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by Aqualady84
My scorpio guy and I have been floating around each other for 9 months now. The first few months we were kinda all over the place. NOV. We shared a special night together and I thought we would move forward but all of the sudden he just became preoccupied
by ladylibra21
Ok so my favorite shade of lip stick is a deep plum and if I wear it on the date I notice the guy cant stop starring at my lips and they always say you are so sexy and no I am not on here to brag I a genuinely annoyed because I am naturally a laid back pe
by Damnata
Anyone having fun googling their type in Google Images and seeing what comes up? :D Share stuff that embodies your MB
by PiscesArt
i am just too much water!!!!!!!!!! does anyone have experience in how to be less emotional and be more like...STABLe? how do you deal with emotions..i mean heavy emotions.. i need my head clear but my emotions are buring my mind andi need it clear now! a
by Patrickgemini
My gemini friend(i'm a gemini too) says his girlfriend doesn't like when he touches her body( with her clothes on ) , he tells me sometimes when he tries to touch her boobs or her butt, she pulls his hands away (in a rude way), is this a scorpio character
by hellfire
is that really such a bad thing?
by Westsidekodak
Bernie Sanders style? Or do you feel it's another hand out to lazy people? Personally... I don't know where I stand... A utopian side of me wants to see everyone get an opportunity. The other side thinks people should earn the opportunity. But maybe f
by ShadowAbsorber
Hey guys, what are the best 7th house placements for marriage prospects, and the worst? I heard it's generally good to have a 7th house placement in your chart for marriage, but not in Pluto, Saturn, or Mars. Any detailed information? :):):):)

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The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, be one.
I'm REALLY sorry I bwoke your heart
I am so proud of my children everything I didn't have and never experienced I wish they will become somebody unlike the skip
aawww my JJ got his new guitar
ego and individuality
my sweet little benny boy, how I watch you grow up to be a man a ray of sunshine in my little life I love you very much
lila why don't you get off your keyboard how long are you going to stay in your hole