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by Kodak375
Bout to listen to some music and bake a pumpkin cake. Come at me bro.
by CG04
Hi everyone, this is my first post on this site, but I have been a long time lurker. I recently decided to post because I have been "seeing" [I am so wary of labels] this Libra guy. So long story short, I am a Cancer, ascendent in Taurus, moon in Scorp
by exxtasyx
Which one is it and why? I think Leo's because they're too nice. Sagittarius is very smart which makes them a threat and Aries is so power hungry.
by lindavi20
ok, my favorite sign, needing feedback... do you just throw the words i love you around? Somehow, i highly doubt you d
by Impulsv
I got to know this person sign!!! . So basically a year ago ever single lady was talking about this new employee. even heard married Taurus boss drool over him n and female director stopping by visiting just to talk. Anyhow I moved to my new building th
1st house: Face 10th house: mask you wear in social culture, (or perhaps the mask social culture puts on you) depending on your attitude and style and so on. Does anyone find a conflict in their rising and midheaven only in the case of socializing -
by t4y
If you watch or have watched before, tell your favorites!
by exo
anyone ever played? i wonder if we could think of a system to play it here. :)

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Peace of Mind

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How I feel atm
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Patiently waiting
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if you couldn't already tell, im really into snow white' gifs.
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when i have crush on +5 people at the same time.....WHAT IS MY LANE?
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That thong thong thong thong thong
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Hi , Does anybody have a retrograde exalted saturn in their sixth house and running a saturn Dasha ? how was it , good or bad for Rishbha Lagna any thoughts on this
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