I need your support fellow crabs
By cancergoddess143
Yes I know, Taurus and I were only together for 3 1/2 months but during that time I felt like I connected to my soulmate»

Venus in Aries cheaters? :((
By walkingonair
Dating a venus in Aries,Mars in Taurus,moon in cap.Are these cheating aspects? :((»

Sun-Moon Sex Quotes
By Andalusia
Virgo Sun / Cancer Moon: "You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer "yes" without having asked any clear qu»

KittenLaRougeHALF of Wild Animals destroyed in 40 years
By KittenLaRouge
Walruses have nowhere to go These 35,000 Walruses Are Suffering From Climate Change — And That's Just The Tip Of Th»

chitascorpio moon pisces moon connection? !?
By chita

Gemini girl confusing me
By LoveSeeker
Hey all,i need help i like this gemini girl and i don't know where i'm going with this.. Hey everyone. I met her two»

By xMoonMan
Went to the beach to watch the sunrise this morning, thought I'd share it..»

HELP with natal chart !
By chita
My sun is libra. Moon in pisces. Venus in scorpio. Mecury in scorpio. Jupiter in scorpio Mars in le»

Dating a Celebrity-ouuchhh
By Geminisces
http://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/news/a30825/what-its-like-to-date-a-celebrity/?click=_lpTrnsprtr_10 Thoughts?»

Man treats
By CreepyPants
I wanted to ask about your knowledge of the female anatomy. ... Jk... Q is... Aside from sex and sandwiches...»

Should we get a dog?Should we get a dog?
Mr. Cap and I have been together for a long time as you all know. (3 years) We've officially lived together for 3 months


Happy Birthday Mom! :)
Took care of # 5,000 APC
You are not allowed to add images
Im trying to add images but this site wont let me :-(
Memories haunted my soul..
Yes thighs are just as important. I don't want a broad with a Nicki Minaj type of body.
Wth, I've been at 4999 all day, can someone click my profile pls :D

Legs need to compliment the Ass. 10/10 Legs don't make a failure Ass.
A woman with a PHAT ass is my weakness.
My period came a week early without any notification, should i blame it for my bytchy attitude today, or is this just my usual. Urfff....
I thought he was talking about Nigeria. Yeah they're a good country.
Clammy hands. I need a bucket.
He means Nigeria I think, LOL