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My little Scorpio heart just loves y'all so, there's no way around it. Maybe it's all my Scorp. Maybe it's my own crab moon. But there's something about the love of a crab that is incomparable. As some know I've recently had my heart broken by a crab
what the hell am i missing here? like seriously? this butter needs to be explained.
Without a doubt Libra men are my favourite. I have 7 Libra male best friends and I'm instantly drawn to them. HOWEVER everytime I consider getting into a relationship with one, we are already in the "friendzone" because I've had to much fun and spe
Why should they get paid that much. Why should employers be responsible to pay so much for insurance? So today i called to see how much my bills were and i was stunned to learn that i was charged 550$ for getting one ear cleaned. I owed 60$. This w
I know there have been many trump threads, and i know i'll piss off Pro-trump snowflakes but this is just hilarious. JAN. 21 “I wasn't a fan of Iraq. I didn't want to go into Iraq.” (He was for an invasion before he was against it.)JAN. 21 “A reporter
What's the your favorite/most memorable birthday gift you've received from your significant other?
This will most likely be my last post in here. 1 less person looking for answers lol. Dude cancelled on me Friday so I didn't contact him at all. Then this morning he messaged me asking how my weekend was and wanted to know where a our mutual friend

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Whats your favourite sweetie?

Whats your favourite sweetie?

I'll go, i'm partial to a Galaxy. And Haribo sports mix. :-D

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damn, now I want a blackberry sangria

I'm jelly


High of 104 today. I'm melting
Atrocious spelling makes me want to slap a cookiemonster. Did some people just completely skip first grade that they cannot string together letters to make basic words?? We're talking basic, 3-5 letter words here, none of this National Spelling Bee ish where you   Read more
Wow only virgo i appreciate. Warren buffet. When asked what is the#1 problem he replied too few people own the wealth. It has to be more equal.
Got sucked into the crazy cookiemonster interview videos on YT

I just fall in love with my first match on tinder, this is really mess up
when your girl wants to pop your pimples