Are Virgo guys usually withdrawn/types that ignore
By Emperpux
Are they? even if things just seem to be going well and they seem to like you? I messaged him on facebook saying 'hey'»

Reverse Culture Shock
By Arielle83
I just returned home after 5 years! Canadians are so friendly omg I can see all the stereotypes the world sees now. The»

Insistence and cancer man
By andrea13
Is insistence a turn off for cancer man?»

Brittani7Strong Scorpio?
By Brittani7
Libra sun, Scorpio ascendant and Pisces moon. I'm wondering how strong these water influences can be? I'm a libra but»

Sammy20So I'm curious...
By Sammy20
How long would you wait on someone before seriously moving on? As serious as getting under(or ontop lol) someone els»

List 3 signs you are not interested in someone?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Ok so ever seen ten things I hate about you.. When do you become less interested in the beginning? How can you te»

jaceWill my Scorpio lady come back?
By jace
Hi all, I'm Jason This is my first post. I hope the Scorpio females can help I've been dating my Scorpio for 7 mon»

How do I help my Cancer brother?
By RollergirlOrc
Well, to make it short, my Cancer brother got into a huge fight with my dad. I have never seen him this angry at anyone»

October Scorps vs. november Scorps
By Noreallynow
What's the difference?»

Phaedra, Scorpios, and Paralysis
So last night on the Housewives, Apollo tried talking to Phaedra but she was really mum and seemed to be caught in a sta»

Saturn Return
By YellowSubmarine
Saturn was in Scorpio when I was born and moved into Sag in November 1985, from my understanding. Ergo, shouldn't my act»

Chill musicChill music
starting this thread for down-tempo/ambient chill type music....someone asked me about music like this in pm, so just go


There's something about angry music/lyrics that makes ME happy :D Hihihihi
Welp, when you find yourself broke on Christmas, what can you do but get creative... About to find out if I have any talent for carving wood.
winter in Poland but my heart is elsewhere
Whoever said life is too short to mourn.. screw off.
Christmas, a time to rest thy tired boneses
Just as sure as there's a forbidden forest, there lies a hero bidden to walk into it
I hope everyone has a good day
Wth?! The sun is shining! Was another local birthday kid nice?
It's Cap Season Beeyaatcchhhh !!!
the boyfriend got me a tablet to replace the oner that i broke months ago for christmas c:
"A skeleton hangs at the branch of a storm-stricken oak."
To the Dirty stinky Ram. Happy Holidays to you and your 10 other accounts. Now treetruk off. I love talking sh1t to bums, but its a habit im trying to break. U and your other accounts got way too much of my attention. NEXT.