Libras what do you think of
By smellycat
saturn people vs Martian people in romance ?»

Also, Your Myers Briggs Disney Charecter Match
By RainDancer88»

Need advice from a Taurus woman
By noonie1801
I seriously like this Taurus woman and she knows that I like her. I've never actually told her that I like her but show»

FixedWaterA puzzle...
By FixedWater
Narcissistic Men/Women and one of the most common stories we hear about on Dxp.... Lets see if anyone puts it together,»

SirHornsSymbolic Degrees
By SirHorns
There is a linking between degrees which are on the same cross (angles of 90° and 180°). This means for instance that,»

Scorpio man needs help with Taurus woman (Long)
By PsychoScorp
Here goes: I met this Taurus girl at college at the start of the semester (2 months ago) now, we're in the same degre»

Crab girls only: Lindsay Lohan or Selena GomezCrab girls only: Lindsay Lohan or Selena Gomez
Which style of Crab are you? Feel free to identify with another crab celebrity. Personally, I resent having to acknowled


Snoz, I had to look it up... it sounds interesting. I'll let him know!
WC, me and my Leo suggested Wheelchair jousting whilst balancing on the high beam.
Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon, Leo Rising. He's got a heart of gold.
My leo friend plays wheelchair basketball, so we were talking about other sports that should be included in the para-lympics since they have few categories. Wheelchair boxing!! Yay. Add that CEO person
"No New Year's Day, to celebrate...No Summer Nights.."
It takes a flint and a piece of steel to make a spark.
Purpose fuels passion
Unconditional love huh? Where do you buy that?
-It takes two flints to make a spark, without the earth there will be no fire.
Laundry, laundry, WaterCup's enemy number 1. I don't believe in washing machines, I wash my own crap by hand because I do it better :D I's a Landry Bawse. *throws gangsta signs in da air*
work and no play makes the go haywire
Coffee right before bed, because that's "normal"
Round and round we go 'til we all lose our heads.
you take a deep breath in, you let a deep breath out, you take a deep breath in and you let all the bull butter out!