a woman can't initiate domestic violence
on herself? i ask this because of the backlash ESPN's sports analyst Stephen a. Smith is receiving over a comment he»

I love this combo as friends
By anjiepants
Cap moon and Scorpio moon. As a lunar Capricorn, I feel that the lunar scorps understand where I come from. This is a»

Out of Sign Aspects
By SirHorns
An out of sign aspect involves two planets in aspect yet in signs that do not match the aspect. The energy of the pla»

By aquavita

DonJohnsonDXP Meet Up -Unhinged
By DonJohnson

Smart, funny, and nice...
By Rabbit
Girl code for "unattractive friend material"? Discuss.»

funkygalAries - how are you doing?
By funkygal
hi aries Not sure if you read much about horoscope but from july 2014 to august 2015 will be great for Aries love.»

By highlyclassified
As u know those of you who have read my previous threads "Aqua wont answer" and the other prev thread i cant think of th»

Aries - how are you doing?Aries - how are you doing?
hi aries Not sure if you read much about horoscope but from july 2014 to august 2015 will be great for Aries love.


Ready to go to the school function now. I'm looking so good, I almost touched myself. Oops *slaps own hand* Save it for later, baby baybay. LMAO.
J9 I really love that Quote. I need to get up and go find a LazBoy for my father and check in on my sister, she has her Bar Exam in a week, maybe offer her a massage? Something to help her stress out. Beautiful day.
I'm sure WINNING IS EVERYTHING for all of us...not just the Aries folk.
My Leos, Cancer and Libra need more ego boosts and stroking praises.
The ribbon on my wrist says do not open before christmas
“ Happiness is someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” — Chinese Proverb
OMG winning is everything to Aries folks. My son is getting an award this evening @ school. It's for reading. His father is busy acting like he's getting a Nobel. LMAO. He's calling people. He'd call newspapers 2 if I didn't find it ridiculous.
Men are bleeps. # truthhurts
*Spits out tea in surprise while reading MissFisk's latest status update.*
My eyes!! They are itching, allergies go away. End of discussion.
Perfect man... I'm officially a lesbian. Time to hook up with Scorched.
Ands is the perfect man. _3 Thanks for always being there, babe! ;)
Waiting for my gemini friend is just frustrating. She said she'd be here 2 hours ago?!?!? wtf