Guide for patients with breast cancer
By juanwallabite
Breast cancer kills a disproportionate share of low-income and African-American women, researchers note, and employing p»

Guy tells his bf his feelings for me But NOT me
By CLASSifiedPisces
I've been friends with a cancer for some years now / we are childhood friends . Other time we developed feelings for eac»

I feel really lonely right now.
By SuperMissMan
I have my reasons, but I just feel like having people to cheer me up. Jokes, just random talk, whatever you want, you ca»

DonJohnsonProof Planet Of The Apes Franchise = Racist
By DonJohnson
As if the theme of the first movie didn't drive home the white devil vs the majestic negro slaves enough. This pict»

By Rabbit
Why is it that when I am out with my wife, you keep asking if we need "seperate checks"? We are both wearing our wedd»

Facebook Down
By TwirlingStrawberry
I can't even.............:| 911? According to amusing tweets from»

LidiaRats saggitarious /cancers what are men like?
By Lidia
Hey what are rats like? or saggitarriouses cause im wondering and people tell me all the goo stuff about the match and n»

Should i ask venus in aries out on a date?
By walkingonair
We've been texting all week and he initiated this morning and we texted for a but he still didnt ask me to hangout and i»

hahaha the first part of this - YES
By RainDancer88
Found this little gem on instagram and cracked up. at first it was funny but then... kinda turned on me and I became bor»

I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Retreat
By HeavySky Dat post-rock»

Friendship with Aquarius ex is a catch 22. Advice?
By Wanderluster
We broke up 2-3 weeks ago. He said he wanted to be friends to rebuild our romance. He says he still loves me. I've a»

Is this normal?Is this normal?
I screwed up my relationship and my cap girl went to be with someone else I got her back but the other guy(cap) wanted


just got my flight confirmation ---with a stop-over in rome !! don't mind if I do! butter's gettin' real now!
the picture frame on the wall is a bit slanted, for reasons that do not include laziness
Words are not enough to express my feelings for you ♡ ♥
'I'm attracted to simple things most people overlook'
Fire alarms went off...people running, people falling and the building is still in one piece.
Le meow :-)
I love me and seasoned male... yes sir. None of em youngin's for this girl---I want em with stubble and a story to tell...
If SUT is around please DM me.
I have waited, for what feels like an eternity. I would gladly to it again to feel this. It was worth the wait!♡
Where did my head go?
I want to succeed as badly as I want to breathe
reach for the stars, but wash your hands first. and after.
baby trying to kick her way out...ugh!
U2~ Beautiful Day is my new song