How do I win my Taurus Man back?
By FPV72
After my taurus man telling me he wasn't excited to see me when he was coming home after being away with work for the la»

Dating Scorp/Sag with Mars in Scorp
By happykitsune
Dating this wonderful scorpio guy on the very cusp of sag. Only problem is people who meet him seem to be intimidated by»

Ands Firebunny Rabbit Law Firm
By firebunny
Is it possible? I want it! :D»

WynterHappy Birthday DwellingOnMove ! :)
By Wynter

MoonArtistProof Positive
By MoonArtist
So tired of the negative crap the news is always more than willing to jump on and air non-stop, so here's the brighter s»

Leo plus Leo
By babyd
Omg it's the most frustrating hardhead insecure yet secure scary deep best sexual attraction ever and it's killing me. I»

aquavita2Boston occupied by police force
By aquavita2
Does anyone know what is going on ????»

need a Leo man's help
By babyd
I have a leo friend. We were 18 when we first met at a party I pierced his nipple within mins of meeting him after that»

Beyonce's Rising Sign: Scorpio or Leo?
By exxtasyx
Some Astrology sites say Scorpio and others say Leo Rising. And I am confused as hell because sometimes she looks like s»

How will Saturn entering Sag affect Libra?
By hollyhock
Will it be good for them?»

Cycle 22
By Curiousram
So i just signed up.. never modeled before but we will see if they will accept me ha»

today I was making croissant and I recognize something, I have a perverted mind, now I'm wondering if they make wheat cr


crabflows, you take this place way too serious like you have some sort of dxp manifesto. newsflash: no one cares.... lighten the hell up and have some fun, would ya? thanx
I've accomplished what I wanted yes next move on
God, Guns, and Girls :D
there are certain people will no longer respond too or give attention too
Massive online crushes...I thought I was too old for that sort of butter anymore -.-
Hell yes!!! 6 days off from work... what to do first!!
after I'm finished with librasid and the rest of them other loosers, I think ima block them, I can't keep on seeing stupid people going around commenting, I don't want to be stupid like them, so must avoid them
I _3 Guns & Ammo :)
I feel that Barbara Streisand is my spirit animal.
hahah I'm so great
I don't believe in instantaneous attraction.
chickensucking lucyl don;t make me add you to my lame list
I did...just about :P