Cap male/Pis female.
By marieisapisces
I have been In love with a Capricorn for 5 months now, it is long distance at the moment but hopefully we will be meeting soon and making plans to move if things go well (: I'd like to hear experiences, advice or anything else.»

Uranus conjunct North Node
By hollyhock
In your opinion, what is this conjunction like for a person?»

Leo woman and Pisces men
By MiZLeo
Any of you lioness have any experience with pisces men? If so, how did it go? I'm a leo with moon in pisces and rising in Scorpio who is purring Overy a Pisces man with moon in Cancer...not sure his rising but it might be gemini. His Venus and mare is in»

downstairsmixuphaha I'm running away
By downstairsmixup
I'm really close to some of my favorite exes, one of them being a fellow Aquarius, he has a water moon like me. In a few months he's selling all of his things, I'm saving all the money I make and were gonna get the treetrunk outta here. I was talking to one of»

By PiscesLilly86
Gorgeous skin, smile, bodies...I've never met an ugly Virgo let's just say that LOL..Stay beautiful :)»

:( vent: bad day
By KaptainKhaos
Omg guys my day started with a butterty grade in one of my classes and ended my day with my register being short $17. I know how to fix my grade in class but this register situation. Ugghhhh EV-A-RY TIME my cookiemonster ass manager TOUCHES my register I'm short c»

gemini86dmIm a Gemini man trying to get with a scorpio woman
By gemini86dm
Hello Everyone! I have a question for the Scorpio ladies Im trying to figure out this beautiful scorpio woman but shes hard to get a grasp of. so heres a little back story i was her brothers friend about ten or so years ago so we knew each other t»

WTF Commercials
By CancerOnTheCusp
Ok, this one is just bizarre:»

Love Letters
The Shire, I love that you wrote your live interest a poem. I haven't wrote or received one in quite some time. so imma write one now. any one else? Feel free.»

Can you feel someone thinking of you?
By miss1313
Like I cant get him out of my mind!! I will suddenly think of him out of nowhere, I can "feel" him in my chest, its a warm feeling. I also felt in my neck area too. I have felt like this for a few weeks, we haven't spoken in a while but he texted me a few»

Retroxy's RecipesRetroxy's Recipes
Banameister Smoothie Minatamis na saging (banana plantain in syrup) Jagermeister Ice Mix in blender


:( Sorry you're sick MoonShineLeo. I hope you feel better soon. I'm under the weather too. Share a cup of hypthetical cyber peppermint tea with me :) (Holds up a hot cup of tea to cheers with you)
i hate being sick :(
All I think about is money, this cant be too healthy for me
Praying for discernment
TWO more days! :D
No holding back! Breaking all the barriers! I understand where you're coming from and I respect you position but you have to understand and respect mine as well!
Before I could answer (if I could have answered so difficult a question at all), she repeated, "Love her, love her, love her! If she favours you, love her. If she wounds you, love her. If she tears your heart to pieces—and as it gets older and stronger,
Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Gemini Merc Ven/Mar Taurus
DXP high school of hard knocks? *rolls eyes*
“Flattery, either of individual or people, corrupts both the receiver and the giver"
Finally got my tacos!
“I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination.”
I've never felt this way before.