Why do you guys retreat to your cave?
By IAmMystified
What I've always wondered is why you men retreat to your "cave" when upset, worried and or busy with something. But y»

Capricorn boss or manager
By MidwestGirl
I just found out last week that the three managers/supervisors who are highest ranked at my branch I am working at for a»

Emotional connection and Romance with Aries
By CancerPisces
Hi, I am pisces married to Aries. We had arranged marriage and first few years had been quiet difficult for me to under»

HawaiiangirlANMAC skills assessment
By Hawaiiangirl
Hi there, I am wondering if anyone in here who are international students being trained and graduated Bachelor of Nu»

jeannegreyThe Twin Flame
By jeannegrey
I used to wonder why why why. Now I know. I have to say---I never would have been one to put stock in what I read on t»

Female Crush
By Arielle83
Have you ever found yourself crushing on another woman? Even if you self identify as straight? How did you feel about»

FixedWater~ A Story ~
By FixedWater
One evening, an Elderly Cherokee Brave told his Grandson about a battle that goes on inside People. He said "My Son,»

Why Do Scorpios Have Such Punchable Faces?
By DonJohnson

What's attractive to you?
By SuperMissMan
First state your sign, than say the things that are really attractive to you whether physical, emotional, whatever it is»

DO you "play it cool" well when in love?
By RainDancer88
For my centaurs .. *Lets say you have been involved with your person for about 10 months and you knew you wanted them»

Guess this hysterical child's sign
By BrightLights
So I go on a youtube to look for something and youtube suggests this as a video of the day: "Struggles of a little 5 ye»

"trying to hear above the noise"
the Hidden Colors series are really an eye opener
Going for my first U/S today!! woohoo! I'm so excited
Half ass efforts are worse than no efforts. It's like you're insulting my standards.
Dear DXP women: don't chase after non committal lovers, have some dignity and self worth for heaven's sake!
everyone can keep their panties on, xv isnt deleting. hes threatened a million times, its just.more attention whoring and poor me since GC gave him the kabosh cough cough loveseeker wants his profile views to go up
off to be Delta waves eating me alive
Is the week over yet?
Noooo!!! Don't do it Xv, the science threads will go :(
Some women are boring & annoying sometimes. If a guy is ignoring you, ignore him back. WTF? That's not rocket science. If he cheats or is being abusive. Leave. You aren't breaching any contract. Don't endure because of love. Love is nothing.
Thanks to Don Johnson, I can't stop listening to Sia. For the record: no, I do not look like Euro version of Sia.
Pluto on Ice.
"You will have many friends when you need them".... I like fortune cookies.
There is a War going on inside ya'll, which no one is safe from...