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Hi Aquas. I met this aqua man in a dating website. He was very nice and said that i was "super cute". So we started talking more. Anyway, when i added him on my messaging app... his first message was a photo of himself.. naked. From then on, we started ta
without major surgery or facelifts etc... I feel like I have a droopy face, I want this taught look! GRRRR!
I am just curious to know, would a couple in which one drinks and one doesn't, encounter any problems during the coarse of their relationship? does anyone happen to have any experiences of being in this kind of relationship? if so, how did it turn out
Post your natal chart from Select House Placidus and Web default style method. You will have to include North Node, Chiron and Vertex. And my private messages are turned off for now and won't be accepting any charts in my inbox. First
What do you do for yourself to make you feel adored? What or who do you surround yourself with to feel supported and invincible? I tend to think my partnerships as more of a role I play. i.e. friend, sister, mother, business. I pamper myself, but

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Making Youtube lets play. Always looking for people to play with.

Making Youtube lets play. Always looking for people to play with.

What games do you like to play? Do you make Youtube videos or twitch? or just love playing games? I love Ark its one of my favorite games. I started playing 7d2d. That is one game that can get crazy. lol

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come talk to us... surprise in the room
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tiny chat .com / astrochat we shall be back in 15 mins x


Jesus Christ I ask of you with all my heart and soul, that little Lisa will be taken care of,
whether it's with me or anyone else.
I will be part of her life regardless.
I want to be a positive force in her life.
En el nombre del padre,
del hijo,
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