Waiting to have sex
By BetaBanana
What's your opinion do u wait if so why?Does it matter? I usually wait till the time feels right could be a week or a»

For Monty
By Rambunctious76
This song reminded me of you lol. Don't ask - very random. And maybe I'm spending too much time on dxp :| https://www»

Gem Cancer Venus, Scorpio Moon Facebook stalk?
By ladylibra21
SO would you Facebook stalk someone you just recently ended things with or would you be too busy moving on to notice if»

cappy28capricorn woman and leo man ?
By cappy28
My whole chart : sun in capricorn, rising in gemini, moon in taurus ,mercury in sagittarius, venus in capricorn , mars i»

xomelindabelleSure fire way to piss off an Aries?
By xomelindabelle
Not being honest with who you are; putting on a front. Especially if you're my friend, if I see you disappearing into th»

Cancer men and their past
By liya-b
I met a Cancer man through mutual friends, strong silent type of man. We were all discussing our past and exes and he sa»

scorpiothebadassI LOVE SEX...
By scorpiothebadass
I can do and show you things that you never even thought of I love the submissive ones I will take you to the depths»

Ladies Posting on the Scorpio Board...
By Rabbit
I have a question. Do Scorpio men turn you into blathering idiots? Or are you naturally blathering idiots?»

Total Recall
By tiziani

Sexual problems after a disappointment. Males
By leo500
So this weekend was fking strange for me. I am always thinking on this xit lol.. Never happened before. But i cant expla»

Waiting to have sexWaiting to have sex
What's your opinion do u wait if so why?Does it matter? I usually wait till the time feels right could be a week or a


my day contents of me and my cat having eye contact battle for 5 minutes, she always win. dammmiit.
I don't dislike Geminis - only specific individuals, regardless of their sign. The world is bad place, but it is also a good place, and I don't blame the world for the way things are.
you know its your favorite band when you listen to their album 2 years straight and not hate it
So this Taurus woman I was talking to said She wants her man to be Understanding, Mature & Responsible what is she describing a bad boy or good guy?
The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Albert Einstein
Rising Capricorn Sun Virgo Moon Capricorn Mercury Leo Mars Capricorn Venus Virgo Pretty mush a cold ass cookiemonster
you disgust me Rambunctious. just looking at your username. treetrunk you.
If you can make it happen, Abby, go for it! :D
You people still disgust me...treetrunk you all!
can't shake the overwhelming feeling i'm supposed to be with scorpio...
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. Albert Einstein
should I sell a house during the venus rx...? Or will it forever be the homestead that got away??! :P
These thoughts can be evil and they often deceive. Gotta believe that I can overcome. My fears are the worst and they always return. I never learn. Feel like I don't belong. Lost in the wreckage of a million bad dream
I am s sag who likes a aqua man. He says he likes me also and his hard on when we are close tells me he does. We work together. At work he is all over me. At clock out time it ends no calls or texts. If I text him he will respond but what is the real deal