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When do most couples begin to feel the Love Feels and express it openly? 3 months? 6 months? A year?
i notice some people do, and i wonder if it's a healthy thing to do.
cap on cap
Will this break trust and destroy the relationship? How would it be understood by an Aquarius?
Greetings alien crabs. I have come to learn your ways. So how do you put yourselves out there? How do you summon up the courage and grab hold of your object of affection without being afraid of rejection? How do you so fearlessly express your flood of e
this was a very interesting case. it was mysterious in a way because no one seemed to care if she was abused and no one found any evidence. It was very evident that there were drugs involved ect. also, unlike the OJ simpson case you can actually see th
99% of my friends would clown in me and find me weird for having a dxp account n talking about astrology I keep my dxp life a secret lol I’m also not exactly my best self on here Im an in the closet astrology believer lol
I'm sorry, I'm posting this from my phone and hoping the post goes to the right place. It may be a silly question, as, all signs can get addicted to anything, but, I guess I'm looking for any insight as to why an Aquarian man would get addicted to drugs.

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Japan Releases a Range of Miniature Furniture for Cats Recently, we’ve introduced you to a range of cat-tastic designs that demonstrate how modern cat furniture doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Cat-sized cardboard landmarks, tetris cat towers, and even a new l

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New moon in Pisces is like pushing butter up a hill with a pointy stick.

Faaaa realzz
Lol why am I getting ads for
I think someone is messing with the algorithm for the adverts lol...obviously someone wooooooookin for wuv in all the Wong pwaces
Drop Dead Fred ❤❤
Just watched Black Panther. Pretty good. You could tell they took their time with it so they didn't treetrunk it up.
Why is music so painful. I love how Abel tesfay aka the weeknd stole our chant elelelellel at the end of the Pray for me song. Neega exposing my culture. Ayeee
LMAO how a Pisces (me) and a cancer woman make plans

This black panther album is lit as treetruk. I'm excited to party tonight. Maybe I'll take an edible