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Hey there. I was just wondering if Im the only one that believes that a sexual relationship is an open relationship based off sex but it's still an relationship? I don't believe in the friends with benefits thing cause we all human as humans we h Thoughts? I think it's for the best.
Hey Libras. Why Libras are the most sign i see that are narcissistic? Im just going by experience.
i want to ask what is shut-in person be like? and what should i do if i want to make a relationship with them?
A few weeks ago my Leo friend (girl) started to try and cause trouble for me with my Aqua friend (guy). I know it isn't like him to diss me. Anyway she told me what he was saying and made it out like he was a two faced prick! So I talked to him about it
Do you guys find yourself just caring about everyone? Literally anyone and everyone. No matter if they're nice as hell to you, or butterty from the start. That's a problem of mine. I love everyone. I care about everyone. I see the hate in this w
Hey Leo's. I have a guy friend that's a Leo he is very prideful i notice everytime we talk we don't really engaged in much. He hits me up a lot i don't know if he likes that attention or what. But i think hes very spiteful and we don't really co
Hey there Taurus's. I know Taurus's love sex like mostly every sign but you guys love it the most. When you have sexual relationships how long they last ? Could you see some one in a fwb for potential mate ?

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If I were a lesbian....

If I were a lesbian....

I'd exclusively probably date black women. Best hair, bodies, style, confidence. Most gorgeous women. Came to this realization drunk in Vegas last night. When I was drooling over our bartender. Then I realized I am my fathers daughter. My grandf

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Medieval people thought Rhinos were unicorns when they first saw them ....i think they were right. Unicorns are real. They just don't look like you think they should.
Mercury retro after a new moon eclipse has started... hold fast...


They are not identical but sororal twins. Mind = blown

They made a game of it !

Every relationship thread! oh hi mark!
1.30 why lisa you are tearing me apart lisa!

Every relationship thread reads like Tommy Wiseau!