Get thebest ASS in the Zodiac
By crabflows
Libra what turns her on you want to attract this woman, first of you must be physically attractive, second you have»

By b1tchcrafts
My bosses brother is a Taurus and apparently he saw me at work and wants to chill. Anyways he did not ask me out lmfa»

how to get the most stuck up kitty in the zodiac
By crabflows
This is not part 6 of the series how to turn her on OK, she is about statues, having high social statues and being re»

Kim11180560Abuse in a relationship
By Kim11180560
I have a Scorp brother who gets easily angered and constantly physically and verbally abuse his Aries gf and she tells m»

WynterBoris Nemtsov
By Wynter

The best kitty in the Zodiac, is it worth it
By crabflows
how to attract her OK this women is the hardest to seduce in the zodiac, even the one I got, I don't know how I got the»

Kim11180560Do you believe in unrequited hate?
By Kim11180560
I find this really weird. I mean, it's like saying you love someone just coz they love you or like someone just coz they»

Taurus -Finding Yourself-?
By adwand2k
As a fish that is unable to get a lady bull from my mind, I have a question for all bulls about your transition periods»

How or should I confront him about what we're?
By 1thgirls
We are dating for almost 2 months. And we're in a long distance relationship (3 hrs apart). He's kinda distance from me»

Could a nuclear war happen any time in the future?
By Sn1p3r187
This is related to TrueCap's thread on a post-apocalyptic world. But I decided to just make it about the possibilities o»

make her stay long enough to treetrunkmake her stay long enough to treetrunk
what turn her on being slim and slender and fit, yep, toned but slim, baby face is a turn on too, but make sure you hav


Duncan treetrunk you, fix your muthertreetrunkin website, this is embarrasing
The future's bright, the future's orange (with a generous serving of custard).
Implicit differentiation for the most part
Thank you, you know who you are.
What calculus do you need help with?
Does anyone here know calculus?
Tamara... I'm abandoning ship
gagne ou sois vaincu .. sombre est l'attitude, sombre est l'individu
OMG! Who has the kind of crazy patience required to be an active dxper?! Ants are more exciting to watch, they're faster.
Song for someone
Bish I know guac is extra!!!!!
get on chat. it'll change your life.
how funny and ironic is it... that men hate feminists for issues created by patriarchy. nice going, dickhead.