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by CG04
Hi everyone, this is my first post on this site, but I have been a long time lurker. I recently decided to post because I have been "seeing" [I am so wary of labels] this Libra guy. So long story short, I am a Cancer, ascendent in Taurus, moon in Scorp
by SweetestFatale
I really think it's just because our charts are compatible where it matters, but I just can't stop gushing and he hasn't stopped amazing me. I've never been involved with a Taurus guy before, but I'm kicking myself because I wish I had. I guess it wouldn'
by Damnata
So a troll friend of mine got me this pack. It has 50 cards, each with a word or expression used in therapy. Pick a number between 1 and 50 and I will show you the card I draw for you. Note: You can pick the same number as someone else because I
by RainDancer
Do you agree with it? :). Figured I'd share. If a Man Wants You By: Salma Rumman This advice was passed along to me from a counselor; it was great to hear so I wanted to share it. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he d
by Ilovemyaqua
So this aquarius and I have recently got committed, although we've not worded it.We've been having an amazing time together and he's being really sweet and romantic.However, today,I wanted to meet him but he had some work,so we were talking over the phone
What does that mean exactly? Isn't the 7th house ruled by venus? How does this mean I will act in... partnerships + enemies?
by aniketsabarad
I'm a cancer man deeply in love with my cancer female. We have been in this relationship more than 2 years now. But recently because of my reckless behavior and my lack of bestowing the care she needed, drove her away from me, the reason for my behavior i
by fullwaterpisces
So? what to do? or better not do anything? I mean what do you all expect, how do you think the other person will react?

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Moving in with Gemini!

Moving in with Gemini!

Hi everyone! Looking to move in with a Gemini girl friend of mine. I am a female Pisces. Wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with living with a Gemini friend? Success rate?? Thanks.


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A person can only give so much for a certain amount of time and then the light bulbs comes on with the quesition "what am I doing here? Love should not be this difficult."
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My bf is a Taurus. We are like sisters. I'm talking about the Bull I am seeing. Yes men are insecure. You are right about that but a secure womann can try over and over again for so long until the time comes to leave it alone.
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@Iamawinelover: "toooooooooooooooooooo" long to decide if caps want it or not. And as they are really smart people, they often end up chasing less-smarter people.
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@Iamawinelover: Men are insecure, be it any reason! I think I would also end up alone. It's almost impossible for me to find love again
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@Iamawinelover: Your bf was a Taurus for 20 years? It shows how much compatible we are. There must be something really really bad that he quit after so long. I am sorry to hear that!
2 hours
I was trying to say they take entirely too long to decide what they want and by that time, she has moved on to someone else.
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That's who they are, I get it. patience, it get it too; many women do but after a while, that behavior is mentally draining. I've stated before where I have read so many Taurus men end up alone and missing out on good women because of that and taking enti
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