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by Harukka
Why we destroy people we love the most? Yeah ..we love hard and deep..and maybe destroy our self of the name of love.., but we also destroy our lovers ..
by AL4813
Good evening gentlemen and of course the lovely beautiful and feisty ladies of dxp. Hope you are all having/had a wonderful day. I wanted to ask, have any of you tried to date a sign that was considered your "worst match"? If so, how did it go?
by blessyou
by libralotus
I kind of would like an unbiased opinion. So I work at hooters and I know I kind of applied to deal catty coworkers... I'm usually not the type to entertain passive aggressive behavior or even really acknowledge it. Anyways, tonight, there was a gir
by LibWman
So I had to make a post on this because it's actually worrying. There's this abusive gemini guy on a dating site that I use who is completely treetrunked in the head. He will periodically message me something really abusive and disgusting and then block me. It
by Imarollin
Post em. Post what you think before and after. This can be my space or everyone's. But I'd like to have others input on future reads for myself. :)
by Admiral
People are way to entitled and their expectations have gone all over the place. They are spoiled and coddled until they become adults and bring negative traits with them to adulthood because they didn't experience the real world. People need to underst

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im just saying, sex is a wonderful thing but i feel like it's a bandaid, this world is on some other butter. no one wants to really stand up, that butter is corny nowadays and you get heckled for fighting for a cause but it's w,e
but for some reason im getting butterted on by butterting on people who deserve to get butterted on.. so that's the new wave now. accepting hoes? lmao wow. they say i'm brainwashed. kopy.
when i cheated on my aqua ex.. she butterted on me so hard and i deserved it. so when i butter on cookiemonsteres for being thots, they deserve it.
What did I miss
That's funny.
the Trolling Vagina Squad is at it again
@Arielle83 I haven't watched it, but this gives me better motivations! I like Rocky's side better! Raw, find everything that seems to be trainable.. oh god!!
Best training montage
Sunday afternoon and Rocky IV is on!!!! Heyyyooo