By Damous
Who's trying to get beat on PS4? Or help mollywhop some cats. Haaaaaanh!»

Music to Model to
Yes as many of you have asked me, I am a male model and entrepreneur. So far my male model playlist consists of roxe»

She told me I will lose her
By Sammy20
This never happens to me. I feel like the universe just keeps throwing people and life lessons my way. I'm dating a li»

leihalohawhat is he feeling??
By leihaloha
I've been seeing this virgo guy in college for almost a year. At first we would just pass each other and smile because w»

WateryGemWhen I watch Real Housewives
By WateryGem
of any city.. I am reminded why I don't really care to have that many female friends. I cringe at catty female banter.»

Im Deciding On Commiting Suicide Tomorrow or
By aquaboy84
I can't say how I'll do it but I've lost everything, including hope of society. May god bless us all»

aquavita8phone nessages issues anyone?
By aquavita8
Today i relaized 2 oeople i have corresponded wirh have not lied to me. Aoparbetly there are issues with texting. Peopl»

Miracle Novena
By LennyB
Dear heart of Jesus in the past I have asked you for many favours, This time I ask you for this very special one (state»

Maddie Ziegler from
By WateryGem
Dance moms.. Sep 30th, 2002.. So she is 12yrs old turning 13yrs this year. She has her Sun in Libra, Moon in Can»

How to respond to this Fb post on my wall? HALP
By Pulciee
This Sagittarius guy posted on my Fb wall saying "dahhhhh *my first and last name*!!!!!!" How would you respond? I woul»

I had a dream that i'm God ?I had a dream that i'm God ?
First off im not a religious person but i do believe in God and even thinking about it sounds uncomfortable but i saw th


Some people should get wiped out Battle Royale style....I swear. 1 AND 2.
ha somethings never change
i can put your face in some cookie dough and make gorilla cookies...
All you ever need is to be nice and friendly.
@ScorpioHarmony Your damn right =0
@Kodak375 haha I guess there's always the odd exception
@ScorpioHarmony ( Hey hey hey, not all are! Well i'm not haha
Mars in Gem are the biggest players!
What's on your mind?
can someone read my birth chart, maybe i can read yours, my birthday is february 12 1992, los angeles CA 8:45am i would attach the image if i knew how to sorry, thanks in advance
I have a wonderful Taurus man in my life and I feel so blessed! I cherish him. I am on the cusp of Capricorn and have both that and Sagittarius traits. next month will be one year we have been together. We originally started out living 100 miles from eac
The weather in London atm_3 fak.
“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.” ― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
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