I only like cancer girls .
By sfsmoke
real talk i cheated on my ex (pisces) for a cancer girl cuz yall are less retarded and way more Cute»

Taurus guy with Venus in Gemini...
By Thecolorpink
Hi All, I'm a newbie here... I'm a Virgo female. (Moon in Sag, Venus in Scorp, Mars in Cap)who has been talking to»

Happy Birthday April 1st folks!!
By WateryGem
Today is my oldest daughters birthday! So, I thought I would send some love to all the April fools babies on here. :)»

By SirHorns
So what are things you like to do? Which of your hobbies would you recommend to someone else to try out? Got any coo»

AbbyNormalGood Signs to Work With
By AbbyNormal
So I'm super excited about my new job and even moreso after meeting everyone I'll be working with, talking, and of cours»

who do you think is prettier?
By AirMan
that lady on my avatar or madusa?»

thisismylife2015I just need an outsiders opinion please.
By thisismylife2015
So I've posted on here before about the Virgo guy I was dating. About 2 weeks after my last post, I took someone's advic»

what do you like best??
By AirMan
sex or money?»

Amèlie - The Virgo Woman
By SingASong41
Has anyone seen the French film, Amèlie? In the very beginning it says her birthday "September (forgot the day)" and»

By The_eleventh_sign_11
Sounds like STELLA!!! Holy treetrunk I loved this movie!!!.....I was bawling my eyes out in the first 6 minutes!! and I di»

Raising a teen comes in so handy when faced with adults that act like them...;)
curiosity killed the cat
You will kneel before me or live under my heel of my foot.
A Libra lady came outta nowhere and may have stolen my heart. Whoa.
You couldnt walk a mile in these 11 and halfs, even if u had the chance
what an uplifting sentiment koni LOL
You can be rich in family, or friends, or love; but the only thing that matters is being rich in money
deleting profile soon.
This is who I am and if you think you can stop me, then you need to think again. Because I am a feeling, and I will never end. And I won't let you hurt my planet. And I won't let you hurt my friends. Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able.
excitement in the air. can feel this is going to be a big month for me.
You punchline.
yet another leo
i love carbs. mmm. :)