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Hi everyone!! Can you guy please help me understand what when wrong. First of all I'm a libra woman. I met this Leo man on a dating site. This guy is a cardiologist .This guy is 31 years old. Im 29 years old. The first time I was going to met him I was la
It seems like on every thread you gotta pop up and remind everybody for the millionth time about your opinion about Libras. Why u so hard up on Libras? We get it. You despise em. And naw, I can honestly say I dont fit your description of what you think or
How are you aquas with aries? Idk why but i feel overwhelmed by aries approach, he's nice and gentleman like. But something scared me off i don't even dare to meet him in person *I know i said that i'm outta the dating bowl, but duh
What countries immediately signal to you that their products are of good quality?
Now, i dont know how this goes overseas Im from europe and here.... Is whatsapp all the way But im becoming allergic to it... You see, im the last person to become hysterical about the whole "last seen online " thing But even I, have to adm
iā€™m trying not to be a cookiemonster & snap & cut him off like i usually would by now because i really do like him. he told me that he likes that iā€™m really nice, affectionate, and goofy when i recently asked him what he liked about me, so i feel like iā€™m doing o
well it's the series Supernatural. we started watching it and we like it. [IMG][/IMG] the main character is a Gemini /Virgo moon, (his wife is on

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post your short lyrics from your favorite songs. i like short yet powerful and meaningful sentences. i need inspiration for my monday morning.

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"This is my chair now"
Where’s ma DXP bae
i didnt even know about this man just told me,
@chang your Chad is always causing fights.
Belly full of Chardonnay

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So much suffering.

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