When a Libra wants you back

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Ok. Here's a question for you guys. How do Libra men act or what do they do when they realize they want you back. Say, this Libra man realizes that he made a mistake (by being tooooo indecisive, not "snagging" her when he had the chance) and misses the woman terribly. What do you think he is going to do to get her back? Just curious. I can't wait to hear your comments !
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34 years old male from Upstate, South Carolina  

I'd think it depends on the terms of the breakup. Who left who? Angry breakup or sad?
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Right now? no one, just hypathetical (sp?)
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34 years old male from Upstate, South Carolina  

So many possibilities...

A lot of Libras are insecure or shy when it comes to pursuing women. We are natural charmers but are so afraid of rejection that all we do is charm, it's kind of pathetic really. If you are dealing with a Libra man who is like this, he would probably just beat himself up over it.

Libras are also known to shut people out or "go cold". If it was a nasty break up and he is pushed to far... there is no going back. We turn indifferent to the other person. Generally speaking it takes ALOT to get to that point but if it happens, forget about it.

Oh and if his initial problem was being too indecisive he'll probably never decide if he should even try to pursue her again anyway. That is not a trait we give up easily.
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male from Chicago, Illinois  United States  

Sun - Libra (1st Decan) Mo

I don't know about other Libras, but whenever I felt things were unfinished and I wanted someone back, I always tried to reinvent myself. I feel that we always have room for self-improvement and if I'm not switching up things to be better and more refined, then I'm changing in order to break from the norm and be a little more exciting. I'd focus on what I thought went wrong & avoid repeating that mistake (unless of course, if I felt it wasn't a mistake & just a trait that clashed w/ her personality). I'd also make sure that I looked different, if not better, than the last time I saw her + as over-analytical as it may be, I'd wear colors that their sign is subconsciously attracted to. Basically, when I want someone back, I peachicken like crazy physically and humble myself mentally.
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size zero superhero


ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ *******************

As far as the situation goes I don't know what the official Libra protocol consists of.

I'm a Libra (but not a dude). I have experienced this dilemma with an Aquarius in the past. I was indecisive over the guy, only due to innocent uncertainties. We were close friends with great mutual understanding.
By his initiation the relationship escalated into sexual territory, but without residual awkwardness or negative effects on our original friendship. We were never exclusive, but jealousy was not a factor; he went to college out-of-town while I attended locally. Contact was maintained.

He began dating somebody else back home between class semesters, and his relationship lasted but a month. Throughout said month we didn't speak for reasons unknown to myself.

Although I had no issue eliminating the physical aspects of interaction or his dating other people, I was deeply hurt: this gesture made it seem he was opposed to remaining friends.
Eventually(after they broke up)we reconciled as platonic friends, but I made no mention of abrupt bridge-burning on his part although it caused permanent change.

Moral of the story: to generalize, we Libra prefer to stay friends with you rather than engaging in on-again/off-again episodes. If you were the one in the wrong, we will surely forgive to a degree, but NEVER forget. Circumstances probably won't return to the way they originally were even if the downfall was his fault (guilt).

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size zero superhero: I completely understand about the "forgive to a degree, but NEVER forget" part. I'm a scorpio sun and I have a terrible time trying to forgive. But Libras seem so congenial and courteous, I think it would be really difficult to not remain friendly with a libra man.

They are very charming; one of my good friends from work was dating (at least I think they were in the dating phase)a very handsome libra guy and he had one of those infamous bouts of libra indecisiveness, well she just shut him out completely. She had his number blocked,no texts, and she refused to see him (BTW, she is a scorp too)anyway he tried to get her back and stopped by her home, sweet-talked his way in the house and made dinner for her. She said he felt bad and wanted her back. Although she was flattered by the small token of affection, she still has not taken him back yet.
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size zero superhero


ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ *******************

His remorse was probably genuine. A lot of Libras don't quite realize how negatively our indecision affects those around us until drastic action is taken at our expense.

Younger Libra guys have a reputation as notorious players (like Sagittarius). They are not unfaithful per se; more as in they 'play the field' at leisure. These actions easily mislead others, who might mistake the gesture as serious or develop stronger feelings.
When we inadvertently hurt somebody Libras TRULY regret it and try to compensate (there is usually no agenda behind an apology).

Plus, Scorpio is an intense & passionate sign whereas Libra is laid-back; naturally fails to take certain matters seriously. Scorpio must feel secure with whom they date and Libra values individual freedom too much to reinforce stability. There would likely be control issues somewhere down the line.

Personally, I believe Scorpio & Libra make better platonic companions or casual-flings than in an exclusive relationship. For instance my best(platonic)guy friend is a Scorpio. We are a loyal duo with a lot of mutual respect.
The friendship thrives on personal differences; although I doubt an intimate relationship is apt to survive the dissimilarity present in a Libra-Scorpio union...in most cases.

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