By DwellingOnMove
Sagy man owned by Scorp/Cap/Virgo/Taurus/Leo Sun Sagittarius 27.29 Moon/Lilith Virgo Mercury Capricorn 14.04 R»

Core Music
By Libralula
Post Hardcore, Metalcore, Electronicore, Math Core, etc etc... Am I the only one who loves core rock/metal music??»

Virgo and Scorpio sisters
By AnxiousVirgo24
So I have an older sister who's a Scorpio, and we don't have the closest relationship. We don't talk anymore and I've fe»

samnoraOne night stand with a Leo
By samnora
Hey guys! Been lurking for a while and am in a impossible, and pretty sticky situation. Feel free to chime in. I'm»

xolaniWould we get along??
By xolani
I literally just posted this on Sag forum but its open for anyone to interpret :) I could use anyones input..so based on»

Cap moons, why so cold?
By hoolahoopsy
The other day a tragical accident happened near me. Man 40yrs old, lost his life getting stuck in a mortar machine at a»

ALittlePersonA Requiem
By ALittlePerson
for dxp users of the past that are no longer on this site. Hello all. I am Vanessa. I also go by Yin or little person. I»

I hate going home
By flyover
Early? Do you? Like, are you a nightie that prefers to be out? Instead of home?»

Earth Moons: Late Nights & Soothing music
By Pearls
As a earth moon (Cap, Taurus, and Virgo) is there something to late nights with soothing/smooth music that puts your so»

Would we get along??Would we get along??
I literally just posted this on Sag forum but its open for anyone to interpret :) I could use anyones input..so based on


If you think I'm a fool, you're playing with fire.
For my Saturn Return I find out I have a long lost Aries daughter. Couldn't write it better.
tiz : My dad has the same 3 placements as you - Sun/Mars/Venus. DAD! hahahaa
lol what did I do Ram?
tiziani I should start addressing you as Dad from now on lol
sagg moon with a venus in virgo. playful, detatched, flighty, emotionless :( i am well beyond treetrunked if i fall in love.
I got me a selenite stone to facilitate OBEs
finally got a new phone, galaxy>iPhone
People are terminating their accounts, like rats leaving a sinking ship. It's sad.
Our *Millennial* kid won a film making award tonight-so proud of him and his generation _3
Romz, r u leaving, Bae?
It's been grand everyone...thanks for all the fun. ♡
As of today, I would suggest offensive Leos stay off the treetrunking Aries board. GTFO!
When a grown man sits in a princess bed.