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by Montgomery
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Libra share your experience with Aquarius. Lovers, sisters, friends, cousins. co-workers. I don't know too much about Aquarius... enlightened us.
by Shaniajam
I asked last night do you love me? Are we still ok? Or should I move on? He sent a meme stating some people are meant to fall in love but not be together. I said is this the end? He said it doesn't have to be but you knew I didn't want a relationship. I t
by Gooober
Aries are weirdly attracted to Capricorns (vice versa) Tauruses are weirdly attracted to Leos (vice versa) Geminis are weirdly attracted to Scorpios Cancers are weirdly attracted to Libras (vice versa) Virgos are weirdly attracted to Aries
by The_eleventh_sign_11
I came to the understanding that I wasn't put on earth to be anything special but I know that my true purpose is to act as a channel so the energies of change can flow through me and help the world, Feel free to post anything about 11s were spiritual l
by exo
anyone ever played? i wonder if we could think of a system to play it here. :)
by bricklemark
..when you were out of their "custody", so to speak? Did you kind of go the other anarchy....?

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The other what are you listening to thread is getting ridiculously long. :P So what are you listening to right now?


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50 minutes
Spazzed on 3 girls this month, mecury in rx? LOL
3 hours
Not much going on in the Pisces boards.
3 hours
I'll miss you Mercury rx!
3 hours
Jupiter opposite Chiron ~~ the quest for truth
4 hours
" Love is very very extraordinary "
5 hours
Perpetually smudged eyeglass lenses. <-what Mercury Rx feels like to me. bleghh. bye felicia.
5 hours
*dancey dancey*
5 hours
What is love without lust; what are we without trust?
6 hours