don't know what's happening but all I want is to be alone. I can't even handle my own feelings/thoughts. I feel like being a mess. I DON'T LIKE BEING A MESS. I don't know if any lions were struck by this but fortunately t»

flowingwaterHis Scorpio moon.
By flowingwater
So I'm trying to get to know my Virgo. He's completely taken over by his Scorpio moon. The only Virgo I see is his view for details, usually quiet and observant. The closer we get, the more his stinger shows.. Saying he's going to devour me. When men talk»

Stihl46Scorpio observations
By Stihl46
More I work with the other Scorpio I'm seeing a lot of the same traits as the first Scorpio I'm getting smiles out of her and I'm finding she is really comfortable talking to me the tone of her voice changes. I did see some emotions out of her again talki»

Am I wrong or something in my relationship?
By dragonjinse
Oh well, 1st of all... I feel like this board is my another home. So I'd like to be here when I'm sad, disappointed and confused. As almost everybody here knows about me... I'm dating with this Aqua sun, Pisces moon and venus guy. We're in a LDR. AND it»

scorpiogemini12th house transits>>>HELP!!!
By scorpiogemini
Omg, I have 3, soon to be 4 planets transiting my 12th house. Sun, Jupiter, Mars went there today, and Venus will be there soon. I have never felt like this in my life. Does anyone have experience with this? My identity as I have known it is disappearing.»

Synastry with the angles
By hnq
My potential mate has a Moon (3 Libra) square Venus (0 Cancer) in his natal chart, I know this is an aspect that signifies never being satisfied or whatever but..... My ascendant is at 2 Libra conjunct his Moon and my midheaven is at 2 Cancer conjunct his»

Sag girl + Aqua boy
By Eccentric_Owl
I'm currently ignoring this aqua boy I like and I'm wondering if that's the correct way to handle an aqua ? Has anybody dated or crushed on an aqua how was it? His Chart Sun Aquarius Moon Aquarius Mercury Capricorn Venus Aquarius Mars Libra»

Cap male/Pis female.
By marieisapisces
I have been In love with a Capricorn for 5 months now, it is long distance at the moment but hopefully we will be meeting soon and making plans to move if things go well (: I'd like to hear experiences, advice or anything else.»

Astral Plane/Astral ProjectionAstral Plane/Astral Projection
Do any of you believe in Astral Plane? Do we really travel out of our body while we dream into another world or dimensi


How exactly do I upload pics on this site?
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:( Sorry you're sick MoonShineLeo. I hope you feel better soon. I'm under the weather too. Share a cup of hypthetical cyber peppermint tea with me :) (Holds up a hot cup of tea to cheers with you)
i hate being sick :(
All I think about is money, this cant be too healthy for me
Praying for discernment
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No holding back! Breaking all the barriers! I understand where you're coming from and I respect you position but you have to understand and respect mine as well!
Before I could answer (if I could have answered so difficult a question at all), she repeated, "Love her, love her, love her! If she favours you, love her. If she wounds you, love her. If she tears your heart to pieces—and as it gets older and stronger,
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DXP high school of hard knocks? *rolls eyes*
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