First impressions
By honeejr
Do you know by a few moments of small talk if a person is worth your time? Or do you give it more time before writing o»

Dating Aries Man
By renee148
I'm a Aries and it's my first time dating a Aries Man .Do anyone have any advice for me.»

By Rabbit
I was scolded last night for not listening to my intuition well enough. Does anyone else find they try to suppress th»

starloverSaturn Transits
By starlover
One of my exes was telling me he feels very anti social and doesn't want to mix with anyone. I said i would check his t»

Vegetta91any other Pisces here who hate to be ignored?
By Vegetta91
I could be hated and i wouldn't care but when I am ignored by somebody i like or something like that then i fell a great»

What the Media Won’t Report About Flight MH17
By Qbone
While western media outlets rush to repeat government propaganda on the event, there are a few things they will not repo»

cappygirl11heartbroken capricorns
By cappygirl11
Do capricorns bounce back quick or do they fret over ex relationships and never heal. I made a decision in my mind th»

Happy Birthday, Baloo!
By seraph
I've had a long night, so I hope this first post turns out. And if it doesn't manage to do justice to your warm, selfles»

Battle of The Signs - Vote
By exxtasyx
Aquarius VS Gemini = Gemini Taurus VS Virgo = Taurus Scorpio VS Capricorn = Tough. But Scorpio. Pisces VS Cancer = Ca»

By backtokemet
you've just left your physical body .. you're floating around in space, exploring your environment you have 360° vi»

By J9
What do you like and how do you like it ?»

RAIDEN   MKX nuff said!RAIDEN MKX nuff said!


lmao. fox, i read the "villains" are to get checked!
Ughh the villas in jamaica look beautiful.
up all night doing typical pisces fasion thinking
I love my job! :)
dxpnet2 --> replaced dxpchat2 :)
It was my own design and sharpie you wouldn't care to ask
Lol at Pisces it needs to be repositioned and it look likes your tattoo artist used a marker what a marker lol...
is it too much to ask for friends to have intellectual conversations with?
You don't have to lie to kick it. Keep it g with me I will keep it g with you
dxpnet2 --> replaced dxpchat2 :)
What's the latest with you?
I had a fun but tiring azz time at the gym today. I made all kinds of good shots playing basketball. It was a great day so far. I felt like kobe today lol. Its time for rest now =)
Friendship is good it doesn't have to be intimate. And if it is it's okay, we will never be.
My Aries friend is so funny to me. She's so stubborn and fixed in her ideas as if they're granite, and as usual i debate hard, funny thing is, eventually she comes to my side. I'm glad that me taking a math class is inspiring her to take classes