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Anyone experiences with this combination?? And how did it go? Curious to hear!
'Cause I need tips on how to be a heart breaker.
1) keeps up appearances? 2) tries to be reputable, have a good reputation. 3) tries to be super helpful. 4) is responsible and supportive 5) goes for secret rendevzous? 6) is a ride or die type? 7) super insecure about making the fir
in all your experiences with people that you know personally? "The Venus sign and aspects are especially noticeable in women because women tend to project an aura of their Venus. It colors a woman'
Okay I guess they aren't blood but isn't it a little weird at all?
Been on a few dates shows nothing but devotion and never wants me to leave he clings when it's time for me to go. Messages a bit after the dates for a day or so then poof he's gone until next time. If I message him before he messages me it's forced, l
Please share your stories because I'm curious... 😊 What is your sign and your significant others sign? How did you guys meet? Are you married? Engaged? In a serious committed relationship? Dating? etc.? How long have you been together? I'
Guys just general question to all, do you think we have odd sense of humor? I guess it is hard to self-reflect but I know that I can sometimes say strange things which in my head sounded normal, only from people reaction I figured it wasn't. Tonight I

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Woman in UK had a Brazillian bum lift and was advised not to sit down for 6 weeks......Jfc

Today's lunch - beef and phuthu with a bit of butternut, sambles, and coleslaw.
My love life
Some days, I think autocorrect was developed on DXP.
I was a Cancer...then an a Cancer again. FU Mandela Eeffect.
I'm suspecting the next venus retrograde.

In the mean time ....

Simply awesome.