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I am a true Leo girl -- I'm all about my Libra male friend . We have so much fun together !!

From time to time he gets in a mood and wants to be alone .

The other friends (girls) in his life , demand his attention --- he does not like it.

I want to stand out from the others .As a Leo woman I crave the attention but I don't want to put him off . I don't mind giving him his space -- I get that.

His friends are amazed I get him & understand that he likes his space.

Other times he wants to hang out with a bunch people - and I just want to hang with him . He loves to travel - I invited him to go away , he wants to but with more friends .

How do get into his and rise above the others ?

Any suggestions ?
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lol it is not hard to attract a "libra male" but just make sure if you date him you are not the type who minds him flirting with every other femalel lol in the beginning they are very subtle about it but after a few drinks they will flirt right in front of you i found this disrespectful and i think maybe a leo would also since they appreciate respect also they are very fun and sweet otherwise
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they will always hang out with friends they love "social life" they love attention my ex was depressed at times also... it just seemed like he craved attention and we he did not receive it he was online flirting with other women and hiding it he was too immature for my taste

Five planets of Libra
female from the sparrow tree

Libra is all about balance.

We often change who we are to become a reflection of those around us. This is very exhausting and sometimes we need to run and hide and chillax by ourselves. If we don't, we become off balance and unfun. We need those little quite times.

I am not sure what to tell you about all the people. Libras love people. We would eat you all with a spoon if we could. I have such a busy social life that sometimes the easiest way to deal with it all is to stick a bunch of you together. That being said, I crave alone time with my romantic partner. He might be unsure and avoiding intimacy with you.

Libras don't like a lot of intimacy until we are decided.


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