By ombrerose
Anyone reading the gospels? I'm starting to read the Gospels because I'm intrigued by the Syria war and it's so close to»

Cappies, Are You really Gold diggers ?
By beggarsblanket
You can admit it, I won't judge ;)»

Virgo women push & pull ?
By Geminitxxtrvll
Why do virgo women do the push & pull thing ? Why do they say one thing one minute & the next it's something different ?»

sole2Sag ex came back
By sole2
My sag and I broke up 2 weeks ago. I admit - I nagged him about his interactions with other women, he lost his temper, w»

DAMEN VIguy does the harlem shake after saying the N word
i guess his mother didn't teach him that he supposed to look both ways before he says racist things»

Scorpio women: why would you giggle at a penis?
By Whatu
why'd he delete this topic it was funny.»

VenusStarI'm Angry... have been for a long time.
By VenusStar
This morning I wrote an assessment of my life for the past decade. Accomplishments, Failures and Lessons/Goals to compl»

Young cap starting falling in love!
By FrenchKpricorn
hi, virgo girls! i'm starting to fall in love to a virgo, but she's my friends since a while, i dont know if she love»

Dear Crush...
By SirHorns
Dear person I have a crush on, You are dangerous. When I get around you, parts of me show that I honestly didn’t no»

guess the sexual fantasy/fetish of the user above
By exoskeleton

Cancer+Libra = complicated Need help!
By Cancer2448
Need libra girls for advice about a libra girl I'm very interested in. Please read, sorry about the length. I'm a can»

kingdom of loathingkingdom of loathing
www.kingdomofloathing.com hilarious! does anyone play? i just started today. i am a disco bandit, mafucka! if a


Taking sneaky extra day of leave.... Hehe
un o'r dyddiau hynny
I don't think this ignoring my health is working out for me anymore. I feel pretty bad. ciao for now.
goodness gracious! who has been a sneaky clickedy little peeper? mwah
Don't try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.
Y tjukutja by Uhuru is still a nice jam. I'm bringing that + Heavy K 2 the desperate indian housewives 2nite. They'll b dancin like black chicks. Saris will fly! Indian theme my arse! Afro House, cookiemonsteres!
what does a DESIRE to bring babies into this sorry place say about you ? hint: selfish SOB :)
a sigh of release sets in as I wake up again.
Tripped over cases of beer at the grocery store and fell into someone's arms.... Awkward much?!
What's the latest with you?
Dream within a dream, fall in too deep until you can no longer wake up.
My co-workers is celebrating her birthday 2morrow. She's Indian.@ 10:30 PM she's sending me a message saying the theme is Indian-"Anything Indian".No time.I'll just draw a red dot on my forehead & make it look like I made effort
Now you are finished!
Like no other You can't be replaced.