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by LetltB the fake people. ;)
by Damnata
6 Things Every ENFJ Needs To Be Reminded Of Every Once In A While ENFJs are the organized, people-savvy nurturers who serve as the glue of almost any group of friends. You know that totally together, super popular person you wish you could hate but ca
I read on here people saying that for Taurus in February we are suppose to find love either reunite with a old love or meet someone new something about a soulmate. So if we do find love this month what will happen once this month is over with?
by LetltB
My favorite time of the year to watch the fake people... they show themselves so well the cynical...
by AybLynk
I wasnt as thorough with this list as I was with the other one. But I think it;s pretty accurate. If there's anything y
by Imarollin
So which are you?
by starwars
yes i copied this from tumblr, I find it accurate lol
by Easha23000us
Take your pick...And explain......

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Leo female in a very long distance relationship with Aries male.

Leo female in a very long distance relationship with Aries male.

Help I am obsessed. I started talking to an Aries male a little over 2 months ago. Never dated an Aries before so I had no idea what I was in for. This man is everything I could of asked for intelligent, driven, socially conscious, fun, sexy, and open mi

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Make love happen. ''
Happy Vday! "Under your Spell" ~ Desire.
Have fun everyone x
Happy Valentine's day :') width="640" height="360" src="
My nipples are hard.
damn Gwen Stefani looks good, who'a her surgeon ?