Scorpio Guy Friend sloooowly Becoming a Lover???
By Blueprism28
I would appreciate some honest feedback from Scorpio males as well! Thanks!! Back in April we started texting in a ver»

How long does it take you to say I love you?
By ladylibra21
Just curious, and please provide your Venus, Moon, and Mars.»

So Jesus is a Myth?
By Sugarfoot
And his whole story is an allegory based on the planets movements through the 12 zodiac constellations? I just watched»

facerollthrowing people under the bus
By faceroll
does anyone else feel like doing it sometimes? like people take advantage of the fact you're "not like that" and wouldn'»

By Flavia
How do you feel the retrograde will be for Aries? What challenges and triumphs are you experiencing now?»

Supportive of their Parents
By lisabethur8
i notice a trend, like that Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore, and even Mischa Barton....»

Blood ft. WaterHow do you become emotionally dead?
By Blood ft. Water
Please respond you pasty mothertreetrunkers!»

You know you're an ISTP when...
By Rambunctious76
Saw this post on another site and thought of bringing it here. So you know you're an ISTP when: -You start speakin»

Week in Seattle
By bella_fish
We are leaving to Seattle tomorrow. I am taking my two teenage kids. Any fun ideas? We hope to kayak off Owens beach, wh»

best way to confess love to libra sun scorp moon
By inmercury
He's a Libra sun, scorp moon, scorp venus, sag rising he's already told me he loves me but i couldn't say it back bec»

Weirdest person I've ever met
By Fragrance
So again this third decan Scorpio with Scorpio Venus and Capricorn Moon... At the beginning, he would text me 3-4 t»

Scorpio Guy Friend sloooowly Becoming a Lover???Scorpio Guy Friend sloooowly Becoming a Lover???
I would appreciate some honest feedback from Scorpio males as well! Thanks!! Back in April we started texting in a ver


Let that four-fifth turn and twist em If they all got the mark we miss em I pray death come quick and kiss em If he need help I assist him Follow? All of my tips is hollow I could kill your ass today but right now I’m playi
So I took the personality test again a year later and got ENFJ. I guess that's what I am.
Imagination is the key to me. The rest is painted with a little science fiction.
Winter is coming... and so is a blue moon... Mercury retro this year will change more then a thing or two. ;)
Too many glasses of wine underneath this starlit sky. How I wish I could fall into you, like I used to.
Rosalie cullen is smoking hot, mhmmm Taurus girl
Caliber *points* Your moon is showing.
So tired and in need for sleep yet cant
I'M NEWWWW!!! Hope y'all are really my kind of people!
Stuck at another super lame tween flick. Last time it was a 2 hour documentary on One Direction. The things I do for love.
An aquarius guy I really like said 'I love you' really fast and quietly to me. I heard it, but wasn't sure how to react. I don't know if he meant it and was afraid to say it out loud, or it just popped out and he caught himself? I was so happy to he
sometimes knowing someones birthchart is shortcut to avoiding the bullshxt to come.