Bad Pisces Women

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32 years old female from Springfield, Missouri  USA  

Im just a woman. I am very empathetic an

Too Funny. I didnt leave any sign or gender out lol

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29 years old male from United Consciousness of Yugoslavia  

Leo Sun. Taur Asc. Cancer Moon

Posted by LoveBucket
telling me, despite *the ring* on his finger, that I should call him sometimes because he knows we could have some fun.

And to think he's a Pisces... Oh well, sluts come in all shapes and signs
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115 years old from BBC TV Center.

My phone never gets answered either
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I'm a sun Pisces with a rising Leo. :)

I actually always thought it was only me who absolutely despised phone calls, haha!

Something about being on the phone feels restrained, though. It's not so much that I didn't want to deal with the problem. I just can't do anything else while I'm on the phone and I'm always a busy bug.

But I will admit that I read text messages and don't answer until I feel like I have the perfect thing to say back.

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