Cont'd Part 2 : Taurus Woman & Pisces Man
By Tresa0012
moving forward into a relationship and he didn't say anything. So now I'm like WOW that really hurt my feelings because»

So which signs are more likely to use their skills
By SirHorns
...for good or evil? Splitting them up be gender too. Let the bias fest commence! (6) I'll keep count~ Sign: [Go»

Natural Mood Stabilizers
By caliber
have any of you taken these kind of supplements? which have you taken/do you take? did/do they work for you? if you'»

SupermansTelling Lies
By Supermans
When you discover that someone you love and trust has lied to you for over a year about something and you find out, what»

gemcancerThe elusive Capricorn man
By gemcancer
Hi everyone - I've known a cappy for approximately 6 years, although I saw him infrequently as I was referred to him»

Were your Exes Similar ?
By beggarsblanket
Did they have a lot of similarities (physical/behavior) or were they all different from each other? how would you des»

suncheeVirgo Moons are really good at hiding
By sunchee
I usually attract Pisces moons and Cancer Moons,. I want to find a virgo mooner. My sisters a scorp sun and virgo moon a»

My bday is Sept. 7th..
By BoomShakalakaBoom
What are you all buying me? :)»

Learning About Synastry
By Caplove
I'm new to learning about synastry. I think one thing that really bothers me is that you can see how YOU affect your par»

gemini and emotions
By stillwat3r
Are you expressive with how you feel in terms of saying you love or miss someone? How do you handle it if others expr»

Virgo Moons are really good at hidingVirgo Moons are really good at hiding
I usually attract Pisces moons and Cancer Moons,. I want to find a virgo mooner. My sisters a scorp sun and virgo moon a


What is up dxp?
When you say you speak sarcasm then insult them so they think you're joking.
Loving myself is to know im okay by myself.
There's nothing better than seeing your friends happy.
Now I want some Burger King Chicken Fries!! :P
This girl just won't shut up!
i experience both regularly. heartburn is a walk in the park.
Heartache>Heartburn any day of the week
it is not to blame, but my reaction to it.
what if rain could cry?
That sweet feeling you after you bust your ass on something for 9 hours and you finally complete it...Sweet!
1 of the voices in my head is a weather-man! I swear, I woke up to something saying"There's going 2b a cold front".It's treetrunking cold 2day.In the little town in my head,there must b a lottery man. Talk 2 me!
Too many contradictory statements