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by Scenic
I saw this article on fb and thought it was interesting. It compares the education levels of each state to the education levels of other countries. I understand the United States is a big country and each state has their own policies, but it's stil
by GetMisted
I'm watching the New Hampshire Republican Debate that I missed on Saturday. Honestly.. It's like watching a bunch of 3rd graders kick each other, cry, and tell the teacher that the other kid did it. Elementary politics. I expected more from a par
1. Pisces 2. Aries 3. Capricorn 4. Sagittarius 5. Cancer 6. Libra 7. Taurus 8. Scorpio 9. Virgo 10. Gemini 1
by BitterSweetSour
He and his girlfriend were in a relationship for 5 years. He has no intention of marrying her, never tell her 'i love u'. He just used her for sex in these 5 years. What planet+signs do you think is prone of using woman for only sex, like this?
by Aramei
Boyfriend is a Leo with a Scorpio moon (I am only guessing as I do not have his birth time, just date and city) What are characteristics of a Scorp moon?
by bricklemark
Seems like the website of eternal beginners lol no offense
by moondust
One of my best friends is a Libra. He's been through a horrid break-up - his ex left him for another guy after over 10 years together. He then got involved with another woman who did nearly the same: he fell for her, but before they were serious she poppe
by Chuckcem
As some of you already know I'm interested in a Libra woman (To sum up Libra gal and I work together, she and I were interested in each other for months, then we went out on a few dates, one of which was a trip out of the country. She then expressed to me

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Enchilada sauce recipe

Enchilada sauce recipe

By request... Two dried ancho chilies, seeds and stems removed and soaked in boiling water until soft In a large pot, saute the following in olive oil over medium high heat until beginning to soften: 1 medium onion, chopped 3-4 cloves garlic 1 An

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shoulder day: DB press - 4 sets to fail... Cables upright row - 8 sets to fail... DB lateral raise - 50 sets to fail... military press - 100 sets to fail. Recovery: chicken shake
Wutt?? But that thread lasted shorter than guys in bed.Why?! :o
I once had a dream where a black cat attacked me .. treetrunk it .. even cats are racist
Road to fisk shoulders Day 1
My character on Sims was abducted by an Alien last night and her body was dumped in a crop field. lmfao
Uh, I don't jump through hoops for a woman, CR. Try again....
I'm bored...somebody do something!!!