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This divorced Virgo makes snide comments. Today i was talking about my weight loss and how scary it is for me cause i don't know why I'm losing weight He says maybe you're not stressed as much anymore Im thinking of anytime I've ever relayed str
I love giving cuddles to people and making them feel safe and misunderstood. I also weirdly like to pinch people's nose like they're children. LOL. I've been told before that my placements don't describe an affectionate person but I am super affectionate.
Thoughts on this chart...? Sun in Taurus 25° 23' 22" Mercury in Taurus 0° 24' 34" Venus in Taurus 17° 03' 54" Mars in Scorpio 19° 08' 36" Rx Jupiter in Capricorn 12° 32' 53" Rx Saturn in Scorpio 12° 08' 00" Rx Uranus in Sagittarius 12°
I want to see how they correlate with eachother (: Im an INFP. Pisces Sun/Aquarius Moon
because you jump from one relationship to another? Personally, I think that men fall in love 1-2 times in their life, libras are more like women in this-so emotional...or they just can't stand loneliness....what's your view?
I'm going to try to make this as short as possible. I met a Capricorn man online the first week of December, when we met in person the first date went very well. The 2nd date went well also and we had our first kiss. It was awesome and from that point on

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Game Screenshot Thread

This is for the gamers to post their screenshots they take while having fun playing their games. Dunno for PS4 users but X1 users can send their screenshots to OneDrive. As for PC users, well you should know how to manage that butter so Google It if you don

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I have serious photographic memory.
I was at work with a co worker watching this older couple make out so passionately so I told them they were gonna make me puke...
My co worker she whispers in my ear after talking to the guy "10 bucks says the gum in his mouth isn't his&a   Read more
Saturday night

Lol my Taurus brother is such an interesting dude. He's super masculine and into sports but he secretly loves cheesy musicals. LOL.

Try loving things that don't try to kill you.
6 vacations planned and paid for 2018 🙏. It pays to be patient and work hard...and it’s worth it all to be with someone you love ❤️
20 odd minutes into game of thrones and i just can’’s a snooze fest.
Ha! Looked back thru some snapchat photos from a month or so ago and came across 😂
I’m in the mood to go to a Latino club and dance some bachata some salsa some merengue..ya girl wants to let loose 🔥💃🏽