Cancer in another dimension
By MissGemmi
Ok. So. Some of you read my story already. There's a twist in the story with the Cancer female I was involved with and l»

Who is stalking who?
By Kim31
Reading some catlady astrology which made me think of this. For a sign that is supposedly so attractive to Scorps, we ce»

anyone who played Dune?
By osiris626
i mean the old game. with all the freemen and the worms and the vegetation.»

SirHornsAm I too harsh?
By SirHorns
I have little to no tolerance or patience for game playing. For folks my age or younger, I don't expect anything cause a»

SunTauVenGemVenus in Scorpio. Silence and power?
By SunTauVenGem
... Silence - Power? How to not play along with it or the best way to play along but reduces the power game?»

Sorry my post posted a million times..
By That1Girl
The site kept refreshing»

RainDancer88Live blusey rednition of No DIggity
By RainDancer88
im like yes. I diggity it, no doubt!»

Real Life Vampire Story
By frostey91
So two nights ago I coming home around like 3:30 am and notice these folks getting hot and heavy outside near a Law Scho»

When family get's broken...
By SirHorns So about that family...»

What traits are present with Libra Moon?
By RainDancer88
Any libra moons in the house? So the moon dictates my emotions, my imagination and my womanhood? I was painting earli»

anyone else watch this show??? I know it's kind of old but I rewatched it recently. Great opening theme song.


I have a feeling this coming week will be so, so good
why do i have U2's Lemon stuck in my head? Haven't heard the song in a decade.
custom sybians now available just PM astro byn
This night is the night of ALL nights!
I love love :)
i love 8Marchpisces and always will
It's Football Time in Tennessee!
In the back of this holy Ghost.
Snoz, I had to look it up... it sounds interesting. I'll let him know!
WC, me and my Leo suggested Wheelchair jousting whilst balancing on the high beam.
Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon, Leo Rising. He's got a heart of gold.