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by mk89
I asked my Scorpio bf if I could log onto his fb as there were some details we messaged each other on there and he said I could go on and check. I shouldn't of done this but I checked through his fb messages. He had deleted them all and thought I woul
by gee_jayne
I am trying to read a synastry chart and want to make sure that is correct
by Aquariusgold
Since breaking up with me and throwing me out of his house ..he has texted several times saying some UGLY things but I did not responded to a single text because I am literally crushed!!! He literally threw me outside and snatched my dog inside the house
by Gemitati
Wonderful reading. Sample: Yes, your man misses you, but not in the same way you miss him.
by KsamCancer
What do you think would happen? Would a perfect chart be enough to carry the relationship? Have you met a person with a trine chart? What was their placements? What happened?
by aniketsabarad
I'm a cancer man deeply in love with my cancer female. We have been in this relationship more than 2 years now. But recently because of my reckless behavior and my lack of bestowing the care she needed, drove her away from me, the reason for my behavior i
by aquaglass
Fellow aquas, what are you doing when you feel stressed or feel down?
by Lyse
How do you bow out of a relationship with a Scorpio man without upsetting him? I no longer wish to date this Scorpio. He has too much going on and I just feel there is not enough room for me and my feelings. I think we’d be fine if I could take my feel

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why are virgos so manipulative?

why are virgos so manipulative?

Started seeing my now ex feb 2014. All was well for afew months until he had a death in the family. He hit the drink (alcoholic proportions) lost his motivation enthusiasm etc.i stuck by him. Im very domesticated.I cooked cleaned his butter mopped his brow


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Mercury ~ this way ~ >>>>>>>>>>>>>
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I like the new delete account function.
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I think I have a lot of similar facial features to michael jackson post op
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You're not invisible, now. You just don't exist. Your mother must be so proud.
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Nothing more than what's already there, just up to trusting that it's always been there, waiting.
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xxx we fs
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take it at face value if and only if his actions match these words
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