Jupiter Venus tonight
By Impulsv

Virgo man issues
By hollygolightly
I've been seeing this guy for a few weeks now. It got very serious, very fast. We have been inseparable since we met, an»

Dealing with her hot and coldness?
By Aquaunanswered
I am struggling to work her out. At first she was crazy chasing me. I pulled back as I was not looking for anything at t»

hexumCows :-)
By hexum
Back Story: Long before I knew my TM was a Taurus we had this funny conversation about cows. He wanted his SO to go int»

YellowSubmarineSheldon Cooper
By YellowSubmarine
For Big Bang fans.. What sign/aspects would be attribute to Sheldon?? On the show they say he's a Pisces - thoughts??»

Synastry is b.s. I think.
By Cheeseburger
So, I was going out with a Gemini. I took a look at her chart for the first time last week, after going out for a good 4»

buffyNovena To The Holy Spirit
By buffy
Holy Spirit, You who make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideals. You who gave me the divine gift to»

By Damous
Who's trying to get beat on PS4? Or help mollywhop some cats. Haaaaaanh!»

Music to Model to
Yes as many of you have asked me, I am a male model and entrepreneur. So far my male model playlist consists of roxe»

She told me I will lose her
By Sammy20
This never happens to me. I feel like the universe just keeps throwing people and life lessons my way. I'm dating a li»

lipstick, messy hairlipstick, messy hair
i saw the Audrey Hepburn topic. well opposite of that, is messy hair and just sexy lips. No need for formal dresses,


I wanna laugh my way through life!
`Moving to Suisse in Decembre! woohoooo!!!!! champagne for all!!! ^^
i love My Fishes so much :)
Well this is definitely an interesting full moon.... *wishing it was over already*
What's on your mind?
Some people should get wiped out Battle Royale style....I swear. 1 AND 2.
ha somethings never change
i can put your face in some cookie dough and make gorilla cookies...
All you ever need is to be nice and friendly.
@ScorpioHarmony Your damn right =0
@Kodak375 haha I guess there's always the odd exception
@ScorpioHarmony ( Hey hey hey, not all are! Well i'm not haha
Mars in Gem are the biggest players!