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I think it's jealousy
by yoopea
My partner and I come from different countries and different upbringings economically. I grew up in California, my family was of very modest means (the state covered nearly all of my university costs), and my mother was the type who often spent our tim
by ladylibra21
Ok I just needed to yell now I am going back to detaching myself. I am going to be numb a shadow.
by ariesheart
Anyone or any couples practicing celibacy? If so, what's your reasoning and experience? I've decided to go celibate to renew my mind (a lot of anger, insecurities, wrong thinking on what makes a relationship...).Im 33 by the way with 2 kids from ex husban
by canmini
OK some thirsty ass people there, I have this placement but I grew up on a family of moralities, so I just flirt, but I noticed that I can be turned on by just thinking about sex, the thought of sex is more exciting than the performance, it like one momen
by Missvirgo
What's people's general views on this ? Or more importantly a older woman / younger man combination . Age bracket .... man in early 20's and woman in mid 30's .
by medusax94
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What Is Your Relationship Experience With The Other Signs?

What Is Your Relationship Experience With The Other Signs?

Alright Leos, let me know how your relationships with the opposite sex (romantic or otherwise) have been with the various signs. It's said that Leos do not perfectly match with any of the signs, so I wonder what other Leo's have experienced. Aries: I'v

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"Blindly optimistic?" Well, it's okay! It's better than nothing! ....... Oh, wait. butter.
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You'll be suprised how crazy someone gets when they're fighting for their life. hehehe
But I go zero to psycho reaaaal quick. Even if you do find me i'll bang your skull on the ground, idgaf.
Witchcraft is real.. Someone is using my thoughts as a way to find me. I was going through a lucid dream phase before sleep and started whispering my house address out of nowhere. The treetrunk?
OMG this guy at work is always burping so loud! So gross :/
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