What fertilizer do you use?
By Weeds
I have gone through quite a bit on poducts. Some very harsh some borderline useless. I've settled on fish emulsion. Tw»

Donald Trump...Pump or Dump? :p
By munchykin
Well, he's ahead in the polls! If he wins the primaries, he will likely go on to be elected (Hillary is the top Democra»

How to delete account?
By Gemi9
See subject»

Aqu@LibraSo what does this mean?
By Aqu@Libra
I am a Libra, Capricorn rising and moon in Capricorn. He is Aquarius, Taurus rising and moon in Libra. We kissed t»

lisabethur8blue moon in aquarius
By lisabethur8
how was everyone's blue moon? :D was it good?»

By BigEyesBigLies
Libra: 25.5 (12) / 3.4% Please don't deport me, I know I'm not allowed or welcome here but all I want to say is.»

FrostAndBiteAwuh yeah.
By FrostAndBite
It's a celebration cookiemonsteres.»

Jupiter in virgo
By BigEyesBigLies
Do you seem to attract us into your life. All these virgo venusians seem to riding on my Jupiter's D My boyfriend has»

Mercury Dominant
By AirMan
who else here is dominated by the hot and fiery planet mercury? active minds, youthful looking, playful, always out and»

Scuzi Le Ferals
By 4ND5
I will be joining you on the aries board. Notice how I tell and not ask since I'm a Martian man. http://i.imgur.com/»

Are you a heyoka empath
By Impulsv

What fertilizer do you use?What fertilizer do you use?
I have gone through quite a bit on poducts. Some very harsh some borderline useless. I've settled on fish emulsion. Tw


What's on your mind?
I am suffering in silence. Venus in retrograde..
Blackphase your writings are so beautiful. Please write more ♡
a projection on you is a projection on me.
Blood ft. WaterBlood ft. Water
Dude gives her $20 so she could buy more meth...LoL
Android phone emoji crisis! Plus, can't post to forum from tablet. I have a serious love/hate relationship with tech stuff!
What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
What's on your mind?
There are festering wounds on the Virgo board.
The moon is shining so beautifully and so bright, I can't bring myself to go inside... and the night air is so gentle and cool.
Aqua male disappearing... I am an Aries female connected with an Aqua male I have know only as friends for many years. In the beginning he was sending me all kinds of sweet messages, buying flowers... then we made out did not go all the way and ever since
What you offering? Put it right in Offering. They take it all: Cash, credit, silver down to porcelain.
treetrunk this blue moon!
Sleeves are rolled up!