Is this a Gemini female thing or plain insecurity?
By Augustleo
My Gem bf & I have dated on and off for past eight months. His Gem female roommate has been chasing him for months (cons»

Ex acting wied
By zeba77
Long story short All begun more than year ago. He broke up with his gf. And i took a break with my bf. We both had this»

When you run into your ex
By b1tchcrafts»

beautifuldiasterLet's talk about Credit baby
By beautifuldiaster
So!!! Great news, I have honestly made some great moves in the past that have ensured some decent numbers in my credi»

crabflowswhat your numerology
By crabflows
mine is 3 what about yours»

Leo man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility?
By xxdodgerz2317xx
I've been casually dating this Capricorn woman for a couple months now. I really like her a lot! She is sweet, caring, s»

RabbitI think women are messier than men
By Rabbit
I hear stories from women that men's restrooms are usually cleaner than women's. But this solidifies it for me....»

So is the only thing exes can talk about
By thinktoomuch
weather or not they met someone new?»

I need advice a Scorpio man
By ihaveavoice2
I am talking to a Scorpio man that is charming, sweet and always respectful to me. We talk mainly via text, audio messa»

Confused by Cancer Man
By Pisceswatergirl
Hi all! I need some help here. I met a cancer man last summer while I was on vacation out of state. At first he didn»

Where's the lunar eclipse happening in your chart?
By YellowSubmarine
It's right on the cusp on my fifth... hopefully new beginnings!»

Sag MalesSag Males
Can anyone describe Sag males to me? Is there a difference between the males and females? Been attracting saggie males l


feels so good to get my ideas out. ah. feel so much more organized now. things coming together. :)
making hot dogs feelin like a gourmet chef
Chipotle chips have a weird after taste..
Perhaps. Doesn't change the fact that I'd treetrunk you Rambunctious.
All people do on here is try their best to call someone out on irrelevant BS instead of answering the question. Lame as treetrunk. which is why drama insues. X
I need to stop letting smaller things get to me, it irritating
kj62, True!
I wanna become the best, but wont ever want to be the best because then there's nowhere else to go. Ya know?
...and the bug... ah, when the bug talks, why should I stop? ... And there was light.
Happy Friday Lovies♥♥♥
Because we normally don't stuff things in our pant pockets, b1tchcrafts
Why follow me to higher ground, lost as you swear I am?
Write the last of 5 chapter exams in Abnormal Behaviour this morning! ~ sigh and a yay~
What's the latest with you?