Scorpio men, need ur help!?
By jjyu2514
To all Scorpio men! im gemini woman whose pretty much into scorpio guy I met him online. We found good connection fro»

By flowingwater
I am guilty of this but I have my reasons. First off, I'm a scorpio, and I am completely black and white. I can be in»

Have you ever taken a shower..
By KaptainKhaos
Or went for a walk, or went to the movies, or even a simple drive in your car ,or done something really simple in genera»

libraqueenLibra girls! Who was your best relationship with?
By libraqueen
Mine was Aquarius. (: Yours? Would love to hear your stories!»

4ND5Cancer Men the True Moms of the Zodiac
By 4ND5
Create your own picture»

gemini ignoring you
By sun47
hi gems! I met this gemini guy last December at work. when i'd see him at work he'd give me a hug. then about a month af»

HellothereAriesx3cap bf working overtime for a surprise for me?
By HellothereAriesx3
He said he's been overtime for something for me. He won't tell me what it is he said it was a secret. & he said I'll fin»

Let's talk friendship.
By flowingwater
Aquas, do you seek certain qualities in REAL friends? I'm not talking about acquaintances. It's been know that we are ab»

Why would a scorpio man wants a baby?
By jjyu2514
Is it normal for a Scorpio guy to ask a girl he likes to get pregnant? Is he serious !? I like him too anyway.»

Scorpio men, need ur help!?Scorpio men, need ur help!?
To all Scorpio men! im gemini woman whose pretty much into scorpio guy I met him online. We found good connection fro


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you disgust me Rambunctious. just looking at your username. treetrunk you.
If you can make it happen, Abby, go for it! :D
You people still disgust me...treetrunk you all!
can't shake the overwhelming feeling i'm supposed to be with scorpio...
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. Albert Einstein
should I sell a house during the venus rx...? Or will it forever be the homestead that got away??! :P
These thoughts can be evil and they often deceive. Gotta believe that I can overcome. My fears are the worst and they always return. I never learn. Feel like I don't belong. Lost in the wreckage of a million bad dream
I am s sag who likes a aqua man. He says he likes me also and his hard on when we are close tells me he does. We work together. At work he is all over me. At clock out time it ends no calls or texts. If I text him he will respond but what is the real deal
I'm a Scorpio woman, dated a Gemini man for four years.. he drives me treetrunking NUTS and I can't stand his multiple personalities disorder (typical for a Gemini btw) but it's just something about Gemini that draws me to them. I don't understand them or thei
You people are all disgusting.
The same reason Capricorn is public eye, virgo is work/jobs, cancer is home and family, taurus is pleasure is the same reason Pisces is creativity and your creations, libra is love, charm and relationships, aqua is friends and uniqueness, leo is brightnes
Intolerance.... smdh
Capricorn man said he's falling in love. I'm super excited ♡ how will he act once in love?