Wayne Dyer
By supreme
Died on the 29th http://media.graytvinc.com/images/dyer-wayne1.jpg»

Do Virgos like when you cook for them?

By DwellingOnMove
So whatever generation these young people are, Sag, Aqua or Scorp, and no matter if it is based on some kind of feminism, capitalism, naturalism etc., it seems more and more young women start their love career with FWB. Thank to Holleywood. Friends wit»

RabbitHey ladies...
By Rabbit

dixieWhat is one of the nicest things....
By dixie
someone has ever done for you?»

Horoscope of life, help to do with this sth :-(
By why1562
Hello World, I'm new. By "accident" I came to this .. (sorry for my English, but I have no other choice) He and she (file in attachment) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1632598280351161&set=p.1632598280351161&type=1&theater is»

aquapiscescuspWhat would happen if there was no government?
By aquapiscescusp

The best and worst kind of astrology thread
By P_Ands
let's start with the worst: 1. relationship threads 2. read my chart thread with no charts but instead have tables from cafe astrology 3. what is your dominant threads 4. meek mill vs. drake threads the best: 1. threads about other systems an»

Dear cancerian girls.. how do u get over ur love?
By TxOgal
I see that it's been a year and still my cancerian cousin cant get over her ex. Long story short, she loved someone, he proposed to her, but her family disapproved. One of the reasons why is he did not yet have a proper job and he traveled away for 8 m»

Just the tip
By P_Ands

Can you feel someone thinking of you?Can you feel someone thinking of you?
Like I cant get him out of my mind!! I will suddenly think of him out of nowhere, I can "feel" him in my chest, its a warm feeling. I also felt in my neck area too. I have felt like this for a few weeks, we haven't spoken in a while but he texted me a few


Woeee this is Leo energy. I want some more..
The best revenge is to have enough self-worth not to seek it.
Gotta love David Bowie_3
Love the new font!
Take everything with a grain of salt. You'll die faster
Life is crumbling.
How exactly do I upload pics on this site?
Life is good, all the time, no matter what.
:( Sorry you're sick MoonShineLeo. I hope you feel better soon. I'm under the weather too. Share a cup of hypthetical cyber peppermint tea with me :) (Holds up a hot cup of tea to cheers with you)
i hate being sick :(
All I think about is money, this cant be too healthy for me
Praying for discernment
TWO more days! :D