When people laugh...
By WaterCup
at someone you're dating, how do you handle it? Ok, this might sound silly & amusing to some of you, but I have never ex»

What happened to...
By virgowithasoul
Lilytree? She's been gone and I miss her.»

Confused by the Libra Man
By Blackangel
Im a gemini and recently met this libra guy, he found me interesting enough to want to invite me over for lunch. thing i»

Virgosweetheart87Not meant to be..?
By Virgosweetheart87
My cancer infatuation and I have met online about 3 months ago. Ever since we were messaging each other every day, and f»

DamnataDiscovered this
By Damnata
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wr2DevQ73M I really dig her voice..she has great range.»

Ladies POV on breast fondling
By Fox888
ladies. do you really like your breasts getting licked and/or sucked on as foreplay? does it REALLY feel good or do y»

vfbnNär det gäller snowboardåkare, snowboardåkare
By vfbn
Mellan ett stort antal matchade medel i syfte att variation inte nämna lätthet Woolrich Jacka, nästan ingenting, så»

Is it worth it?
By rose88
I've been talking to a virgo guy for about a year now. It's been mainly online since it's most convenient as we live a f»

How does one comfort a grieving Scorpio female?
By fishinamaize
I'm really good at comforting my friends... I really am. But the things that I say to most people that leave them visibl»

cancer man's last relationship...
By phEnyxBull876
Hey y'all! My first post, and I think you all are awesome! I'm a Taurus lady and I've been with my cancer man for the»

how to life gemini man's mood?
By RollergirlOrc
My gemini ascendant and venus man is going through a tough time and I really want to cheer him up. Thing is, I basically»

När jag kommit fram till att de bland annat grodoNär jag kommit fram till att de bland annat grodo
Hjälp versioner syftet med din nuvarande erbjudande! förvärvar program stjärna bieber Caples så snart godkänts, av


Now I get why foreigners say, never trust South African weather & women ;) Our weather deserves to be in the psyche ward. WTF. So bipolar. I'm freezing. Must buy a cheap jacket during lunch. Brrr
Libra Asc. crisis! I can't find a compact mirror, I'm going to have to go out and buy some new ones.
has anyone seriously dated on here? just wondering
spring weather... Gemini weather... :P
paint it black
sitting in my room nude, enjoying this Leo moon :)
snozzy, the knight :D lmao.
Being teased at work for physically picking up my gf to kiss her. Like... lads... I ain't getting no RSI from looking down all the time. haha!
So this morning I pulled a muscle putting on my jeans, lost my car keys, tripped over the bog roll and landed with my hand in the toilet. Well done auri, you fvckin roaster.
Dunno but would never rule out a podiatrist gf. She's almost guaranteed not to have a foot fetish. Who wants to bring your work home with you? win win
Is it wrong to be turned off by someone else's occupation? I know someone who feels this way and she's still single and grasping for straws. I don't want to follow in her footsteps.
midnite, where as she been lately? kind of MIA...:/
I was thinking about my last job, had i known it would've affected me the way it did I would've left immediately instead of "being strong." "Being strong" caused me to dull mentally and damaged my self esteem and enthusiam for work.
Terribly bored Sag Moon.