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by CG04
Hi everyone, this is my first post on this site, but I have been a long time lurker. I recently decided to post because I have been "seeing" [I am so wary of labels] this Libra guy. So long story short, I am a Cancer, ascendent in Taurus, moon in Scorp
by Kodak375
4 Poundz is the human representation of how humanity is capable of producing music that can bring the whole world together in peace, by making beats so dope that they transcend all race and class whilst tearing the starry vault asunder to reveal the face
by TrueTaur57
I know there are zillions of article about the Taurus compatibility. So far with my experience, the best suited people for Taurus are Scorpio in terms of romance. I have been with a Gemini first, then Scorpio and now Capricorn. Scorpio men are the bes
by 1stTierReadings
...and the least?
by leona
How do you know when you’re dealing with a narcissist? The following are some telltale signs, excerpted from my book (click on title): “How to Successfully Handle Narcissists (link is external)”. While most of us are guilty of some of the following
by biosynthesis
What are things that you don't like? btw I love you guys; I'm a cap moon
by AjnaRe
What music from a game helps you find some sort of peace? What can you just listen to over and over again? Here is o
by Shaniajam
I'm a Taurus sun Virgo moon. Could we work?

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A person can only give so much for a certain amount of time and then the light bulbs comes on with the quesition "what am I doing here? Love should not be this difficult."
19 minutes
My bf is a Taurus. We are like sisters. I'm talking about the Bull I am seeing. Yes men are insecure. You are right about that but a secure womann can try over and over again for so long until the time comes to leave it alone.
20 minutes
@Iamawinelover: "toooooooooooooooooooo" long to decide if caps want it or not. And as they are really smart people, they often end up chasing less-smarter people.
24 minutes
@Iamawinelover: Men are insecure, be it any reason! I think I would also end up alone. It's almost impossible for me to find love again
25 minutes
@Iamawinelover: Your bf was a Taurus for 20 years? It shows how much compatible we are. There must be something really really bad that he quit after so long. I am sorry to hear that!
27 minutes
I was trying to say they take entirely too long to decide what they want and by that time, she has moved on to someone else.
53 minutes
That's who they are, I get it. patience, it get it too; many women do but after a while, that behavior is mentally draining. I've stated before where I have read so many Taurus men end up alone and missing out on good women because of that and taking enti
54 minutes
The fact that so many pull away without a warning or a simple statemennt statiing that they need space has thrown so many women into confusion. That's why the
56 minutes
We do gel, my bf of 20 years is a Taurus. It's men whether it's insecurities, fears, past relaltionships, non trusting, not sure or whatever the reason
60 minutes
! I know there are bigger problems and real suffering in the World but dammit!
73 minutes