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by YourFavoriteDXPMember
With all this BS talk about "women are the same as men," and other such crap, I would like to know why women are excluded from mandatory military service. Think about it. If women can run around saying that they are the same as men, why not make fed
by aquabeam
I came out of a really bad (abusive) relationship near to the end of last year. Although I'm glad to be away from my ex, my personal life has fell to pieces. I'm not at all looking for any kind of jump off or relationship when it comes to men, but I kee
by TaurusGirlRas
For the last 2 years I have had a long distance relationship with a a guy I'm really fond of but whom I am almost sure has a girlfriend. We have a bond and connection that cannot be ignored. He has come to see me for a weekend and we made passionate love.
by Aquastic
So I've been on and off with this pisces man, everything was going fine until when I woke up this morning, booom! he's changed his profile pic,it's him and this other girl kissing! The worst thing I have ever come ACROSS.Me and him were doing just fine.
by hollyhock
and you find other women do not like you, which placements do you have that you feel account for this?
by CantGetEnough
I saw one that was black and another that was white on two seperate occasions. I can explain it in this way: It's like a trail of colored air.. With the white spirit there was some sort of feather near it With the black spirit I felt uneasy l
by pector
do you spit or swallow?

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Do Aries men come back??! Help Virgo woman!!!

Do Aries men come back??! Help Virgo woman!!!

Hi! So I met an Aries man online and we've been talking long distance for a cpl months now... Well me being a Virgo started catching feelings and immediately became all panicky after he professed he loved me-- he was taking marriage, kids, etc. I got all

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