One of the best synasty placements
By SirHorns»

Taurus with leo. too late? - Please Help!
By Earthmama
Hello! I'm confused about the potential Taurus man in question. We started chatting from august to mid october last year»

Is there some book?
By Vegetta91
That focuses on pisces It might sound strange but I am a very curios person and i like to know everything there is to b»

Mscorp7 habits of highly effective people
By Mscorp
I am currently reading this coolbbook written by a Scorpio ,Stephen Covey. Not that what he has written I am complete»

truecapWhen you can't put your thoughts into words...
By truecap
How do you communicate? Meaning, how do you get your point across? How do you achieve your purpose? How are people s»

Is it a pisces thing to try the impossible ?
By Vegetta91
Is it a pisces thing to try the impossible and succeed? I»

IlovemyaquaBipolar Aquarius?
By Ilovemyaqua
After a rollercoaster of emotions, seasons of liking and not liking,spells of radio silence,mega rucuss on whether to be»

leaving dxp
By Soul
Once again I'm beginning to change into somthing I don't recognize. Maybe I do recognize it, but it's somthing I hide fr»

Help with a Taurus man please, please!!
By ccaqua
Hi everyone I cant really talk to anyone else about this then I found this forum (fantastic!!) I am a 28 yr old Aq»

Sagittarius/Fire on The Richest People 2015
By DwellingOnMove
From and Wikipedia: Nr 4. Amancio Ortega Gaona (28. März 1936 in Busgondo) Nr 5.»

Aries women? Do you recognise this?Aries women? Do you recognise this?
Hi folks... I posted this elsewhere before realising i should be talking to the pros... As a fairly conventional A


I'm too hot, call the police and the fireman...Don't believe me just WATCH!!!
thoughts so loud I couldn't hear my mouth..
Water sucks! Haterade is better!!
Working out at the gym and increasing the work out. Good kind of pain.
dxp profile is REALLY aging me to 31 a week early??!? come ON!! :-P
The saxman throwback.
my new office has a shower!
Is the water calling you just as much as it is calling me?.. Im craving a nice swim
~The sleeps is upon me~
The deep confessions of an Aquarius woman... Push it to the limit, push it to the pain.
Duncan! - Time to feed the server-squirrel another bag of acorns
Careleeeessss Whisper
I'm getting closer to my no distractions please...btw, thanks Abby for the cheer up
Hey! Get that stick out ur ass