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by SensitiveBlues
we dated like 15 years ago, then we were on skype 3 years ago, all lovey dovey, until he froze me out for telling him he was too sex driven....then he came back..but i was already topsy turvy over a Virgo what does he want? should i respond. he's
Hi Everyone, I was dating a cancer man since the last 5 months.I am a scorpio woman he was crazy about me. Initially in the starting everything was very good but then he started becoming distant and i was very suspicious so things turned , before he used
by Finbuff
the season of Cancer? I feel it quite a bit this year...vibrant, like I'm full of life - larger than life. World seems beautiful. I feel it every year to a degree, but this year more than the last couple. Maybe it's the full moon coming, with my Cancer as
by Thouroboros
First of all, let's be clear - I'm no troll, nor am I an idiot. Don't talk down to me like one. I'm also not joking, but I'm not burning with desire to know the answer - I'm purely curious. And if you don't give me a legitimate or serious response, then i
by moondust
what can you tell me about this placement? how does it work with an air sun? is it compatible with Gemini Mars? (do you even analyze the compatibility between Mars signs? lol)
by VirgosRcoool92
First off Hi! Everyone, I'm new here and excited but I'll get right to it :( I'll make this as short as possible because I personally hate seeing super long questions. Okay. My ex gf broke up with me basically saying she doesn't feel the same way about m
by Foreverloveme
For those who describe Capricorns as being boring, what do you consider fun? I travel, I've done roller coasters, para-sailing, rode on the back of a motorcycle, concerts, festivals, movies, dinner, bars/clubs, sporting events, horseback riding, sex ou
by sunkisses26
Lets Roast the Signs! okay so these are the rules: 1.don't take this personally 2. don't be a dick and pick on one sign! 3. If you can dish you gotta be able to take it! so I guess I will go first! Aries: bossy, egotistical motormouth is as a

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Raining at the beach all day. I've got a kilo of wet weather gear on!! Sands not in my crack today.
I can't sleep
Dedicated to you know who you are :)
It's Rock'o'Clock DeeExPuddin's
I hope you have smooth rocks then. Seriously though this smuggling event was a fail. I hope rick doesnt come back.
LOL! I live in Vegas.. what lawn? It will blend in with the rocks!
@justagirl Oh man....the delivery will be stale then. Well he'll wait. It's not like he has much of a choice. I hope you don't like your lawn too much.