Cancer/Leo cusps in relationship with Cap
By VirgoDragirl
July 20 female (cancer/leo cusps, libra moon, venus gemini, mars aries) in a relationship with male (capricorn sun, capr»

What sign would....
By duchessedenemours
...go to someone they fight with, would demand a truce to stay away from each other and that all insults must stop both»

Do Aqua males change personalities?
By IAmMystified
You've all read about the story before. Things are okay with him but he just still seems so different. He was sweet»

SnarleyWant to attract an Aries friend.
By Snarley
I am familiar with Aries energy because a lot of people have it in my life, but this one Aries I know is baffling me. I»

DonAmanMaratThe Name Game
By DonAmanMarat
Use the first letter of the last name to start the first letter of a new name. Famous people only, dead, alive, fictiona»

Still Unplugged
By P-Angel This line from Liz Green's zodiac shadows .»

Piscescrazy91What are you like when you're jealous?
By Piscescrazy91
Scorps? And how often dyou get jealous?»

Answer This If You Want To
By QueenAnna
1.What are some things that make you really happy 2.What’s your favorite color 3.What’s your favorite food 4.What»

gemini female are you have quality?
By afteryesterday
to make men love you for a long time?»

Leo women
By GreyRobe
are the best. holy butter.»

stevie wonder
By firebunny
I believe there is a need to put up a thread to the wonder that he was. Lovely, relaxing music, always making my day bet»

IDK.. I am confused...IDK.. I am confused...
Ok here is my story. I met a taurus man a little over 3 years ago. He chased me for about 2.5 years. I finally gave i


I don't do well with ultimatums.
Where is xcupcake she was a good gemini kid :P
Deadbeat advising other is that for LOLs?
Some people really make me laugh! LOL..lonely, depressed ass! Get a REAL life
Happy Friday! ;)
Stop chatting my wife up, treetrunkers!
I'm your showman...
worry is a prayer for chaos in our life.
soulmate got me on tap!
Back to reality
A man's work is nothing but this slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened.
OMW @ some of the "heathens" that decided to go to church today, just because it's "Good Friday". Jesus is going to die of shock!
riding high in April, shot down in May I'd say that's life
SanchoMuyTerrible is a Hybrid