The Accidental Flirt?
By Kim31

Sun square north node
By augustmoon
Sun in the 7th house, n.node in the 4th house. For anyone who has this aspect, how do you deal with, and how does It a»

Why do capricorn men suddenly disappear ?
By Keyra
There is that capricorn man that I've known for quite some time and he finally asked me out, but before we could even me»

highlyclassifiedHot Heads!!
By highlyclassified
Are there any cappies out here with hot tempers but over time learned to just let bs roll off after a awhile thru experi»

basariQuiet people
By basari
I tried to get to know a scorpio girl better because I liked her, but i'm a very quiet person and i rarely know anything»

Twlight Zone
By VirgoDragon64
Golden Earring»

HuldraQuestion for Taurus
By Huldra
Or any man actually. I've recently met a local Taurus guy briefly. He seemed to rather like me and asked for my number»

please answer my prayer today.
By Drosophila
Say nine consecutive times. Make the sign of the cross every time you say the prayer. Publish immediately. O Great Passi»

Five Nights at Freddy's
By Sn1p3r187
This game is really the scariest butter I've ever played since the SCP series. It's scarier than SCP and that's saying a l»

Why do capricorn men suddenly disappear ?Why do capricorn men suddenly disappear ?
There is that capricorn man that I've known for quite some time and he finally asked me out, but before we could even me


I love love :)
i love 8Marchpisces and always will
It's Football Time in Tennessee!
In the back of this holy Ghost.
Snoz, I had to look it up... it sounds interesting. I'll let him know!
WC, me and my Leo suggested Wheelchair jousting whilst balancing on the high beam.
Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon, Leo Rising. He's got a heart of gold.
My leo friend plays wheelchair basketball, so we were talking about other sports that should be included in the para-lympics since they have few categories. Wheelchair boxing!! Yay. Add that CEO person
"No New Year's Day, to celebrate...No Summer Nights.."
It takes a flint and a piece of steel to make a spark.
Purpose fuels passion
Unconditional love huh? Where do you buy that?
-It takes two flints to make a spark, without the earth there will be no fire.