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by cheezes
My sun is Leo with Scorpio rising. He is Cancer. We both have moons in Libra and mercury in Cancer and mars in Leo. My venus is in Cancer, his in Gemini. This is the most intense, yet unconventional relationship I have ever been in. Its powerfully magnet
by Greentea
has anyone gone through culinary school? . I don't want to do it for the sake of a career, (unless i open up a restaurant, which would be awesome) but because I like to cook, but want to cook like a professional, and make fine, restaurant quality food if
by HouseCleaning
there is this local homeless bum i keep seeing around the area. after a little investigative work talking to people in the area, the word on the streets is this guy was offered a place to live, sleep, eat, butter, shave, shower by a total stranger, a woman.
by LeoAquaRuler
So how many of you actually eat naturally.. only eating fruits, vegetables, rice, fresh meat, fresh fish etc rather than eating processed food. I have started to eat this way a few days back and i am really feeling the improvements and by body is feeling
by Damnata
6 Things Every ENFJ Needs To Be Reminded Of Every Once In A While ENFJs are the organized, people-savvy nurturers who serve as the glue of almost any group of friends. You know that totally together, super popular person you wish you could hate but ca
by LawrenceWTF
I have 02.37 degree sag moon. I was wondering why I'm a bit messy I also have 04.53 cancer mercury retrograde venus taurus 03.11 saturn aquarius 06.35 retrograde =...=

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Some of these threads really have me shaking my head in disgust....
@frostey91 dont feel too down on yourself. i know cap like to try and be perfect but you're still human. hope tomorrow goes better for you.
Work bombs droppin' every where o_O
gemini guy is onto me...
Ohhh buttert finbuffs getting excited!
@frostey91 You just seem to post negative things about this girl. ..
She is a waitress so that had something to do with it. I don't like to be corrected in public it's embarrassing. That's what made me mad. If you have something to say do it when we leave in a civil manner.
Scorpio and I fought today because I said ay could you get me blah blah to the waiter. I know it wasn't the best way to say it but I didn't think it was a big deal and the only other people were like 30 -50 feet away and probably didn't hear it. She is
I don't understand boys... They're weird and confusing and shiny and fun to play with... Why