Best Approach to Mixed Signals from a Pisces Man?

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27 years old female

Sun Libra 4.51 Moon Sagittarius 9.54 M

The pisces man and I are supposed to talk sometime this weekend. This will be the first "talk" since our breakup. We havent brought it up at all (its been almost 2 months).

To all of you sensitive Pisces out there, what's the best approach to asking him "what does he want from me?"
I know that is a little mean saying it like that lol but I want to have a solid knowledge of where we stand.

Little background -- I had mentioned I wanted to start over & try again. He then told me he wanted time to himself to figure things out. So I had said I understood & that I wanted us to still see each other & worry about relationship later! ... I hope that didn't come across as friends with benefits. Either way, he likes me some days & flirts thru text/calls, and other days I don't exist

I want to be gentle, but get my point across and stand my ground...
Thanks for any suggestions to this approach!
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35 years old female

I'd say the best approach is to lead with your own feelings/desires in regards to him. "Have you come to any solutions about what you want, because I'm at a point where I still want to see if this can work"

It's all about the presentation of the sentence, not the words. When I read what you wrote, I didn't interpret "what do you want from me" in a negative way.
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56 years old female from Planet Neptune  


Two things, first ..

"he likes me some days & flirts thru text/calls, and other days I don't exist"

That is from a perspective of a person who wants to have full attention 24/7 and it's not going to happen with a Pisces. We are very private people, and often spend hours, sometimes, days, alone. But, according to some things you've written in dxp, I gather that you are wanting his total focus and attentin on you all the time.

You exist, if you are his woman .. but, if you go pouting and acting like a child simply because he needs alone time in his head .. then he's bound to swim away.

Second ...

"what's the best approach to asking him "what does he want from me?"

To let him live.
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27 years old female

Sun Libra 4.51 Moon Sagittarius 9.54 M

Hmmm, P-angel, I never thought of it that way.

I do like alot of attention, only because when I'm in a relationship with someone, I expect it to feel like a relationship, if that makes any sense. Ya know, see each other as much as you can because you're with that person and you like that person. Idk that's just how I've always seen it!

So wanting to spend a lot of time with someone who you like & likes you also is demanding a lot? I'm curious...That was part of the reason we broke up because he works all the time and I wanted to see him alot.
hmmf, I didn't think I was the bad guy in that aspect. I thought he should be the one to MAKE time to see me if he really cared for me and thought I was "special" to him...

Wow, this is a whole new perspective to me.
P-angel, if you don't mind, could you ellaborate a little bit more so I could see this whole picture clearer.
I am always one to admit my mistakes, and I am more than willing to change the negative attitudes I have towards relationships..

Also, I'm assuming from the second part of which you wrote, you don't think I should approach him about it at all?

Thanks, by the way.
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23 years old female from wonderland, USA  

Sun Sagittarius 5.22 M

You can have my Pisces if you want. lol
My story, he was in the city for work, Army boy. We met online and then right away in person. From my first relationship, with a Cancer though, I learned to NEVER do the chasing. Yup! NEVER! So, even when I felt like talking to this guy I wouldn't. I would tell myself that I'm worth more. You always have to think of yourself as the one who deserves the best! Never settle for less. And remember, this is the real world. I used to want relationships that were like in high school. You see eachother EVERYday. You have lunch together, hang out together with friends, always holding hands.. I wish I actually dating during high school lol that would have been fun. But I didn't till after so the playground rules have changed without me being aware. In the real world everyone has a job to do. Priorities. It's not a romantic movie, our lives. It's never going to just fall into place magically. I wish it would -_- but.. it doesn't.
The reason I said you can have my Pisces lol is because he so isn't mine. I thougt I made it clear to him. I told him I'm not into emotional relationship and stuff. But we made out and allot of other things following that (don't judge me lol). I'm never the one to text him first. He's left for about two days now. He still texts me. But during the long periods of time that he doesn't it feels as if he's forgotton me completely. Today, out of the blues I just get a text from him. He shaved his head and sent a photo. I wasn't expecting that. I don't even know why he sends pictures at all.

I guess my point is live your life and be happy as a single person. Don't ever chase because despite the sign he's still the guy, and guys prefer to do the chasing part. It sucks, but, it's true. And besides, tell yourself that you're happy with or without a guy in your life. That would help you allot. Do your own thing.
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23 years old female from wonderland, USA  

Sun Sagittarius 5.22 M

It's not games, we just make it a game by thinking it's suposed to be one thing when in reality it's another. Unfortunatly girls are the ones making it seem more than it is more often. I used to text and text and text. Dude says he's busy yet I'm stillll texting. I wasn't in a good place with my life, wasn't happy and some how thought that I needed a man to make it all perfect, all my worries would float away. Right now I'm trying to figure out how the hell did I come to think that way?!
If you're happy with yourself and your life where ever you may be, you know what you want and don't want, understand the difference between chick flick and reality, then you're all good, that's what I've learned.

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