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Males Aries: God of War, Ares Taurus: Flower Gods, Hyacinth, Narcissus, Adonis Gemini: Messenger of the Gods, Hermes Cancer: The Immortal, Heracles Leo: The Titan, Helios Virgo: God of Weaponry, Hepheastus Libra: The God of Light, Apollo Scorpio:
Ummm so... This is an annual tradition here on DXP but, sadly, nobody has volunteered to host this event. But since I'm an "earthy" Virgo, I cannot let this year pass without this ceremony taking place. You know, I like traditions. And so, I decided
Many explain this term as two of the big three(sun, moon, ASC) being in one sign. BUT. Does the sun have to be one of them? So, is(for instance) a libra sun, cancer moon, cancer ASC a double cancer? Sounds weird to me; the person is not even a cancer, but
Anyone else a fan of K-Pop?
Would you give them a chance? I have an Aquarius man friend whose former fiancee cheated on him while they were living together. She ended up breaking up with him and dating the other guy for 2 years. She broke up with him last spring and has been slowl
I don't get along with aquas. We hit it off very well initially but something just goes wrong! male or female, we're just always butting heads. I have a leo moon/sag rising so i'm not sure if that causes the friction. I see a lot of sites that state we ar

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When you are sick 😷

When you are sick 😷

Who turns into a baby and wants to just eat crap and get better? Day 3 ... I’m glad I don’t have kids bc they would be in trouble.... completely non functional... now up at 4am. I already promised to drive 4 hours for Thanksgiving and want to bai

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this is adorable! "Papa, me scared of heights!" his papa starts singing circle of life..
Maybe guys need you to be a complete doormat to commit.
If you're lucky he won't treat you like one. But I'm guessing he wants you to be a doormat for him.
When you said goodbye for each other and you have been crying over him, then he call you and start talking about work
For you Americans and Canadians on this Thanksgiving
i found Lady_scorpio!!! she was with gemini twins. lol
Posts I always automatically feel stupid for making afterwards:
-Posts that bash on a particular sign, as if all people of a particular group are the same.
-Posts that bash on women, as if all women are the same.
Night night DXP. You've taught me, people say stupid butter, even myself. But it's usually no big deal and life moves on. So thanks for that I suppose.
the first roast for home is done and beautiful! πŸ˜„ now for the big un for work...