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by trustissues000
So we went out tonight. He brought his friend with him, which I did not mind, and we met at a bar. We hung out for a few hours playing pool and talking. Meh. He always seems to invite me out with his friends but does not pay much attention to me for whate
by Damnata
Virgos, (other signs welcome too!), what are some of your quirks/habbits that make sense to you in your system?
by SagHaert2
A little history...I'm almost 50 yrs old, and recently divorced.... just getting back into dating after 20 years, so trying to figure this all out again. I'm also not too knowledgeable about zodiac signs, but I'm very interested in the compatibility betw
by Aggrippina66789
I told him a home truth....i needed to say it..i did it politely...
by canmini
OK Every time I see a white boys who act black their always have heavy Leo placements, I noticed that when ever I see a wigga, definition= a white boy that act like a nigga, I get to know them, then I found out they have heavy Leo placements, I see it a
by Astrobyn
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading
by Pearls
I loathe it. I swear I get pissed when someone I like does something but as soon as they come around and do something sweet. It's like I get amnesia or something and stop with the quiet attitude. I irritate me. This really doesn't apply to the third
by killerwhalemoon
I'm really curious. My tattoo artist is a lesbian...a lot of my customers are gay or bi..My favorite bar is a gay bar. I feel myself often surrounded by this divercity and really enjoy the energy. My good friend is just now jumping into the lesbian world

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The leaves were post-apple... just saying.
Mexican food! Bombs central
Tums or the pink stuff girl.. Dont be dropping them stink bombs!
Omg something is wrong with my stomach! This isn't healthy! Chernobyl in this mothrtreetrunka
The Truth about Original Sin
i honestly think some people posts just to recieve attention and probably have a boring life like that aries taurus cusp scorpio rising chick. if threads are THAT annoying, then don't post on it.
a wise woman said, "if the shoe fits... " buy 10!