Careless Caress
By LillyBlossom
This is what I face: I want to have my first kiss. I have asked my only friend since relocating (a Leo male) if he would»

I read the scorpio rising description to a sketch
By clooneyyears
artist. This is what he came up with:»

my lovely amazing awesum cancer boss
By daydreamer22
I mean it. I love her. she's so amazing, and so kind. I am a pisces with cancer moon, and she understands my vulnerabil»

Kodak375Any classic pc games I should play?
By Kodak375
Deep down in my heart...a gaming nerd. I just got me a sweet laptop and I need some games to play, like half life 2 and»

PlatoScorpio Girlfriend
By Plato
We met and she told me that I was not her type. However, I persisted and when we became more intimate she became very at»

Weed My Lips
By LillyBlossom
Let me cut to the chase: As part of the various life experiences I'd like to have, I would like to try weed/pot. For tho»

AriesGirl74After Sex Comments by Star Sign..
By AriesGirl74
I saw this and laughed.... What do y'all think?! ARIES: "Okay, let's do it again!" TAURUS: "I'm hungry--pass the»

sumthan for the troll
By crabflows
it has been a good learning experience, I have all the question answers, thank you all who have guided me and those that»

Juke Box 3.0
By TheLadyScorpio
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.»

Water sign dilemma
By fullwaterpisces
I guess I will like to hear all 3 water signs opinion on this. Recently I was exchanging emails with another fellow DXP»

Can anyone interpret my birth chart please?? :-)
By ThatFieryChick
I would also like to know if there is any possibility of finding love soon. Love life has been non existent and I fear I»

Sag Man Pisces Woman - Is he over me?Sag Man Pisces Woman - Is he over me?
I'm new here, because I desperately need to get this man out of my head. But first a little background about me. I'm a P


Keep on Dreaming. O Dreamer. Keep on Dreaming.
he's going to fight for me. wow.
Heading off to spa and getting pampered after having an amazeballs night with boyfie ;)
@ KittenLaRouge: That's what you'll *claim* after it's all over.
you have just been reverse april fooled,oisces.
but @seraph im a vegan who's into body building im really not attracted to someone who enjoys abusing their body :)
Troubles on Mind
we found love in a hopeless place.
@ KittenLaRouge: because you're attracted to the personality associated with that lifestyle. Your interest goes sour when that personality actualizes itself in that lifestyle.
I will have no mercy on your soul..
why do i attract drug addicts? :(
the right advice can be hypnotic.
I'm crazy.
Raising a teen comes in so handy when faced with adults that act like them...;)