taurus guy ignoring...please help!!!
By truckngirl
I'm a Virgo n he's Taurus. We met thru an online dating site, we both deleted our profiles after we exchanged numbers n»

Convos between an Aquarius and a Virgo
By firebunny
Very enlightening. So many wonderful exchanges of views and information happen. It's usually difficult to start a convo»

What makes you...
By jeannegrey
Fell like someone loves you? What do you need? Mine is quality time---one on one time---and physical touch, and wo»

BlackvirgoIt's mine
By Blackvirgo
It's my party and I'll play if I want to. That is all»

MayDay31what makes someone a slut?
By MayDay31
What's the general opinion? What's the defining criteria of a slut? Is it number of sexual partners? Does the length»

Pisces or scorpio?
By SuperMissMan
One here too....see what the cancers and them think? Who do you prefer?»

beggarsblanketThe Fact that We will all die in the end
By beggarsblanket
When my father passed away a few years ago, I was like, 'I can't believe it.. Everything he did and he was, is just comp»

which one sign gave you the best...??
By AL4813
which sign did you have the best sex with? mine was a libra.. she was amazing... i mean she would make eye contact and t»

I feel uncomfortable
By SuperMissMan
My mom is a Virgo and for some weird reason every time she's in the same room I feel uncomfortable beyond explaining. It»

By aquavita

Does he think I hate him?Does he think I hate him?
Just curious as to how you can tell (outside of asking) if they assume you dislike them?


There is a War going on inside ya'll, which no one is safe from...
propheta---I would be lost without them.
Memories are hunting my thoughts and mind.
2 weeks away...
japan ends the whaling season killing 115 endanged whales under the guise of "research" despite the global moratorium to end whaling. treetrunk you japan.
Thank you, Papa Roach for you music. \m/
The peace will soon rise inside.
I get upset over losing even at the simple thought of elementary pool!
The peace will soon rise inside.
Scorpio - Pisces psychic connections are truly a thing to behold.
be it delusional to others, self-delusional, or a shared illusion on the other side of nowhere. story of a life, of those without boundaries.
No English?
Climatizzata e fatto illusione di sicurezza