I'm Angry... have been for a long time.
By VenusStar
This morning I wrote an assessment of my life for the past decade. Accomplishments, Failures and Lessons/Goals to compl»

Young cap starting falling in love!
By FrenchKpricorn
hi, virgo girls! i'm starting to fall in love to a virgo, but she's my friends since a while, i dont know if she love»

Dear Crush...
By SirHorns
Dear person I have a crush on, You are dangerous. When I get around you, parts of me show that I honestly didn’t no»

exoskeletonguess the sexual fantasy/fetish of the user above
By exoskeleton

Cancer2448Cancer+Libra = complicated Need help!
By Cancer2448
Need libra girls for advice about a libra girl I'm very interested in. Please read, sorry about the length. I'm a can»

Parajumpers Adirondack Jacket going to build
By chongpeng537
Canada Goose Youth Expedition Parka Canada Goose Parka have a tendency for acquiring a unbelievable approach to preserve»

ladycappi41ok, I don't get my aries ex anymore
By ladycappi41
So, my kids put me on snap chat. I'm new at it and don't really know the ins and outs of it yet. About a month ago m»

Y tjukutja by Uhuru is still a nice jam. I'm bringing that + Heavy K 2 the desperate indian housewives 2nite. They'll b dancin like black chicks. Saris will fly! Indian theme my arse! Afro House, cookiemonsteres!
what does a DESIRE to bring babies into this sorry place say about you ? hint: selfish SOB :)
a sigh of release sets in as I wake up again.
Tripped over cases of beer at the grocery store and fell into someone's arms.... Awkward much?!
What's the latest with you?
Dream within a dream, fall in too deep until you can no longer wake up.
My co-workers is celebrating her birthday 2morrow. She's Indian.@ 10:30 PM she's sending me a message saying the theme is Indian-"Anything Indian".No time.I'll just draw a red dot on my forehead & make it look like I made effort
Now you are finished!
Like no other You can't be replaced.
Tensions are rising and I need you now.
Found the first egg laid by my chickens!
Anyone a cap moon??? I have a few questions for you!
I feel like a million bucks but my money don't really feel like I do.
Stay Positive