what to do when you are distant..
By gia
how would you want your significant other to behave if you feel emotionally detached and distant from everyone(including»

Aries male falling for Virgo girl. I need help!
By Kevin1Prince
Hi all u amazing virgo girls I really need yr help, input & advice. Me Japanese: Aries 1985 April 5th Ox almost 30 yr»

By b1tchcrafts
My virgo asked me what I would do.. She has mars and pisces moon and she would burn her s.o's stuff if he cheated..»

Olivia321Just Curious
By Olivia321
So my best friend referred me to this page, and I swear i'm here to ask this one question. Was with my Ex Aquarius, s»

NenaMorenaCancer women and Scorpio Male hard to communicate
By NenaMorena
My scorpio and I haven been dating for 3 years now. My issue with him is our communication, when he gets mad he shuts ev»

What houses are considered Fire, water etc
By beautifuldiaster
Could you help me? 1-12 which are considered what? Pulease.»

ReincarnationDo you care about what women wear?
By Reincarnation
I'm stuck at Forever 21 with Pisces - which is like a candy store to her. She wants my opinion on everything (and sec»

Whatt attracts pisces females
By ThatGemGuy336
there is this Pisces girl at work and I find her super attractive, she is always talking to me about sexual things like»

Ex taurus moved on? Or testing?
By MadhuLibra
This guy , born on 19 th may.. He used to love me like anything..the pure taurus way..over protective, over caring, ove»

Understanding elements
By hollyhock
Ok, I think I have figured out what is wrong. I do not understand fire and air signs. I understand earth and water, but»

Update on Libra Boyfriend
By ackeibler
About two weeks ago I came here asking advice on my boyfriend who had seemingly disappeared whilst in the middle of a cr»

Aries male falling for Virgo girl. I need help!Aries male falling for Virgo girl. I need help!
Hi all u amazing virgo girls I really need yr help, input & advice. Me Japanese: Aries 1985 April 5th Ox almost 30 yr


when u have a bigger set of nuts than the mangina ur seeing does.....turn off, instant natural birth control. My eggs refuse to reproduce instantly from the scent of mangina.
Day drinkers anonymous.
Thank life for sense of humour.....cracking up :D :D
come on give it a kiss
"I said it's alright. You know it's alright - I guess it's all in my heart You'll be my only, my one and only. Is that the way it should start?"
Captain Save 'Em come rescue me. Man down!
do you suffer from nipple confusion?
Sunday afternoon furniture shopping with the Virgo...Walk with me and grant me patience, Lord.
Happy Palm Sunday☆☆☆
I was trying to think of something to beat ReddmannScorch's status but all I could think of was "Super collide my balls"
True Life: I'm a Size Queen
where did all my blessings go? you chase a dream but then you stop, guess you'll never know
i feel amazing. happy dance. :)
If you tell me I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right