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by wecarealot that it cuts out all outside distractions. I usually can't stand how far up Pluto's ass most online astrology communities are, but I gotta give credit where it's due. One of the great things about passion and intensity---both of which are in Pluto's
by CocoKat
Something Ive noticed in my area is ALOT of couples who are together but shouldn't be at least by sun sign. I cant deny I am fascinated but elemental mismatches especially when they are happy. Some Ive noticed... Male Cancer & Female Libra. Male
by Andreia
Hello. So I'm here again because, guess what... My cancer man broke up with me! We have been together for 7 months and in the beginning we had a stupid fight and he disappeared, then called me to explain and to say why he didn't want to be with me anymo
by hollyhock
it is more like an Ascendant or Descendent?
by RumiLove
I found this interesting topic on a website(thanks to starlover), and felt like sharing ~ Saturn Vs Pluto Question: Saturn is the hardest planet? Pfft...Well, Pluto is the death and transformation planet on your map: you have to throw out e
by hollyhock
I have been having the worst luck lately. Almost like Mercury retrograde but it isn't mercury retrograde now. Everything is falling apart, but work has been ok (knock on wood). Love, family, friendships have been beyond stressful and never able to sus
by aquamila
I've been with my scorpio for one year in a long distance relationship, and I am deep in love with him. We've been through really difficult times, but love has always won in the end. The only real problem we've ever had, and repeatedly, was his jealousy.
by desultory
I've been with my Cancer man for 3 months, for the last month, he started to withdraw. He said that his mum was having problems. We used to talk everyday but it slowly decreased because of his issues. I got frustrated because he never told me details of h

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My Gorgeous Geminis~

My Gorgeous Geminis~

Do you know what I love about ya'll? Be it your friend or neighbor, family or co-worker, you lovelies have an awesome tendency to protect them from rude, obnoxious and stupid people. Like no joke, All my Gemini friends, acquaintances, co-workers, et


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When we don't know who to hate, we hate ourselves
Hilarious!! Downright Comical
Movie Night: Coming To America
I keep reading how good of a match a Pisces woman is for a Cancer man. I do not believe I know any. New stuff for me.
I can watch you for a lifetime, you're my favorite movie.
1903. Theodore D. Roosevelt narrowly escapes the embargo, spurred onwards by political sins described in prior datascrolls. He is lost, without hope in this version of the universe.
How does a peeler newly bought go missing in a small azz apartment? This is just beyond annoying. Now I have to run to the store which is block from my b place. Urff first world problems
Off work for 5 days!!! Woooooooooohoooooooo
Every African I know eats African food and maybe Turkey on thanksgiving. We are straight up American! There is no African dishes none! Thanksgiving is so stressful cause everything got to taste good!!!
playing banjo and can't sleep