"I want to have a predictible wife" he says..
By RainDancer88
So. haha. Been a while since I posted about my ex bull. **** What do other Taurus' think about his view on marriage?»

what is the limit...?
By joon
to which you will tolerate your partner being in contact with his ex after more than a year of their breakup? This quest»

Virgo man /Scorpio woman in bed ..experiences?
By alonso25878
My experience , uhmm well Scorpio women are really hot , no doubt, but I feel like they are boring in bed , . Most of t»

jnnnnnsCurious gemini here, help me please : )
By jnnnnns
Hey everyone! I'm doing a research project for a college class and I was hoping ya'll could help me get information by»

Sn1p3r187How I see Damen VI PT.2
By Sn1p3r187

your empty houses are filled by others
By RainDancer88
Ok. I have a theory. Do one partners empty house need to be completed by meeting a person who has the opposite placem»

SunMoonStarsHow compatible do you think these two charts are?
By SunMoonStars
Hers: Sun Sagittarius 3.01 Ascendent Aquarius Moon Leo 12.06 Mercury Sagittarius 17.29 Venus Libra »

Most prone to addiction?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
I am a Taurus female. I feel I am most prone to addiction of any kind? My addiction was speed when I was younger. Thi»

By SunMoonStars
If you had to pick, which would you choose to be friends with, to work with, to marry? * totally saw someone ask abo»

Demons (1985)
By Prince_Pisces
This movie is so deliciously 80s and campy ♥»

Annie (With Jamie Foxx)
By CluelessCancer
Very cute. I liked it. Go support it when it comes out in theaters.»

Our board isnt filled with an array of admirers?Our board isnt filled with an array of admirers?
why. Is it became we are a great mactch for anyone, but since all of our cards are on the table, the mystery is gone.


VenusStar where do you live? Can I follow you around?
So anyone worth a treetrunk on that team is from the Bay Area or California you hater
She stared at me and I tried not to crack a smile.
My 60 year old Leo uncle told me he finally figured out where I belong. In a goth band like the one he's been listening to. Thanks Leo uncle!
*~*Life Imitating Art*~*
so... 60 dollars fell out of my pocket yesterday. This would make a grandlife total of about $400 lost due to money falling on the ground never to be seen again :(
My dog's sitting beside me and suddenly my worries are gone. My favourite boy.
a fresh set of eyes on the same old story makes it feel like the first time.
I'm stuffed and drunk
Ooooh the feeeeelllllllzzzz
Lol i Love when Sherman talks sheet about the 49ers, treetruk the city and their fans. Boo hoo hoo cry me a river.
hey kitty so good if I have it the first time ima feel like putting a ring on her
I need a leprechaun -.-
good morning! @-}--