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So I hooked up with an ex coworker a few months ago. He had just broken up with his gf. She worked with us too for a few months. I no longer work at the place he works at. Anyways it was a drunken, mdma type of hookup in a lesbian bar. I don't know wh
in last month doing TRX twice a week and Zumba twice a week this is major, haven't' lost weight in a very long time and I gained muscle mass. went from 141 to 137.8 pounds me losing 4 pounds is huge cause im small already i just have all the fat
I've always been curious about which one is the most accurate or which one I should focus on when it comes to reading my general horoscope or generalized tarot card reading. For you, which one seems to be the most accurate... Sun, Moon, or Rising?
Yeah, like hiring from escort services.. Also known as hookers/call girls. I am a single guy from past four years now by choice and I do hire professionals from time to time. It just feels so easy and safe if you have the right contacts and also money.
I just came across a girl's Facebook I went to school with and it's now a Memorial page that says "Remembering ____" I didn't even know she died. Not that I was close with her and should have known but we have a bunch of mutual friends and usually whe
Has anyone experienced this relationship. What's your take on it?
And what the sign you love the most? I'm dragon, and I have always love snakes .
Lada astrology and this lady got together to talk about indicators of psychic abilities. this gal is great. She's from Jamaica, so she's used to understanding about "spirits" and it's more open there it seems. she's a psychic medium and living in Eu

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Aquarius women and Libra men?

Aquarius women and Libra men?

I read a lot that its a great match, but I havent read many success stories? I do know that I mostly attract them, Ive recently been dealing with one.......with our paradox ways as an Aquarius I need some success stories, and if failure stories, why do yo

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Sometimes as a Leo I just don't give a treetrunk
It's been 45 days since i've had any interaction with the LEO.
I have to learn to stop listening to this before I get tired of it

Taurus+Virgo+Capricorn= Family feuds that LASTS for generations!
I miss my long hair...
Someone on here is using my friends ig pics as their own😶😶
So there was that argument again about being a bad person. The epic good vs evil, boring as it is. Mhm. As if my sweet presence had the influence of corruption.

*Fake grin*
Can you be bankrupt morally wise when you don’t believe in the existenc   Read more