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I am currently being stalked by phone by a Taurus I met online born 5/15 and I had to get the police involved. We had a couple of phone conversations before deciding to meet one day. When I met him it was less than 5 minutes. I looked down at his hand and
I’m studying the connection between being transgender and the feminine and masculine. I am trying to figure out if there’s a way to pin point when someone switches genders in the natal and transit charts. I need more interpretations of 2 t-squares in my c
I always loved this guy, but I actually made a conscious decision to say him. Well I didn’t say I love you. That would’ve been too much in one day, but I told him all the sweet things that go on in my head that my pride wouldn’t let me say out lo
or name another sign/placement even pettier...
What was your crisis catalyst? How did your spouse/ ex, family or social networks respond to sudden growth? How are you now and would you encourage others to join you? What’s your personality type and sign. Thanks
This Leo guy I've been talking to on and off is finally coming into town. But wasn't directly asking me to hang out. He was more hinting and being passive aggressive about it. Saying "I'm gonna be there for a while. I have to work one day but the other da
\(^~^) Would you feel some way if you tell your partner I love you but your partner doesn't say it back? Does or does it not affect you? I ask because I've been seeing this Cap for 5 months but been together for 1. Every month for the past 3-4 mont
A while ago I wrote I'm probably in love with my Aqua who has been my best friend for 12 years and was afraid of telling him. So we went to dinner last night, lots of fun as usual with lots of laughs, long deep stares into my soul and the occasional l

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Whoa, dude. Had the most vivid dream of livin' that vegan life in Hawaii. Picking all my food for the day off the trees/vines. Never been there but tickets are like $400 from Seattle. I'm going to keep posting all things Hawaii in here until this trip bec

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We are expecting 68 degrees tomorrow. Pennsylvania what's wrong with you 😮
Playing guitar at 1:11 in the mornin'. *shrugs*

I'm bored🙄
GOD give me patience to deal with a know it all!!!
Time for an edible and Netflix comedy special
I’m not sure if my feelings are my feelings anymore.

This weekend I was able to be in total isolation
I didn’t have to worry about anyone walking through the front door
I didn’t have to worry about others laughing or ta   Read more

Driving in a whiteout. Best time to see Yetis though

Saw a good luck fox earlier
Recommendations for websites that provide accurate yearly horoscopes?
My body hurts after playing 3 hours of Fortnite, I'm getting old I guess