Happy Bday Chris Tucker
By KsamCancer
Happy BDAY man. Funny ass dude. Gave me tons of laughs as a teen and still does to this day. http://img3.wikia.nocook»

Caps- What do you prefer Leo or Cancer?
By cappygurl8
So...which sign is more compatible with Caps?»

short history of an astrological mess...
By Gemini1979
Well, let's blame it on astrology. The "aloof" Gem fell hard for the "intense" Scorpio but didn't fully realize how prec»

BekindCancerScorpio has got my so confused .. Is this a test?
By BekindCancer
Long story short him (Scorpio) and I (cancer) dated for a few months. Everything started amazing .. I love you came quic»

justagirlHad to share... LOL
By justagirl
I had to share after coming across this today! https://youtu.be/cukXdrvrnrc I swear a few on this site follow t»

So I have a vision..
By Kodak375
I layed down for a second to take a nap in-between work for 15 minutes and I had a vision I was walking with somebody do»

newlife7Chart interpretation for two sags? Compatibility
By newlife7
His Chart: Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Time unknown Sun Sagittarius 26.13 Moon Sagittarius 18.36 Mercury S»

sun/moon 12th house relationship w parent
By BetaBanana
I was thinking what shows you're relationship with your father in your chart so I googled sun placement - father relatio»

Never dated a Sag male
By newlife7
I met a sag male over a month and things have been going well so far. We didn't really kiss till the 3rd date and he see»

By livictori
I'm not talking gender roles but really what happened to dating? My personal experience is not riddles with abuse and»

Why is there so much smog in L.A?
By Sn1p3r187
I think this article explained it good- http://www.quora.com/Why-is-there-so-much-smog-and-air-pollution-in-L-A I'm p»

post something that takes you out of here something that moves you https://youtu.be/kbisgERQCrw close your eye


If you are confused with the situations you are in, unconfuse yourself and walk away!
The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.
I don't actually know anything really, but when I do, I know too much.
What an utter load of crao
What the??
porn is from the pit of hell designed to keep men away from.God and enslaved to sin so go ahead and keep your eyes glued to unclean herpes infected.porn stars and enjoy your.eternity away from God.and.in hell.
Trying to be serious on this site tonight....but I just....can't..
As a gem... is it weird that know-it-all's bother me? I know nothing, Jon Snow.
Have a good day Gems!
I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about
Don't hide behind a label given to you, good or bad. Own up to who you are
�My name,� said Odysseus �is Nobody for there is great powering in understanding the concept/worship of the "many faced god"
First Donald Trump and now Kayne... Canada, you sure are looking quite nice right about now.