Why am I so fascinated with Scorps?
By xomelindabelle
And so attracted to male Scorpios? Is it the enigma factor? I do have Taurus and Capricorn in my chart, but I have an in»

Cap Said
By Nurdygurl
I have " broken up" and gotten back friends with this cap guy twice before. This time I think it's over for good. We s»

Housewarming Gifts
By lisabethur8
my sister and her husband bought a new house, so we gave some gifts to them for their new house. What are some of typ»

mrwangMy scorpio ex gf is adding my facebook friends
By mrwang
My friends don't know her , I already asked them , omg why can't she leave me alone ?? I have new girlfirend and I'm ve»

xomelindabelleHelp with chart intepretation?
By xomelindabelle
I did get a bit of information from a suggested page, however I'm learning how to read a chart. Anyone who's skilled at»

How would you answer this?
By beautifuldiaster
Lets say someone approaches you and asks you about your current lifestyle. And they ask you," why do you do what you're»

CappedoffHow to understand this?
By Cappedoff
So getting more into this astrology I've looked up my whole birthchart. So it seems ... After having sun in Capricorn I»

What's his story??
By Pisces girl
Basically was seeing a guy for a couple of months. I know !! Not long but really liked him! He chased me initially and w»

I love this dress
By Wynter
Only $3600»

Sorry I'm back...
By Iya
Hate to show my face here after ticking off so many people but had a turn of events recently. My Taurus was almost out t»

help please. complicated feelings for my virgo beshelp please. complicated feelings for my virgo bes
hi everyone. my best friend is a virgo, i'm a fire sign. we do everything together, spend alot of time together etc. we


What's on your mind?
@ misslissa: speak louder.
I want a sponge bath for my birthday!!

What's on your mind?
I want a sponge bath for my birthday!!!
Don't confide in my smile because jokersĀ are wild
2 weeks off from the drudgery of the office!
Simply because someone has grown up, it does not make them a man.
What's on your mind?
What's on your mind?
Happy birthday to me! = ))..And to all the cancers out there! It's party time!! ;)
I feel angry. With whom, I do not know. At what, I have no idea. I am simply filled with rage. The kind that doesn't inspire violence against another. No. I just want to curl up into a ball...and cry till it's over.
A voice not heard will stop speaking. If so, you might miss out on something important...
You tell em I'm coming, and Hell's coming with me!