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All talk on the new DXPIL season is to happen here por favor. I will be starting season 2 in a couple of hours That thread will be for Game Picks only [IMG][/IMG]
This cap/cancer moon is going to be the death of me. I have had to take practically everything away from him, divide it...and add to others work loads because he does not know what the hell he is doing. He had ONE final job to do..... Keep us up
Okay so I have been seeing a Capricorn man and I'm really beginning to struggle with this because he is definitely moving too fast for me. He is telling me that he loves and jokes with his friends about marrying me. Now I really do like him but it scares
Any Leo Suns Cap Mooners? No..? What about Virgo Merc..? Cancer Mars...? Yeah,I figured. Your all too busy working to be on a forum...😑 Well, if you take a break (if you exist) let me pick your brain. K bye.
what does it mean when a so man goes from trying to treetrunk u every time he sees u to wanting to be really good friends? And, I used to be really comfortable around my cap make friend but now when we get together, things feel awkward and brand new. However,
We've only been seeing each other for like a week now. Still extremely early days. However I have a lot of issues that stem with texting. I've noticed a pattern in my love life where if there's a sudden drop in texting. It always ends up meaning the
I'm making this topic because I just got through having one of many great evenings with my Libra roommate! We're different in so many ways, and yet I feel like we understand each other's strengths and weaknesses very well. Our personalities fit together l
Because people lie so we stop (caring) giving a

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How much do you eat?

How much do you eat?

And what do you eat in a day? Do you monitor what you eat, or eat whatever you feel like? Do you even feel the need to eat much? Or is it all you ever think of? Are you overweight, healthy, or skin and bone? I'm just curious. I sometimes wonder i

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Took care of my sick Virgo this weekend. Now I'm starting to get a tickle in my throat. Ugh.
When your boo crushes back, and it feels like flying
New Year, New crush

Who uses Uber a lot? Why was I able to schedule a ride in advance this morning, but now the scheduling option isn't there?
Swoons. He's the finest man i've ever done seen, okay maybe second finest, cause there was one doctor when i was a teenager that came to the store i worked at that had beautiful facial muscular features. most beautiful man.
The Leo Hugged me and he smelled like heaven.Damn why am i never prepared for this type of sheet. i have to do better.