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It’s the time of Sagittarius! Why can’t people appreciate honesty and open communication? People always have to feel like someone is lying to them, we are evil people, have no heart, and that all we care about is ourselves. News flash... nobody give
To be honest I thought I read it all about Taurus Sun sign *damn no more mystery*. Until I discovered this and saw certain points that have been rather eluded before by other stereotypical descriptions:
Now, i dont know how this goes overseas Im from europe and here.... Is whatsapp all the way But im becoming allergic to it... You see, im the last person to become hysterical about the whole "last seen online " thing But even I, have to adm
I just don't understand. The two people who matter most to me, haven't done any attempt to come to see me Two people who know, that when they were in this situation, i would do anything 😢😢😢 im so sad right now Even our mutual friends, relatives
Males Aries: God of War, Ares Taurus: Flower Gods, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Adonis Gemini: Messenger of the Gods, Hermes Cancer: The Immortal, Heracles Leo: The Titan, Helios Virgo: God of Weaponry, Hepheastus Libra: The God of Light, Apollo Scorpio:
Who turns into a baby and wants to just eat crap and get better? Day 3 ... I’m glad I don’t have kids bc they would be in trouble.... completely non functional... now up at 4am. I already promised to drive 4 hours for Thanksgiving and want to bai
Many explain this term as two of the big three(sun, moon, ASC) being in one sign. BUT. Does the sun have to be one of them? So, is(for instance) a libra sun, cancer moon, cancer ASC a double cancer? Sounds weird to me; the person is not even a cancer, but

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Wealthy capricorn man with no friends?

Wealthy capricorn man with no friends?

Went on a first date with this Capricorn man and he asked me a lot of questions including what I like to do with friends, where we go and where they live. When I asked what about himself. He goes I don't have many friends. I work from home and at my free

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Will be away from DXP till Monday due to holiday. Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!
My life has been a series of *goodbyes* ~ each one leaves me vulnerable for a while until i settle with it
Just got plugged massively on Thanksigiving items at my job. do i need to cook. I say a hell no! well ill still make veggies and a mac and cheese
I'm lowkey glad we're going to my sister's white side of the family for thanksgiving. Aint no body want to listen to this butter:
For the longest, thought my dad was a Sag. He's a Scorpio, idk why I kept thinking his bday was the 26th EVERYTIME lol! It's 21st and mom is Pisces.
It's weird how American thanksgiving is on a Thursday....
When you log in to dxp for some light reading This is awful. I cant believe I'm chilling at home, while these people are most probably on their last hours of oxygen. My prayers are with them