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For those of you who have read and responded to my previous post, thank you all so much, you have really helped me to feel confident about myself and get my balls out to actually confront him. :* I have hid the post, because it was quite personal, and als
by Keenhazard
Nobody loves me and feeling worthless in this world.. this feeling makes me want to go suicide..
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I'm curious to see some new faces around here. So I've decided do something to encourage you all to post a bit more. In this thread, introduce yourself and share something about yourself. Like a hobby you enjoy, favorite genre of books, music, movies..
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What is with all the secret relationships? Men and women claiming to be single but really they are in a relationship. One guy even told me he was one of the good guys. He could be trusted. Come to find out he wasnt a good guy and he was already in a co
by tiziani It moves too fast in misc so here is the new vocaroo thread. You can read whatever you please, a piece of writing, poetry, send a message to another member, whatever floats your boat. Record at http://www.vocaroo.c
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I've fooled around with a good amount of Libra men, and I must say, you guys are quite rough. Don't get me wrong, rough is good and hot. But with you guys, DAAMMNN. That hurts...! ;---; One was choking me Ish [Maybe he likes that.......], one gra
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by TrueTaur57
Will anyone please clear this dilemma: What does this mean: My best friend ,Scorp, knows I love him, really love him but he rejected saying "I am too perfect", about 3 years ago. But he does not want me to leave and go away from him. Whenever I tried

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Aqua Guy Has Gone Silent?

Aqua Guy Has Gone Silent?

I have been friends with him for years and we have been "dating" off/on for awhile now. So the last time I saw him was in October, where we had a great night and went out for drinks and had great conversation, etc. He spent the entire next morning with


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Hope my Virgo sis never finds ppl would hurt her little feelings 😂
Having a moment of Déjà vu is the creepiest thing ever.
*Jungle fever*
I'm putting the Virgo on ice as well. You retards think you've done nothing wrong but your whole existence is wrong! Glad he's ghosting you
I'm putting the Virgo on ice as well. You retards think you've done nothing wrong but your whole existence is wrong! Glad he's ghosting you
I'm a Virgo I date a cancer man and we have been on good terms we were talking and there was nothing that triggered him because we were doing good well he just quit talking too me for no reason he won't awnser my calls he won't Txt me back he won't talk t
When you're home sick and you lose your eyeglasses in your bed because you can't see without them but you just think, gosh I'm so lucky I have eyeglasses and a bed to lose them in.
about to go play my guitar on the street corner. see if anybody gonna drop some money in my guitar case