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by HellDorado
also, how to make a sag woman comfortable without making her feel trapped?
by KittenLaRouge
5 minute mechanical sex with no emotion. treetrunking you all is like treetrunking a machine at the gym or better yet a cardboard box. Just wam bam thank you mam. Water signs run circles around you in the sex department because this thing called emotions that you a
by CopperDove
Leo and Libra influenced people I've known have often been more aware/concerned about their appearance than other signs. They are also more likely to be accused of being vain about how they look compared to other signs. Agree or not? If you agr
by MondayMorning
Thanks everyone who helped me today to feel better and get clarity. I hid my topic because It as so intimate and personal to me I felt like I didn't want it hanging around in cyber space for all time. You all really helped me to get a handle on thin
by Harukaa
What's your sign and your stalker ?
by wicked
Taureans who stay in touch and disappear and then come back as if I never shouted at you? I dont get it. If anyone were to tell me to get lost/I cant stand you/ f off I wld never ever get in touch with them Tell me do u disappear when someone has hurt
by InTheCloud
Long but in short how does a bull show interest and is he interested? I thought crabs and bulls were in tune, but why does it seem we seem speak a different language? (I suspect he doesn't think I am interested) I believe he is a Gem moon and I a Le
by RamOfPeace "The original etiquette manuals of Western civilization were in fact success manuals. As author Steven Pinker notes, they taught knights and nobles how to conduct themse

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Need for Speed ps4

Need for Speed ps4

So what are your thoughts guy's and girls who play games especially on the main console aka xbox one and ps4 of the game need for speed.... I have this and almost completed mine I have to say I have enjoyed this add on the franchise unlike rivals which wa


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Just saw The Night Before... Man Lizzy Caplan sure is beautiful. Not that I didn't already know that before. She puts the expression "there must be something in the water" externally because her beauty just radiates from her Cancer Asc. and Sun. Scorp Moo
Tired from packing.....
treetrunk You
shucks my damn family done come back now. wished they could've stayed gone a little longer. this limits my free dxp time.
People treetrunking laugh at the Craigslist Missed Connection ads... until you think you drunkenly met your twin flame in the subway.
hair color powder
#NOCHIL!!!! !!! haha
never mind.