Where was my birthday thread?
By Damous

25 years later
By tiziani
And this film just gets better with age... But mostly for the Lotus scenes in the opening sequenc»

Whats up with this Libra guy?
By justuser34343
Alright, so I understand that Libra's tend to be distant, while they figure out what they want, but it's so hard to gaug»

exxtasyxWhich one is the HARDEST sign to get
By exxtasyx
To commit to you from your personal experience?»

time2Cap Female Music Muses
By time2
Rolling Stones- She's So Cold - Written about Marianne Faithfull born December 29. "..when I touch her my hand just f»

Dane Cook...
By Rabbit
Is still alive and apparently still doing "comedy". Why have you fellow Pisceans not eliminated him yet? Why must he»

Twodrinkminimumrape culture
By Twodrinkminimum
Let's continue that discussion since someone deleted it.»

Do I still have hope for this relationship...
By maomao
so everything was going well a month ago.. we went to my boyfriend's holiday party, he introduced me to his coworkers.»

Life Path #9
By SalamanderCandy
Having this number in numerology myself, I feel like it is extremely similar to pisces. 9 is supposedly the oldest, and»

What can you tell me about people born on march 3
By Vegetta91

Literary Lunacy 2.0
By PVandJellay
Juke...thou art missed....»

Whats up with this Libra guy?Whats up with this Libra guy?
Alright, so I understand that Libra's tend to be distant, while they figure out what they want, but it's so hard to gaug


Don't get raped, Magenta.
one of my managers called me and gave me a day off wooo
Bay area
If you cannot be a poet, be the poem. ~David Carradine
Just joined :)
Was this the face that launched a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?
I'm Capri-CORNY‼
my north node is in Libra haaa
im ssssooooo drunk!!
Ima ignore this north node stuff, butter I going to aim more to be like my south node, since it natural to me anyway
I'm feeling helpful today. :|
We are all fighting our own battles; help each other. Never encourage a downfall!
I'm starting to appreciate my moon in aqua more and more these days, life is tough and the air helps me balance the intensity.