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Been with this guys for 1 year . Aries/Sun -Aquarius/Moon . I am a Leo. Long story short we hit it off straight after we meet . We were attached to each other straight away. It was a pretty intense year with fights and good times. 2 months ago he came and
So i posted in the virgo section but no one cares so maybe my fellow leo's could give me your opinion and input. Long story short on two separate occasions i've caught my boyfriend trying to message a girl on snapchat, it wasn't super inappropriate but
I know this would never happen cause the members are always changing but wouldn't it be cool if we could have a directory Like: If your looking for intellectual conversation see...lady Neptune, hare, Enochthewise, alien, roybn, ixi, ellesbelles,
So today I saw my Scorpio crush after a long time. Almost a year! We communicate online because of the long distance. I just can't tell if he likes me in person now that I saw him face to face again. Online and on social media he talks to me and he seems
Anyone else's FB feed littered with this nonsense? Literally every chick who's had a guy ask her out with a cheesy pick-up line has by definition been "sexually harassed". XD The validation/attention hoaring is real with this one. https://c
Why do we give off this vibe? Why do you think we make it so hard for people to get to know the inner-depths of us?
Do any of you Leos find yourself caring too much about others? You're always going out of your way to help but people take it for granted?
Say you're dating and her sign is compatible. Are you encouraged by this or doesn't affect you. Say her sign is incompatible. Do you keep dating or forget about it? In my experience, I managed to have long-lasting relationship with only one sign. Not
I haven't written an actual topic in a while. Suicide is one of those topics that can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to discuss. I myself have never been suicidal, but I've known those who have been, some of whom unfortunately have taken their lives

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Advice on Taurus men

Advice on Taurus men

If you're a Taurus, after a first date and you're interested in the person how do you act? Like do you text back or not, if so how long do you wait? Do you stop answering calls and texts, do you answer right away etc. how often are you wanting to communic

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BAM! Just like that $ 400 for a toothache. Would you let a stranger know if they were drooling and seem to be completely unaware of it?
you got two gifts in this world.....
to raise someone up or to put them down
@Cvurko8 - Super glad to see you are back!!!
Scientists have observed two stars slamming into each other deep in space, sending out huge amounts of gold in an alchemical explosion.
Can't treetrunking sleep
Here at the dentist 😬
It's only 10 weeks to Christmas now! :O

Egypt's gays under attack, with 60+ arrested in raids, entrapped with apps and facing multiyear prison terms.
Was planning to do Tabata 4x a week. Nope. Not gonna happen. *Dead*