just messy
By warmwaters
Ive just been suppressing this for a while but this voicemail got me. I stopped seeing this scorpio sun, moon, venus be»

By sushmitais4eva
Taurean and i brokeup but things are still hanging. http://www.dxpnet.com/opinion/taurus/confused-taurean-5296495.as»

Ever feel like running away?
By brianafay
Especially once you've really committed to everything? Ugghhh I know that's a dumb question. Of course every other»

beautifuldiasterDifference between Composite & Synastry
By beautifuldiaster
I looked up both these charts of my parents and I need advice. 1) Do orbs matter? (say, I only use strong orbs unless»

Angel1177Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon
By Angel1177
Hi everyone...I started dating a Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon man over the summer and let's say these have been the most inten»

Why are Capricorns so concerned with.....
By e11e
how they come off? This seems to be a theme. I've seen it here (and it popped in my mind again because of the thread»

RabbitRepublicans "The Conservative Party"
By Rabbit

hardcore pawn
By BlackNova

hey guys? need some names
By daydreamer22
Hi. I had a really really scathing past. I hurts me to even think about it. It was traumatizing. So I am leaving everyt»

understand scorp male (virg moon libra venus)
By deelia
FIRST TIME POSTING. Hi I'm a 21 year old taurus female with sag moon and Taurus Venus. I met Scorpio two years ago»

To the pisces men
By Goldie27
You pisces guys seem to send mixed signals and be cold to the opposite sex, is this love or hate?»

Aquarius vs Scorpio...Aquarius vs Scorpio...
Aquarius female here...I'm just wondering why I always attract scorpios into my life? And why so many of them try to pic


Aquarian master race checking in...
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe you can count on me to misbehave
why is it that when you're super tired, everything hurts? my skin hurts, my clothes hurt, my eyes are burning. can I just be plain ol' tired? ;~; k I'm done whining.
bored... misbehaving...
cleaned… all… day…………. -_-
my reaction to scared straight, lol nope but you tried
too bad Almost Human only lasted one season .. that brunette cop was kinda cute #pooroutalittleliquor
It's hard to see the future when your looking down cause you doubt every step you take #wordsmith #givethisguyamedal #iinspiredghandi
you can't care about things that don't care about you, life is about give and take
out of state interview in a few days and i can't even be excited about it -_-;
I go to the thirstiest Uni in america. Even this snow can't quench their thrist
North node in Aquarius, letting go off the need to be in control and relax,
LOL my cancer sis, threatened to castrate her new man if he think about two timing. Good. Scare away the scum.
"When I give, I give myself" Walt Whitman