Scorpio guy...
By Cancer Lady
has me confused! Okay we work together and he started pursuing me giving me those infamous stares, stalking my every mov»

I'm on my drake mode
By virgoking
I'm in my feels right now lol been catching myself disappearing on women I talk to them for maybe a day or 2 and than I»

Certain Ascendant signs to me, look like animals..
By exxtasyx
Leo Ascendants look like lions or cats... Scorpio Ascendants look like snakes or eagles/birds: Caprico»

DualNaturedIIDebelah Morgan Born -September 29, 1977
By DualNaturedII Good Evening My Libra Darlings, Wondering if you know this singer who came out in th»

crimsonxsoleillets be honest
By crimsonxsoleil
question for the ladies of this sign. when you find out that your ex is dating someone else, do you stalk that person»

Pluto Aspects should hurt
By SirHorns
One of the least understood factors in astrology is that there is no such thing as a good Pluto aspect; there is only a»

Sag89Do You treetrunk Your Girl On The Rag?
By Sag89
Do you feel her pain? Her cramps? Make love to her with her blood all over you and than bring her to orgasm to help?»

Windows 8?
By Sn1p3r187
I don't like it. One of my laptops run it, my gaming rig runs on 7. It feels too overly complicated and feels out of pla»

Fun game
By Cmccask1
You all herd of "Build a Bear" right? If you could build a woman or build a man how would he/she be? What sign would he/»

Dinosaur zodiac?
By Sn1p3r187
Tyrannosaurus / Leo Dilophosaurus / Gemini Diplodocus / Libra Tianyulong / Virgo Parasaurolophus / Capricorn Theriz»

thank you baddass sam simonthank you baddass sam simon
(Reuters) - Hollywood mogul and co-creator of The Simpsons, Sam Simon, has bought a chinchilla farm in Southern Californ


Harem pants for a wedding...
Some of you people need a journal...
i feel like my life is retrograde
Breh bruh.. Lame as fk. America is 12 years behind the rest colloquially... Cyborgs lol
I noticed that baristas are some of the most liberal, chatty, flirtatious, fun people I deal with. They must love their job, unlike health care professionals. F.vkk, I'm in the wrong field!
A+ essay ryt dur!
cc I think there is difference betwen yankee redneck white supremacist and white unsuspecting his wown racism as well as big hearted whites. when I first came to usa and went to college of my essays was "why I believe I m balck even my skin is white".
Life is better when under stress...-Aries Moon.
I can't see myself marrying a white person, i couldn't live with the idea that i'm married to someone inherently racist. I wouldn't want my children to be affected by their psychosis. I'm so good. No thank you. Good enough to treetruk maybe, marry? I rather DI
life is f**kin good
Just perfect!