Need honest (non judgamental) Point of view
By fullwaterpisces
First of please P-Angel and rudescorpio you guys are not welcome in this post. I was thinking about something based o»

Expectation versus reality.
By femmefatale
Care to share any real life experiences?»

What is wrong with me?
By alfabutt
I came here because I need to speak with cancers nd people on my wavelength. I'm nearly 25 and I'm tumbling down the rab»

duchesslibroi hate Merc Retro rant
By duchesslibro
It's messy for everyone but particularly uncomfortable for those with Gemini or Virgo big three's. My Gemini Moon mind g»

clooneyyearsMasculine Wash
By clooneyyears

To gemini and sagittarius!
By nightcrawler
PLEASE DO MORE FIGHT coz i dont beleive you are opposite.thx»

littlemegabyteSaggitarius vs Gemini
By littlemegabyte
Sagittarians! I just wanted to pop in and say HELLO to y'all as my sign in opposition (I am a Gem). I've always ki»

Gemini Moon
By YellowSubmarine
I’ve read and heard a lotta “bad” things about Gem Moons on here… any one wanna share some pros of the placement»

How to relax at night?
By Vegetta91
So every time i want to go to sleep i start thinking about thing that happened or things that i want to have/be in the f»

Money vs Love vs Sex
By Gemi9
Speaking on the phone subject came up about him not going to a gym anymore and gaining weight. I couldn't miss the opp»

To those who´ve been cheated on
By thinktoomuch
and/or lied to, a question: I was reading on another website yesterday in a forum about cheating and lies. I was»

I know everyone is tired of hearing this.....I know everyone is tired of hearing this.....
but Scorpio and Taurus once again :P what do you guys think? Me: Sun- scorpio moon- libra Mercury- scorpio ven


Toes in the water ass in the sand!
My God I'm over sexed.
Runnin thru da 6 wit my woes
Y'all are messy on this site....Real Talk!
Hell yes. It's spaghetti night.
Full Moon in Scorpio on its way ~ lock away your knives and don't open the door to anyone :~))
Hai I'm TV. I think you're pretty cool.
scorpio moon is bringing up ignored emotions, making me crazy Betch
Are you kidding? 2 long gone exes in the same week with changed numbers? Spring, wtf are you doing to me...
Superjail! On hulu "gawddamm"
I think I might be a Camp 2 Cancer lol.
In an imaginary realm - Peter Pan and Jessica Rabbit are living happily ever after.
Money Mayweather won. Just like I knew he would. The man is too good.