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There's so much venting that I want to do, but I know that it wouldn't solve anything. I am hoping that law of attraction will do it's part in my future, Am I the only Cancer in a emotional roller coaster? Or is there other's going through a rough
I need some advice. I have went on 2 dates with a guy last week who is a libra and they went great. Every time I text him he responds and even when I ask to hangout with him he's always on board. My issue is he never texts me first. He will occasionally s
Hola guys! Leo woman here. I've been seeing this Aries guy for almost a year now, and I still can't understand him. I ignore him, he comes running after me, texting me loads of love declarations "I love you. I miss you. I'll change, I promise. Le
First off I'm a Sagittarius sun Aquarius moon, and my boyfriend is a Gemini sun Aquarius moon. If you want any other aspects just ask. Anyway, we haven't been together that long, about a year (on and off) but before our relationship started we were close
So I am gay, and my sisters boyfriends sister has really intrigued me. I think she is beautiful, and I think she has a feeling that i like her. She has a boyfriend, and they have been dating for 4 years, so its pretty serious; however, I have this weird v
Go on I need something silly She is Taurus he is Capricorn. :-)
Hello everyone Me and and a scorpio guy were friends for a while. He wanted to be in a relationship with me but i refused. Since then, we've kept the contact limited. Yesterday, we met at a friends party (after 1 year) and we said hi, general qu

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Your fav youtubers and their signs

Your fav youtubers and their signs

Go on I need something silly She is Taurus he is Capricorn. :-)

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im in love with life! 2017 is the sheeeeetšŸ¾ā¤
I'm bored of DXP.
This game is just lol.

It's like GTA and Jim Carrey married each other.

I just can't get over the fact that it's Aqua season! One of my favorite times of the year. I'm always more focused and productive And you gotta love Aqua peeps.
I got you on my mind, baby
Banks always looking for slaves to the system.
America is crazy you can walk into a bank tell them how much credit you want and they give it to you within 5 minutes. 0% interest
I just got a 10k credit card...I had to to tell the lady to cap it there.. They be handing me credit like it's nothing. That's about 40k total.. too bad I can't buy land and flip it. Those days are long gone