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by LetltB
...for having online FAKE relationships. Here's a couple who had an online relationship for two years and finally met.... Woman in online relationship beat man with baseball bat upon first meeting An Oregon woman in an online relationship with a
by bellelibra
I've fallen for a Leo man... it has taken a long time - we met via online dating app, messaged each other intensely for weeks, before meeting up. We clicked immediately but due to our geographical distance (around 1 hour) and that I'm a single mum (1 chil
by MlleFisk
So, halloween is coming up and i'm putting together my costume. This outfit calls for red hair. Im browsing online and all the red wigs i find are ugly and the ones that look more natural are too expensive to wear for just one night. Which leads me to
by Magenta_Azure
I like Super Sour Diesel. I'm smoking on some low quality butter right now but it's doing the job just fine. What's your favorite?
by thinktoomuch
Has anybody ever asked their FWB-who-you-want-to-be-more or your guy, that you are dating exclusively but does not want a girlfriend, the guy who says he´s just not ready, what they themselves would tell their female friends, if they asked them - the guy
by scorpio1986
Started seeing my now ex feb 2014. All was well for afew months until he had a death in the family. He hit the drink (alcoholic proportions) lost his motivation enthusiasm etc.i stuck by him. Im very domesticated.I cooked cleaned his butter mopped his bro
by leona
Alright, Hello everyone, I m here after a long time. I thought i had enough patience and stamina to work with my virgo under any circumstances but NO I was absolutely wrong, There are days when he is sweet as hell and days when he doesnt want my existence
by Montgomery

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Street Light Interference Phenomenon

Street Light Interference Phenomenon Any other Scorpions suffer from this phenomenon? It is quite annoying.


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99% of my life content of me horribly singing karaoke
8 minutes
@frenchKpricorn haha! Anything for the As!
54 minutes
56 minutes
I turn into a whiny cookiemonster each time i have huge exam. 😩😭
2 hours
There's this guy, he's some IT manager, he's from my country, tall, really handsome, i wonder if he has a girl, i don't know, i won't put myself out there, but if he comes, i won't say no to a dinner date. i need new friends, new opportunities to get deta
2 hours
He needs to put a shirt on.
2 hours
2 hours
did that astrologer dude sporting a mohawk have a britney spears breakdown?
4 hours
Jfc, getting tired of seeing 'you won an iPhone 6' every 2 seconds, just stop already!
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