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If you had to choose which one would you take? Scorpio Woman or Aries? They are kind of similar.
2 girls have told me I look like him. Mostly if they watch too much TV. Good evening :) I'm looking to start the game Thursday 12/15 or Friday 12/16 so people can play over the weekend. Nights will start at 10:00PM EST and Days will start at 10:00AM EST Without cutting any of the role
Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
What’s your story? (Yes this has been done before)
I met this guy about a month ago. We seem to be hitting it off. The issue is he likes about every other picture his ex has posted. They broke up in early October. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just him liking the content. He’ll like his other ex’s pic
Fellow fishes. This is a lounge for Pisces. The Piscean Reef 🎋 Share your dreams, hobbies, anything! Daydreams ! When you need somewhere to escape. This is a judgement free zone 🚷 Be respectful to peoples feelings 😘 I noticed some other signs had
Happy Birthday to my BFF, My numero UNO!!!!!! I hope you have a great day with whatever girl gets graced with your fabulous presence today!!! XD 🎶 Cause you're my right hand, you my go to!!! 🎶 @hellosaggy
I’m a virgo and she’s a Pisces. We met at a work meeting and were immediately attracted to one another. After we initially met, I didn’t reach out to her until like 3 months later lol. When I did she was like “finally”. Hahah. So I’m slow. Anyways. We sta

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well now i can say i know deaf homeless asian sex addicts more fly than that aqua
Hell yeah, Beastie Boys!
Feelin snapchat tonight, suck it if u don't wanna look at me lol
least i managed to do a good turn for pj lynch
remind me never to get married
men are treetrunking useless
Ands has the same taste in shoes as DJ had for watches 😗