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by abcdEU
DXP's quintessential Gemini woman.
by Lene
Ok so here is the story. A guy approached me on a dating site in September, we started talking, he is intelligent, deep, well read, very mysterious and as you may have guessed a Scorpio. Since I live in Europe and he works in Afghanistan he kept making pl
by ladylibra21
Ok tabo topic I know. I've had a Cancer man, Scorp Mars and Libra man with Virgo Mars both pull the oh well we can put a towel down business LOL and this was after not knowing them for very long. Do you think they were just desperate for sex or do you thi
by NostalgicCappy
I'm just curious, since so many people are leaving. Also, what changes do you think would make people want to stick around longer?
by Cancer Lady
My friend sent me this email and I thought it was quite funny. ****Cardinal signs Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra. The like to compete and see any and everything as a threat and will do anything to steal the spotlight away from someone else. I

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Happy Friends Day!! :)

Happy Friends Day!! :)

In honor of my loves :D My boys... my sister's drama king!! photos of your friends and loved ones!

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Apple juice falling from her lips, took a little sip.
Tuh tuh totally dude!
I'm back to my single life