capricorn man and aquarius female.
By Gied
Capricorn man and Aquarius woman is possible life together? YES it is! I now lots of couples who lives together, so why»

Leo man is making me crazy
By Sunshine4
Hello everyone! I am new here. I was browsing through the net and thought maybe I could get some advice about the famous»

By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
How do you stay motivated? When your stressed what do you do? When you break up with someone what do you do? W»

GiedWhat Capricorn male do to attract female he likes?
By Gied
What hi will do?»

FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428Moon in Taurus or Mars in Taurus
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Which would you rather have in your chart? When your moon is Taurus how are you? Do you speak, feel, hear, taste, or»

Liam James is awesome.
By Whatu
This kids has the quiet confidence and the style and the name and the game, He looks good on screen his skin glows . I'm»

warmwatersdo you have any fears scorps
By warmwaters
My biggest fear is causing someone to kill themselves. I feel like its rational and irrational at the same time. Im us»

Damnn You.
By Whatu

Sex with a Cap!!!
By caster721
Fellow crabs! How would you describe your sexual experiences with Caps? Caps, you are also welcome to share your expe»

Am I being punk'd
By BeaCancer91
He pops up in my messages, expressing his deepest emotions to me despite the fact that he's got a woman. I'm happy t»

Upon Us
By AfternoonDelights22

Super Mario Brother smash characters?Super Mario Brother smash characters?
Mine is meta knight.. I've seen pit And solid snake. Anyone else. That is a really great game...on wii


sex with Caps is like a business contract, I do this, if you do that, for this long, dam just let things flow, why be so stiff and rigid,
resisting yet secretly asking for more, a taste of my own medicine
Seven million people in the world and there's only one.....YOU!
ugh, i bumped my belly button piercing and it started bleeding
I feel cynical I spent too much talking in the phone to my bitter friend
Tonight the Virgo told me about his uncle. The more he opens himself up the more i fall.
If someone posts the same thread one more time...
Burning out all the lights.
I like my jupiter placement
told the bf I have a new bf and he says oh ok good luck...
I'm getting dis loyalties from my fellow Cancers