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by luckiedollsmith
People say that Libras acts so nice and orderly because they have an image to maintain. Which I can agree with because I'm like that but is a lot of libras like that? And do most of us just secretly hate and judge alot of people?
by LuckyLibra979
A true american past time. Right up there with baseball. Even as a man tho, something about porn is odd to me. Just doesn't feel right. I know a man who said he watches porn for 4 hours straight, and he has a wife. It just feels strange to watch other ppl
by YourFavoriteDXPMember
I love great movies, and am a fan of watching the older ones. What are you watching over the long weekend?
by aj123
Hi, So was saying a gemini man since September (met online), added each other on fb soon after, texted everyday and everything was going well. He is in his mid-twenties, has "been with" 10 people in the past (this includes one night stands, friends with
by oyes0435
this is more for the cap men.. why would you ice someone out, yet continue to give them resources? continue selfless giving of material needs emotionally, nothing. nearly no communication and yes, there is background to this- but what circums
by Reincarnation
Please share some of the most romantic texts you've received (or sent).
by RamOfPeace
So, this is Huldra After Tiz's careful interpretation of my natal apheta/anareta, and my mother finally finding out my exact birth time document, it has been revealed that I am a 0'1'52 degrees Sun in Ram It is with great surprise that I announce

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*~*Past Life Astrology Book Giveway*~*

*~*Past Life Astrology Book Giveway*~*

I have an extra copy of the book Past Life Astrology by Judy is a very interesting read and i would like to gift it to someone. Anyone that is interested, please let me know and I will put names into a hat and draw the winning one in a few day


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how did i know it was HER
@KittenLaRouge what i meant was try to take a break from the internet. I don't know about you, but sometimes it gets to be too much and I have to take a break. I feel better after.
So, met this INTJ dude...lets just say... I'm sprung.
@ magenta hmmmmm? btw you're a pisces, you can do no wrong in my book. i seriously adore pisces.
That was the hardest dump I've taken in awhile! I thought I was going to tear my azzhole. Damn son! Water!!!
Watching this beautiful Phoenix rise is the greatest honor ever... And yet he's thanking me?
PORN is so disgusting i was forced to watch 5 black men pummel one white women. they were all just standing around looking at each other and using her thinking of ways to pummel her. i wanted to VOMIT.