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I wouldn’t date ya’ll in my dreams let alone real life but ya’ll are are definitely appealing. That’s all I got.
12 hrs later she is still here #fixedsignlove
You've probably heard of this. Its a new thing on the google history& culture app where you take a picture of your face and it matches you with artwork that looks like you. Post yours if you want. I thought the results were funny 😂 [IMG]http://i67.tin
Post your chart... Placidus House/web default style Ask a question about any personal planet and how to you use it or why you don't use it the way you want to or whatever.. ask me some question about any one of your personals... The reading s
Interesting thought: Have you ever fallen in love, but couldn't have the one you wanted, and as a result you decided to change your entire life because of it? I'm talking about looking in the mirror, seeing all you didn't like (perhaps due to feeling unde
Ever since our breakup, I went strict no contact for 3 months. What is the next step I should take to attract/ get her attention again? I've focused a lot on improving myself physically and correcting my behavior and I'm confident that I am a better versi
Kim K tweeted that her 2 yr old son can spell a difficult word. She was obv proud. DM wrote this: Kim did not make it clear if Saint wrote out the word on paper or spelled it verbally. Or it could be that the former Playboy cover model mixed up
You're a Taurus. You're not ready for a relationship because you're not over your ex. But you like this person who you've gotten to know a bit as a friend. The person admitted feelings to you. You backed off, not wanting to lead them on. He/she said "Fine
This isn’t coming from my own opinion (please don’t hate me) but why do so many people on here, YouTube, etc always say so much butter about Caps? I don’t know many Caps, just one and I do not like this person, I’m sure it’s more than just his sun sign

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do you snack through out the day?

if so, what do you snack on? I like them nature box snacks but I can't trust myself w/ snacks often so I opt out usually yogurt is also good tho, I like coconut noosa

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Fun fact #3

......don't take Fishes for granted, if you value your life.

Fun fact #2

Fishes are in love with love. We will love you deeper & truer than anyone else ever could. So let us love you.

Fun fact #1

Fishes love affection. It's how we speak lovese.

Taurus men get it together omfg.
It melts my heart when I see my little aqua attending to kids younger than him.