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Even if the topic is rather sensitive and involves you. I am just curious if i am missreading this taurus here. Generally she is very upfront, but in some areeas it can be rather sketchy. You see she is giving me mixed signals, or what i take as such.
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I don't think I'll make it. It was very difficult! :( At least I didn't quit mid-way through. I purposely didn't answer the last four questions of the last subject, which only has 5% of the total scores. I am brain-dead today. Literally! :(
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Apparently 80 percent of the internet resides here and is accessible thru TOR. Apparenty anything can be found here incl
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In general, on the forum, talking about their issues. Generally why are they attracted to each other? And why don't we get along always
by RamOfPeace "The original etiquette manuals of Western civilization were in fact success manuals. As author Steven Pinker notes, they taught knights and nobles how to conduct themse
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Something Ive noticed in my area is ALOT of couples who are together but shouldn't be at least by sun sign. I cant deny I am fascinated but elemental mismatches especially when they are happy. Some Ive noticed... Male Cancer & Female Libra. Male
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Are there any Gemini men who have never cheated? Please give us hope. LOL

Are there any Gemini men who have never cheated? Please give us hope. LOL

I know all signs are susceptible to cheating, but why is it so easy for Gemini to forfeit their commitment and cheat on their lover? What makes a Gemini cheat? Are you bored? Is the challenge gone?? Why don't you consider the painful impact your behavior


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Choose a few things and a few people that are worth it, and give them your all. Commit to them.
The stupid mothertreetrunker doesn't kniw how to use a block button. Wow.. How dumb can u be
I only respond to real people not troll dolls.
I feel bad 4 ppl like you..... Honestly
Dumb muhtreetrunkas these days I swear ...
@Ands2016 You're an embarrassment to this site & yourself. Constantly talking butter about me on here. Internet bully much ? I'm so relevant to ur time on dxp yet u don't know how to use a block button.
I can't w/ people
Stupid ass cookiemonster posting on the front page !!!!
Just saw The Night Before... Man Lizzy Caplan sure is beautiful. Not that I didn't already know that before. She puts the expression "there must be something in the water" externally because her beauty just radiates from her Cancer Asc. and Sun. Scorp Moo
Tired from packing.....