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by RainDancer
Do you eat/like tomatoes? I need a yes or no and your gender. I've never met a man who liked em. What gives?
by fullwaterpisces
So? what to do? or better not do anything? I mean what do you all expect, how do you think the other person will react?
by RealConnection92
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and new to dating as well lol. I've recently met this BEAUTIFUL libra woman at my job and my question is how do i tell if she likes me or on the way to liking me. I'll give you guys the full details lol. She's been at my jo
by Damnata
*shakes fists at layna*
by hollyhock
Why is it that the Baby Boomer generation seems to get whatever they want in life? What makes this so astrologically?
by MoonArtist
......and it's a wonderful thing! One of the few places where something like a highway sing a long will get people on the freeway having a blast.
by Curiousram
So I had to take a tb test for a job and my biggest phobia is needles, it was awful. Long story short I almost fainted afterwards and felt like I had to vomit. Biggest phobia ever it made me have an anxiety attack. What's weird is the needle poking isn't
by QueenCryssy
Im a Pisces female, my fiancé and I are expecting our first child in December. I am very skeptical about continuing our relationship because he is very emotionally unstable and can tend to be possessive. Im a escapist and when I get upset I like to have

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Jupiter opposite Chiron ~~ the quest for truth
42 minutes
" Love is very very extraordinary "
67 minutes
Perpetually smudged eyeglass lenses. <-what Mercury Rx feels like to me. bleghh. bye felicia.
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70 minutes
*dancey dancey*
108 minutes
What is love without lust; what are we without trust?
2 hours
2 hours
Mercury ~ this way ~ >>>>>>>>>>>>>
4 hours
I like the new delete account function.
5 hours
I think I have a lot of similar facial features to michael jackson post op
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