scorpio exes
By warmwaters
So many threads I can't even read them cause my eyes move to the back of my head. WHO ARE THESE WILD SCORPIOS AND WHY A»

Taurus Man Leo woman- Does it ever work out?
By Leo5435
Hello everyone, Thanks for reading. Here goes: I have been with a Taurus guy. He's been very attentive towards me & I s»

Roast her or not?
By Stihl46
I'm finding out when a Scorp holds a grudge against you they want to see you pay, they sure don't think when anger gets»

ImpulsvSinking cruise ship
By Impulsv
Dreamt was on a cruise ship but suddenly it became stormy huge waves to overcome. Somehow I'm rescued or I jump ship. Wh»

crabflowsastrology placement for big booty
By crabflows
here are the placement for big butt any planet in Libra especially Venus or the ascendant Venus in the first house Ve»

Qualities necessary to keep a friend/relationship
By Sammy20
with this fire sign...Sagittarius. True or False? Thoughts from those who've got Sag's in their lives? Because from e»

ThatGemGuy336Just found out I'm Libra rising
By ThatGemGuy336
My combination is Gemini sun Aries Moon Libra rising can someone give me some info about this combination I don't know i»

Where do you want to live?
By warmwaters
I think after to uni I'm probably going to be based in Western Europe. Far as Im concerned I'm done with the states and»

QUIZ What is your TRUE Zodiac sign ?
By RainDancer88
hehe Cause. I'm a ... VIRGO D:»

Movies ;)Movies ;)
Please recommend some action movies same kind like "Red" / "Red 2" 2 (with Bruce Willis,Helen mirren...) Thank a lot


i found this amazing tattoo oh my god
Wish I could dedicate more time to Dxpnet...Just too busy
Video shoot today. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't rainnnnn
SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Capdouche. The whole PNW hates the 49ers. Kiss our butts. Oh and leave my city. Raising rent prices.
Only 2 words for people who bear grudges over petty bullbutter - pathetic & amusing.
lol PVJ... my carelessness might set you up for a nice shopping trip. damn my sagittarius moon. carelessness and being lost in thought do not go well together.
hilarious how some people will get mad and hurt when you call them trolls
ffs alonso D:_
hope everyone had a good thanks giving dinner
You were special so I had hoped. Until you drank bong water while attempting to smoke. X
VenusStar where do you live? Can I follow you around?
So anyone worth a treetrunk on that team is from the Bay Area or California you hater
She stared at me and I tried not to crack a smile.
My 60 year old Leo uncle told me he finally figured out where I belong. In a goth band like the one he's been listening to. Thanks Leo uncle!