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by terian01
Im currently deep in love with my taurus girlfriend(ex) but i messed up bad in the past but now it seems she doesn't wanna talk to me she doesn't text back but will talk on the phone she said she needs space but im really trying to make her my girlfriend
by Crabra
Holy butter! I don't know if it lasted 60 seconds or 60 minutes. treetrunk! Do you guys have to conquer everything?1?! Mind = blown My ass = dominated That is all... B-) :-*
by SmartOnTheRocks
I had a serious relationship for 2 years with one. The most draining relationship I have ever been. We had fun. The sex was great. We could go on for like 5 days 5 hours a day. But he was a LIAR. He lied about everything. He lied that they paid him
by exxtasyx
I think it's jealousy
by HouseCleaning
@ManilaVice aka "Ands", age 99, deleted his user account peacefully February 10, 2016 from under a bridge presumably. He leaves behind myriad of dead links, quoted messages, 404 messages, and loops back to our profile pages. ManilaVice was a kind sensitiv
by SagHaert2
A little history...I'm almost 50 yrs old, and recently divorced.... just getting back into dating after 20 years, so trying to figure this all out again. I'm also not too knowledgeable about zodiac signs, but I'm very interested in the compatibility betw
by SmartOnTheRocks
I have never dated one we just don't get along. Okay the minute a guy says he's a scorpio I run for the nearest exit. No Jokes here. They are one of the most beautiful people in this planet. mostly misunderstood but in their minds they treat you how

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@soul My fave by Adelitas Way :
@cantgetenough treetrunking love that song
"I will love you till' the end of timeee."
1979...vintage pick
i miss my little brother❤️