Fill in the blank
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Can't stand people who? State your sign.. I am a Taurus female..and I can't stand people who cut in front of me wh»

Your greatest fear
By virgowithasoul
I was talking to my sag bff and she shared that her biggest fear was being normal. Do any of you feel that way or have s»

The Moon and Your Period
By GetMisted
What sign and house is the moon in during your period? What is your natal moon and house?»

FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428What did you learn today?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
So everyone, we all are always observing and learning.. What is something that you learned either today or this year?»

rubystarHow long does it take for a Taurus man to move on
By rubystar
knowing that you are very sexual and horny,, after a break up if you loved the woman very much ... but now are broken up»

Virgo Man wants me to help him clean his house!?!
By BadGalVirgo
Been seeing this Virgo Guy since April ... We have been ok... Little arguments here and there... But, we seem to always»

GetMistedDis a robbery! Give me ya dirty panties!
By GetMisted»

Aquarius Disappearing Acts
By allluv72
I am a Cancer woman that met an Aquarius online in Oct. We emailed for a few days and move up to texting shortly after.»

how many books do u read in a yr?how many books do u read in a yr?
I only count those that I've read cover-to-cover, and hopefully not skimming or speed-reading (how do ppls do tt n imbib


Blue18 knowing what is going on in your chart is a plus... keep calm and your head... My saturn was in Scorpio and messed with me alot... :)
and Saturn in sag is treetrunking with my mood and relationship.
my friend is my frenemy
corny Pisces guy tried to holla at my Leo chick, haha he is wack, ignored
I wonder if the Virgo is depressed. He literally slept the whole day today.
and no makeup except fill in my eyebrows
Getting back to my weird self... the way I should just always be... :)
You know one of those days you walk around and just want to rip the jugular of anyone you see. Yes it's one of those days
So my dad loves Pitbull and called "international love" the best song in years and I really don't know what to do with that.
Gemini to Scorp: No, you mean "parched". You're a little parched. Scorp: Ohhh okay, the classier term.
Daredevil Irreverent Rascalâ„¢ reporting in :D
Just when I think you cant work any worse, you never cease to amaze, DXP