virgo female with leo male
By meandme
Hi, has anyone had any experience of this astrological relationship?»

Is this his way of finding out how I feel?
By MadMarchRam
So been casually seeing this aqua guy for over a year everything has been fine. No arguments or anything, we get on quit»

why is it
By crabflows
when you meet a girl and your talking to her, you don't want relationship but just quicky and you ask her for some head»

MintSprinklesTwo little Tauruses sitting in a tree...
By MintSprinkles
Hi! So I have a question, anybody have any experience dating another fellow Taurean? I have a friend who is a Taur»

SuperGroverGirlAries and the famous disappearing act
By SuperGroverGirl
Hey there Ariens and fellow Arien lovers! Some of you may have seen my previous post:»

By golmash
I'm An Aquarius with A Sagittarius Rising and Moon with Libra Midheaven. What Does Not Mean?»

moongemPisces crises
By moongem
Dear Fellow Pisces, I need some help. 1. how do you handle abusive elder women who think they are your superior»

I have a Scorpio dominant chart apparently
By Kim11180560
I am shocked by this coz I've always identified with my Virgo sun and I also realized that even though my Dominant plane»

can you pick the time
By crabflows
can you pick the time your child is born, like pick the ascendant someone told me you can, if so then you can determine»

Cap sun,Virgo moon
By beggarsblanket
What to expect ? but he has pisces venus and mars.»

Ever tried going for a girl out of your league?
By Kim11180560
I mean like pursue, ask out a chick who's suitors just keep lining up and you just know that she's just totally gonna du»

Pisces are scary. They can read my anxiety. I don't like that b!tter. Too much power Pisces. Too much power.
these out here underestimating Pisces, butter Virgo are the biggest cookiemonsteres in the zodiac, Pisces will have a backbone once snapped
There is a way in every problem to bring back the smile. I believe and create it.
@Tiz, why not?! I'm starting to learn Blender right now. I keep changing programs. Terrible way to go about learning.
@huldra, oh i like that. diamonds on uranus and neptune, and saturn gets all the gold.
missing that ned auri!
I wish the IT Industry would hurry up and digitize tax accounting already!!
"It rains diamonds on Uranus and Neptune"
Move around...
I saw potential in you from the go, you know that I did.
Damous I haven't done anything on that front for months. Just haven't needed to really.
tofu is wonderful.
Lol@Kanye West and stupid Geminis.
too cute! congrats and I wish you much happiness honey