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by scorpx3
Do you scorpio ladies prefer long hair, medium hair or short hair - and why? I've always worn my hair very long (touching nearly the end of my tailbone) but recently cut it. I love medium length hair where it hits the middle of your back (or is that c
by LunarMaiden
You know what to do! :) I've got them, you've got them, let's share them all. Our joys, sorrows and whatever life t
by SagGirll
So here's the thing. I unintentionally make this libra guy upset over my jokes when he's been busy/stressed with his works. I already text him i'm sorry, just joking, but he ignored my text. I didn't text him after that so we're not talking for almost 2 w
by carbiccap612
A few months ago I found out that a friend of a friend (an Aries guy) has had a huge crush on me for the past year and a half, secretly speaking about how much he was attracted to/into me to other friends who kept mum about it. Shortly after that, me and
by Wynter
by leorisingpiscesmoon
Having a conversation with my friends and the question came up about plus size women and one of the guys said plus size women are the easiest targets for manipulation, cause they will never get a date? So men what do you think?
by scorpx3
Just sayin 😪😔😞 Why do you Taureans havs to be such busy bodies?!! (rhetorical question lol)

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I do my best work at night, my thoughts are just clearer...deeper, more in tune with the vibrance of my soul. I wish the night would last longer.
@lunarmaiden Don't we all 😁
I want to lay in bed while you kiss me all over.............
0 celsius .. not bad! Bonne nuit Dxp
I may be coming to peace with my heart..i dunno though...have to wait and see
Wtf did I just watch... K, now I'm gonna have nightmares, great.
Ok its kind of weird having this filtered pic up.
Hurray for new cute snap chat filters !
i wuv my bunny boo