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by YourFavoriteDXPMember
What's awesome? This is AWESOME!!!
by 1stTierReadings
...and the least?
by Kodak375
4 Poundz is the human representation of how humanity is capable of producing music that can bring the whole world together in peace, by making beats so dope that they transcend all race and class whilst tearing the starry vault asunder to reveal the face
by MetaphoricBliss How do others respond to your energy? For some reason people act strange/slightly nervous around me.. Not sure if I'm overanalyzing this but it's just something
by retrogradexy
Post relevant aspects and ill do my moji to find your soulmate within 24 hours. This is once-in-a-life-time opportunity. Miss out or don't. The force is strong atm.
by GreyWiz
Do you guys hate us? How much?
by MiZLeo
I was having a fun text conversation with my Pisces man today. We were playing back and forth and at one point I tell him that I'm doped up on a lot of medication today (I've been sick since Saturday) and that if I say anything weird to ignore it. So...
by Kodak375
It really blows my mind that there are a lot of old people out there who think like my teenage brother. Like no plan, no awareness, no perception of anything around them.

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people are now FINALLY done with whining over their virgos, its the crabs turn lol
3 hours
Still would. I'd bounce on that gut like a swiss ball.
3 hours
Messsing with ya almost burned my chicken in the oven. hahaha
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Taurus sun Virgo moon
5 hours
A person can only give so much for a certain amount of time and then the light bulbs comes on with the quesition "what am I doing here? Love should not be this difficult."
6 hours
My bf is a Taurus. We are like sisters. I'm talking about the Bull I am seeing. Yes men are insecure. You are right about that but a secure womann can try over and over again for so long until the time comes to leave it alone.
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