Grand Cardinal Cross and Vivid and Lucid Dreaming?
By bethan2713

kitchens Manchester
By jennymatt
"Ramsbottom Kitchen Company provides the unique designing concept for your kitchens In Burnley. Our skilled designers»

how to fix this?
By airfive
ok so for those who know and even for those who don't ill try to keep it short...the girl I like "Vanessa" is a Taurus..»

astrojunkie10scorpio pride/vulnerability
By astrojunkie10
Any other scorps here struggle with stubborn pride? How does it affect your relationships with the opposite sex whether»

fishinamaizeDo any other fish
By fishinamaize

if you had to choose....
By anjiepants
your top five cuisines what would it be?»

By Sn1p3r187
Why do I find myself attracted to Scorps and vice versa? I don't how or why we click. It just happens. I'm in a relation»

Should I date a Scorpio?
By strudel
Seems to be a hot topic around these parts... attention just like me that i am i thought i'd make a thread. :D My curios»

Is it a Harem?
By Sn1p3r187
If you have more than 2 women who are all have an interest in you and they won't leave you be for even a second of the d»

Fried egg vs boiled egg
By anjiepants
What's your take on this matter? Personally I enjoy both, but if I had to choose, boiled for sure-no matter how gassy th»

I keep having visions...I keep having visions...
Last summer I was cleaning up my appartment getting ready to leave down the block to my sisters house when in my cleanin


So I put my faith in something unknown, I'm living onsuch sweet nothing, but I'm trying to hope with nothing to hold...
I know there has been betrayal so why not just admit it.
I can, and if I can't i'll just remove the 't and you will surely see I CAN :]
mon silence est d'or négro, ma parole est de platine
i can cry a river for you n theres still more left
Why the hell won't dxpnet update they website. It's slower than Christmas. I honestly don't think they care
Happy Easter, Everyone!
Ah, I learn something new everyday Twinks. Cheers :)
Happy Ishtar Day!!! ^_^
When you know yourself and accept yourself, you find a resilience and inner confidence that no one can take from you. :) It's taken a long time to get here but life is about growth. I choose to keep on growing.
on one stressful night with no clear recourse, pent up energy finally seared off the top layers as doors were forced open. without fanfare, what felt essential was easily cast aside. the music i hear now was added in later as i reflect on bended knee.
It's a weed Tizzie! Lots of them grow on farms! Especially the pretentious ones. ;)