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by capricorngirl85
Its been a month since I last had any communication with my cancer guy. I sometimes think about him I missed to closeness and the time spent together. Should I try and reach out?
by AfternoonDelights22
I shall compile a list of topics to be debated in gif form only. The debate shall take place tonight and/or tomorrow. Anyone who wants to participate can. Get your google and tumblr searches ready
by exxtasyx
I've really been considering going vegan for the last year now... I've done a lot of research on it and it's the cleanest, healthiest way to eat... And the meat and dairy industry is so corrupt and disgusting that I don't want to support it anymore. Is
by DonJohnson
I mean... traffic jam only gives you more time to think about your boo stupid client trippin over nottin. he probably didn't get laid. what a douchecan lolz signing up for volunteer work together to help feed the hungry. oh you poor thing lol
by BlackMamba
and cops didn't do sheet and even took forever to get to the victims. AMERIKKKA
by Andreia
Hello. So I'm here again because, guess what... My cancer man broke up with me! We have been together for 7 months and in the beginning we had a stupid fight and he disappeared, then called me to explain and to say why he didn't want to be with me anymo
by Wynter

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Aries moon

Aries moon

long story short... i'm absolutely in love with aries moons.... being a leo moon..a very late degree.. almost all aries moons are my super best friends...i just can't resist anybody with that moon :P that's all xD


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@Damnata gonna watch your recommended movie now.
Scorpio sun with 5 planete in Libra and a MOTHERtreetrunkING ARIES MOON. cookiemonster, you wanna talk about DRAMA? My God, this nigga is a squad and treetrunking handful.
My aqua friend turn all grumpy at 3 am its hilarious
Don’t mistaken the void, your nothingness for loneliness. embrace the emptiness with love, and see what arises. It is the place of pure creation, and the home of all endings. Awakened vibrations
Happy Birthday to DMV! Wish you strngth girly.
Get it together Leo......... :/
me today
It's difficult for him to just moved on and forget all the memories he had with his girl. It's one of my reason aswell to just leave him and not to continue