cap male vs cancerian man?
By nightvirgo8888
just tot if u hv any insights on cap vs cancer male? as friends, lovers, and in marriage. just fr fun n general u»

Happy Thanksgiving
By CancerOnTheCusp
Hopefully, today one can reflect on the things we should be grateful for - good health, family and friends, the simple a»

is this Taurus interested or what
By crabflows
OK I met this Taurus chick, she was fine and thick I mean nice ass everything, big juicy lips just how I like my women.»

leotattedneed a.leo male prospective anyone really
By leotatted
Me and my Leo friend have feelings for eachother. I'm pretty sure I scare him and he scares the butter out of me. We both»

PVandJellayI Am Thankful
By PVandJellay
-That god, the creator, the universe woke me up this morning. Everyday I take a breath is a blessing -That I have su»

the only truth about Ferguson by a Sagittarius
By aquavita2
To read full text refer to Benjamin Watson Facebook page ! 25 November at 21:00 ·  At some point while I was pl»

virgo117Cancer-Virgo Breakup.
By virgo117
Hello all, first time on this forum hope the wise cancerians can shed some light ony situation. Ive been in a 4 year»

Its Raining Tacos.
By cilantro
thanks, Juan.»

bill Cosby again
By aquavita2
Jesus are these women coming out STUPID OR WHAT ????? why are they all coming out NOW ??? FIRST OF ALL: going to a Man a»

Happy Thanksgiving ...
By Montgomery

Our board isnt filled with an array of admirers?Our board isnt filled with an array of admirers?
why. Is it became we are a great mactch for anyone, but since all of our cards are on the table, the mystery is gone.


Happy let's get fat day!! LOLOL Gobble, gobble ^_^
Sore throat :(
''Did you just fall?'' ''Ha! Nope, I attacked the floor!''
I forgot to starve myself for thanksgiving :(
Hilarious how people love to post their sexual prowess in this tiny update if the world would come an end if they didn't.
Yep the Virgo is distancing himself:( I've seen this before.
regret, treetrunking a girl in the bathroom, that lame and cheap, should be a hotel, mars in Leo
Just finished 6 sweet potato pies...wish I had someone to cook for :(
Virgleeb shoved his fingers up my nose :0
3 days without power and barely getting internet, the wind can do so much damage. I understand now the damage of air. -aquarius
considering how one might go about pardoning a turkey has me in giggles! you crazy bunch!
"Heyyy put your love on top"
Yes Fisk, that seems more level headed. LOL. **Turns down the Pluto aspects**
cooking for tomorrow, I will be up all night