Joe Biden
By aquavita
I was wondering why Joe Biden is always so quiet. Almost never says a word. A mystery. Turns out he is a scorpion. "t»

Happy Face In Scorpio
By MrFirebird
It says here if you have this aspect in your natal chart, you've been smokin' pot.»

Please help me. I'm a Pisces female.
By SuperMissMan
I'm a Pisces female, and I'm completely taken by my cousins best friend, a scorpio. I've been in love with him for some»

highlyclassifiedAdvice for all people having trouble with aquas
By highlyclassified
Im sorry i have to take a stand and say in the most sincerest form that no amount of distance,disrespect, or tests shoul»

Kim31Waaaah!!! *sniffles*
By Kim31
Posted by ScorpioFish Oh yes, SF is a great ambassador for his sign and yeah I was just feeding his ego.»

By Impulsv
Anybody know how it works. Premise we have five elements n when out of balance or overflowing Disease occurs. We each»

SirHornsVirgo Denial Syndrome
By SirHorns
Signs and symptoms: all arise from extreme dissatisfaction with not having their Sun or Ascendant in a more "interesting»

Four planets conjunct
By VirgoDragirl
What is this mean? So I just review my birth chart and see the following: Mercury conjunction Mars Mercury conjuncti»

Sadomasochistic Crabs
By SirHorns guys seem to get listed when this stuff comes up. Do you like it/hate it/have no feelings/opinions on it? If yo»

Aqua gal
By Piscesemapth
Met a really awesome Aqua Gal and I am falling hard and don't want to show to much love being a Pisces with a Scorpio mo»

Difficult Scorpio situation needing resolution
By outofideas
Hey everyone. This might be a bit of a long read but please stick with me as i'd like to see insights from unbiased p»

(Out)dated Dishes(Out)dated Dishes
Foods that scream "retro" (as opposed to trendy or classic dishes--yes, there's a difference). Pineapple Upside-Down


After getting lost again I am renewing my quest to open up more... meaning no pot and drinking... Wish me luck... :)
Back on track!
Can't slick talk on the day of judgement Your movement's similar to a serpent Tried to play straight, how your whole style bent? Consequence is no coincidence Hypocrites always want to play innocent
My sinful self will be doing a lot of sucking today. Damn @ my weak will. Wait, is that chin number 2 that I see? *sucks it in* Ain't nobody have time for new appearances & stay tucked!
One day I'm happy, the next I see no reason to get out of bed...
I am not normal, I just cant do normal.
A fire with nothing to consume must die, no matter how large it has become.
I better be careful I'm home alone wouldn't want the old gang to show up lol #oldpeoplelol
don, it might be time to escort them hooligans to the front door. ijs.
Get them big ass NIKES off my glass table...FOOL! BIG ASS butterS...Its like their mothers never taught em any manners.
Reading biography of Henry Kissinger. Got it for 50 cents at thrift store. Quite fascinating so far. I can't believe he is a Gemini!
I see Greedy People.
It has been a long Monday.