Do Cancer men get mad when female friend dates?
By PureAries
Do Cancer men get mad when their close female friends start dating / get into a serious relationship? If so, how do the»

Capricorn girls in demand for marriage It seem?
By Pensive
I am amazed to see most of the better lot guys that i have known in my life are married to capricorn girls. And when i s»

By lisabethur8
what do you think, ladies?? do you believe these men are sex-crazed? or do you believe it's an addiction or they need»

YourFavoriteDXPMemberEpic Films that you love to watch many times....
By YourFavoriteDXPMember
There are so many epic films out there that most people haven't even heard of, let alone seen. So my question to you»

aquavita8Xtina is 11gie woman
By aquavita8

What should I do to surprise a cancer woman
By TheJoker
Do tell.»

Impulsvtaurus gamers
By Impulsv
U know who u are, the unevolved who thrive on the confusion of their prospectives. met several IRL who need to bring peo»

By centaurScorpion11
I have never been with a Taurus so I was worried at first, we met online, things are going great been together over two»

Can a Scorpio go after a man her friend like(d)
So there's a Scorpio girl, she is pretty attractive and CRAZY but I don't know why I am SOOOOO attracted to her. I want»

Leo's Great Dad's???
By AL4813
Lions love their kids and have pride in them.»

Aries Man and Public Flattery
By natural25
I am currently getting to know an Aries man. He is going through a really stressful situation with work, but he has rema»

Uranus dominant lets investigateUranus dominant lets investigate
I wonder if someone here also have uranus dominant or atleast a strong placement (I was inspired by Venus dominant topic


I love rain when I plan to be inside but this is demotivating for anything!:(
Very sorry for your loss Phantom **positive energy your way to help during this difficult time for you and yours**
Find what you love and let it kill you.
Yes Virgo, a Libra. Good to know your trolling. Since your blocked on everything I hope you don't surface here. Not my safe place. Please GTFO! We done here✋🚫
Did Elle delete ?
Elle?! :_
Querer, dentro del corazon, sin pudor, sin razon, con el fuego de la pasion.
Rent is due, rent is due. Here come the excuses. Gahhhhhh!!😩
dxp is a lesson in patience...I'm failing!
Type fake pimpin hoes at my new job, loving it
If I could, I'd tear out my heart so that I can sleep one night through.
Lost one of the most important people in my life tonight... Not sure how to feel other than lost. I love you, grandpa. See you on the other side.
i wanna hold your hand
PotheadVirgo- I hope you are ok that was well interesting