Convoluted expectations lead to heartbreak.
By aquarius09
I didn't think women like this existed, but they really do. I thought women who came on dxp whining about men disappeari»

Any Caps ever have a Pisces boss?
By truecap
We just got a new manager that is a pisces and wondering if any of you caps have ever worked for a pisces before. This w»

Illegal aliens make vid demanding free healthcare
By Blood ft. Water

starwarsScorpio cs scorpio?!
By starwars
Two of my friends are scorps and they had a "debate" where they throw blunt comments at each other. They're so savage lo»

KinglyCrabYour moon and you.
By KinglyCrab
It's said being the lunar citizens we are that we are more like our moon signs and that we show it more often especially»

Bad Bosses
By Resurrected
Can some of my fellow Pisces tell me how they dealt with bad bosses, evil spirit bosses, petty contagious bosses? You k»

flauraVirgo chick crushing on my fish...
By flaura
You may or may not have seen my previous thread - about a nice fish I met and felt like I was getting vibes from. An»

Going to movies with Virgos
By MeanBug
I tried, I was so patient, but I had to walk out mid-movie. Twice. And go watch something violent and dark.»

those people who date til some one better comes
By downstairsmixup
ALright, I haven't interacted with my fellow fire mars often in my life, I've noticed the people I am close to have wate»

Pisces that hates other pisces
By piscesthathatesotherpisces
Seriously, I'm a Pisces and I honestly can't stand any of you like any of the other zodiacs. Self-pity, Being stuck in t»

Immaturely winning!
By Aqu@Libra
Update, *Tarzan voice* Me Libra, him Aqua. We happy! :-D I have been battered on here, especially by... You know who»

Does this Gemini Girl like me?Does this Gemini Girl like me?
This Gemini Girl she knows I like her and we are already going out... though she's the semi-traditional kind... her las


Emotions should be concentrated like a laser.
Laws control the lesser man... Right conduct controls the greater one.
No 'private profile' option? How exposing..
Where's my Avi?
aqua knocked on my window with a chinese take out, he's the real mvp. #goals
If you are confused with the situations you are in, unconfuse yourself and walk away!
The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.
I don't actually know anything really, but when I do, I know too much.
What an utter load of crao
What the??
porn is from the pit of hell designed to keep men away from.God and enslaved to sin so go ahead and keep your eyes glued to unclean herpes stars and enjoy your.eternity away from hell.
Trying to be serious on this site tonight....but I just....can't..
As a gem... is it weird that know-it-all's bother me? I know nothing, Jon Snow.
Have a good day Gems!