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by BlackMamba
And smell disease coming out of your ass? Bad bad bacteria
by RainDancer
... I thought my niece was a Pisces, but I had it way wrong. Here's my question Posted by RainDancerMy Neice is now 15. She has had so many trials, but when it comes to being absolutely loving, she is the epitome of unconditional love. I have started
by Librawoman77
I know all signs are susceptible to cheating, but why is it so easy for Gemini to forfeit their commitment and cheat on their lover? What makes a Gemini cheat? Are you bored? Is the challenge gone?? Why don't you consider the painful impact your behavior
by TauroMale
how well do you get along with your own sign? i find Taurus females are kind of hard to talk to when you first meet them and some are kind of rude haha
by Shrewdsharp
Libra share your experience with Aquarius. Lovers, sisters, friends, cousins. co-workers. I don't know too much about Aquarius... enlightened us.
by BlackMamba
Can a selfish person on the brink of narcissism change?
by Damnata
*shakes fists at layna*

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60° ac off. Windows open. Heaven
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self-destructive tendencies
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Lol lisabeth♥
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are awesome.
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Are wonderful!
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Pisceeeeeees! ♥
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I'd like to personally punch mercury in rx in its craptastic face...
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What's up with these ads popping up?
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true. I have a giving nature, problem is i fell for his charm. My only weakness is my emotional attachment.
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