This is confusing
By dandelionnn
Him - aqua sun, Venus and Mars. Scorpio moon Me - cap sun/Venus in pisces/ Mars in cancer/ moon in cancer So I have»

Pisces sun/Virgo Rising
By Palerio
Hi, I'm fairly new to the subject so I'd be thankful to receive all the help I can get regarding this combination. I'»

What TWO Zodiac Signs are alike?
By HoneyDip
In your opinion, what two zodiac signs do you think are very similar to eachother?»

ZetaroseVirgo ladies.. Attention plz!
By Zetarose
So.. Do you ever find yourself a mess in relationships? Like always needing reassurance and then that will come off as n»

passonate99Let's talk new "Love"
By passonate99
I'll keep it simple and short. I need a good man in my life. I've had terrible relationships and I'm a bit of a shy girl»

Are you a lone wolf?
By wecarealot
I am, more or less. I enjoy hanging out with cool people but plan on doing most things by myself. Just thought of th»

flowingwaterWhat makes someone a compulsive liar?
By flowingwater
My Pisces baby daddy lies to the extreme. I don't know what his deal is... That butter gets my Aries moon from. 0-100 real»

seek advice.
By ScantilyClad

Do you like a more bossy partner?
By SuperMissMan
So I'm very very bossy and Ive always attracted different types of guys and usually ended up dating the more shy ones, b»

If everyone believed DJ's opinion on Cancers...
By SirHorns
Leaders on all fronts. Alpha as treetrunk. Awesome at everything. Just close to damn perfect as you can get. How would»

a healthy ruthlessness.
Who's on first?
Who's on first?
Living, loving, and laughing are the most important ingredients in life. Being comfortable in my own skin, I am able to laugh at myself. Open minded and passionate. I believe in living life to the fullest and learning new things.What's the latest with you
You are the most dissapointing person I've ever met. I almost pity you.
But have you lived your life? Or have you been lived by it?
this dec 21 sag is about as romantic as a cardboard box possibly approaching robot status I miss the emotional warmth of the pisces
WOOHOO! congrats Scenic, Love Is In the Air =)
Congrats Scenic!!!
The leo proposed : )