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So me and this guy have been dating for like a year now before this we were like best friends. Its all good when we meet up, it's fun and we get along for the most part, he'l constantly make fun of me in a friendly teasing way of course and takes care of
Care to share your experiences with either sign? I seem to attract a whole lot of Gems throughout my dating life! Not to mention most of my friendship groups consist of these wonderful creatures I'm curious to know that if it has anything to do wit
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So we just went through a lunar eclipse right? and a solar ecplise is coming soon. Is it all effecting you? how are you sleeping? I've been an insomniac since the lunar eclipse and doing things that I dont usually do. I don't know much about the planets
So astrotheme says virgo sagittarius and libra are my most dominant signs astro says virgo, sagittarius,scorpio i really don't know it anymore [IMG][/IMG] Sign: Power Rank Percent - Element Power Perce
Why seems like introvert signs are the opposite in the moon, and vice-versa?

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Aww this band and singer.
I really need to learn the art of diplomacy and tact
I wonder what sign I will end up with....
"If peeing you pants was cool..."