Physically fit women have tighter vaginas
By CreativeCap
I'm curious to know if physically fit women have tighter vaginas? I have some guy friends who dated some female athletes»

Lol this is a little random but whatever
By Piscescrazy91
I looked at the sunsigns of the couples in my favorite romantic movies. The Notebook: Ryan Gosling- Scorpio Rachel»

Aries Female Taurus Male help ugh lol
By brklyn16
Okay i have been through every page on the taurus forum. needless to say im obsessed with astrology! Im an aries female»

duchessedenemoursHeaven or Hell
By duchessedenemours
From one of my favorite books "The Resilient Spirit": "What seems to matter in encountering the difficult circumstanc»

cancerroseHow to help my Sag mom?
By cancerrose
My mother is a sagittarius with a cancer moon, as a cancer myself I understand her sensitivity and emotions. As a mother»

By priderocky
leo females if you looking for someone to control you like you want someone crazy over you like "if you leave me i'll ki»

cancerroseHow to help my Sag mom?
By cancerrose
My mother is a sagittarius with a cancer moon, as a cancer myself I understand her sensitivity and emotions. As a mother»

Leo man
By christinelovessnickers this lion just super insecure or knows what he wants? Only one date. He text me later that night, didn't get»

The Signs in a Gif
By duchessedenemours
Aries: Taurus: Gemini: Cancer: Leo: Virgo: Libra: Scorpio(s): Sagittarius:»

Attention:Leo Sun/Cancer Venus/Scorpio Moon
By confusedInsane
Ok Lions a little help here! I've been reading up on what I can with Astrology, I like it..very interesting but I want t»

Friend-zoned Libra maybe unhappyFriend-zoned Libra maybe unhappy
I have this very good Libra friend ( Sagittarius rising, Capricorn moon) that I know fancies me and he has confessed tw


Happy Easter, Everyone!
Ah, I learn something new everyday Twinks. Cheers :)
Happy Ishtar Day!!! ^_^
When you know yourself and accept yourself, you find a resilience and inner confidence that no one can take from you. :) It's taken a long time to get here but life is about growth. I choose to keep on growing.
on one stressful night with no clear recourse, pent up energy finally seared off the top layers as doors were forced open. without fanfare, what felt essential was easily cast aside. the music i hear now was added in later as i reflect on bended knee.
It's a weed Tizzie! Lots of them grow on farms! Especially the pretentious ones. ;)
Oh i'm educated and i have a business degree, not a pretentious liberal arts degree that makes me read Kant and act like a bleep. Oh i only like real mexican food by real mexicans! Shut up farmer!
For the longest time I thought the name was Duchesse Demeanours. And to be honest I've gone 28 years without confirming what a "peony" actually means. Uneducated.
Duchesse de Nemours is the name of my favorite peony. Educate yourself!
"... what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun." Ecc. 1:9
happy 420 easter! Now I'ma toke about Jesus, for we must kief in mind that he has resin, and without him, weed have all ganja hell.
If I go MIA, it doesn't mean that anything's wrong. It just means I'm a Capricorn.;)
It's eternal server error. It happens sometimes. Delete it and start a new one. You are welcome!