Stereotypical Taurus..
By aloofgem
My boyfriend is a Taurus sun, Cancer moon, Gemini venus and Aries mars. I am a Gemini sun, Cancer moon, Leo in both ven»

Virgo ex wants me to hurt him? how to handle?
By princessacancersagittaire
we dated for about 6 months like 4 YEARS AGO, now he's whatsapping out of nowhere and trying to act friendly to me, dema»

By ireallydunno
Love this guy's music. Another great song:»

MercuryinSagittariusWas dating
By MercuryinSagittarius
A goddamn Capricorn. That mothertreetrunker. Broke my heart.»

ireallydunnoSecure Browsing
By ireallydunno
yes hellow site admin if you get cloudflare you can get a free ssl certificate and enforce ssl for secure browsing for y»

Libra help
By sushmitais4eva
I have been talking to a libra male for 2 weeks now. We have known of each other and seen one another around for 5 years»

ImpulsvDear life
By Impulsv
What would be your letter to life? Express however u wish song, pics, poems or words This would be mine http://y»

Menstrual cramps
By SingASong41
How do you get rid of them? How bad are yours? My cramps used to be really bad. To the point of making me extremely»

karmic relationship
By Lady2015
have any of you experience such relationship?»

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Some comments do not even deserve a response, as some people don't deserve to be acknowledged ~ black and white is the old rock and roll ~ move it up a notch people
Sal SurSal Sur
I am dating a cancer guy (I too am a cancerian girl). Lately, his hot and cold behavior led me to think that he doesn t love me, to which I told him that may be we shouldn t be dating. He got extremely offended and took off. It has been 3 days and he says
Packing and macking! By making I mean, preparing a paperback lunch
feelings for him anymore or should i just waited him out?????? and to add he visits all of my pages online why if he doesnt want me???
we pay our debts sometime.
ahhh cap men... you guys are rad.
I love being called intolerant when speaking out against the aids infested homos soon enough if u speak out against pedophiles youll be called intolerant as well, you wait, it's comming
Tact & Courtesy
Let that city spit you out
my boyfriend will take some cialis. pm me!