What could be this Leo's intentions?
By Dianasart
So there is this Leo guy whom I've been acquainted with for over a year now. I've always had a crush on him but I wasn'»

12th House Sun
By Draumstafir
I know someone with VERY heavy/abundant 12th house placements. His fantasy world is amazing and the lines between what i»

Hogwart's School for Prayer and Miracles
By Damnata
http://jezebel.com/moms-evangelical-christian-rewrite-of-harry-potter-cann-1638274209 https://m.fanfiction.net/s/1064»

GoingDutchmen, ur definition of old school romantic, example
By GoingDutch
hello, pardon my English, and sorry for post in here, but i want to hear the men define this word, please give your de»

idekWould you reconcile?
By idek
I've known this aqua for a little over a year. Or relationship is kind of awkward on my end because i liked him and his»

You hurt so much
By fullwaterpisces
You cancers are so sweet so, affectionate, so caring, so full of deep emotions, so psychic, so empathetic... That people»

Vero23Anyone else have Lilith in Scorpio?
By Vero23
I was spooked to read about it, but it so made sense and explained some things about me. I've always fought DAMNED hard»

Update & a thank you
By IAmMystified
Hello all. I haven't been around much. Been busy with work and other life stuff but I wanted to update all of you with»

why would a guy be shaking?
By aquarius78
I know this has nothing to deal with astrology but I was wondering maybe you men/guys give me your personal reasons as t»

being chased with shearz
By Hotbeefy
Im on phone.. just woke up from that dream of that ex turns into bully at high school with his grass shears. he was atta»

Gone girlGone girl
If you saw this what did you think? Too long what it was. Insane.


One fine day~
Muthai lovekk this pain
Feed Me
Toasted tuna sandwich dipped in coffee. MmMMm
It's been a very tough week, i dont' know if its mercury retrograde or what, but it doesnt' feel good.
fasting--starving...im hungry.
Eclipses, grease stains and changes, oh my!!
Oh it's only showing my last update lmao!
Stinger season One more Time for your Mind!
It's SCORPIO season bishes!
already miss you and you're still here :c
As I am, you were. As I was, you will be.
What are pilates exactly?