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by RumiL
What would you ladies do if you were a turned into a man for a day? :P and I don't mean dressing in your dad's clothing. I would make sandwiches as men do not do :P
by Admiral
So this game is simple. I will type two words and the user below has to change one of the words to make a new phrase but it has to make sense or exist or your out. Example: yellow star Yellow car or red star. I start. R
by Admiral
It's been months shan't I say a year or so. Is something the matter with me?
by Gemsgem
Hi peeps, me again, continuing my dating struggles. Met a Pisces man 2 weeks ago, with whom i was speaking for months (on and off, him initiating convos). When we couldn't get on and set a date (one of us was always busy) i ended up telling him i'm tir
by AnarchoScorpio
I met a taurus lady and she really wanted to come over to my place. It was already late (11), but I agreed. So she came over and she was looking really good. She started flirting with me heavily and speaking in a cute voice. I told her over the phone that
by Tete
Hi guys, first time wandering about your forum as this is the first time ive attracted and Aries man in my life, well not sure if "attracted" is the right word... yet. Maybe you can help me understand whats his deal. So i met this Aries man online (dat
by Arielle83
If you could be a man for one day what would you do?? I'd play with my willy until I pass out. Penetrate as many women possible. Go to a bathhouse and penetrate men. Man, I totes have penis envy. Eat steak like it's going out of style.

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Need to get back to gaming....

Need to get back to gaming....

I had a gaming PC built in 2013, I still have it, although these days it's mainly used for photo editing. I have some games that I still haven't finished, and some that I haven't even tried yet. I don't know if I've got to the age where I couldn't be both

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I'm bound to move to the US mext year but this butter has just got me like mehhh.
No motivation to exercise... Time to watch a scary movie..
All of a sudden her fat lazy ass didn't "need" that scooter anymore. It's a miracle!
@explicit ..... that is treetrunked up. lol
It's 75% off at Walmart and there's only one cereal box left! Who will leave with the prestigious prize?!
Yikes. Certain high-fashion ads need to tone down the Photoshopping!
CC I HEART YOU BABE!! Feck these cunnts!