Scorp Mooner with a Sag Mooner
By blackphase
Tell me how these two moons work together in a relationship. Gemini Sun, Scorp Moon & Asc Libra Sun, Sag Moon»

Virgo vs Everybody!!!
That's why we're so tough.. ;) Happy Holidays..»

By P-Angel
So, I want to waterproof a table that has been painted a dark color. The paint is dull, and is water-based, so will fad»

BinotaThe whole world has gone drastic
By Binota
I really had that feeling that Venus conjunct Jupiter changed the whole world that either is good or bad. And I even won»

truecapHow do Gemini's own up to responsibility
By truecap
Say, if a gemini does or says something and fails in doing what they are responsible does a gemini handle this»

Stages in a commited relationship / marriage
By Pensive
I have noticed that every relationship has its stages of ups and downs . Some of it is unique to a couple while most of»

TaniwhaThe Saturn In Scorpio Support Group.
By Taniwha
I wanted to make a thread to feel special.»

Bind your beloved brother’s heart in a spectacul
By Canadarakhi
India is a country of festivals. It is culturally so rich that it celebrates a festival almost every month. The people o»

It's time to torture the Cancer girls!!!
By YourFavoriteDXPMember
Muah ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!»

Gemini and a Scorpio brake up
By Obviously_A_Gemini1998
Hi all I have recently just cut all ties from a Scorpio man who I was involved with So this was 10 months ago I star»

"that look", have you ever looked into a stranger'
By questionoflustquestionoftrust
Stranger's eyes and been completely thrown off guard, as if time stopped, as if no one else existed? Like you've known t»

Something good to post about, for a change!Something good to post about, for a change!
It feels good to be able to post something positive, that doesn't need analysis! So a few wks ago I started dating a


Accept peace when you feel it. No more fighting. Hide those fangs ,_,
Minions? Inside Out or Jurassic World? ...hmmmm...
This site really needs to hire some tech people who know what they're doing
Happy Birthday Crabriot!
Kissed a Libra and it was perfect ♥
A life without challenges is an innocuous llife, and a life with challenges is an appreciative life.
Happy Birthday CrabRiot! _3
the news today on the man from Indonesia being enslaved and now free, escaped and found his family was so sad and so touching. So sad that slavery still exists.
wo de pengyou....
Happy Birthday to me♡♥♡♥♡
Eva Green is sexy
8:10 AM. Cali-time.
Dxpnet is broken!! Perhaps...Kim K. broke the internet, again. xP hahahahahaaa