Music videos released in scorpio season!
By warmwaters
See any connection? November 4th»

which element?
By scorchedearth
which element do you feel you have the best connection with? emotionally? sexually? intellectually? spiritually?»

Calling all Libras
By RosyLibra
I'm in a relationship with an Aquarius who I think is amazing but I'm just wondering... Do any of you have experience w»

Yeli04What have I gotten myself into.
By Yeli04
I don't know if y'all remember much of the situation. But here it goes. ME: sensitive cappy that overthinks»

Scorpio09Have I lost my capricorn man for good
By Scorpio09
I was with this capricorn man for 3 months (we made it official between us 2months ago) Things were really good between»

Bill Cosby's Birth Chart and the Birth Chart of
By VenusStar
wife. Bill Cosby born July 12, 1937 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Name: Bill July 12 1937 12:00 PM Time Zone is»

IAmMystifiedJurassic World
By IAmMystified
Just saw the trailer. _3 It. Enough said.»

Q 4 Men in Relationships
By cilantro
u ever use the restroom after your s/o has taken a sick butter? how do u keep romance alive after such an incident?»

Virgos Do they return when they're wrong 2
By confusedaries14
I feel I stood my ground to him and haven't heard from him at all in a month. I'm confused on why I miss him, why do I w»

Missing People
By CluelessCancer
There are so many of them. Why are there so many people missing? And how come they're never found? Very scary.»

Virgos Do they return when they're wrong 2Virgos Do they return when they're wrong 2
I feel I stood my ground to him and haven't heard from him at all in a month. I'm confused on why I miss him, why do I w


Went into the kitchen for a fancy piece and almost broke myself slipping on the water ALL OVER THE FKIN FLOOR from the damn washing machine. fml.
fnx bawbag x
he'd beyond the camel toe, he's gonna be onto a moose knuckle! Aww I missed yours and TWATS birthday, so happy belated birthday fae Scotland, ye wee fannys!
I'm awwwrit missus. I bought tw@ some primark leggings for his birthday and he was thrilled with his new cameltoe
Aww fankuu fox! Sippin some Irn Bru right now! How's things with you, mah lovely? x
Awww auriiiiiiiiiii! glad things have been going well_3
had a lovely day out with Mr Taurus' mum. we sat and cried how much we both love him and looked at old photos. Aries with Scorpio moon, she's lovely _3
The Higher Power hopes for better conduct from all - I've been authorized to send this message across from the offices of The Higher Power.
I think all black people should block certain people. The first person i can think of LibraSid and DJ. Who else is with me on this. Block them. They hate not being heard. So let's make sure to give them our silence.
wow spooky
Some things drive me absolutely BANANAS!
That until there no longer First class and second class citizens of any nation Until the colour of a man's skin Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes - Me say war.
until they get cray,cray.
i might have been a wild animal in all of my past lives.