Two cops murdered in revenge killings
By DAMEN VI Two uniformed NYPD officers were shot dead S»

Sony changes mind in The Interview
By Sn1p3r187
They might go ahead and release it sometime, either in theaters, straight to dvd and blu-ray, or online. Well that's the»

Scorpio husband cheated. now I'm gone
By HeartOnMySleeveSag
I posted about my soon to be ex husband and the crap he gave me with his Leo mistress. Sagittarius wife here and a week»

warmwaterswait... are any other guys like this?
By warmwaters
My rm and I are both like this. Well not to a T. no vision board lol... He has a girlfriend so it's not like he fal»

ChargrilledAries sun/ Scorpio moon
By Chargrilled
My mom is an Aries sun and a Scorpio moon. She is a very good mom and a very hard worker but overall people just don't s»

How did your pet get its name?
By virgodog58
In my case it was quite straightforward: following the death of my father back in April I have adopted the old family ca»

sasukexx18cancer gf and taurus bf ( me )
By sasukexx18
please delete the other topic i made about this ... my apologies hello guys , Introduction = I am a male taurus guy»

Weird Right?
By CluelessCancer
I've realized that i can help others find solutions to anything, im calm in the storm, where others can fret, but when i»

Cancer Gf of 1 year and 3 months taurus me bf
By sasukexx18
hello guys , Introduction = I am a male taurus guy 20 years old and she is a cancerian woman 20 years old ....i'll try t»

Scorpio husband cheated. now I'm goneScorpio husband cheated. now I'm gone
I posted about my soon to be ex husband and the crap he gave me with his Leo mistress. Sagittarius wife here and a week


Blue, we did not need to know that. XD
Eat, Train, Lift, Grow
size zero superherosize zero superhero
Anyone else experiencing technical errors? As of yesterday, every time I attempt to include quotes in my responses or publish any post in excess of a paragraph...server timed out & still can't submit upon retry. WTF m8
When will the pain in my heart cease to exist....:(
confidence on your own skills is much more potent than following proven steps that don't make sense to you
I don't remember another time where we had thunder and lightening this late in the year
My family relations are going down in flames and I don't give a treetruk. i can't tolerate their b!tter anymore.
I need a golden coupon for Christmas. Santa, I've been so good this year. Give me two please. :D
I need to peee
You will be missed, DawnOfDay _3
I need secret extensions!
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through DXP not a creature was stirring, not even Tv.
Four more days and Saturn moves out of Scorpio ~~ bye bye ~~ >>>>>