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I need some insight. My Taurus seems to be pulling back. I've been seeing this Taurus Man (Venus in Taurus/ Mercury in Aries / Moon in Gemini/ Mars in Virgo) since May. We met online, had an instant and intense connection. He pursued me. Called, texted
Idk how but i mistaken a cancer for a virgo😅 First time i met this girl was in a bar where she worked as waitress😁me slowly undressing my leather jacket turning my head to the left and seeing her starring at me with her mouth open as if she saw a miracle
So ive been talking to this pisces female a couple weeks. Know of her through my brother. I know a little about pisces but not a whole lot. My brothers a just like me and im sure she thinks im not too far behind im not a just like me but a player, BUT can be a
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I'm a pisces. He's a Capricorn. I'm 22 he's 27.We liked eachother for 3 years. he flirted with me while he had a girlfriend, but he flirted with a lot of girls. With me it felt different because he would stare at me deeply and called me beautiful. Make me
Who here has seen this? What do you think it was about? I have so many questions. I really didn't know what to expect, but it was just so bad. I'm a huge Darren Aronofsky fan (loooooved Black Swan and Reqiuem for a Dream) but this was just total weird, no
After 5 months of seeing each other and the Virgo games of get close then disappear-I thought things were finally heading in a good direction. We went from seeing each other once a month to almost once a week-he was actually initiating conversation, we ev

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Capricorns ghost & return?

Capricorns ghost & return?

Is this common to happen? My ex bf ended the relationship by ghosting me refusing to deal & talk about issues. 2 1/2 months later he just sends me a text - how are you? I miss you!! Well in the meantime there were two sightings of him on my FB - a l

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Finally found a beer that truly exemplifies my core beliefs:

Ok time for a fresh walk + coffee after
*hugs everyone again*
i love clinging on all of you
I hate posting in the wrong thread. lol
Ate and drink like crazy again,
time to increase my push ups number
even more than yesterday *hugs everyone*
This song Reminds me of my grandparents. Together for over 50 years until she passed. High school sweethearts.