Aries sun/ Scorpio moon
By Chargrilled
My mom is an Aries sun and a Scorpio moon. She is a very good mom and a very hard worker but overall people just don't s»

How did your pet get its name?
By virgodog58
In my case it was quite straightforward: following the death of my father back in April I have adopted the old family ca»

cancer gf and taurus bf ( me )
By sasukexx18
please delete the other topic i made about this ... my apologies hello guys , Introduction = I am a male taurus guy»

CluelessCancerWeird Right?
By CluelessCancer
I've realized that i can help others find solutions to anything, im calm in the storm, where others can fret, but when i»

sasukexx18Cancer Gf of 1 year and 3 months taurus me bf
By sasukexx18
hello guys , Introduction = I am a male taurus guy 20 years old and she is a cancerian woman 20 years old ....i'll try t»

Habit of spoiling the hell out of your man
By Huldra
Who's guilty?»

virgodog58Does anybody dislike their zodiac symbol?
By virgodog58
I don't mean do you dislike actually being an Aries or Taurus or whatever, but if you are a Capricorn for example do you»

you are dancing around in your underwear
By warmwaters
four angry men knock on your door waving at the peephole DO YOU ANSWER OR NAH? i feel like I should continue dancin»

Inmates in U.S. Prisons
By usernamew
Hi all, I took 3323 inmates DOB and made a statistic... here the results: Cancer 307 Leo 300 Scorpio 290 Libra 289»

cancer girl just started talking to a libra guycancer girl just started talking to a libra guy
It's only been a few days since we've started talking And he brings up sex Libras guys how important is sex to you i


confidence on your own skills is much more potent than following proven steps that don't make sense to you
I don't remember another time where we had thunder and lightening this late in the year
My family relations are going down in flames and I don't give a treetruk. i can't tolerate their b!tter anymore.
I need a golden coupon for Christmas. Santa, I've been so good this year. Give me two please. :D
I need to peee
You will be missed, DawnOfDay _3
I need secret extensions!
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through DXP not a creature was stirring, not even Tv.
Four more days and Saturn moves out of Scorpio ~~ bye bye ~~ >>>>>
not nice
my profile view count say 666
I wanna rebuild the wall around my heart, but it seems like the blueprint is in my gf's hand.
awwww, bye bye dod. till we meet again
typical you