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by ladyleo3
on and off since march. 3 month break in between, now trying things out again, he says i love you to me, then distances, then loves me then distances, and so forth. i dont know whether to wait or give up, i wish hed let me in. But i think im a little scar
by rockyroadicecream
This all has been an observation I've made over the last year or two from those I've interacted with. Before anyone gets upset and freaks out, there is nothing wrong with this generally. It's the motivation, or lack thereof, behind this concept for some.
by Udylaw1
Pls guys do people who have Venus in scorpio have the same traits as people with sun in Scorpio.I have this Sag friend with Venus in scorpio,and she behaves exactly like a real scorpio(sun in scorpio).
by Sc4rl3t
Do you know what I love about ya'll? Be it your friend or neighbor, family or co-worker, you lovelies have an awesome tendency to protect them from rude, obnoxious and stupid people. Like no joke, All my Gemini friends, acquaintances, co-workers, et
by littlemegabyte
Do any of y'all do this?? Especially asking the blondes. I want to dye my hair dark again but it's going to ruin this blonde I worked so hard to get all summer lol. I'm traveling for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Years and don't want to deal with root
by AfternoonDelights22
I shall compile a list of topics to be debated in gif form only. The debate shall take place tonight and/or tomorrow. Anyone who wants to participate can. Get your google and tumblr searches ready
by ShadowAbsorber
Hey, at what degree is an Opposition orb no longer influential? Like, at what point does it not count? I read that Opposition orbs for Sun, Moon, or Venus may add an additional degree because these planets are significant in one's life. I have Venus Op

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How did your pet get its name?

How did your pet get its name?

In my case it was quite straightforward: following the death of my father back in April I have adopted the old family ca


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@Nathan912 I feel you, dressing up would give them a proper other reason than my charm to be attracted like bees are to honey #virgocharmproblemssmh
im so so so not sorry dxp peeps for my new annoying habbit of commenting 3 tmes in a row in the same thread woops
Don't worry about it too much starwars, I sometimes go to grocery store looking like a homeless person to prevent attracting women.. Didn't work.
this is the second time i ran into the same nice hot guy while grocery shopping. I need to start dressing up for grocery shopping. damn grocery shopping.
The perfect Man
Gotta LOVE being a Pisces! And I do!
Godddd dammit. Im entp-a
Finally done the 16 personalities test. Im en