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by trustissues000
So last night he texted me asking if he could come over since he was in my area. I was not home but said he could when I got home, so he came over once I got home and we had a great time! We talked for awhile, then slept together (which was awesome, he ha
by canmini
you guys are like what we call the sell out, people will think you're a white wanna be, the way you carry yourself is like white people, oh yeah black women with heavy Virgo placements tend to have white girls as friends and date white men, yeah Sagittari
by Mayadebij
Hi who can tell me the characteristics of a Virgo man aquarius rising?
by LawrenceWTF
Are you willing to change partner if your needs aren't meet or do you try to resolve the problems? What is your mercury,venus, and mars?
by Aqualady84
Happy lovely ass birthday to me yet another year!
by SensitiveBlues
Im really feeling Khloe Kardashian, i don't like her family, but i like how she vibes, you get a feel for her on her social media and it screams CRAB to me why i like her
by BitterSweetSour
When a person have recurring dreams of 1st love for 12 years, does it mean there are something the universe trying to tell the dreamer?

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What's your favorite Disney movie?

What's your favorite Disney movie?

Mine is Beauty and the Beast­č'č I'm watching it now and makin heart shaped cookies lol.

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Made my Chicken and waffles to go. I rather watch person of interest then stare at couple making Google eyes
This is me everyday.. not just valentines day
@montgomery say what?? haha so u guys got it!! LMAO!!
My favorite breakfast spot will be busy with couples! Should I go, yes I shall. I'll buy myself flowers! Clean my place then head to Chinese new year celebration
Best moments of my life. My forever valentine