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anyone have any experiences? whether it be dating one or being one. i'm curious. tell me a little about the tests and the games and all that goes into it. don't be afraid to throw scorpio mars under the bus! this is the thread to vent!
If Cancers are constantly having mood swings, then how real are they at any given moment? What I mean is if their mood s
Well. Something had unfolded with my Scorp yesterday. I am supposed to be smart about my future and I honestly can't imagine divorce! It's not a thing you do every day and though my husband survived 3 - he says he didn't love anyone as much as he loves
How often in a week u go out,get drunk,dancing, just having fun­čśü Me:Every Friday and Saturday from 8 pm until 2 am­čśüFridays in a caffe bar in big city,getting drunk,lots of people,girls­čśâSaturdays from 8-11pm in a caffe bar,and from 11-2 am in a disco wi
I just want to know do sag men lust alot or fall in love fast? I been talking to one as a friend he talking bout he wants a baby with me and im like where is this coming from? He said he likes me and wants a family but we only been friends 4 months. I had
I noticed this o be a Sagittarius moon type of thing. I have money. Good money. No matter how much money I got, I still like to eat fast food. I love Dairy Queens my favorite. I love Wendy's, my second favorite. Well only if not in California or Arizona.
How is this effecting our daily and love lives? Just miscommunication, mostly? I feel a lot of what I'm finding on google to be vague and about exs popping up.

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scorpio and virgo ? rekindling ?

scorpio and virgo ? rekindling ?

I was talking to a scorpio guy a long time ago . he was so nice and sweet but there wasn't any fire at the time. He also just got out of a relationship with his ex. Because he had women friend over all the time i started pulling back. At the time i pulled

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peaches and cream grevillea
Using my gift certificate for a massage today. It's suppose to start in 3 minutes. This place is suppose to be zen. So far I've had to walk upstairs twice because the front door was locked but it doesn't tell u to use back entrance. So I go to back. Upsta   Read more
I spent the day with my former boss and his wife (I work for her now) and my god they are too cute, it's disgusting. Aqua dude, Pisces dudette.

"My love?"
"Yes, my love?"

They're VERY comfy around me.
~*Love, compassion, creativity, emotion*~

Congrats on the win townies!
the new EU has Jupiter in the 12th. wait, what?
EU 1.0 turns 60 today. EU 2.0 turns 24 in November. #Scorcookiemonster
Venus Retrograde has blessed me with some smoking hot Cappy on facebook.

And she added me.

What to do. How to attempt to hook her up and take advantage of Venus retrograde.