When you find yourself at your lowest, who comes
By beautifuldiaster
to your aid in your time in need? Family? Friends? Mentors? Who never turns their back on you regardless of»

What sign would you attribute this trait to?
By YellowSubmarine
Hating silence but not being a talker yourself. This guy is kinda like a strong, silent type once you get to know him, (»

Is Moon in Libra or Venus in Libra more "detached"
By ShadowAbsorber
I've read that Libra moons come off as inauthentic because disharmony causes them distress, but also that Venus in Libra»

MissFiskScorpio Azz
By MissFisk

Sn1p3r187A parody of Modern Art.
By Sn1p3r187
Because modern art shows kinda suck and look pompous. https://youtu.be/xdXo8uJ9NSk»

I only like pisces girls .
By sfsmoke
They're like the soft, dumb retarded girl Friend version of Me And I can feel a psychic connection with them but som»

SirHornsMars-Pluto People Represent!
By SirHorns

Thought Leos secure
By Impulsv
What's up with this leo. First off we are just freinds n if anything we are getting to know each other. Both happened to»

Aqua gf. Flirting or it's just me?
By CaptainPimp
Been with this Aqua chick for a while now, everything seems/seemed to be going great. We have a couple as mutual friend»

Is this the only website where you can't get notif
By grayid2
fications....for messages?»

"What? You're to manly/macho for..."
By SirHorns
When I hear that accusation, I can't take the person seriously anymore and my pluto aspects start to flare up. Seriou»

How do you recharge your energy quickly?How do you recharge your energy quickly?
I've never been as busy as I am right now. Anybody have quick and easy ways to recharge aside from sleeping? Tha


Because it's BELIEVABLE, Romzy :|
Why does pain feel so much more rewarding and real than joy and love? 😔
feeling upbeat and open.
treetrunk YES. I'm literally gonna be a modern day mad man, but instead of treetrunking cookiemonsteres it's gonna be dudes.
Am i treetrunked up for not flirting back? Past few days girls been approaching me with looks and lines and all i do is create distance and space. I blame my scorpio moon. "SHEESH"
Live hallucination within a dream ~
"If youth knew; if age could" - sigmund frued
Love of my life you are a friend♥♥
Life is for the living, remember the dead but fight for the living.
Dxp likes to play favorites. Sometimes it likes my pc or laptop more than the other.
dxpnet taking the wee p1ss
you think your great,but then become surrounded by other intimidatingly great. So,keep striving to improve your greatness.
Aries lesbians!? No, never would I have guessed!