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Hypothetically of course, please feel free to share. I've notice that there's a difference between when people are initially crushing on someone than actually developing feelings for them.
It’s not Klaudia or a variation of it it’s not Lolita either I’m planning on changing my name to something that suits me better so I’ll take into consideration some of the better suggestions
Im here to help those who have questions about Leo's! Ask away!
I’ve never heard of this. Article says 5% of the population experiencing limerence. I am trying to evaluate myself. Although it can be difficult to objectively evaluate the signs of limerence when you’re in this altered state, Tennov identified the
Hey my empathetic fishies! Can you please post your name and if you’re male or female. It makes voting easier. Thanks!
I have been told by guys many times that I’m confusing and then I read about gems that they can confuse people at time. Is that really? And what exactly do we do that confuses you? Please state your sign too😊
I was on here last year as pisces4scorpio after a strong year of exploring Scorpio men. The one I wanted was with another woman, a Scorpio woman, and I ruffled a few Scorpio women’s feathers by asking if I should just wait for their relationship to run it
I saw someone else do this so I wanted to do one too. I bet you no one can guess my name hehe 😈 (Yasmine is my 2nd name)

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Do you punish people?

My aqua friend told me he's "testing" our other friend, they had an argument (she was annoyed he wasn't taking her seriously, because he's a joker). He said " now I'm only showing her my serious side, that's what she wanted.. I want to see how she act

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I am ready for Star Wars

Excuse me while i brush my hair a thousands times before the mirror

Forget you cat ladies, im starting a new trend

Because every human bean adds to this world, no matter how big or open and respectful to what EVERYone has to say whether you agree a hundred or not at all
Kitty war? Okay, here's a picture of a Libra man with a Kitty..
Can't wait to make my boyfriend go down on me and watch love actually tonight
Why do I watch YouTube videos during the holidays? Suddenly I realized I need things that I really don't need... Like bath bombs. lol.
Try hard season has emerged on front page....

I must depart now, so my eyes don’t get stuck in the back of my head from rolling them over & over

Lol @ when this was my profile pic 😂😂😂