When a Taurus man disappears
By Camilla_Dilla
I'm a Taurus woman who met a Taurus man a few months ago on vacation. We really hit it off. So much so that I ended up spending the last 10 hours of my solo vacation with him. We went to dinner together and I stayed at his hotel where we kissed and cuddle»

How would you handle this?
By P-Angel
I know what I want to do, but, I also know that I"m pretty hard core at times. My Virgo husband is very passive aggressive, so he can't even think on it, he just leaves it up to me to do the right thing. Well, he's like that on most issues. But, anyw»

music...smells...self pleasure...
By AjnaRe
How do you like to get away?»

starloverUnder Pressure :(
By starlover
Young people are under so much pressure these days. They have to get so many *points* in the education system to get on the course they want. On top of that some of them have parents who try to choose their careers for them and i have recently heard of o»

RatedXAre you ready for the accuracy?
By RatedX
I didn't write these.. Behave yourself, grammar nazis.»

Bye Venus Rx
By retrogradexy

firebunnyBar Exam Jitters
By firebunny
I am on my fourth month in a six-month bar review period I am preparing for the bar exams. As some of you may know, particularly starlover, I have been on the edge of quitting from law school so many times when I was still there. I already have Ll.B. at t»

Libra ladies - Need help understanding Libra woman
By vomisa
I am a Capricorn man, 32 years of age. One of my coworkers is a Libra woman of about 28. I have taken a liking to her. She is talky, flirty, and open with everyone, which makes it difficult to understand which way her affections lie. After our first few i»

Houses vs Planets
By SunMoonStars
Is one more important than the other? In my planets I only have 2 placements in feminine signs. In my Houses, I have 6. Most of the time, I feel very masculine when it comes to love and sex. Could it be because of the abundance of masculine pl»

What are your worst habits when you're in love?
By The_eleventh_sign_11
Love sometimes feels like being in a big pile of warm clothes straight outta the dryer, and you rub your feet together and they're all nice and toasty, sometimes when you feel like that you start talking weally weally cute......ladies and gentlemen I am o»

watching porn
By libramoon195
Dear Capricorn men Will you watch porn even if you are in a serious relationship? If so, Don't you think its emotional cheating ? Another Important question is that if you watch porn or nude girls pictures then will you imagine them while having sex»

Can you feel someone thinking of you?Can you feel someone thinking of you?
Like I cant get him out of my mind!! I will suddenly think of him out of nowhere, I can "feel" him in my chest, its a warm feeling. I also felt in my neck area too. I have felt like this for a few weeks, we haven't spoken in a while but he texted me a few


lol, good riddance
Hi guise! I need help with my Pisces man! He's kinda married. Pleese guise, wut shud I do?
Met another Libra sun, Pisces moon!
If you cannot inspire a woman with love of you, fill her above the brim with love of herself ~ all that runs over will be yours.
I really want to grow my hair loooooong, but i hate dead ends lol :( i don't have enough patience to keep trimming it.
A wise man may change his mind (and ways), but a fool never does.
Am growing my locks down to my feet ~ Lady Godiva eat your heart out :P
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Im a Leo Virgo Asc with Capricorn Moon..I have Juno in Scorpio, Mars and Vesta in Taurus 7th and 8th house in Pisces and Leo in the 12th house...who am I compatible with? Who and what should I be lookin for??? helpppppp
ONE more day!! ONE!! :D :D :D
56 night is crazy
Something is messing with my moon... Oh well, it doesn't matter...