I think I might be obsessed with Synastry
I've been reading about this stuff a lot lately I am actually starting to understand it. The only thing I'm missing is t»

Do leo moons have the same power as the Sun
By Vegetta91
When it comes to leadership or dealing with power? I read somewhere this :They are born leaders and can handle power wi»

Why do you aqua men do this???
By MadMarchRam
Don't worry I'm not here to moan or cry about how you guys are. I'm more than aware of how most of you aqua men operate.»

lisabethur8What kind of life do you like?
By lisabethur8
Are you happy with your life? If you are unsatisfied, what is it that you want out of life? what makes you content»

AnxiousVirgo24Toxic Leo/Aquarius relationship?
By AnxiousVirgo24
I use to be friends with a Leo male and Aquarius female who would argue over every little thing, mostly the Aquarius wou»

cold sex
By snickerdoodle
The aqua dude I'm seeing never kisses me, cuddles or sleeps in the same bed as me yet we have sex, he checks in on me nu»

veseladvelikovaGemini guy with venus in cancer- HELP
By veseladvelikova
Hello I really need your help.. opinion about something, because seriously i am going crazy thinking about that. So t»

Body count
By mysteriousTaurus
Does it matter to you men how many guys a woman has slept with?...»

What do Sagittarians consider as a "good friend"?
By esortelracs
I recently made a Sagittarian friend (female). I really want to be a good friend to her. Suggestions, advice??»

Heaven endures and the Earth lasts a long time, because they do not live for themselves
I find it so insulting when girls are like "I have a boyfriend" when you are not even hitting on them... as if men are all dogs that hump any tree so insulting.
this retrograde got niggas actin UP .
This Capricorn mm is amazing as ever!! I let the virguy hold me back from his?! Wow I must've been nutzo!!!!!!! :)
tinychat. com / chatdxpnet
Beyond what's wrong or right there's a common place,i'll met you there.
i love when customers tell me how good my food/drinks look... they should look just as good as they taste! pride and presentation people! :-D
"If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead..."
You're such a stalker!!!
Recycle love, peace, and comfort. Welcome a smile, hand, and good distraction. Most importantly be, enjoy, and sow into someone's life who needs it. ❤❤ signing off.
There's a million reasons I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants♥♥♥
Look for the rainbow in every storm...
Its been a looooong stressful day..... time to relieve it
i wish there was someone to share this with...