Casting Pearls Before The Swine
By MrFirebird
The value thereof, the waste of time.»

Kite / Grand Trine
By tiziani
Know or experienced people with them? Have one yourself? Pray, do tell. Especially the heavyweights Elle, DJ, starl»

Describe all zodiac signs using one or more words
By Bbyxtc
Aquarius- Eccentric, humanitarian, intelligent albeit airheaded and quite slow Piesces- Psychic, sensitive, can read mi»

lucyLCancer Mooners out there
By lucyL
Does the tears starts to instantly fill your eyes whenever you are overwhelmed by an intense emotion? Like for example f»

MoonBlue8What I love about Taurus
By MoonBlue8»

Abusing my lilith power without even realizing it
By Bbyxtc
I think ive been using too much of my psychicness and lilith power unconsciously and for the fun of it. Its compulsive a»

AcidBrosJupiter In Leo 2014
By AcidBros
Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, spends approximately one year in every sign. Traditional astrology call»

Tiny friends…
By Astrobyn
I need new tiny friends, I’m bored and I need some kind of instant entertainment to hold my attention for a least anot»

Aries wanting to try out a Sagittarius girl
By laersfan87
Hey everyone, Well I was wondering how to draw a beautiful Sag girl's attention. I had a Cancer ex that I have recent»

The prince and diamond crown in my dream
By lotus
I am a single woman, early 30s. Two nights ago I dreamed that I was a tour guide for a royal couple with a son about my»

DXP Party/Social Gathering
By canerleo101
I would love to meet some of these people in person and see how you guys would interact with each other. If someone were»

I am in Toronto for the next couple of days. Anyone care to recommend things to see or places to eat at?


OMG, I can't stand people who when sad, get sad the whole treetrunking day. How do they do that? That's like...talent. Ridiculous *eyes the door*
First date chemistry is such a beautiful and magical thing.
sad day in punk rock tommy ramone the last original member of the punk band that started a revolution died. may god rest your soul dude.
BlackIndian, did you take the molly?!
I had fun at my Auntie Wedding Tonight. Y'all should have saw me dancing. This Crab definitely got out of his shell tonight lol. It was a great time =)
Full speed, straight outta nowhere!
Hey darling, how are you? Words everyone ought to hear each morning/night.
Life, Sin, Death...The 3 inevitables.
dxpnet2 ---- for whom ever wants to come chat with me. :)
under extreme duress
dear full moon, bless me with focus and drive to achieve great things.
this weekend has exceeded my expectations. PURE BLISS!!!!
FINALLY a day off from work!
money the greatest aphrodisiac