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This was done before ... I remember it being very funny So which words, phrases, sayings etc do you find irritating ? On fleek 😡 Bae ..... who wants to be called a "turd" 💩?
Aren't you into banter? Chit chat? Something to make the day go faster I keep texting this Cap who gives me literally nothing Yes he's cute Yes i want to bang him Only bang him. He's too young But other then that id like to just t
When it comes to relationships and cheating while I do agree with all the cliché's about why you shouldn't blame the other women blame him... At what point do these women take some responsibility for their part in KNOWING?
J'aime le croissant au fromage hon hon hon
What characteristics of your sign doesn't fit your personality? Maybe even some of the placements don't seem accurate?
How do you experience emotional trauma? My Aquarias is indecisive. We are on a long distance relationship. Talking to each other is fine. But when it's time to make plans to get together, he will say let me know when you plan to come. I tell him and then

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Japan Releases a Range of Miniature Furniture for Cats Recently, we’ve introduced you to a range of cat-tastic designs that demonstrate how modern cat furniture doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Cat-sized cardboard landmarks, tetris cat towers, and even a new l

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@Arkansassy ... did you scare off the average joe guy with your monster dick pic request...i think he deleted? You naughty boy, lol
I'm late to the bandwagon but yesssss. This song is everything. I need to go clubbing and get smashed asf and then hope this song comes on.
PMS.. I just want super spicy tacos, cheese fries, buffalo wings and some ravioli..
Is it generally easy to tell a small car has their bright lights on? Like in your rear view mirror or driving on the other side of the road?
any leo's going thru difficult times rn?
2 different Amber alerts within hours of eachother today... that's sad
Welp, I just realized I had it wrong the entire time... the Mars-Pluto contact isn't the tightest in my synastry chart. Cue the celebrations, lmao.
It's a quiet moment in life.
I think I got a new job
aqua rising to my aqua mercury. leo descendant to my leo mars