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by KittenLaRouge
5 minute mechanical sex with no emotion. treetrunking you all is like treetrunking a machine at the gym or better yet a cardboard box. Just wam bam thank you mam. Water signs run circles around you in the sex department because this thing called emotions that you a
by Ands2016
by KittenLaRouge
He made love to me for hours never taking his lips off of mine. Let me sit on his face for a good 45 min until i squirted. He's been my lover for a good 9 months now and it just keeps getting better and more emotional and passionate every time. This man i
by blackphase
I withdrew the venom from your veins that the harsh world supplied you. Unaware the contamination would bequeath me and I'd have no one to retract the toxins I submerged myself in.
by LunarMaiden
by LuckyLibra979
They get overlooked a lot and written off with simple explanation. They're more important and powerful than they seem. The sextiles are so underrated.This is a strong aspect it just gets overlooked a lot. The trines, are a gift. You don't even have to
by FrostAndBite
Where do you draw the line? I was listening to this Gem Sun (unsure of moon, either Libra/Scorp) talk about this woman he dated who was engaged. He knew she was, she turned him down at first, telling him she was engaged. He replied "It's just coffee."

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what the treetrunk

what the treetrunk

Are y'all doing to ppl! Got damn every other thread is about my cancer my cancer my cancer geez u ppl must got cocaine in y'all gential area


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human beans!
Hehehehe (my work is done)
No! Scorpios to not do that!!
hello ! im a cancer woman too with moon in gemini
Why is there like no insight on leo sun, virgo moon & aqua sun, taurus moon????
My boyfriend met my family