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by christinelovessnickers
So, based on what I have read anyone born I the same year, and possibly over different generations, wI'll have the same planets. Is this correct?
by CopperDove
Leo and Libra influenced people I've known have often been more aware/concerned about their appearance than other signs. They are also more likely to be accused of being vain about how they look compared to other signs. Agree or not? If you agr
by BlackMamba
I have a huge vocabulary in my head but when I say words I always mispronounce it. It's getting worse! Am I getting Alzheimer's. My memory is also shot. Has been for awhile!
by aquarius09
What does this aqua stellium does to a person? Being the most aqua here, let me say that it's true what astrologers s
by astrogypsy7
I don't want to make a thread for each question.. All info is appreciated! So I have my chart posted in my photos if anyone wants to reference it. I'm confused about a few things... 1. Why are there two signs that fall in each house? How will
by iPootMagic
Are they prone to do this? Like through social media, phone calls with weird numbers? Curious to know cause some pretty interesting stuff is starting to happen, lol
by Pearls
Romantically. I'm not talking about your fave friends or anything. Or three if you can't nail it down. 2nd question: Which sign do you find yourself physically attracted to or lusting over again and again? (I know this doesn't mean the s
by Prince_Pisces
What are you listening to :)

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What do you think destroys a good band?

What do you think destroys a good band?

Like what destroys a band that was good to begin with but now sucks ass? For me, it's usually when the lead singer leaves and the replacement tries to sound like or be the previous singer. Like Derrick Green who came in and replaced Max Cavalera of Sepult


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never mind.
my pre-practicing winking method:
ive been practicing how to wink and now i cant stop winking. I even winked at my reflection. (btw not for flirtations purposes, just because i can't wink. ok maybe i want to impress that grocery shopper dude lolz)
I'mma admit. Japanese horror. IS treetrunkING HORRIFYING! Just the build of tension and butter treetrunking with your head. Ju On the Grudge was........leaving me in shakes when I was 11.
@Vixen2 It was years ago. Today has been perfect. The night playing System Shock 2 however feels stomach cringing and any jumpscare or Japanese horror technique would make someone go out both ends
The name of my dad's band was Oral Caress 😂😂😂
Memory has its own special kind. It selects, eliminates, alters, exaggerates, minimizes, glorifies, and vilifies also; but in the end it creates its own reality, its heterogeneous but usually coherent version of events; and no sane human being ever trusts
@Sn1p3r187 well that sucks especially for a perfectly lovely 77 degree Saturday afternoon...