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Are any astro aspects or attributes that can determine whether I'll get a handsome partner in the future?
Or atleast have the potential to be if they cared. This Venus thing is soooo true. Like I've never seen an ugly Taurus. Even if they don't care about their appearance or are overweight or whatever, they still have such beautiful faces.
Hi, I am changing my social circles and hobbies I mee t lots Scorpios in a very cool self defense gym. They are incredible intense in training, but very funny and close. II is not a commercial gym actualy its more like a family. They think I am c
Before I get met with all the HELL NAWS! Hear me out! As a relationship it'd be hard, but as friends we learn a lot from each other. We really are opposites. Seeing each other's points of view really does help both signs.
Okie I met him on Saturday, as in we got introduced on Saturday eve... Texted a bit on Saturday... Sunday he sent me a casual message, I find him hot so I ignored his message... Okie he is messaging me now... I haven't dated a new I'm guy in years
Post pictures of anything that makes you think Virgo. For you fellow Virgos also post pics of things you like.
in a birth chart what are they? sure, one can learn how to cook but not all of us master it and some of us can't even be decent at it, even if we try as hard as possible. the talent ain't there This man is perfect. He's in the Express clothing catalog for March 2018 which I received in the ma

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I think i'm dating a gemini now

should I bury myself now or later he had gemini and sag placements he gemini/sun dom

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I can turn my hand sideways (not flat) and put it inside the waist of the jeans that comfortably fit just 2 months ago.

And I don't have baby Trump hands, either.
I have a dream, a fantasy. To help me through..reality..
Having a Leo father can be draining. As messed up as this sounds, life was much more peaceful when he wasn't around.
My life story. 2009 - 2015
There is a lot of talk of overprotective parents, but I haven't yet seen any on overprotective children. Anyone with some sources out there? That would be much appreciated.
No one in the NRA cares about black lives. Philando Castille was an NRA member who disclosed he had a gun but was still shot in front of his daughter and girlfriend. The only time any gun control was passed in this country was when the black panthers bega   Read more
Virgo ex said to me that you have to be really sorted to be in a rship and then when you do get into one they screw you up again....Haahaa, that made me true. I now know why we are good friends, common ground .
It's super awkward when I post on a forum or call my credit card company and people assume I am a woman. Like duh, my name is Mark, how can I be a woman? It's really awkward. And then I feel too embarrassed to correct them so I just go wit   Read more
i've been in a relationship for almost 3 months now. Everything is ok for now. We had our first fight last month but it has been resolved with compromises. However, as time passes by, we learned a lot of things about each other. And I have discove   Read more