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Are you guys still flirting around even when you're married or in a serious relationship? I have found some libra guys trying to flirt hard with me and asking for a date or such to some point that it was creepy. And i was like eww. Why do you do that?
So I've been dating this chick for... I don't know how long. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the time I spent with her made time fade away and forget how much time has past. I never kept track of when we originally met. I feel like it's been maybe 3 COCONUT COUNT @sakuraflowers-4 @Cancan26-4 @ MzSaaaag-6 @CaramelizedCoffee-4 @Effervescent-1
Do you guys have the tendencies to make up story about yourself just to impress someone? Like when somebody asking what was your major then you told them that you're a Phd of some major that you think cool or such, but in reality you're not. Or somethi

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A friendly reminder for people who may not know. I am Eu.
Can't wait!!

Goodbye hair

yesterday a really nice new patient (Cancer F) and her husband (Pisces M) came in and when i greeted them, she interrupted to tell me that I look like a movie star or something... not verbatim mind you but it was a first and a very nice feeling. i did get   Read more
DXP is like alcohol , too much of it, and you get liver disease.
After 13 years waiting for my birth chart, ms. Orgasme is finally doing it for me...So HAPPY...i know my Fatal attraction is a September 13th Virgo.
She makes me laugh:
So i believe it was the day before yesterday we fought very hard and harassed users to save one of our teammates. literally harassed. I'll remember that day...for the next 10 months.
>you can't generalize a sign or placement
>believe in astrology
>choose one