Pisces moon. Prone to lying?
By Forren
Hi, Wondering if anyone with a Pisces moon can shed light on this. Unevolved natives with a Pisces sun have a habit»

2 guys ...both aries sun cancer moon ..
By Ayra
first one i met some years ago, he was everything i ever wanted....funny, smart, good looking, we just got along real we»

Self sabotaging?
By saturnsvalentina
Do any other caps do this in relationships? I notice that whenever I get close to someone, I end up running away. I some»

crazyeyesnot sure if he likes me???
By crazyeyes
So I have a friend....and for months we've been hanging out here and there.... He's a Scorpio......Ive read that they ar»

HemispheresIs it just me..
By Hemispheres
Or is this subforum mainly filled with people who can't let an ex go or accept the fact that there is no second date on»

Crazy AQUA guy?
By vegansagittarius
We have dated briefly before we broke up because I had to move out of state. But for the short time we have dated, he k»

saturnsvalentinaToo much earth in chart??
By saturnsvalentina
I have majority of my planets in Earth signs, majority Cap w a Taurus moon. How do you think that would affect someone?»

Inner workings of a Virgo Guy- Confused!
By plutonian_lioness92
Hi, I'm new to these forums. I don't have much experience with Virgos in general & I'm wanting to really understand. Pl»

Do Pisces play Mind Games?
By sweetplainjane
Like saying that I should call but when I do ignores me? I don't get it. I'm a Scorpio (sun/Mercury/Venus, Gemini Mo»

How to tell a Cancer man is falling in love?
By WildHHeartGemini
Just curious as to how one can tell if a cancer man is falling in love (or having very deep feelings) with/for a woman t»

Hello rams
By aquaglass
I've been talking to an aries guy this last few days. wasn't notice of his awesomeness until recently. He constantly hit»

2 guys ...both aries sun cancer moon ..2 guys ...both aries sun cancer moon ..
first one i met some years ago, he was everything i ever wanted....funny, smart, good looking, we just got along real we


Inside Out was cute, but not earth shattering by Pixar standards...
You will be destroyed
She's a September bride, I'm a November groom. Winter meets fall; we're gonna have a ball ;)
My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite.
What's on your mind?
@ misslissa: speak louder.
I want a sponge bath for my birthday!!

What's on your mind?
I want a sponge bath for my birthday!!!
Don't confide in my smile because jokersĀ are wild
2 weeks off from the drudgery of the office!
Simply because someone has grown up, it does not make them a man.
What's on your mind?
What's on your mind?