Cancer the Narcissist

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Many writers have described the 'narcissistic adult' as NOT one who has been 'spoilt' by too much attention, but someone whose life has been spoilt because those who cared for him in infancy or childhood were unable to see or know who he was, and respond to that. Instead they saw a reflection of their own needs, or someone who intruded upon their needs.

Richard Sennet writes:

"The manifest content of such a distress is "I cannot feel"; the latent content, however, is that the Other, the other person or the outside wold, is failing to arouse me. The statement of inadequacy is double-edged. I am inadequate; those who care about me, by their very caring become inadequate for my needs and are not really the "right ones'...
The person caught in this bind feels that those trying to get close to him are violating him, giving him no room to breathe. and so he flees... on to the next person who is idealized as perfect until he or she begins to care."

Hmm... sound familiar to any of you Cancers? ... past or present?

I've often wondered about the self-absorbed Cancer, who delights in draining and using the people around them. The materialistic ones, always searching for the next gadget or 'item' that will make them the envy of all their friends.

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32 years old male from Canada  


That whole topic is a big mess but I recognize that I demand to be understood. Being interested in me is not even close to being enough. I never felt like my parents wanted to know who I am and that's why I've cut them off from my life.
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I honestly don't get the narcissism connection at all.
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Narcissists react emotionally when their ego is threatened, usually internalizing failure. Their emotional response to failure is to feel shame, as opposed to guilt felt by non-narcissists. They will avoid this emotion at all cost and externalize blame to events, situations or people.

They are overtly or subtly arrogant, vain, manipulative and greedy for admiration. They are also prone to rage or projection of emotions.

Now there is 'healthy' narcissism and 'pathological'. The healthy kind is described as having 'own love' or a strong feeling of love for 'who we are'. The ground work is set from childhood.
If it's not developed, the pathological kind can find a foot hold.

This is human nature and not distinct to any sign, but wouldn't this have more of impact to the already highly emotional Crab? When a Cancer goes against their nature and tries to deny their feelings, they can take on that narcissistic lack of interest in warm and caring interpersonal relationships. Thus, pushing people away and becoming an emotional nightmare.

idk, just ideas on Crabs Gone Bad...

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Posted by MoonBunny
We're narcissistic, or not narcissistic. You are merely half right.

Knowing who we are gets us a better edge with dealing with the world. The harsh world that pricks on sensitive Cancer in every angle imaginable. Thusly we must adapt. To defend.

Very true...

Insight and analysis are two very different things. Coming up with a theory about oneself or someone else is not the same as knowing yourself and how you tick.

Knowing how you relate to people, developing your empathic ability to 'see' or help others... all the while still helping yourself, is so important to Cancer survival. Adapt and defend.

A wise Cancer will not let another person convince them that their emotions are perceived, unrealistic or subjective. Our intuition tells us that they are not... and it should be trusted at ALL TIMES.

Unfortunately we are not born wise, and must learn our lessons the hard, messy way. Lots of pain, suffering and heartache... sometimes it gets spread to those around us.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts MoonBunny.

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Posted by gemtaur

And silence def doesn't indicate ignorance; more often than it it's the opposite. That's why the most ignorant are always yammering away lol
Careful what you say about them wimmen.
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gemtaur... I have no doubt that you are an intelligent person with a ton of capabilities. I also know, that you will not let up until I respond to you in some way.

So here it goes...

My comments were not directed to you personally, I did comment on the difference between insight and analysis. (analysis being a word that you used) The rest were based on what MoonBunny said.

This thread is about Cancers and possible influences of what makes them the way they are. The sign tends to be misunderstood by many... I was interested in thoughts from other Cancers. Your offer to 'aid' me with my perceived problems is... interesting.

I don't have problems with my personal relationships, I HAVE in the past... but I've learned and adapted. Like most people in general benefit by learning from their experiences and mistakes.

I close myself off, yes... but only to people who have no positive influence in my life and people who WANT something from me. I get this vibe through my intuition, and it's never wrong.

Don't worry about me... and I won't worry about you.

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