Can you guess the sign of the guy I'm dating?
By NadeenMs
Well im dating an older guy probably 20 years older. (Very handsome and sexy though) anyway when my friends or his frien»

Hell day
By Ssupes
Jupiter in Leo at 29* and Saturn in Scorpio at 29*. With Venus in retrograde it's quite possible this is the worst week»

Art Supplies
By LillyBlossom
Hello everyone, I would like to get back into art again, and I need new coloring pencils, oil pastels, water colors»

downstairsmixupVirgo moon selfishness
By downstairsmixup
I dont mean this to be rude and I know you Virgo moons have a hard time handling the cold hard truth and constructive cr»

FeistykeeLong Term Taurus Love
By Feistykee
Im a Virgi woman & Ive been in love with a Taurus man since I was 15 going on 16 years old. He was turning 18 at the tim»

My poor Aqua friend is suffocating in her
By xomelindabelle
Relationship with a Taurus. And a close Gem friend with her Taurus boyfriend. These poor air signs feel so smothered and»

LeoCancer98What would his personality be like?
By LeoCancer98
He's an Aries Sun with Libra Moon at 0.44 degrees Pisces Mercury in Retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces Venus at 17 degree»

Hey cows.
By Forren
When going to a buffet, the term "all you can eat" IS NOT A CHALLENGE. Just saying. [img]»

Virgo male chart: please decipher!!
By busyeyes88
Hi you Virgos. Yes it's me! Before you guys and gals say anything I'll tell you straight: the taurus is DEFINITEL»

Why is my Cap bf so jealous?
By HellothereAriesx3
We've been dating for about a year now & he just started being so jealous... Why?»

Any female Pisces and libra man relationships
By mysteriousTaurus
Short term? Long term? How's it's going?»

Can you guess the sign of the guy I'm dating?Can you guess the sign of the guy I'm dating?
Well im dating an older guy probably 20 years older. (Very handsome and sexy though) anyway when my friends or his frien


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. Albert Einstein
should I sell a house during the venus rx...? Or will it forever be the homestead that got away??! :P
These thoughts can be evil and they often deceive. Gotta believe that I can overcome. My fears are the worst and they always return. I never learn. Feel like I don't belong. Lost in the wreckage of a million bad dream
I am s sag who likes a aqua man. He says he likes me also and his hard on when we are close tells me he does. We work together. At work he is all over me. At clock out time it ends no calls or texts. If I text him he will respond but what is the real deal
I'm a Scorpio woman, dated a Gemini man for four years.. he drives me treetrunking NUTS and I can't stand his multiple personalities disorder (typical for a Gemini btw) but it's just something about Gemini that draws me to them. I don't understand them or thei
You people are all disgusting.
The same reason Capricorn is public eye, virgo is work/jobs, cancer is home and family, taurus is pleasure is the same reason Pisces is creativity and your creations, libra is love, charm and relationships, aqua is friends and uniqueness, leo is brightnes
Intolerance.... smdh
Capricorn man said he's falling in love. I'm super excited ♡ how will he act once in love?
so haaangry
What's on your mind?
I am suffering in silence. Venus in retrograde..
Blackphase your writings are so beautiful. Please write more ♡
a projection on you is a projection on me.