my top female zodiac signs
By Tumelo
1. Leo yuummm 2. virgo 3. cancer with leo tendencies side dish- sagittarius»

Birth Dates -Weird Coincidences
By beggarsblanket
I guess it's pretty obvious that we can't say people born on a certain date would like other people born on another cert»

Jus cause..this songs sings to me.
By ReddmannScorch
Well cancers are soulful just like da beat and the lyrics. Meh its haunting.Love it.»

littlenonoDoes he dislike me or is that normal? What to do?
By littlenono
I am a scropio and he's a cancer. Well, he doesn't use SNS stuff and use proper english even in text. He likes to read o»

By warmwaters
Are you boring, caps? This is like a cap stereotype I often hear. I don't think that but all the caps I knew were the»

Fifty shades of Grey
By ieatpizzaforfree
Am I the only one who thinks the characters from FSOG are A virgo and a scorpio? The guy being the scorpio & the girl be»

jene22Tauruses have your Scorpio ever came back ?
By jene22
i just would like to know what experience do you have with Scorpio. if they left you or dump you did they ever return ?»

Zodiac signs when drinking
By lavalerie
I wonder how accurate is this? :) ARIES Impulsive Aries like to party and sometimes don't know when to call it a nig»

How to Dress for a Date with Cancer woman
By Gied
how to dress for a date with cancer woman? I got date with cancer woman in two weeks time and i don't know how to dre»

Blind chef opens resturant of her dreams

P U A Cult...
By DonJohnson
I'd have to say, this cult is absolutely legit. one of the pivotal points of my life is when i forced myself to cold-ap»

DXP sign war 2015 GRAND FINALEDXP sign war 2015 GRAND FINALE
I will give a free chart reading to any........ Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.....


Always run with scissors
Aries man is driving me insane, ugh
Bale vs Ronaldo or Messi vs Neymar ?Which cancer aqua rivalry is going to explode first ?
I don't treetrunk with treetrunkboys. bye.
Time to go back on the online dating scene...Ugh, i'll wait a few days first.
Mercury retro... Feel for you MissFisk... It has been a hard week for alot of people... Keep your head up... Mars interacting with Neptune is never a good thing... It is just ending I think... :)
I don't even have any admirers but I'll take a donut too please.
Nope. There maybe some fallen trees in my path, but I'll jump right over 'em.
I just lost an admirer. Comfort me with a chocolate frosted doughnut, please.
taurus ex is messaging me, funny how he want's to communicate when its over. he can treetr*nk off
Metal gear series just arrived... There goes my weekend
Lived for years without a hairdryer, bought hairdryer and burnt it off, now I don't know how to cope!
LOL. Dennis. Now you, my friend, are a dolphin. In the good way. haha
I knew the dolphin. I swam with the dolphin. The dolphin was a friend of mine. IS, you're no dolphin. Thank God!