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Post pictures of anything that makes you think Virgo. For you fellow Virgos also post pics of things you like. Good evening :) I'm looking to start the game Thursday 12/15 or Friday 12/16 so people can play over the weekend. Nights will start at 10:00PM EST and Days will start at 10:00AM EST Without cutting any of the role
I want to gift my aqua man something for Christmas! He is a single father of little kids, in late 30s. Poor kids tire him out! He’s the best dad ever! Kids are great also. Former pro baseball player, loves sports and love the water. He has a boat. He’s a
@mini_asian asked about Venus signs. I'm wondering about Mars signs. Please state which Mars sign you are writing your post about and who has it (you, a s/o, etc.).
What’s your story? (Yes this has been done before)
It’s not Klaudia or a variation of it it’s not Lolita either I’m planning on changing my name to something that suits me better so I’ll take into consideration some of the better suggestions
I took this quiz. & got Virgo/Capricorn 🤔 Quite interesting. Tell me what you get and if you really attract that sign in real life?

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My ex sent me a card

So my ex broke up with me in early October saying she was just exhausted from all the arguing. She tried to get back with me a week later and I told her no. I admit I messed up and sent her a lot of messages the next and the days that followed after I rej

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@mutabull laughter is the best medicine

Why am I always sleepy? Gosh I sleep for 7 hours up for 2 and I already want to sleep... 😴 Is it because of my Venus in the 1st the reason why I am a lethargic bish
When your obsessive nature starts to take over and you can’t them out of your head, but you have to hold your ground, keep your distance and pretend they don’t mean anything to you. Otherwise, you know in a few months you will end up r   Read more
People keep replying to my comments, and some I can see. I'm assuming they're being deleted, but if not, someone needs to fix the site.
There’s a lot more Geminis on DXP the last month or two.. felt like we were a dying breed for a bit. But knowing gems, they leave or take a break pretty often anyway.
Scorp Mars tethered to Virgo sun "to redial or not to redial"

Ignis is bae and my hero. ❤
Do virguys cookiemonster a lot? I feel like virgo guys just need to be roughed up. Like it down in that chair and shut up. Lol take it. Maybe I've had a lot of cider but really just shut up and take it. Quit bit