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Hello ALL! I've been on the Capricorn forum on dxpnet for a while now, looking for info that relates to my situation and I finally got up the nerve to start my own topic! I hope this won't be all over the place but I need a bit of advice.. Or just words o
Working on a 14 day itiniary Thinking Cordova Granada Seville Toledo Madrid What do u recommend ?
Venus and Jupiter in the 12th house is said to provide meaningful dreams or messages through dreams. I have Venus in the 12th house but How can I tell if the dream contain a message or if its just some random messed thoughts? Anyone with these kind
I have been seeing this Leo for about 7 months... I think we are getting serious, we see each other almost every day. Every weekend he stays at my house. Only issue is that he doesn't verbally express he cares for me. I am Libra, I need the verbal affirm
Two months ago me (cancer) and a virgo man had a small disagreement, which obviously seemed as a huge deal to him. Before that everything was perfect, we were not officially committed, but were keeping in touch for a long time, as at that time he was livi
How do I handle this from my man I think we're doing good I like my space as he does and my freedom I don't just jump into things unless I'm 100% ready so obviously my man won't tell me straight out what he wants but he does say little coments I ne
Does it mean much if you don't have any planets in some of the houses?

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Downside to losing a bunch of weight and inches... Every single pair of pants looks like I have droopy diaper issues. There's a nice ass somewhere amongst that saggin baggin barry mess
Everyone is always searching for "the one." The sooner he or she comes the better... Everyone always thinks they're ready to settle down for the rest of their lives. But I'm just like, please, I have time before I give myself to someone for the next few d   Read more
woke up jamming this.

Gud mernin', gud mernin'!
I woke up sad
I don't know why
All the lives I've had,
have made me cry
Though my memories scream,
maybe it was all just a dream
I woke up sad
Just realized that im a highly sensitive man. I take butter to heart too much. Gotta work on that