How are these different for you?
By Sammy20
a friendship, FWB or genuine interest in a person. How do you interact with each? I ask because my Aries friend is ac»

Letting go of Aqua and honesty
By cancerdreamer9
I have honestly been holding onto Aqua a little bit because I realized I was in love with him. However,I meditated today»

Do all Libra men break hearts?
By InexperiencedScorp
Since I have been stuck at home sick these past few days I have had time to do some research on the Libra male. What I h»

hoperisingSag Man Pisces Woman - Is he over me?
By hoperising
I'm new here, because I desperately need to get this man out of my head. But first a little background about me. I'm a P»

SsupesBreak up and moving on
By Ssupes
What are some of the things that have helped you out post break up? I'm having a really hard time letting go of who I th»

When you find yourself at your lowest, who comes
By beautifuldiaster
to your aid in your time in need? Family? Friends? Mentors? Who never turns their back on you regardless of»

YellowSubmarineWhat sign would you attribute this trait to?
By YellowSubmarine
Hating silence but not being a talker yourself. This guy is kinda like a strong, silent type once you get to know him, (»

Is Moon in Libra or Venus in Libra more "detached"
By ShadowAbsorber
I've read that Libra moons come off as inauthentic because disharmony causes them distress, but also that Venus in Libra»

Scorpio Azz
By MissFisk

A parody of Modern Art.
By Sn1p3r187
Because modern art shows kinda suck and look pompous.»

I only like pisces girls .
By sfsmoke
They're like the soft, dumb retarded girl Friend version of Me And I can feel a psychic connection with them but som»

How to care for an Old DogHow to care for an Old Dog
My dog is a great dane / plot hound mix. He is going to be 11. He still runs the trails with me (shorter distance now


yet another leo
i love carbs. mmm. :)
Thank you @ScorpiosHarmony :)
what a beautiful creature you are. :)
No Pisco, No Party
why did the sloth cross the road? to get to dxpnet!
Because it's BELIEVABLE, Romzy :|
Why does pain feel so much more rewarding and real than joy and love? 😔
feeling upbeat and open.
treetrunk YES. I'm literally gonna be a modern day mad man, but instead of treetrunking cookiemonsteres it's gonna be dudes.
Am i treetrunked up for not flirting back? Past few days girls been approaching me with looks and lines and all i do is create distance and space. I blame my scorpio moon. "SHEESH"
Live hallucination within a dream ~
"If youth knew; if age could" - sigmund frued