Scorpio tests
By christinelovessnickers
If you do them at all, why do you do it? Don't you think you will discover what you need to know in time?»

By Capricorn124
So everything was going great since my last post BUT when we made plans, I had to cancel due to family obligations and t»

Sorry Seraph!
By Ssupes

By bnr7013
Have any of you had someone force a friendship...or pursue you intensely to be friends? What sign were they? Maybe you p»

flowingwaterNo sex, cookiemonstery mood.
By flowingwater
I hope I'm not the only female but sex is very important me. My drive is pretty high. Need it everyday, 2x a day, every»

Born on the 22nd
By Ssupes»

degenerate_ingenueperiod of dormancy/emptiness?
By degenerate_ingenue
I suppose occasionally this occurs with me, but lately I have been increasingly desensitized regarding emotions. kind of»

Libra Alert
By Tauress
Part1 I have been reading this forum for the past month and I can't believe how much more I can understand Libra now (a»

What's Up with This Sag Man?
By thefierybull
I feel like this Sag man I'm crushing on is trying to make me jealous. I don't really know much about Sag men, and I don»

Why is Porn legal but Prostition illegal?
By Sugarfoot
Is there any legit reason for this?»

Why Are Pisces...
By ElTigre23
Considered "weak" by many others? I feel like they endure a lot. My aunt, for example, carries the weight of her entire»

Scorpio testsScorpio tests
If you do them at all, why do you do it? Don't you think you will discover what you need to know in time?


porn is from the pit of hell designed to keep men away from.God and enslaved to sin so go ahead and keep your eyes glued to unclean herpes stars and enjoy your.eternity away from hell.
Trying to be serious on this site tonight....but I just....can't..
As a gem... is it weird that know-it-all's bother me? I know nothing, Jon Snow.
Have a good day Gems!
I have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about
Don't hide behind a label given to you, good or bad. Own up to who you are
�My name,� said Odysseus �is Nobody for there is great powering in understanding the concept/worship of the "many faced god"
First Donald Trump and now Kayne... Canada, you sure are looking quite nice right about now.
My thoughts are playing tag with each other.
J COLLLLEEEEEEEEE. Deep. Top shelf mixtape.
Ill provide for my seed, im the soil. Ill teach him about loyalty. Ill teach him that his skin black like oil, thats for royalty.
At chillis getting my drink on
"The world I love, the tears I drop, to be part of the wave can't stop. Ever wonder if it's all for you..?"