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c'mon, cookiemonsteres. bring on the tears.
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6'6-6'7 PHD Engineering Late 20s early 30s Getting an MBA Iranian Beautiful black hair White teeth Broad shoulders Fit Stunning Negatives? Possibly too social and talkative Maybe a tad bit arrogant/egotistic (guessing he's real nice to m
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I shall compile a list of topics to be debated in gif form only. The debate shall take place tonight and/or tomorrow. Anyone who wants to participate can. Get your google and tumblr searches ready
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Hello fellow Taureans.Have you people ever had phases wherein you're overwhelmed with feelings,of any sort,and you indulge so deeply in those thoughts that you find difficult to get out of 'em,for days at a stretch maybe?Especially when you can do nothing
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Romantically. I'm not talking about your fave friends or anything. Or three if you can't nail it down. 2nd question: Which sign do you find yourself physically attracted to or lusting over again and again? (I know this doesn't mean the s
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Taurus, Gemini or Pissces?

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Venus in Scorpio Vs Sun in scorpio

Venus in Scorpio Vs Sun in scorpio

Pls guys do people who have Venus in scorpio have the same traits as people with sun in Scorpio.I have this Sag friend with Venus in scorpio,and she behaves exactly like a real scorpio(sun in scorpio).


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How does a peeler newly bought go missing in a small azz apartment? This is just beyond annoying. Now I have to run to the store which is block from my b place. Urff first world problems
Off work for 5 days!!! Woooooooooohoooooooo
Every African I know eats African food and maybe Turkey on thanksgiving. We are straight up American! There is no African dishes none! Thanksgiving is so stressful cause everything got to taste good!!!
playing banjo and can't sleep
Oops, accidently liked a comment.
Omg Cleaning is more fun than DXP. Time to go buy a peeler and get my thanksgiving sides ready. I called the Virgo a miser today and he almost cried! Whatever
Horse face konuicha. No worries to I got her and the confused Mullato on block. I don't Feck with confused half breeds! But I will not block get misted because I love how DJ completely shreds him to pieces on threads
So I got blocked from dxp cause I told Get misted he's a dick sucker who loves to to pass on his neurological diseases to women. Now he's made it about horserace konuicha but I know the truth.
Vedic astrology is hard. -_-
I'm doing this new thing where I'm no longer bottle-ing up my feelings and anger. Hoping that i could get to a better solution.-Instead of holding it inside n pushing the hurt aside.