starsign repping tattoos?
By seezythescorpion
This seems to be common with scorpios to have a tattoo that represents the sign. I already have 3 scorpions in my cir»

Does Saturn affect progressed placements?
By hollyhock
Saturn is entering Sag. I have venus in Sag in my progressed chart (natally venus is in libra). Will Saturn affect my pr»

I am my parents' daugher/son
By MissFisk
When we were younger, we might have thought some of the things that our parents did or said seemed ridiculous. Now that»

By Ellzwerf
Im a Scorpio, you knew it was coming sooner or later lol Bogus or true?»

FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428What scares you?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
What are you afraid of? List your top 3 Mine are.. 1. Spiders and insects 2. Snakes 3. Imperfections and love»

Guys - If you saw a used condom in the trash...
By truecap
Curious, guys, if you met up with a girl, went to her place to do the deed, and saw some used condoms in the bathroom tr»

crimsonxsoleilEdm heads
By crimsonxsoleil
I need help finding this song . Can't remember the name , or who sung it. There is no lyrics I just remember the vide»

By crabflows
what does it take for you guys to commit, like be in a marriage and have no need to cheat or leave, and love the marriag»

This Libra is retire
By Lust
Retire from dxpnet😌 I just want to take the time to thank everyone for an amazing experience here. I had learned a l»

capricorn man and aquarius female.
By Gied
Capricorn man and Aquarius woman is possible life together? YES it is! I now lots of couples who lives together, so why»

Leo man is making me crazy
By Sunshine4
Hello everyone! I am new here. I was browsing through the net and thought maybe I could get some advice about the famous»

I'm treetrunking starving
I kind off regreted deleting Process profile, but then I'm glad that I changed it to Crabflows, Crabflows is much better
I wish I could spend Christmas in new york
Sony pulls "The Interview;" freedom of expression takes another hit.
f it
Sagittarius girls have greats personalities, too bad sometimes their looks overshadows their kindness
got a Sagittarius girl giving me gift and she fine
resisting yet secretly asking for more, a taste of my own medicine
Seven million people in the world and there's only one.....YOU!
ugh, i bumped my belly button piercing and it started bleeding
I feel cynical I spent too much talking in the phone to my bitter friend
Tonight the Virgo told me about his uncle. The more he opens himself up the more i fall.