Twisted Story for Twisted Minds
By stillwat3r
This young man about 18-20 years old is living with his three sisters all alone. With his mother in jail and father dead»

Pisces - The Basquiats of the Zodiac
By tiziani
"There is more truth in what was omitted than in what you actually heard." When you think about who came up with bold»

Curious...Which signs stare?
By bananaonionjuice
I'm talking about straight up locking eyes and showing your interest directly through an intense stare. Obviously one»

queenMXHow do I know my moon and my rising?
By queenMX
Birthday 2/20/93 born at 4:00 Am... is that all that I need to know?»

jeannegreyDecision TIME
By jeannegrey
Its been decided. I signed the contract... I am going. I waffled and waned and now I am ready to go---- packed up ever»

Taurus moon
By honeejr
Having a Taurus Moon will give me some Taurus qualities.....and it does. I am look for words and actions to meet up and»

IllusenTaurus and lingering feelings of love
By Illusen
Do Taurus people tend to hold onto feelings for a very, very long time? Do they get angry at themselves for doing the w»

First impressions
By honeejr
Do you know by a few moments of small talk if a person is worth your time? Or do you give it more time before writing o»

Dating Aries Man
By renee148
I'm a Aries and it's my first time dating a Aries Man .Do anyone have any advice for me.»

By Rabbit
I was scolded last night for not listening to my intuition well enough. Does anyone else find they try to suppress th»

Saturn Transits
By starlover
One of my exes was telling me he feels very anti social and doesn't want to mix with anyone. I said i would check his t»

I wake up and put on my make-up and am off to work, looking fresh and put together. Come 11am, I look at myself in the


Finally found a girl you couldn't impress, I see right through you like you're bathing in windex
lol get out of her ass clinger
Ayahuasca, anyone familiar?
@SSasy did get you get my msg from the other day. I did my best to help you. I guess you over that situation. I wish you the best
The warmth coming from the Scorpio board is making me happy to be one _3
Happy Hump DAY! lol *Air Thrusts*
Hell's Kitchen is an interesting show. But I strongly dislike the poodle faced, loud mouth, Gordon Ramsay. Such a bully. Some people with power, fame & money can be real arses sometimes.
hahaha dem damn beautiful villains, nem!
lmao. fox, i read the "villains" are to get checked!
Ughh the villas in jamaica look beautiful.
up all night doing typical pisces fasion thinking
I love my job! :)
dxpnet2 --> replaced dxpchat2 :)
It was my own design and sharpie you wouldn't care to ask