Love is all around us..
By Damnata

What can you tell me about this Gemini situation?
By CappyGemmy
When we started talking, it was amazing. We would talk to each other, text and call often, flirt, make plans. I felt rea»

How does your different sign parts react?
By Snarley
Question: To anyone with Scorpio energy, how does your different sign energies react with everyday life? How do your sig»

Wonderwoman88Trust or Not to Trust?
By Wonderwoman88
Ok... First of all I feel pretty dumb asking this question, because I tend to think of myself as a pretty intelligent pe»

certifiedTech Support
By certified
_iframe width="560" height="315" src="//»

virgo sun scorp rising pisces moon men
By linz
hi im new here just wondering anyone any thoughts on this kinda guy with theses kinda placements could be interesting me»

cancerroseHow to keep a Scorpio man interested...
By cancerrose initial stages of getting to know eachother/dating? I know Scorpio's like someone who is mysterious... but what»

Care & Feeding of your Moon Sign
By truecap
Want to feel nourished, safe, and secure in the midst of these changing times? Your astrological moon sign can help you»

Which Game of Thrones House do you belong in?
By tripleCap»

am leo how to attract scorpio and how...
By markes10
I met scorpio female before 5 days i went out with scorpio and with my friend .my friend know her and I went out with th»

Leo woman afraid of vulnerability?Leo woman afraid of vulnerability?
I'm currently very close friends with the most amazing Leo woman I've ever had the pleasure of being around. There's so


I think MC Chris is one of the few rappers that can rock MC in their name. MC Ren, MC Hammer, MC Pee Pants............... treetrunk it
If it weren't for friends..... I wouldn't have any family...
Stinkywater it is going well =)
Just recieved the most touching and supportive message from a sun in aries/moon in gem and asc in aries. A brilliant woman in my life_3
I'll sell you a whole truckload for half price GC. Deal?
I have 0 treetrukcs to give. Apathy is such a cool and calm thing.
You think I'm emo? It's funny... Emo and NY's an anagram for money
lol that was hardly creative. can't you do better? Same old. How is your life?
I'm such a weirdo.
Menopausal women should not be given unilateral control of the office thermostat.
Crosses @ The Roxy tonight. Chino is on the menu :)
buttertywater how is your life going these days?
Sshhhh Gandork. Enough with you.