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by incandescentcancer
How many of you want each other? I personally find cancer women hot, I was in a relationship with one for 3 years. It was good on many levels.
by mysteriousTaurus
Gah damn
by thisisstupid
This is without a doubt the worst combo ive ever seen. A sweet tender core that gets upset at anything and needs to be hidden at all times. The result is neurotic crazy person who needs overcompensate for their tenderness by acting like a monster. Thi
by Lobo
Venus- virgo Mercury- leo Mars- cancer
by TaurusGirlRas
i had the final straw really. My leo bf had resurrected yet another fantasy relationship online with some chicks he met on IG. It seemed everytime we got in a disagreement and I detached myself, he would wander back to his page to mend his wounds. Apparen
by cappygirl11
In general, on the forum, talking about their issues. Generally why are they attracted to each other? And why don't we get along always
by Moonbutter
So maybe Cancers and Gems have a lot more in common then would seem...we are both moody, need space, sensitive, loving, etc...but also we are neighbors on the zodiac so have a lot of similar placements. Anyone experience the Gem/Cancer relationship? What

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psychological thrillers

psychological thrillers

Need a good movie, Netflix has THE worst suggestions. What's your favorite?! This is an sos I am sick and will be in bed tonight, need a good movie!! With hot male actors


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Ppl fear the other side b/c it is vast. It is meant to explore, not fear
@justagirl doooooooooon't jump to the dreadful conclousion like that girl
@starwars orrrrr maybe, just maybe, the guys just aren't that into them
all those threads about virgo men lack of texting and none have realized that there's nothing wrong with my fellows, they just live under a rock and don't know how to send texts
I want all the love possible, I want it all.
"Pain is something to master, not to wallow in.” Anais Nin
Dr Phil Valentine is a very knowledgeable and spiritually stimulating elder #respect
He did have some reservations about writing a memoir, Robbins says. “I told my editor, there’s a certain mystique around me, you know. I don’t want to destroy it. "He said, ‘Don’t worry, Robbins, nobody’s going to believe this butter anyway.’
That feeling when you're messing around on OKC and see your ex's profile. Swipe left. Awkwardness ensues.