Mars-Pluto People Represent!
By SirHorns»

Thought Leos secure
By Impulsv
What's up with this leo. First off we are just freinds n if anything we are getting to know each other. Both happened to»

Aqua gf. Flirting or it's just me?
By CaptainPimp
Been with this Aqua chick for a while now, everything seems/seemed to be going great. We have a couple as mutual friend»

grayid2Is this the only website where you can't get notif
By grayid2
fications....for messages?»

SirHorns"What? You're to manly/macho for..."
By SirHorns
When I hear that accusation, I can't take the person seriously anymore and my pluto aspects start to flare up. Seriou»

Can't Stop A Swirl World
By tiziani So powerful Swirl life. (I have nothing to do with the above. Just cele»

b1tchcraftsI'm so happy
By b1tchcrafts
I felt like everything has been stagnant.. Finally I get to be apart of something... I get paid for being myself. I»

Leo's and disappearing act?
By AL4813
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I wanted to talk about the disappearing act Leo's are known for. I've read countl»

venus in libra
By scorchedearth
found this: "They don’t like anything unpleasant. They can avoid unpleasant emotional interchanges, thus limiting i»

what does your venus sing?
By cosmica
mine sings love all day long venus in libra»

What's lunch?
By MissFisk

Did I blow it?Did I blow it?
I met a virgo guy about a week ago. He found me online. We went on 3 dates within a week. Every time we saw each other h


treetrunk YES. I'm literally gonna be a modern day mad man, but instead of treetrunking cookiemonsteres it's gonna be dudes.
Am i treetrunked up for not flirting back? Past few days girls been approaching me with looks and lines and all i do is create distance and space. I blame my scorpio moon. "SHEESH"
Live hallucination within a dream ~
"If youth knew; if age could" - sigmund frued
Love of my life you are a friend♥♥
Life is for the living, remember the dead but fight for the living.
Dxp likes to play favorites. Sometimes it likes my pc or laptop more than the other.
dxpnet taking the wee p1ss
you think your great,but then become surrounded by other intimidatingly great. So,keep striving to improve your greatness.
Aries lesbians!? No, never would I have guessed!
deep quantum healing.
I'm going to beat the life out of the hamster if it doesn't pick up the damn pace!!! >:(
oh i can breathe again... finally another rewarding job! happy as a clam :-D