(Repost) Aries guys or girls heellp
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Ok so there's this aries boy (were teens), he's liked me for a while but never made a move, all he did was look into my»

Life Long Rash
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For as long as I've been having my periods (10years old) I've been breaking out everywhere. Of course, there was the fa»

Seems like....
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Crab males seem to smoother sag girls too much for them to believe it's true. We come off like too good for them but sti»

AnonymousBoyCap/Aqu cusp compatible with Pisce/Aries Cusp?
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So I've known this girl for a long time and we just started talking and became really good friends, I sit with her in mo»

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I am a pisces moon and ive been noticing with everyone I hang around that I make them feel many ways such as: insecure,»

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Who were the best, worst lovers in bed for you? I'm gonna say Taurus for me. Obviously since all the astrology books say»

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He left 2 years ago... a question for you Caps.
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Hi all! I'm a Virgo with a question for you all. I met a Cap man a couple of years ago through a good friend of mi»

The 12 most sexually satisfied countries
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in the world»

Cap/Aqu cusp compatible with Pisce/Aries Cusp?Cap/Aqu cusp compatible with Pisce/Aries Cusp?
So I've known this girl for a long time and we just started talking and became really good friends, I sit with her in mo


Losing my voice. Bahhhhh
good girl SH, good girl!! I wish you all the best and I want updates!!
hating technology
hey xy - you're in metamorphosis! ! yay! :D
"Fools," said I, "You do not know – Silence like a cancer grows.
But I won't rush like a train and meet my own pain for that someone's heart is what I must first gain _3 :D
There is no folly that a man will not contemplate if money or a woman is involved." Harry Flashman
@jeannegrey I sure did shhh...
What's the latest with you?
oh well.
SH did you rope one? BRAVA ma lady!!!
@jeannegrey true! Mature & evolved Taureans are the gentlemen of the zodiac, it doesn't get any sweeter.
SH, its such a SHOCK, isn't it? It would never show otherwise. THEY ARE SO SWEET deep down … but its DEEP DOWN LOL
underneath the tough exterior Taurus men are hella sensitive