What a clever RABBIT!
By LilliLou
(b) :D»

Calling all Capricorn Sun with Cancer Rising
By VirgoDragirl
What are you like? Please share.»

Crab Quotes
By Kim31
Intentional or not crabs say some of funniest stuff. Post your favorite crab quotes. Doesn't matter who the person is. C»

CancerOnTheCusp~~Mood Music~~
By CancerOnTheCusp
Couldn't find the thread. If someone pops it up, I'll delete this one. In the meantime, enjoy (someone gets the sig»

Sammy20What's his sign?
By Sammy20
I can't seem to guess this guy's sign. He's really mean to me at times but not in a serious way, more as a joke. Then I'»

For all the 'other' Outgoing Extroverts
By LilliLou
Outgoing Introverts are like enigmas wrapped in bacon: difficult to understand but the most appealing of puzzles! :D»

mysteriousTaurusAries Venus and Libra Venus compatibility?
By mysteriousTaurus
Female - Aries venus Male - Libra venus...... Stories, advice, experience?»

LOL my rms are scorpios
By warmwaters
well 3 of them are. LOL don't ask. I was preparing cooking and heard a lot of his conversation in the shower with hi»

I can't move on?
By daydreamer22
So this double Taurus with Venus in Aries has been a handful. And I can't seem to let go. Its very difficult, actually c»

whats going on in your head aqua man with scorpiowhats going on in your head aqua man with scorpio
I'm in a relationship with an aqua man with a scorpio moon. Curious how does that scorpio moon play into your analyzing


Just so you know, I post in everybody's boards, my sign or not. (except man cave - I've been banned :P)
*unique* sense of humor... sigh...
these hoes out here praying to jesus to find them a man, father god. Send me a blessing, melodies from heaven, jesus. Is he here yet?
A MAC in every way
ugh at deepseagiant for calling my topic unnecessary drama
this merc retro is kind of yucky. me and hubs communicate good as usual. i did have a problem with mail and delivery.
I wanna fall in love with an awesome Cancer guy and have a watery dreamy love connection :)
the winter birds are loving this spring weather in the rockies.
ahh MERCURY retrograde when everyone in the past decides to pop up in your life and make plans that will never happen once it's over LOL
:: crave ::
Right there with you Diora.
curse my aries moon!
I got mistaken for a Cancer. How could this happen!?