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by hulabird61
3 years ago I met a 61 YO Cancer male, we met on FB and then in person after 8 months of messaging, phone calls and texts, mainly because I was in a middle of a divorce plus lived an hour away. When I went to his house for the first date, he was all over
by SensitiveBlues
Seem the type to either talk sheet about you behind your back or take your man! I think I'm chilling on mutables
by leorisingpiscesmoon
I wasn't one big on astrology until recently , went on a trip and got my first tattoo, the guy said to me your not a typical goat lady. At first I went to straight to punta mode. Then he told me about this site. He told me about birth times and finding a
by Astrobyn
Single women with Wedding Pinterest boards... is this a healthy behavior?
by Chasbelle
Please help me understand Scorpios! Ya'll are so beautiful inside and truly amazing friends with Taurus until it becomes emotional or Taurus falls in love, why? And why can't it just go back to a platonic friendship like the beginning? What is it about th
by leorisingpiscesmoon
Just joined recently and really trying to understand astrology my birth chart etc.. and I must say libra seem to be the heart breakers of the zodiac. I feel bad because my sister just got her heart broken by one. She was so into him, I mean really did an

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Virgo man help needed

Virgo man help needed

Hi, I am a 38 year old Capricorn. And I have been in a long distance relationship with a 38 year old Virgo man for 3 years. We have always been close and our relationship has always been good. Since I left in October he got his daughter to stay with hi

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@moondust Nah, that was a mistake. LMAO!
Aquas win at life even in horror movies
this front board has turned into a confessional of some's weird. Like put it in a thread, or it just looks like you're talking to yourself....
I'm laughing at Sags!Lmao!
Miley Cyrus looks like the kind of girl who scratches her crotch area after intimacy. The cookiemonster is just nasty. (gags)
Key and Peele comedy skits literally make my day. Cant. Stop. Laughing. :') heh.
CantGetEnough, there are reasons; we try to find them; but each of us sees another reason; which one is the real reason? #OurIntelligenceHasConstraints
Damn goofiness on the brain for cancer men is something you dont grow out off apparently...