By Metaphysical
since you love to delete because you're full of it "my daughter is sick and needs medical attention. my mom is sick t»

Sun and Rising
By LostPisces
For a time I know sun and rising in same sign have some similarities and I share with you my thoughts. Sun is powerfu»

Be honest
By Twodrinkminimum
How do you feel about very strong displays of emotion bordering on unstable...over you? Like their love for you is so st»

PastelPlumScorpio Moon Pisces Sun
By PastelPlum
I have not met her for a long time but she sounded really pushy on text. What happened through the years? She used to b»

giaCancer-Pisces. Is this weird?
By gia
my bf(cancer) and I(pisces) are in our early 20s. We have been together for about 8 months now. We met through facebook»

He disappeared on me. I'm disappearing on him.
By CoolAries
How not to credit astrology when such a strange characteristic seem common amongst people from a certain sign? Im very»

anna1Capricorn men : why will you ever cheat
By anna1
Reasons that will lead you to become unfaithful to someone ? Also i heard that most Capricorn men are unfaithful. Why is»

Do we suck at communication???
By Iwill
?? Do we?? I feel like I have tons of insight, and I can talk about theories and different situations, but LATELY I h»

Capricorn men : why will you ever cheat
By anna1
Reasons that will lead you to become unfaithful to someone ?»

By Damnata
He's a Leo. You cats are adorable.»

Have you ever?
By Arielle83
Stung someone because they hurt you, but then regretted it? Or do you feel your actions were justified?»

Aries vs AriesAries vs Aries
Can you think of any famous rivalries? Nothing comes close to Bette Davis vs Joan Crawford imo. I was reading an arti


I want to block a few people on d net but their will still be able to see my stuff, oh well, ignored
Joke for the day. What do you call two straight days of Rain in Seattle? a Weekend. HAR HAR HAR
I once rocked short dreads and I once rocked Jheri curls. If I chose either again I'd pick the one that isn't oily as hell. Though I do admit I looked awesome with Jheri Curls.
chick-a-zee-zee-zee _3
different day, different mood, different opinion.
Whenever I beat Snatcher I'm going to get back to Policenauts. Man I love interactive novels
No justice, no profit...none, none at all.
Lane Moje _3
Prince is my spirit animal. #whendovescry
I want winter to be over with already!
I can't say jealousy is a form of flattery. It's pretty toxic.
I will never give up! Your worth the fight!!!!
How can I upload a photo on my profile? thanks
crabflows, you take this place way too serious like you have some sort of dxp manifesto. newsflash: no one cares.... lighten the hell up and have some fun, would ya? thanx