Cap Carrot inside a Pisces Dipping!
By PiscesWoman
So yeah, my Cap man and I came to an agreement to our arguement (more about that in my earlier thread). So hes comin»

how do you deal with stress?
By aurora
i have a cap friend with cap moon, cancer rising, and her health is not so good. it is nothing serious but it is obvious»

Stress relievers
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
How do you relieve stress? I am a Taurus, I hold everything in alot. Since I am the quiet introvert type. I am skept»

By Whatu

FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428What are your pet peeves
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Hairy chest is mine Don't touch my hair, it takes along time to do Don't step on my shoes, I buy alot and take care of»

Homecoming 2009
By Angeleyes17
Any one seen this? Its a teenage version of the classic Misery.»

HotbeefyMars square/opposite Saturn Synastry
By Hotbeefy
While reading on this site: with all those aspects of c»

Bold and bright - my Aries moon
By Rambunctious76
I remember this dream, of blue skies and white clouds. Of fields completely filled with orange gerberas, growing from co»

Tomasino Prince George Ands Pumpkin Andes
By firebunny
We have a new cat! He was given to us by my mum's client. It's part Persian. :) "Tomasino" was given by our mu»

Happy Birthday, all you wonderful Scorpios!!!
By LambentLibra

Mars square/opposite Saturn SynastryMars square/opposite Saturn Synastry
While reading on this site: with all those aspects of c


*mad world*
i'll name a fighting fish after u romz
I haven't made it big on dxp yet :( no one has named their pet after me! :(
If only I could bang and trick-or-treat in one night.
capdink is so rude...must be nice to be heartless
Professor Griff and Zaza Ali are the truth !
Feel like watching Donnie darko.
I feel like such a fxckup
size zero superherosize zero superhero
WaterCup--your userpic is killing me. ROFL
heart, if ur old enough to bang, ur too old to trick-or-treat LOL thats my opinion
i still dream of lips i never should have kissed she knows exactly what i cant resist
I can pass as a younger teen ;)
"What is done in love is done well" - Vincent Van Gogh