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This is a topic for the award nominations. We're not voting for people yet. Any and all ideas for awards this year. You want to see "Most tryhard user", here is the place to submit that award idea. I'll let the topic run til Monday the 20th of Novem
So let’s say your interested in man and you find he could be a potential but you have a child and you’ve been a single mom for a while. My experience is I like the guy, at that time the relationship is decent but I can’t find it in me to see him long term
What countries immediately signal to you that their products are of good quality?
she's a pharmacy assistant at the drug store. she keeps on staring at me. i kinda like her. she seems like she has this CC attitude. a while ago, i caught her staring at me again. something draws me to her. she's not pretty i doubt she's not smart
At my favorite table, my favorite eating place. I can't finish eating and I ask for the check. I go out to have a smoke. The female Maitre d' waits for me. ''I ve been meaning to tell you this since long - but you'll get sick one day and when you do it's
Talk me out of it. Also, happy thanksgiving america. Kthnxbai.
Is it a way to show someone that you are interested in them when you are not? Excuse me...what’s the point of this? Ego boost? Or just lots of time on ones hands? Or it is actually coming onto someone but when they don’t respond - pretending it’s jus
I was inspired to make a best post of the day thread by one of rabbit???s comments. Actually no, that sounds misleading

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Seriously like wtf. Sagittarius hate 😤

Seriously like wtf. Sagittarius hate 😤

It’s the time of Sagittarius! Why can’t people appreciate honesty and open communication? People always have to feel like someone is lying to them, we are evil people, have no heart, and that all we care about is ourselves. News flash... nobody give

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im tryna be a sexy cookiemonster now. i need knee high leather heeled boots pls
googling taureans best matches. it seems like it's cancer 110% on pretty much every site. i'm not sure how i feel about that. (it's really pisces!)
I made chocolate balls for my Scorpio moon friend.

To pay $ 50 a month again for a full on gym with sauna and pool or work out for free in small gym at community center. Decisions.
I was just woken up out of a dead sleep to find a tiny bird knocking at my window..

Oh man is my anxiety actin up. I thought someone else was pickin me up to go to my Aunt's for the weekend so I wasn't ready yet. All of a sudden the Aries brother texts me to come outside, like 'wait what, no one told me to be read   Read more