Indecisive Sagittarius Ex?
By whitedream
So things with my Sagittarius boyfriend (currently ex) have been rocky for the past year, sadly. I'm a Virgo. I know the»

born on October 29.. at 10 am
By bettyfordssecondcousinidk
Can anyone tell me what my "birth chart" is and what it means? Ty for any help :)»

Moon in 4th house
By kavya
What are the results if Scorpio Moon in 4th house?»

RomancelivesWhen it comes like a crashing wave
By Romancelives
Aqua love can be pretty intense. Crashing in with waves of passion and awesomeness, then retreating just as quickly!»

musicplayScorp guy - not over yet - Taurus gal
By musicplay
Today is the day when 3 years ago, I realized I am in mad love with this Scorpio. He was going abroad for studies and I»

what am I doing to people?
By inmercury
This guy told me I have an effed up view of relationships. This is coming from someone who wants me to move in with him»

jjyu2514scorpios and pregnancy
By jjyu2514
Would u like to get a girl pregnant if u really like her? (Asap)»

Will my queen Britney Spears make another comeback
By exxtasyx

Mars in Pisces
By TaurusCap323
I never really paid much attention to the Mars placement when it came to matters of the heart. But after this article th»

Cancer man came back lmao
By Rachelannthepisces
Anyone who followed my almost a year ago heart break knows about this...I'm not posting this because I want him still. I»

Best career choice for an Aqua Moon ?
By saweetz1988
Quarter life crisis... With my diversity of ideas im struggling to stick my mind to one thing and stick to that. I'm try»

Indecisive Sagittarius Ex?Indecisive Sagittarius Ex?
So things with my Sagittarius boyfriend (currently ex) have been rocky for the past year, sadly. I'm a Virgo. I know the


Blood ft. WaterBlood ft. Water
Anal Gore
the exceptions appear easily except when you're not looking.
What's on your mind?
I'm Lost Without You
“I Came Out to Have a Good Time and I’m Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now” - Nick Jonas/all of Tumblr
Gwen Stefani and Gavin rosdale divorcing...there is no hope
My little Pisces is fitted to death. Now, I have to survive the school supply hunt. This time, she's old enough to do most of it herself. I'm just standing, pointing, and blogging.
I really dislike Mondays....
i can't imagine a world where i could be easily replaced, i'd rather not live it at all.
i CAN't make my cat focus xD
not literally 5 minutes but you know I need to exaggerate for dramatic emphasis! shes a psycho
Five minutes Wow,wondering why :O
my day contents of me and my cat having eye contact battle for 5 minutes, she always win. dammmiit.