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So during thanksgiving my whole family was here. My bf barely spoke a word to my family and stayed in the bedroom for four days. Needless to say I was livid and embarrassed. He doesn't see a problem with this.
16 players maximum please! sign-ups end tomorrow at 6PM EST and roles given out at 10PM. 12 TOWNIES: townie elves 1-8 (no special roles) santa claus (can gift any player a gun each night which the receiver can use any time during the day)
This is not to be taken serious and is just to see who around here would get on well with others.
It's has been about 6 months that my friend keeps complaining about her new boo. Now before I start, I know how Gem's are... You guys will vent to your friend and then do whatever you want to do afterwards... So, my Friend( She's a Gem..let's call her
Any Feb Pisces ever dated or still is dating a March Pisces??? How was it? What have you learned or still learning from it? Is it very intimate? Just Curious...
Just a few more weeks till 2017 you guys! Did you accomplish all of your goals for 2016? If not, are ready to kick ass in 2017?
seems like detached aquas and overthinking virgos somehow get along well. what is it about these two signs that makes them connect? as friends, colleagues, partners. have you seen this?

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Transform your cat.......

Transform your cat.......

.....into a Lion lol Available at Amazon and Ebay :P [IMG][/IMG]

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i'm going to start a word of the day. some ppl here obviously need it.

Today's word is: Nosism [from Latin 'nos'] : "we", is the practice of using the pronoun "we" to refer to oneself when expressing a personal opinion.
Adult dilemma. I really want to go with ex's bestie to his metal show. I also have to work in the morning.
tonight's theme: false intimacy
A customer of ours ordered a custom 14K gold diamond pave stripper charm necklace... Well this is gonna be a fun charm to design.
"Why won't this treetrunking marker like at least one of my pics ? I'm pretty ffs !" #firstworldproblems
omg Fisk... why? you're like the goodies that are high on the tallest shelf, and i cannot reach.
ima out for the weekend peeps - caoi~ - it's been real

we are doing a burning bad habits ritual ceremony tomorrow. all of the negative things we want to stop doing, we will take a symbol of them and burn them in the bonfire on the beach. then we will kickback at my friend brea's home.
we cried..cried..cried...together...
When you want to order a bunch of sex toys but you can't because someone in your family is gonna open up your package