Scorpio males
By MissFisk
On a scale from 1-10...»

Most famous rock song of the last 40 years
By virgodog58
What would you say is the most famous rock song of the last 40 years? I submit "Hotel California" by The Eagles.»

Damn can't help myself
By Impulsv
I can't help but take lead. I hate that aspect of self. I'm a scorpio met leo man a moth ago through group while camping»

geminancerWhat is he thinking?
By geminancer
I have been seeing a Leo guy for few months now. Hes much older than me (hes almost 40 and i M only 24), divorced and ha»

By Rabbit

December Caps >January Caps
By CluelessCancer
I like December caps way more then i like January caps.»

MoonBlue8Happy solar return Capricorns!
By MoonBlue8
There are currently 5 planets sitting in your sign..... you all must be feeling comfortable. My Cap ascendant is saying»

The Three Most Sexual Signs
By virgodog58
I read somewhere recently that the three most sexual signs are 1) Scorpio (of course lol!) 2) Leo 3) Cancer Agre»

By CluelessCancer

How can I get Taurus women to actually meet me?
By virgodog58
At the moment I am using a dating website which (like most of them I think) allows you to search by(among other things)»

Adam Lambert..Adam Lambert..
.. has a beautiful sun/moon/asc combination tattoo on his arm. Never though that he put that in.. although it's sort of


troll fail.
CluelessCancer, yes, and I appreciate the entertainment. LOL!
crazy is really a bad word.
Rambunctious that's the purpose of crazy to make dull ppl like you laugh. Crabflows you might be right, i redid my chart and i think my rising is in well as my ANUS. I mean Uranus
Some people are so crazy it's hilarious!
I wish I was an actress
funny how my default name says crabflows, but I have a picture of a big horn sheep, this was suppose to represent my Aries moon since there is a moon in the sky if you look close
words have power. attitude has influence. both determine reality.
What Saturn is banging a Sag, but who hasn't been in a Sag. Slueys
Looking forward to Saturn being in Sagittarius.
Thank you COWBOYS and EAGLES for Helping Seattle get to the PLAYOFFS
How bout dem cowboys
I have combination that does mot function well, but I wouldn't ask for any placements, well maybe except the planets in Capricorns, but I love the challenge
The sun is at exactly 0'00 cap right now