Pisces rising?
By Easha23000us
I always thought that I was a virgo rising, but no...I am a Pisces rising...Can anyone tell me about them?Good and bad t»

By RachelMcAdams
moon sag (it's early but i don't really see her as a scorp moon she laughed like a horse quite a few times already) mer»

Need for space or break up??
By YellowSubmarine
Been seeing him for like 7 months now, and he seems to be getting distant - not texting as much, not initiating meeting»

FVMEMarriage Vows
Do you think they present future problems? Animosity over vows not being held to the partial severity that they represen»

caster721How about Cap Ladies for Crab Gents?
By caster721
Fellas, i'm getting to know a cap girl... She found me after 12years(H)... I was never aware of her existence. She's nic»

i feel like getting a law degree
By RachelMcAdams
i just want something that comes before my name like oscar winner george clooney. being a doctor takes too long. not»

peritwinkleWhen a Pisces says
By peritwinkle
they've loved you since they first saw you.... is this just bullbutter or is it like water sign feelz? The funny thing»

Secondary Chart
By imhere11
How accurate do you think they are? Do they play as big as a role as the natal chart? Whats your take on Secondary»

"Ive been hiding"
so im going to overthink this as usual. so here's the deal. long story short, im sitting in the Aries bathroom on top»

Pullen Chart
By mindofaquarius
Does anyone of you know how to interprete this? Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent Sun:»

my gemini want 2 her my voice
By masa123
Mygemini told me today that she didnt hear my voice until now and i said yeah .. what should i do now do u recommend me»

Love to youLove to you
How is everyone farther away from the full moon and closer to the close of the month? Kinda random: Describe love to


Island times....
Still loling at that joke roman told last night...
can i workout with Michael Strahan? pleaseeee
closed 2 virgos, 2 more to go.
moving into my house today. thank god.....
may the forces be with you, fox!
I always have a presentation to do when merc is ret LMAO
Mercury will go direct in 6days time :~))
luxuriating in slowly unfolding mysteries.
carpal tunnel in the hand i write with = handwriting like a 3 year old
FF3 bro. Not the SNES version that was 6 in Japan and 3 in America. FFIII on psp
When you make the two one, and when you make the outside like the inside, and above like below; when you make the male and the female as one, then you will enter the kingdom of God. Gospel of Thomas