Do us Sags destroy everything that we touch?
By Easha23000us

How do you feel..
By xy
...when you look at this picture?»

Pisces/Cap Couples.
By CaptainPimp
Just curious if any, if yes please post, or if you have had experience with such a combination. Mostly interested in ma»

AquacrabgemTaurus man distant for what?
By Aquacrabgem
Hello Taurus' I need your Advice, The taurus guy I have been dating for two months has recently become distant... Not»

GGHate mongers of the zodiac...
Who are they? I've thought about making this thread nemurous times but changed my mind only because topics like thes»

Godly Aries?
By SirHorns
Have a thread to break up the relationship drama and bashing. 1. Aries and Pisces are said to have a connection to go»

Markov23Leo woman is confusing me a lot and I'm lost
By Markov23
So I've been seeing this leo woman for a while now. We get along great. I'm an aries and she's a leo. Good combination.»

By SirHorns
I can make the Sags, Caps and Aquas make sense. You're last on my list. So what a things that are MUST knows when it»

Confused By Cappy Man - What Should I Do?
By OneLove78
Hello guys! New on here...and new to having an interaction with a Capricorn man. Never dated one nor have any friends»

Do you test people you like? I've been reading about other signs testing people before they start a relationship and


-Sips Tea and enjoys tinychat dxpnet2-
My 4 moods : I'm too old for that butter, I'm too tired for that butter, I'm too sober for that butter, I don't have time for that butter
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We were just standing there minding our own, It went on and on, We all smile we all sing, The weak become heroes then the stars align.. We all sing.. We all sing..
Words can cut like a knife.
Reading the threads today is leaving me nauseated.
I think someone took advantage of me last night
absolutely poisonous.
Is the blood in my heart still bleedin? Relax, as i trap that demon. Is it me or am i suffocating? Sit back, and just stop debating. Is it dark, is it cold forever? Its hot, the demons dance together.
Gas up and Burn up Everything!
Vegas. ..hang over city. my haed is pounding right now
Do you ever get this feeling that you are destined for greatness? Or is this just me and my leo moon talking?=)
Life is best viewed as an adventure, quest and challenge. 👌 -Howard Sasportas
Break and tear up everything!