Hair colouring
By starlover
I have found a product called *herbal time* (no it aint that lol) It is a natural hair colour with henna and has no»

Happy Birthday RomRom
By cilantro
you're a pain in the neck, and a weirdo. yet, I wouldn't change a thing about you. you're perfect, just the the w»

MC in sag
By virgorillaa
I have midheaven in sag but i dont know what that mean lol (im astorology illiterate) so could you guys give me insights»

randomthrowawayConfused regarding Scorpio man's behavior.
By randomthrowaway
Just a side note: The country we are in is quite conservative so this information will be of help later on in the post.»

kikayaWait it out or move on?
By kikaya
I was dating his cancer man since easly november last year. He said at the beginning that he only had romantic interest»

How important is your partners salary?
By beautifuldiaster
I have had experiences with a Taurus male whom admitted me wanted to marry a woman who makes as much or money than he di»

theloveletterdamn you sags make phenomenal music... ♡
By theloveletter
Between Breaths (An XX Perspective):»

Has anyone ever tried/cooked Quinoa?
By LeoLady0724
Hey everyone! Thanks for reading. So, I read somewhere quinoa is so healthy & I wanted to try it. I bought this bag &»

Emilia Clarke apperciation thread
By b1tchcrafts
adorable Scorpio sun leo moon!!!! I loverrrr herrr.»

How to Pursue a Pisces Man?
By Dianasart
I have never been involved with a Pisces before so I know little about persueing one. I met this handsome Pisces thro»

Recurrent murder dreamRecurrent murder dream
I always have the same nightmare. Someone, anyone, or they - the situation is the only thing that's variable - is/are ou


That moment the sext guy from the club tells you his birthday is in May and you pray he's a taurus and not a gem. Lorrrrd!
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
Chopped off my hair today and i also have a interview tomorrow ughhh.
where did that stoya video go? wanted to check it XD
I don't always believe in god. But when I do, it's after a pregnancy scare :D
The only celestial body that pulls you through this spring and summer is Jupiter in Leo and then Virgo.
I am like Brian, ya'll are like Quagmire.
it's wonderful when you have to write a 10 page paper before Monday
Rips le hair out
unfriended was cool except all them hood cookiemonsteres hollering the whole time.
“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”
True Story was a damn good movie! :D
hai guise!
it's so hot where are kim and firebunny to fan me??