Cap placements or Scorp Rising?
By truecap
I got told last night that I had a cookiemonstery person and was intimidating. I was told this by a young adult I practically he»

moving on
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in the past literally every single time i had a situation happen romantically that became painful i would run back to th»

15 Things You Don’t Owe Anyone At All
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Many choices we make in life—ranging from what we do, to how we conduct ourselves, and who we interact with—are subj»

By BeautyNBrains23
I've been with my Aquarius for over four years. I've been through the disappearing, aloofness, detachment and even seen»

beautifuldiaster"butter my dad says"
By beautifuldiaster
LMAO “On Accidentally Eating Dog Treats “Snausages? I’ve been eating dog treats? Why the treetrunk would you pu»

Advice on Capricorn Co-Worker
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Hi everyone! I posted this on the Cancer board, but I’m curious what you Caps think. Basically I’ve been having tro»

WynterAre Girly-Men becoming commonplace?
By Wynter

By MetaphysicalReciprocity55
I ended up seeing my Cap friend in Cali this weekend. Something told me I had to...that doing so would be a pivotal poin»

Family problems in my chart
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I have Jupiter in my 4th house but my family brings me nothing but trouble. It seems as if I am the scapegoat for all th»

How important is it to make a Taurus woman laugh?
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A serious attraction has formed between myself, a Scorpio male, and a Taurus classmate of mine. I know for a fact she is»

Bi-curious behaviour
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So how many of you on here have these thoughts at some point in your life... Is he/she a friend,college or work mate...»

leos sixth senseleos sixth sense
When someone becomes a big part of your life do you almost always feel them and the mood that they are in without them e


Lol@Kanye West and stupid Geminis.
too cute! congrats and I wish you much happiness honey
Yes Lili dear, I did something wonderfully romantic and got hitched! _3
Depressed with too much work, depressed with no work at all..
twinks! I missed something?! whats happening chicken? did you go and get hitched or something wonderfully romantic??? ♥
sister Zaza is making Professor Griff look like a white knight .. LMAO
Tiz, have you gotten any further into 3D modeling?
Its just another self-hating Fire moon who also happens to be Black.
oh I forgot, Leo cookiemonsteres like a guy to treat them like crap sometimes, I don't want a main chick that would let someone treat them like butter
Ok my bad I meant to say Libra moons and Aries moons and Suns are probably the worst. Aries with water moon is okay though. My sister is an Aries with a Taurus moon. God save my gad damn soul.
Taurus moons the worst? Why do you say that, CC? I'm not that bad am I?
Non sei piu ragazzo fuori, sei un vecchio pazzo. Sei un alcolizzato, hai visto chi sei diventato?
Libra and Taurus moons are probably the worst moons in existence. Blech
so many Libra moons that are conjunct to my nn keep on popping up in my life ._.