I'm done...
By Starlightbutterfly
I am so done with my Libra, Pisces Moon, Cancer Asc... All he does is try to control and manipulate me. It's hurting me.»

this is weird
By warmwaters
Ive been misreading words lately . For example "describe yourself" I read that as, "listen to yourself" for t»

cafe de flore
By exoskeleton
haunting, dreamy, neptune driven mindtreetrunkery. anyone see it? we must discuss.»

TaurusLovesScorpioChill music
By TaurusLovesScorpio
starting this thread for down-tempo/ambient chill type music....someone asked me about music like this in pm, so just go»

ieatpizzaforfreeWhy is it..
By ieatpizzaforfree
Why do we, as virgos, almost always end up in relationships we shouldn't be in? Too many times have I seen my fellow vir»

Are you a suburbs or city person?
By Mr. Defense
I find that I am definitely more of a city person. First of all, I HATE driving just to get to basic stuff. For exampl»

virgodog58The first degree of Sagittarius
By virgodog58
Do you have anything in the first degree of Sagittarius? I ask this because whatever it is Saturn is about to steamrolle»

Scorpio males
By MissFisk
On a scale from 1-10...»

Most famous rock song of the last 40 years
By virgodog58
What would you say is the most famous rock song of the last 40 years? I submit "Hotel California" by The Eagles.»

Damn can't help myself
By Impulsv
I can't help but take lead. I hate that aspect of self. I'm a scorpio met leo man a moth ago through group while camping»

What is he thinking?
By geminancer
I have been seeing a Leo guy for few months now. Hes much older than me (hes almost 40 and i M only 24), divorced and ha»

Most famous rock song of the last 40 yearsMost famous rock song of the last 40 years
What would you say is the most famous rock song of the last 40 years? I submit "Hotel California" by The Eagles.


the boyfriend got me a tablet to replace the oner that i broke months ago for christmas c:
"A skeleton hangs at the branch of a storm-stricken oak."
To the Dirty stinky Ram. Happy Holidays to you and your 10 other accounts. Now treetruk off. I love talking sh1t to bums, but its a habit im trying to break. U and your other accounts got way too much of my attention. NEXT.
Welp so figured out today there is a leo/taurus relationship in my own house. No wonder. Mind blown.
On a side note, only people who have sock puppet accounts of their own think that others are doing the same thing.
:) I feel Good. Thank you Jesus. Bless me Lord. Go HAWKS
These trolls need to (1) get a life (2) get a gym membership and lose some weight
I love it
There's a murdering going on in Arizona Right now. Suicide Alerts for all Cardinal Fans, as their team gets annihilated.
Just looked at my favorites and noticed i had blackindian as one. Dear god im remaking my account
You're welcome azzhole, why don't you clean your bumhole once in a while, stinky azz beast. Smelling up the place...my nostrils are singed. Stupid cYUNT.
Thank you CC, I appreciate an honest opinion once in awhile! And thanks for taking a look at my profile too! I don't ask for much, but visitors are always welcome!
Rambuctious i saw your favorites, you're obviously a sock puppet account, so im going to have to tell you what i tell most dirty ugly aries, eat a fat dick, and stfu.
troll fail.