Taurus men... sincere or full of bull
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Taurus Man Killing Me!!
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Leo Aquarius compatibility?
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WhatuScorpio Birthday Cakes.
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Draumstafir12th House Sun
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I know someone with VERY heavy/abundant 12th house placements. His fantasy world is amazing and the lines between what i»

Hogwart's School for Prayer and Miracles
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http://jezebel.com/moms-evangelical-christian-rewrite-of-harry-potter-cann-1638274209 https://m.fanfiction.net/s/1064»

men, ur definition of old school romantic, example
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hello, pardon my English, and sorry for post in here, but i want to hear the men define this word, please give your de»

Would you reconcile?
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17 Reasons Why Certain Relationships Don't Work17 Reasons Why Certain Relationships Don't Work
It is common for young people to jump from one relationship to another. Is it even necessary? In most cases, yes. We all


Sometimes I feel like having a Virgo mother is a punishment from God lol
no room for suspicions, harmony in the home first and foremost.
libra & aquarius can grow together _3 partly difficult but worth it!
One fine day~
Muthai lovekk this pain
Feed Me
Toasted tuna sandwich dipped in coffee. MmMMm
It's been a very tough week, i dont' know if its mercury retrograde or what, but it doesnt' feel good.
fasting--starving...im hungry.
Eclipses, grease stains and changes, oh my!!
Oh it's only showing my last update lmao!
Stinger season One more Time for your Mind!
It's SCORPIO season bishes!