**Happy Birthday, SwimmingLioness**
By seraph
Happy Birthday to a beautiful soul, a fiendishly clever wit, and a Lioness heart filled with Light. Have a beautiful»

Female Scorpio Psyche
By JoeyKRV
Im a Cancerian male that is deeply in love with a Scorpio. However, I dont know her as much as I would like too. Her wo»

Leos...funniest people...
By TaurusLovesScorpio
random texts my Leo brother sends me: > When aliens finally invade the planet, the decision on whether or not to harv»

ImpulsvFeeling nostalgic
By Impulsv

IAmMystifiedBig Bang Theory
By IAmMystified
For those familiar with the show do you think Sheldon Cooper is an aquarius. He acts. 80% of the way my aqua friend»

By MissLouiseM
Ok heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere goes big breath. Ok well I have been seeing this man for about three months. Mostly it's been»

Nala13Ebola coming to US
By Nala13
Who exactly makes these decisions? I'm just wondering. I dont know if the patients should or should not come home. I»

Cancer Man confused about Scorpio Woman
By JoeyKRV
So I met this Scorpio girl in my college and the first time I saw her I was dumbfounded by her unreal, majestic and myst»

Petless Users and Pets You'd like to Have but Can'Petless Users and Pets You'd like to Have but Can'
i feel your pains I've never had a pet like a dog or a cat (short sob-story), but I had two birds I didn't/don't inte


Some Americans are truly ignorant. It's piteous. Africa as a whole is not some sickly continent. No, we don't all have incurable diseases. To believe that is beyond stupid. That would be like me thinking all of you are retarded fools based on a few encoun
=( having tough work day... need ice cream - 1 litre STAT
Libra guy that cancelled his date on me had the nerve to ask me for nudes. Lol okay.. then bye
Wearing a rebel button. Yup it's that night to run around the house with no socks on. Who can punish me now!!
It's only a defense mechanism
Come to you, Live and Uncut from the Apple Store.
Mars transit spinning around in my 8th house,I feel kinda dizzy!!! :)
I have a headache.
The truth is like a lion… you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose-- it will defend itself. St Augustine
Theme of today: Tweet - "Oops (Oh My)".
Mars is spinning around in my 8th house,I feel kinda dizzy!! :)
Rated R....Reckless, Restless, Rarely Relaxed.
would rather be sleeping or day dreaming than working today! /sad face