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What moon signs are you most attracted to & Why? I read somewhere that there are certain attractions that can't be helped. For example, as a leo moon.. I almost always find myself becoming really attracted to aries moons & a lot of my fellow leo mooners
During childhood what was your relationship like with your mom? I'm not surprised if you say detached.
I know it's possible to stop ✋ feeling a certain way!! I just need to remember how to do this.. (most sags are good at this).., but I need to know Where's the off button please!!!! How do you just turn cold ??!! Who has the ability and will power
Why do we struggle as a couple based on these charts ??
I'm just curious to see if there's anyone out there that has this pairing or knows any couple of this pairing. Tried it before with a Pisces sun and it didn't work, I think the double water combo was too much. But this guy I've been getting to kno
Where is falks about fallen angels mating w humans? And so now the DNA of there offspring are half demon half human causing havoc on the earth? There are some ppl I've been around who seriously don't seem human. Like evil to the core or born evil.
I'm attracted to personality more as I noticed, but I also tend to get bored really quickly. Could that be because of my Sag sun and moon ?

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Where all my hoes @? I'm back cookiemonsteres.
Capricorn rising
treetrunk you steve !! I miss you Steve !! I hate you I love you !! Damn you Steve !!
"The Impossible"

Such a beautifully shot film.. But ultimately devastating to watch. I've seen a lot of footage from the 2004 tsunami in southwest Asia, but you can never quite grasp the magnitude of life lost in the media when a disaster like this hap   Read more
I miss @yupvirgo and his gifs ):
I really need to revisit nubia which is today Sudan the history is ridiculous. And Zimbabwe looks like heaven on earth. My God. 😍😍😍
Having a history is a powerful thing. White people know this, why they steal every thing. Starting with the Greeks. First great theft mathematics and philosophy
East Africans have a fascinating history. Every time i learn something new😲😲😲trying to convince my brother the bejas aka kushetic tribes came and conquered from nubia , he's like nah we're semetic, but all those people used to migrate like crazy. Why anci   Read more