Same moon sign in relationships?
By crabcap
Did you ever share the same moon sign with your bf/gf? How did it go between you? Me and my boyfriend both got pisces»

Pisces asking something
By ScantilyClad
Ok so first of all i have Pisces sun Sagittarius Moon and i am a Libra Ascendant, my planets are mostly Aquarius i think»

How rude to hide from a scorp!
By thinktoomuch
Oh my GOD! This guy..... He´s SO secretive, his facebook is almost totally privat and he´s not friends with that many»

By DonJohnson
Okay eating a huge curry beef brisket dish. in the middle of it my stomach started hurting. stormed into the washroo»

DamnataPower Months?
By Damnata
Does anyone else notice a pattern with some months in the year? For me, the magick happens in March. Magick/amazing s»

SO what is the ideal partner for Scorpio be?
By Gemi9
I am trying to figure out whom Scorpio will love and be comfortable with? One who can easily withstand hot and cold tem»

DonJohnsonMickey Rourke
By DonJohnson
bro, whappen?»

Does he want a relationship or just to hit?
By ImmaCancer
I'm a Cancer female and the guy that I am seeing is a Virgo. Our first conversation was online over 2 and a half years o»

He said I don't pick his brain
By hopelesscapricorn
I was having a conversation with my virgo friend/lover/something, the other day. We live an hr away from each other so w»

Would two people with these placements get along?
I realize that the other placements are important as well when it comes to having any kind of relationships. So I decide»

im starving
By chinacall

Would two people with these placements get along?Would two people with these placements get along?
I realize that the other placements are important as well when it comes to having any kind of relationships. So I decide


Twinks is officially a married woman!
Just getting through the matter how you look at it, tomorrow is gonna be a brand new one.
Good Morning, Bae!
I wish racism didn't exist. If only people can set aside the differences especially when it comes to skin color or ethnic origin. To realize that we are all human created equally by God.
youre the only thing i wanna touch...
I could forgive meteorologists for poor forecasting, if it wasn't because a wrong forecast can make some of us look stupid!
Pisces and Aquarius how to bang her series will be continued later ,so be patient guys
There's nothing more painfully real than laying next to someone you once loved and still feeling utterly lonely.
Playing guitar hero naked lol
Animals whose hoofs are hardened on rough ground can travel any road. -seneca
Guacamole! I need guacamole!
Happy birthday Lupita Nyong'o. Such as beautiful Pisces spirit :)
let make sure I don't sink to low dealing with these useless
I can help you with that. Implicit differentiation of how many variables? Do you have a specific equation that you're stuck on?