Is it ok to tell you sexual fantasies to strangers
By aquapiscescusp

Cancers and cheating
By VirgoLibraRose
What are cancers usually like when it comes to cheating? I have a female cancer friend and she is the biggest ho you can»

The BEST Sex You've EVER had came from a....?
By HoneyDip
What zodiac sign put it downnnnnnnnn in your book?!?!? Go!»

TinxyLetter of apology .
By Tinxy
Hi all 😊 I just wrote a genuine honest letter of apology to someone I've hurt pretty bad. I didn't make excuse»

aquapiscescuspWhat's with those Aussies
By aquapiscescusp
Depp broke the law. He brought his two dogs down under and they told him he had to bring them back to the US or they wou»

Texts -vs- Phone Calls....?
By HoneyDip
Which form of communication do you prefer? Personally, I'm not big on texting and tend to text back when I feel like»

DMVAries flirting, but no sex
We were at a pool party and it was a bit intense for me how well we hang out together. He saw me in my white bikini, sa»

Sagittarius and Leo's.......?
By HoneyDip
I've been seeing a lot of these couples lately, mostly sag women and leo men. However I noticed that I personally tend»

cold and withholding
By livictori
I forgot what it was like to deal with scorpios. My mom is a scoprio sun and taurus moon. I don't know her other placeme»

Capricorn Compatibility
By AnxiousVirgo24
I have a friend that seems to have the worst luck with guys, and it seems like she wants a relationship more than anythi»

Any mood topics
By Springmood
Today I am hopeless, desperate, furious, hateful and lonely. My head aches because I've been crying for hours. Nothing»

Recycle love, peace, and comfort. Welcome a smile, hand, and good distraction. Most importantly be, enjoy, and sow into someone's life who needs it. ❤❤ signing off.
There's a million reasons I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants♥♥♥
Look for the rainbow in every storm...
Its been a looooong stressful day..... time to relieve it
i wish there was someone to share this with...
Since I told virguy to hike- been so happy! Don't have to second guess myself anymore! Met an awesome guy. Yay!!
creepy - yeah that's pretty bad. Had basically the same thing happen in L.A. on my motorcycle. Chicago ppl drive like they are crazy and out for blood. Iowans just plain drive that bad naturally without meaning to.
The virguy owes me money is on perm block I value me even if he doesn't value me
Power walking clears the mind and creates gorgeous gams. ;)
I know you ain't foolish...just give me a chance to treat you right. Did I ever back down ♡¿