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by chinkypinky
I am a Pisces girl in a relationship with a Taurus guy from last 6 years. recently i was angry with him because he was always busy in work and would not spend much time with me. He would call me everyday 2-3 times without fail but i needed a lot more than
by YourNotRight
Need a man the most
by thinktoomuch
Not talking about if you are dating someone or involved and then you *dissapear* as everyone calls it. I mean: do you ever just stay at home and chill by yourself and take a break from everything and everybody for a period of time? Just a question a
by KsamCancer
Taurus, Gemini or Pissces?
by aquaboy84
..I think they're super loyal. They definitely can cheat when the time is right but other than that, I think they usually go the distance with one person because they pretty much got morals and they're surprisingly smart enough to know that being loyal wi
by ariesheart
My boyfriend just told me my friend was promiscuous. Right away I got pissed. Not sure if he was calling her a ho, if she flirted with him or if he's curious. When I asked him why would he say that, he just says she is with no explanation. Why am I so pis
by scorpio19
I've been wondering if he really stop, I don't see the reason yet but all i know is that we completely stop communicating to each other and I'm wondering whether its there man nature not to continue. Our last communication was that, his not feeling we

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hello ! im a cancer woman too with moon in gemini
Why is there like no insight on leo sun, virgo moon & aqua sun, taurus moon????
My boyfriend met my family
"no one will know about it, i gotchu"
scorpios are so cute (and would gag at this comment of mine) i roll my eyes each time they get described as dark and butter
A tree is created for far more than merely being the vessel for the existence of yet another tree.
man said wargasms
A tree is meant to have seeds. Without seeds it's nothing-father quote translated from African