My pisces went into hiding.
By BecauseIAmAQueen

Moon Signs in Love by gender
By truecap
Aries - Enormously energetic, people with moon in Aries generally are work machines. For them, there is no room for th»

Such an archer song :P
By RainDancer88
Feel free to share your own :)»

PEITHODo Virgo men and Taurus women make good friends?
I'm a Taurus and I've read that Virgo and Taurus are compatible relationship wise. What about when it comes to being fri»

ImpulsvWich mad man woman are u?
By Impulsv
You got: Megan Draper Bonjour, Megan! Compassionate and caring to a fault (and willing to put up with a lot of bullbutter»

Malicious Intent
By Libertina
They say "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" but according to recent media reports it would seem some men are takin»

size zero superheroWho initially piqued your interest in astrology?
By size zero superhero
And what was your relationship to them? When did it happen? And what sign was this person? In my case, it was a child»

Suck between a rock and a hard place. Ha!! b*tter!!
By scoripoblood93
So my bf's mother ((scorpio)) is being abuse by her partner. He told her she had to sell her car. My bf ((Virgo))»

How would you say a Cancer man shows his feelings for a Scorpio Woman


Eclipses, grease stains and changes, oh my!!
Oh it's only showing my last update lmao!
Stinger season One more Time for your Mind!
It's SCORPIO season bishes!
already miss you and you're still here :c
As I am, you were. As I was, you will be.
What are pilates exactly?
Your absence is your presence.
Hobo beard season
All I know is she can throw this Libra to the floor anyday she likes! Passive males ftw!
I know it's worth it since I finally perfected my flying kick. So the next steve wanna throw down he gonna get his ass kicked hard. Yeah man Tae kwon do worth it, also try Taijutsu
Yep. Would like to do tae kwon do at some point, spoke to someone this week who knows how to disarm people using it. Never been more turned on talking to a lady in a long time.
Tiz you box? Shoot that makes two of us man. I'd recommend also doing some martial arts, best decision in my life
For sure, best routine of my life was boxing gym for the winters. 3hrs x 3 every week. Dead every evening. Alive every next morning. I just got lazy along the way. But winter ah soon come :)