Will this Taurus ever take me back?
By Metalheart
This is my first post here, but I just need some advice. I started dating a Taurus man about a year and a half ago. Thin»

Did you eat
By stretch

Can we reCAP?
By stillwat3r
So I noticed bunch of new lil billy goats running around the Cap forum and not sure which of the old geezers are still a»

mgmtloveDealing with a Venus opposite Saturn in synastry?
By mgmtlove
I am the Saturn(Aquarius) and my friend is Venus(Leo). We were talking and he bought up the fact that I don't trust him,»

DamnataA gift for Sags
By Damnata
The Capricorn season is fast approaching and I couldn't let the Sag season go..without a poem and a story. Nicolae La»

Who would you actually follow-
By SirHorns
-on these boards as an actual leader? With all these hissy fits over alpha status, who would you actually risk giving h»

warmwatersnot joking,,,
By warmwaters
I realize these are Eminem lyrics but I snorted my septum up my nose while drinking because half of it broke and fell of»

So. Would you do it?
By Prince_Pisces
Chilean radio station Top 40 held a contest earlier this week, offering tickets to the giant EDM festival Mysteryland, a»

Finally piques my interest!
By IAmMystified
So as you all know I have adored my aqua friend dude for a good bit now. In between that time, I've dated one dude (Libr»

Sagittarus Ex
By MoonBlue8
I want nothing to do with my Sagittarius ex. My Sag ex keeps asking about me to my friends. Do you Sags ever move the he»

AQUARIUS GIRLS - what turns you on?
By Gied
AQUARIUS GIRLS - what turns you on?»

This is what I wantThis is what I want
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoH1j1yo-Nc Ugh, its little bitty teeny tiny paws and it's ears and NOSE


Is it just me or is this Twitter?
I've decided not to give the X Virgo an Xmas gift, i feel i've done enough for him this year, if he wants to do something for me, great. If not, that's cool too, but i won't feel pressured to do something for someone i've already done more then enough fo
I'll just smack em with a frying pan. That should do it
Someone finally blocked me! YEEEHAWWW!
I let someone mark their territory
I'm becoming a shoe just like me.
The world makes me sick
Going to the bf's work's Christmas party tonight (:
*hugs* IrresistableScorp
Going to sleep well tonight. so much damn crying lmao! wee beady eyes
I've felt somthing evil, somthing sinister happen today. I though it was just me, but I feel darkness emitting off of everyone. Somthing is up, I can feel it.
Wish there was a way to mute negative people.
What the f do u say to a leo who won't stop having sex right outside your door..?? Seriously he's shameless..