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by Ladi1975
Which would you pick on Valentine's Day Mind blowing sex or a good meal? **Please post your sun sign**
by canmini
OK I'm not good with Capricorns women, I mean we are great friends but I have never really knew how to make them stay interested on a romantic level, but I do know this one Capricorn girl that is single and I'm thinking about hooking her up with my friend
by GetMisted
..With the user above you?
by starwars
yes i copied this from tumblr, I find it accurate lol
by Aqualovestaurus
So I broke up with my ex 6 years ago. I was so in love with him but he always made me feel like he didn't feel the same even though he insisted that wasn't the case but his actions never changed so I ended it. Since then he has continued to try and keep
by Astrobyn
There was a woman who had a snake as a pet, a python which she loved so much. The snake was 4 meters long and looked healthy. However, one day it just stopped eating. The desperate woman tried everything she could and offered anything that a snake woul
by DustDevil
...given his character traits, which sign do you think he was born under... Gemini seems strong with this one.
by mika_1990
Hello, I have been struggling with a weird feeling for this girl. We have known each other since 2008. She has been always a friend of guys that had crush on me. She was the one that mothers people, gives life advices and takes too much care of them, bei

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When you learn how much you're worth, you'll stop giving people discounts.
I say lol in real life though el oh el
those who say "K" in real can fell and die kay tank u
it is what it isn't.
Awwwww come here fishy fishy! Throws oil in Pan! Come here fishy fishy
thinks the definition for "Cancer" on Wikipedia is wildly accurate from a medical standpoint....and if you add the word "women" after "Cancer", it's accurate in the Astrology realm as
scorpio moon
scorpio moon
Shouldn't have had that kfc two days ago. This gym session is vicious. 😂😫'🏾