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by TaurusOne
I've been hanging out with a Scorpio for a little more than a month and it's been great. He is a true gentleman, treats me very well and makes me feel adored. He's stayed over multiple times which we pretty much stay up all night talking and kind of fooli
by 037
Step in at your own risk *devil smiley*
by auriqa
The other what are you listening to thread is getting ridiculously long. :P So what are you listening to right now?
by Gemitati
Wonderful reading. Sample: Yes, your man misses you, but not in the same way you miss him.
by lindavi20
ok, my favorite sign, needing feedback... do you just throw the words i love you around? Somehow, i highly doubt you d
by Magenta_Azure
I like Super Sour Diesel. I'm smoking on some low quality butter right now but it's doing the job just fine. What's your favorite?

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Moving in with Gemini!

Moving in with Gemini!

Hi everyone! Looking to move in with a Gemini girl friend of mine. I am a female Pisces. Wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with living with a Gemini friend? Success rate?? Thanks.


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Spazzed on 3 girls this month, mecury in rx? LOL
83 minutes
Not much going on in the Pisces boards.
87 minutes
I'll miss you Mercury rx!
104 minutes
Jupiter opposite Chiron ~~ the quest for truth
2 hours
" Love is very very extraordinary "
3 hours
Perpetually smudged eyeglass lenses. <-what Mercury Rx feels like to me. bleghh. bye felicia.
3 hours
*dancey dancey*
3 hours
What is love without lust; what are we without trust?
4 hours
4 hours