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I am a true Leo woman very much intrested in my Libra male friend .
He is sweet & fun --- but tends to be depressed at times and wants to be alone.
The women in his life tend to demand his attention , he does not like it.

As a true Leo -- I crave the attention -- but i don't want to turn him off.
I want to play my cards right .

When we hang out -- he likes to add other friends to hang out too. I'd like to spend time alone with him --

His friends (girls) are amazed I know how he can be . I get the thing that he wants to be by himself . Sure I'd rather we hang out -- but I want to give him space. The other friends (girls) don't . I want to be different from them .

Questions -

How do I get him to notice me as more than just a friend ?
I never want to whine or bug him to hang out .Like the others do.

Am I on the right track with dealing with this Libra male?

Any suggestions ?
9 years
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A simple complicated libran. Sun: Libra Ascendant: Gemini
male from Singapore

a libra who wants to be alone? there is something wrong. May be the atmosphere. A libran is a silent loner when he is uncomfortable with something around him or inside him. Else he will never enjoy being alone.

To let a libra know, all u hv to do is to tell him without much drama. simple plain "you know i like you so much" can get the point straight on to him. Be original and dont try to enact some movie scenes or common methods. Flirt. but not like a superflirt. Next best method to tell a libran something is not to tell anything verbally and get into a sensual mood... goodluck