A WILD Sagittarius appears!
By vegansagittarius
- FIGHT - Bag him. - RUN But seriously. We only went on two dates, but so far: - He never takes out his phone»

Didn't wish him a happy birthday (':
By libraqueen
So remember how I was asking whether I should wish my ex a happy birthday or not? Well I decided not to. A lot of you gu»

Signs he's a Player?
By vegansagittarius
Hey all. I wanted to make a final decision to whether continue dating him or run for the hills ASAP. recently I posted»

StarChild63Cancers and their Love Hate Relationships
By StarChild63
Guess their choosing to go for all love»

Goozgraba014Help w/ my chart please!
By Goozgraba014
So I know there is more to horoscope and zodiac than my sign, I don't know how to figure out what my Mars is or where my»

When you have nothing to lose...
By beautifuldiaster
Is that the same as freedom? I listened to "me and Bobby McGee" Janis Joplin and the lyrics kind of spoke to me.»

StarChild63Why do Italian men love black women?
By StarChild63

4th of July
By Ssupes
happy 4th to all the Americans here! If your not from the states, hope you have a wonderful day!»

Cancer or Pisces?
By risesafterall
And why?»

LORD disick
By MoonshineLeo
is a gemini and kourtney is an aries, i just read the article that he was seen cheating on kourtney this past week, any»

Bad Teacher
By lisabethur8
lol this is the best Cameron Diaz film EVERRR!!!!! i love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VihlsPKMh4U»

LORD disickLORD disick
is a gemini and kourtney is an aries, i just read the article that he was seen cheating on kourtney this past week, any


Yeah, i wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me anymore
Happy Birthday to me =) Love you guys enjoy your 4th of july
I hate this Saturn Opposition mars, having a Taurus mars sucks too only if I could have been born a week later . I want to be consistently motivated. Laying low and being neural is not my style.
CANNOT believe I just blocked myself!!! Idiot!!
Accept peace when you feel it. No more fighting. Hide those fangs ,_,
Minions? Inside Out or Jurassic World? ...hmmmm...
This site really needs to hire some tech people who know what they're doing
Happy Birthday Crabriot!
Kissed a Libra and it was perfect ♥
A life without challenges is an innocuous llife, and a life with challenges is an appreciative life.
Happy Birthday CrabRiot! _3