Daily Horoscope (android/itunes store app test)
By dolphinjoy
It has been said by many people that this app is about 80% accurate with day to day forecast. Here's every sign's horosc»

Your block feature still sucks!
It's almost perfect...I can't see anything they're doing. Which is perfect! It's like they don't even exist! However, th»

Dear White People.....
By TwirlingStrawberry
http://youtu.be/OATfJ1SwnvQ October 2014 Put it on your list of must sees!»

Piscesemapthadd your quote or poem of the day.
By Piscesemapth
okay so here it goes. https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/s851x315/984162_818542021489672»

CaploveYour Intuition- Do You Trust It?
By Caplove
How good is yours? Anyone have some stories to share about how it's helped you? Or, stories when you haven't listened to»

if I could go anywhere... I would go to...
By jeannegrey
Finish that sentence for me :) You are at the airport (or in a train, boat, bus or automobile...) Money is no obj»

Is it wise to let astrology decide who you should marry?»

Tarot Cards
By truecap
Does anyone read tarot cards? Is it hard to learn? What do you enjoy about it? What do you not like about it? What about»

Twisted Story for Twisted Minds
By stillwat3r
This young man about 18-20 years old is living with his three sisters all alone. With his mother in jail and father dead»

Pisces - The Basquiats of the Zodiac
By tiziani
"There is more truth in what was omitted than in what you actually heard." When you think about who came up with bold»

Curious...Which signs stare?
By bananaonionjuice
I'm talking about straight up locking eyes and showing your interest directly through an intense stare. Obviously one»

I have a chance to fix my relationship. Please helI have a chance to fix my relationship. Please hel
Ok I destroyed my relationship. Totally gutted it. It's been a month of no communication from him. I have been texting a


watercup.... ;) I love it!
Gosh, I have to go to those monthly mothers' tea things (meetings) at my son's school tomorrow. But those other mothers are so boring. All they talk about is cooking. Yawn. Don't they have sex? Sigh
When you somehow get alcohol up your nose and spill it everywhere...#sagrisingproblems
Cool as a cucumber.
People cry...when good people die...not knowing that the place they're going is better than the wasteland where you reside. Close your eyes and pray for the LIVING...not the dead. They're walking on gold while you're running from lead. ~God Bless~
Surrounded by air signs at work. Libras, Aquarius, geminis oh my
brutally tired
Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire...Thats the way love goes.
Finally found a girl you couldn't impress, I see right through you like you're bathing in windex
lol get out of her ass clinger
Ayahuasca, anyone familiar?
The warmth coming from the Scorpio board is making me happy to be one _3
Happy Hump DAY! lol *Air Thrusts*