utterly perplexed needing male capricorn advice
By Taurus1981
I did a post about "how do u knowe when a capricorn has called it quits" Well I went and did a palm and tarot reading an»

By golmash
I'm An Aquarius with A Sagittarius Rising and Moon with Libra Midheaven. What Does That Mean?»

Mafia - Game 3
By Damnata
Ok, new topic. First 15 people get in. Just say "In".»

CappyfemaleAre Scorpio men Ambitious ?
By Cappyfemale
So what about your ambitions. Are you ambitious or not if so how do you plan to achieve what you want. Are you passionat»

lawlietHow to Cancer?
By lawliet
Hello fellow crabbies, I have some insight questions that I think you will understand. I have always been a shy help»

Want to regain my friendship with this aqua guy
By Ilovemyaqua
Okay,so there is this aqua guy, who,by what I have inferred,is a really really nice human and is extremely trustworthy.»

cappygurl8What is up with this Scorpio Woman?
By cappygurl8
Could use some insight into this situation. So there is a scorp woman at my place of work that I've recently started wor»

Secret weapons of an aquarius woman - tell us
By AquaNextDoor
What are your secret weapons? How do you make men crave for more? My secret weapon is my wit & sarcasm paired with m»

The Imitation Game
By CluelessCancer
A crab playing a crab..interesting. great movie and interesting story Alan Mathison Turing, OBE, FRS (/ˈ»

News: China Will Get More Bang for Buck
By MrFirebird
How so? China won't pay $500.00 USD for toilet seats. The US Government is notorious for overspending. Not only in defe»

Scorpio Woman Powers
By Shruikan
Do Scorpio women have something that makes men crazy? There's been a lot of male posters on here that seem crazy, litera»

Tips for female gem organismTips for female gem organism
Hey there!!! You know us gemini females take forever to orgamism in the sack. How does your mate tune into your pyschi


Crabs definitely have an oral fixation cause last night i was drinking wine and he has his dick out on the side of my face. I really wanted to dunk it in the wine and then put in my mouth, but we're not committed. Sorry BOB. Fantasies will remain fantasie
Just asked Pisces bff what we're going to do for his birthday, he says we're going skinny dipping :O
His magic fingers felt like mini electric shocks. WE stared at one another. I slumped to the bathroom floor unable to handle the vibrations. Laid on the ground face to the side. He looks down at me and laughs. I look up at him and Laugh. We both just laug
fs lost my favourite blazer. grrrrr
"...Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”
Life is making me jaded and distrustful in human beings. Where is the light?
The TSA can suck my chicken.
@Tiz, I liked C4D. Couldn't do what I wanted to though. Zbrush is fun too.
Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! Good morning World!!!
Why am I so tired? :( need a nap
Just quietly, I think we're embarking on the Next Great Adventure... =)
Mob Wives is ON Yesssssss! I love crazy ass Renee%@#Boom POW!!!
@Damous yeah it is lol stick with one just for a few months, if you like Blender though talk with EU about it. He knows a lot. I'm more on the C4D/Zbrush tip right now.
..:.all I know is that I know nothing.:..