How do you know if a scorp doesn't love you?
By IllaLupus
I don't want to spill my life into the Internet like some dramatic story. I want to know how a Scorpio sun would behave»

is this method true?
By conyo622
If a planet is like 1-3 degrees away from another house is it interpreted into the next house (astro. Com says so) or is»

Women supposedly love a Selfish Alpha
By heartlocket
Possibly one of the worst articles I have ever come across. It suggests that women are naturally like chameleons, that t»

bloodfloodfeeling energy from pisces moon
By bloodflood
they say pisces mooners are very receptive to others in terms of vibes/energy... i'm not sure whether that is true as i»

RollergirlOrcTaurus and emergencies
By RollergirlOrc
So Taurus is a stable sign, pretty much from what I've read and that their emotional natures are stable as well. Well, h»

Aries question
By Curiousram
Do you think Aries love attention and want it because we are people that genuinely don't get a lot of attention ever? I»

IllaLupusTerrible memory?
By IllaLupus
I've been with my scorpio sun lover for a year. His memory is treetrunking awful and I told him the other day during a fight»

Where is my libra twin?
By Eris

By FriendlyFish
Hi all I just thought ask around and see what other people's ideas around fidelity are? I've always considered myself v»

Cancer male and Sagittarius Female
By EmilySalasTeddy
Hello cancers! im currently dating a cancer male who has said he has loved me and could never stop caring about me we ha»

personal codes
By CreepyPants
If you had, or have and care to share, a list of tenets or principles to live by, what would it look like? Or what would»

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!  ARRRR!Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARRRR!
The one and only original, Robert Newton as Long John Silver. The successor! WARNING SPOLIER ALERT! This is the


Hello weekend =)
The fire in my chart is making me unapologetically blunt. Definitely a new side of me
I just want to be in love...sigh..
This Fuhknut is trying to slide his way back into my life. Nah, bruh. Nah.
to die for a noble cause or live humbly for one.
On my way to 20,000
Best vacation spot for low budget salary? Everyone deserves to treat themselves right?
almost at 5000
Mistakes are the portals of discovery.
"eachother" is not a word. Justsaying...
I'm a worthless boob! :( LMAO.
Its dog eat dog, peeps, Eat what you Kill.
Just when I'm starting to feel better someone drops information for me to hear. Misery loves company and ignorance is bliss.
Channel skipping and did a double take when I saw the Scottish guy on Hollyoaks, he looks like my Taurus _3 yum!