Help with chart
By MelEleven21
Please could i get some help figuring out my chart? I don't know much on how to go about this so any help would be much»

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By confused37
Virgo woman needs help with cappy. We met in February of last year we talked for a little bit. i thought he was an comp»

scorpio refuses closure
By Plato
Why would a scorpio woman refuse closure/saying goodbye?»

mysteriousTaurusBest partners
By mysteriousTaurus
Is there any sign that you strictly want as a significant other. Lately all I have been thinking about is only sign. I d»

onlyInsight on a chart.. plz
By only
Just curious has anyone ever experienced getting two different readings of charts from different astrology sites? Anyw»

Prayer for desperate urgent cases
By LennyB
ray this powerful prayer for your most urgent needs. Oh loving Jesus, meek Lamb of God, I, a miserable sinner, salut»

Aries lambConfused with libra!!!!
By Aries lamb
Sooo, I need some help with a libra man....who doesn't ha!! I'm a 35 year old Aries girl, he's a 28 year old libra male.»

Flowing Water was right lol..Aqua Man silent mode
By virgoyum
So I was totally here singing a tune about this connection with my Aqua Male and how awesome and intense it is. Literal»

What's the number one thread you regret reading?
By cilantro
on this site. From this past week? surprise me.»

Help with libra male please!!!? Confused!!Help with libra male please!!!? Confused!!
Sooo, I need some help with a libra man....who doesn't ha!! I'm a 35 year old Aries girl, he's a 28 year old libra male.


feelings for him anymore or should i just waited him out?????? and to add he visits all of my pages online why if he doesnt want me???
we pay our debts sometime.
ahhh cap men... you guys are rad.
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Tact & Courtesy
Let that city spit you out
Sorry to hear the Little General won't stand up and salute Kurt.
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I have a crush on meek mill
I have met this guy about 2 weeks ago he is a 21 year old libra man and I'm a 32 year old gemini.. The first week the conversation was great and not to mention he is very attractive.. Well we need up going out the first week.. We had a few drinks he talke
"Being a visionary is a blessing and a curse. You're blessed to see things other people aren't able to see but you're cursed to sit in it alone."
I love me enough for the both of us...