How do you feel about...
By PVandJellay
People who are strongly opinionated **cough argumentative**. Do you get annoyed when people debate your opinions? And»

Work related question...gotta ask it here too :)
By SunMoonStars
Caps are imo are one of THE work experts in the zodiac. If I ever owned my own business I think all my top managers woul»

QUIZ What Mythical Creature Describes Your Persona
By RainDancer88
You are a gentle spirit to those who treat you well, but you will hurt people who hurt you. You are a bit wary of people»

justbeingmeShy aquarius??
By justbeingme
Do you get shy around the person you seem to like/be attracted? For examlpe do you stand in the group of friends with th»

LinhnguyenMovies ;)
By Linhnguyen
Please recommend some action movies same kind like "Red" / "Red 2" 2 (with Bruce Willis,Helen mirren...) Thank a lot»

Disney NSFW
By Damnata
I'm not sure if I can post the actual pics..»

ElizabethLeo13Taurus man/Leo woman- why is he now ignoring me?
By ElizabethLeo13
My taurus man and I have been seeing each other for about a month now, been intimate and seemingly good relationship, ni»

Do I have psychic illness or you're all like that?
By justbeingme's going to be long story...but you could answear please because I don' know what to think about it all. The»

How frugal are you...
By PVandJellay
Does the idea of spending money on non-investments give you heart palpitations? Have you ever blown money on an item, a»

all is great but still something's wrong....
By Linhnguyen
Have you ever feel like this with someone-who you really care,love...? When even just 0.1% you feel that there are somet»

Is Sagittarius too breezy sometimes?
By SunMoonStars
Background So I was in class yesterday, and this girl whom I've done group work with was sitting at my table. She see»

Leo vs TaurusLeo vs Taurus
I am a Taurus with Asc. Node in Leo.. Is it true we are similar to Taurus? According to Astrology..Because we want eve


hilarious how some people will get mad and hurt when you call them trolls
ffs alonso D:_
hope everyone had a good thanks giving dinner
You were special so I had hoped. Until you drank bong water while attempting to smoke. X
VenusStar where do you live? Can I follow you around?
So anyone worth a treetrunk on that team is from the Bay Area or California you hater
She stared at me and I tried not to crack a smile.
My 60 year old Leo uncle told me he finally figured out where I belong. In a goth band like the one he's been listening to. Thanks Leo uncle!
*~*Life Imitating Art*~*
so... 60 dollars fell out of my pocket yesterday. This would make a grandlife total of about $400 lost due to money falling on the ground never to be seen again :(
My dog's sitting beside me and suddenly my worries are gone. My favourite boy.
a fresh set of eyes on the same old story makes it feel like the first time.
I'm stuffed and drunk
Ooooh the feeeeelllllllzzzz