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by lisabethur8
that look like your significant other, or ......your ex's? or men /women that you would LIKE to have your SO in the future to look like. since not all of us here are in a romantic relationship, it's also for single people, who dream of the kind of m
by Dastard
by everlynn
1966 - 2016 Why did you delete? :( please ressurrect and come back.
by Jaxz88
He is turning 28 and we have been dating 6months and I'm stuck on what to buy him?? I don't want to appear to full on but I really really like him so I want it to be right? He does do some night shifts and enjoys scuba diving also How much should I spe
by Explicit
Dark thread but whatever. Do you think it's cowardly? I don't think it's cowardly at all. I feel like there's only so much a person can take. And some people get in situations they literally cannot get out of, and they endure so much for so many y
by HappyCapper
Let's face it, astrology is just a pseudo science and one of the biggest dangers of people being fooled that it really works even though it in reality actually may not is psychology. I, for one, think my chart is a scary good description of myself, but
by Redoctober2000
Sorry Folks but I have to clear this matter up. Firstly I just want to point out that I love how I look. I don't want to look like anyone else and if I had a choice to have surgery or be anyone else I would flatly refuse it. I am unique in my own w
by wondermikej
I'm a 38 year old textbook Taurean Male, (Sun Taurus - Moon Gemini - May 9th), and happily married for nearly 11 years to a textbook Leo female. We dated for 3 years prior to marriage. My grandmother was a Taurus as well, as are my 2 closest friends, a

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coffee cup too small, feel like that bunny...
monday has been cancelled.
The reasons I don't post much..... are many. Wow!
what happened here last night?! aries moon swat team?
red cat? *evilgrin*
*blocked someone* No time to read that hypocrite !