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I’m an Aquarius female and my boyfriend/baby daddy is a Pisces male. We’ve been living together for 3 1/2 years now. We’ve been in a bad spot in our relationship for some time. I’ve tried over and over and over to let him know that I feel like some of my
1) who would have more power 2) who would get more attached? 3) over what would be the pros and cons of the relationship? [IMG][/IMG] It can be basic
How much it cost to buy: puppy. Hypo allergenic. None smelling. Small. I want a companion. Vet fees? Training fees? Cleaning fees? Feeding( monthly cost) Anything else Thanx
Artists of Dxp, how did you get your idea in your mind to compose that music, to draw that piece of art, to dance that style or to write that poetry? What are ways that has worked for you?
I mean, I feel that I need someone to talk to I need people ... I just “need” to talk with someone I never notice this about me, its like I express my true self when I’m around people! Is this a gemini moon thing? I know that all human bei
What are the steps to having a relationship with a Capricorn woman or man?
Because most of the Aries men i know can’t I only know one who could take jokes. We happen to have the same birthday just different years Maybe when they are younger they joke around but as they grow they become so anti joke. Like their sense of humo

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Osho - in love

I think I’ve needed Osho my whole life. I’m currently reading “Love, Freedom, and Aloneness,” and I love it. I’ve also watched some YouTube videos of him speaking. He’s very deliberate in everything he says. As a Libra ascendant (and so venus domin

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Good morning everyone, let's do a short coffee to wake up and warm inside.

*special hug to all* 🌙
Chicken adobo for fans of Filipino cuisine. Bless you Leos for being such good cooks.
*Nom nom nom nom*

I have a feeling my chicken wings I had for dinner is going to turn into heartburn at 3am. Fml
Easy company foxholes in Bastogne, Belgium. Le gem's parents have a vacation home 20 mins from the Bois Jacques forest in Bastogne & Foy. The forest is silent and eerie but one of the coolest things I've seen, being a ww2 buff.
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I am just way into this movie. Gerard Phantom is the best Phantom (ok his voice maybe not, but he is alpha AF) and we get to experience the feeling of being on stage with the cast.

Imagine Dragons are my spirit animal.
At what point in age do you stop giving a treetrunk cause i’m not used to this and I feel like my life would be so much better if I didnt care
Sunday funday - Interplanetary funk band from New Orleans