Are any of you caps gamers or anime lovers
By highlyclassified

Selfies are stupid
By Sn1p3r187
Science has proven it. They proved it's a measure of how much of a arrogant, narcissistic, marker you are. If you take»

What do you hate most about your sign?
By IAmMystified
Hey scorpios, what is the one trait of your sign that you dislike the most. Me personally, I don't like the fact je»

starloverScott Disick (The Lord) :)
By starlover
He has sun and mars in gemini and moon in Sag ~ god help Kourtney Kardashian ~ she needs a medal for being with him, but»

nbttshow do I show a libra man that I'll be there for h
By nbtts
Me and my 1.5 year bf just broke up last week. It came out of the blue. We were in a long distance for about 9 months. W»

Is this Taurus guy interested or just friendly??
By ShyCappie24
OK. Hello everybody. I'm new here, so sorry if this topic is covered somewhere else.. I need some help understanding wha»

lololalalibra butter
By lololala
im against libra since my 1st childhood boyfriend..I told my self quit the stupid thoughts they r human like us...I met»

(Out)dated Dishes
By size zero superhero
Foods that scream "retro" (as opposed to trendy or classic dishes--yes, there's a difference). Pineapple Upside-Down»

Spanking the goats!!!
By munchkin
The hub has a bit of a spanking fetish. He's a Scorpio sun with Saturn/Pluto in Scorpio, but Capricorn Venus. Saturn»

What's Up With The Planets Lately
It seems that in the last couple of weeks that all havoc has been let loose for some. What gives?»

aquas wearing glasses
By smellycat
I have noticed that many aquas wear glasses. Do you notice this or is it just me ? Astrologically sun rules eyes(right)»

What do you hate most about your sign?What do you hate most about your sign?
Hey scorpios, what is the one trait of your sign that you dislike the most. Me personally, I don't like the fact je


It will take some time, but its sure getting there.
just die already. please.
niente gratis - nada. perche se sei buono qui i randagi poi s'imparano la strada di casa. c'e chi ti riporta la pallina e ch'invece la snasa
I'll just sit here.
That Leo moon has a lot of gravity GC, just sort of pulls everyone in. lol
My fortune cookie for today reads: You have an unusual magnetic personality. Just be aware of your polarity.
Today's Mars is 1°26' Scorp conjunct my Mars at 1°40' Scorp. Go ahead, Sucker, Make.My.Day. I triple dog dare you!
I just wish people would shut the hell up sometimes. Noticed how when you haven't seen people in a while, the 1st thing they notice is how fat/thin you've become. cookiemonster, what about my glossy skin? It's not like I've been eating all this time, I paused to
Namaste! I see you , I honor you.
Aqua and Pisces, Really?
each day I learn a little bit more, I expand my thoughts to include new ideas. each day a piece of me dies making room for the new.
Trying to obtain some sanity...
The latest with me is not a damn thing!!!! :)
Still running...