Any insight to me would be helpful
By EmotionalAries
Having a Aries Sun/Virgo moon/Cap rising seems complicated. I'm a fixer and cant figure out why, also for an Aries I'm v»

My exes dad died...
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Some of you may remember me rambling on about my Sag ex not too long ago… Well, his dad died like a month ago and t»

Your fave opposite signs couples
By MissFisk
Sofia- Cancer + Joe- Capricorn Olivia- Pisces + Jason- Virgo»

scorchedearthsynastry help
By scorchedearth
so this is the virgos chart. the one i've known forever. i've been looking at it a lot today trying to figure out what i»

deion21Cap Ex GF Scared of A Good Thing?
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I will give you a quick break down on my situation: – Dated for 7 months, exclusive for 3 months – She broke up»

Arguing with an Aries female
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I was having a discussion with an Aries female last night that started to get a little heated. She eventually said somet»

By HappyCapper
What's your experiance concerning capricorna handling illness - both long and short term illnesses.»

Planet at 0 degrees
By Eris
Can anyone explain this a bit? I googled it, but I didn't find too much. I looked up my planet degrees on astrotheme.»

Taurus, what's your de-stressed routine?
By Hotbeefy
My moon is now itching since I'm feeling a lot of stressed lately for dealing with my mother, being unemployment (and ch»

Feedback needed regarding a new website project!
By karolinaMysticly
Hi all! Could you please help us improve our service? We had just created a website for online consultations with spiri»

Capricorn moon and entoushiasm
By risesafterall
I don't like this placement, how do you feel about it? Sometimes I lack enthousiasm and warmth too much, I feel so ba»

What do you like most about being a gemini?What do you like most about being a gemini?
following a trend here and because i see everyone else doing this. so tell me what you like about being a gemini. al


The Virgo said "You look beautiful" as I left my place this morning to go to work. That's really nice of him, he never talks about my physical attributes. Unless it's to say im sexxy.
matter of fact your saying the exact same butter he says
Character is how you treat someone who can do nothing for you
You're a nice young lady...
Sniper it not fantasies when your actions proves well that your are a homosexual
@crabflows, i'm afraid of aging too :(. sometimes it makes me wanna commit suicide.
Lots of love and many hugs to all of Dxp!
They tell me I lack a cohesive argument when they dont even understand the bill in the first place.
Crabflows quit throwing your homosexual fantasies at me. I don't roll like that. You're the one talking about dick so what does that make you. we already know. just waiting for you to figure it out
just cleared some energy blockages. feeling so uplifted.
@crabflows: Once again, you totally missed the point. It's not about winning the game - it's about HOW you play it. But don't quote me anymore please, cos you never seem to understand me.
I look my demons in the eye, lay bare my chest say, "do your best to destroy me" I've been to hell & back so many times I must admit you kinda bore me
i got my spring rolls doe :)