Help with cancer female. Really confused
By STC32785527
Hey, new user here (Hey everyone!). Sorry if this is really long, I'm trying to give a bunch of info while still conde»

Happy Birthday Leebs
By virgowithasoul
I adore all them scale ladies. Happy birthday to all of you leebs. Men included, don't worry you guys are chill and awes»

School Dropouts?
By conyo622
Do You Believe Uranus In 3rd House Is Prone To Dropping Out Of School? Or Which Other Placemnts/Aspects Are More Likely»

biosynthesisa food that you can't stop snacking on
By biosynthesis
no matter how hard you try :( For me, whenever I see grapes, I just have to pick one up and eat it..or two..or three.»

SunTauVenGemMoon in Capricorn kissed my forehead :)
By SunTauVenGem
Been seeing him exclusive for almost 6 months now.. my sun in Taurus has the patient and I feel I am winning his heart s»

If you think about how long you will remain singl.
By AbstractRay
I am only 22 and have only been in 2 relationships. So far each have lasted about 1 1/2 years. I have loved each in diff»

cancergoddess143Cancers can be freaks too!!!
By cancergoddess143
We have a sultry, sexy, little kinky side to ourselves. So.... What's the most kinkiest thing you Cancers have done?!?!»

Selfish Libra women
By AnieshaAries
Iv seen a pattern in the libra female friends that i have known and its like everything has to be about them. My Bestfri»

Seeking some Gemini pearls of wisdom!
By Elki
Firstly, thanks of reading and offering any valuable advice you may be able to add - I'll try and keep the synopsis shor»

What do people actually hate about you?
By Lhasa Sorry if that quizz got posted already! What are your results?»

What is he doing. Literally. Like what the treetrunk?
By QuiitePlausible
"Kay" is what I will call him. I'm on an app called: OkCupid. This is where I met Kay. Immediately we hit it off. The»

a food that you can't stop snacking ona food that you can't stop snacking on
no matter how hard you try :( For me, whenever I see grapes, I just have to pick one up and eat it..or two..or three.


The Devil wants next...
Our love is so hot, it makes the devil sweat
Numbing pain.
Am I the only one on DXP watching these new fall shows??
Heart is still healing, why the damage was so great, will forever be a mystery to me....
So after a 6 month journey, and promises made I had to do this all by myself... The thing is, I did, now it is on to the next chapter.
i hate it when someone complains about their friends bragging and then go and do the exact same thing. Success isn't something unique to you. Get over yourself.
going to bed early coz tom my 1st virgo in years!
Sorted my compact mirror problem. Now life can move on.
and matoes are gonna mate...
Apparently, i'm a unicorn...
Haters gon' hate. Potatoes gon' potate.
these ads are blasphemy. they keep screaming at me