This motivational video is epic
By Vegetta91 For real, every day or whenever I have the time I listen to this video and»

Dealing with difficult co-workers?
By cancersmith78
How do you fellow cancers deal with difficult co-workers? Right now I'm taking part in a task force at work that involv»

WARNING - Female users only please!
By blackphase
Once again.. making it clear that male users will not likely want to continue reading.. This is regarding female menstru»

1thgirlshow to deal with this pisces moon guy?
By 1thgirls
He is my first date ever in my life (we're both 24). Well, he didn't ask to date with me officially. One day, he just»

adwand2kPisces and Pisces Stories?
By adwand2k
So I've been friends with this girl for over five years, and I've steadily grown to have feelings for her. Of course, on»

A Pisces song. :)
By WateryGem
I just wanted to share this song by Jhene Aiko, Pisces Sun and Pisces Moon.. I feel she is truly expressing her Pisces»

partiallyimpartialsegregated proms in the south
By partiallyimpartial Fri April 4, 2014 Last week, for t»

Hesitation... Can't move forward...
By VenusStar
because you don't know what will happen? It's backwards but I wonder if any Taurus go from decisive to indecisive...»

Leo's and pride
By AL4813
Is our pride really an issue? Has anyone ever told you that you're too damn proud? Has it affected your life in anyway?»

Gem with Pisces and cancer influence
By PastelPlum
Gemini sun Pisces moon Mercury cancers Venus cancer Mars libra This lady is such a sweetie right? From her char»

What sign would most likely use someone
By Kim11180560
For money?»

What does this mean?What does this mean?
Lately,i notice the guys I date or that are into me remind me of my father. Like,in slight ways. Is this just me getting


Don't try to buy or earn love; It can't be bought or earned.
What's the latest with you?
Man it really says something when I cringe at my own Avi...
so many haters. giggling at the gossip.
Wish I could get on that damned Mars mission project and leave this damned Earth behind!
You know how that should go.
Wondering what my Taurus lady is dreaming about tonight...
Runnin' through the Six.
@ram....butter! Is that where they are coming from?! *tears open a box of L'Oréal Paris and feverishly applies*
Love Portlandia... even the opening theme song.
just saw the Cap i was in love with and his new girlfriend. i should be more upset cuz i was in love with him but im not. im actually happy cuz he's moved on and i have too :) #feelsgoodnottofeel
@e11e everytime I wait for this site to load and reload after posting, a grey hair appears on my head
Posting on this site has become a royal pain in the ass. DO SOMETHING. *shakes fists*