ANY Capricorn woman that divorced Leo man?
By menamored
Why did you divorce? What brought you to this point? We're one sign in the zodiac that is loyal till death. ESPECIALLY,»

treetrunking. Help me. Before I explode.
By SuperMissMan If u wanna kno what happened. But anyways»

Leo Husband and Capricorn Wife (verge of divorce)
By menamored
Hello folks, Here's the deal. Both my husband and I have had major issues in our marriage. For the past year, he has»

AL4813Ladies.. Is this true????
By AL4813
And if so, what are your thoughts about it??»

Gemini74Tips for female gem organism
By Gemini74
Hey there!!! You know us gemini females take forever to orgamism in the sack. How does your mate tune into your pyschi»

True Or False?
By SpiceNSugar
Caps want the ones they can't have.»

By OwlPharaoh
how are you going to call someone brain dead when you watch tv, eat slaughted animals and a registered voter? damn»

Life is making me jaded and distrustful in human beings. Where is the light?
The TSA can suck my chicken.
@Tiz, I liked C4D. Couldn't do what I wanted to though. Zbrush is fun too.
Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey! Good morning World!!!
Why am I so tired? :( need a nap
Just quietly, I think we're embarking on the Next Great Adventure... =)
Mob Wives is ON Yesssssss! I love crazy ass Renee%@#Boom POW!!!
@Damous yeah it is lol stick with one just for a few months, if you like Blender though talk with EU about it. He knows a lot. I'm more on the C4D/Zbrush tip right now.
..:.all I know is that I know nothing.:..
after how to bang her series done with Aquarius and Pisces, I will do how a sign going to treetrunk with different signs
That should be the Crab motto next to "Get rich or die trying!"
Even when I lose, I'm WINNING.%@#Boom POW!!!
Pisces are scary. They can read my anxiety. I don't like that b!tter. Too much power Pisces. Too much power.
these out here underestimating Pisces, butter Virgo are the biggest cookiemonsteres in the zodiac, Pisces will have a backbone once snapped