Have you ever been in a one sided relationship?
By VenusStar
What tipped you off?»

power hungry evil people
By inmercury
I have always had Tauruses all up in my business trying to control me, and it has made me loathe any Taurean presence. I»

Calling all Virgo Moons lol
By AriesLady8
What is this moon placement like?»

hollyhockIs the astrological weather bad for Libras now?
By hollyhock
It seems like it.»

Sn1p3r187Power Rangers fan film under fire
By Sn1p3r187
I would post vid but I'm using Mobile. Thoughts on it if you've seen it.»

Sag women! Could you help??
By AriesLady8
Do you or anyone you know have these placements at all? If so, could you describe yourself or how these placements make»

voodoochild0525moody cap friend?
By voodoochild0525
One of my close friends has a tendency to be terribly moody. She'll be fine one minute, then just go into a cookiemonster mode f»

Happy Birthday Pisco!
By tiziani
Happy Birthday. I'm not even on my computer so i cannot lavish you with burritos and spare H3 parts but wishing you the»

Aqua Men... Sag or Aries woman???
By AriesLady8
Aqua woman can answer to.... Who do you like better? Who could you spend a life with?»

25 yr old USMC Medical Student.
By MrFirebird
1) Didn't know who Rosie The Riveter was. 2) Thought I was a 'Nam Vet. 3)And he's studying to be a doctor. That i»

What are Sagittarius Moons like?
By LeoCancer98
I'm a Leo with a Sagittarius Moon in the 6th house, but I've never really felt like I have Sagittarian traits. I'm a rea»

Future islandsFuture islands
Damn I love this guys voice. Bryan ferry and David Bowie-esque singing plus rick astley dancing! Wowiee https://m.you


Wish I could get on that damned Mars mission project and leave this damned Earth behind!
You know how that should go.
Wondering what my Taurus lady is dreaming about tonight...
Runnin' through the Six.
@ram....butter! Is that where they are coming from?! *tears open a box of L'Oréal Paris and feverishly applies*
Love Portlandia... even the opening theme song.
just saw the Cap i was in love with and his new girlfriend. i should be more upset cuz i was in love with him but im not. im actually happy cuz he's moved on and i have too :) #feelsgoodnottofeel
@e11e everytime I wait for this site to load and reload after posting, a grey hair appears on my head
Posting on this site has become a royal pain in the ass. DO SOMETHING. *shakes fists*
You have destroyed me ANNNDDSSS you philipina harlot. You have toyed with my emotions and left me in Milano on the beach. You said you had a private jet with but it turned out to be a rice waggon??? And the promises of Birkin Bags??? I hate you !!!
hes not going to give me any.
ScorpioHarmony I'm hooked. Love "Empire".
With my woes.
Wedding dress shopping is so tiring!