Guess my placements
By cookiem0nster
Ask me anything apart from my birthdate and I will answer If you can't guess my placements from those answers then I»

Cardinal cross...
By Damnata
.....You are awesome. Please stay around forever.»

Cap/Sags cusps (M) with Can/Leo cusps (F)
By AnyaRosa
are these two compatible? The guy boasts how they never fight. Seriously? Ever? Not to be a b-word but can't sta»

IrresistableScorpIf you are 40 years old or Older..this is for you.
By IrresistableScorp
Why don't you know how to analyze your own relationships by now? No. Seriously. Also, why don't you know when a man»

Aries04Never talk to your current about you exes
By Aries04
My current boyfriend gets in those phases sometimes, where he says he doesn't trust me, because I am being "secretive" a»

Libra blocked me after 2 years
By OneWonderDay
Well, hello. This is not gonna be a topic searching advice. I just want to get it off my chest. Now, it foreshadowed. A»

basariI'm a 16 y/o guy and I HATE being Pisces! Advice?
By basari
Hi. I'm a pisces guy and I hate it, because I want to be different. Pisces is the most feminine sign and I just feel l»

Could you date someone who is secretive and lies??
By truthgiver
Just as the topic says.. Could you be with someone who was secretive and told lies often? Which sign have you had exper»

Help finding my chart
By TheFightingCancerMan
Plz help me find my chart July 21 1992»

Immediate Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua
By KimberlyV65
Behold the Cross of the Lord Flee ye wicked adversaries The Lion of the tribe of Judah The Root of David has conquere»

What are Geminis like? (especially males)What are Geminis like? (especially males)
My son is turning one in about a month, and the more personality he shows the more I am interested in his chart. His sun


Weather forecast for tonight: dark.
Empathy Hurts.
Wishing this week would go by alil faster. :D
I think this Grand Cardinal Cross is gonna kick my ass. :-/
The Grand Cardinal Cross was a bust. The only thing I had to deal with was a cold shower at the gym, but that was bad enough. I was not born to rough it.
lol Ands... buyer's remorse! Roman Recommends complaints department has been on the phone all weekend
I'm feeling reckless
It is so cold & I'm not liking the feeling of my new coat. It's so heavy, it's like I have weights on my body. Maybe it'll make me lose the lovehandles!!

i dont want to go to sleep and i dont want to wake up.
It all comes down to one final effort. Ive never been so nervous, yet so willing, to succeed.
These refs need to officiate better..
I just love when things go on sale, and I still can't afford them (sigh)...
juicing is effin horrible i have no idea why they even have recipes when everything tastes like grass!