scorp guy messing with me??
By flowingwater
I'm an Aquarius woman and I know our matches are very square for each other, the intensity is crazy though. He's opened»

Libra men...
By WateryGem
How romantic are you? Do you write love poems, or deep love letters expressing your love? Buy flowers, make passio»

Which sign makes the best teacher?
By Iwill
Always thought it would be leo, as my sister is leo and a teacher and she has that I KNOW THIS AND I WILL TEACH YOU AND»

conyo622Sun Sign ; It's All In Our Heads?
By conyo622
Lets Be Honest , Sun Signs Is Just Who We Wish To Be ! Especially With So Much Emphasis Of Sun Signs In Modern Day Socie»

LeoNmonkeyIs it true that all Leo's rage when angry?
By LeoNmonkey
Hi, I am a Leo and I get so mad after so many times I tell people something bothers me and they continue to do it, then»

Scorpio cusp.. heh?
By oyes0435
Wondering if I can trust my gut here... Met a scorpio on a dating site (cusp sagittarius). was pretty straightforward a»

thewateryramTaurus Men...
By thewateryram
Do they have a problem with their girls paying for them all the time? Do they get embarrassed when this happens because»

my gemini on mute
By masa123
I know my gemini before 2 days and yesterday she didnt talk in the bbm alot just few answers then i called her 2 time in»

for the love of house music
By Tumelo
I love house music man the deeper the better. I'm not really into 'EDM'. South Africa is killin' it right now https:/»

Caps, what would you do?
By truecap
Okay, I'm a little ticked right now. One of the parents in my kid's youth group at church has an issue with something th»

Is it true that all Leo's rage when angry?Is it true that all Leo's rage when angry?
Hi, I am a Leo and I get so mad after so many times I tell people something bothers me and they continue to do it, then


What do you think we're doing right now? You are the most incorrect thing going on this site
if they wanted a conversation all to themselves with no ability for anyone else to respond that's what pms are for, douchenut.
ofc i dont you delusional projection mission, but when cc and capinc are clearly having a laugh they dont need some wannabe dr phil jumping on their nuts
funny. i mention sociopaths and immediately the douche gets butthurt. see yourself in that a bit too much VS?
Then there’s that moment right after you get it down in which your shot kind of kicks you in the face lol...
nem is the hermaphrodite right?
Movie Caption: The Vato's prostitute, the Lesbian, and the Hermaphrodite.
boo you just like mes!
scorched stfu you hormonal mess
CC also there are self admitted sociopaths on this site. capinc is a douchebag but he's not a psychopath or sociopath. he'd be less of an marker but women think he's pretty so they put up with his butter. so it's actually their fault he doesn't behave bett
Dude you're not Jesus Christ to be presenting yourself with that 888. Kill ya self immediately. Scorched mind your own business!
Aries Rising, Sun 0°Gemini, Moon 28°Aquarius
stfu CC. and diaf capinc. you both fail so much sometimes. capinc is all the time. but meh.