By WateryGem
So, I've been thinking.... I have had a not so great day. I was triggered today about some personal stuff in my lif»

White Knight Anthems
By clooneyyears

I'm drinking...
By WateryGem
Are you? If so, what are you drinking? Vodka, soda, splash of lime. It's been a butterty day but it's going to»

femmefataleRacists in racist threads be like...
By femmefatale
I'm not racist! Mmm... yea ok.»

EverythingCap women scorp men
By Everything
Any experience?»

Hot guy pictures
By thinktoomuch
U got them, feel like sharing? post them! (p.s. this is just a suggestion, since I still havenĀ“t figured out how to.»

Cancermoon041181Cancer moon with aries sun
By Cancermoon041181
Are you strong outside but so soft and emotional inside? What is your relationship like to other moons? I have been stro»

Please help me guess her Rising Sign...
By VirgoDragirl
1. She invites you to a party and ignores you the whole time unless she needs you for something. 2. She invites you to»

Help a virgo!
By Notasag3
Before posting this I searched for Virgo man and Sag woman, yielding over 265,000 results. When I went to click the firs»

Dear Scorpio,
By SalamanderCandy
idc about any of the "dark" traits any readings' ever said about you. Scorpio, you are the one person who really knows»

Chart Readers, thoughts?Chart Readers, thoughts?
So I'm talking to this new girl that I share a ton of interests with. She's really attractive, but I want to get to know


It feels like a bomb has gone off inside my heart, I let people down and now they hate me. Can't even look at myself right now.
Been a little down recently, but I'm trying to stay positive and be grateful for my loved ones.
I can't help having a crush on this crab client even though now he's seriously dating this taurus. Talk about a cling on. She doesn't allow him to breath. treetruk he's fione tho. I love talking to him. Idiot Earth Signs.
Being female is a matter of birth, being a woman is a matter of age, but being a lady is a matter of choice
The taurus time zone is PHTC, which stands for Pizza Hut Time Coordinated.
Yeah and you was looking me up in down when I never touched the cookiemonster now look at you and your legacy all up on the married man I guess he used you all the way up! Next time mind your buisnessv
The sky is crying
The more Saturian I get, the happier I'll be.
I got to head back to Arizona the women out there have big asses
You Cancers are tough, I'll give you that. Ol' Harrison Ford crash landed a plane and survived. I'll bet his Scorp's not happy.
Jeans are the past, present and future, Fisk.
I wonder if the Virgo is feeling like i am today. Content and horny. Hmmmmmm
Well then at least you admit being a dumb ass.
.: all I know is that I know nothing :.