Astrologically, why is Beyonce such a fraud?
By exxtasyx»

Which one would you like to be?
By firebunny
A member of a BOY BAND who girls cheer on, or a member of a ROCK BAND with whom guys sing along? Take a pick. @_@»

He is just not that into you.
By Octoberbaby91
For ever post about a guy or girl giving you mix signals with emotional baggage and super "busy" schedules and wanting t»

andrea13Drop hints or be direct with a cancer?
By andrea13
Should I drop subtle hints or just be direct and concise with a cancer man?»

firebunnyIMPREGNATE, DATE or SEDATE (firebunny version)
By firebunny
This game goes like that of SirHorns but with a little twist: only guys are allowed to play and only girls/women are lis»

how much is too much attention to bored leo?
By bullbullgirl
so.. after texting 3 months with my leo, he still has not date me out despite me telling him i want to meet him earlier»

ScorpgirlMy laid-back apathetic Capricorn boyfriend.
By Scorpgirl
Hello -- Scorpgirl here. Cappie and I have been dating for about a year now, with a number of breakups initiated alwa»

Salvaging relationship with Scorpio man
By ilovefoood
Is it possible for a Scorpio man to let down an emotional barrier he put up after three years of damage? We both hurt ea»

What is it in Katy Perry's chart...
By exxtasyx
That makes all that Scorpio energy disappear in her work? As a crazy, psychotic Gemini, I really admire Scorpio's ar»

By KittenLaRouge

What the hell is going on with this aquarius
By gemini88june
Hi everyone. I've just got a quick question about an aquarius male I work with We have worked together for years»

Maid in Manhattan!Maid in Manhattan!
Most romantic film ever! It covers all angles, phew! Love at first site, intense attraction that is felt on both sides,


going to treetrunk the butter out of leo just because I hate the pisces and I can't wait XD :)
Aquarian master race checking in...
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe you can count on me to misbehave
why is it that when you're super tired, everything hurts? my skin hurts, my clothes hurt, my eyes are burning. can I just be plain ol' tired? ;~; k I'm done whining.
bored... misbehaving...
cleaned… all… day…………. -_-
my reaction to scared straight, lol nope but you tried
too bad Almost Human only lasted one season .. that brunette cop was kinda cute #pooroutalittleliquor
It's hard to see the future when your looking down cause you doubt every step you take #wordsmith #givethisguyamedal #iinspiredghandi
you can't care about things that don't care about you, life is about give and take
out of state interview in a few days and i can't even be excited about it -_-;
I go to the thirstiest Uni in america. Even this snow can't quench their thrist
North node in Aquarius, letting go off the need to be in control and relax,
LOL my cancer sis, threatened to castrate her new man if he think about two timing. Good. Scare away the scum.