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so my Taurus has been a little outta touch lately . texting me but next responding back, basically just giving me little validating texts hes alive but not engaging in any conversation that im trying to get answers too. it was starting to really annoy
"There is no other way to say this: Please stop texting me. I cannot maintain this level of commnication. Take care of yourself dot dot dot", what sign will gaze at you longingly?
Deal with "treetrunkboys" specially the ones you sort of like?
My grandparents came to visit me from Arizona. They arrived at the old house where they used to live (the house they sold years ago) I was happy for their visit, initially. We piled into two different cars. One driven by my mother and the other by my step
I kinda like these 2 Pisces girls & 1 is my gf already & the other 1 is my side bae, how can I keep both of them or is that even possible, they don't know each other , can they work it out ? As always I'm thankful for any advices.
Me:aqua sun,moon scorp asc Her:lib sun, gem moon, pisces asc. Okay, my girlfriend and i have been dating for a year and 6 mo. Went from living at my family home to her moms apt untill we get our own.......when we were living alone at the house i did

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Capricorn left me

Capricorn left me

I'm in desperate need for some answers because I have completely lost my capricorn! I met him about 5 years ago, and we have always been interested in each other..just could never "officially" take it to the next level because we live too far apart fro

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This Libra/Scorp bish is devoid of all joy and personality.

@tiziani bro, she's one of your people. How I wish u could sit her down and set her straight.

Informative and hilarious
Taylor Swift has about as much sex appeal as a broom. Very tired of seeing her face.

A total solar eclipse over Egypt, illustrated in a 1911 edition of Astronomy for All by Bruno Hans Bürgel (1875-1948).