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by PillowFortBuilder
So I totally messed up last night. I admitted to an aquarius my feelings. I actually came on pretty strong. I told her how I feel and threw everything out there. This was just too much for her and she doesn't feel the same way. Coming from an 8 year r
by Damnata
*shakes fists at layna*
by Reincarnation
Post your Sun and Moon placement.
by starlover
....and let go of your ex So i have just booked myself a night away in a hotel, looking over the sea and have bought a ticket to see one of my fave singers. Am so looking forward to it. The thing is, the hotel i am staying at is a place where i stay
by Kodak375 If you ever had that father figure who was in or out of your life, those "friends" who couldn't seem to support you through the tough times but are there for the parties and celebrations.
by truecap
Just curious. I keep reading that Aquas do this disppearing act, then reappear, then disappear.... and so on. Aren't y
by GreyWiz
Is this a good pair?
by Gemitati
They are in love for about 10 years now. Both are married for decades. Having no relationships but as life goes they are must see each other at family gatherings. It is painful to see them together just looking at each other with warmth that melting

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Do a lot of Aries woman act cold until they warm up to you?

Do a lot of Aries woman act cold until they warm up to you?

I think she secretly wants me and is seeing if my intentions are pure. I guess my compliments dont do anything for her because every guy wants her. How does an Aries woman test you?


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Ugh, the moon going through my 12th house. I want to hide!
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I'm really confused about this cancer girl. I knew her thorough her brother. She live in a different city. We been talking for 6 month. I always told her how much I love her and want to marry her. She told her friend she is desperate to get marry. I invit
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@kodak375 Just doing my Scorpio moon public service of traumatising people!
87 minutes
When you have a moon in Aquarius....
2 hours
I'm trying. 0.o What the hell did you traumatize me with?
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@kodak375 go back to sleep!
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alot of em are snakes tryna shed their skin and the friction they make only helps them win
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I woke up to 323 notifications. Blew mine.
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