Celebrities you are compatible with
By exxtasyx
According to astrotheme.com? Megan Fox Human rating: 82% Emotional rating: 88% Sexual rating: 85% Communicati»

Aries men Cancer woman.....
By Namy
So, I've had two Aries guys chase me insistently for years. One is my best friend in the world(5years and counting) the»

She (Pisces) liked me but I didn't make a move
By shyleo92
Now I'm interested in pursuing something with her, and I feel like she's given up on me. I didn't make a move on her bef»

MizzElleWhat does "Pluto square Saturn" mean in...?
By MizzElle
What does "Pluto square Saturn" mean in a synastry/compatibility chart? Why is it considered bad?»

ZetaroseI need help!
By Zetarose
How do I upload my chart on here? Someone else told me but I didn't understand! Lol.. It's from cafe astrology»

Cozumel, Mexico
By Ssupes
Headed there for Cinco De Mayo. Anyone else been there for the holiday? I heard it's a lot of fun and big parties.»

YellowSubmarineSag ex - drunk text
By YellowSubmarine
Some of you know a bit of my Sag ex story.. we've kept in touch, we check up on each other here and there. Anyway, a»

New to this (Astro) My Chart ..Pls. Help Me to Und
By gyrlinterrupted
Sun Pisces Moon Virgo Merc Pisces Venus Pisces Mars Cancer Jupiter Gemini Saturn Leo Uranus Scorpio Nep»

Hello Aquas whats your experience with Gemini?
By geminidude
Just curious to know anyone here had long term relationship experience with Gemini to share with.»

Why Am I turning cold?
By Carolz
Its been almost 3 months to my break up. My Ex was a libra so some of you already know my break up story .Well he was mo»

Virgo jealouslyVirgo jealously
I've been getting extremely serious with a virgo. There is an age difference and he told me he feels very out of touch a


I need my space....
this gemini guy keeps on staring at me
Mami in that Tom Ford. Papi in that Thom Browne.
I'm too hot, call the police and the fireman...Don't believe me just WATCH!!!
thoughts so loud I couldn't hear my mouth..
Water sucks! Haterade is better!!
Working out at the gym and increasing the work out. Good kind of pain.
dxp profile is REALLY aging me to 31 a week early??!? come ON!! :-P
The saxman throwback.
my new office has a shower!
Is the water calling you just as much as it is calling me?.. Im craving a nice swim
~The sleeps is upon me~
The deep confessions of an Aquarius woman... Push it to the limit, push it to the pain.
Duncan! - Time to feed the server-squirrel another bag of acorns