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I emailed my boss in regards to not being paid in a timely manner and asked quite nicely if I could get some sort of compensation until we do get paid and this is what he sent me in return: First, I will need to discuss decorum; and it is highly inappr
What are some of the signs? Us scorpions are good with our words I think so we can express it that way I think, just constantly tell you sweet things, but one of my Taurus GFs would never tell her BF "I love you". I never understood this, she just magi
Is it true? I dunno I barely saw something like that. This guy's Sun is Scorpio and moon is Leo. Have you ever meet such a guy? Whats your opinion?
Right then...... Let's hear it. How many Scorpios are dealing with Taurus partners at the moment or have done in the past. Theres something going at play here with the universe no?.
You know who you are Gemacookiemonsterass Anyways let me restart this thread serious comments only Would you allow your 17 year old to marry someone so that the individual could obtain a green card ? Why or why not?
Loser scorpio over a crab I'm shocked y'all would date devils minions It must be the sex plus you bore us cancer girls You know what never mind Have at it
I'm hitting it off pretty well with a co-worker

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Carl Jung viewed personality typing as a parlor game to entertain friends, Myers and Briggs were writers with no psychology or science cred who took that butter too seriously.
I don't need guys who I thought were nice turn out to be total a grade a-holes.
So my dad is diabetic, he has been drinking sugar filled drinks for a month or so, Irn Bru, 2 2 liter bottles on the night time.

Oddly i went into the kitchen, he handed me the two 2 liter bottles, and his 1.5 liter Pepsi and says here i bought somethi   Read more
Boy do I feel lonely.
Why do I hate going to family reunions so much? I'm a Cancer for goodness sake. Lol
It's amusing that being the arrogant person I am, I hate arrogance myself.

Y'all, is this dress a keeper or nah?

Comment "yay" or "nay," please. Thanks in advance. ✌🏼
I had no idea that guy from glee jerked it ti kiddie porn
How Virgo deals with competition.

This is why I don't like to tell people I cook. *gets a call* "Can you make that dish you brought the last time for your nephew's birthday party?" I guess I should be flattered that my kitchen skills are better than just decent-enough-not-   Read more
I love it when chicks get their badass on