Tove Lo
By ladylibra21
As soon as I heard talking body I knew she was a Scorpio. Any other artist that you've guessed their sun sign by their m»

Where is your 6th House? How does it effect you?
By exxtasyx
Venus in Aries 6th House Lilith in Aries 6th House Fortune in Aries 6th House»

Asking for help from the Dxpnet Community!
By Kodak375
I have an offer to those who are interested in personal development to put a message down in the forum below. I'm just c»

fullwaterpiscesWord on Vulnerability
By fullwaterpisces
Blame it on venus retrograde or not... but all this week for me is been quite a ride... I've been reading about people a»

xeldaCapricorn male coworker situation
By xelda
I seem to have attracted one of my Cap male coworkers without even trying. I am a classic Cap female through and throug»

I was born a Cap, but don't feel like one
By Vintage_Laundry
Well, I was able to get a free reading of my chart and only the sun and mercury is in Capricorn other than that it's som»

retrogradexyWorst Post EVERRRR
By retrogradexy

Men and bitterness
By MsFisk
It's pretty obvious when a woman becomes jaded and resentful, for the most part we can be vocal about it. But (most)»

Are you admiring my roast beef sandwich?
By Blood ft. Water
Are you admiring? Rate 1-10...Roast beef sandwich with cheese and fried onions on top, double dipped in sauce.»

Reasons that humans cheats
By Binota

Retroxy's RecipesRetroxy's Recipes
Banameister Smoothie Minatamis na saging (banana plantain in syrup) Jagermeister Ice Mix in blender


Been mean to everybody all week cause I miss her!
Always looking for better ways to improve. Sunny cap,, Aries moon, cancer ascend
when gem and virg paint the town...
and if them fishes wanna trip, tell em they tour guides on us
interesting turn of events... I'll remember that. :)
They got kids in the military. That's why it's called an infantry. - Seth Sentry
Operation Fish Slap
He sees right through what she wants no one to know; they have such a strong connection that he already knows everything about her.
It's raining cats and dogs! :-))
Old thoughts and habits die and better ones replace them.
Only two hours of sleep..
@ellle : your astro twin pissed me off majorly today with something she said, so yes.