By Damnata
I can only see the first message in my inbox. I try to click on it and it doesn't work. I can still see the messages»

Cancer moon and leo moons
By Noreallynow
Do they clash or get along well? Do they balance each other out? How are they when it comes to emotional attachment.»

im back! heres my story aqua sun/pisces moon
By aquarius78
The last time I had been on here I was dating a aquarius sun and scorpio moon. He got super jealous and we broke up, he»

fullwaterpiscesCancer-Pisces best friends,big fallout, devastated
By fullwaterpisces
I apologize in advance if this is a very long post... I will appreciate if you cancer people could help me... I’m lost»

samllerI am back :D
By samller
Hello all, I haven't on this site been awhile. How's everything guys? Hope we all have an amazing Sept. :D»

How do i get over him?
By Curiousram
How do i get over a virgo male that im madly in love with? He has a girlfriend now ;/ and i ruined everything by blockin»

BeaCancer91"Dear Taurus, I don't trust you."
By BeaCancer91
Is this like a slap in the face to you? Late last night I sent my Taurus a heart. He immediately responds saying "»

The Fortune Teller
By jeannegrey
In 7 days I will start a new life in a new country. After all my pains and anguish I decided to say yes to the new oppo»

Ugggggh.... so I think you guys were right. :(
By FoxGlove
Some of you might remember, I posted about a situation a few months ago -- my long-distance relationship with the younge»

Ed Westwick
By Wynter
I was watching "Romeo and Juliet" on Nextflix, and there he was in the role of Tybalt. *swoons* ♥ OMg...what»

By RainDancer88
I dreamed of being terrified as I watched a tornado creep closer and closer towards my house. It never did but I was fri»

Anyone reading the gospels? I'm starting to read the Gospels because I'm intrigued by the Syria war and it's so close to


Destructive forces of Nature! Coming up!
Trying to manage the bullbutter.
it may take a few cold nights without shelter to see that a functional persona is not enough.
Come as you are, as you were, As I want you to be As a friend, as a friend, As an old enemy.
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never fence" - Unattributed quote :P
Fence sitting is best course of action sometimes? :P Pffffft
For a Libra there is always The Third Option - do nothing and it'll sort itself out.
"eli re eli Kya hai yeh paheli aisa vaisa kuch kyon hota hai saheli"
If I stay it will be for the wrong reason. If I go it will also be for the wrong reason. Gee, that sucks _/3
Im inlove with my a man that I shouldn't be..
de gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum
You are a drunken mistake.