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Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
Woke up to a text from my aqua bf with the line: I want to impregnate you. Is that normal? And for a second, I stopped and read it again. And started laughing. **this isnt the first time he said he wanted to impregnate me. I am wondering if aquas
Good mornin'.. I'm new to DXPNET. I had been browsing this site for awhile now and decided to make an account for myself and talk to you all. What orginally brought me here is women and after studying the minds of cookiemonsteres under certain signs, I come
A friend of mine is trying to figure out how to discipline her sag daughter. She's 10 and was texting some boy talking about how she wanted to kiss him and telling the boy to say he loves her and said she has kissed a lot of boys and tells the boy she's j
What do you folks think i should do? It wasnt even that bad of a fall out, its just we had such a strong connection, and emotional investment that i thought we were ready to do adult stuff. She declined and I got angry one night so when she dropped me
Science has proven it. They proved it's a measure of how much of a arrogant, narcissistic, marker you are. If you take

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Jesus...watching U2 performing these days makes me feel embarrassed for them. Cringey.
They fixed the copy gif link thingy on giphy. i am soo happy. I am back into the gif business again.

@dxpnet @ duncan these ads are fvcking annoying man.
Stupid fingers. Deleted my comment by mistake. Lol
What i hate about a beautiful day in Seattle is that these treetrunker imports from the Midwest. Cali. East coast. Get comfortable and don't want to LEAVE. treetrunk YOU IMPORTS. treetrunk YOU TO DEATH
Hi sun. There you are. My favorite walk in my favorite neighborhood