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This isn’t coming from my own opinion (please don’t hate me) but why do so many people on here, YouTube, etc always say so much butter about Caps? I don’t know many Caps, just one and I do not like this person, I’m sure it’s more than just his sun sign
Hello all! Really curious about this one. Which sign do you feel most connected with (in a psychic sense)? As in, you can finish the other persons sentences, intuit what they are about to do/how they feel (even though they don't show it), know how to make
1.Do you think we’re designed for monogamy? (Why or why not?) 2.If you could enroll in a PhD program, with your tuition paid in full by a mysterious benefactor, what would you study — and why? 3.What was the best kiss of your entire life? 4.Is th
Do u seem to attract with little or no effort? I'm curious if there's a pattern here. Please mention experiences from RL only. Not your POF or DXP PMs. Thx. :) This is the actual game play thread. If you wish to find a team/placement to represent or would like to discuss the going ons in the league please go to the DXPIL Players Lounge here: https://www.dxpnet
Yep folks I'm bored and decided I let you guys hear my break up voice. I finally figured out this thing. This is just a test. And on it I give my personal planet placements. So have at it.

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obsessed with this mermaid tile

Sometimes I look at these floorplans I'm working on and feel a bit disgusted at the excess. 5bds, 5 1/2 ba, theater room, study, informal and formal living room, 8,000 sf of interior space. sparkle motion...
My boss just keeps buying more and more SUVs, at 80K a pop for his personal use, and then freaks out about accounts being less. LOL
This was my wife's birthday present from me to her, we're sharing it now 😀
While the front page is obviously celebrating $ #itty music, anyone else have trouble understanding U2's popularity? Bland AF.