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..With the user above you?
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My ex -boyfriend and I have been together one year three months and living together for six months and still are. He dumped me Monday night on the drive home. We are still sleeping in the same bed and I still cook. I'm not sure I'm doing myself any good.
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Love is in the air... YOU can send me your messages (via PM) that you want posted on this thread regarding someone here that you secretly have a crush on. You can include who it's dedicated to (or not) and I will keep the sender anonymous. Let's
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6 Things Every ENFJ Needs To Be Reminded Of Every Once In A While ENFJs are the organized, people-savvy nurturers who serve as the glue of almost any group of friends. You know that totally together, super popular person you wish you could hate but ca
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I vote Libra Sun/Pisces Moon and also Scorpio Sun/Gemini Moon. Most annoying people I know...very narcissistic, jealous of everybody.
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Do you like being a water bearer? Did you feel misunderstood most of your Life? I enjoy it very much but people have trouble knowing me.

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Books you just finished or started

Books you just finished or started

Post em. Post what you think before and after. This can be my space or everyone's. But I'd like to have others input on future reads for myself. :)

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maybe because she was flayed for a diet
Why does she look like one of them space worms from Men In Black...
Eyy, what's that?? LOL
see ya, dowanna be ya
Good riddance treetr*nk boy!
@cuteboy Have a good break! Hope you'll be back soon.
They watch your every move because they have no life of their own.
well folks its been a good run. its time i shall take my much needed break from dxp and pave the way for the newbies. take care and happy valentines.