Your Best & Worst Piscean Trait

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75 years old female from Brisvegas, Australia  

I live in my own little world and I make

What's you best and worst Pisces trait? There's lists of them, and you don't have to be a sun sign Pisces to have them.

Best: Nice, yes to some revoltingly, boppingly but just plain nice to all and everyone. Some may look at this as a weakness, but I find by being open I get a pretty quick feel for other people and because they are strangers it doesn't bother me if they are mean or step on me, I just don't let them in any further.

Worst: Manipulative, this is a nasty one, it sneaks up on you and before you know it, you're right in the middle of a manipulation. I really try to keep an eye out for this one, but it just comes naturally.

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Sea Siren

from Full Fathom Five  

Pisces Sun/Scorp Rising Moon/Mars/Mer

Good topic!

Best: any form! I love to redecorate a room in the house, write stories, go to art galleries and museums, dance, listen to wonderful music, watch a well-made film, see a great play...and READ! I read everything I can get my hands on. I especially love biographies about creatively gifted people like Van Gogh and Beethoven.

Worst: The whole hermit thing. I really detest social occasions or gatherings of any kind. I can put on an act and pretend I'm having fun, and sometimes, I really do have fun in spite of myself. But most times, I can't wait for it to be over so I can be back home in bed readings in my PJs.
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Hi all! Just happened upon this site, and I love it. People in my life are not nearly as open minded as you all are......

Best---Creativity and Natural Intuition

Worst---Empathy......don't know about the rest of you fish but I'm so sensitive that I can't even be around negativity....its exhausting!
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Planetary positions planet sign degree

Best: My imagination & intuition, and like you skin being a generally happy person who looks for the best in everyone.

Worst: Laziness, it stalks my every step. I have the will & determination, just sometimes lack the actual motivation to do anything about it!
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Planetary positions planet sign degree

And welcome to DXP Miss Mclure.

I agree with you on the empathy thing too, I have to distance myself from negativity because I seem to soak it up like a psychic sponge and yes it is very draining. It's one thing to be there for others but I absolutely cannot abide by people who are just natural born whingers and moaners.

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Thank you Thetis,

And I hear you about the laziness. I have never worked on anything unless its due date was looming over my head. I am also a photographer, who apparently are known for their procrastination. In school I was one of many Procrastinating Piscean Photographers. Say that three times fast ;P

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56 years old female from Planet Neptune  


I'm with outcast .. my best and worse trait is the same thing.

I'm very aware ... EXTREMELY .. of everything. This is a good quality to have, in itself. Even the smallest of detail, normally doesn't escape me .. so, certain projects that require focus or research or anything intricate .. I can be successful. Also, because of this, I know where a person is coming from the moment they open their mouths. The ground in which they are standing is crystal clear to me .. however .........

... with this profound awareness ... I KNOW that people conduct their lives motivated soley by self-interest ..... so, this very gift also makes me very cynical. My nature comes across as mistrusting in other peoples ability to know exactly where they are coming from themselves.
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Planetary positions planet sign degree

"I have never worked on anything unless its due date was looming over my head"

lol me too. The funny thing is though I work better under pressure, I seem to prefer to have tons of things I have to sort out all at once than to deal with things one at a time.

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56 years old female from Planet Neptune  


As a whole, as I observe Pisceans ... this is what I gleen ..

Best: They are hard-driven for self-expression, and how it comes out is satisfactory to the Piscean, even if it's questionable by other standards. Creativity outsides of themselves, such as art, music, etc. has been identified .. but, I also believe this to be true verbally and physical expression. Though, obviously, outsiders looking in would, and often do, assess Pisces as being so scattered that it's pert-near impossible to hold conversations because a Pisces will inevitably say or do something that isn't in accordance with topic .. however, in knowing how a Piscean processes in life .. I would say they are much more verbally expressive, even if they don't make any sense.

For example ... let's say there's an intense conversation going on, and everybody is reeling because they want to get their point heard and across .. the Piscean sees a butterfly, and is taken aback ... s/he adds to the conversation about the fluttering of wings, and how the blue and green blends together to form the color of the sea in their heart. Ok .. but, we're talking about politics, wtf was that comment coming from the Fish?

We are all about self-expression, in any form. If we feel it, we say it, do it. And further, we couldn't care a less how other people view us for it, they can view away ..... because if we feel it, we express it.

Worst: They are severely lacking in a community sense. And maybe this is partly due to struggling with being understood because we are talking about how oranges feel when they run down our chins while the topic was actually carving pumkins ... so maybe not being understood aids in withdrawing from the community. However, I don't think it's the main culprit.

Certainly, many have numerous friends, a social circle .... however, because we have to hold our own counsel, decide for ourselves what is real or fake .. we are naturally reclusive. We won't take sides, we won't listen to anyone telling us what to do or say or feel ... we are really completely alone from society, even if we are standing right in front of your face.

Pisceans definitely, as I percieve them, don't have any, or very little, senses that revolve around any regulatory standard of a community at large. They certainly will, and do, take from outside stimuli .. but, this isn't an influence that is acted upon within normal standards .. instead, it is ingested internally, which could come out contrary.
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P-Angel---you are so right on; especially with the "worst" traits. I myself have been known to veer of topic in the group in attempt to point out something that touches me at that moment in the environment. (and I too get the wtf response)

Outcast---thank you for shaving 10 years off my age
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Best trait: The ability to tune people out. I learn my lessons well
Worst trait: Getting over things (good or bad) that are out of my control

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from Nєρтυηє & Nιяναηα  

Mαяѕ $ingleton ^ LΣO

Best Piscean Traits: my own intuition and ease of connecting with others feelings/ needs/desires, (not to say i necessarily agree with them all, but i can certainly sense unfair or selfish motivation just the same), and much like SS said earlier, i have a very deep appreciation for "anything" creative or inspiring, which in turn inspires & motivates me.. i really do love music, poetry, my fav novelists and all gifted artisans & dancers, especially from the distant past. Sometimes i wish i could go back in time just to meet a few of them..LOL! i can truly get lost in a movie or magical moment, and prefer to live in the here and now which i feel is most important anyway.. i also love and appreciate the metaphysical, or any of the deeper (unsolved) mysteries of life, human behaviour or the universe. And i'm a pretty *optimistic* kind of fish. Sun + *Jupiter* in Pisces doesn't hurt! ..i also respect and cherish not only my own privacy, but that of others.. i am one to rarely ask questions or give unasked for advice, and am not curious of other people's business either, except my own. .. Also being able to bring up other people's moods/spirits, when confused, sad or pessimistic about something. =) When someone says.. "you've helped me feel so much better!"'s like music to my ears. =)

My worst piscean traits; indecisive, procrastinating-starting something before finishing the last, avoidant, sometimes til the 11th hour! -especially if i'm not emotionally/mentally invested enough -feels more like Absorbing others negative moods, so i try to avoid those environments or situations as much as i can. At times, spacing out or not listening close enough, more if they repeat same thing over & over..LOL Veering off-topic at times, if something else is on my mind, i'm bored or something else grabs my (on the other hand when i am focused, i listen like the devil and at times can intuitively finish off others sentences or thoughts.) kind of like.."How did you know i was going to say that, or what i was just thinking/feeling..?" lol
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female from the Milky Way  

I think and I think some more. About wha

good: nice to everyone, deep understanding of others feeling (not good if with a crush/loved one though especially if those feelings arent good one LOLL)
bad: procrastination, too trusting
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best: empathy, deepest understanding anyone could have, open-minded, creativity, imagination, spiritaulity beyond belief (sometimes I feel like I don't belong on earth), laid back, sweet follower like someone else mentioned, reading people easily, love for all things bueatiful and nothing in the superficial sense either

worst: reading people easily, stubborn (that might be the aquarius in me), sometimes too sensitive, escapist ever since I was little, secretive, disorganized, the mundane is something I don't like dealing with only becuase it's not important to me, swimming in my past, PROCRASTINATOR and perpetual day dreamer
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what's really a drag is when I can see right through people and I can tell when they're being fake or putting on a show. I don't know how to respond, I almost demand/want you to be as honest with me as I am with you. Maybe becuase I can't be fake no matter what. It almost despresses me. I don't know how to explain it.

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