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by LawrenceWTF
Mines is King of Diamonds.
by TachibanaSan
what flavor would they be? mine would be sakura flavor.
by mysteriousTaurus
Sun Taurus Ascendant libra Moon Virgo Venus Aries Mars Leo Mercury Gemini It's really hard for me to get along with them, we have the same sense of humor but anything else.... no we don't get along
by capricornmoon
So far I got roses, chocolate, then movies and a fancy Spanish cuisine later What about ya'll?
by Sassygurl
This libra guy comes back to me always but I dont know where I stand with him. He has V in Scorpio and Mars in libra. He is really sweet, everytime he comes back, we go on so many cute dates. The thing I hate about him though is that he is a little too my
by Flo
Do you like being a water bearer? Did you feel misunderstood most of your Life? I enjoy it very much but people have trouble knowing me.

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Ragging sluts

Ragging sluts

ok, so far ive only slept with one pisces girl, and she s such a freak, omg......but I keep hearing that pisces girls are ragging not a troll, im serious lol I decided to come here and find out the truth.....female fishes, or anyone who knows

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@Taureye You teetotaler too??!!
@vanillaext Sweet i can join you in the bubbly but in a non-alcoholic way! Win-Win
Love those cat gifs. So cute.
@taureye sparkling water?
@vanillaext I don't drink, but i'll take water!
@VanillaExt I dunno what that is...but sure, I want it