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by HouseCleaning
who is Alyssa Sharpe? i am a staunch defender of this forum and community, i say that with my laughter aside. apparently she is dissatisfied with the people here discussing her. it doesn't seem like she has been back since. Here is one of Sharpe's pos
by Greentea
It cheating if you sleep with another woman while in a relationship with a man? - Men, if your woman slept with another woman, would you consider it cheating even if it was with another woman, and not with a man like yourself. Would it bother/hur
by CantGetEnough
(conjunct,trine,sextile,opposite, or square) Intense, passionate, explosive, and overwhelming are understatements !!! treetrunk. My heart is on fire. Do you have this aspect natally? ( Does it feel like you're dying when you're in love? Are you
by adoreU
Scattered brains. chickeny to the point of delusion. Liars. Low standards. Cheaters. Superficial. You think everyone's in love with you (hehe nah we all just want to trtrk because we know how yall get down). Indecisive. You flirt with everyone yet wonder why p
by Taureye
For me it's staring into the sky, laying down. Especially if i can find a place where i can see the stars. Suddenly i forget about everything, and just feel the essence and the beauty of this world. The higher i am watching and staring i.e. hilltop or cli
by DangerousCurvesAhead
I have been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year. We are both 24. I live with 3 roommates and he lives with his parents and siblings. His family is extremely close knit and while I admire it, I feel as though it's putting a strain on our relations

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Ladies, when it comes to nails...

Ladies, when it comes to nails...

Definitely invest in Karma Organic's nail strengthener and Mineral Fusion's base coat for a natural french manicure look!!! Both are cruelty-free, and they add that beautiful, youthful and natural sense to your own nails! What I do is, I let my nails g

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Tammy90 should be named spammy90. Reported.
Why does the Crab with a Stinger Moon keep leaving? I wanted to get to know him. Hmph.
sometime last year an hacker helped to hack my cheating spouse and he did the hack successfully if you need his services you can contact him via email which is cyberkahn12 at gmail dot com
How life disrespects me.
Nevermind. Figured it out and found it by doing the search directly on her page. I AM GOING TO TELL ON YOU LOLZ
(con't) ...I can laugh at myself.
I love Alyssa Sharpe. She made it so much more entertaining to learn about astrology and she seems so bang on the money when it comes to her rants about signs, they cracked me up. I laughed at the What I Hate About Taurus because it was hilarious, I can l