Scorpio Culture Confessionals
By FrostAndBite
Post your commentary. So we can nod emphatically, argue it passionately, reject it vehemently or all of the above.»

Lucy (no spoiler)
By dolphinjoy
Most piscean experence I've had with a movie after The Fountain. Directed and written by Luc Besson, who's birthday i»

So I had Burger King for lunch...
By Rabbit
It's been about 2 years since I last had Burger King, and I must say: Big. treetrunking. Mistake. It feels like there i»

Kim31I respectfully ask
By Kim31
You stop deleting threads just because you're mad! Makes me sad...»

CancergoddessHow to make Taurus man Trust you!
By Cancergoddess
Ok... So as you have seen from my other post.... I am currently dating a Taurus man and have been for almost two months»

Mercury in retrograde babies sporting champions
By utopian
Justine Henin Andre Agassi Ayrton Senna I had the list but can't find it lol. I'll add to it asap. Feel free to»

BlackvirgoI'm wrong
By Blackvirgo
Ok. I take happily sneak my kids into swimming pools that I know I shouldn't. Because I'm to broke to pay for regular»

Why are we too intense?
By IAmMystified
I'm in a weird funk right now and I'm not sure why as I'm not really depressed or anything. I'm happy for the most part»

Inquiring minds want to know...
By CancerOnTheCusp
Being a sensitive water sign, do any of you February 29 fish get really upset that you get presents only every four year»

Moon opposition Mars
By Tornadoday16
I think the hardest thing about having this placement is never being fully comfortable in the actions you take to get wh»

I respectfully askI respectfully ask
You stop deleting threads just because you're mad! Makes me sad...


say hi to the pisces for me 88 :D I'll come in one of these evenings.
Everyone is invited.. Pisces & Scorpio discussion this Saturday night @ tinychat . com / dxpnet2
Oh goodness...texts from a crazy girl I thought I got rid of...*facepalm*
The best thing that happened to me was being born an East African. I love my culture, I love my nose, i love my language, i love my music, I love our dance, i love everything, thank you Jesus
This new Scorp Boss started out like a treat, now I want to hang myself.
Sag-on-Sag crime!
Chin up look forward to bigger thing:)
Well, well, well! Not much has changed on here I see! Hi Everybody hope your weekend is awesome!!!
You're right Tiz and he is a Sag!!
Gotta pay to play all night
Thinking of you constantly, wondering if you’re thinking of me
Twin flames? Piece of cake. You'll be good.