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... has a rather interesting looking chart. That lack of Planets in so many areas, specifically House 6 Gemini, 11 Scorpio, and 12 Sagittarius though #WaywardThoughts Tropical, Equal House, True North, True Lilith, No Shifting [img]http://astrotheme.
And I want your suggestions. Carry on please. Wildest ideas will be taken to consideration. Thankyouverymuch
Posted by PossessionStPart 2 Which one is Mona?
Biggest pet peeve: People telling me how to feel about a situation, what about y'all??
Have you ever just met a person who would be completely perfect for you, but you know things won't work with them because you are so out of their league? I met someone who treats me right. I've never felt this special before. But I know I don't have a c
Rocky relationship of a year. Started badly with abuse and him cheating then becoming all angelic and sweet all of a sudden. And I cheated on him this week. Told him. Broke up with him. Sweet revenge. I feel great. I don't feel bad ab

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Be still with me. Sleep. Meditate. Music thread

Be still with me. Sleep. Meditate. Music thread

Any quiet music for the mind and for sleep. Anything that calms the thoughts and lets you be still in the moment. Something soulful. Something like this:

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Who needs to be milked?
What's going on with the planets currently because a bunch of people followed me on here TODAY. And by a bunch, I mean two.
Love the bursts of colors.
1.5 weeks until vacation time with the boyfriend. 😍
been moving and its stressful! but i misss dxp, surprisingly lol
$ 2.75 in NC gets you a pizza slice bigger than your face. I'll take it.

I waited overnight cooch for this and it tastes like butter
You closed the thread because? 😂 Couldn't handle the truth. @Falange
Morning holiday tune

Listen to Rookit - Elevate (Aerdex Bootleg) by Aerdex #np on #SoundCloud

After work walk, lake is full
So I noticed CHANCE posted on my THREAD, but i couldn't see what he said, and im like am I blocked, but its because he's responding to someone i blocked. So i logout and read "she threatened to scalp me once" i don't think i've ever laughed that hard in m   Read more