Upon Us
By AfternoonDelights22

Cancer with Aquarius moon in love
By MidwestGirl
Ok maybe you all can give me some insight into my friend and help me with my confusion. The female crab I have mentioned»

So many fire signs, will this work...
By Etherealfeeling
Okay so I just recently started dating a 28 year old woman with Sun in Leo, Sagittarius rising, Aries Moon, Mercury/Venu»

RedCoatHi Taurus
By RedCoat
I wanna hug you :)»

ariesvirgo123Insight on this aries/virgo relationship?
By ariesvirgo123
Sun Aries 24.35 Ascendant Capricorn 22.50 Moon Virgo 16.02 II Pisces 9.54 Mercury Pisces 29.48 R III Aries 20.29»

Scorpio friend feels rebuffed
By Rambunctious76
So here's the thing. My Scorpio Sun/Aqua Moon friend is back in town for 10 days and she's been bugging to catch up with»

IllaLupusLeo/ fire dominant work place
By IllaLupus
What to expect? I've got 4 Leo's, a Leo moon And a sag I don't know what the rest of my coworkers signs are...»

The mysterious Virgal. This is how u approach love
By Joshmoe
Not sure if the link works, but anyway, this is what it feels like to fall for a Virgal. It's a movie called "Frequencie»

Will Scorpio hear from Taurus again?
By leah34
Hi and thanks in advance. I'm Scorpio he's Taurus. We were fwb for about a month got very intense very quickly. We»

Books ideal for Aquarius Girl
By leo45
Hi I'm looking for a book gift for my aqua girlfriend for x-mas. she is an avid reader. i unfortunately am not that book»

libra venus
By warmwaters
I get so angered by injustice.. It hurts my heart. Is anyone else with libra venus like that? I flipped out on someone»

Books ideal for Aquarius GirlBooks ideal for Aquarius Girl
Hi I'm looking for a book gift for my aqua girlfriend for x-mas. she is an avid reader. i unfortunately am not that book


ugh, i bumped my belly button piercing and it started bleeding
I feel cynical I spent too much talking in the phone to my bitter friend
Tonight the Virgo told me about his uncle. The more he opens himself up the more i fall.
If someone posts the same thread one more time...
Burning out all the lights.
I like my jupiter placement
told the bf I have a new bf and he says oh ok good luck...
I'm getting dis loyalties from my fellow Cancers
few more days till Saturn gets the treetr*nk out of Scorpio, woooo!
I'm going to murder yooooouu (:
saw this fine ass Capricorn chick today, OK Crabs and Caps can have sexual relationships, that it, because them Caps hoes turn cold later