Will a Taurus man buy gifts and cook dinner if...
By MissMe75
Hello - Will a taurus man buy you gifts and cook you dinner if he considers you part of his harem?»

Virgo moon Board!!
By PV&Jellay

New world order
By bettyfordssecondcousinidk
Anyone else believe in this? My beliefs are a mixture of bible prophecy, illuminati, and the new world order. A second»

jellybabyIs it really over?!?
By jellybaby
Hi All, I have a post on the Scorpio forum already regarding this if you want more detail http://www.dxpnet.com/opini»

DamnataReally good campaign...
By Damnata
Isn't life the worst? Wifi not strong enough, Starbucks raised their prices again, your DXP profile picture doesn't load»

Most Insecure Person on DXP
By 4ND5
After that guy who gets his self worth from a doberman of course. He's got 1st place on lockdown. So who's 2nd?»

BigWhiskeyOdd request for this forum...
By BigWhiskey
Hey peeps! I was wondering if anyone here could point out anything interesting or cool from my chart. I know there's loa»

I really don't get this libra guy
By summer00
There is this libra guy, he was my classmate last semester but now we still talk but not in pm. Just in social network l»

Mercury for dummies
By HouseCleaning
This is Mercury»

How much emotional support do Caps need?
By SunMoonStars
My Cap is going through some serious stuff right now (health scare, he's stopped drinking, and work related). I'm not su»

Chart interpretation for us, please.
By Hemispheres
I'm hoping someone can give me a rundown of not only the woman I'm dating and my natal chart, but look at the two charts»

Will a Taurus man buy gifts and cook dinner if...Will a Taurus man buy gifts and cook dinner if...
Hello - Will a taurus man buy you gifts and cook you dinner if he considers you part of his harem?


Leo and Taurus :/
That Aries moon is looking pretty sexy tonight. You ever judge the moon's sexiness then look to see what constellation its in?
Thank you universe for the lesson. NOW can I have a make-out session, please?
Saw a picture of him today and it still hurts to know that he's so far away and has moved on.
Friends with benefits. Virgal opinion on it?
The Meek Shall inherit the Earth said nobody.
Blood ft. WaterBlood ft. Water
Yeah that's smart !
my tooth hurt like hell, going to sleep before it get worse that I couldn't get sleep. me being smart
“What we think of as fate is just two neuroses knowing that they are a perfect match.”
People know what they do; frequently they know why they do what they do; but what they don't know is what what they do does.
Just like magic.
why does the ex bull think i owe him kindness or pleasantries? Rot in hell you stubborn shxt.