Delete Account
By lovetrustruh
Would like to but link isn't working?»

Capricorn and Agression
By PiscesWoman
I first of all want to say that I love you all Capricorns out there, both men and women, you all fascinate me! Im a litt»

Being in an unexplainable funk
By RainDancer88
My sag nature is upbeat, happy and enthusiastic but not for about a week or more. Apparently I'm in a Saturn transit and»

sarajevvoPurchase Real Passport,Id card,Driver license
By sarajevvo
Purchase Best Quality Real and Novelty Passports , id cards , visas , drivers license ,stamps , birt certificates ,diplo»

By Jynja
*Barges in and lays hanky on stained seat before sitting.* Gather round hunkies :-)»

The Scorpio Stare Explained By Me...
By Rabbit
I don't stare, because: 1) You're ugly. 2) You're stupid. 3) You're of no benefit to me. 4) I'm not a rapey-»

RachelMcAdamsGive us your best scorpio stare!
By RachelMcAdams

Does a lapel mic work on an android phone?
By ZelaleZ
Has anyone tried to connect a lapel microphone to a mobile phone and how does it work? Do you need a spliter or can you»

this month'sLunar Eclipse, Merc Ret, Solar Eclipse
By lotuslily
Wow! What a month!!! How is everyone doing after the cosmic weather happening this month? Shake ups?? It took me aro»

What I learned about astrology today
By Gemican01
Okay so I've always found it extremely strange that so many libra and aries men in my life can't resist but try and be m»

Romance is kinda overated, I really appreciate dependability. Just be there for me :)
We plan. God laughs.
Island times....
Still loling at that joke roman told last night...
can i workout with Michael Strahan? pleaseeee
closed 2 virgos, 2 more to go.
moving into my house today. thank god.....
may the forces be with you, fox!
I always have a presentation to do when merc is ret LMAO
Mercury will go direct in 6days time :~))
luxuriating in slowly unfolding mysteries.
carpal tunnel in the hand i write with = handwriting like a 3 year old
FF3 bro. Not the SNES version that was 6 in Japan and 3 in America. FFIII on psp