who hard to get rid off
By crabflows
Scorpio, Leo Taurus,»

Aries men behavior
We haven't gone out yet or anything but he seems really cool. We talk everyday. The only thing I hate is we text more t»

Leo Charm is killing me ;)
By seascape
Hi there... Haven't been here in a while. There's a very charming leo guy that I like a lot..I'm not sure if i'm imagini»

crabflowsGemini theme song
By crabflows
too all the Gemini out there, you guys are the biggest Mack oh yeah Trump at the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=»

warmwatersYou signitature move and your mars
By warmwaters
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4PQHpBhekE My friend said my tipsy ass vogues 00:28 followed by a death drop wheneve»

Need a fellow water bearers advice
By LivingOnPorpoise
If you were working for a franchise and the owner whom hired you starting flirting with you openly, how would you handle»

TURNDOWNFORWHATLot of new people here
People looking unfamiliar . Who are yall?»

Aries girls
By Kari28
I've noticed that my closest friends are air signs.... Especially Aries. Which is surprisly weird. I love their personal»

have you ever felt unconditional love?
By Twodrinkminimum
Has someone ever loved you unconditionally? When you could not provide anything for them. You may have resisted them or»

Wanting to be around masculine energy.
By warmwaters
For some reason lately feminine energy is annoying me. I've been distancing myself from a lot of my female friends and»

HEY!!!!! IDEA!!! Ear Plugs!
By MrFirebird
I just realized I can stick these Cigarette Filter tips in my ears and use them as earplugs. Much cheaper than the sta»

men that won't eat their girl kitty are the lamest, and this is coming from a real man
Back to black. Two inches be gone.
96 Politics of Ecstasy
Disturbed :/
yaaass the Eagles won... free coffee at Dunkin Donuts tomorrow 😭
I'm moved, unpacked, and soooo happy,
Weak AZZ REDSKINS. Note 49er Fans. You will be dealing with champs. Not some weak team who can't even run it 10 yards. Can't wait to make you choke on our Seachicken
nostalgia... its like one of those punk staplers with the surprise electric shock. no warning, then a jolt, nervous laughter then leaving you with tingles and just a little annoyed at the whole charade
Bored! Nap time!
I just want to lay on this couch, eat, and watch football. But Nope, I have laundry, to study for my test, and to clean.
Local news: A cow is pregnant with a bull calf for the first time. I appreciate that they report important news that's relevant to all of us.:-i
Death is a powerful motive
Happy New Moon In Sag afterglow!