We're the Millers
By chemengin
What happens when you have three aquas and a virgo star in a movie? funny! :)»

What's worse...
By jeannegrey
To have your venus in house 12 or sun in house 12? and what does it mean to have venus in house 12? I have this and»

By ReddmannScorch
BEST movie this side of 2014. Very surreal. and a bit frightening. KOBA and Caesar take a bow!!»

AquaStormThe Mothership requests your observations
By AquaStorm
Please report. What observations of the humans have you discovered. We need to record the good, the bad and the ug»

anjiepantsaries and pisces friends
By anjiepants
You know, people wouldn't expect this, but I have seen success in this friendship. I think the Pisces is one of the few»

Most and least favorite sign
By Feistypisces777
You can't chose your own sign... That's lame. lol. My favorite is probably Aquarius or Capricorn and least favorite is p»

fishinamaizeDenouncing Islam
By fishinamaize
Some choice verses. Apologists enjoy :) : Quran (2:191-193) - "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn t»

making plans and not showing up?
By iamsoconfused
hey guys, so this aqua guy I've been friends with for a long time is acting really strange. Basically, I know we both li»

By Iwill
ever see yourself as the guys in all the big hits: The Notebook, Titanic, Dear John kinda stuff?? Do you feel they proj»

Mercury in Music
*Personal taste in music is not up for debate. This is intended for trait comparison between Mercury and vocal sound.»

I'm betting on earth sign
By Impulsv
Which one I keep catching the guy in my pilates class staring at. We are Freindly before n after. Just found out he's»

aries and pisces friendsaries and pisces friends
You know, people wouldn't expect this, but I have seen success in this friendship. I think the Pisces is one of the few


Drank too much. Ended up in a gay bar. Empandas at 5 am. Woke up at 2 pm. Found some weird rash on my neck. Welp, at least I didn't wake up pregnant.
Innocent Aries libra love....
Give in to that burrito life, GC. You won't regret it :P
I am not a fan of burittoes, but this buritto is something special. Oh my God, I think this is what heaven is like!
Lets chat tinychat . com / dxpnet2 :)
Hotter than hell!
The Last Ship on TNT comes on at 9 and The Strain on FX comes on an hour later and both are great shows for regular cable television.
Thanks :)
Gawlee I love mainstream country music.
It's 11:21 & we're still up cooking. We have guests tomorrow, including my former inlaws. I despise the mother, btw. And I have picked up an outfit just right to ruin old, hag arse's mood tomorrow. Uranian invasion.
I think having a relationship with your father impacts your life in a great way, I think I'm going to work on that :) he's an Aries
I'm really nice if you get to know me
chronic neurotic on board!
I'm going to guess it's really tough to get military guns into Palestinian areas, cause i am shocked they have yet to start a Guerrilla movement, that's the only way, even if you have to steal Israels ahem I mean Americas military weapons from their hands