For the cancer heart...
By Arki
Hey my friends, does this looks familiar for you ?»

Horary Astrology
By DwellingOnMove
Have you ever tried it? It seems much more mesmerizing than birth chart analysis, doesn't it? Do you trust it? Do»

Cancer man driving me insane!
By chantal3147
So he would suddenly appear and be all lovey dovey then poof disappear. Then he would initiate contact and be all excite»

nysag86How do you Aquarius women act when u like someone?
By nysag86
Hey all, I've been after this Aquarius girl for sometime now. I really admire her honesty, she's recently broken up with»

YellowSubmarinePluto Return
By YellowSubmarine
I've got natal pluto return happening right now in my 5th - is that why my love life is so effed up and dissatisfying??»

Any chance of winning her back
By Zakafc
So I met this amazing Girl on Twitter and just had to message her, I flirted my way to securing her telephone number and»

14leoAgain he is behaving differently
By 14leo
Hi all i know in the past, i bored you alot but this time i really need a another advice.As per your advice in the past,»

Virgo: skinny people?
By risesafterall
Out of the loads of Virgos I know, there's only about 6 of them who have "normal" or fat bodies. The rest of them are RE»

prayer for help from the blessed mother Mary
By kls1111
eirdrelovesdave9/9/2014 10:16:55 AM | More  Our Lady loves us and always stands ready to assist us, just ask Her.»

Another question about this Cap situation.
By cancerdreamer9
That night he kissed me,when we were both confiding about our love lives and how hurt I was and how frustrated he was,ap»

Another question about this Cap situation.Another question about this Cap situation.
That night he kissed me,when we were both confiding about our love lives and how hurt I was and how frustrated he was,ap


Keep your mind healthy and stay safe :)
Thanks all for your lovely messages! Mr. Fish and I have had a very blissful weekend. :)
Congratulations Twinks, all the best to you and your dear Merman!
Medusa is awesome. Athena and Poseidon suck ass.
damn boy, I be gettin back to you forsure. I don't know if you know, but I know who you are.
The flesh covers the bone and they put a mind in there and sometimes a soul,
I don't know why I bother....:/
Capricorn chick dating corny Virgo, but she really want me, well I know Capricorns are obsess with us Cancers, maybe Ima get head before they get married
"The ego is not master in it's own house" - Sigmund Frued
Congratulations Twinks!!
Well SWEET JESUS! Congratulatiosn, Twinks!!! :D
From now till the 7th, birthdays abound. I had better get to shopping
Best Wishes, Twinks! :)