Weird aquarius brother
By Bbyxtc
So ive got an aquarius brother who would be here talkig to me one moment and he just dissapears iut of the blue the next»

Help me with my Taurus man PLEASE
By scorpvixen
I've been seeing my Taurus for a few months now. We clicked basically straight away and began seeing each other at least»

birthday getup
By coolidge
What did you/will you wear for your birthday, Cancers?»

Solis0RyneVirgos and Aquarius - My mother is a Virgo!!!
By Solis0Ryne
I live with a Virgo. It drives me mad when it comes to how things should be done. It drives me mad when she goes int»

exoskeletongosling and mendes baby
By exoskeleton it's gonna be gorgeous. :D»

Hi. I'm new.
By Solis0Ryne
*checking mike* Is this thing on? Hello, it's very nice to be here. I have been stalk... no observing the forum for a»

BbyxtcWhats with saggitarius men and asses?
By Bbyxtc
Theyre like obssessed with ass»

Just off topic, does Britney Spears seem old
By Denver34
to you?»

Most of the time Im Emotionally Retarded
By kchueng10
But when I display my emotions, it is always too late or at a wrong timing? Take for example what happened recently.»

I was accused of being High Maintenance
By FixedWater
A Man that texts me occasionally and is a friend of my brother's called me high maintenance the other day. I met him bec»

Weird aquarius brotherWeird aquarius brother
So ive got an aquarius brother who would be here talkig to me one moment and he just dissapears iut of the blue the next


The moon, the moon, the moon...
@Ssasy sending you positive energy, keep your head up girl :-)
They could never make me hate you, I still love. Killing them with kindness _3
@ScorpioHarmony Yeah you definitely set things straight with the Taurus. I wish you the best. Take Care!
mind is lost, Im still here and the music is soothing
i feel empty.
@2BlackIndian3 I don't mind a little clingyness but this taurus is so sleazy, you're right I need to put things straight.
Maureen McNamara is real!!
I officially despise my job with a passion! Something has gotta change and fast or I'll lose my sanity!
Why do I keep getting redirected to mobile game sites when I log in dxp from my phone!? That the only way I typically use this site - on my phone. Sadness :-(
I fail to understand why i attract Taurus men all the time
Hmm, just realised there are no water signs at my work. And 90% of us are either Aries, Taurus or Geminis. Weird.
What is left after humanity is deemed inhumane? Send me a PM with your sincere thoughts.
stressed about money, things have been going great for months, not happy ughhh :(