Guitar Thread
By DonAmanMarat
Tony Rice»

I am an Aquarius and I try to build human bridges.
By WolfMoon
..where each human I meet and get to know will play a pivotal role in the building of these bridges. Where my bridges w»

Saturn, the real Love planet
By dolphinjoy
I'll just leave this here. Food for thought.»

DeltaCepheiThe Flirting Curse
By DeltaCephei
I don’t know why, but each time I approach to someone, just trying to be friendly, it comes across as flirtatious. It»

certifiedSerious Responses Only
By certified
Which is superior? OR»

are sag men like eager puppy?
they are so sweet and sexy, like they wanna lick your face with love and passion»

P-AngelSag - not Sagg
By P-Angel

Cancer girl in love with Pisces
By ForAnna
I tried this in the Pisces forum which turned out to be a bust. I do not understand Pisces or the mean old nutty woman»

By firebunny
Do you like a chick dominating you?»

Virgo - good website for info
By BeautifulVirgo
Want to know about your Virgo woman or man? We are all different based on our life growing up and experience gained but»

Promiscuity in Your Natal Chart ❣
By Montgomery
............................................................................................................. Promisc»

i just want sonething true....i just want sonething true....
Here on earth everything is a facade....people are selfish we are told lies constantly and the true definition of love i


The worst feeling on earth is Hope.
@ tornadoday; I like book of JOB, as far as Biblical stories. It has good lessons in it.
I hate how this Cancer guy always has these females talking to him, hanging on to his every word, it's difficult getting a moment or two with him.
If you want seasonal reading material. Try the gospel of Luke. It is the most touching of the four Gospels.
LMAO @ my aries ex. We are currently watching music videos on tv & that Drake song "Successful" (ft Trey Songs) comes on & he asks me which one is Drake. He says "Oh, the white guy?".
Running through this empty town...rolling my drums....yelling out names but nothing I hear but echoes in vain o treetrunk here comes a swarm of bees in midst of it all falls 3 bodies all on their knees...bowing their heads for the New King has arrived.
I just received an irritating text. I'm not replying to this nonsense because it gave me a headache trying to read it. What's with people shortening words nowadays? I hate reading "dis" "de" & "dat", as well. Ugh.
Things slip from your hand because everything is in motion. Life is the second name of motion. Motion is what the Universe is made of. Staticness is the second name of Death.
"Your college grant has been denied". Well, destiny, if you think this is going to stop me...
Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.
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