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Ladies: if you engage in one night stands, is the sex good? Or when you start having sex with someone, is it good the first time? Can you generally reach orgasm? And if you are in a FWB is the sex good there? Do you reach an orgasm here?
Would you agree that someone's aura intertwines with yours and can affect your energy because of your sexual encounters with them.
Was dealing with a Virgo male...things were amazing and then communication stopped...he would send mixed signals and then today he blocked me on Facebook and I'm truly in the dark because he pursued me for months before I gave in...would prefer a one on o
You can read more about it here: Basically it's not really an official disorder but people who have it spend a lot of time daydreaming themselves in another world. Usua
I keep hearing that there are many forms of cheating From thinking of someone else and having sexual fantasies of someone you may or may not even know Then there's the watching pornography type of cheating where some may or may disagree it's cheating
Can anyone help me understand how to manifest using the Law of Attraction? Detailed steps would be very helpful. Thank you! :D
Ok, the backstory goes like this: Me and my boy are still on the down-low phase. Being in any way with a man is new to him so he's pacing himself, no strings or definite attachments, just pure fun and on the outside we look like best friends. Of course

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Ladies...hows your packing tactics?

Ladies...hows your packing tactics?

I am pretty ridic, mainly because I love to take pretty pics, in pretty outfits in pretty places. Everything in me is now being tested on this trip to Naples and Amalfi Coast to meet my SO. I am allowed 10kg max in hold and a handbag EEK! It is do-able I

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Good Morning Aquarius

The rock how dare you copy the ands!!

Tell your kids and the world. Sounds perfect. But we alll know that doesn't exist. This comes close. I had my kids all listen.
He's got da whole wide titties, in his handz. He's got da whole wide swooty booty, in his handz. He's got da whole tight kitty, in his handz. He's got da whole wide honey, in his handz. He's what we call da whole wide pimp masta, with his masta planz.
Finest guy I've ever seen in my life and he's a cancer . JFC some cancers are treetruking mind blowing beautiful.
I just cried yall for a good half hour, snot and all, bawling. Watching "Me before You. " i read the book ands finally watched the movie. Seeing that beautiful man bound like that in a wheelchair. Sigh. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭
I should not care that much of what he thinks. Because he doesn't care that much of what I think.

Fair is fair.