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I have my IC in aries and i am wondering what is means
Post your chart... Placidus House/web default style Ask a question about any personal planet and how to you use it or why you don't use it the way you want to or whatever.. ask me some question about any one of your personals... The reading s The game is simple: *I give a real life scenario (examples: award shows, stock market, sports games, tv ratings etc) *1 or 2 people take a guess and must take opposite answers to the scenario going agains
No matter what jacked up relationships I've had, I still want love and a committed relationship. Why does it seem so hard for that to happen? Has any other Leos had this problem? Then when you look at women like JLo and Hallie Berry who are Leos, it just
I have noticed this online and irl. What do they have that you like so much that a fixed sign doesn’t possess? I sort of get it cuz i feel that way with mutables just very curious to know what it is that makes cardinal signs so interesting to yo
So last night I went to a big Amazon ever where 40k ppl were expected. There were maybe 20k. Anyways to get in you had to be an Amazon employee or their guest. Now i considered i might bump into Leo with Taurus moon old crush there since he just s
My friend is an Aquarius, and his birthday is coming up in a couple of days but I don’t know when that is so I’m patiently waiting lol. He is very much Aquarius, but can be a little sensitive and takes everything I say seriously 😂 He’s quite stubborn,
Any thoughts on this? I find this result of studies kind of counter-intuitive.

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Geminis... I think we, or atleast I am crazy concerning dating

When I meet a dude I am so into them, super flirty and then they get attached and start texting all the time and then I'm like ugh, I don't know if I'm even into them now. What did I see in them? This happens so often. And then I flake, flake, flake. Is t

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ok I was lying, more like 2 hangovers and 10 tequillas
Interesting looking movie. Will go see it tomorrow
*Great artists are not peaceful souls*
Never thought I’d buy Ford again but I’ve my eyes firmly set on the 2017 Raptor. She’s one beautiful beast!

I bet it's hanging pretty good at her age.
Lovely weekend visiting our day at his college, meals out, walks by the sea, cinema, chatting, laughing. Precious him
Last day in UK, traveling home today, on the way to the airport, this week was liiiit 😍
I have serious photographic memory.
I was at work with a co worker watching this older couple make out so passionately so I told them they were gonna make me puke...
My co worker she whispers in my ear after talking to the guy "10 bucks says the gum in his mouth isn't his&a   Read more