What sign is the best for cancer?
By Lidia
What does cancer stand for? What does is c mean qualities waise?»

Are they REALLY this Predictable?!?!?!?
By Cancergoddess
I mean come on now!!!! Ya gotta be kidding me! My Taurus man up and disappeared on my yesterday. I mean I texted him»

Who had to deal with this...
By mintberry
First, I want to say that I am a fan of everyone here. I've been stalking this site for months trying to figure out a fe»

CluelessCancerWhat I've Learned-LIMM
By CluelessCancer
Limm, so I graduated with a Business degree in IT, basically never used it, but i had to take math class up to Calculas,»

By aquarius09
How important is closure to you? Do you absolutely need it to move on or it doesn't matter, one way or the other lif»

Worst intimate relationship???
By Scorpio1288
Aries (anger, jealousy, horrible in bed), Pieces (bad liar, childish deception, and same routine in bed) and 1 selected»

CluelessCancerFriend Zoned-But NEW ANGLE and WOW
By CluelessCancer
This guy keeps calling me his "sister" lol i'm like we're not siblings. He had the nerve yesterday to ask me to tak»

Aquarius and Aquarius Relationships
By chemengin
I'm just wondering how a romantic relationship like this can last. I know there are other placements to consider, not ju»

By mmarin401
Maybe I can help on this board. I posted this on the Aries Boards..please advice. Thanks I was currently seeing an»

Afraid to continue dating this aries guy:'( :'(
By walkingonair
So i started dating this guy who has Venus in aries,moon in cap and mars in taurus and im soooo afraid to continue seein»

I'm Aqua male, she's Virgo Female. Living Advice?
By rdomiami
So, I met this girl 5 months ago. She has a 1 y/o son with a man she is currently divorcing. They have been living seper»

What I've Learned-LIMMWhat I've Learned-LIMM
Limm, so I graduated with a Business degree in IT, basically never used it, but i had to take math class up to Calculas,


Fire alarms went off...people running, people falling and the building is still in one piece.
Le meow :-)
I love me and seasoned male... yes sir. None of em youngin's for this girl---I want em with stubble and a story to tell...
If SUT is around please DM me.
I have waited, for what feels like an eternity. I would gladly to it again to feel this. It was worth the wait!♡
Where did my head go?
I want to succeed as badly as I want to breathe
reach for the stars, but wash your hands first. and after.
baby trying to kick her way out...ugh!
U2~ Beautiful Day is my new song
SERIOUSLY! That's all you have to say. Beyond hurt.
tinashe flow
@smellycat, is it bottled? Bcoz I don't want 2 B infected with the stupidity & ignorance that seems 2 B ailing some of you over there. It's an outbreak! Don't take me serious, though, I was just irritated @ the time.
Hey water cup can I buy you a drink ?