trying to figure out this scorp...
By capfemme
we've worked together for 2 yrs in different departments. last week, we were inseparable working on a project. 1st time»

The Scorpio Stare Replaced By Me...
By DwellingOnMove
Google "dxpnet virgo stare"»

Aries man distant
By acattychattyscorpio
When we met 3 months ago, I was literally just out of a long term relationship and he wasn't looking for anything seriou»

CluelessCancerZodiac Sign Magnet
By CluelessCancer
I'm a VIRGO magnet. They come to me in troves. I wonder cause there is so many of them? Now don't get me wrong Scorpi»

Argentina521Taurus-gemini thread
By Argentina521
This cusp doesn't get discussed enough. I personally think it is one of the most, (if not THE most) interesting cusps»

It Aint Ova Til The Fat Lady Sing
By CancerrifiC
I know one thing, when Cancers have their hearts vested, we wont dont and will not let go until God himself comes down a»

xy"Worse Than The Apocalypse"
By xy
23 Reasons Why....»

body tatoos, turn on/off, post his/her signs
By GoingDutch
please share all your ex-bf, ex-gf, current bf/gf, if they have tatoos? if so, little or alot? it is turn off or on to y»

Taurus man left me... help understanding?
By walexandra1221
I met my taurus man at work. He pursued me like no other. I was hesitant at first but we ended up together. We had both»

WTF is going on
By CluelessCancer
so Virgo and i are talking more , doing things together, then he told me he was so happy his brother got accepted to sch»

Mercury retrograde...
By fullwaterpisces
So guys... I have a question? how was mercury retrograde for y'all? Its about to be over tomorrow but im curious special»

1 day of food poisoning and everyone thinks I have ebola....I actually enjoy the space I am getting right now. Very peaceful
go home dxp, you´re drunk!
Heartbreak fire fills her soul, with one touch she breaks the cold. Her touch I crave, her touch I'll save.
I'm sure this site is deliberately messing with me. *breaks something*
Wingstop, fatboy need a 10-piece
Romance is kinda overated, I really appreciate dependability. Just be there for me :)
We plan. God laughs.
Island times....
Still loling at that joke roman told last night...
can i workout with Michael Strahan? pleaseeee
closed 2 virgos, 2 more to go.
moving into my house today. thank god.....
may the forces be with you, fox!
I always have a presentation to do when merc is ret LMAO