cancer hot/cold (test passing) success stories??
By boxcarmirnta
Just want some positive outcomes and happily ever afters...from lovers to friends back to lovers? Or whatever rocky butter»

anyone with tarot deck: did it
By fastphoenix
When I say "talk," the card from a reading gave you an impression. I have a Universal Waite deck. It happened tod»

Cancer boyfriend is ignoring me since disagreement
By slonce5
I had been dating this Cancer men for more than 4 months now. He called himself my boyfriend and he called me his girlfr»

restlesslyaries77scared aries woman confusing libra man
By restlesslyaries77
Please Help Me. His birthday is September 25, 1994. Mine is April 13, 1988. You can only imagine the issues, as I»

DonJohnsonChinaman on dat 5 o'clock shadow time=Wet V?
By DonJohnson
Mine is actually stronger. I got dat chit on my cheeks too. Okay so I've decided to grow out my facial hair again.»

Renewed Commitment & Mandate for "Sex Education"?
By Lovelyisis
TV shows like “15 & Pregnant”, “Teen Moms", & “16 and Pregnant” immediately came to mind when I read this arti»

lisabethur8British Fritzl
By lisabethur8
i was going through some crime lists on Wikipedia and saw this:»

Pisces and Gemini
By Curiousram
I feel like both have multiple personalities and that this would make a good couple. Discuss..»

Leo man says he doesn't want commitment but wavers
By lotus
So I had a conversation with the Leo man (Scorpio moon) I've been seeing for two months now, mostly because there is a G»

signs he likes you
By snickerdoodle
What are the classic aquarius man signals or signs he likes you?»

Synastry between me and this Libra guySynastry between me and this Libra guy
I just did a quick match up on I don't know his actual birth time tho


Since I told virguy to hike- been so happy! Don't have to second guess myself anymore! Met an awesome guy. Yay!!
creepy - yeah that's pretty bad. Had basically the same thing happen in L.A. on my motorcycle. Chicago ppl drive like they are crazy and out for blood. Iowans just plain drive that bad naturally without meaning to.
The virguy owes me money is on perm block I value me even if he doesn't value me
Power walking clears the mind and creates gorgeous gams. ;)
I know you ain't foolish...just give me a chance to treat you right. Did I ever back down ♡¿
@Perspicacity, their souls are uploaded into cyber heaven aka. the nethersphere and their physical selves are upgraded to cybermen.
Love bites, but so do I.
Feeling frisky. Need to hit one of my exes up today ;)
my girlfriend posted my picture on her Facebook page and my picture ended up getting 200 likes:(. dang naggit. now the whole world knows how i look :(