pisces & marriage
By Libruv
Is it true most Pisces marry more than once & feel marriage is a trap, steals freedom? What makes Pisces feel good about»

Mars in leo?
By Tanya Jones
What does mars in leo mean? How does it effect a person?»

Cancer male friend mirroring my every move?
By PureAries
So if you’ve read some of my questions, I recently got together with a man (40 yrs old Cancer) whom I’ve been friend»

exxtasyxUgh Leo women are so rude and masculine
By exxtasyx
Burping, thinking it's funny, loud chewing, bad hygene... Just disturbing to me and my Geminiliciousness.»

Stihl46Oh boy
By Stihl46
Sitting with my new Scorpio woman co worker at break time all I can say is I'm having deja vu, WTF, this one is married»

If P-Angel doesn't criticize you
By firebunny
What does that mean? Does that mean she thinks you're nice? @_@»

scorpioinlustCompatibility, can anybody help me?
By scorpioinlust
Sooo I have been lurking, & reading up so much on this site. It's been very interesting & quite the eye opener. I just n»

Soul Searching and Personal Growth
By duchesslibro
Consistent spiritual and emotional growth and development is very important to me. I requested a board for it but was su»

What are your experiences w Virgo venus mars Leo?
By Lilianni

How to tell when a Virgo woman likes you!
By handsome101
Hey everyone happy to be back. It's been a while 😀. Things are much better around this time. Took time off of here be»

tickling sensation when giving oral to girlfriend
By mrwang
when I give oral sex to my gf she arches her back and put my head away of her , lol , and then she tell me to stop , wha»

pisces & marriagepisces & marriage
Is it true most Pisces marry more than once & feel marriage is a trap, steals freedom? What makes Pisces feel good about


You know what? I don't give a treetrunk.
Reading "The Emotional Stages of Cleaning Out Your Closet"
I hate when people get some success and arrogant mother treetrunkas you ever met.
wow Leo season
>{} %-} +o( :-* |-O :-& B-) XD _3
Anytime I meet a guy who shows interests and the potential to be a serious relationship, I run away.smh...this has to stop.
So much *hidden* talent in the world
haley joel osment in the entourage movie is treetrukin up my vibes
Sigh. Finally sleepy.
I came to the realization that potatoes are called potatoes because they look like giants toes
Nikki read is seriously so beautiful.
How do I change my profile pic? Thought I did it but the wolf is back again...
Happy birthday to meeee! Thank the stars for giving me the privilege of life. I am greatful I have the opportunity to experence everything the world has to offer.