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by SmartOnTheRocks
Oh wow. I love these people. my gawsh. They easy going. They go with the flow. They have 100% chill and are funny and goofy. I can talk for hours with these folks. I love the fact they hard working and loving. naturally. It is not forced. They
by Harukaa
A lot of people think they are good people..and we know that even Hitlar think the same about himself. So tell the truth : do you think that you are a good person or not .. and why ?
by leorisingpiscesmoon
Stumbled upon this book and I'm almost shocked yet concerned at the same time. Has anyone ever read this and how accurate has it been for you?
by Aquastic
Over the years I have found myself staying in very and I mean very TOXIC relationships just because m scared of breakups. It's a scary thought , somehow I tend to convince myself that the relationship will work when everything is dead and buried.It's almo
by SmartOnTheRocks
I had a serious relationship for 2 years with one. The most draining relationship I have ever been. We had fun. The sex was great. We could go on for like 5 days 5 hours a day. But he was a LIAR. He lied about everything. He lied that they paid him
by Crabra
Holy butter! I don't know if it lasted 60 seconds or 60 minutes. treetrunk! Do you guys have to conquer everything?1?! Mind = blown My ass = dominated That is all... B-) :-*
by Lovelylibra_butterfly
Just curious as to what the reputation that libra woman have? What has been your experience ? I'm referring to libra sun signs but anyone is welcome to respond.
by lolmeng
I'm a Virgo on Libra cusp. He said he wanted to be friends and I'm fine with that but I still want to make him like me back. He is different from other guys who are mean and insensitive because he is genle and compassionate. Hes shy but I'm patient and un

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Aries women and marriage

Aries women and marriage

Aries women are dominant yet submissive to men they love. They feel their opinions matter, they are equal to men, and they are more than just an object. Some men are intimidated by them because they can’t control or change them. It’s their way or the

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i miss my little brother❤️
" Your family will love me.... i cook good food.... i am clean" a few things a woman says to take the easy route out of the seriousness of a relationship.
Is that all there is?
Another 40 degree no work day. At the beach with my babe checking out his guns in the hot Mediterranean climate sun.