Worst thing you've done in The Sims
By Rambunctious76
What's the worst thing you've done with your characters in The Sims? http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-»

By AbstractRay
Are trouble. I know that as as a gem, we fall for them. Hard. But they try so hard to be like us and I wish for the life»

Coconut oil
By flowingwater
Anyone uses it daily? I use it as body moisturizer, Chapstick, cuticles, body scrub, face cream, etc.»

blackmistDoes this taurus girl likes me?
By blackmist
So i used to been friends whith this girl we laughed and we connected well but we argued so i ended the friendship but i»

By FixedWater
SYNOPSIS Diagnostic Features Individuals with Histrionic Personality Disorder grow up having emotional instability a»

Do you get my humor?
By Damous
I wonder sometimes. Then again, sometimes I don't.»

hollyhockdo we outgrow our natal charts?
By hollyhock
and move into whatever is present in the progressed chart? I don't know if I understand the natal being a fingerprint an»

Ready for Final Fantasy XV?
By Amandus

Pisces/Neptune in my chart
By hollyhock
could anyone look at my chart and tell me about the effects that pisces or Neptune in my chart has on me? I feel tha»

My Virgo friend and her Taurus "friend"
By AriesLady8
I have a Virgo female friend with a Cancer moon and Venus in Libra. She has been friends with a Taurus sun/moon with his»

sumthan for the troll part 2
By crabflows
look at the date, yes, it is April? and April what, yes the first, April fools, and your stupid if you thought that what»

Sounds like STELLA!!! Holy fuck I loved this movie!!!.....I was bawling my eyes out in the first 6 minutes!! and I di


leo's are hot | virgo's suck
goodbye dxp. time to focus on my dreams.
Your sacrifice is your true love. Lovers are not eternal, but love is,- he says with deep compassion in his eyes.
there's soo many animals sleeping in my bed, i cant move =/
where is Zelale she disappeared
How deep does your love go? Deep like a river and never ending like a rainbow
Keep on Dreaming. O Dreamer. Keep on Dreaming.
he's going to fight for me. wow.
Heading off to spa and getting pampered after having an amazeballs night with boyfie ;)
@ KittenLaRouge: That's what you'll *claim* after it's all over.
you have just been reverse april fooled,oisces.
but @seraph im a vegan who's into body building im really not attracted to someone who enjoys abusing their body :)
Troubles on Mind
we found love in a hopeless place.