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by BlackMamba
That look that makes you want to get buck naket. Cap just did that, whilst i was staring at a hot virgo, cap is also very hot, but married.
by Impulsv
I got to know this person sign!!! . So basically a year ago ever single lady was talking about this new employee. even heard married Taurus boss drool over him n and female director stopping by visiting just to talk. Anyhow I moved to my new building th
by livictori
I love this perspective because I'm tired of hearing people complain about the friend zone
by 9waterlion9
I'm wondering how everyone here feels about their opposite sign of the same sex, or opposite sex of what you're attracted to. I feel like for some reason I really connect with Aquarius men, but not Aquarius women. We never get past the friendly acquaintan
by Aquariusgold
Since breaking up with me and throwing me out of his house ..he has texted several times saying some UGLY things but I did not responded to a single text because I am literally crushed!!! He literally threw me outside and snatched my dog inside the house
by TauroMale
how well do you get along with your own sign? i find Taurus females are kind of hard to talk to when you first meet them and some are kind of rude haha
by Fox
What outfits would you put together? What have you recently ordered/bought? & How do you choose what you wear? LilliL
by MetaphoricBliss
State your own moon sign, ofcourse (and why you're attracted to other moon signs) Me: Leo moon Who I attract: Libra moons, Aquarius moons, Pisces moons, and sometimes Taurus moons Who I'm attracted to: Scorpio moons (but who isnt?) Libra moons,

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Friends, lovers or nothing

Friends, lovers or nothing

Please excuse me for using a John Mayer song as my topic title, but I feel that it fits. I need help deciphering what's going on between me and my Aries "friend." I dated him for 6 months about 2 years ago. I ended up breaking it off because I felt th


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67 minutes
67 minutes
Pisces man told me he likes spending time with me after I told him I really like him
3 hours
What does it mean when Pisces man picks you up while hugging and kissing . So confused
3 hours
Why Pisces man don't call often
3 hours
lost soooo lost
8 hours
There are two owls near my porch.. I want to observe them but I'm worried they'll see/hear me & flee theyre fascinating.
8 hours
@justagirl LOL!!
8 hours
Taking applications for 1 or 2 bodygaurds, interviews start tomorrow
8 hours
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