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by bricklemark
This is incredible, it was on FB, i checked out this hot chick's profile, felt connected to her for some reason. Checked the chart, ALL our planets but one are aspected, mostly conjunctions, and all REALLY tight orbs. The sexual, emotional, and intelletua
by Curiousram
So I had to take a tb test for a job and my biggest phobia is needles, it was awful. Long story short I almost fainted afterwards and felt like I had to vomit. Biggest phobia ever it made me have an anxiety attack. What's weird is the needle poking isn't
by christinelovessnickers
Anyone else feeling it?
by BlackMamba
Can a selfish person on the brink of narcissism change?
by scorpio04
Hi! I'm a Scorpio born on November 4, 1988. I'm having trouble with something lately. When i am doing something I get super absorbed in whatever i am doing.. it's good if i am doing work...but i get the same level of intensity when i get distracted by oth
by anna1
It would be great to have two new boards where we could discuss different venus and mars sign and their traits :)
by Impulsv
Shocked and disappointed. How can this be a Libra trait. Turns out the boss who has been such a control freak and causing half our unit to quit is a Libra. A Bullie of sorts. I've known many libra's and none have appeared to be this way. suprise to find
by Twilight77
Hey all...I am newly dating my first Scorpio guy and I find him a little hard to read! I am not sure if he is holding back, or not that interested and I don't know how to get him to open up a little bit more? He does sometimes but I feel a lt like he

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Gem-o-mood meter

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feel like I've been at work for 5 hours already 😬🔫
81 minutes
what does it mean when an aries man says I deeply and honestly care about you
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Time to hit the sack. ZzZz
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Twisted ~ and ~ Tangled
4 hours
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" an 'eye for an eye' makes the whole world blind. "
4 hours
finally i can troll my scorpio fellow decently
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sexiest dude on the game
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