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by yazlan
I have noticed this tendency with crabs. They are morally so weak. Is it just that I have this impression from my experience or cancers are really like that. Both men and women.
by Reincarnation
Please share some of the most romantic texts you've received (or sent).
by SugeredSap
The one that got away, does it stay on your mind? Is it someone you can't forget? Does Capricorns ever revisit this? If they do do they ever act on it? I'm asking the Cap men specifically but looking for all opinions.
by pasc345
I read a post about the Scorpio stare on this forum. I met a guy who stared at me exactly like this and it had exactly that effect on me. He was a Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio, but I guess his moon determines him very much. He has blue eyes but they a
by Astrobyn Welcome to the 2015 DXP Awards. We start with this off with our Nomination thread, where we need you to nominate one users for each category. This thread will be open for two days and close on Mo
by Hemispheres
I'm waiting for it.... God I'm waiting for it.

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Need for Speed ps4

Need for Speed ps4

So what are your thoughts guy's and girls who play games especially on the main console aka xbox one and ps4 of the game need for speed.... I have this and almost completed mine I have to say I have enjoyed this add on the franchise unlike rivals which wa


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Why is there like no insight on leo sun, virgo moon & aqua sun, taurus moon????
My boyfriend met my family
"no one will know about it, i gotchu"
scorpios are so cute (and would gag at this comment of mine) i roll my eyes each time they get described as dark and butter
A tree is created for far more than merely being the vessel for the existence of yet another tree.
man said wargasms
A tree is meant to have seeds. Without seeds it's nothing-father quote translated from African
Dick and kitty doesnt say she's a lawyer he's a doctor-my dad. He's getting more gross as he ages! But that's how it bees when nobody has a kid even accidently.