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by shimada
Hi guys, thought would appreciate some thoughts from Taurus people here. I'm a Scorpio girl and I met a Taurus guy late last year. He was in town for a short project and was leaving the country. We met through some acquaintances, and before long, we fell
by YourFavoriteDXPMember
With all this BS talk about "women are the same as men," and other such crap, I would like to know why women are excluded from mandatory military service. Think about it. If women can run around saying that they are the same as men, why not make fed
by skyeop
I've read some great posts about love on here and some interesting and enlightening ones on cheating. Some studies report that even if a man or woman says that they are happy in a relationship, that he/she may still cheat. I think that if you are happ
by ElTigre25
Do you feel people you find attractive should be nice(er) to you? I feel there is some psychology behind this. Are attractive people held to a higher standard? If you believe that someone who is attractive should be equally kind or have a 'pleasing
by Magenta_Azure
Any fishes on antidepressants? And smoking weed? I just got prescribed some. I'm still in denial. Haven't taken any cuz I don't wanna treetrunk myself up. :(
by rinx
Hey ladies of dxp out of curiosity how would you react knowing your significant other has a specific "type" that you feel you might not exactly embody?
by leorisingpiscesmoon
Having a conversation with my friends and the question came up about plus size women and one of the guys said plus size women are the easiest targets for manipulation, cause they will never get a date? So men what do you think?

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What is your favorite flavor?

What is your favorite flavor?

i love mango flavor. in anything really. give me mango flavor juice, soda, candy, ice cream, mango fruit and even mango flavored cake, if there's even such a thing as mango cake. i'm just a sukka for mango flavor. pineapple too.

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