VIRGO VANISHED - completely confused!
By virgoloveer
I'm a Libra, have been slowly talking to a Virgo for over a year, he took me out on a date (after a year!) and we had a»

Dating a cap- .mixed actions that I can't preceive
By irishminx
Hey, I'm a Scorpio female, 31 y.o. that met a 37 y.o. Capricorn about 6 weeks ago. And it's been great, the last 5 week»

Can anyone read my vedic chart?
By Curiousram

CluelessCancerHow do Virgos Miss people?
By CluelessCancer
Or do you? When i miss someone it's from the depth of my innards... curious»

LibraSidI Will Read Your Breasts. Post A Frontal Nude Pic.
By LibraSid
In honor of the face reading thread. I can only hope this one gets as many replies. D: Oh, and unlike that thread th»

Let's get kinky...
By lildol
What do you consider kinky? Doesn't necessarily mean you would engage in such and may be over the top for you personally»

By Huldra
Share yours.»

Pisces body types
By warmwaters
People say significant pisces placements become overweight with age. Maybe this is with all water signs. I don't have»

this guy is confusing me
By ArtemisPrime
Well okay, I met this guy on an online dating site about a month ago. He messaged me and it wasnt exactly him writing me»

By IllaLupus
Of course genetics are a main cause in what you look like.. But can astrology effect it too? I was thinking about legs..»

call all my boo thangs on my birthday
I keep reading how men do this and they actually get somewhere with this bullbutter. So im going to try it. im going to»

Gemini theme songGemini theme song
too all the Gemini out there, you guys are the biggest Mack oh yeah Trump at the end


Still see brown X (
dear pisces moon of mine: shut it.
Listening to Nat King Cole. Let it Snow. This feels good!
this place is getting gross again.
After 5 days of lockjaw, I'm finally getting my wisdom tooth pulled. Also, Happy Birthday Sagittarians!
"How you gonna win when you ain't right within?"
Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed, and passed over When I've looked right through, see you naked but oblivious. And you don't see me.
How did people function before DXP?
You came, and I needed you, You cooled the fever of longing that racked my heart.
venusaquarius... thats great! im so happy for you ;)
My totem animal is Romz.
Studies show that eccentrics live longer and happier lives than conformists
men that won't eat their girl kitty are the lamest, and this is coming from a real man