Career Choice ?
By xvll27
I was a cop for two year then I studied microbiology but never enjoyed the career I have rejoined the police force start»

Cat Attacks Family
By CluelessCancer
LMAO Pet cat attacks Roseville family, 3 taken to hospital Dina Kupfer, and Ian Hill, News10 10:49 a.m. PDT April»

who is ruled spartans?
By afteryesterday
if ninja is made by scorp men and crusaders by cap men,how about spartans?samurai?apache?»

By LivingOnPorpoise
How protective are you of your crush? Any secret strife moments occurring in your head of what you will do if someone wh»

CuriousScorpioGalHurt Leo Man ... hurting other people
By CuriousScorpioGal
Please forgive me ahead of time this story is slightly long and slightly confusing. My leo man and I (scorpio) start»

Dead Space
By Sn1p3r187
I got this game for free off of I heard this butter is pretty scary from what people have told me. If there's»

ohnocrapIntereted In a VIRGO MAN help from CANCER GIRL
By ohnocrap
He "approached" me first. Befriended me on Facebook (has some friends i knew so i figured why not)also on instagram. 8 m»

Wanna get an Aries lass?
By Damnata
Be the man this chick is singing about :»

Ladies IYO Kelly or Kim
By strudel

Virgo Gemini moon + scorp venus
By FrothyShakes
I'm a Gemini and out of every guy I've been with he's been the best. What can be expected of his combo?»

Anyone see that new comercialAnyone see that new comercial
It's called poo-pourri, Lol I laughed uncontrollably when they said the remark about spouses, if you have not seen it yo


@certified Idk? Gender neutral?
Sancho, aren't you a chick? I mean...u can still have a wife and all...its just very confusing.
I just want a wife and home.
treetrunkin Dxp hecklers!
"This will be the hap hap happiest family Christmas since Bing Crosby danced with Danny treetrunking K"
3 day weekend!! and man do I need it too!
The lies run rampant today. Time to take out the trash!!
Oh DXP it's good to be back :)
I don't know whether I hate life or I love life, but I'm always confused about it. Like I want to feel bad, but I don't. I'm just here. Existing. Hoping for a Fapping moment.
you was cookiemonster in high school, no rep, no threat. riding my jacket like Ima hand off the fans at coat check..
I have nine exams within like the next two weeks #hyperventilating
LIMM I tip my hat to ye and offer you a o7...carry on lol :D
Maundy Thursday with one of my favourite movies: Humphrey Bogart + Lauren Bacall= The Big Sleep.
Hahaha...well played Ixion...well played indeed sir!