my birthday present this year
By scorchedearth
from my cap ex is a planet ticket to vegas and tickets to see courtney love in concert. we're going together. courtne»

Libra Sun / Fire Sign Compatibility
By hollyhock
For a libra sun, which fire sign is the best match? Please let me know if you need any other info from me. Thanks.»

Baltimore Riots..... wilding out
By DonJohnson»

HoneyDipDear, Sag Women....
By HoneyDip
My biggest advice when it comes to relationships (especially women) is to try your best not to lose yourself. Being in l»

aquapiscesmoonAries women? Do you recognise this?
By aquapiscesmoon
Hi folks... I posted this elsewhere before realising i should be talking to the pros... As a fairly conventional A»

Venus in Scorpio and the intensity please help
By saweetz1988
So I'm very very confused right now whether I shud stay go. Most people here already know my story but it's been dragged»

fallen0papercap moon broke up with a leo man…what on earth?
By fallen0paper
Short story: I was going out for a month with a male who had his moon in leo. • I was worried when I he would star»

Scorpio in the 6th House-Enemies w/ Society?? Cha
By aquaboy84

A Word of Advice...
By LillyBlossom
Time to cook up and dish some creative and helpful advice! Some don't realize they need it or are afraid or proud to ask»

Dogs Strange BehaviorDogs Strange Behavior
My Cancer guy friend came over to help move some furniture. My Scorpio dog was behaving strangely. I've never seen him a


dumb threads not related to astrology , it's a complete mess.
~The sleeps is upon me~
The deep confessions of an Aquarius woman... Push it to the limit, push it to the pain.
Duncan! - Time to feed the server-squirrel another bag of acorns
Careleeeessss Whisper
I'm getting closer to my no distractions please...btw, thanks Abby for the cheer up
Hey! Get that stick out ur ass
Been long!
i hate fake selfish biches. they are the sweetest most thougtful to stranger but cant be bothered with those who live with them.
Dude, where's my car?
gone fishing :)
Who knew id die choked? The one who just farted did.