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by ManilaVice
You're walking back to the hotel from the club when you decide to walk on the beach instead of the side roads. It's dark. Suddenly a pair of vascular man arms grab you from behind. The grip is strong, it's a bro rape about to happen, how do you survive?
by YourFavoriteDXPMember
With all this BS talk about "women are the same as men," and other such crap, I would like to know why women are excluded from mandatory military service. Think about it. If women can run around saying that they are the same as men, why not make fed
by dracula
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. Any insight would be appreciated. My compatibilities also would be appreciated, I am a male. From experience Cancer woman are too emotional. Dated many but loved Virgo, then May Gemini the most and now in a relationship w
by exxtasyx
Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce just performed. Beyonce looked kinda fat. Wish it would have been Britney.
by canmini
to Cancer women, I know some of you might get intrigue by Scorpio just to try and see, but I'm telling you, Scorpio men are not good for you, they will try to mentally abuse you and rape you, they can be abusive, and as a Cancer it can be difficult to ge
by tiziani
I'd like to open up for the very first time on something that has been a dark chapter in my life. My journey to conquering this addiction has made me compelled - compelled - to help other lost men who could lose themselves to it. There's a new tidal wav
by Illuminati
Met this guy a few weeks go, we've been on dates and he added me onto Facebook right away. I saw him kissing a girl on the street the other day and had a talk with him on the phone afterwards. He said that is his ex girlfriend. He broke up with her be
by bricklemark
Seems like the website of eternal beginners lol no offense

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Scotch, whiskey, congac, tequila, vodka, gin

Scotch, whiskey, congac, tequila, vodka, gin

Scotch, whiskey, congac, tequila, vodka, gin So curious which is your drink of choice / how does it effect you? Scotch - im mello Whiskey - I'm extra sassy Only time I drink vodka is for a dirty martini - sleep in like 30 min I dont drink the o

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face it Scorpios and Cancer are not a goodmatch really, Cancer should only deal with light easy going signs
the way beyonce stumbled happens to me all the times when I'm too invested in dancing. but she does not have sag mars. qoi? maybe aspect x, gel? out for those man-eating jackrabbits and that killer cacti
If you come to Florida, I'll give you one of the gazillion baby opposums that seem to be everywhere in my yard...
@cantgetenough me and my ex once owned rabbits. their so cute and adorable. but their like babies. you'll have to keep cleaning up their feishes like every single day.
I want to own an exotic pet.. like a fox or raccoon or something along those lines. animals are just lovely.
This life of ours is an enigma but as long as your eyes are opened you won't be confused.
I adore animals because Nature is beautiful. An owl warned me of danger before it happened. Animals should be our allies, not our fur coats or punching bags