pisces moon and libra moon
By Arielle83
Do you guys find this match compatible? I don't really see how my moon plays out except for my diplomacy in most real»

Why am I so persistent?
By flyover

Living with a Capricorn male?
By SunMoonStars
I will be staying with my Cap, and would really like to get along with him. Wondering if anyone has any dos and don'»

PureAriesI desperately need some help with a Cancer Man!
By PureAries
I met a Cancer Man 10 years ago on a blind date, and I moved away shortly after, but always kept in touch. Fast-forward»

crabRiotHey Virgiessss
By crabRiot
I'm inlove with your sign Can I have one of you?»

I hate seeing 1:11, 3:33,4:44....
By Weeds
Yea I.know what they mean (cept 4:44) Now how do I stop seeing them????»

garnercpThank you
By garnercp
Say nine consecutive times. Make the sign of the cross every time you say the prayer. Publish Immediately. O Great Pa»

Why do Libra men disappear and come back?
By LadyJuicy
Taurus lady here..... I started talking to a Libra guy in March. I knew him since childhood. He's in his late 30's as we»

By Hawaiiangirl
Is Tarot reading accurate?? I have watched my tarot readings every month on youtube but each person said dif things a»

What sun and venus signs are best with mine?
By nikkiboop148
My Chart: Sun- Sagittarius Moon- Sagittarius Mercury- Sagittarius Venus- Scorpio Mars- Sagittarius Jupiter-»

All planets are direct and no oppositions??
By SunMoonStars
I ran my birth chart last night on astrodienst and saw that all my planets are direct and I have no oppositions. Wha»

Armand AssanteArmand Assante
The more I re-watch his stuff the more I think he's an underrated actor. His Rico performance reminds me of Cumberbach i


chronic blunt
wassup. mothatreetrunka!:) omg. so funny!
Gotta keep myself under control ...
never too late to be reckless.
Yes I am nice to see you flowingwater :)
got a new phone!
i love how when you obsess over a guy he treats you like butter and when you loose interest and give up hes on you like white on rice wtf?
Piscesmoon, you're back! :D
In a test that has items formatted as multiple choice questions, a candidate would be given a number of set answers for each question, and the candidate must choose which answer or group of answers is correct.
signed the loan for a new house!! :) Never thought I'd buy at house at 25
Happy Birthday to my wonderful BF and all the geminis :D
Pluto shxt
Don't complain. Don't explain.