Detest changes but what i detest being pushed into
By VenusStar
changes by others and circumstances simply so i'm not left behind. smh. Sad thing is the only thing that is consistant»

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman
By Slicks
Harassment or compliments Thoughts?»

why are people being so hostile on dxpnet?
By ZelaleZ
Ever since I first posted here, I have seen hostile reactions from many users (not all, but the majority). Then, I've no»

mindofaquariusAquas - do we have a bad ego?
By mindofaquarius
Do we have a bad ego? What would be a punch in your ego balls? List your AC, moon & mars Me: AC: leo Moon cap Ma»

HotbeefySaturn Scorpio Transit
By Hotbeefy
Although there's many threats about this but.. What we have made to go through with this planet is quite hectic. Not»

cancer man and sag woman
By richie8813
my placement sun: cancer moon: leo rising: libra venus: cancer mars: taurus my girlfriend's placement sun:»

caster721How To Get Away With Murder....!!!
By caster721
I decided to post this here coz I think Prof Annalise Keating is a Scorpio or has lots of Scorpio elements.... For those»

Capricorn gifs?
By StellaKitty

By process
no one takes her seriously she is a Troll and a bully, this is intellectual discussions, not getting emotional because y»

Gentle Pisces Music/Musicians
By time2
Patty Griffin - The Rowing Song - can a song be any more fishy than this? A great song unheard by most. https://www.y»

MGR: RevengeanceMGR: Revengeance
Anyone played it? I'm happy they made a game revolving around Raiden as he's been my favorite character, but it seems mo


Being romanced by the sign I'd least expect, and liking it... what a baffling season!
i am tired of encountering arrogance. its exhausting.
@juke +1 on your update. Well said. :)
small acts with much love. that helps shed the layers.
happy :-)
Basically. My P U S S Y is Tight BYTCHES.
Put you on lockdown and break up the La familia. Maintain a lifestyle that they created and delivered on. Take a vaccine for everything that you need crops born with disease even veggies make you bleed.
Had another one of my weird dreams again this morning. This time I was in battle... in a large living room. Fighting to the death using steak knives. Hmmm, how do you interpret something like that?
Secret societies have been a secret for centuries now being exposed by their own robotic infantry achieved through mind control taking your soul defenselessly.
this is the only time i really feel alive i want to wrap it up and swim in it until i drown my moral standing ls lying down nothing quite like the feel of something new maybe im all messed up in you
Adapt the dark and just admire the light. Learn the truth but believe lies in the night. Torus energy flowing through us like synergy the dead has arisen and life is becoming history but...eventually........none of it will be a mystery.
I'll let go of the feelings but I'll keep the lessons.
no way man! I was in college for 9 years!!!