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Why?? It's creepy. How to deal with the situation? I try to be nice to him in my responses, concerned and trying to find the reasons behind the photographed tears. It doesn't ever seem like a large issue and one that I find rather avoidable and transpa
by christinelovessnickers
by ozzie1985
I will try to make this as short as possible. I have known said gemini man for 5 years. We talked frequently 5 years ago for a bit over 1 year and then poof..he deleted me out of his life. Fast forward to present time...I sent him a msg and he responded w
by lou.m
I was wondering if people have a lot of the same sign in their family. I realize obviously logically babies are usually born in summer in most countries and parents tend to prefer planning that etc. But there are so many cancers in my family. The next sig
by CopperDove
Leo and Libra influenced people I've known have often been more aware/concerned about their appearance than other signs. They are also more likely to be accused of being vain about how they look compared to other signs. Agree or not? If you agr
by Harukaa
What's your sign and your stalker ?
by aj123
Hi, So was saying a gemini man since September (met online), added each other on fb soon after, texted everyday and everything was going well. He is in his mid-twenties, has "been with" 10 people in the past (this includes one night stands, friends with
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shucks my damn family done come back now. wished they could've stayed gone a little longer. this limits my free dxp time.
People treetrunking laugh at the Craigslist Missed Connection ads... until you think you drunkenly met your twin flame in the subway.
hair color powder
#NOCHIL!!!! !!! haha
never mind.
my pre-practicing winking method:
ive been practicing how to wink and now i cant stop winking. I even winked at my reflection. (btw not for flirtations purposes, just because i can't wink. ok maybe i want to impress that grocery shopper dude lolz)
I'mma admit. Japanese horror. IS treetrunkING HORRIFYING! Just the build of tension and butter treetrunking with your head. Ju On the Grudge was........leaving me in shakes when I was 11.
@Vixen2 It was years ago. Today has been perfect. The night playing System Shock 2 however feels stomach cringing and any jumpscare or Japanese horror technique would make someone go out both ends