what comes to your mind when you think of "Taurus"
By busyeyes88
Ladies and gents of the zodiac lend me your ears?!!!! 😁 I am a taurus but only have 3 placements in taurus (sun,»

By Astrology101
Hi, I met a guy through Facebook a few days back. He is sweet and talks sweetly but somehow I always feel like he i»

about a scorpio guy, what should I do?
By balabala
My question is: Does he still like me? I want to make it clear. If yes how can I push thing forward? I mean I like him»

Oxygenada~~ Cancer fashion ~~What's your style?
By Oxygenada
This is my first time posting a topic here. Just a little break from relationship issues. I believe cancers are very sty»

vegansagittariusTAURUS clingy mom?!
By vegansagittarius
She follows me everywhere and wants me to follow her everywhere. She does not give me space, even we share the same b»

Taurus and Scorpio.
By tessacha_
His sun and Venus are in Taurus. And mine are both in scorpio. i want to get to know him better. Good idea or bad? Lol»

daydreamershinevenus in scorpio crush:)
By daydreamershine
Felt like a ray of hope the first time we met. Im usually really nervous around him but he feels like home and i cant br»

Your wish for anything you always wanted
By YourFavoriteDXPMember
There is surely something in this world, no matter how infeasible or impossible it may seem, that you have always wanted»

i'm getting good vibes , but i dunno if im right
By hitch
i know this girl now for 10 months , at month 2 i asked her out and she said she dun date and stuff like that it was aft»

I love You Taurus... Your are so underrated...
By PiscesDaeGirl
Happy 4th... I celebrate just how classy you are...walk the runway...you deserve it...I solute you...No doubt....Yurnny.»

virgos stubborn nature
By virgorillaa
is it even a virgo thing? lately ive noticed how stubborn I am to a point where its childish -ive always hated people wh»

Silence is golden. However, duct tape is silver and very reasonably priced.
Pisces are some of the funniest people alive oh my goodness.
Wedding Crashers is da shizzle
im like "who are these people" each time a user change their prof picture, I suck at remembering usernames. im getting old.
Happy 4th of July to everybody in the US of A!
Yeah, i wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me anymore
Happy Birthday to me =) Love you guys enjoy your 4th of july
I hate this Saturn Opposition mars, having a Taurus mars sucks too only if I could have been born a week later . I want to be consistently motivated. Laying low and being neural is not my style.
CANNOT believe I just blocked myself!!! Idiot!!
Accept peace when you feel it. No more fighting. Hide those fangs ,_,
Minions? Inside Out or Jurassic World? ...hmmmm...
This site really needs to hire some tech people who know what they're doing