How to get one last meeting with him?
By aphelps18
Pisces male with Moon in Libra and Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Aries. I'm a Virgo female. He and I started off great»

Progressd Chart
By hollyhock
so my progressed chart is pretty butterty. At this time, p. Saturn is squaring my p. mars, p. Uranus, and p. sun. It look»

Does this Gemini Girl like me?
By unknownlegend
This Gemini Girl she knows I like her and we are already going out... though she's the semi-traditional kind... her las»

KaptainKhaosIf I don't...
By KaptainKhaos
.. HAVE YOOOOOOUUUU!! Rocks me to the core! I can't love no more!»

theDominoStop the butter; it's story time
By theDomino»

He just has no filter.
By MrFirebird

aquaboy84At the end of the day..
By aquaboy84
..all I know is that Im the least of anyone's problems.. find something else to worry about. look at the world. Im the p»

Ladies who can perform a split.
By SkyViolet
Tell me.... If you can do a split that means you stretch, number one. If you stretch, you're involved in some form»

cancer man need help with Virgo woman
By cfour
So I met this Virgo woman, we started texting frequently and got along well. shortly after we hung out for the first tim»

Happy Birthday Micheal Jackson!!
By aquaboy84
I love you, man. Fellow INFP. Rest In Peace.»

Miami in OctoberMiami in October
Hey guys can you help me out.... I've never been to Miami during the Fall. What is the weather like and how should I


When words fail, music speaks.
How in the hell do you begin to be friends with your arch-enemy! Damn therapist pushing for the impossible!
Sun in Gemini activate 🔥
definitely not just you
is it just me or did the mood just change in the past hour?
The water is warm, but it's sending me shivers.
The present is our gift but our seeds got tommorow
The love that I had is fading away, there's nothing I'll do and nothing I'll say...
thought + emotion = manifestation
When the past calls-- let that irrelevant cookiemonster go to voicemail. She has nothing important to say. ;-)
blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Having boundaries is an act of respect for yourself. It shows you and the person you’re in communication with that you value yourself first and foremost.
Flattering words are but honey-coated poison
He could whisk her away from the pain — take her to a place of ecstasy.