The Saga Continues!!
By highlyclassified
Wtf is with this aqua the stalking stopped, but not the social media status watching began not only him his gf is status»

Taurus "tense" with physical contact...
By TeaMint
Why? With whom? No you're the most physical sign, to touch, to con-tact?»

Taurus moon = slow to react?
By lotus
So my Aries with a Taurus moon and I have been talking pretty much on a daily basis for over a month now. What bothers m»

Ngiewhat are men really up to?
By Ngie
I met this man some two years ago and we both fell inlove and decided to live together. we have a beautiful daughter and»

caster721Hypothetical qn from God to CC!
By caster721
If God asks you now to name or state one thing you want Him to do for you, what would that be?»

How does a Taurus react..?
By librangirl09
How would a taurus guy react when he knows hes in do they own up to their mistakes?»

PVandJellaySo I think I prefer Beta...
By PVandJellay
Because if the men who consider themself "alpha" think anything like the "alpha" men on dxp, we are incompatible. Plus I»

Your best and worst traits
By jeannegrey
WHat do you think they are? What is your favorite things about your personality? What is your least favorite? Where in»

treetrunking hot butter over.
By TeaMint
Autumn comes, it rains and the sky is gray. I am happy! Good morning everyone:-)»

Weird Crab-Water Signs Don't Faze me
By CluelessCancer
Dont' faze me, are there other people who have strong fire placements, who don't feel this connection to pisces or Scorp»

Looks like fish is back on the menu, Crabs! hahaha
By Kim31

what are men really up to?what are men really up to?
I met this man some two years ago and we both fell inlove and decided to live together. we have a beautiful daughter and


finished doing laundry, dishes, and watering the garden. Later, gotta think up what to make for dinner. Life of a beta woman.
well tiz, what can you do? spank me? lmao. :P *runs and climbs on fence*
Nem, we've spoken about bringing up this whole "having a conscience" thing in front of the guests. They get awkward, people go home. Damn, can't take you anywhere!
Once I learned to face the truth, burned the grace within our youth. Did you resist it? But what kind of world are we rising kids in, blood finds the blind then cradles them all with sin. I can't support you.
do what is right, not what is easy?
I need more options. I really need others to step up to the plate.
why am I always the first to notice and point it out then week later,.. leo, sag, are like WOW you are right
I remember why i hated virgos so much because they are lying pieces of butter.
Only if you never leave the house...
I love doing laundry. Is that weird?
Dating a Leo Man that has kids by different women
“I think you’re actually better off owning every single emotion you feel because none of them are wrong, none of them are right, they’re just the way you feel.”
The greatest thing GOD did for me was make me an African. No Lie If i can treetruk my country, i would, like make love to it all night, i love everything about my culture