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Scorpio moon / Leo moon (Team A) Or Libra moon / Gemini moon (Team B) who would win in a battle between these two teams? Not physical but strategical
Oke, first of all I know that Cancers are trying not to hurt anyone and most of the time they are little snowflakes with the people around them, but in this particular case this cancer girl hurt me really bad and her only way out in this case is a straigh
Hello, what can you say about this person? I am very interested if this person's overal view and facade will be described. Then i will tell if its true or not. Its important. The most about relationships= coup
if it's not the weekend? do you think it could be okay to sleep around 3-4 hours a day? Happy Birthday to all the Pisces swimming around this pond. May you solar return bring positivity, love, and whatever else your heart desires. Or if you already have everything you need and dreamt o
Before I get met with all the HELL NAWS! Hear me out! As a relationship it'd be hard, but as friends we learn a lot from each other. We really are opposites. Seeing each other's points of view really does help both signs.
but her threads and replies can't be seen. Please help her. :(
theres this Sag sun/ Taurus moon/ scorpio venus i adore.. i know Taurus sun people can be NOTORIOUSLY slow with everything, just wondering if that's the same with Taurus moon people because he is showing CLASSSSIC Taurus "i REEEEALLY like you" signs (supe

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35y in T minus 1h 10m...
is she the Sting of her generation?

a nude a day keeps the hoes away... 😂
Have you ever waxed your arm pits? Lol
Ideologies come and go but corpses stay.
Some people should not be allowed to exist. But I feel humbled to have met such a brave young man. One of the hardest things I've ever had to sit through but it was worth it. There's hope yet.