OMG the moodiness
By livictori
I've been dating a Scorpio sun &moon, Virgo rising. I'm a Pisces sun, Leo moon and Libra rising for the last 3 months. W»

Should you chase a Capricorn guy?
By libra117
I'm very unclear about this because I've seen people saying to do it and people saying not to. He pops into my life just»

Cancer Venus Guy became soo emotional when I...
By Moonbutter
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I was having lunch with my guy friend and I wanted to kinda layout my feelings fo»

AL4813Could you date someone into astrology?
By AL4813
Could you date someone that was into astrology as much as you?? Me personally.... hell no. Some people on here already»

PixiecircleVirgo almost in love, now hating me.
By Pixiecircle
I recently posted Tortured by a Virgo topic. Now Im certain by his attitude now that I made him feel unwanted in some wa»

If you got to pick and choose
By Blue18
Any sign, which sign would you be?»

MoonbutterGems prone to falling in love w/their BEST Friend?
By Moonbutter
I have read the Geminis value a mental connection soo much they rather have a friend then a GF or BF? Is this true? Has»

A Question To the Aggressive Types
By Kodak375
What drives you in life? Is it to be your best, or to be THE best? For me, I love pursuing to be the best, it gives me m»

By mysteriousTaurus
Hi I just want to show you guys some love and appreciation here... Some of my favorite people EVER are aquariuses, my»

Moody or Insecure?
By LivingOnPorpoise
There's a guy at my job , can't give you an exact age just know that he could be 10 years older than me. The first day w»

Blocks? Like Legos?
By Rabbit

Virgo almost in love, now hating me.Virgo almost in love, now hating me.
I recently posted Tortured by a Virgo topic. Now Im certain by his attitude now that I made him feel unwanted in some wa


So upset 😀🔫
stupid coffee grinds in my coffee
My poor knees *whales*
people on this site are so stoopid with their conversations about blocking like its an important topic or something bunch a loosers lol
no contest... colorado drivers are the worst i've ever been unfortunate enough to drive alongside.
My Virgo is a cold bastard. So done with games.
It's not what you look at, it's what you see
*does the white man knee bend move*
I laugh at all this chaos on dxp. Dance puppets, dance.
Siiiiiii Airman, it is for the BETTER...........
DUNCAN Add back the "BLOCK" feature on threads please....thx
Be a Proliferator of Good Ass Vibes...
One more day.. Then 3 days off. So need this!!