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Posted by PossessionStPart 2 Which one is Mona?
He said he can't read me or figure me out... what vibes am i putting down? how does this mean? have u ever said this to another women? did it frustrate you?
Example: today I was talking to the guy I was gonna buy a nice 97 vw from on the 7th, found out he sold it with out notifying me and so with in two hours I have found a new car, planned a date to buy it and now I'm set. I can network, make plans, even sc
I'm a cancer with sag moon, I was wondering what would make a Aquarius with a Sag moon stop speaking. We where talking fine and one day I didn't speak because I was having a bad day. And everything went downhill afterwards. I didn't see him for two days a
Sometimes i feel like pisces women need someone sensitive to understand them and their emotions cause theyre really confusing. So confusing they dont even know what they want. On the other hand, they also need someone solid like a rock because they dont
But not sure if I am ready for any Criticism ... haha how open minded are you guys truly Aqua? ;)
What possesses a person to do this? Just leave for lunch and never come back? Why even bother coming to work in the first place? I could see if you got into a big fight with your boss, but a lot of times I've seen this happen, it's not the case. Why can't

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When a convo goes from talking about household chores to asking for nudes to jackie chan movies to baby orangutan pics...Sag n Aqua...
whelp 30 day notice i effect. i cant stand that it's come to this.... my heart aches so badly.....
Gosh dxp threads remind me of him..

I really need to get out for a while...
DXP is like gold mining. You have to dig through a lot of rock to get to the gold.
If you gonna talk butter about someone, at least tag their ass appropriately.
I hate whenever I have an 8th house Cancer moment. Hate the sudden overwhelming stress crying.
Once you get into a real relationship you learn not to give relationship advice
@Gemitati you look great in your avi mom 😘😘 See you in a minute when you tuck me in for bed ❤️❤️
It's only Tuesday...

Pluto in Libra-Destructive and deceitful friends