Cancer man and Virgo female
By Virgofem
Met cancer man over a month ago. We both talked and texted equally. I liked him and his crude funny jokes. When we star»

Type of Profession you are attracted to in a Man
By lisabethur8
Ladies, instead of placements, which placements/houses you like, what type of man are you attracted to? Are you into»

Fixed, Cardinal, and Water compatibilty?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Taurus people are we compatible more with Cardinals? than Water signs? or other Fixed? What's your experience like with»

brothertruckerDescribe "Intense" please.
By brothertrucker

FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428What makes a person gullible?
By FirstDecanTaurianWomen0428
Who in your opinion is the most gullible? Or naive in Astrology? Can you tell me the difference between gullible»

Chart Interpretation: Confused Aries Woman
By ariesvirgo123
Ok I posted my chart below. Apparently I'm a fire sign, and usually more often than not I'm supposed to get along with o»

leah34Scorpio broke no contact with what?
By leah34
Thank you for reading. I texted him after 5 weeks no contact. He answered immediately and we texted vack and forth fo»

What's this Aqua male up to?
By questionable
I've done my research on Aquas before I came here but just thought I'd like to see what the rest of the Aquas/those with»

Thought For The DayThought For The Day
Thought For The Day: despite its small size the population of Bangladesh is actually larger than that of Russia (the wor


Thanks for the good idea, Caprigirl
The heart is not to be disturbed, guard it for your life. Winter is coming embrace yourselves for cuddling season haha.
Major PM clean-up complete! Saved about 4 sent/4 received. Don't want to carry old energy into next year aside from a few positive sentiments.:-)
good mornin
Gonna delete some pms. Both sent and received.
" A real man doesn't love a million girls. He loves 1 girl a million ways."
g'morning fish and friends
Ladies and Gentlemen.. My rising is actually Libra. Rather than Virgo..
we have moon opposite moon. his moon in my seventh house. im drawn to him
size zero superherosize zero superhero
I've had issues with the server before, but this time around the inexplicable glitches are worthy of rage-deletion.
@Size zero superhero. This is pretty much everyday at DXP for me. I wish they'd get their s#*! together.
Blue, we did not need to know that. XD
Eat, Train, Lift, Grow