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Post pictures of anything that makes you think Virgo. For you fellow Virgos also post pics of things you like.
so, apparently I have never dated any of you mofos. Tell me something will you? Will you even wanna date the Gemini women? Will you date the crazy like me? I mean, we can be annoying but eh we are loyal too. XD Shoot me with your sarcasm or whatever
I was wondering if any of my Taurian equals are dating and/or involved with a Libra. According to everything I read and find, we are not supposed to be compatible. While I try NOT to let this be the focus of my relationship, I am curious to know if ther
Hello folks. It's that time of the year when we all gather in one topic to show gratitude and shade towards our fellow dxpers and to hand them trophies that are worth gold in internet bragging. Topic will run until this Sunday, the 17th of December
Also please state your Venus, Mars, and Moon sign. I notice that mens ideal type usually seem to combine mainly their Venus AND Moon traits. For instance this one guy I know's ideal type is a woman that is quiet, calm, wise, likes music, and are a str

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Happy Birthday Hello Saggy!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my BFF, My numero UNO!!!!!! I hope you have a great day with whatever girl gets graced with your fabulous presence today!!! XD 🎢 Cause you're my right hand, you my go to!!! 🎢 @hellosaggy

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No woman to follow and the world is all mine... Plus, vacation time! A week or two spent praising the moonshine. Love the festive days! Gambling, here I come.

just realized jesse james was a virgo! @-@
Wtf @saggurl88 I'm in the middle of reading one of your post...get to the
Last page and it tells me "topic has been removed by op" smh πŸ–
πŸŽ„Falalala lalalabroke πŸŽ„
I thought this brown spot on my face was a skin blemish... So I squeezed it and stuff came out.. it was a quarter of an inch black head!!! I should've took a picture.. you guys lucked out
I feel sick. I need to stop eating all these sweets and not sweating it out
Its a beautiful day.
Go out grab life by throat and throttle it into submission
I love the fact that my 13yo Pisces niece sends out her own Xmas cards...lmao. She doesn't even mention her parents or brother in the card.

Lazy asses 😴😴😴