Rarest qualities in people
By wecarealot
Personally, I've noticed that the vast majority of people---male or female, young or old,---lack discipline. It's really»

Was he an Aquarius?
By depressedarian
So I found out I had a secret admirer and I would have never thought it would be him! I've never even talked to him and»

Sun Aspects
By March19
Hi guys I have lots of questions about this, I'll start with this first question. How many sun aspects do you have in y»

SsupesNurses week
By Ssupes
Happy nurses week to all u hard working gals/guys!»

cilantroPathology of the Rich
By cilantro

Just wanted to share these amazing element photos,
By xomelindabelle
Fire Signs: http://i62.tinypic.com/30cbpyx.jpg Water Signs: http://i58.tinypic.com/2yx3bt1.jpg Air Signs:»

depressedarianWhat are the most liked and disliked signs?
By depressedarian
The most liked sign to me seems to be Aquarius and the most disliked sign seems to be Aries or Taurus...»

This is adorable!
By Kodak375
I was walking around at work and was greeting the co workers and I came across this sweet girl. She smiled at me and qui»

By oyes0435
Started running 5ks every weekend for the past month or so; progress is remarkable. I am learning what training works b»

Weekend Soireé
By 037
Version 2. 4»

Family Issues. (Relationship advice)
By xoxoRain
How long does it take for Leo guy to introduce his gf to his family? I've been dating this Leo Man for a really long»

I Love Taurus; My Props to All of You; From PiscesI Love Taurus; My Props to All of You; From Pisces
Hey Folks. I just wanted to stop by and pay my respects to you Taurus folks. I am a Pisces Sun / Ascendant & Moon in Tau


wo de pengyou....
Happy Birthday to me♡♥♡♥♡
Eva Green is sexy
8:10 AM. Cali-time.
Dxpnet is broken!! Perhaps...Kim K. broke the internet, again. xP hahahahahaaa
It's been a year of learning experience..Happy happy birthday to cancers all over the world!! Let the moon inside us shine and sparkle!****
Penis in Venus :3
Happy Hump Month Err'body
"maybe he's trying to land the poon?"
Need some advise, I am a Gemini. Been with this taurus man were in a deep relationship, but then I started questioning and dictating his life. Ex wife still in the picture due to his daughter, but i could not deal with it,due to the fact that he was too r
Geeeeemmmmmiiiinnnnnniiiiiiii Gggggeeeemmmmm
Hey Folks. I am a Pisces female, but have never dated a pisces. I feel as though only pisces will ever be able to fully understand me. For those in a pisces to pisces relationships, can you please share your experiences. Thank you.