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im libra and hes pisces, march 11th. I dont know how to attract a pisces guy? i met him 4 days ago, he acts really nice with when we are alone but he also talks about himself all the time, but when we were with people last night and another night he barel
Post foods that are not well known or foods that are related to your culture :)
I just watched a video last night, of a guy asking if men should always pay for dinner. I found it fascinating the amount of "yeas" I heard when he asked if men should always pay for dinner. I have never been one to think a man should pay, but it got me
Which animated characters represent your placements? Do any placements you want... Gemini sun - Wonder Twins! Pisces moon - Kiki the Witch
as a proven guru of face reading and the original aesthetic king of dxp, I am in a charitable mood today. I will read your face in terms of aura, personality and fortune. As an international male model with insider secrets out the ying yang, I can c
Magnetoteborn. Bye creepy weird stalker bleep. GreyWiz anyone remember this annoying bleep? What a miserable marker.
Whoch one matches gems better? Tell me the pros and cons!

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best quote i had ever seen
I want to watch Snow White... the original.

Not seen that for years, my god Dopey.. i need to see that dude again hahaha.
Virgo sun, Libra rising
Why the hell do i have to learn something at university that the previous generations didn't have to?
So what d'you do for fun?
relief. my pisces brother has a new gf. and my uncle gave him a bday party. god is great.