black prophetic man
By aquavita2
great book peace everyone read listen to his interviews too if u have a chance Cornell Wells. black prophetic man»

Moon Signs and Sex
By stillwat3r
and why it's so important that partner's Sun/Moon somehow in harmony: "the position of the moon shows your longings a»

Online stalking
By Huldra
Or let's call it "watching" or "staying up to date", since I don't consider it true stalking if you're FB friends (which»

truecapThe Signs as Candy
By truecap
I thought this was cute: Aries - Hot Tamales Taurus - Pay Day Gemini - Now & Later Cancer - Cotton Candy Leo - S»

Vegetta91A friend is interested in a taurus girl
By Vegetta91
I don't know how or what gave him the impression that the girl is into him .. Anyhow he said that the girl is doing so»

Pisces Escapism
By PVandJellay
How do you control yours? For two days in a row I've stared blankly at the computer screen at work. I've mentally che»

TwirlingStrawberryScorpio Placements Explained with Apples
By TwirlingStrawberry
This is an Apple (Scorpio)»

Astro Sexuality
By Jynja
If you are underage in your locality or you have qualms with graphic descriptions of sex, please don't venture this thre»

Happy Scorpio Season circa 2014!!!!!!!
By TwirlingStrawberry
It's Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee!»

*New Moon in Scorp today* - Get Ready - :O
By starlover
New Moon in Scorpio, October 23, 2014 – Metamorphosis Bosch, Hieronymus, “The Garden of Earthly Delights”, ce»

I need some input my dearest Scorps
By wagtail
So it's my girls 30th bash this weekend and I'm wondering what to get her. We go way back, so in many ways a present do»

ok, he is still hanging aroundok, he is still hanging around
So, I haven't been on here in a while. Sort of hoping the problem would resolve itself. No such luck. Apparently, m


Yep. Would like to do tae kwon do at some point, spoke to someone this week who knows how to disarm people using it. Never been more turned on talking to a lady in a long time.
Tiz you box? Shoot that makes two of us man. I'd recommend also doing some martial arts, best decision in my life
For sure, best routine of my life was boxing gym for the winters. 3hrs x 3 every week. Dead every evening. Alive every next morning. I just got lazy along the way. But winter ah soon come :)
Gyms are worth it Tiz, trust me. I've been going to one for the past 6 years and it's done me a lot of justice
WHEYYY do it tiz. Join us! haha :)
nice Fox! although more pressure for me to get off my lazy ****
Oo i'm looking out for pilates classes. ;D
Foxy--yay!!! im going to my first kickboxing class in a few!
Feeling good after that gym session :D can't wait to go tommorrow.
He just wanted a sausage..can i live!
typical -- becoming antisocial after excessive socialising
VS, that took long, you´re slacking dude!
my libra is the best... takes off from work cuz I'm feeling bad about the death of my lolo
Sarap ng lechon :D