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by starwars
hey virgos, do you get tired from socializing? by socializing, i don't mean meeting people everyday and having 'small talk' I mean being in the same room for 7 hours with the same people. I love socializing i like to enjoy my time with other people,
by exxtasyx
I think it's jealousy
by adoreU
Well well well...we are finally at the end. You're not very bright. You're emotionless. You're collect friends like raggedy trophies. You're the sign of my ex so I'm obviously going to dislike you. You look funny. You try to hide who you truly are
by rockyroadicecream
Kinda like urban dictionary, but for your typical dating butter. This just came to mind because for the 67839683096th time here, someone has proclaimed "busy" as a legit excuse for a guy to NOT contact her. Busy- What he says when he can't be bothered
by GreyWiz
I think have posted this before but i kinda forgot about it and it was quite a while ago. who do you think is a leo male's best match? I am not looking for copy&paste from astro websites so please don't post that garbage here. I would love to hear real
by adoreU
😊 hey guys, I've noticed a few people who are in their feelings a bit and I'd love to give a little advice via Ask yourself, β€œis what you heard true at all?” 2. Think, maybe what you heard does not refer to you at all. 3. Ask yourself why are
by ManilaVice
You're walking back to the hotel from the club when you decide to walk on the beach instead of the side roads. It's dark. Suddenly a pair of vascular man arms grab you from behind. The grip is strong, it's a bro rape about to happen, how do you survive?
by Patrickgemini
My gemini friend(i'm a gemini too) says his girlfriend doesn't like when he touches her body( with her clothes on ) , he tells me sometimes when he tries to touch her boobs or her butt, she pulls his hands away (in a rude way), is this a scorpio character

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Libra with eyes for Cappys

Libra with eyes for Cappys

I keep finding myself attracted to Cappys-and them to me?! I have moon in Capricorn, and Scorpio ascendant. Whats the deal??? Totally incompatible but the attraction is INTENSE to say the least. Any other Libra ladies feel the same? Or married to one?!? I

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I hate being around normal people.. We'll call them "basics." they're so plain, unoriginal, lifeless and dull.
may needs meds...woah.
"Blindly optimistic?" Well, it's okay! It's better than nothing! ....... Oh, wait. butter.
retrograde nation
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You'll be suprised how crazy someone gets when they're fighting for their life. hehehe
But I go zero to psycho reaaaal quick. Even if you do find me i'll bang your skull on the ground, idgaf.