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by MiZLeo
My pisces man and I were hanging out last night and I'm just left with an odd confused feeling. He was at work so when I got there he was busy doing things, which I've done before, but this time he was really consentraighting so I just watched him. He kep
by biosynthesis
What are things that you don't like? btw I love you guys; I'm a cap moon
by firebunny
I was just a kid in the 90s so I grew up thinking that I missed all the fun. The music, the fashion, and the pop culture were so much cooler during those times. I think the 90s officially ended September 11, 2001. Everything was so much different after th
by Carolz
Ok so I turned 18 this year and later this year I have mood swings .And they are increasing day by day. Like really rapid mood swings . At one time I feel like happy at the other I feel like sad or want to die. There is a lot happening with me now a
by Tapatio89
I am a Libra Sun and my Ascendant is in Scorpio. Do you think I look Scorpio, guys? I posted photos on my profile Cheers
by Mystik_Enigma
If every placement in a person's chart is 00 to 07 degrees? I haven't seen this before and I'm curious as to what the significance is, if any...

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Need someone with a vast knowledge of fantasy and just books in general.

Need someone with a vast knowledge of fantasy and just books in general.

Years ago...Oh goodness about a decade ago since I was 14/15 when I came across a book. I can't remember most of the plot but there was a character in it that makes me want to reread the story. Sadly I can't recall the title or the author and haven't been


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I just can't get this image out my head and stop laughing
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where's my head at
2 hours
i asked if i could go to get water and the professor gave me her water so i wouldnt walk all the way to buy one it was so sweet
2 hours
Paul Di Anno sounded amazing with Iron Maiden. I heard Bruce Dickinson did Purgatory at one of their earlier shows in 1981, he sounded damn near godly-
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5 hours
just found out that ive got half of my placements wrong and the highlight of it all is my ARIES rising. it all make sense now.
7 hours
“I was still hesitant to let myself let go, because I still believed in the fragility of happiness..” ✨
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Lets get rich and join the 27 club
Blood ft. Water
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To struggle is but a sign of strength, to try time and time again in order to succeed.
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