scorpio moon pisces moon connection? !?
By chita

Gemini girl confusing me
By LoveSeeker
Hey all,i need help i like this gemini girl and i don't know where i'm going with this.. Hey everyone. I met her two»

By xMoonMan
Went to the beach to watch the sunrise this morning, thought I'd share it..»

chitaHELP with natal chart !
By chita
My sun is libra. Moon in pisces. Venus in scorpio. Mecury in scorpio. Jupiter in scorpio Mars in le»

GeminiscesDating a Celebrity-ouuchhh
By Geminisces Thoughts?»

Man treats
By CreepyPants
I wanted to ask about your knowledge of the female anatomy. ... Jk... Q is... Aside from sex and sandwiches...»

fullwaterpiscesHow to apologize (succesfully) to a cancer
By fullwaterpisces
This forum seems to be very quiet, so I want to stir it up a bit, LOL!!!... SO... I've been trying to get my ducks i»

Is this any good?
By sinnderella2
Hey guys. I've been dating a guy for 2 months . Can anyone tell me any insights into this pairing? I want to know what i»

How do you react upon knowing someones sign?
By QuiitePlausible
Based off your own previous life ordeals please. Have at it. Here are mine. 1 Aries I will assume that you will»

Libra Man Taurus Woman problem?
By fingirl31
My boyfriend and I are in our 30s. We've been officially together for over a year but on and off before that. By "on a»

By Geminisces
ephemeral (ɪˈfɛmərəl) adj 1. lasting for only a short time; transitory; short-lived So,what did you think of»

Memories haunted my soul..
Yes thighs are just as important. I don't want a broad with a Nicki Minaj type of body.
Wth, I've been at 4999 all day, can someone click my profile pls :D

Legs need to compliment the Ass. 10/10 Legs don't make a failure Ass.
A woman with a PHAT ass is my weakness.
My period came a week early without any notification, should i blame it for my bytchy attitude today, or is this just my usual. Urfff....
I thought he was talking about Nigeria. Yeah they're a good country.
Clammy hands. I need a bucket.
He means Nigeria I think, LOL
Kimchi x
sn1p3… that is like asking which snowflake is the prettiest. ;) They are all unique.
Which is the best country in Africa?
Happy Birthday to the best nation in Africa. 9ja! We no dey carry last o!
DEM shades ands B)