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Is this a scoprio specialty? I have heard many people told me that they had an instant connection with me (I got stopped by strangers on the street a lot as well). Today I was talking to a new guy online whom I just began talking yesterday and he commente
Mine. Sun in Cancer / Mercury in Leo The outlook is positive and organizational ability is increased. There will be less tendency to worry irrationally, but one can be surprisingly bossy. Tenacity is enhanced, and this person will be able to make
I read a quote before saying all Taurus' want is someone to cook for them, cuddle them, and satisfy them physically...that's not really a lot is it? Lol. I can do them things no problem,, but I've been told that Virgo and Taurus are good matches...what ar
So I met this guy about 3 months ago and we became friends but I always felt that he liked me as more than a friend - he's always very affectionate with me and physical. But seeing as he wasn't asking me out, I figured that he was just tactile and he saw
A May 7 Taurus here. I am deeply in love with a Cancer guy. He sees me only as a friend. He asked me to move on and hence we are not meeting from past few months. I asked him to meet me as I really want to see him. He said we could definitely meet
So the media and the internet's got this thing where they criticize HK women for "worshiping money, being narcissistic and having Princess Syndrome" and I thought to myself.. I'm sure other countries and cultures have their own set of women with such char
I was reading an article where the autor said that people with Venus/Neptune placements have a glamorous image...What does it mean?

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How the hell do newborns have cancer? Tiny little chemo shots
off i go then)
here is an alpha , well i don't know what kind
Also you should keep your ego in check, that mindset is a part of what's wrong with the world today, considering yourself better then others, no your treetrunking not
Your just a treetrunking mortal like the rest . death does not discriminate
I love these alpha posts), next thing we will be calling them helicopters )
That awkward moment when every closest relative species to the human species has Alpha Hierarchy. That almost every primate species does.

But people think we are inexplicably an exception. I suspect a bias on part of cuckies not wanting to accept their   Read more
Wow, such topics, much interesting