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by abcdEU
When mass numbers of unemployed people move into your area and take your jobs.
by vegansagittarius
I met a very attractive Leo guy over the internet. We have a lot in common and he is the perfect, romantic gentleman I have wished for (top bad we live too far away from each other). He is planning to visit me next year, and I promised I would take him
by GetMisted
..With the user above you?
by luckiedollsmith
I realized that not only myself, but Leos, Scorpios, Geminis and other Libras have the tendency to cut people off at a drop of a dime without second guessing it. I never understood why we do that, For me its like an automatic reaction .
by 13th
ok, so far ive only slept with one pisces girl, and she s such a freak, omg......but I keep hearing that pisces girls are ragging not a troll, im serious lol I decided to come here and find out the truth.....female fishes, or anyone who knows
by Carolz
OK so a lot if people on this forum already know about my relationship with a Libra . We broke up a year a go. He was the one who broke up and the reason he gave was that he is busy in some important stuff and he can't take this relation side by side .
by Flo
Do you like being a water bearer? Did you feel misunderstood most of your Life? I enjoy it very much but people have trouble knowing me.
I read on here people saying that for Taurus in February we are suppose to find love either reunite with a old love or meet someone new something about a soulmate. So if we do find love this month what will happen once this month is over with?

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term paper done. omg.
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My paper is too long. I do not envy my peers that get to review it.
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