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So let's discuss fifth house, I got nothing better to do right now... What's the sign on your fifth house cusp, tell me about it's ruler-- where it is located and aspects and planets in 5H Fifth house would show what we attract or how we behave whe
Do your exes/failed relationships represent some of your North Node energy? Like maybe you attract gemini mars and you've got your sag NN in the 3rd yet those relationships just don't seem to work out BUT you learn a lot from them, almost like they're
I am not about this sort of thing. When a dude suggests it, its a turn off. I mean long-term relationship is different. However, a good chunk of my friends do this. Isn't it pretty much a sign someone is just looking for a booty call? Or is it just fun
In Sacramento In his grandparents backyard He's had run in with the law But he was unarmed
So this Sep 14 born virgo guy and I are classmates and have been close friends since 6 months now. Our friendship has grown a lot recently. It's always me,my best friend(gemini,female) and him hangingout. My gemini best friend and he dont get along too w
June 16, 1994 Gem with a Virgo moon Supposedly he wrote that his motive was to watch the world burn.
Maybe it's just me but I think it funny. @Dolluxxe at the gym @WarAngel being all prepped and pretty @Whorpio out in the streets @Hyd
basically, i'm single and available right now because the supermodel/beauty queen disappeared. now i'm setting my eyes on this med student. she's pretty hot. i like her. the problem is, my gym buddies spilled my secrets over and this chick already k
I'm going to have to say Capricorn Im sorry but they're completely useless entities I'm always shocked ppl want to date them le alone spend a lifetime with them.
So I heard about this guy that had slept with 40 woman and was due to get married. He had cheated on every one of them. He admitted to his fiancé about his serial infidelities (at least he was honest) Anyway he starts to accuse his gf of "looking at ot

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Of course. Since I always tease double water folks and Scorp moons. Thoughts? Him: Leo Rising Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon Leo Mercury Cancer Venus Taurus Mars Me: Sagittarius Rising Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon Scorp Mercury Scorp Venus Gemi

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Sometimes i imagine me telling my kids that i was there when rhinos existed, like if they were some kind of dinosaur or something
where is itsmeroman

did she lose her broom?
Oh treetruk i went in to take a10 minute shower and i wag in there for 30 minutes. Am i trying to lose my job. treetrunk
@WarAngel1 @Senorita_LL spot the only Scorp in this pic even though most is faceless lol
Never liked most of the signature series like house of cards, but this one is mind blowing amazing. Thanks for that one, Netflix.
Anyone have a thing for Viking vampires? This came up in my "watch again" list on YouTube. lol

The news is very good this morning but good enough to give up a 30 minute shower? Idk.