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Normally I can go long periods without having sex sometimes even annoyed by the thought of putting in effort to have sex with someone. THEN, I hit periods of time where I want to have soo much sex! I am not bold enough to just have random sex though and t
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... I thought my niece was a Pisces, but I had it way wrong. Here's my question Posted by RainDancerMy Neice is now 15. She has had so many trials, but when it comes to being absolutely loving, she is the epitome of unconditional love. I have started
by retrogradexy
Post relevant aspects and ill do my moji to find your soulmate within 24 hours. This is once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Miss out or don't. The force is strong atm.
by Shaniajam
I asked last night do you love me? Are we still ok? Or should I move on? He sent a meme stating some people are meant to fall in love but not be together. I said is this the end? He said it doesn't have to be but you knew I didn't want a relationship. I t
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Hey everybody! I would really appreciate some advice if possible. I've had an online Leo friend for quite some time now. We always kept things really casual but we'd chat nearly everyday even if it was just to say hey. The last few months things got a
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...and the least?

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Advice for a sag female dealing with a cancer male?

Advice for a sag female dealing with a cancer male?

I posted on the cancer forum, but haven't gotten much advice. I'm currently in a casual relationship with this crab, we have had the conversation about not wanting to be in a serious relationship, and we were both in agreement, for our own reasons, but


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Maybe you dont ignore but there are Taurus' that do and it's not fun to the recipient.
6 minutes
It's a behaviral trait that Taurus have that they dont realize their doing it. if you dont beleive me, pls read all of the Taurus pages.
8 minutes
Ok, then it's the Caps that you know. But to say Taurus don't ignore is false becuse you do. my Bull just did for no reason and I called him out on it.
9 minutes
@Iamawinelover: No I am not kidding. And so far, no I never gave anyone silent or ignoring treatment. Taurus are not rude, or ignoring at all. All those caps people I know, they are egoistic.
13 minutes
TrueTaur57, are you kidding me? Taurus' are the kings and queens of the silent and ignoring treatment! Everyone knows that which is the topic od most questions on the Taurus page. We become silent because of either what someone has done or has said, you o
2 hours
Capricorns are sweet, no doubt, quiet and caring like us. But once you do anything against their wish, and boy you would see them being really rude towards you. And hence constant fights.
4 hours
“At 20 a man is a peachicken, at 30 a lion, at 40 a camel, at 50 a serpent, at 60 a dog, at 70 an ape, and at 80 nothing”
5 hours
People with a great sense of humor...
6 hours
i found sharp knees!
8 hours
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