Relationship advice/mixed signals
By Markov23
First off I'm love with her. Please help me. I've been seeing this woman for about a couple weeks now and I've kissed he»

How throw shade at the signs
By SirHorns
Since we have users that insult signs and try covering the insult with : "I love/My best friends are Sign". I thought I'»

Loans For People On Benefits UK
By davidhelmat Loans For People On Benefits UK,Same Day Instant Cash,With Bad Credit We»

TaurusLovesScorpioTaurus and mass murder...
By TaurusLovesScorpio
I knew about Hitler, Jim Jones, and the Heavens Gate guy....I did not know, however, that Lenin and Saddam Hussein were»

Cmccask1Dear Pisces
By Cmccask1
YOU ALL ARE FREAKING AMAZING!!! Seriously I'm up reading through dxp and all of the pisces comments/response are ON»

Guess My Rising Sign?
By conyo622 Hey For Fun Can You Guys Try To guess My Rising Sign? Pics in the link above»

msanchez112305Double Libra feeling Lost
By msanchez112305
Hi Everyone I am a female libra feeling lost and unable to even start a relationship with any other sign. I keep get»

i believe caps are psychics or intune
By highlyclassified
How many of you believe u were born with a gift that u always felt diffrent from others u were able to pick up the vibe»

By Darling
For all Taurus men!... Here's the strory.... First time I saw this guy I caught him staring at me...n I mean really g»

Feminine aggressiveness
By SirHorns
To realize what I mean we have to go back for an instant to the basics. We all know that the zodiac is symmetrically com»

Good Question
By Curiousram
Why is every post related to relationships on the Taurus board?»

Pacific Rim~ Awesome TrailerPacific Rim~ Awesome Trailer
I know it already came out. But I'm catching up on my movies. Has anyone seen this movie. Is it as AWESOME as it lo


Yes frostey91 they love to pick on Caps.
lyrics hi
yo confio en nadie. para toda mi vida.
face to face with heavy hearts and the walls they put up. graceful in failure, learning the ropes and walking the line.
Keep it raw and on-point...sugar-coating is just not my cup of tea.
if you are going to post graphic pictures like that....please provide a warning. not everyone wants to see that!
Read more on the "HORRORS OF ISIS" in the Misc Board.
clooney did it right 30 years of dating softcore actresses then boom, did what his mama probably always told him to do, married a lawyer.
"Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love."
FUXX wit me you KNOW I got it!! What's up DXP fam...its been a LOOONG time..
Is this badmouth Capricorn week or something?
someone please help the pisces girl in the cancer forum.
Taking sneaky extra day of leave.... Hehe
un o'r dyddiau hynny