Sagitarius Women
By mdelicious
Can any of you do the nae nae ?»

treetrunkin Venus in Retrograde!!
By xomelindabelle
First my Cancer ex comes back and now my Scorpio ex just texted. When will this end?! Unless the retrograde is over»

Why do I like America so much?
By firebunny
The sense of humor is there. That's why I feel at home here in DXP. I like it here...»

NelrissScorpio charts with strong air sign placements
By Nelriss
does this really create a rather odd individual? What about Scorpio with an Aqua moon? I find I'm able to comple»

CapriunicornIntroduction Thread?
By Capriunicorn
Is there a thread here to introduce ourselves if we're new? I haven't found one in my few minutes of searching, so I ass»

Scorpio still has pictures of his ex
By marni_mew
on his photobucket. I found them by chance and confronted him...he claims he never deletes pics...then showed me one of»

wecarealotEver had insomnia?
By wecarealot
For the life of me, I could NOT fall asleep last night. I tossed and turned the whole time and only managed to sleep abo»

why can my wife (scorpio) and I (cancer) have deep
By seacrab1
meaningful conversations. Its like she is holding something back, and sometimes rather watch a show on tv than talk to m»

Suck my chickeniness, lick my persuasion
By livictori
I'm having a weirdly fantastic day. Business was good today. I'm emotionally grounded today and I feel like telling the»

3rd house...
Best description? Your personal experience with the 3rd house, what signs and planets are here in your chart?»

september babies
By mysteriousTaurus
is september 22 virgo or libra? a little bit of both? know anyone born on sept 22, who do they act like more ?»

can we pretend?
So tired and in need for sleep yet cant
I'M NEWWWW!!! Hope y'all are really my kind of people!
are we really all broken?
Stuck at another super lame tween flick. Last time it was a 2 hour documentary on One Direction. The things I do for love.
An aquarius guy I really like said 'I love you' really fast and quietly to me. I heard it, but wasn't sure how to react. I don't know if he meant it and was afraid to say it out loud, or it just popped out and he caught himself? I was so happy to he
sometimes knowing someones birthchart is shortcut to avoiding the bullshxt to come.
Blood ft. WaterBlood ft. Water
Sit back relax
How come i upload pictures but cannot see them nor can i change my profile picture?
Forgot the 5'4" part...
I'm cancccccerrrrr!
What is love? I am 56 and I don't believe I know what love truly feels like, being in love or being lovef?????
I dont like Mondays-TELLMEWHY- I dont like Mondays-TELLMEWHY- I wana shoooOOOOooott thewholedaaydown.