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If so why did you settle? Or if you settled for someone then let them go how did you break up with them did you tell them that you felt like you were settling ?
Mmm. It was so firm, warm and the tip was moist from pre-cum even before I got a chance to put my lips around it. *moans quietly, bites my bottom lip, runs my hands down my tiny, long, toned abdomen* We just suddenly started making out, feeling eachoth
Have you ever had a group of girlfriends that you no longer wanted to be close with? We have a group chat and I've started to respond less and waiting longer between messages. I want to 'break up: - I don't want to have a big confrontation - For
Because everytime I talk about Manchester United, he says he has 0 care and 0 interest. But... i try to be interested in North Melbourne Kangaroos games. I kinda see this as a red flag. Not only because of Manchester United (and they won the finals of Eur ...have you washed the show..? i love the premise.... and the story and the characters....but now its getting annoying...especially with Naomi and her girlfriend....theyre sooo corny! ........ i

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I cannot get him out of my mind....

I cannot get him out of my mind....

I, recently reconnected (online) with my Pisces guy after 23 years. I think I did something wrong by doing this. I, only wanted to know how's he doing, nothing more. And we both brought back memories. Now I am in a love relathionship with a Cancer man, go

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David schwimmer is a Scorpio? I knew it lol...
When you haven't paid yourself in over a month and you go to do payroll and realize just how much your killing it

join me before dxp survivor xoxox
Can you get herpes on your ankles?
Classic ODB
Adorable....46 seconds.....awwwww...that sweet little baby ... *crying*
β€œThe ego is the false self-born out of fear and defensiveness.”

― John O'Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom
If you ain't got $ 250 IDFWU @13th