Do Leo Men prefer women who a clingy?
By TheLioness79
If so, why is that?»

A Planet Conjunct Your Ascendant!?!
By conyo622
do you guys have any planets conjunct your ascendant? Do you believe that a planet cojunct ascendant (especially in 1st)»

Dealing with Shy Libra observing from afar? what?!
By PuppyPuddles
Hello all! I am new here so, first off, nice to meet you! Secondly, I'll stress that this is not a bleeding heart sto»

GuardingallofmeWhy do Cancerians over analyse everything!
By Guardingallofme
Why do Cancerians over analyse everything, drives me insane, which I could stop, any tips or am I scared with this for l»

Pluviophile:/ gems plz guide me
By Pluviophile
I met a gem girl in university. We started studying together. I was totally into her. I never told her about my feeling»

White Lesbian couple suing sperm bank for...
..mistakenly sending them African american sperm»

CreepyPantsJewelry and accessories you love...
By CreepyPants
What's your style? Post pics of the jewels and things you adorn yourself with or would like to, please :)»

Who makes you think? Inspires? Connect with?
By CluelessCancer
So I been noticing i'm heavily influenced by Earth and Crab. Martin Luther King: Capricorn with Pisces Moon Malcolm»

Why not
By QuiitePlausible
Falling asleep. He entered my mind briefly. I ponder why the hell didn't he response to my video message. I was irritate»

Why do Cancerians over analyse everything!Why do Cancerians over analyse everything!
Why do Cancerians over analyse everything, drives me insane, which I could stop, any tips or am I scared with this for l


Happy Birthday to the best nation in Africa. 9ja! We no dey carry last o!
DEM shades ands B)
laughing at God and the strap on :D :D
god has a strap on ready
The Devil wants next...
Our love is so hot, it makes the devil sweat
Numbing pain.
Am I the only one on DXP watching these new fall shows??
Heart is still healing, why the damage was so great, will forever be a mystery to me....
So after a 6 month journey, and promises made I had to do this all by myself... The thing is, I did, now it is on to the next chapter.
i hate it when someone complains about their friends bragging and then go and do the exact same thing. Success isn't something unique to you. Get over yourself.
going to bed early coz tom my 1st virgo in years!
Sorted my compact mirror problem. Now life can move on.