October Scorps vs. november Scorps
By Noreallynow
What's the difference?»

Phaedra, Scorpios, and Paralysis
So last night on the Housewives, Apollo tried talking to Phaedra but she was really mum and seemed to be caught in a sta»

Saturn Return
By YellowSubmarine
Saturn was in Scorpio when I was born and moved into Sag in November 1985, from my understanding. Ergo, shouldn't my act»

IwillVenus in scorpio from cafeastrology
By Iwill
"When your Venus is in Scorpio, it's all or nothing in matters of the heart. You are capable of loving deeply, and you c»

SapphireMaidenCapricorn Women and Aquarius Men
By SapphireMaiden
This combo is such a powerhouse, LOL, I actually wonder how this pairing can work out when there are noticeable differen»

Cancers, do you agree with these features?
By andrea13
Is it true that: 1. If you have to ask the question "Should I leave my Cancer alone?" the answer is YES and BACK OFF!»

StarlightbutterflyAscendant Song
By Starlightbutterfly
This is my song that fits my Leo Ascendant... What's yours? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wV1FrqwZyKw»

Ppl who talk butter..
By warmwaters
Behind your back always.. Everyone says this one girl at work is so opinionated, she obviously does not like me and i»

Depression and freedom
By CarRiderGirl
I'm a Capricorn asc Gemini. He's a Gemini with a moon in Libra and a Venus in Cancer. We met 10 years ago. We became fr»

Relationship did not survive saturn
By BeautyandTheBull
Do you ever get a second chance with your relationship after it has failed during saturn ?»

Thought For The DayThought For The Day
Thought For The Day: despite its small size the population of Bangladesh is actually larger than that of Russia (the wor


Just as sure as there's a forbidden forest, there lies a hero bidden to walk into it
I hope everyone has a good day
Wth?! The sun is shining! Was another local birthday kid nice?
It's Cap Season Beeyaatcchhhh !!!
the boyfriend got me a tablet to replace the oner that i broke months ago for christmas c:
"A skeleton hangs at the branch of a storm-stricken oak."
To the Dirty stinky Ram. Happy Holidays to you and your 10 other accounts. Now treetruk off. I love talking sh1t to bums, but its a habit im trying to break. U and your other accounts got way too much of my attention. NEXT.
Welp so figured out today there is a leo/taurus relationship in my own house. No wonder. Mind blown.
On a side note, only people who have sock puppet accounts of their own think that others are doing the same thing.
:) I feel Good. Thank you Jesus. Bless me Lord. Go HAWKS
These trolls need to (1) get a life (2) get a gym membership and lose some weight
I love it