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i heard when a girl ignores u she actually likes u๐Ÿ˜ƒor like if she looks mad at u T or f?
How do you prevent yourself from risking your freedom Because my patience is wearing thin
...can't see past 2 days of posting history and notifications? Seriously dude...don't do it... How am I supposed to stalk or do research for gaslighting? You are gonna lose half the Scorp board bro...
If DXP ceased to exist...? And where would you be had you never discovered DXP?
So I'm with this Cap since April. One of his best friends is an Scorpio. I get along with most of his friends, but I have never trust this girl completely. Last week I was at my Cap's apartment and this girl arrived, she was all crying because she had
Serious question: does this mean I am ready to die?
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quick , i need an asnwer oin 20-30 mins please my ex gf doesnt even know that i suffer, because you know what she told me? she told me - ''ive been following you on social media these days and i can see youre fixing yourself up and moving on'' is
Is it normal for a taurus to constantly accuse someone else (me) of arguing? Like, he expects me to see things his way. If I don't and explain why, I'm arguing and it's sickening. Do bulls always expect their friends to go along with how they view thin
We always hear stories about abusive boyfriends but what about the girlfriends who verbally and emotionally bully their man? Have y'all ever been with women like that? I have been with one and dated one and it is so annoying. Didnt really give me sel

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Capricorn Woman Insight - In Need Of

Capricorn Woman Insight - In Need Of

Recently, my Beautiful Capricorn Woman has told me that she needs space, even that she may work on herself to become The Woman/Spouse that I need/deserve, because she doesn't feel like she is on my Level, and that she doesn't want to bring her Luggage/Bag

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Mr. Virgo is in NY now..... Think it's time to find new play toy
Wow this site really deserves to get butt treetrunked sans lube today. So annoying.
Ugh, replying to a thread and everything goes dark. Curse you!!
These jerk bbq burgers I made are slaying lives they are so damned good.
So is this a new feature of DXP? Disposing of the amount of comments on each thread? So no one feels they've had a fail-thread. ๐Ÿ˜’
DXP your stupid update sucks big time!!!
Pic uploads not working??

Drizzling today so I broke out the matching sweaters