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as a proven guru of face reading and the original aesthetic king of dxp, I am in a charitable mood today. I will read your face in terms of aura, personality and fortune. As an international male model with insider secrets out the ying yang, I can c
so i've been pretty much told by my heterosexual female friends that they get stuff from their friendships with other women that they don't get from their relationships. a certain deep connecting that they don't get from men. i asked my gay friend wha
Share your thoughts on anything.
Does anyone ever tried this? For example, looking at your 1st house or your ASC placements can give a clue on how people perceive you, if you keep this in mind you could improve that image commonly connected to you. Lets say, someone have Saturn in
My top three picks Virgo, Pisces, Gemini (in no particular order) .... followed by Leo (When the top 3 are in love, they forget about the ego. Leos would do anything for you except when it hurts their ego.) What is your pick?
Please inset anything mellow, deep, dark, trippy, or intellectual here. It could be anything that opens your mind in a weird way, or makes your creativity run wild.
I'm a Cap guy 12/27 and Virgo women drive me insane, especially those on the virgo/libra cusp. What is your experience with Cap men - have they been positive or negative? Share your stories :)

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Happy Birthday APC!

Happy Birthday APC!

Happy birthday beautiful aqua pisces / pisces cusp! No matter youve got the best of both! I hope youre enjoying your day! Miss your spuunk around here!!

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Call me naïve, but life is less stressful if you take everything at face value. Always assume the best in people and let malicious people wallow in their negativity. Learn to stand up for yourself without stooping to their aggressive level. Most of all be   Read more
Happy Birthday to all you Pisces ppl. I hope you get all the weed, hugs, love, cake, sex, money & free drinks your little fishy hearts desire when your special day comes 🤗
Whats the mark of your cellphone?
F icing snore fest. I literally fell asleep with my phone in my hand's
To the asshat man that keeps using the single stall women's bathroom and pisses all over the floor and leaving the toilet seat up, I hope the bidet randomly turns on and shoots you in the eye.
I'll take this car in black please. I'll go escort for it.
Good night too the losers who aren't Aries moon and Aries mooners. Really tired and my bed feels like heaven.
When people say their ex is a psycho or narcissist, I always think to myself maybe it's YOU who activated their extreme responses.