do we outgrow our natal charts?
By hollyhock
and move into whatever is present in the progressed chart? I don't know if I understand the natal being a fingerprint an»

Ready for Final Fantasy XV?
By Amandus

Pisces/Neptune in my chart
By hollyhock
could anyone look at my chart and tell me about the effects that pisces or Neptune in my chart has on me? I feel tha»

AriesLady8My Virgo friend and her Taurus "friend"
By AriesLady8
I have a Virgo female friend with a Cancer moon and Venus in Libra. She has been friends with a Taurus sun/moon with his»

crabflowssumthan for the troll part 2
By crabflows
look at the date, yes, it is April? and April what, yes the first, April fools, and your stupid if you thought that what»

Virgos and secrets
How would they react if they found out you knew something about them that they didn't want you to know?»

daydreamer22scorpio men: first impressions
By daydreamer22
what did you think when you first saw a pisces woman. a cancer woman. a scorpio woman?»

Careless Caress
By LillyBlossom
This is what I face: I want to have my first kiss. I have asked my only friend since relocating (a Leo male) if he would»

I read the scorpio rising description to a sketch
By clooneyyears
artist. This is what he came up with:»

my lovely amazing awesum cancer boss
By daydreamer22
I mean it. I love her. she's so amazing, and so kind. I am a pisces with cancer moon, and she understands my vulnerabil»

Juke Box 3.0Juke Box 3.0
This topic is worth a third posing. Welcome again to the Juke Box.


where is Zelale she disappeared
How deep does your love go? Deep like a river and never ending like a rainbow
Keep on Dreaming. O Dreamer. Keep on Dreaming.
he's going to fight for me. wow.
Heading off to spa and getting pampered after having an amazeballs night with boyfie ;)
@ KittenLaRouge: That's what you'll *claim* after it's all over.
you have just been reverse april fooled,oisces.
but @seraph im a vegan who's into body building im really not attracted to someone who enjoys abusing their body :)
Troubles on Mind
we found love in a hopeless place.
@ KittenLaRouge: because you're attracted to the personality associated with that lifestyle. Your interest goes sour when that personality actualizes itself in that lifestyle.
I will have no mercy on your soul..
why do i attract drug addicts? :(
the right advice can be hypnotic.