A Requiem
By ALittlePerson
for dxp users of the past that are no longer on this site. Hello all. I am Vanessa. I also go by Yin or little person. I»

I hate going home
By flyover
Early? Do you? Like, are you a nightie that prefers to be out? Instead of home?»

Earth Moons: Late Nights & Soothing music
By Pearls
As a earth moon (Cap, Taurus, and Virgo) is there something to late nights with soothing/smooth music that puts your so»

yamilette7410Scorp male being vague and confusing...shocker!
By yamilette7410
I'm Scorp Sun, Pisces Moon, Libra Mercury, Scorp Venus, Sag Mars, Cap Ascendant He's Scorp Sun, Cap Moon, Libra Mrcury,»

pennystealing123Venus Neptune opposition and unrequited love
By pennystealing123
I have this opposition, will I forever be in hardships when it comes to love? Will it always be unattainable, impossibl»

I really screwed up with this Virgo
By Cancer2448
Wondering if there's even a small chance to recover with this Virgo girl. I'm a cancer....you'll see that in a second! I»

KoniuchaMoon signs of friends
By Koniucha
So I notice that my closest friends have air moons. One is Libra moon and the other is Aqua. Perhaps because my v emot»

Latest Dream
By Libralula
I went out with my family to the store, in a shopping center. There was a theatre and a long line all the way to the st»

2015 French Open underway....
By Lovelyisis
This has got to be my favorite of all the Opens to watch. Yeah I'm a bit bias in a sense that my favorite all-time play»

Armand AssanteArmand Assante
The more I re-watch his stuff the more I think he's an underrated actor. His Rico performance reminds me of Cumberbach i


For my Saturn Return I find out I have a long lost Aries daughter. Couldn't write it better.
tiz : My dad has the same 3 placements as you - Sun/Mars/Venus. DAD! hahahaa
lol what did I do Ram?
tiziani I should start addressing you as Dad from now on lol
sagg moon with a venus in virgo. playful, detatched, flighty, emotionless :( i am well beyond treetrunked if i fall in love.
I got me a selenite stone to facilitate OBEs
finally got a new phone, galaxy>iPhone
People are terminating their accounts, like rats leaving a sinking ship. It's sad.
Our *Millennial* kid won a film making award tonight-so proud of him and his generation _3
Romz, r u leaving, Bae?
It's been grand everyone...thanks for all the fun. ♡
As of today, I would suggest offensive Leos stay off the treetrunking Aries board. GTFO!
When a grown man sits in a princess bed.
Ex virguy can sense my happiness starts texting me the usual excuses bye not this time!