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I remember reading articles bout Aqua dissapearing when they r falling in love and other stuff . I can't find it now, can someone please kindly post them on here and even more sites for me to read... anything goes... thank you so much, have a great weeken
ended with a confusing cancer man just to date 2 more men to find out they're both cancer. I'm either living in a weird sector of the population or they is something attracted about these 2 signs thoughts?
Taurus women what factors trigger possessiveness in you towards your partner and what can be done to reassure you? I noticed my Taurus female friend is becoming aggressively possessive, I think it's sexy as long as she is not doing this out of insecurity
Triple booked my property back home, drama with the bf, ex been msging. Thank God i'm booked to travel on the 10th for 6 weeks-I need it!
Not just with regards to romantic relationships. Is that all about being right and validated or what?
What i messseged duncan for being banned for harassing someone who follows me on every thread bothering me. I hope that retarded inbred seraphlight is giving you pu $$y for this bs. That girl spams and gaslights my threads with her moronic azz b
Am I being too sensitive and prideful? Stupid sob story: My closest girl (Scorpio) friend was not there for me when I (Aqua) needed her the most. And I rarely feel like I NEED people to be there for me. Our friendship flourished because I was ther
Good mornin'.. I'm new to DXPNET. I had been browsing this site for awhile now and decided to make an account for myself and talk to you all. What orginally brought me here is women and after studying the minds of cookiemonsteres under certain signs, I come

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Whose my DXP soul mate ...

Whose my DXP soul mate ... "game" ..

Let's see what the universe has to say..., The next person who posts a comment after "your post" is the ideal person for you . . . (it doesn't matter if they are male of female") (Have fun with this please) Waiting to see whose mine !

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Don't mention me in a post and then delete's just cruel!
@afternoondelights22 where are you and why are you not on my chat sir?
I am attracted to him but not especially attracted to him but I cannot forget about him completely, either. and now I am stuck =.=
@Ands ...Your portrait I did my best ..I think you are very handsome
Have sum, man
lol finally got trolled by @xxxqueeniiciaxxx