Compatibility based on Ascendent

I realize that everyone is an individual and astrology plays only a partial role in compatibility, but i am curious if compatibility works when looking at a persons Sun Sign to another persons Ascendent sign.

For example,

Person 1 Sun Sign = Libra
Person 2 Ascendent = Gemini

and these same two people reversed

Person 2 Sun Sign = Cancer
Person 1 Ascendent = Pisces

Can you base compatibility like this, or does always have to be Sun Sign to Sun Sign, Moon to Moon & Ascendent to Ascendent?

What i am asking is, for example, my Sun Sign and his Sun Sign may NOT be compatibile, however, my Sun Sign and his Ascendant Sign ARE compatible. Also, His Sun Sign and my Ascendant ARE Compatible.

Person1 Person 2
Sun = Aquarius Sun = Virgo
Ascendant = Capricorn Ascendant = Libra

I understand that there are other areas to look at like Mars, Venus, Mercury and they should have some compatibility, but i find most people look at just the Sun Signs and get discouraged by the information they read.

Do you think that compatibility could be based this way and not just:

Sun - Sun
Moon - Moon
Venus - Venus
Ascendant - Ascendent
Etc., etc.

Evo Fish
Sherob, stop being a newb..when it comes to compatibility, between two ppl, its ALL about astrology, no if nor buts or maybes.

If you want to talk reallllll astrology, outside the little realm of sun sign, ascendant and moon, then msg me
I know. That was forceful. I almost felt compelled to message and she wasn't talking to me.

The user who posted this message has hidden it.

I emailed Evo Fish off-line and all is good. I couldn't possibly let that one go, especially since the question i had was not answered.

Krobe03, here is a website where you can enter in your Birth information to recieve your full Natal chart. You will need to know exactly what time you were born.

This is what I think about compatibility...

Although, many say that your Sun signs don't mean anything
when it comes to compatibility,
I think it's THE MOST important.

Yes, other factors are very important too... like the magnetic attraction
or vibe between the two...(venus, mars, whatever else you call it)
but in the end I believe Sun signs are the strongest, lasting effect.

For example, Person A is a Sun sign Aquarius. Person B is a virgo.
Person A has a Capricorn rising. Person B has a Sag rising.
Person A has a Virgo Moon. Person B has an Aqua moon.

Looks promising? Now... your ascendant(rising) is the pretty wrapper around you.
You appear like your ascendant to strangers.
When you first meet someone that's how they'll perceive you and therefore-
WRONGLY think you're compatible with them.
And right, you two will be compatible...for a while

As time passes by, that is when things start to clash.
Person A starts seeing nit picky, critical, harsh side of Virgo more than jovial, carefree Sagittarius
Person B starts seeing totally out-of-world may be too crazy side of Aquarius.. rather than intellectual and calm Capricorn
which who they really are to begin with.
This brings disappointments, arguments, and finally break in a relationship.

you should look at other factors most definitely..but
I think Sun sign compatibility is the strongest

Thanks vfacullo.

My question came from the fact that i am analyzing or trying to find some answers to the very serious questions i am having about my own relationship. The example i gave is not my current situation. In fact, my sun and my spouses sun are suppose to be compatible (i am Aquarius, he is Libra). Also, our Ascendants are suppose to be compatible (i am Virgo, he is Cancer). I would say that if we were to look at ourselves only as friends, then yes, we are very compatible. However, on an emotional and intimate level, we (at least on my part) are very much not compatible. I am torn.

So, although i do agree with what you are saying, in my case, this is not true. I do not know how to move beyond my concerns right now. Eventually i will.

My example i gave was out of curiosity.

Thanks tanya023. I do find astrology helps as a guideline, but i sometimes, analyze too much, become too deep in my thoughts and then, become confused because what i read is not what i feel.

Anyhow, boo hoo ... i will figure it out ... i hope :-)

Are there any other insights? As if i am not confused enough, but i am still curious to hear what other people have to say.
sherob, the way I understand about compatibility with astro ..

You're supposed to be with a Pisces Sun, Aqua Moon partner
Really P-Angel? I didn't think Pisces and Aquarius were all that romantically compatible. Are they? Or maybe it is the Aquarius moon that you are suggesting that makes Pisces compatible. I'm confused ... it doesn't take much though :-)
The polar opposite of your ascendant (Virgo) is Pisces .. this should be his/her sun
Your sun is Aqua .. that should be his/her moon

Pisces sun/Aqua moon

But, that's just what I am told .. I'm just a beginner with Astro stuff .. I go by intuition in ALL instances of my life ..
Thanks P-Angel. That is interesting. I didn't know that.

I think you are also wise to go by intuition - astrology can sometimes cloud judgement i think if you are not careful. Its still fun to try to understand though.

Question: My birthtime was a guess by my mother. If you can believe it, she never recorded it ... second child and all :-) Do you, or anyone else, know how i can find out my actual birthtime - preferably for free? I realize that this could change my Ascendant, which would change my compatible sun sign (ie. Pisces)
M Ldy, i am wondering if each person has a Fire Moon, then wouldn't the relationship be a little explosive - could be good or bad i suppose. Usually, Fire & Air go together.

Recently, i learned that to increase your compatibility emotionally, physically and intellectually your Mercury Planets should be the same. In your example, what is the mercury sign?

i agree, like elements of mercury do really help with communication, because you both speak and think on the same wave-length...conversations are alot more fluid..*so if a person has mercury in aqua, they will communicate mostly easily with either another aqua, a gem, or a libra..
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