How does the full moon affect cancers?

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25 years old female

I was in another thread earlier and I said I noticed a certain way my partner behaves during the full a pattern. I also noticed that I too have a huge change during the full moon and I figure it could be because my moon is in cancer.

My boyfriend goes distant/disappears during the full moon and I get all emotional and annoying. Does anyone else notice a big change in themselves during this time or are we just weird?
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28 years old female

the men become women and the women have their vaginas turned sideways, so they are pratically asian.
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male from The South Siiide!!

My Planets & Houses

Like this:

I know, I'm goin to hell.
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25 years old female

Hahaha I don't think I should say anything about that.
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25 years old female

Ahh it was Tuesday I don't know what day it is where you are

I usually feel weird for a whole week.. a few days before up to a few days after the full moon.
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28 years old male from California  

Sun Cancer 3°46'25 in house 11 dir

Not sure if it's the full moon or the month, but feeling more closed off and aggressive than usual. I usually have a better mood when the moon is waning too.

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With a eye out into the stars and heart

It is crazy, but some nights that have just been particularly intense I have looked up to find a full moon. I think it is more of just the full onset of energies that rain down from the luminous moon that set any mood a flare. Whether it be bad or good...I know one thing is for sure, the moon is crazy beautiful when full and lighting the earth around me.

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