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I stopped all contact with my aqua ex and started being ok and having fun with friends a lot. Last Saturday, out of nowhere, he sent me a link to Katy Perry's The One That Got Away and said he remembers me in Katy Perry. I knew he wasnt feeling ok because
Did they finally marry and run off into the sunset?
...because he disappears into thin air! I'll try to keep it short... He is Pisces sun, Gemini moon and Ascendant...he's a pretty mutable character, always on the go, divorced, no kids. So. After years of not answering his invitations, we started seeing e
I'm a tad bit irritated but find humor in this at the same time.. Caps don't like to be the "underdog"..Clearly. So... Here's my situation.. I am always pretty direct with my Capricorn boyfriend when we have issues. I can admit, I have toned it dow
Why do you use Dxp? What does using it do for you?
Why y'all so petty....andddddd... why y'all allow lil ol me to hurt ya feelings so quick that revenge is a given 🤔
I have a general disdain when it comes to air signs. Many of them are funny initially, but become moody, and untrustworthy (quick to tell lies). I feel that air signs use fire signs for their lack of strength, similar to the way water signs use earths ea
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Do all you Aries look uber dapper for work?

Do all you Aries look uber dapper for work?

I can't be jumping his bones every morning when he's trying to get out the door for work. Ugh! So handsome! Must be getting all sorts of attention in the office, grrr!

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Number 1 (7:10) is incredibly inspiring.
The English government saying that *life goes on* after five people were brutally murdered in London. No it doesn't go on for the the victims....the stiff upper lip attitude is totally disrespectful. They didn't even close the bridge down as a sign of re   Read more
Sun, sea, substitute coffee (barley cup) lol, music, reading and later...dancing. Living in *heaven*
"Hate is baggage. Life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it."
Don't worry I am harmless and really a lovely person